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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 6, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> you guys want hash browns? >> by the way, that's john. joel would never have done that. >> thanks for joining us today making us the show you trust for news in the morning. see you back here tomorrow. bill: breaking news. fox news alert. the death toll rising in south carolina. we know at least 11 people have died in that state's tore region flooding. even though the rain has stopped the flooding could get worse. martha: the authorities say it could take weeks before things get back to normal in south carolina. tens of thousands have no clean water. >> we don't want to have to come out and rescue and we don't want to have you added to this
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fatality. >> it was crazy. but you do what you have to do. >> a stubborn old lady would not leave so we had to pick her up and carry her out. martha: the front page of the charleston post and courier says it all, "a complete disaster." >> reporter: you can see all the sand washed up. then you can see damage to forest drive. it has been closed off in both directions because of these large chunks of the raging floodwaters it gowngd out. when they were at their highest we were told they rose halfway up the doors on the dry cleaners you saw across the street
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causing damage on the inside as well as to some of the neighboring businesses. a big mess that will take a long time to clean up and it may be a while before they reopen this road to traffic. bill: elsewhere, what are you learning? >> what you see here is one example of what you will encounter across the state of south carolina. the d.o.t. releasing new numbers, then saying that they are worried about dam breaches. 328 roads across the state still remain closed, even as we speak. a total of 19 dam breaches. half of those taking place in the midland section of south carolina where i am and we are not in the clear just yet. even those rain has stopped, water levels continue to rise on some of the rivers and that creates the potential for even
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more dam breaches. bill: thank you. martha: the owner of the missing cargo ship el faro planned to skirt joaquin. but mechanical failures set in and it set the ship adrift. this as the coast guard says it believes the ship sank and it's shifting its focus to any survivors who may be out there. any signs of the remaining life boats? >> no signs of a remaining lifeboat. they have found life rafts.
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the company said the decision to sail into the storm was up to the captain. one of the two life boats found floating in bahamas. that boat ripped to part in pieces by hurricane joaquin. crew members are hoping some or most of them were able to escape into the other lifeboat. but so far no sign of it. family and friends held a vigil after the coast guard said the ship is 15 feet deep. >> we are hoping for the best. we have not given up. report report one fatality
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floating in the ocean was still wearing his or her survival suit. but because of the ferocity of the storm the person was unrecognizable so they left that body at sea. martha: federal investigators are en route to jacksonville. >> reporter: they sent a go team on their way to jacksonville. they are going to interview everybody associated with this company and the ship crew members as well as the company president. what were the decisions that led the ship to depart in light of a tropical storm in its path and the company's claim that the mechanical issue prevented the
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ship from skirting the storm. >> we'll be looking at all the factors that affected the safety. what happened, why it happened, ultimately to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: physically a person floating in the ocean has four or five days of survivability before hypothermia kicks in. we are now on day six. bill: time is so critical. back to hillary clinton firing back trying to take advantage of the comments made by house leader kevin mccarthy how the benghazi committee is hurting her campaign. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable. but we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today.
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>> republicans have spent millions fighting hillary because she is fighting everything they oppose. bill: byron, good morning to you. the spot is called admit. they are not spending a lot of money getting it on the air but they don't have to because folks like us are talking about it. how does this change the benghazi matter it changes it at all? >> this will dog republicans all the way to the election. for years the democrats have argued the benghazi investigation was nothing more than to bring down a top democrat. hillary clinton is supposed to appear before the benghazi committee on the 22nd of this month. do you think democrats are going
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to mention that? this will become a democratic argument to discredit the entire benghazi investigation and the email investigation that sprang out of it. bill: that's the best critical. report report says this is classic clinton ... republicans aren't going back off. >> the justice department is a critical part. it's not something john boehner could start or stop. that's something republicans will be watching closely. but politically and hillary clinton's appearances before the house of representatives. the mccarthy comments change everything. and they give democrats new ammunition against the benghazi
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investigation. bill: thank you, byron. we'll talk again. martha: carly fiorina is take on democrats and hillary clinton. she spoke with megyn kelly and talked about why she thinks new polls show her winning in head-to-head matchups against hillary clinton. >> it's liberal women who believe unless you follow their orthodox, hillary clinton is one as well, she said about joni ernst said it's not enough to be a woman. you have to be a woman who believes. note to the democrat party, we are half the nation. our views differ like men's views differ. i'm a conservative woman who right now head-to-head beats
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hillary clinton soundly. martha: the latest "wall street journal" poll shows the former hewlett-packard ceo beating clinton nationally. this is a big move for carly fiorina who was way behind in recent months. iowa, 52% to 38%. in new hampshire it's 50% to 42%. she has made such a huge move. bill: you have got a debate a week from today. so we shall see how we come out. martha: that's a good point about women. they are not monolithic. and that contest will be
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interesting. bill: we are awaiting a report from the hill on u.s. too muchs in afghanistan planning to pull out next year. >> it's a lack of respect. he doesn't respect our president. martha: donald trump says he believes vladimir putin does not respect our president. is he right? fair and balanced debate coming you have on that. >> reporter: this sam track train going off the track and people on board counting their lucky stars today. >> it was really, really fast. five or 10 seconds and it was done. saw the car in front of us go down the dip and it ended up on its side.
