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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 6, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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season. they anticipate higher than normal levels of the illness and suggest getting a flu shot early. you can replicate the rodent with a sexy pizza rat halloween costume just under $100. >> under $100. i will not be in that. you will not see me in that. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, it's tuesday, october 5, 2016. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. south carolina is submerged. days of rain coming to an end but not before roads turned into rivers with dramatic rescues. now we're seeing absolute devastation from above. >> what we got on us now is all we own. our kids got one outfit on everybody. >> nothing to worry about no more. everybody lost everything they had. >> this morning, new flooding dangers. we are live on ground. a pilot dies while at the
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controls of a packed jetliner in the sky. what we've just learned about that pilot and how that plane made it safely to the ground. carly fiorina rises in the polls, the attacks continue. the associated press forced to correct its own story. carly fionana has >> there are a lot of liberals who find me kind of scary right now. >> more from her in a matter of moments. because as you know, mornings are better with friends. wow, look at this. 2016 is upon us and two of the frontrunners, the hottest candidates in this race that consist of about 20 are joining us live on the couch. >> that's right. we have dr. ben carson and senator marco rubio going to join us on the curvy couch.
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>> dr. ben carson's wife is going to be here too. >> we have been waiting for this moment. what a spectacular moment. i cannot wait for her take. >> they met on a recruiting trip. >> there's his book there. they're driving back the two of them together. he fell asleep at the wheel going 80 miles an hour. they're lucky to be alive. he's going to tell us that story and a lot more on this tuesday edition of "fox and friends." first, we start with our lead story again today. five days of relentless rain, extreme weather in south carolina. the rain for the most part the heavy stuff is coming to an end. it's been left like a submerged disaster zone. >> at least 11 people have been killed. hundreds of roads and bridges are closed. president obama signs a disaster declaration in that state. >> jonathan terry is live in forest acres right now. what do you? see i know it's still dark. >> reporter: it's still dark.
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but you can see plenty of damage. this is forest drive. it won't be part of the morning rush hour. here's why. there is flood damage. even thoef the floodwaters ee receded from this roadway, part is cracked away and further damage down the road. so police blocked it off in both directions. what you see here right now is one example of the digs rupgs th -- disruption the rain has caused. some rivers continue to rise. statewide, 18 dams have been breached. have of them are located here in the midland section of south carolina. with a potential for more flooding, officials continue to warn people to avoid driving in standing water because the depth can be deceptive. take a look at this youtube video. a pickup truck drives into floodwaters. the driver unaware of the extent of the flooding. his truck is carried away by the current. fortunately, the truck lodges in a tree where a professional
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rescue team and good samaritan come to his rescue. they break the window and pull him to safety. although the roads are drying out, many are treacherous as we drive around the columbia area. we found traffic lights out and situations like this. extreme examples like this where you have crumbling roadways and debris in the roadways. police are telling people if you do not need to venture out, stay rat home at home. >> good advice from jonathan serrie. they've had a once in a hundred lifetime storm. >> ainsley, she's from this area. stephen colbert also from this area. he opened up his show to look at the scenes. >> i watched ainsley. i thank her for coming in for me yesterday. a little sick one at home. she knows so much of that area,
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i found to be valuable information giving a relative zone of what was going on. ainsley, thanks for that. devastating. >> known as the lone country anywhere. when you get 2 feet of rain and nowhere to go. >> 11 people have been killed so far. we're going to stay on that for you. we're going to say hello to heather. >> welcome back. so many good people from south carolina, our thoughts go out to them. a bizarre midair disturbance forcing an emergency landing after an american airlines pilot died while at the controls of that plane. captain mike johnson was flying a red eye from phoenix to boston when he apparently had a heart attack. the co-pilot took control of that plane landing it in syracuse, new york. a flight attendant tried to revive the pilot with no luck. passengers were shaken when they figured out what happened. >> all shocked and thought, wow, didn't know him but put our lives in his hands.
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>> i got to hand it to the co-pilot. i'll tell you. i don't know what i would have done in that situation. >> you can hear the voices quivering. johnson was a pilot since 1990. he leaves behind a daughter and wife of 35 years. the desperate search continues again this this morning to find the crew members of the ship that sunk in the middle of hurricane joaquin. one crew member found dead near a damaged lifeboat and other debris from the cargo container. no sign of the other crew members after four days of searching now. the ntsb sending a crew to jacksonville this morning to investigate. a train ride through vermont ends in horror when a rockslide causes the cars to derail. eight people out of 98 on board were injured when the train slammed into the rocks. cars skidded sideways and plunged down a deep embankment. passengers said it all happened in an instant.
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>> felt something like thump and next thing we knew we swerved to the left and the right and we were all going, uh-oh. >> five or ten seconds and it was done. >> saw the can car in front of us. that's twh it went down the ditch. >> the ntsb investigating. amtrak says that stretch of railroad is a brand new one and no way to detach the rockslide before it hit. no word on when the tracks will reopen. an admission from cc sabathia, he's checked into rehab for alcohol addiction. just one day before the yanks meet the astros in the american league wildcard game. although he'll miss the post-season, he said i owe it to myself and my family to take control of my disease and i want to be a better man, father and player. we're wishing him the best. a friend of the show. his wife is terrific. takes a strong man to do that. >> wonder what the story was. something must have erupted to miss the playoffs.
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actually pitched well the last month of the sooern. >> what a brave statement, you're right with that. on our friday telecast, we showed you the images out of oregon where the gunman killed nine people. as it turns out, the police have revealed that the day before, the week before he did the shooting at the ucc campus, he was ranting about not having a girlfriend. he said other people say i'm crazy. hillary clinton is politicizing this saying if she's president of the united states, she's going to close the gun show loophole. however, when was that used in a mass murder? >> she's taking the opportunity to get more left about this with biden and bernie sanders in her sight when it comes to seeking the nomination there. wee she's getting concerned which moves her to the left. it's getting political here. the president with his visit is set to meet with the victims of
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the families. >> he wants to politicize it. >> before the facts are out, he took the opportunity to do so. >> he had no -- no arms for domestic abusers. wants to prevent people from suing negligent gun manufacturers. this kid and his mom got all these guns legally. on top of that, she wants to get the assault weapons ban back. she actually has a problem. hillary clinton was speaking in 2008, it was a totally different person. >> very different. we begin to blink at policy. when you look at president obama and how closely he politicized and now his trip to visit with the victims of the families at the oregon college massacre there, will he be welcome? david jakes says no. >> i think the president, first after you will, is not welcome in the community. that isn't just my opinion. we've talked to dozens upon dozens of citizens. some family members of the
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victims, our elected officials. bottom line, a number of people believe when the president opened his press conference, we haven't finished counting the bodies on the campus behind me. we haven't identified whose children were killed and whose were not. at that same moment, he's saying some people will accuse me of politicizing the issue. but he goes on to say it should be. he not only acknowledged that it could be but he's doing so deliberately. he wants to come here and stand on the corporations -- the corpses of our loved ones. >> there is something to be done, we'd like to do it politics aside. you get the head of the nra in with a thought on gun control or gun big time gun owners. mental illness. you get the leading psychiatrist and psychological groups together. let's work something out we can
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agree on rather than you bad guys are the worst ever and sfon for the bloodshed. never get anything done that way. meanwhile, carly fiorina continues to rise in the polls. you can tell she's rising because the mainstream media is coming after her. the associated press published a story where they said that story she told about planned parenthood at the second debate was a lie. as it turns out, the associated press was called on that and they had to correct the story. because in the rush to do a -- to sandbag her, they wrote a story just riddled with inconsistencies and wrong facts. >> carly fiorina herself, that candidate who is number two in new hampshire and third in iowa right now in recent polls says, you know what, the liberals are terrified that i, a woman, am going to challenge hillary clinton. >> there are a lot of liberals who find me kind of scary right
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now. we know that most of media is very liberal and liberal women have trouble accepting that there are many, many women who don't agree with some. in fact, it's liberal women unfortunately who believe unless you follow their orthodoxy, rachel maddow is one and so is hillary clinton. she said about joan i earns when she was running for the senate, it's not enough to be a woman. you have to believe. she went through her liberal orthodoxy. note to democratic party, we're half the nation. our views differ, just like men's views differ. i think i am distinctly horrifying to liberals and i am a conservative woman who right now, head to head, beats hillary clinton soundly. >> think about the last election. mitt romney was told they were anti-woman and pro white. now you have an african-american leading the pack in some polls in dr. ben carson and you have a
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female, carly fiorina, soaring up the polls. >> how did that happen? >> when you see the hit jobs by the mainstream media, that means they're touching a nerve. 13 minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. the afghans called in that deadly air strike at doctors without borders in the hospital. why was the mainstream media so quick to point fingers. nasa releasing the pictures held in its vault for years.
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october 3rd, afghan forces advised that they were taking fire from enemy positions and asked for air support from the u.s. forces. an air strike was called to eliminate the taliban threat and several civilians were accidentally struck. this is different from the initial reports indicating that u.s. forces were threatened and that the air strike was called on their behalf. >> general john campbell stated yesterday that united states forces were responding to a request from afghan allies that killed civilians at an afghan
3:18 am
hospital. why were manny the mainstream quick to point a finger at american forces? fox reporter was there in that region and he joins us now. what was your -- beginning with our commander in chief. >> it starts almost immediately. the apologizing starts immediately. this is a tragic incident. you've got nninnocents in a hospital killed by a bombing it lies with the taliban, the enemies that fight amongst civilians that use these targets as shields. always have, always will. for the president to say condolences, of course condolences. but why don't we remind people as the commander in chief in a shooting war in afghanistan, the taliban uses these hospitals to hide their fighters, that turns them into targets and puts us in the impossible, do we listen to the afghan allies calling in the strikes as they're taking fire
3:19 am
or do we not because we think it's a hospital. ? these are the split second decisions. that's not our fault. it's the fault of the taliban who forced that hand. >> you were there, you trained these forces. give us insight into how this could actually happen, where they stand right now and the danger that we face. >> i would say this, this is not an excuse. but the fog of war is real. when you're being shot at and coordinates are -- you have air support and less troops on ground embedded. we surely had some there. what level is uncertain. buff special operators likely trying to call in coordinates and determine targets, it's not easy. again, i'm not exonerating the incident, but it's complex. >> and before we go, is it demoralizing at all to hear their commander turn on them without the information? >> of course. they've gotten used to this. they have a citizen of the world commander in chief who is more interested in apologizing for every mistake we make as opposed
3:20 am
to standing up for what our men and women do. it's sickening over time. but you get numb to it and say that's how he'll react. you have your local community has your back, even then, rules of engagement are stringent. >> thank you major. >> thank you. thou shalt not stay. why the ten commandments is being ripped from the town. someone call the pc police now. you want to hear about how to start fighting about money with your loved ones. this couple followed the tip and it worked for them.
