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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 6, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> today is a new day. time to get your shine on. good moaning, you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> south carolina looking like a disaster zone. days of relent lost rain comes to an end. >> at least 11 people are dead now after flash floods ravaged that region. thousands left without power or drinking water. that nightmare is not over yet. we are live in forest acres. what is the latest? >> good morning to you. the rain has stopped but high water levels are still driving concerns about the potential for more dam breeches. residents learned all too quickly how fast the water can rise. a flood alert on her smart phone
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woke her several days ago only to discover the first floor of her try level house had already been in water. >> our neighbors helped us get out over the fence. we got out and we are safe and the dogs are safe. >> state officials are urging us to stay on the roads if possible. this shows a pickup truck driving into flood waters. unaware of the depth until it was too late. a tree stops the truck are drifting but it is sinking. a good samaritan and rescue crews struggled to get the driver out. they break the back window and eventually pull the driver out to safety. >> coming to the live shot this was a broifrj hills creek. you can see this portion of the sidewalk has been washed out and
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beyond that there's a large gap in the road. police sealed it off the traffic until repairs can be made. heather and ainsley, back to you. well, more mandatory evacuations expected today in that area as rivers continue to rise and more dams could be breached>> president obama signed a disaster declaration. it could take weeks even months to assess all of the closed roads and bridges. >> maria molina has been following it and now she joins us in the stewed joe. you witnessed all of this. >> the scariest is the flash
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flooding, the dam breeches. >> causing caskets to float up from the ground. >> yes. they were affected. the roads were being washed away, the asphalt. >> my parents were getting notices last night that more dams could be preachedd in our neighborhood. it is scary. >> you have all of that water flowing into the lakes, the reservoirs. >> a lot of that water can overflow then you are looking at a flash flood situation. another form of flash flooding a big concern over south carolina. that will be a big concern over the next couple days with some rivers not pressing in will the end of this workweek. very significant and a dangerous situation going across parts of south carolina. the rain has ended. we have lingering showers across eastern south carolina. for the most part flash flooding from additional rainfall is over. further west we could look at
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flash flooding from a storm system rolling through portions of the four corners region. in the northeast you are looking at a beautiful weather forecast. temperatures across the nations feeling a lot more fall likely specially across the northeast. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. fur her west you are cooler across parts of the rockies. temperatures only in the 30's. there's a quick look at the high temperatures across the country. being on the warm side across south 80's and 90's forecast there. >> maria molina live for us. >> mid air emergency. a pilot dies at the controls of a packed plane. syracuse american 550 out of 15,000 for 5,000. medical emergency captain is incapacitated. request handling for runway 10 landing. >> kelly wright is here now. he is following the latest developments on the emergency landing in syracuse. >> good morning, kelly.
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>> very sad story and terrifying moments for the 152 passengers on board. the pilot michael david johnson reportedly had a heart attack during the red eye flight from phoenix to boston. a flight attendant tried to revooi him but he died -- reviv but he died in the cockpit. >> we started ascending quickly. no one thought anything at first. then they came on the loud speaker and said we have an emergency we are stopping in syracuse due to the pilot not feeling well. >> the co pilot took over saying medical emergency captain incapacitated. the co pilot safely landed under very emotional circumstances. the passengers were notified later the pilot had died. the news leaving them fivisibly shaken. >> we are all shocked and wow.