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martha: officials say it was because of a rockslide in the path of the train. bill: we are awaiting a hearing by the senate armed services committee. the commander in afghanistan will testify what's happening in that country. republican senator tom cotton will be there. thank you for your time before we get to that hearing. here is john campbell, the general from yesterday on this. >> october 3 afghan forces advised they were taking fire from enemy positions and asked for air support fruvment s. forces. an airstrike was called to eliminate the taliban threat and
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civilians accidentally were struck. bill: you know that's about the hospital in kunduz. what do you need to understand from the u.s. commander today, sir? >> you know first report from the front war zones are often wrong. general campbell assured me that there are three different investigations ongoing. no one feels worse about this terrible tragedy. we want to make sure we understand all the facts and we put procedures in place to stop this kind of incident from happening. it's the taliban's presence in kunduz that's ultimately responsible for this. bill: you are keeping your powder dry until you hear from him? >> in a war zone we have
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investigations like this. the army is very thorough as is nato. bill: we'll listen for the headline from that hearing. the report about leaving 5,000 more troops in afghanistan until 2016 ultimately puts 1,000 troops in that country after the president's second term. >> they have been able to do very little beside guard our it's much better than 1,000. if we want to continue to provide the combat support to the afghan military support our efforts in afghanistan the last 14 years we are probably going to need that least 10,000. afghanistan is the one place in the post-911 era to which we
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have taken out al qaeda and they have not come back. bill: 10,000 considerably higher than the white house wants. reports that russia is willing to hit isis targets inside iraq. if that happens what should we learn from this? >> well, bill, it's one of the oldest most bipartisan * and contentious u.s. policies that russia should not be a power broker in the middle east. because of barack obama's years of appeasement and his desire to cut and run, russia is increasingly becoming a power broker. even our allies have to coordinate their policies for their national security.
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this is a bad sign of what's to come over the next 16 months of this investigation. bill: you are holding you have three ambassadorships, the nominations to the ambassadors pending an investigation and further action with the secret service. what's the rub here, senator, and why now. >> we learned shocking news, that armed agents of the executive violated federal law to intimidate a congressman from doing this job. jason chaffetz who overoverhe sees the -- who oversees the investigation into the secret service. agents began to go through his files and they leaked it to the media. we cannot have a situation in which agents of the executive are trying to intimidate members
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of congress or snorts of either party from doing county work of the american people. they have to take this much more seriously and there has to be appropriate disciplinary action. bill: thank you for your time. the hearing begins in a matter of moments. tom cotton, the republican from arkansas. martha: this a new weapon on alzheimer's. something that could help patients hold tomorrow their memories. >> it's one of the few of places i can disconnect and be a dad and focus on what they are doing and it's a lot of fun. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves
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martha: an exclusive look at one of the republican candidates running for president. fox news tagged along with marco rubio for three days and got an exclusive look at his life both on and off the campaign trail. >> reporter: we found out some interesting things. since his debate performance at the reagan library, marco rubio has been rising in the polls. but people still don't know a
6:26 am
lot about the presidential candidate. after a long in week of campaigning he was up early saturday morning to take his boys dominic and anthony to football where he becomes just another dad. he used to coach football, an says that's something he really misses. he said he played football in school and it taught him life lessons. >> if you have a well executed plan and execute to the best of your ability you are not going to lose. if something unexpected comes up the better prepared you for the unexpected. >> reporter: rising in the polls, he's under fire. donald trump dismisses him as a
6:27 am
lightweight. if jeb bush compares him to and republican obama with no executive experience. >> being president is not like being a senator, but it's not like being a governor either. with all due respect i think of all the people run nothing one has shown better judgment on the fashion stall security issue weefs face than i do. >> reporter: he unless new york city talking about the economy. he haze to new hampshire and later nevada as he continues on the campaign trail. martha: what dose need to do now? from the football analogy we take it he needs to win. >> reporter: he's got a plan. he has to convince republican establishments that he's a viable alternative to jeb bush.
6:28 am
he doesn't have the level of you sphoarpt jeb bush does. it looks like this fourth quarter fundraising numbers are not stellar. what he really needs is a standup performance at the next debate in boulder on the -- on the 28th. martha: that debate will and big factor. bill: donald trump says putin and his moves in syria shows the world he has lost respect for america. also this. martha: that poor child. god bless you, honey. the young girl with a mysterious condition that will not let her stop sneezing.