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quick headlines now. former nsa leaker, edward snowden is -- russia is terrible. snowden says it hasn't been offered in a formal plea deal. removing a monument of the ten commandments from capitol grounds after the oklahoma supreme court ruled it unconstitutional. contractors taking it down in the middle of the night to avoid protesters to state workers. oklahoma paying nearly $5,000 to have it removed. are you happy now? >> hey steve. all right, brian. you could feel like a match made in heaven but if you and your spouse fight about money, your marriage could be headed for trouble. how can couples get on the same page when it comes to finances? after all, it is the number one thing people argue about when married. the author of the couples guide to financial compatibility. a couple who used his tips. we've got sue and chris joining
3:25 am
us live. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with you. it is the number one thing couples argue about, not who is taking out the garbage. it's i just got the nordstrom bill. what were you thinking? >> the number one thing that they argue about. it causes deep, deep fights. >> we're going to get into your personal story in a moment. first, he's got some suggestions. this might be able to help you folks at home. first of all, you say take the quiz. wa quiz? >> what quiz? >> i developed a quiz, 34 questions, talks about essentially planning, trust, risk. those types of areas out there. it goes into questions that most couples don't even think about. when you're finished taking the quiz, i guarantee you'll walk into the car, start talking about one of those particular topics. it's really important to you and say how did you answer that question about child care. >> by the way, you can go to "fox and friends".com and we'll link to your website so people
3:26 am
can take the test for free. meanwhile, the three highlighter tests is fantastic. >> that is one that i talked about all the time with couples for the past 20 years. it's essentially a way to really evaluate your credit card statements. most people, where they have problems is overspend due to credit. take the three highlighters and take one color and to your necessities, your car, your housing, your food and essentially health and child care, then go to the next category, your lifestyle, like to have and color those differently. finally, do the frivolous ones. what i find with most couples, the frivolous ones add up and the lifestyle ones add up and you can start making different decisions. >> you were describing that and you were nodding your head. we should explain in the beginning, you were at loggerheads when it came to finances. >> we definitely were. she did a little retail therapy on the side. >> it makes you feel better until the bill comes. what brought critical mass where
3:27 am
you said to yourself, we've got to do something about this. >> like i said, she used to like to do retail therapy and so we have separate accounts. but she would sometimes dip into our mutual credit card account. >> the joint account. >> the old joint account. every now and then we would overdraw because i wasn't prepared for that. that would get us butting heads and arguing a bit. >> then you heard about jeff's system and you did the highlighter test. how did that work out? >> we started with the quiz and the quiz kind of sets the groundwork for -- >> this is what you need to work on. >> the quiz is what brought us together and talking together and brought us to sit down and talk about our finances. for me, it brought us closer to him because he started like being able to communicate with me, where are our areas of spending. especially with the highlighter. that was for me the most essential thing.
3:28 am
>> it's visual. >> exactly. you're spending here and spending here. i'm like -- >> one of the things you suggest is a financial date night. >> absolutely. i think that's the other one. the quiz starts the conversation. the financial date night really gets you thinking and talking together about how to harmonize your finances. what i love about it is take a time where you go for a nice dinner, bottle of wine or cup of coffee and dessert and you talk about your finances and goals and where things will be in the future. they did something different. they're using a date drive. >> that really resonated with us. >> no bottle of wine. >> no, no. >> that really resonated with us. i think we do like to take drives and get away from things, maybe go upstate or whatever. >> we need time to talk about it. >> when you think about it, you're in a car listening to music. but basically just the two of you. it was a great opportunity for us to look at our future. >> the final tip is paint by
3:29 am
numbers. this is what you say the average american family should do. 55% of cash on housing cars, food, medical and child care. 25% on emergency fund and your retirement goals. this is important for people. if they can spend 55% on their necessities and 25%, need an emergency fund in case something happens where you no longer have income and retirement and your personal goals and then the rest can be lifestyle type categories. as you get raises, you tend to spend more money in lifestyle. what i would say is put more of it towards emergency and retirement and whatever the personal goals are. >> fantastic. it's great and i'm sure a bunch of people will take your quiz. thanks for joining us and telling your personal story. >> thank you. learned a lot. i got to go buy three highlighters now. straight ahead, he's the man
3:30 am
who killed osama bin laden. now rob o'neil is facing a new terror threat. marco rubio is not only running for president, he's also coaching his son's football team as well. john roberts spent a day with the candidate and has things you might not know about marco next. first, happy birthday to back to the future actress elizabeth shue. she's 52. >> be careful in the future. >> future? >> have a nice day mrs. mcfly. but grandmcause we uses we don't charmin ultra soft.clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you?
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that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. pay no more than $15 per prescription for 12 months. eligibility restrictions apply. learn more at or call 800-580-3421. also, 9 out of 10 medicare part d patients can get toujeo® at the lowest branded copay. ask your doctor about the proven full 24-hour blood sugar control of toujeo®. a fox news alert. there's a new threat aimed at the bhoon killed osama bin laden heather joins us with the latest. >> not surprising but a realitiment. the man who killed osama bin laden in the crosshairs of isis. a supporter of the terror group
3:34 am
published rob o'neil's address online calling on american lone wolves to execute him. that also posted a link to an article in which o'neill's father says they're not afraid of isis. a producer for hbo being questioned after a mother of three young children is found dead outside a manhattan apartment building. police say that the doctor died from a cocaine overdose after a night out in the city with her long-time friend and emmy nominated producer mark johnson. surveillance video shows johnson and another man carrying her down the stairs and leaving her in an apartment hallway. johnson called 9-1-1 and admits to using cocaine with her that night. he's not being charged, at least not at this point. another tragedy on the football field. 17-year-old kenny beauly died days after being tackled during a high school game in vancouver, washington. he was a wide receiver. he was rushed off the field to
3:35 am
the hospital where he underwent brain surgery but he died two days later. >> it was a sad day today. w he was always smiling and happy. he was just a good person. >> probably more tragic because being a parent, you may not think of your child, especially dying playing football. >> boy, what a tragedy. this comes less than two weeks you may recall after a new jersey high school evan murray died after he was hit hard on the field. there's a picture of evan right there. nasa releasing nearly 10,000 never before seen pictures taken by the first astronaut to step on the moon. how cool is this. the stunning images showcase buzz aldrin's famous moon landing. you can even see his food steps in the surface of the dusty lunar right there. other pictures show experiments inside the spacecraft, the satellites and the images of earth from space.
3:36 am
love to see those pictures. look at that one right there. >> no kidding. >> fantastic. >> they're from cameras they had. >> he is one of the republican party's top candidates for 2016. but what's lifelike behind the scenes for marco rubio? >> john roberts gives us an exclusive look. john? >> reporter: good morning to you, brian, elisabeth and steve. marco rubio has been rising in the polls since the debate at the library back in september. we wanted to find out more about rubio beyond the debate performance and the speeches and the sound bites. you might be surprised at what we found. have a look. >> ball. >> going to break. that ball crossed the line. that's a touchdown. >> this is a side of marco rubio you've likely never seen before. >> get off the field. >> not the u.s. senator, not the presidential candidate. >> good job.
3:37 am
>> this is marco rubio, the dad. >> got your arm in the wrong hole. >> as often as he can, he attends the football games of his sons dominick and anthony in miami. he used to coach. but with all the campaign travel, there's no time this season. he played football in high school and one year at college. he said he got life lessons he takes with him now as he travels the nation. >> what did it teach you? >> to fight through adversity. execute a plan. you put yourself in the best position possible to win by coming up with the best plan that gives you a chance to win. >> i spent three days with rubio at home with his family in miami and on the trail in iowa. >> these are the good times. >> rising in the polls, rubio has become an instantly recognized face in iowa. >> hi? >> as he meets with his campaign chairs to make sure everyone is on message, the twitter verse lights up. >> fox news reporter asked did you see marco rubio walk by.
3:38 am
what did you think? ladies respond he's cute. >> rubio is trying to close the deal with voters. some of whom are skeptical that he'll follow through with what he promises. >> if you're going to do what every other conservative has done recently, you're no better than them. >> how will you be different? >> i think i've always been. i think in a position to serve the public, i've tried to do things with a sense of urgency. >> another issue, the perception that he's too young for the job. >> i'm 44. i feel 45. but people my age -- >> you're 44. >> but you are one of the youngest looking 44s i've seen. >> i don't know about that. it is what it is. that's how god made me. i have no problem with it. >> that cuban baby thing. >> i don't know about that. >> in recent days, he's been bashed by lack of experience. rubio refuses to criticize bush
3:39 am
directly. between bites of pizza before an event in cedar rapids, he took a glancing swipe saying even without executive experience, he's the right man for the job. >> 15 years ago in florida, nothing like the issues we're facing now. i'm very confident that over the last few years in the time that i've been involved in all of this, no one has shown better judgment or more leadership on the issues facing our country. >> on the campaign trail, rubio is intense, focused with an energy aides have his age find it difficult to keep up with. he's driven by the example of his parents. penniless immigrants from cuba who worked hard at low-level jobs so rubio could have a better life than they did. >> i grew up with parents who taught me i could have the same dreams and future as the children of millionaires and presidents and others. this was a great country that rewarded you on the basis of merit and hard work, not on
3:40 am
connection. >> i'm glad to be home. >> after two days in iowa, i traveled back to miami with rubio. a few hours sleep then up early to take dominick and anthony to football. >> dominick, i think you're here and anthony plays here later. at the field rubio becomes just another parent. >> one of the few places i can connect and be a dad and focus on what they're doing. i enjoy it a lot. it's a lot of fun. >> we're also joined by his wife jeannette, who rarely appears on camera. at the moment she's shouldering the extra burden, looking after the family when i'm here -- >> he has to do his part for sure. the kids definitely are proud of their dad. i'm proud of him too. >> they've known each other since high school. dated for seven years before rubio finally popped the question after finishing law school. the engagement was a hollywood inspired event. >> i was a big fan of sleepless in seattle. the movie. marco knowing that, decided let
3:41 am
me propose to her in the same way that she loves this favorite movie. sure enough, we went to new york and he took me up to the empire state building and proposed to me there. >> have you watched the film together? >> i saw it. i thought it was about football. >> sleepless in seattle about football? no. wrong marco. marco rubio gets tweets by donald trump that calls him a kid, a lightweight. he indicated to me that he doesn't think trump is a serious candidate with serious issues. he said that trump is trapped in a deep vein of candidates -- sfliemt that was a great look of everyday on the field. you mentioned trump that he sent a prank gift of water to marco rubio. >> he sent him water and towels because rubio is drinking a lot of water, sweating a lot. of course, everybody saw that state of the union response where marco rubio tentatively reached for the water.