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didn't know him but put my life in his hands. >> you have to hand it to the co pilot. i don't know what i would have done in that situation. >> american airlines replaced a crew and flew them to boston. the airline says the flight was never in any danger, because the co pilot was equally trained to fly the plane. >> he had decided to continue to boston somewhere between where they were and boston something did go wrong with the aircraft. it was a serious problem he was by himself that would not be good. >> rare for a pilot to die during a flight but not unheard of. since 1994, 7 pilots from u.s. airlines and one charter flight have died. we will hear from the pilot's wife and daughter. what really happened in afghanistan hospital bombing? the u.s. saying afghan forces
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actually requested the air strike that killed 22 people. kristen fisher is life in washington with the latest for us. the u.s. military is painting a story. the aircraft was requested by u.s. forces. it was recorded by afghan forces. the top u.s. general in afghanistan set it straight yesterday. >> we will acknowledge them. we will hold those responsible accountable. we will take steps needed. >> it is not enough for those who lost eight patients. they are calling for an independent and international investigation. >> the u.s. description of the attack keeps changing from collateral damage to a tragic incident to attempting to pass
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responsibility to the afghanistan government. the reality the u.s. dropped the bombs. doctors without borders is calling it war crimes. there are three separate investigations one by u.s. forces the other afghan people and nato. they were told taliban fighters were firing from inside the hospital. >> president obama set to visit oregon friday to meet with families who lost loved ones in the umpqua college massacre. 9 people were killed. local newspaper publisher david jakes says the president will not be welcome. >> i think the president first of all is not well could come -- welcome in the community. we have talked to dozens upon dozens of citizens, some family members of the victims, our
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elected officials. a number of people who believed when the president opened his press conference we hadn't finish counting bodies on the campus hadn't identified whose children were killed and who were not. some people will accuse me of politicizing this issue. he goes on to say but it should be. he not only acknowledged it could be politicized he was deliberately doing so. now he wants to come to the community and stand on the corporations of our loved ones to make some kind of point. it won't be well received families and officials. >> glasses will not resume until monday. >> hillary clinton heading to iowa today. >> we have gt to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them, domestic abusers and people with mental
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hill problems. -- health problems. i want to work would gun safety advocates and owners. i want to work with the people from the grass-roots up all of the way to washington. >> the democratic candidate rolling out a series of gun control policies and crack downs on internet gun sales. she is prepared to use her executive order to push her policy. checking into rehab for alcohol addiction. the cy young winner will miss the post season but he said i owe it to myself and family to get it right. i want to take control of my disease be a better man, father and player. monday night football, were you watching? it ends in the tidal wave of controversy after this dramatic play at the end of the game. >> he is going to throw. stafford complete. fumbles it, it goes out of bounds. it will be a touch back if he
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didn't break the play. it is ruled a touch back. >> that call giving possession back to the seahawks allowing them to escape with a win to the lions. the ref got it wrong. battling -- batting the ball in the end zone is illegal. possession should have gone back to the lions giving them another shot at a touchdown but that did not happen. stealing the seahawks win 13-10. very close. those calls really matter. >> the time is 11 minutes after the hour. a new twist in the mysterious death of a mother and a doctor. how an emmy nominated hbo producer is now involved. >> speakers from snowden. what will he's willing to do to come back to america. >> it's the day breakfast lovers have waited a year before. mcdonalds is serving up the early morning yoke all day but
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>> a prominent hbo producer is being questioned after a woman is found dead outside of an apartment complex. she died from a cocaine overdose after a night out in new york city with her long time and emmy nominated producer mark johnson. it shows johnson and another man carrying her down the stairs leaving her in an apartment vestibule early sunday morning. he called 911 two times and admits to using cocaine with his friend that night. police say he is not being charged. texas police are on the hunt for the alleged mastermind in the murder of a well respected
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dentist. he is accused of hiring a hit man to kill dr. brenda hatcher in the parking garage of the dallas apartment complex. the doctor was dating delgado's ex-boyfriend. she was allegedly jealous. the accused gunman and get away driver are both in custody. >> the lawyers for aaron hernandez will ask the judge to dismiss murder charges for the former patriot. th they were accused of killing two men back in 2012. there's insufficient evidence to establish probable cause. hernandez is already serving life without parole for the murder of oden lloyd back in 2013. a key element in the bowe bergdahl case will remain secret in the army officer reviews the case and submits a report on whether bieriergdahl could face court. the commanding general of the
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u.s. army forces command will ultimately decide whether the case should be referred to a court-martial. >> edward snowden willing to go to prison if he can come home to the united states. telling them he offered to go to jail in the u.s. many times but hasn't been offered a former plea deal. tho he left the u.s. for moscow after leaking secrets to the public. he faces charges that carry up to 40 years in prison. a desperate search underway right now on the doomed cargo ship that likely sunk in the middle of hurricane joaquin. we are live following the latest from miami for us. good morning. >> good morning. we can only image what the families and loved ones are going through. they are waiting and holding on to any hope. the u.s. coast guard said they are going to be searching throughout the day and night. they do believe the ship sank
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but they are now searching for any sign of life. i want to show you video as they updated that they found a life ring and also found a life boat. there are two life boats on the boat that normally holds about 43 people but the life boat was efrp fee. they also said they found an unidentified body still in a sur vial survival suit. the captain planned to surpass hurricane kwjoaquin but there w a boat issue that caused it to sink. we heard distress call, it took on water and it forced the 33 crew members to have to jump into the water. they mentioned these are trained mariners however the conditions are 50-foot waves, 150 miles and
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winds. let's listen to now they say the focus is on recovery mode. >> you just change our search planning efforts. we are still looking for survivors or any signs of life any signs of that vessel. >> you heard the coast guard the search continues. live from miami beach>> the families are still hopeful. it is now 19 minutes after the top of the hour. the new tragedy on the high school football field. >> a social media firestorm. meryl streep's photo shoot. does she make suffrage seem l s worse than slavery? we report, you decide.