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>> reporter: what happens when you go to class? >> some kid makes fun of me. . (0617fox555a.ecl)
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martha: general campbell will testify and answer questions about troop levels in the country as obama weighs a request to keep 5,000 soldiers there. there is a plan to reduce that number to just 1,000 give the time the president leaves office. billoffice.bill russian.
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-- bill: russian airstrikes in syria. >> it's a lack of respect. he doesn't respect our president. putin is a liar. but putin is somebody people are respecting all over the world now. our country is just the opposite. you get the respect, to a certain extent you have it or don't have it. you have that ability to get respect. you are a leader or you are not a leader. bill: gentlemen, good day to both of you. we have news about russia expanding its role there. did putin stick it in our eye, rich? >> of course he did. putin is humiliating president obama and enjoying it. russia is a second-rate power
6:34 am
and will never be a first-rate power again. russians love defying and pushing back against the united states. bill: brad, are you okay with that? >> i'm not okay with rich lowry, you sounds like an apologist for putin. it's treasonnist. >> it's 9:30 in the morning and i already committed treason? >> it's like you are cheering on putin. >> for the record, he's a thug. what he's doing in syria is disgusting. but he's the president of the united states. anything i have written or said about putin over the years. it was a disaster from the beginning, by the way.
6:35 am
>> you sat there giddy about what's going on in syria. >> i wasn't giddy. >> here is the point. george w. bush sat there sucking his thumb in the oval office when the russians overran the georgians in 2008. so to the extent putin likes to stick it in the eye of american presidents, it's bipartisan. this has been going on for years. it started with george w. bush squandering our relationships. bill: what president obama did say friday afternoon was good luck with that. he said to russia. you will not have success in that part of the world. we tried and did not win. it appears the commander-in-chief is okay with vladimir putin taking the steps he's doing.
6:36 am
ultimately he does not think he will succeed. >> i think the president is right. people have tried to assert influence middle east. look what the we have there now. but let's not forget. this president did go to congress and he tried to get an authorization to use force. >> don't insult everyone. bill: red line, we are not going there. this goes to a bigger issue about the region that chris christie addressed last night. >> putin has allied himself with the mullahs in iran. so with putin in iran they will wipe american influence out in the middle east. >> it's unbelievable he has 40 n effort to be the dominant influence in the middle east and in 6 1/2 years given it away.
6:37 am
>> why did president obama do that. >> because he doesn't understand and he doesn't think strategically. >> worst president ever? >> i think he's getting there. he clinched it in the last six months. bill: that's a long way from hurricane sandy. >> it's not just the psychic element. there is a geostrategic element. getting a foothold in the eastern mediterranean would allow them to harass a kurdish state, turkey and demonstrate nato's uselessness. this is happening on this president's watch. he's doing nothing by the except for standing by and watching and hoping for the best. bill: he's loving it.
6:38 am
he's loving it. >> let, see how successfule winds up being in the end. >> that's your plan? your plan is just let vladimir putin have at it? i want to push back against him. >> this idea that chris christie is now saying that the president who he hugged four years ago is now the worst president in history is a joke to begin with. but let's remember this. it was this president and hillary clinton that brought the russians in to impose the strictest sanctions on iran. it was this president that brought the russians in to cut a deal for iran to get rid of its nuclear weapons ambitions. what chris christie is saying is flat wrong. bill: treason at 9:38 a.m. it's clear you are not breaking
6:39 am
bread today. thank you, brad, thank you, rich. martha: all eyes on wall street as the market opens up. yesterday was a huge day. up 300 points. up 22 degree in the early going. -- up 22 points in the early going. bill: new information on what happens and what passengers are saying today ... martha: hillary clinton trying in a big way to separate herself from this email server scandal. but she says she is the most transparent person in history when it comes to this issue. can she get past it? here is the former secretary of state. >> nobody talked to me by the
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martha: hillary clinton claims she is being the most transparent person in history when it comes to the issue of emails and what you hand over and what you don't hand over. but her comments on this matter have changed so much throughout the course of discussions on this. from saying she did nothing wrong, then apologizing saying she made a mistake by using a private server. >> i should have used two accounts. one for personal and one for work-related emails. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that, i take responsibility. all i can tell you is when my attorneys conducted this exhaustist process i did not participate and look at them. martha: she has been all over
6:44 am
the map on this issue and the basic question is why? why did you have a server at your house? >> i think the most recent explanation is she used her husband's server. but then her husband said he only did two emails in his whole life. martha: she is talking about emails which is different than your server. the big question is are people going to be settled with this? >> i think the investigation is the thing to think about here. you have the u.s. attorney and the f.b.i. investigating the case. she committed on the face of it crimes. if the facts are as reported in the paper, there are crimes which she committed. she violated the government record act in which you were supposed to use due care in