3:42 am
we got insight into his water consumption backstage in cedar falls before an event. >> speech routine. water for my throat especially. it starts to hurt at the end of the day for some reason. especially on a lot of planes. >> his throat starts to hurt at the end of the day, so he drinks a lot of water. there's the secret. >> now we know. >> trying to help him out with that. >> kind hearted of him. >> great report. >> that was excellent. >> rubio will be joining us at 7:30, 45 minutes from now right here on the fox newschannel. >> getting close to the lead when donald trump goes after you. as soon as you get close, it's game on. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. hillary clinton talks about gun control. >> how much longer will we just shrug oh, my gosh something else terrible happened. >> wow. will her new gun plan stop future shootings? judge napolitano came here just
3:43 am
to talk. later he will. plus, a 10-year-old girl snags a 13-foot, 800-pound gator. she's here live with us to tell us how she did it. >> leave the gator home, thank you. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again.
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3:46 am
♪ in a new ad, hillary clinton blasting republicans for politicizing benghazi. is she politicizing tragedy with her new push for gun control. she even suggested she use her executive powers to achieve her gun control goals. judge andrew napolitano joins us right now. judge, hillary clinton is fired up. >> brian, it's 13 months before the presidential election that she hopes to be a candidate and win. she's already said she will not enforce two u.s. supreme court
3:47 am
opinions which find the right to keep and bear arms that the government cannot unreasonably interfere with. she said if congress doesn't give her the gun control legislation she wants, she'll write it on her own. she's rejecting the role of the presidency by wanting to be the legislative branch as well as the executive branch. >> i'm going to give you some of her suggestions that she ad libbed yesterday. she wants to reinstall the weapons ban that was since overturned. >> i don't think that would pass the congress. the difference between an assault weapon and a nonassault weapon is some plastic stuff on there. it has nothing to do with the frequency with which bullets come out. this is a favorite mantra of the left. let's get rid of assault weapons. they don't even know what they are. >> wants to repeal the law keeping people from suing negligent gun manufacturers if their product is used in crimes.
3:48 am
>> if a gun misoperates, of course you can sue the manufacturer. but if a crazy person or a crook or a monster takes the gun and uses it to harm someone, that is not the fault of the manufacturer. if somebody is in an automobile accident, has nothing to do with the operation of the car. it's been driven improperly. you don't sue the manufacturer of the car. >> expand background checks. >> both of the tragedies that she pointed to yesterday, and they were profound tragedietrag newtown connecticut and roseburg, oregon were perpetrated by crazy people, legitimately mad men. neither of whom had mental health history. neither of whom would have showed up on a background check. so the background check that she wants to expand, which takes 45 minutes using fbi computers to which all gun sellers have access is not the answer to this. what she wants to do is ban guns because she's of the ideological view that we do not have the
3:49 am
right to protect ourselves and the government will take care of us. as selfless as the police are and as much pressure they're under, they can't be everywhere all the time. >> i think the big picture, everyone wants this to stop. the quickest way is to not politicize them and number two, to do what? what would have stopped what happened in oregon? >> in oregon, a u.s. army ranger veteran used his body to stop seven bullets. his gun was in his car in the parking lot because the school is a no gun zone. if he had been permitted to carry the gun, this monster that killed a professor and nine students would have been stopped before he killed anybody else. >> i tell you, you know this. barack obama in his press conference mocked that school of thought that more guns would be the answer. >> but statistically, where there are more guns, there's less crime. a mad men couldn't careless about gun laws but even he's
3:50 am
terrified of a premature death >> thank you judge napolitano. you make it so simple. >> a 10-year-old girl snags a gator. she's here next with how she did it. i have no idea. with how she did it. i have no idea. ♪ just because your bladder is changing, doesn't mean you have to. with tena's unique super-absorbent micro-beads that lock in moisture and odor... you can keep chasing after youth. tena - lets you be you. still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new
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3:53 am
that little girl right there is changing the game hunting with a record-breaking kill. young ella hawke shot a 13 foot long, 800 pound alligator, with a cross bow, got him right between the eyes from 15 yards away. >> joining us today is that young hunter herself, the trophy
3:54 am
gained records as the world huntress of the year. ella hawke and her dad tony hawke. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ella, what a shot. when you first released that arrow, or whatever comes out of that cross bow, because you could teach me a thing or two, did you know right away that you got that gator right between the eyes? >> yes. >> what did you say? >> i said, oh, my gosh. >> what did your dad say? >> he said that i did a good job. >> oh. >> no kidding? >> tony i think your daughter just got a gator bigger than anything you've ever gotten. tell us a little bit about where you were and whether you could tell how big that thing was before you pulled it out. >> we were in victoria county which is on the coast in south texas, and yes, we couldn't tell. i mean we knew it was a big alligator but we had no idea until we got down to it to bring it out of the river, actually
3:55 am
how big it really was. we were all surprised. >> oh, sure. i mean, 800 pounds right interest. it's 13 feet long. the pictures are just amazing! ella, was there any part of you, when you were about to do this, do you get scared right before? >> i wasn't scared. but i was nervous. >> oh, wow. well i could see why. >> tell us about your title now. you're the trophy game records of the world huntress of the year? >> yes. >> what does that mean? it means she harvested a lot of animals in 2014. >> i think it means a lot of garrets are afraid of a hawke. ella, what do you want to be when you grow up? >> hmm, i haven't really thought about it. >> just living in the moment right now? >> yes. >> yeah. >> and loving hunting with your dad. that has to be a good time for you, i bet, right?
3:56 am
>> yes. >> here's the big question, you have an 800 pound alligator that is being processed over at the meat processor. ella, you do like alligator, don't you? >> yeah. i guess so. >> have you ever had it? >> no. >> it's a little chewy. but it's just like chicken. >> right. >> she's going to trust you on that for now. i have a feeling when ella goes out in the field all those gators are going to be running the other way. ella hawke and your dad tony, we thank you for your time today. incredible story. >> thank you. >> those pictures about say it all. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you 73 >> booir ella. >> incredible. >> all right. straight ahead, we are jam packed hour coming up next on "fox & friends." dr. ben carson. there he is right there talking to brian. and marco rubio is going to be joining us, and wayne newton all on the curvy couch.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
let's do this together. get started on it's free and we'll share each other's progress. good morning to you. it is tuesday, october 6th, 2015, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. after five days of relentless rain, south carolina is submerged. that rain is finally coming to an end but the flood danger is not over. we are live on the ground for you. >> and a pilot dies on a packed plane midair. what we just learned about that pilot and how that plane made it safely to the ground. >> and this guy just fought off a grizzly with his bare hands. how'd he learn to do that? thanks, grandma. what? what do you mean grandma? >> live in new york. it's "fox & friends."
4:01 am
>> yep, wayne newton's going to be with us. and danke schon, dr. ben carson, in the studio. who is your favorite? could you turn around? >> so we've got dr. ben. we've got marco rubio. and wayne newton all this hour. >> and mrs. carson is also with you. >> candy. >> we are thrilled to have candy with us. >> it's good to have two authors of the same book. >> starting right now. >> south carolina waking up under water again. five days of relentless rain has given this result. finally come to an end. but it's left much of the state looking like a disaster zone. hundreds of roads and bridges just like this one left in ruins. broken and washed away. president obama signing a disaster declaration as the death toll rises to 11.
4:02 am
>> jonathan is live in forest acres. what can you tell us this morning? >> good morning. well some people trying to head out to work for the first time since the storm. but they encounter this. roadblocks here and there. and here's why. right now i'm on forest drive and as we pan over here you can see all the destruction from the floodwaters. the floodwaters have receded from the roadway, but large chunks of the roadway and the surrounding sidewalks have been destroyed. and so as a precaution they're sealed off. in addition to traffic problems, authorities are worried about more dam breaches. in south carolina, a total of 18 dams have been breached. nine of them here in the midlands. eugenie parker of columbia knows all too well just how fast the water can rise after a breach. a few days ago she woke up to a flood alert on her phone and within minutes the water had reached the second level of her home. >> the neighbors helped us get out, over the fence. we got out and we're safe, thank
4:03 am
god we're safe. so we're very lucky. >> here in the columbia area many residents are still under a boil water advisory. and they are bringing in bottled water from the outside. they're going to be handing it out at predistribution sites. back to you guys. >> live from south carolina, thank you very much. >> heather nauert is here with the headlines. >> good morning, good morning to you. bizarre midair disturbance forcing an emergency landing after an american airlines pilot died while at the controls. captain mike johnson was flying a red eye flight from phoenix to boston when he apparently had a heart attack. the co-pilot then took control of that plane, landing it in syracuse, new york. a flight attendant tried to revive the pilot with no luck. the mourning process now just beginning for the pilot's family. >> we believe that we are together forever and we are
4:04 am
forever family. i know that he will be there, and i will be able to see him when i go from here. >> the pilot leaves behind his wife of 35 years, and just saw a daughter, johnson had been a pilot for 25 years. the desperate search continues this morning to find crew members on board that doomed cargo ship that most likely sunk in the middle of hurricane joaquin. one crew member was found dead in a survival suit near a damaged life boat. no sign of the 32 other crew members after four days of searching now. the ntsb is sending a crew to jacksonville, florida, this morning to investigate what went wrong. monday night football ends on a highway of controversy after this dramatic play at the end of the lions/seahawks game. did you see this? >> they're going to throw. calvin johnson to the end zone. fumbles it, and it goes out of bounds. it will be a touchback if he didn't break the play.
4:05 am
>> well, that call giving possession back to the seahawks with less than two minutes left, allowing them to escape with a win over the lions. but after the game, the president of officiating saying the ref got it wrong. batting the ball in the end zone is illegal, meaning possession should have gone back to the lions, giving them another shot at a touchdown. but that didn't happen. sealing the seahawks' win 13-10. >> -- on the one yard line. >> and the best story of the day. parents it is a moment that you have been waiting for. chuck e. cheese now sell beerg and wine in select locations! celebrations here. but there is a two drink limit. just for the parents. over 21. the kiddie wonderland revamping its menu in order to appeal to a wider audience. executives say they want to try to cater to millennial moms who want to entertain and feed the kids at the same time but not give up their own fun. and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here. >> heather, there is whining at
4:06 am
chuck e. cheese. >> for more on the chuck e. cheese situation we're joined by dr. ben carson. >> absolutely. >> speaking of good news you probably want to go over to check e. cheese and celebrate the fact that there's a new poll out, first time we've seen this in as long as i can remember in months, you were actually beating donald trump in the investors business daily. you are at 24%, donald trump is at 17%. marco rubio at 11%. carly fiorina at 9% and jeb bush at 8%. what's going on there? >> polls are going to go up and down. and i don't get too excited over them. >> you don't get too excited over anything. >> this is a proven track record. >> i recognize that. but you know the key thing is you getting out there, you're talking to people. they're getting an opportunity to hear you, actually hear what you think, and what kind of person you are as opposed to who the media says you are. that's what's making the difference. >> and you're not the establishment candidate. and people like that.