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>> cowelcome back. kenny buoy died days after being tackled at a high school game in vancouver, washington. he under went brain surgery you about he died two-days later. >> it is a sad day today. he was always smiling and he was just a good person. >> probably more tragic, because being a parent you may not think of your child, especially dying playing football. >> this comes less than two weeks after new jersey high school player evan murray died after a hard hit on the field. >> well the right to die is now legal in california. governor jerry brown signing a law allowing doctors to
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prescribe lethal doses of a drug. maynard was diagnosed with brain cancer and forced to move to oregon where assisted suicide is legal. they helped campaign for the in you law in california. >> a record settlement for the largest environmental disaster in u.s. history. the justice department just announced bp will have to pay 20 billion for the deep water horizon oil spill back in 2010. 3 million barrels saved more than 1500 miles of gulf coastline. >> ambushed by union activists protesting thousands of layoffs. two managers whose shirts were ripped off had to scale the fence to escape that attack. hundreds of activists breaking through another fence storming company headquarters. they will continue to layoff the
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site are the violent backlash. >> wait before you eat the cereal. there's been a recall. >> fox business is here with what we all need to know. cheryl? >> good morning. general mills is recalling 2 million docks boxes of cheerios that have been labeled gluten free. they may contain wheat. after reports of illnesses that suffer from whaet allergies says the recall was part of a wheat con nam -- contamination. they are ordering those on store shelves to be returned. the new device is shutting down and the home button is eating up so much so it is too hot to touch. it is arguably the best eye phone yet. but there have been complaints. chuck e jed is revamping the menu for the audience.
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>> it is tuesday october 6th. south carolina still submerged. cars being swept away by the catastrophic flood. the water is receding. hour the worse is yet to come. >> strangled a snake. 911 calls reveal a terrifying moments of python attacks. >> how police somehow managed to rangel the 125 pound killer reptile. >> the penalty flag being thrown as a multi billion dollar business. what it means for your fantasy league. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪
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>> darius rucker is concerned about his home state of south carolina. >> good morning to you. welcome to fox and friend first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. days of relentless rain coming to an end in south carolina. however the nightmare is far from over. >> at least 11 people are dead after flash floods ravaged the region. >> jonathan? >> i am standing on forest drive close to traffic. you can see part of the road is broken away. there is more damage further down. the high water levels is a problem for resident downstream. that brings the total number of
2:32 am
dam breeches to 18 in south carolina. nine of them occurred here in the central section . they have learned all too quickly ow fast the water can rise. they found themselves in the role of amateur rescuer as raging flood waters crept up on his neighbors home. >> this out here the water was pretty much to the top of the bottom window. we came up there and another upon tune boat came over and rescued those people off their balcony. that's how high the water was. it has really receded but it is still high. >> take a look at this. another dramatic rescue caught on video. this youtube clip shows the pickup truck driving into raging flood waters the driver unaware of the depth until it was too late. the a tree stopped the truck from drifting but it was sinking. a good samaritan struggled to
2:33 am
get him out they broke through the back window and pulled the driver to safety. many of the flood waters have now receded. as you can see behind me the damage still remains so it may be a long time before driving returns to business as usual. heather and ainsley. >> jonathan suri live for us. thank you. many more evacuations are expected as rivers rise and threatening more of the dam breeches. >> president obama signed a disaster declaration. it could take weeks or months to assess the damage. >> maria molina is tracking the roads. >> hello everybody at home. we are tracking additional flooding that will continue to be possible through out this week. there are rivers across parts of south carolina loon gnaw especially across the eastern part of the state that aren't forecast to crest until sunday morning. this will continue to be a big story out here. the flash flooding could become
2:34 am
worse for several areas across portions of eastern south carolina. we will keep an eye on that. we have lingering showers across eastern parts of south carolina but most of the heavy rain is over with across that part of the country. we have a new storm system. we have flash flooding and several watches in effect out there. temperature wise you are feeling a lot like fall out there across the northern rockies temperatures in the 30's and 40's. northeast temperatures in the 50's and 40's. so again relatively cool out there. the exception for the cooler temperatures are going to be across parts of the southern plains and also into parts of the south where temperatures are still summer like out there into the 80's and 90's. heather and ainsley? >> marie awe molina live for us this morning. thanks. >> a desperate search to find the crew members on the doomed cargo ship that most likely sunk in the middle of hurricane joaquin. one crew member has been found
2:35 am
dead in a suit with a damaged life boat. after four-days of searching the ntsb is sending a crew to jacksonville to now investigate. >> the u.s. now saying afghan forces reflected the air strike. they killed 22 people in a doctors without borders hospital. previously they said it was reflected by u.s. forces. the top u.s. general in afghanistan set the record state yesterday. if errors were committed we will make sure mistakes are not repeated. >> doctors without borders calling it a war time and calling for independent and international investigation. >> are members of isis using mexican border to sneak into america? the texas safety director steven mccall recently said the answer is yes because illegal immigrants have been known to come from countries with quote
2:36 am