6:45 am
handling of government record. she revealed classified information to people that it wasn't suppose to be revealed to when she was going back and forth to a buddy in email. she put classified information in unsecure locations, once again violating federal law. if these things are true. these are things people get prosecuted for. general petraeus got prosecuted for doing 1/10 of what she is said to have done. martha: kevin mccarthy said we have been able to attack her poll numbers because of this benghazi investigation. she is saying bingo, this has been political from the beginning. here she is talking what she would do in somebody was doing what she determined to be a
6:46 am
political witch hunt. >> this committee was set up as they admitted for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of deaths of four americans. i would have never done that. if i were president and there were republicans or democrats thinking about that, i would have done everything to shut it down. >> that's a good attempt to do the vast right ring conspiracy thing she did before. but this type it won't work. there are 15 specific federal crimes she should be investigated for for which there need to be an answer. according to the public record the answer to many of those is there is probable cause to believe she committed a crime. i qualify that by saying the public record. i don't know the facts. i'm not investigating the case. martha: james comey is a serious man handling this in a serious way. he says he will have an answer
6:47 am
by early january in terms of whether they feel there is reason to investigate and reason to go further on this case. if he says there isn't, does this -- is it over for her? >> i don't think it's over for her. the picture of her in the sunglasses with her emails. martha: she'll fall back on the old argument, a political witch hunt. >> he type she falls back on that she is not convincing the american people she is a person who can change america. let her spend the rest of her campaign attacking the benghazi committee and she'll lose the presidency. >> what your best guess at what's going to happen with the f.b.i. investigation. they are trying to determine if there was any moment that was exposed because of her
6:48 am
ineptitude. they need to prove she put information into the atmosphere that could have been dangerous to the united states of america. >> she did put information into the atmosphere that was classified. the question is was it marked classified? she is at a high enough level she should be able to determine that herself. martha: do you think they will find there is reason to go forward. >> this is a very complicated investigation. there are 13 different federal laws involved. we haven't talked about the conflict of interest with the u.b.s. situation where president clinton got a $2 million speaking fee and she called the irs and told them to lay off u.b.s.
6:49 am
great to talk to you as always. bill: has the u.s. military found a way to overcome memory loss and will it help millions of people are alzheimer's. martha: a family desperate for a cure after a young girl literally cannot stop sneezing. >> you must be exhausted. >> you have no idea. i'm in constant campaign with my abdomen and my legs are hurting and i can barely eat. that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company
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and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. bill: a girl in houston dealing with a bizarre condition that has her constantly sneezing. she is 12, and she has got a lot
6:53 am
of sympathy from me. her problem started three weeks ago. it gets worse when she is stressed out. her parent say she sneezes sometimes 20 times a minute. >> some kid end up making fun of me. i don't care what they do. i just want it to stop. bill: terribly uncomfortable. she has seen a number of specialists and they are all stumped. martha: there is a possible break through in the fight against alzheimer's. scientists developing electronic implants that could help reverse some of the damage caused by this terrible disease that affects so many families in this
6:54 am
country. an estimated 5.3 million mayor kafns all ages suffered from his disease in 2013. almost 2/3 are women and someone develops altdevelops alzheimer'. >> with alzheimer's you get proteins that clog the brain. the neuromessages which are like electricity don't get from paint a to point b. they have an implant where you put an electrode in the brain center. it interprets the brain's reading on this memory.
6:55 am
the brain encodes memories. so the chip takes that encoded memory it to point b. so you are able to make a long-term memory. it's working in animals. it has been tried in humans. this is not science fiction where somebody is programming you what to remember. it's your own memory. but the brain loses the ability to interpret memories with alzheimer's. martha: is it breaking count protein or just getting across the bridge. >> it's not breaking count proteins. it's not a cure. what it is is a way to bypass the disease tissue and get the memories to stick. someone with alzheimer's has memories from when they were a child. but they don't remember what recently happened. it works in animals.
6:56 am
martha: how do they know. >> they don't know the extent it has in humans. but it's showing great promise. computers are the secret. they used it to paralyzed people getting them walk again. martha: thank you so as much, doctor. bill: new information on who reported the news that joe biden's dying son wanted him to run for president. the source may be surprising. and more on the historic flooding gripping south carolina. >> everything i have got is gone. we don't have a place to go.