4:07 am
>> and i don't want to be the establishment candidate. what has the establishment really gotten us? and i'm talking both sides of the aisle. you know, look at the kind of debt that we have right now and what we're going to be passing on to the next generation. it's a house of cards that's about to collapse. we need some responsible leadership. >> right. you know, in light of recent tragedies, the gun control issue has been politicized. hillary clinton just jumping in and then putting forward her gun control plan and what she'd like. what disturbs you most about the plan she put forward? >> well, with all of these gun control plans i'm a very reasonable person. i don't get in the corner and just, you know, stonewall. if you can show me how that's going to stop these things, i'm willing to listen to it. anything they've proposed doesn't stop anything. we need to be studying these individuals, being able to figure out who is the dangerous person so we can intervene. not only to save the lives of people being shot, but to save the lives of the shooters. >> -- mental health, it's not
4:08 am
the gun it's the person behind the gun is that your heart on it? >> of course it is the person behind the gun. guns don't kill people. and the second amendment is extremely important. daniel webster said america would never suffer tyranny because the people are armed. >> right. and 300 million of those arms. 11 million people here illegally, you think that's impossible? try taking away 300 million guns. in the big picture right up your alley is the mental health issue. this kid, this lunatic has not been diagnosed. he was able to get the guns legally. and then as it turns out if you read his manifesto, he clearly is unbalanced. how do you stop that? >> look at how many others have been unbalanced. we're seeing psychiatrists. we need a better way of categorizing, identifying -- >> without stigmatizing. >> so hillary clinton is politicizing the tragedy. >> really? >> the president of the united states came out within 24 hours of it actually happening and he
4:09 am
said this is something we should politicize. he apparently is going to go to meet with the families of the victims this friday on a west coast four-day swing. but david jakes, who is the publisher of a newspaper out there in roseburg, said the president should not stop in his town because he would simply be grandstanding. >> now he wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones to make some kind of a political point, and it isn't going to be well received. not by our people. not by the families. and not even by our elected officials. >> what do you think of that? >> imagine a politician politicizing something. when do we get to the point where we have people who actually want to solve our problems, rather than just politicize everything. i think that's what the american people are so sick and tired of. >> but you hate to let a good crisis go to waste. >> they certainly, the politicians, i mean they are feasting on it. >> dr. carson, would you go? if the people of the community
4:10 am
say, don't go, would you still go if you were president, on friday? >> probably not. i mean, i would probably have so many things on my agenda that i'd go to the next one. if the people don't want you to come, isn't this about the people? >> yep. >> this whole country of, for and by the people. why don't people understand that? >> you know, people really understood you. when you posted this picture it went viral online, #iamchristian. explain that. >> well, you know, the poor families of those individuals had to be hurting so badly. and the fact that i believe that this nation has judeo christian roots. and why are we so busy trying to give those away for the sake of political correctness? you know, when you give away your identity, you give away your soul. and you know, in the book of proverbs it says without a vision, people perish. we can't give away who we are
4:11 am
and what we stand for and what our vision is. >> dr. carson, if a gunman walks ion are you?s the gun at you and that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that question. because not only would i probably not cooperate with him, i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say hey guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> hey guys. >> absolutely. >> hopefully we won't have to have that happen. >> dr. carson, we're about to get some company on the curvy couch. dr. carson's wife candy is here. >> your co-author. >> come on. we're here. >> the incredible story about how they met, and almost ended very badly. >> good morning. >> and the name of the book is "a more perfect union." we'll find out about your union and our union in just a moment. at 11 minutes after the hour when we come back we're going to
4:12 am
talk about that as well as what is it like being married to a guy that's leading the polls for the most important position in the world. we'll find out that answer in just a moment. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. salt. pepper. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it.
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4:15 am
at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. all right right now we're joined by dr. ben carson and his beautiful wife candy. the two cowriting a new book
4:16 am
called "a more perfect union." it is in the stores today. you both are from detroit. how'd you meet? candy? >> oh. you haven't read the book? >> we have to buy the book. >> no, the first book. >> you had to go to -- >> well, we were in the detroit area. i went to school like three blocks north of detroit. i was born and lived out. he was born and lived in. so we're both from detroit. >> but it was a tragedy that really brought you together. a near tragedy. you guys were in a horrible accident. what happened that day because you learned not only were you meant to stay alive, you were meant to be with one another. what happened? >> it wasn't an accident. >> it was close. >> it was so close. >> what happened? >> we were driving back after recruiting for our alma mater, so they paid our way over thanksgiving, most of us couldn't afford -- well some of
4:17 am
us couldn't afford to go home over thanksgiving so they paid our way. it was kind of neat. my trepidation was i had to spend it with this guy because he had to tease me a lot. >> stuck in a car with him. >> i didn't really want to spend a whole week with him but i got to go home so that was good. anyway on the way back, we had decided we were going to visit our friends in ann harbor which is an hour away and i spent the night with my sister staying up all night talking. and i told her i'm sorry you shouldn't ask me a question and not expect me to go. anyway, he was staying with a friend and the next day we were fine in the daytime but once it got dark, it was hard to stay awake. fell asleep at 90 miles an hour. >> both of you? >> yep. and as the gravel started to crunch under our wheels, he woke up quickly, because i mean he whipped the wheel in the opposite direction, and by all laws of physics, just went around in cirques a few times like a mini indy 500, stopped
4:18 am
heading in the right direction in the right lane and he says he did not touch the brakes, the car stopped. >> but you knew at that moment that what you were meant to be alive and also be with one another? >> no i wasn't awake enough yet. you know -- >> hey -- >> so. so, after that pulled over to the side because an 18 wheeler was coming up and then we thought oh, gosh god might have something -- >> so you end up getting married. you go from meager beginnings to an ivy league education to this incredible life that you earned yourself. you put this book together. but the focus of this book is how our country started. an analysis of the constitution. >> right. >> and the amendments that are in it. >> everybody knows we have a constitution. but not many people know what's in it. and that constitution is there to protect us, the people. and it tells you how the government is supposed to work. and i would love for a lot of the people in washington to read it, also. >> because it's meant to be read. it's not a difficult document. it's not a legal document.
4:19 am
>> you know, the constitution is only 16 1/3 pages long. and it's written at a level of an eighth grader. and they did that specifically so that the people would understand what the foundation of our country was >> sure. but people have got to be motivated and got to want to, and this book is a great entree to that. now there's something -- i asked you if you could reveal something embarrassing about dr. carson. and you said there isn't anything. >> actually i thought of one. >> oh, no! >> you can't do -- >> no, something people don't realize about him, he loves egg salad sandwiches, and potato chips that are barbecue, right? >> of course. >> not sure how -- >> there you go. >> dr. carson and candy. behind the sandwich right now. >> yes, yes. >> did you make this? >> i did not.
4:20 am
>> i can take credit for that. >> absolutely. >> this is your go-to? >> absolutely. >> since when? >> forever. >> candy loves it, too. >> oh, yes. >> oh, yes. >> i can see that in every hospital and every surgery afterwards if you just pull over and get your egg salad sandwich. >> i don't think there's a more perfect union than the two of you. but maybe a more perfect union -- >> a really good team. this is going to be a best-seller. congratulations. >> i don't get to spill my guts on it? >> sorry, we're out of time. >> he wants to be president. >> thank you very much. >> any time. >> all right. we know who that singer is right there. it's wayne newton. and look! this is something you don't see every day. he's with marco rubio. >> he picked a running mate. danke schon, wayne. >> that's cool. ♪
4:21 am
4:22 am
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4:24 am
he has been an outspoken critic of president obama's leadership in the past. watch. >> i think he will go down as without a doubt having cleaned up being the worst president ever. obama's got that. >> now that president obama's term is winding down the 2016 candidates are gearing up, how does wayne newton rank some of the top republican candidates? >> i have an idea, let's ask him. >> why not?
4:25 am
>> he's an entertainer, las vegas, and happy every day you're singing, am i correct? >> every day i'm singing. i am happy, thank god. >> and it's wonderful. >> why are you so politically aware? why are you so invested? a lot of people just say my life's great, that's enough. >> i think when you have to look at the overall picture, and see what it was like when we were growing up, and then we see what it's like when our kids are growing up. and then when their kids start to grow up, you see that decline in so many things, morals, principles, values, religion, everything. >> and so that's why it's so important who the next leader is. one of the people you like, and you've known him for a very long time is donald trump >> donald trump. i love donald and he would make a great president. >> why? >> for many reasons. number one, he tells the truth. number two, he doesn't have --
4:26 am
he's been where most of these guys want to be in terms of riding on his own plane. he doesn't have to worry about what hotels he stays in. doesn't have to worry about how his family gets to hawaii, so on and so forth. i can give you so many reasons. but most of all, most important, i think for mr. trump, if he tells it like it is, look we can talk about these radicals all we want, okay? but it's my opinion, and it's his, and i heard him say this, too, they're only going to be as radical as we let them be. and until this country steps up and has a leader that will take hold of that, then these radicals are going to keep on. >> carly fiorina, marco rubio? >> i love her, i love him, and i love dr. carson. i think all of them really are quality, quality people. the difference is, i think how
4:27 am
many of them have been in the kind of war that this is going to get into if we don't get the right -- >> sure. you also liked jeb bush. >> yes. >> you campaigned for his father. >> i campaigned for his father. i campaigned for his brother. also. and so the bush family and i are very dear friends. and he would make an incredible president. >> well, let me ask you something, there's a big decision now that you're about to make and the bush family is thinking about bringing 43 back to help jeb out. you think that would be a good move. you're in touch with americans on an everyday basis. >> i think it would be a good move. because i had the pleasure of watching the dad once he was out of office, and he was campaigning for 43, he was campaigning for his son, he was a different man. he was able to communicate with the public, he could walk out -- >> wasn't about you anymore? it was about somebody else. >> and i think the same thing is going to be true of president
4:28 am
43. when he walks out without the pressure of being on, i think it will be a great asset. >> well you have been mr. las vegas for as long as i can remember. now there's a new stop when you go to las vegas now you got to go to his house. casa de shenandoah is going to be open for the first time in -- where people can go on in, right? >> yes. >> what are the top things you need to see when you get there? >> well, we have 65 of the best arabian horses in the world. >> you're famous for that. >> and it's a great love of mine. we have penguins. we have -- >> penguins in las vegas? >> penguins in las vegas. >> they're indigenous penguins. >> and we have monkeys. and we have -- >> collectible cars? >> collectible cars. >> are we allowed to touch stuff? >> well, depends on what you want to touch, you know. >> don't touch the monkeys and hands off the cars.