none terrori-- known terrorism . the border patrol are adding 5,000 motion detecting cameras but is still concerned about the vulnerabilities at the border. >> more signs russia is taking its military action in the middle east to the next level. new reports that russian ground troops are moving into syria and russia is controlling the rocket launchers. now there's worry the u.s. may be the so-called jv team in the region now. fox news contributor and veteran says it is the president who has created an opening for vladmir putin to take control. >> the hope that isis is beaten back hope that rebels make a advances not even leaving at all. they insert russia into that
2:37 am
region. we had a team for over 40 years. we have seen a shift in power being under taken. he's seizing the man tell of international leadership and some ways legitimacy because of what he is able to project with troops on the ground. he is going to effect the outcome there much more than we are there because he has the guys on the ground with the boots. >> if the u.s. is log on to fox and friends first facebook. flush mid air emergency, a pilot dies at the controls of a packed plane forcing an emergency landing in syracuse. the family now is reacting to the news. kelly wright is following the latest developments on this rare mid air situation. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. it is rare and tragic. american airlines would not say what caused the pilot to die in the cockpit only saying that it
2:38 am
is incredibly saddened by the pilot's death. the pilot captain mike johnson was piloting flight 550 a rhetted eye flight from phoenix to boston. toward the end of the night fli became ill. that's when an unidentified pilot took control of the plane. that's when he said the captain is incapacitate the. johnson died in the cockpit apparently from a heart attack. that is being reported by his wife. the plane was being diverted to syracuse where the plane landed. the news leaving passengers visibly shaken. >> we are all shocked like wow. didn't know him but put our life in his hands and's gone. >> they took extraordinary care of each othernd a the passengers. john ston had been a pilot since 1990. his wife and daughter expressing fond memories of a husband and father who loved to fly.
2:39 am
>> it was an air show about four years old he was pointing up at the airplane saying i am going to fly me one of those some day. i know i will see him again. we believe we are together forever, that we are forever family. i know that he will be there and i will be able to see him again when i go from here. >> on october 18th captain johnson and his wife bj you saw there would have been married 35 years. he will be loved and missed. >> kelly wright live for us in the studio. thank you, kelly. keep your friends close and enemies closer. donald trump sending presidential candidate rival marco rubio a prank care package. donald allegedly gifting rubio with a case of trump ice natural spring water, towels and bumper stickers with trump's logo on it. it was a jab at senator rubio's response to the state of the union address.en he chugged tha
2:40 am
bottle of water on tv. >> i remember that very as well. >> the time is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. a penalty on the play. a dunkin' doughnuts employee telling an officer he doesn't serve cops. they issue the challenge. >> any law enforcement who shows up with a uniform and badge gets a free cup of coffee and a b doughnut. did dunkin' respond? >> this row different has inspired something very cheesy. how companies are cashing in on this viral video. >> very cheesy. >> very cheesy. clooer clear >> very cheesy. clooer clear just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. >> a potential scandal threatens to throw some harsh reality on the hotter than hot billion
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dollar fantasy sports industry. it sounds like an old-fashioned insider trading scandal. >> fantasy sports betting is legal and it is booming. the industry will generate 2 and a half million dollabillion dol this year. it will grow to 14 billion by 2020. they released statements defending the industry after a lawyer accused them of insider trading. turns out an employee admitted to leaking confidential data after the information would have been made public. the same employee won 350,000 bucks at a competing web site. the fantasy sports trade association issued a statement monday calling this an accident saying nothing is more important than the integrity of the games we offered to fans. the fantasy sports industry says it is developing rules and
2:45 am
regulations to govern employees. right now fan duals and draft kings are prohibiting employees for cash prizes. sports web sites raised hundreds of millions of dollars from big funding from big investors and deals with fox sports. >> thank you so much adam shapiro. to find the fox business network log on to fox business/channel finder. >> anger brewing from coast to coast he told him he doesn't serve cops here. black lives matter with an officer's cup. we have more in the wake of anti cup incident. >> my he should flash an e-mail
2:46 am
order through out the company that tomorrow october 6th eerie dunkin' doughnuts from coast to coast any law enforcement that shows up gets a free cup of coffee and a free doughnut. >> wouldn't that be nice? we haven't heard a response yet. >> clear it stars meryl streep and kerry mulligan. she did a photo shoot with time-out monlondon. i would rather be a rebel than a slave. the idea that sexism and racism are the same thing. one user said white women have said terrible things over the course of history doesn't mean you should wear it on a shirt. black lyes matt lives matter sa
2:47 am
meryl streep has to know better and if not her publicist should have. >> peeple is the app. it is still on track to launch next month. she claims users will noble be able to comment about those who opt in. she has received multiple death threats since an northboundsing the project. >> it is now 47 minutes after the top of the hour. the rain is letting up and the rivers are going up. in south carolina. we are live with a tour. >> a hunter takes on a bear and lives to tell about it. how his grandmother likely saved him from a grizzly. >> first let's check in with brian kilmeade and see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> we have a 2016 election show
2:48 am
featuring doctr. ben carson her. he's leaving all in one of the polls. wayne newton is a good singer. he also likes to talk politics. he will be on the couch as well. it will be crowded because we also have world cup player abby woman ba womback. some will be entertained, others will be annoyed don't miss a minute.