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verg a hearing is underway on capital. the senate armed service committee questions the top commander in afghanistan as we are learning that president obama is considering a proposal to keep 5,000 troops on the ground till the end of this term. far more than the original 1,000 part of the plan. i am martha maccallum. >> and i am bill hemmer. this is coming after an airstrike killed 22 people in a strike in northern afghanistan and the afghanistans are saying they called in the strike. >> jennifer griffin is live. >> reporter: general campbell said the afghanistan security forces cannot handle the fight alone and breached the white house about the future size needed in afghanistan. president obama had promised to
7:01 am
pull all u.s. troops out by the end of 2016. campbell said that is most likely not realistic but the president hasn't main a final decision on the numbers. the recently retired chief presented options to the president in august in consultation with campbell dempsey recommends 3-5,000 troops reramain in afghanistan. the u.s. doesn't want to let the same thing happen in afghanistan that did in iraq. president obama weighed in. >> it is still hard as we saw this week in afghanistan. it is not by lack of commitment or virtue. we have ten thousand folks in afghanistan, spending tens of milli millions supporting that
7:02 am
government, and it is tough. >> reporter: six airmen killed last week remember returned to dover last week. the losses continue. >> and the impact of hits this hospital. and that will be weighing to some extent on the decision of how many troops to keep there. >> general campbell said the decision for the airstrike went up the chain of command and it could conflict keeping nato partners in the fight. the europeans are being especially affected by doctors without border who are demanding consequences be held. they decided to raise a fully functioning hospital which
7:03 am
amounts to a mission of a war crime. that is from the head of doctors without borders. the call of the city to the taliban this month, the first to fall since 2001, got the attention of the white house and will impact how many troops remain. >> 14 years in the effort of getting rid of the taliban and they just took over another big city. the rivers are rising in north carolina and authorities are worried about dams giving way. new evacuations could be coming soon. >> everything i have is soaked. everything here is ruined. look at it! we don't have a place to go. >> we have seen houses and sheds and other things that are completely under water. there are other areas that look
7:04 am
fine. so it just depends on where you are. >> we can see garret tinny live in south carolina near myrtle beach. what is the flooding like there, garret? >> reporter: a lot of the flooding thus far is from the flash flooding during the rain fall. well a lot of that is going down now. this is river flooding. this is still rising. back here is a neighborhood we cannot get back to because of how high the waters are. these guys are coming out of that neighborhood using a canoe. and a lot of homes are on stilts because they used a little flooding. but this is major flooding today and it will keep going up. the level is at 11 feet and we
7:05 am
are four feet above that right now and that will continue. it is expected to crest later on this week. earlier, the department of natural resources came through with three boats and they were going around the check on folks and help out anyone who hasn't left. folks are hoping for the best at this point. >> how long before they will be able to go home? what is our best guess now? >> the crest is going to be overnight on wednesday and that is at 15.7 feet. that is the guess right now. one guy who has acres of arm says it is entirely flooded and it is going to be several weeks before that is down to where he can get back to this place. >> a deadly storm in south carolina and now the flooding that remains after it. garret, thanks. hello, vice president joe
7:06 am
biden is deciding about running for president and there is a new report that claims biden was the source of a new york times column revealing an emotional moment, when his son beau was dying, he turned to his father to encourage him to get into the race. and according to reports it was biden painting the portrait of the dying son, beau's face partially paralyzed said the country would be better off with biden values. jonah goldberg is here. this was a heart wrenching moment.
7:07 am
and beau very much wanted his dad to run for president and it appears that joe biden was the source for that column. how damaging is that? >> well, i mean, i am not a big fan of joe biden's. i have criticized them a lot over the years. but on this i would encourage people to wait and hear his version or response to this politico story. there are a lot of details we don't know. did maureen hear this happened and then contacted joe biden? if the thing is simply untrue, or subinstantially untrue and being pedaled by the clinton's to get him out of the race, joe biden needs to come out and say this is an outrageous story. >> this is joe biden.
7:08 am
this is someone who speaks openly about this emotions. to me, it is not really an indictment for him to have spoken with maureen and he shared this story about what transpired between him and his son before he died. i think people accept joe biden as being an emotional man who bears his soul and talks about what is going on in his life. you mentioned if this is planted by the clinton's to neutralize the sympathy factor for joe biden. do you think that is the case? >> i think the clinton's are capable of it. they are capable of hard nose, smash mouth, destroy the accuser, inconvenient people, politics and they have been doing it for 25 years. the idea they would not to joe biden if he was a real threat seems obvious they would. they are close friends with him.
7:09 am
that said, look, this story is supposed to besert of rolled out as the founding narrative of a presidential campaign. if it turns out the person's idea who it was was to use this story as the launch pad for his presidential campaign is joe biden himself then that is a damaging story to have out there. my guess is the truth is in the middle and joe biden needs to clarify this. he will be asked about this over and over if he runs for president. and he should have, unlike hillary clinton with her e-mail server, a story. >> i don't know how damming it is coming from him. i think it could be fine for him. the other part of the story and let's put up the quote, beau is constantly on his father's mind. but so are the clinton's poll numbers and his own.