4:29 am
>> and we one of my planes that's there. >> you sure you want to do this? >> well, it's too late. the answer is yes, because that is -- >> now during the -- in the vacation movies, didn't they come to your house? >> we filmed the entire -- >> that didn't end well. >> well that's the one that was not shot at our house. >> thank goodness. >> i said to them, when you break through that wall, let's shoot that in l.a. >> started at the grand ole opry. one of the most successful entertainers in the history of america. a country you still care dearly about. >> thank you. >> great to see you. >> went -- with your permission. >> i'm looking for the penguins. >> all right. stale head on "fox & friends" with your permission we should have well he was with wayne newton a minute ago. senator marco rubio is here on the kur va couch.
4:30 am
wants to know if he could win that endorsement. >> he lived in vegas awhile, too. >> oh, my gosh. >> we'll be right back. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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4:33 am
i'm exhausted. we've had nothing but celebrities around here today and now we've got marco rubio who is running for president of the united states. >> thanks for having me. >> the other day -- >> i read about it this morning. >> donald trump thinks you sweat too much and drink too much. >> drink too much water. >> what all came in this package? >> i didn't see it. water. i heard it's very high quality water. apparently evian are a bunch of loser. and then a towel. >> how you do feel about that? he also talked about how young you are. >> i don't know. it is what it is. i drink water. so what? and i only sweat when it's hot.
4:34 am
>> all right let's talk a little bit about politics. hillary clinton has just released her gun plan. if she's elected president of the united states, she would probably need executive action to close the gun show loopholes. to many it looks like she's just politicizing this tragedy. >> and it is. that's what happens every time there's one of these tragic shootings. the truth is none of these laws they're talking about would have prevented any of these. what i always say to people gun laws are only followed by law abiding people. criminals don't follow the law. that's why they're criminals. we don't know a lot about the latest instance and what was wrong with this individual in particular. but we know there are two things. one is violence is going on because our society is going through some real tumult. and the other is mental illness. again these laws would not have prevented some of the recent shootings. these are not assault rifles, these are handguns. every time there's one of these things, instead of examining why are people doing this, immediately they want to focus on what they used to commit this crime. >> a lot of people see them as bull's-eyes that they're just targets for someone like this
4:35 am
person who went out with this -- >> i've never seen a house where someone puts a sign up saying we don't own a gun. i've seen we have an alarm system, we have a dog. no one ever advertises that they're vulnerable. i think sometimes unfortunately when you advertise that a place is vulnerable it becomes -- i'm not saying in this particular instance, but it becomes potentially a magnet for someone to say that's the ideal place for me to commit a crime. >> what do you want people to come away from this saying? they say about marco rubio and guns in light of -- >> that i'm a supporter of the second amendment. that every american has a constitutional right to be able to protect themselves and the only reason why they wouldn't is because they're a criminal or because they're mentally ill and therefore could hurt someone. but americans have a second amendment right to be able to protect their families. and if you pass a law that makes it hard to do that law abiding people will not have guns and criminals still will. >> at the second republican debate you accurately predicted weeks before it actually happened that russia's putin was going to bomb the people we are allied with in syria.
4:36 am
what is his end game there? >> well, a couple end games. one he's trying to distract from ukraine and get the world not to focus on what's happening there, particularly with the end of the cease-fire and all those things. also makes him popular in russia to show he's a global leader. the bigger issue, he will specific continue to argueate non-isis rebels. especially the ones america has backed. once he can destroy all the non-isis rebels, then the argument to the world will be, look, the only people left in syria is either isis or assad. you might as well be on assad's side. so he wants to eliminate any nonisis alternative to assad so you're going to see him continue to specifically target american-backed rebels. >> the president said on friday in an extraordinary press conference when asked, that if russia is attacking and doing these things out of weakness >> he's wrong. it's not out of weakness. he's doing it because he senses a vacuum and he can position himself as a geopolite qual equal to the united states. perhaps even a superior in the case of the middle east. the argument he is making to the middle east and the broader world is this president, and america under his president, is
4:37 am
weak and unreliable. we are strong and consistent. >> senator, i just have to say, a lot of people at home going, good, i don't want any part of the middle east. i'm fed up. they're ungrateful for what we sacrificed. we have sacrificed an awful lot. what do we get from it? let them have it? what's your reaction, including donald trump. >> the problem with that view is they're not going to ignore us, even if we ignore them. that instability in syria has led to the rapid growth of these group called isis that people may have heard about. that group wants to attack us here at home. they use these operating spaces that they've gained in that area to plan for attacks against us and to recruit americans on social media to attack us. so just because we ignore them, they will not ignore us. they will come for us eventually. in fact they're already trying to. >> geopolitical positioning to parenting. we got a good look. john roberts actually took to the traveling with you and he got to see you as a father, as a coach of your kids at football, and your wife actually spilled the beans on how you proposed. watch. >> i was a big fan of sleepless
4:38 am
in seattle, the movie, and marco decided well let me propose to her in the same way that she loves this favorite movie. so sure enough, we went to new york, and he took me up to the empire state building and he proposed to me there. >> oh, man. you are -- >> on valentine's day and it was cold and i remember i gave her the ring and then i asked her can i just hold it until we get downstairs, somehow i had it stuck in my head she might drop it over the top of the empire state building and i couldn't afford a second ring. >> we also saw you coaching there. you had no idea you were on camera after awhile you were so into the game. what does that mean to you? >> i know it's controversial in some people's minds but i love football. i think it's one of the great teachers of life lessons, right? >> of course. >> you learn so many things about life and how to per seer veer. it's not about making it to the nfl or anything like that. it's about using it as a teaching tool to instill certain values and habits in my kids. and in other kids that i have an
4:39 am
influence over as well. >> your kids have good hands. where do they get that from? >> they don't drop anything. >> yeah, well they do. they'll get hit in the face. >> senator, there's a debate that has been raging on reddit the website where they reached out to married men. what was going through your mind when you saw your wife walking up the aisle at you, for instance, one guy said okay he was saying to himself, don't cry. don't cry. don't cry. somebody else was saying my mind was racing between, i hope she doesn't trip, and why isn't she crying as much as me. >> and somehow saying -- >> do you remember that day in your head? >> it was like, good, she showed up. i was just thinking about at the last minute she would back out and i would be there in front of all my family and friends and no one to get married to. >> proposed on valentine's day. >> mm-hmm. >> did she know it was coming that day?
4:40 am
>> i don't think so. i think we both wanted to get married. i don't think she knew it was happening on that day. >> do you still surprise her when it comes to valentine's day now or anniversaries? >> i try to. reminds me anniversary's coming up. >> when is that? >> october 17th. >> you better get on it senator. >> when we talk about surging candidates your name pops up on the list. as far as politics for a living you're the one. what do you think has changed over the last month? >> i think the campaign is getting more serious. whether it's what's happening now in syria with russia, some of the other issues we face domestically as a country. voters are starting to tune in to the real issues before america and that's only going to accelerate now. as the campaign becomes serious about ideas, about policiepolic about the future of america, i feel very strong about our standing in that regard. >> done trump said last week don't make a mistake about it, marco rubio and governor bush hate each other. they hate each other's guts because you're running against your mentor. what's the reality? >> that's not true.
4:41 am
i have tremendous admiration and affection for jeb. he's a friend of mine. i'm not running against jeb bush. there's a lot of other people, too. i'm running for president. ultimately the voters are going to decide. i'm not running against him or anybody else. i'm running because i honestly believe the time has come for this country to turn the page both in our party and in the country and elevate a new generation of leadership with ideas that are relevant to the 21st century. that's why i'm running. >> all right. well, you're running and you're busy, but you drop by. >> thank you >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> glad to be with you guys. >> coming up on this tuesday. scared to sell your stuff on craigslist? well, now several cities are taking new measures to make sure that you can stay safe. we're live with the details, coming up. >> that's right. and we've got a world cup champion right on our plaza. get ready for this. abby walkback joins us live with her new mission, keeping concussions off the field. ♪
4:42 am
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young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back. online market places have opened an entire world for us to buy and sell or rent or just gawk at things we might want. but with the anonymity the internet provides users, bad people are bound to slip through the cracks. what's being done to protect our security online? fox news correspondent case he is siegel live is dallas with a solution to this. >> steve i know you remember the good old days when you used to open up the newspaper and thumb through the classified adds to find something to buy or sell?
4:46 am
i guess that's pretty safe to say that those are days of the past and now most of us are doing those types of things online. sites like craigslist, ebay have made buying and selling goods easier than ever. but with that ease comes major security concerns. stories like this one have grabbed national headlines. a georgia couple murdered earlier this year. remember, after answering an ad to buy a vintage car. and then this horrific story out of colorado. an expectant mother answering a craigslist ad for baby clothes. when she showed up to the woman's house who placed that ad, she allegedly cut the baby from the victim's belly. robert siciliano, a security expert with hotbot shield says the number of these instances are on the rise. >> two things are going on. number one the good old days unfortunately are gone. in addition to that, we're in desperate times and desperate times means desperate measures. and criminals have realized that
4:47 am
the anonymity of the web can fuel their ability. >> so to combat the threat dozens of cities across the country are introducing these online safes or exchange zones. bedford, texas, for example just rolled one out here in the dfw area. they're areas set up in the parking lot of police or fire stations. they're well-lit. they have video surveillance. citizens can meet, conduct online transactions safely there, without inviting anyone to your home. >> our cameras for the exchange zone catches them coming in. parking. and leaving. so that way you can get a full view of the license plate. you can see the color, the make. >> security experts tell us that you can significantly reduce your chances of becoming a victim by conducting these transactions in these safe zones, and as i said they're popping up all over.