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the rain is letting up in south carolina, but the rivers are still rising this morning. thousands are trapped without power and water. we're live in the hard hit area of charleston, south carolina. joel? >> reporter: ainsley, good morning to you. we're at the dividing line
2:52 am
between charleston and north charleston. as you can see, obviously flooding continues to be a major problem. this car is stranded. it seems to be dry actually on the inside. if you look back here, a little bit of the dark of night here, but there are about six other cars stranded back in the distance. now, ainsley, i know you're from this area, columbia, i believe. over here, you would know this better than i. it is 26w. this is a road to get out to columbia. clearly impassable at this hour. as you're well aware, tens of thousands without power. while the forecast calls for sun later today, flooding continues to be a major problem. as we look in this area, that is north charleston. police patrolling on this side and a couple of other cars stranded as well. there is no police presence on the other side. so occasionally from the
2:53 am
charleston side, you will see cars coming through here literally creating wake, but the big concern right now is from your neck of the woods, ainsley, columbia, high country, the water will flow down to low country and flooding will be a continuing problem. >> my sister has lost her car, total loss driving through a puddle that she thought was shallow, it happens to not be. that happened years ago. was out of school friday, yesterday and today. she's a school teacher. tell everyone there, they're in our thoughts and prayers. the horrifying 911 call is telling a terrifying story of the moenlt that a 20-foot python attacked a pet store owner. >> please, he's on his back. his face is covered. >> a customer called the moment the 125-pound snake latched on
2:54 am
to terry wilkinson's arm as he was feeding it. it coiled up his body, wrapping and squeezing his head, neck and torso. luckily a responding officer knew how to handle that snake and got it safely back into its enclosure. wilkins still recovering this morning. a montana hunter fights off a grizzly bear. chase dell woe was on a hunting trip when the nearly 400-pound beast attacked. he remembered an article he was given from his grandfather about animals having poor reflexes. he stuck his arm down the bear's throat and it left him alone. a high school football coach facing battery charges after punching a referee in the face. you can see him charging toward the ref, pulling his fist back last month two texas high school
2:55 am
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before you leave the house,
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hoarse what's happening today. days of relentless rain finally letting up in south carolina. mandatory evacuations continue as rivers rise and threaten more dam breaches there. there's an emergency deck layers signed for the state. the crew of the cargo ship went missing in hurricane joaquin. they found one crew. the ntsb will be on the seen today. mcdonald's serving up all-day breakfast starting today. more than 14,000 restaurants nationwide are participating. but hash browns, if you like them, they are still only on the menu during the breakfast hour. it is time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, a maryland cop a hero after saving this baby's life. he gave this baby cpr when her grandmother came running over during a traffic stop. the bad, it could be a nasty flu
3:00 am
season. they anticipate higher than normal levels of the illness and suggest getting a flu shot early. you can replicate the rodent with a sexy pizza rat halloween costume just under $100. >> under $100. i will not be in that. you will not see me in that. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, it's tuesday, october 5, 2016. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. south carolina is submerged. days of rain coming to an end but not before roads turned into rivers with dramatic rescues. now we're seeing absolute devastation from above. >> what we got on us now is all we own. our kids got one outfit on everybody. >> nothing to worry about no more. everybody lost everything they had. >> this morning, new flooding dangers. we are live on ground.


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