7:10 am
he is assessing if he can take a big bite out of hillary clinton's numbers if he gets in the race. he is doing fairly well. this is the poll numbers in new hampshire and iowa. he has a nice chunk of the numbers. can he beat here is the question, jonah? >> i am skeptical. it is more like can hillary destroy herself and joe biden swoop in and pig pick up the pieces. he leaves and breathes politics. i don't find him pouring over the polling data shocking. hillary clinton's problems are almost entirely self-inflicted. joe biden is the one candidate who has a harder time at d
7:11 am
distancing himself from obama. to have a guy who emotionally, politically, and psychologically admitting obama did anything wrong is a problem. >> the white house is clear they are encouraging of job in this. when you look at the quote of beau urging him to run he is saying we don't want the clinton's in the white house. we want biden values in the white house. it is very "house of cards". >> that is a true fact. i would rather have biden values in the white house than clinton's as well. >> thank you very much, jonah. hearing underway with the lawmakers questioning the leading commander in afghanistan and should the united states keep thousands of americans in the battle longer than expected? after 14 years in afghanistan are we loosing the progress we made?
7:12 am
headlines in "america's newsroom." and edward snowden wants to come home from russia. what he is willing to do to make it happen. chilly 911 call from a pet shop after a giant python attacks the owner. >> the snake has him. please hurry up. >> you need to tell me what is going on. >> the snake is wrapped around his neck and his face is covered. i swear to god. i am not kidding around. i am not kidding around. "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." life reimagined gives you tools and support to get the career you'll love. find more real possibilities at to get the career you'll love. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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nsa leaker edward snowden said he would come back to the united states and go to jail but he is waiting for the u.s. government to call him back. former usa contractor flew to moscow after revealing information about nose dropping programs. snowden said he volunteered to go prison several times but hasn't seen any kind of charges or offer. a senate hearing is underway at this hour with lawmakers questions the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. this as president obama is weighing a plan that will keep 5,000 troops on the ground in afghanistan through the rest of his term instead of a plan draw down that would leave about a thousand troops. look at how the numbers stack up for our involvement in afghanistan.
7:17 am
it has been 14 years since we first went in to eradicate the taliban. since then, more than 2200 americans lives have been lost at a cost to the taxpayer at $700 billion in afghanistan over the 14 years. what have we gotten for all of this blood and treasure? chuck nash is here. welcome, captain. you look at the stunning numbers and the reality of the taliban taking over a big city there, and a massive situation that led to the death of 22 people in a doctors without borders hospital. now the man is to try to get to president to leave 5,000 troops there. what do you think about all of this? >> it depends on the mission. if the mission is to train
7:18 am
afghanistan forces you could look at training as something that never ends. you keep training all of the time and forever. so the point is if you are leaving 5,000 people to do the training what their mission should be is counterterrorism operations and the raining and the training should be to build up the trainers. you train the trainers in other words. you don't overtrain them. you train them to fight the fight which is a counter insurgency or terrorism operation. we will learn a lot on how good the afghanistan forces are based on this battle. the taliban came in from three axes and took it over and we will see how they do in pushing them out. if they are successful it will be a big plus. >> you look at the numbers on
7:19 am
the screen. a lot of people look saying $700 billion. 14 years and the united states of america cannot hold these gains? the taliban can come in 14 years later and take over a major city. the president said this is really hard to make the decision in this country. >> it is hard. not just the cultural issues in afghanistan. and the fact you have this, we will call it a civil war, because you have this determined enemy and you have a government that is not strong. you are holding this together. we have staffed afghanistan in the last five to six years. we staffed to it maintain a stalemate. we cut back on combat operations. we have done all of these things. when you don't see a full,
7:20 am
robust situation you have to look back saying what have we been doing and we have been scaling back for years. >> the president hasn't said what the objective is. he didn't say this is what we need to achieve in afghanistan, this is why we will stay with a 1,000 or 5,000 troops this much longer. the president from day one said he wanted to get out of iraq and afghanistan. pulled out of iraq and we saw what happened there. it has fallen apart. and now we are hanging on to afghanistan with a few thousand troops and that puts our people in a very difficult situation who are on the ground. does it not? >> it really does. one of the plan calls for a thousand troops to guard the embassy and some other facilities and provide a liason to the afghanistan security forces.