4:48 am
a simple google search can point you in the direction of one that's probably sprouted up in your community. back to up. >> all right, casey stegall live in dras with a good idea. all right straight ahead on this tuesday we've got world cup champion abby wambach live on our plaza coming up next, she joins us live with her new mission, keeping concussions off the field. but first, let's get in the wayback machine on this date in 1927 the jazz singer starring al jolson made its debut. the first full length talking picture. and in 1979 pope john paul ii became the first pope to visit the white house. there he is with jimmy carter. and in 1978 whitesnake released its hit, here i go again. everybody sing along. heather wants this song.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
heads up. with soccer becoming more and more popular among young athletes, there's a much greater risk for concussions to occur. >> 52% of athletes sustaining cup cushions before they get to high school. how can we be sure our kids are playing safe? it's supposed to be a game that teaches you, not destroy your life. today we're joined by soccer world captain, abby wambach, to go over something you do quite well. and that is head the ball. we talk about concussions in sports and safety. abby, congratulations. >> thank you. >> first up. . >> thank you. >> finally, a world cup champion. it's finally happened for you. but you're deciding whether to go pro still, right? >> yeah, i'm still in the process of deciding. the last three months has just
4:53 am
been out of control, really, really busy. we're all over the country celebrating this world cup championship with everybody. it's really been a dream come true. but even today, i've been really tired. >> absolutely. and everyone who knows you, you're concerned about this. what do you have for us? >> i partnered with a company called trax and they have this great headband that tracks head impacts. so you can put this on any kid, on myself, i train with this. >> you use this every day? >> i use this in training. this he will sensor goes in the back of your head and any time your head takes an impact it registers. now, i'm not wearing this, so it registered fairly high. if this is on your head it's not going to necessarily go that high unless you have a head-to-head impact with somebody. whether it's head-to-head. >> why do you want to do this? >> we all know concussions are a huge deal right now. and we need to protect our kids. you know, some kids just aren't strong enough to necessarily
4:54 am
maybe head the ball. the other thing we want to teach is to do things properly. don't send your 5, 6-year-old kid to hit a ball like i would. >> they didn't teach that when we were -- >> girls come on in. come on in. >> you hang onto this? >> now -- >> girls, step out. step out. kerstin, kaitlyn, julia, kate. this is my daughter, this is my daughter. this is our friend julia and there's kate and great. so, give an example. use the head. head-to-head ball. a lot of people get worried about that. >> yeah. >> parents get worried about that. >> one tough header. >> they're doing these headers really well. these are the headers that most parents don't have to worry about. what you can't control is if somebody is going to head you with their head, right? >> they're both going for the ball. >> exactly. exactly. so these are the kind of things that you want to prevent from happening. whether you can prevent them or not, you have the realtime
4:55 am
information on the sidelines, whether you're a trainer or a coach or a parent that you can see if it registers before a certain threshold you can have your kid pulled off and checked out. >> that looks like a normal head band and the register is in the back. so now she would hit. >> and she's done that properly enough so it's not going to register. so the whole point was, to hit it so that you could see it registering at that higher stress level. >> so in theory -- in theory -- >> so these aren't registering high enough -- >> correct. these aren't even on the scale. these are -- they're not even hard enough -- >> but the problem is, too, these girls go head to head. these girls go head to head. >> registers above that threshold level and you can have that kid come off and be checked out by the doctor or trainer. >> abby when you hear parents are saying we might not have our kids play because of the risk of concussion. >> it scares me. the more technology you can have, the more information you can have, the better and the more safe your kids will be when
4:56 am
you send them out onto the pitch. >> what's it called? >> triax, it's the simulated impact monitor. >> round of applause for abby wambach. world champion. greatest goal scorer in soccer history. >> abby. >> great job, girls. thanks so much. >> back to practice tomorrow. >> on and off the field and let them play here. and now dr. ben carson and marco rubio respond to hillary clinton's gun control plan. laura ingraham joining us live in just minutes. >> a man fights over a grizzly bear with his bare hands. guess who taught him how? his grandmother. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles...
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good morning to you. it is tuesday, october 6th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. south carolina submerged. cars and people swept away in catastrophic flooding. the rain may be over but the worst could be yet to come. we are live on the ground for you. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton choking up as she unveils her gun control plan. >> parents of these precious children who were murdered. have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing. >> is there something more going on there? laura ingraham here to react in about 90 seconds. >> and it's the miracle moment that even gave a 911 dispatcher chills. >> i found baby rainn and she's alive. >> is it her i hear? >> she's just crying yes. >> okay i hear her. oh, i just got goose bumps. >> oh, my good, too.
5:01 am
i couldn't give up on this kid, thank god. >> this hour the val tear who found a little girl who's been missing for days. great story and it's a great show coming up in this hour on "fox & friends." days of torrential rain finally coming to an end in south carolina. but the nightmare is far from over. today, mandatory evacuations are under way. as rising rivers threaten dam breaches. >> much of the state of south carolina looking like a disaster zone with roads washed out. cars tossed around. into the trees. look at that. president obama has signed a disaster declaration, and the death toll so far as risen to 11. we are live in forest acres. jonathan, what do you have as the sun is now up?
5:02 am
>> yeah, the sun's coming up, and people are out, able to assess the damage. take a look at this. this is forest drive. you can see the destruction here. this is just one example of the destruction that you're seeing all over south carolina. that the floodwaters left behind. the south carolina department of transportation just released new numbers according to the d.o.t. 328 roads and 160 bridges are closed to travel due to flooding or storm damage. and now a total of 19 dams have breached statewide. and even though the rain has stopped some rivers are still rising, and that increases the risk of even more dammed breaches. residents have learned all too quickly how fast water can rise after a breach. raging floodwaters crept up on his neighbor's home. >> this house here, the water was up pretty much to the
5:03 am
bottom -- just to the top of that bottom windows. we came up there, and another pontoon boat came over and rescued those people off their balcony. that's how high the water was. it has really receded but it's still high. >> one of the most dangerous places to be in a flood is your vehicle. this youtube video shows a pickup truck drive right into the raging floodwaters. the driver apparently unaware of how deep it was. fortunate the truck lodged in a tree where rescuers were able to pull the driver to safety. officials are still urging people to stay off the roads if they possibly can because as you can see here, conditions are still very treacherous. back to you guys. >> all right jonathan. live in south carolina. the good news is it stopped raining. the heavy stuff. the bad news is, the floodwaters recede you see all that damage. >> jonathan, thanks. heather nauert is here with headlines for you in a fox news alert. >> more fallout from that storm. a fox news alert more details
5:04 am
coming in this morning on that cargo ship that likely sank during hurricane joaquin. more than 30 crew members were on board when the el faro ship rent right into that storm. the head of the ntsb describing the massive challenge of finding out what happened. the ntsb will be in florida later this morning a day after the coast guard found the body of a crew member near a damaged lifeboat. an in-flight emergency to tell you about and this is quite an emergency. an american airlines pilot dies while at controls of the plane. captain mike johnson was flying a red eye flight from phoenix to boston when he apparently had a heart attack. the co-pilot then took control of that plane and landed it in syracuse, new york. a flight attendant tried to revive the pilot but was unable to. passengers shaken when they found out what happened. >> you all shocked and thought wow, put our life in his hands. >> i really think you got to
5:05 am
hand it to the co-pilot i'll tell you. i don't know -- i don't know what i would have done in that situation. >> yeah, no kidding. johnson had been a pilot since 1990. he leaves behind a daughter, and a wife of 35 years. well, a tv producer being questioned after a married dermatologist and mother of three is found dead outside a manhattan apartment building. police say that the doctor died from a cocaine overdose after a night out in new york city with her longtime friend and emmy nominated producer mark johnson. surveillance video shows johnson and another man carrying her body down the stairs, leaving her in an apartment hallway right here. well johnson called 911 twice, and admits to having used cocaine with her that nigh bein. a montana hunter fights off a grizzly bear with a little advice from grandma. 26-year-old chase dellwell was on a hunting trip when a nearly 400 pound beast attacked hill. and that's when he remembered an
5:06 am
article that his grandmother gave him about large animals having poor gag reflections. so what did he do? he stuck his arm down the bear's throat! and then that bear walked away. way to go grandma. and those are your headlines. how frightening for him. but he's doing okay this morning though. >> when a bear is about to attack i don't remember gag reflex. >> that's why you listen to your grandma. >> a montana grandma. >> for more on the bear story, someone who can survive any attack laura ingraham joins us right now. laura, would you have reacted the same way? >> i -- well, i had one run-in with a grizzly bear, i kid you not in montana. hiking with about seven people on a bike trip. we took a break and went hiking and i was in the front, of course, i had to be in the front, and i see this big thing like emerge off the side of the little ravine and it was probably about 30 yards away. and i just turned around and started walking the other direction. this woman behind me was from brooklyn she was hilarious. she said, oh, my god it's a
5:07 am
bear! really loudly. the first rule is turn around and just walk away. don't make any noise. but, well, that's what happened. we were fine. >> you survived. >> yeah. >> let's talk a little politics. in the wake of what happened at the community college in oregon the president's going to go there this weekend. hillary clinton is coming out with gun control measures she would like to do if elected president of the united states. and yesterday, when she was introducing the sandy hook mom, i want you to listen to this. she gets choked up. and mainstream media has praised her. listen. >> so many of the parents of these precious children who were murdered have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing, and have tried to be the voices that we need to hear.
5:08 am
and i want you to introduce yourself and maybe talk about what you and other parents are trying to do to get the changes that are necessary. >> okay so how would you analyze that? >> it's okay to get emotional when you're talking about the parents who lost their kids. i don't think there's anything wrong with that. people have an issue with her really getting too political about this or using it for political gains. right? >> well, i think it was a far more persuasive performance than her appearance on "saturday night live." so i think much more believable yesterday. we're all torn up about what happened in any school or any situation. but here's the problem. when you're hillary clinton and you're in a perpetual switch the subject mode, a lot of people are going to think she's just a phony and that was another moment of clinton choreography where you bring on the water works in order to engender some sympathy and empathy with the voters. i'd rather just hear from the
5:09 am
mom, than frankly hear from hillary, whether it was true, heartfelt emotion. frankly i don't really care. what i care about is we have a constitution. we have a second amendment. if hillary has an idea of how to stop a lone wolf who had no psychiatric institutionalization, stop that guy from committing a terrible act, let me see that legislation. let me see how that's going to pass constitutional muster. that's what i'm interested. whether she cried or whether it was real or whether it was not, this is what the clintons always want us to do talk about something other than what the thing is. the thing is nobody believes her right now because of her responses on whether it's benghazi, or the e-mail server, and so, now it's hillary, the, you know, the protector of the children. i mean -- >> was she just picking up the mantle everyone told she was to politicize things as americans. so now we have to find out, we have to get commonsense gun control laws. can you name some commonsense gun control laws that would have stopped the last, let's say
5:10 am
three attacks. >> i haven't heard one. apparently the white house is thinking about another executive action. this time on guns. but what we know about is that despite what everyone says, mental health and guns, the best research done by a professor at duke university shows even if you were able to act against people who had some type of depression, or even in the past were bipolar there's a very, very small percentage of crimes that would be eliminated. and in the mass shooting context, i think that the percentage like one half of one%. so you probably save some lives. you always have the constitutional provision. you have to jump over, or deal with. so while it -- it makes everyone feel better to say i'm going to do this and i'm going to do this, when in reality it really has very little effect on the types of crimes we've seen over the past three or four years. we have isolated kids who become isolated adults and act out for a variety of reasons. it's horrific. and there needs to be early intervention by family, friends,
5:11 am
and where it's -- where feasible in the government. >> we had the privilege of having senator marco rubio and dr. ben carson right here on our curvy couch today. we asked fwhem gun control and how more gun laws would not have prevented this tragedy either. this is what they said. >> if you can show me how that's going to stop these things i'm willing to listen to it. anything that they propose doesn't stop any of this. we need to be studying these individuals, being able to figure out who is the dangerous person? so we can intervene. not only to save the lives of people being shot, but to save the lives of the shooter. >> truth is none of these laws they're talking about would have prevented an of these. what i always say to people gun laws are only followed by law abiding people. criminals don't follow the law. that's why they're criminals. we don't know a lot about this latest instance and what was wrong with this individual in particular. but we know there are two things. one is that violence is going on because our society is going through some real tumult. and the other is mental illness.