7:21 am
if you bump it up to 5,000 you are talking about doing counterterrorism and training. but the plan that general campbell has been talking about is 8,000 and that would give you a more robust force where you can maintain the missions i described effectively as opposed to doing it on the ragged edge of failure. >> if you have a general in charge who wants 8,000 troops and you won't give them to him it seems you need a different general because that is his recommendation and if you are not willing to give him what you want you need to ask if he is the right person. >> and the assumption is he's getting guidance on what his mission is. scary moments at 30,000 feet. >> 15,000 for 5,000, medical emergency, captain is
7:22 am
incapacitated. >> a pilot dies at the controls of a packed jetliner and the family is stunned. their emotional reaction is next. >> and the youngest son about ted kennedy speaking about his fight against addiction. he will join us live. ♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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>> family members of an american airlines pilot who died in the cockpit is speaking about the loss. mike johnston had a heart attack on a flight from phoenix to boston. the father of eight children died before the plane could land. >> i know we will see him before. we believe we are together forever and forever families. >> jonathan hunt is live in the east coast newsroom on this. what do we know about the pilot?
7:26 am
>> reporter: michael johnston was a working pilot for america west and then american airlines. his family said flying those planes is all he ever wanted to do. >> he was at an air show at four years old and pointing up at the planes saying i am going to fly them one day. he asked if i would be okay going into the flying. >> reporter: his family said they are grateful for the efforts of the crew to try to save the captain's life. >> the co-pilot landed the plane in syracuse, new york. how worried were the passengers? >> they knew they went into a quick descent but they had no idea at that point the nature of
7:27 am
the emergency messages being sent from the cockpit to air traffic control. >> there is an american flight at 15,000, medical emergency, captain is incapacitated, requesting handling for runway. >> once the plane was on the ground and the passengers learned why they landed in syracuse the shock set in for many. >> my head is pounding. on the ground, we had a chance to cool off a little bit when we hit syracuse but it was quite an experience. the pilot is not doing well, we landed and thought he wasn't doing well. we had no idea he had passed. it was shocking. in a statement, american airlines offered its condolences
7:28 am
and said their focus is on taking care of the pilot's family. >> what a loss. eight children. hillary clinton blasting the committee investigating the benghazi attack in a new tv ad. did a comment made by the house majority leader give her campaign new live? a 125 python puts the squeeze on the owner of the pet shop. details on this terrifying scene and response. >> there is a girl screaming and beating on the window. i asked what happened and she said the snake got him.
7:29 am
. . . .
7:30 am
7:31 am
♪ martha: so new emails obtained by fox news, shedding new light on the uprising in libya before the fall of moammar qadaffi. those messages showing secretary of state hillary clinton apparently reject ad peace offer from qadaffi's son. what is behind all of this?
7:32 am
chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us from washington. >> reporter: good morning, martha. the emails obtained by fox news, the offer to talk to peace was known to senior military officials advising president obama. unemail reads in part, our contact will arrange a face-to-face meeting with sayaf qadaffi or skype video teleconference to open communications if time does not permit. a peaceful resolution is still possible keeping saif on our side. the director of strategy under, plans and policy for the joint chiefs of staff and was responsible for planning coalition and nato operations in libya. a confidential source told fox news jacoby was instructed by mrs. clinton nod to take the call from saif qadaffi. the they were reported by the late journalist michael hastings of "rolling stone," there appears to be first time email documentation.
7:33 am
the offer was real and known at senior levels of the u.s. government, martha. martha: very interesting. what else are you learning about the timing of all of this? >> reporter: a review of mrs. clinton's schedule on march 18, 2011, it may be a critical day of her tenure as secretary of state. clinton was in washington, d.c. at that time and made three trips to the white house. a former presidential advisor says it is not known what was discussed but any olive branch from the libyan dictator's son would need the president's input. >> this is a crisis. a high level decision being made. for there to be shuttle diplomacy and the state department shows me it was highly compartmentalized there was no use of phones. >> reporter: general jacoby's office confirmed from fox news he had our request for comments and understanding of emails but he did not respond. mrs. clinton does not address the incident in her book, "hard
7:34 am
choices" even though there send tire chapter it her role supporting the libyan revolution, martha. martha: quite interesting. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> republicans finally admit it. republican kevin mccarthy saying committee investigationing benghazi and clinton emails was created to destroy her candidacy. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? bill: that is new political ad from hillary clinton aimed at republicans and house majority leader kevin mccarthy when he seemed to suggest that the benghazi committee is politically motivated. leslie marshall, blogger for "huffington post." david webb, columnist for "the hill," fox news contributor. good morning to you. we have leslie marshall sighting in new york city. that whole page long. >> i want to keep up with david.