5:12 am
>> that's the key. the mental illness. >> i think, again, if someone is involuntarily committed to an institution, which according -- and the new laws that are in place, and the privacy and all. there's a small percentage. i think in 1950 there were 500,000 people in mental institutions. today i believe it's 50,000. so if you're involuntarily committed, you have a propensity to cause imminent harm to yourself or others. that's a different deal than someone who, well they were depressed, and they were on a, you know, some type of medication ten years ago. you're going to tell those people who went for real treatment for depression that they can't get a firearm? i don't know. i find like that just wouldn't work so i think both of them are right. >> you have to have intelligent people talk about the best way forward, and -- laura thanks so much. >> thank you guys. >> all right. >> meanwhile coming up straight ahead more evidence that isis intelligence may have been
5:13 am
manipulated. easy for me to say. to make the white house look better. is this the way we should be conducting our foreign policy? it is outrageous. >> then mcdonald's making americans' dream come true today serving breakfast all day long. but one favorite won't be on the menu. oh, boy. >> oh, no.
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more.
5:17 am
new information this morning about the fight against isis. shocking new reports revealing american central command may have distorted intelligence to paint a happier picture about the takedown of the terror group. so could the government be lying to us about the fight, and is this the way we should be dealing with our foreign policy? here to react is fox news analyst peter johnson jr. peter, it's troubling. >> the likely line about the intelligence, and my concern is that we become russia, in terms of their reports of what's going on in ukraine, what's going on in syria. who they're really attacking. is america becoming like that now? where centcom analysts down in florida are being pressured by defense officials, by
5:18 am
intelligence officials, to paint a better picture. for example to somehow say that certain isis leaders if they're killed, that will help us take down isis. or that oil plants have been taken back. or that certain tactical things have been done to show that the war is really being won against isis, when we know that we've only trained about eight or nine syrian troops. >> that's great. >> syrian folks to fight isis, when we're going to spend a half million dollars doing this. >> sure. >> so it's crazy. i get how during times of war, and this is one -- >> the fog of war? >> the fog of war, you put out misinformation. but that's to confuse the enemy. it's crazy that the intel community is putting out misinformation to confuse the administration. >> well, what happens is -- >> or maybe it's what the administration -- >> it's to confuse the american people. and what happened is, when you politicize intelligence of this
5:19 am
type, america's fighting men and women die. because the task at hand is not understood. the american people are misled about the successes that have gone on. remember when isis, according to the president, was a jv team? when you have that mind-set, when you want to say that we're doing better than we were, but we're not really, and the intelligence is being tampered with, that's a huge problem for american credibility. and for american fighting men and women. >> exit question. the inspector general is -- >> congress is, too. >> do you trust them? >> i do trust them. i don't know what the outcome is going to be. but hopefully we'll get some truth to find out what's going on and maybe it will spur this administration on to really take on isis, without fudging the facts. >> just the facts. >> just the facts. >> peter. >> good morning. >> speaking of isis the terrorists now targeting the man who killed osama bin laden. how they got his home address. and the miracle rescue.
5:20 am
a little girl found 48 hours after she went missing. >> i found baby rainn and she's alive. >> is that her i hear? >> she's just crying, yes. >> okay. i hear her. oh, i just got goosebumps. >> so did i. that volunteer who found the baby joins us live next. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf!
5:21 am
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5:23 am
all right. time now for news by the numbers. first 2 million. that's how many boxes of labele
5:24 am
general mills is recalling. turns out they might not actually be gluten free. that's the problem. next, 6s problems. new iphone users say their devices turn off without warning, won't charge or the touch i.d. putten gets too hot. problem usually goes away once the phone is reset. and zero hash browns. mack donald's rolling out all-day breakfast today but hash browns still only available during breakfast. it's true. but now that i've seen the food i'm suddenly hungry. you think it would kill the producers to get some of that stuff over here? just sayin'. i'm hungry. i know you're hungry, too. >> and throw in a hash brown. why not? steve, thanks. a miracle to say the least right in ohio. after a little girl was found 48 hours after going missing. >> i found baby rainn and she's alive. >> is that her i hear? >> she's just crying, yes. >> okay i hear her.
5:25 am
oh, i just got goose bumps. >> oh, my god, me too. i couldn't give up on this kid. thanks god. >> search teams and volunteers searched for 2-year-old rainn peterson after she wandered away from her great grandparents' house on friday. on sunday night a volunteer found her sleeping in a field about a mile away from the house. joining us now is that volunteer victor sutton. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> that's an emotional call for the police that you made there. >> yeah. >> as a dad i know your kids are older than 2. what was it like to make that call? >> it was unbelieveal. it was surreal. you really can't describe it. you know, it was -- it was an overjoying moment, because most of these things don't turn out this well. site was a real blessing. it was unbelievable. >> i think anyone who heard that got goose bumps as well. take us back to that moment. you're on your four wheeler. you had been volunteering in the search. you said to your kids if anything ever happens to you i am not going to give up on you.
5:26 am
i will come and find you no matter what. you took that approach right here. you saw something in the field. take us step by step. >> i was driving along and they had described that she was wearing a purple shirt and some gray pants so i was looking for the color purple, which would stand out in the environment that we were in. so, i just happened to look over, and i saw a purple patch, and it looked out of place, so i stopped, and i looked over, and i could see her blonde hair. >> oh, my. >> and obviously she was asleep. so i thought the worst initially. and i turned off the four wheeler, and i yelled at her real abruptly, like my kids could explain it. but it's kind of one of those, where you yell and you're trying to startle her but i yelled her name, and her body shook. and she lifted her head, and she turned and opened her eyes to me. and it was -- it was total despair, turned to total elation
5:27 am
in about three seconds time. >> i mean from going from thinking the worst to the miracle that was in your hands. do you believe this was a miracle? >> yeah, i do. i think -- i think that there's a reason that she survived this, and i'm a big believer in second chances. and i think that -- that she's here for a reason and i hope that one day she can reflect back on this and she can, you know, decide if she's going to do something special, because she's meant to be here. >> absolutely. but in your hands, call you a good shepherd there. is there any word on her condition? i understand she's still in the hospital. what have you heard today? >> i've only heard what the news is saying. that she was dehydrated badly, and that she would be in another day or so. that's my understanding. but only through the news. >> well, through your hands and spotting and a miracle from bob, baby rainn does have that chance. i'm going to call you shepherd victor sutton from now on. you're a good one. no sheep is left out there. you will find them. and that's something to count on.
5:28 am
thank you for your time today. >> you bet. hey i would like to thank the community. because i just was the guy that found her, and there was a lot of great people out there. >> yeah. sure are. it says a lot about your community, in fact, and you. >> it sure does. >> thanks for your time today. great work. what a story. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> incredible. now this, dunkin' donuts under for for refusing to serve a police officer. sheriff david clarke says forget apologizing. he's got another plan to stop this trend. he is going to join us live next. and thou shall not stay. why the ten commandments are being ripped off from this town hall. someone call the pc police.
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> don't tell me you've seen this picture before because it's never been done. >> it's your shot of the morning. check out our packed house. we had a lot of great guests on the curvy couch today. dr. ben carson and his incredible wife. >> candy. >> wayne newton was there. and senator marco rubio. >> now hasselbeck blocked. how the heck did that happen? >> i'm hiding behind you. heather. >> hi, heather. >> she's there, too. >> you always wonder if there's real tension between carson and rubio. the story is no. >> the only people or creatures missing from that, alvin and the chipmunks. >> right. >> they're also on this half hour of "fox & friends." we'll have to photo shop them into the photo bombing. >> #al vinsimontheodore. >> you're looking good in that photo. >> although carson and rubio were fighting over that egg salad sandwich.
5:33 am
>> were they? >> it was rightfully ben carson's. what does that say about marco rubio? >> happy to share it. all right good morning to you all. got a couple headlines. the man who killed osama bin laden now in the crosshairs of isis. a supporter of that terror group has just published rob o'neill's address online and is calling for american lone wolves to execute him. that supporter also posted a link to an article in which o'neill's father has said that his family is not afraid of isis. rob o'neill sls a fox news contributor. the ten commandments coming down at the capital grounds of the oklahoma supreme court. workers now removing it after a supreme court ruled it unconstitutional. contractors taking it down in the middle of the night overnight last night to avoid protesters, and disruption. the state workers they said, oklahoma paying nearly $5,000 to have that removed. what do you think of that? well, another tragedy to tell you about on the high school football field.
5:34 am
17-year-old kenny bui has died days after he was tackled during a game in vancouver, washington. he was a wide receiver and he was rushed off the field in an ambulance after he was tackled. he underwent brain surgery at a hospital in seattle but he died two days later. >> a sad day today. we were just talking about him. he was always smiling and happy. and it's just -- he was a good person. >> probably more tragic, because being a parent, he may not think of your child, you know, especially dying playing football. >> no kidding. this comes less than two weeks after a new jersey high school football player out in murray died after he was hit hard on the field. new york's famous pizza rat is making an appearance once again. it's having breakfast you may not want to watch. this time this rat is calling out into the costume scene. you can replicate the rodent with a sexy pizza rat halloween
5:35 am
costume. it's a fur filled outfit with pizza slices for pockets. it's available online. you can be the sexy pizza rat. >> ghost is just so much easier. just give me a sheet. heather, thanks. >> maria molina joins us. right now she's appearing in her weather caster costume. >> that's right. we are out here and it feels like fall in new york city. we're looking at a lot of sunshine, crisp temperatures and even humidity levels on the low side. but i want to take you to south carolina, because, of course, you were there yesterday covering the incredible flash floods that took place there, and very devastating historic and catastrophic across that state. thankfully the rain is over now across that state. we just have some lingering showers across that area and actually most of those moving offshore off of the carolinas. so dry weather has moved in now but the big story over the next few days will continue to be flash flooding or basically flooding ongoing from river flooding across parts of that
5:36 am
state. meanwhile farther west across parts of the rockies we have showers and storms and even the potential for some severe storms across parts of new mexico. we'll keep a close watch on that. otherwise temperaturewise, you mention it feels a lot like fall across parts of the northeast. take a look at some of these current numbers. we're looking at them only in the 50s and 40s across some areas out there. meanwhile farther west, the rockies, 50s and even down into the 30s up in through parts of montana. let's go back inside. >> all right, maria, thank you. controversy brewing from coast to coast. literally. after dunkin' donuts employee in connecticut told a police officer, quote, we don't serve cops here. >> are you kidding me? the franchise is apologizing. but this is just the latest in a string of anti-cop incidents across the country. >> that's right. in rhode island, a dunkin' donuts employee wrote #blacklivesmatter on an officer's coffee cup. in texas, a whatta burger employee was fired for refusing to serve two officers.
5:37 am
in florida an ar by's fired the manager and suspended a clerk after refusing to serve a female officer. and in kansas a taco bell employee was fired for writing pig on the wrapper of a police officer's order. >> so what is this trend snand what is to it. here to discuss is milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. good morning, sheriff. we're looking at this. as i yind stand it in rhode island they actually counseled the person who wrote this on the kwup. they wrote black lives matter on the cup right there for the police officer and this guy got counseling. >> well, i don't want to make a bigger deal out of this than it actually is. of all the problems facing american police officers today, this one's not very high on the priority list. however, there are some things worth talking about here. most businesses, smart businesses anyway, they like to have the law enforcement officer, uniformed officers, stop in from time to time during their shift. it prevents holdups, and it also prevents unruly patrons who know
5:38 am
a cop may show up at any moment. but, denying somebody service because of their occupation is a new one on me. i wonder what the reaction would be if that employee would have said we don't serve blacks here or we don't serve gaist here. would a simple apology do? of course not. i do get tired of these companies coming on offering a simple apology and thinking everything goes away. save your apology for everybody else. apologies are for funerals they don't work in business. here would be my challenge to dunkin' donuts since this has happened more than once. put your money where your mouth is. make a contribution. you don't have to. but make a contribution to the national law enforcement officers memorial in washington, d.c. that has the names of 20,000 officers killed in the line of duty. or make a contribution to the concerns of police environment that supports spouses and children left behind from an officer killed in the line of duty. that would show more to me than simply saying we apologize, and we're going to counsel the employee.
5:39 am
>> well you know what? sheriff, greta van susteren has a similar challenge. it's a little different. here we'd like to play it, and get your reaction to it. >> dunkin' donuts' ceo nigel travis should hit his computer keyboard right now, an e-mail order throughout the company that tomorrow, october 6th in every dunkin' donuts from coast to coast any law enforcement that shows up in uniform or with a badge gets a free cup of coffee and a free doughnut. >> your thoughts on that? >> great. >> well, personally, i think krispy kreme makes better doughnuts than dunkin' donuts. look, dunkin' donuts don't o'us anything. we don't need free coffee. we don't need free pastries. we're not looking for anything free. we're just looking for respect when we come in just like anybody else. >> sure. >> that walks into the business. but, you know, what's interesting like i said, is this sort of thing just from a counseling standpoint, i'm not going to tell dunkin' donuts to
5:40 am
fire their employee. but i'll tell you what, that employee and those employees have damaged their brand. a better head line for dunkin' donuts would be dunkin' donuts fires employee who says they won't -- who doesn't serve police officers, rather than, cop refused service at dunkin' donuts. >> and how about a campaign right on the cup that thanks those who serve and protect. >> and sheriff, but what, what about the fact that there are some bad apples out there working, you know, behind the counter, but they feel that way. how you do fix that? >> sure. and they got to leave that stuff at home just like cops. you have to leave that stuff at home and you have to go out in a very neutral fashion and just do your job. keep your mouth shut. and just simply do your job. now dunkin' donuts is responsible for their employees. they could do what they want. like i said i'm not demanding that this person be fired but nothing sends a clearer message throughout an organization about how serious you are on stuff, when you fire somebody. >> all right 73 sheriff thanks so much.
5:41 am
always great to get your perspective. >> thank you, sheriff. >> thank you. >> i'm with you on krispy kreme. although i love dunkin' donuts. >> they should make some special cups with a thank you on it. >> that would be great. >> now this. do you think money is the key to happiness that your workplace? >> we all want money. but there is none in the budget, so tell me why you're really leaving. >> money. >> more money, more problems, stanley. >> as it turns out it's not the case. we have four tips to help you get ahead and stay happy at the office. >> i like that show. make tonight white dchicken chili night!? start with bush's white chili beans,
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as it turns out money doesn't always equal happiness at work. according to a recent survey salary is not the top reason employees quit their jobs. 26% say that they left their jobs in the past year due to lack of advancement opportunities. 23% blame low pay. and 19% say it's because of poor leadership. so how can you make sure that you get ahead at work and stay happy? joining us now is a best-selling author of multipliers and looking smart liz wiseman joins me now. we know why people are leaving. how do you actually get ahead at work? and you have some tips for us. first one is give people a user's manual to use. >> to get ahead at work you have to be at your best. we find that people are at their best when they are experiencing a meaningful challenge. that our satisfaction goes up when we're doing something hard. we also found it's where people do their very best work. when they're engaged in a really hard challenge. when they're in this rookie
5:46 am
zone. >> so when you tell people did you're you're saying tell people more about yourself. you're saying a user's manual might strengthen that? >> the user's manual, here's how to use me. so, sign up for a challenge. something hard. and then tell people how to use me. this is my native genius. this is what i do easily and freely. for me, i'm a synthesizer. here's how you can use me. you can use me to kind of sum up meetings. and if you tell people, how to use you you're more likely to get used and people really want to be utilized at work. >> and succeed in what you're good at there. you also say to play your chips sparingly. >> we find that the best communicators aren't always on. and they're not even necessarily consistent. they know when it's time to be really big ap thend they know when it's time to be small. and make space for other people. so, if you're not getting heard at work it might be because you're not playing enough chips or you might be playing too big and getting tuned out by the
5:47 am
people around you. i brought my chips here. you might want to go into a meeting and say i've got four chips i'm going to play and you dispense your opinions in small but really intense doses and you come in really big with an idea, but then you hold back. >> ah. >> and listen. >> so it's an interesting visual for people to not feel as though they always have to be contributing something verbally. but to hold it and make sure it counts when it does. >> when you budget yourself. i watch executives do this and squirm. the hardest thing they ever had to do but when they play the chip it was for something important. and we find that not only did they allow other people to have a voice and bring out the best in others, but they actually get more heard themselves. you're more influential when you play your chips really sparingly. >> incredible. you also say take some challenges that you normally wouldn't. don't be afraid to fail. >> right. you know a lot of people think about waiting for promotion or asking for promotion. the managers generally don't want to talk about promotion and they often don't have the money
5:48 am
to give out. but it's not what drives us either. sign up for -- what's interesting and really fast it's not what you know that matters it's how fast you can learn. so sign up for something that makes you just a little bit nervous and takes you into that learning mode. >> great tips, everybody, today. best-selling author, liz wiseman. thank you for your time. we have our chips we're red die go. you know them as one of america's favorite animated music groups. >> you say alvin. >> alvin. >> alvin. >> alvin! >> oh, you know it alvin and the chipmunks are back and they're hanging out with us live next. there's brian. first we're going to check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. we have chipmunks. >> i like the christmas album. >> me, too. >> nice to see you. good morning. breaking news from the carolina after a biblical scene of flooding there.
5:49 am
is today the today we learn of a mir yakle in the caribbean? they're still looking for survivors. hillary clinton has a new tv ad that goes directly after the benghazi matter. rudy giuliani responds. and donald trump says putin is outplaying us because he doesn't respect us. we'll debate that when martha and i see new ten minutes at the top of the hour. nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life. wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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5:52 am
we all know them as one of america's favorite animated music groups. ♪ >> when i say party you say alvin. party. >> alvin. >> party! >> alvin! >> party! >> alvin! >> this is the nonparty lane, man. >> oh, thank you.
5:53 am
>> and now alvin and the chipmunks are now going from the movie theaters to the stage for their first ever musical. >> how exciting. we're joined by alvin and the chipmunks, simon, theodore, alvin and dave. >> hi, dave. >> nice to see you, dave. >> nice to see you. >> tell us about the show. >> it's so exciting. filled with lots of fun things. you're going to see a lot of good special effects. great things for all around for any family, children >> and you try to save woodstock. you have a mission in this play. >> oh, yeah, yeah. i'm driving the bus. we're going across america, a couple stops in canada. >> you guys are tired up about it, i could tell. >> oh, yeah. >> and you're teamed up with some other musical groups, one direction, elvis? >> we have some songs. >> will we see the chipmunks -- >> that's a possibility. i can't let off too many details. >> would you like to give us alvin and the chipmunks how about a sample of the show? >> you think, guys? >> oh, yeah. >> let's get out of the way.
5:54 am
>> take it away. >> alvin! ♪ everybody have a good time alvin ♪ ♪ love to lose your mind ♪ ♪ have a good time ♪ ♪ >> wow, that was awesome. >> i love their moves. >> it's great. >> i love it.
5:55 am
>> i hate to be outdanced by animals. >> right. >> it happens. >> no special low bar or high bar. >> alvin, simon and theodore, we love you. >> all right. meanwhile coming up. forget credit cards you can soon pay by selfie. we're going to explain. but first, more from the chipmunks. ♪ music playing ] ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey. [ chatter ] your life wasn't meant to be lived under a bushel basket. neither is your faith. ♪ let is shine, let is shine ♪ ♪ let it shine. on october 8th, bring your bible to school. learn more at ♪ let it shine.
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okay are you ready to check out at the grocery store? just take a selfie. mastercard rolling out rumored technology that uses selfies -- >> you're buying a cat? >> could make traditional cards obsolete. >> if you could use that -- >> yes, i brought a bride. >> of course. starting the middle of next week so get your selfies on.
5:59 am
>> there you go. >> and there's brian. >> now it's time for my one for the road. you ready? 10,000 never before seen photos released by nasa showing the journey of the first steps ever on the moon. the famous apollo moon landing, many more angles, on the moon's surface -- thank you very much for that. what looks like an astronaut selfie. thanks 40 years later. >> meanwhile mcdonald's is rolling out all-day breakfast starting today so we're getting a head start. but hash browns only still available during the breakfast hour. >> okay. >> get them while they're hot. best part right there. >> and tomorrow former british prime minister tony blair, he's got joel osteen and frankie avalon. logon to for our after the show show. >> stick around 24 hours. >> what else do they have to do? >> i could take them.
6:00 am
>> you guys want hash browns? >> by the way, that's john. joel would never have done that. >> thanks for joining us today making us the show you trust for news in the morning. see you back here tomorrow. bill: breaking news. fox news alert. the death toll rising in south carolina. we know at least 11 people have died in that state's tore region flooding. even though the rain has stopped the flooding could get worse. martha: the authorities say it could take weeks before things get back to normal in south carolina. tens of thousands have no clean water. >> we don't want to have to come out and rescue and we don't want to have you added to


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