7:35 am
bill: you tell me whether the ad works or just for now? >> i think it works for now, is that fair to say? and the reason is, regardless of, i mean look, the people that support hillary will support hillary no matter what comes out and people that don't, don't. the people don't know yet, undecided, independents, centrists or people who don't want to align themselves with a political party. i think it is essential when many people left or right or anywhere on the political spectrum, regardless of their ideology want the truth and want facts. look, there has been over 10 congressional hearings. this has been over 1000 days. three hearings in congressional committees, still we don't have a truth. when we have mccarthy saying this, well maybe the democrats are right. maybe this is political propaganda, i think all of this will be settled in 16 days. people will watch, whether or not they figure out they trust her and answers she gives during the hearing on october 22nd. >> hillary needs to hit back.
7:36 am
she is hitting testimony and debate coming up in a week. she needs to solidify. people that will support her, bill, this will support her. this is the clinton lie of omission. sin omission, mccarthy followed up with the statement the numbers are watching why? she is untrustable. nobody would know had we not, bows into more of select committee. he did abiden like gaffe. made mistake not fetting it right in order on this one. he is talking about effect of benghazi committee. bill: in order to go away should have restated it. >> that is his failure. bill: this is what his team said on screen. mission of the committee on benghazi is to find the truth period. the work they have accomplished is beyond report. the serious questions secretary clinton are faced entirely her own decision to put classified information at risk and endanger our national security end quote. which leads you back to her own
7:37 am
words and how she handles the hearing. >> very true and it also leads us to why mr. gowdy, are you not releasing full transcripts? also leads us why we still have no there there. why we have no smoking gun. why do we have no evidence of a cover-up. after all of this, i think american people with our tax dollars paying for this, we have a right to know the truth. and there is the perception because it was, you say what you mean with mccarthy which was, hey, look at her ratings. look what we did. >> investigative point of view, one, you don't have all the emails, you don't have all the facts, you don't have all the hearings. therefore you can not release transcripts. bill: i didn't think any transcripts are released? >> they have been leaking pieces of it just trying to create -- bill: gowdy is not putting it out. >> gowdy is not putting anything out. nor should he. you don't put out part of transcript until it is complete.
7:38 am
if he does that he is going against the process that it should work correctly. >> why this take longer than investigation of 9/11 and katrina. >> stalling all of this has been done by hillary clinton, the clinton camp and the state department. bill: we got a little bit after flavor for what we're going to get yesterday on "the today show." you okay sitting close to david? you all right? >> i told her if he interrupts me -- bill: we didn't have to go there. david, nice to see you. leslie, welcome back to new york. great to see you. martha, what is next? martha: go back to the python story. two police officers in kentucky, save a man's life. they freed him from the grasp of a 125-pound python. the officers arrived and reptile this was in newport, kentucky. they found the snake wrapped around his head, neck and torso. thankfully one of the officers knew how to handle snakes. they were able to uncoil it, free the owner.
7:39 am
eww, there is the dastardly snake himself. a coworker said the man had the snake's cage open to clean. the snake latched on to him. place ad frantic call to 911 for help. >> mean, please, he oh, my bod, please. please. >> it is around his neck. his whole face. his face is covered. a 20-foot snake. i swear to god. [bleep]. martha: oh, my. bill: look at sign of that thing. martha: man was not breathing when they removed python but started breathing on his own when they rushed him to the hospital. bill: that is bad movie. martha: take all day to get image out of my head. bill: i'm not even looking at that thing. wow, we hope he is okay at the end. he went to the hospital. they weren't quite sure of his condition. that thing is enormous! martha: i don't want, i don't want to know. bill: best to him.
7:40 am
martha: i don't want to know everything. bill: major sports scandal but this time no players involved. two of the top fantasy sports websites, rocked by claims of insider trading. watch this story, coming up. martha: watch this story as well. patrick kennedy speaking out about his father who he says he worshiped. senator ted kennedy. and their fight with addiction. he joins us live to talk about what he calls, an ongoing battle. >> he felt that we really had no place, no place whatsoever to question him. >> that is the defensive position of every alcoholic. go mind your own business, back off. that was the message.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
♪ >> i couldn't even talk about it. i was hostage to the family code that, no, don't say anything about it. anything you say it is disloyal, it is against the family code and it doesn't matter whether it is in a private therapy session. that psychiatrist could go out and tell somebody. martha: that is just one piece of a very moving interview that patrick kennedy did, the youngest child of senator ted kennedy, opening up about his father's problem with alcohol,
7:45 am
his own alcoholism and addiction and kennedy family code of silence that he talks about. the former rhode island congressman has written a very candid memoir, called, a common struggle, a personal journey through the past and future of mental illness and addiction. patrick kennedy is the cofounder of one mind, leading a political movement to make mental health part of national conversation. something he and his father worked very hard on together and founder of the kennedy forum. patrick, very good to have you here. >> thanks, martha. martha: i want to get to your personal struggle in the time we have but i do want to get your personal reaction, today, this morning there is pushback from your brother, pushback from your mom. she says she wasn't involved in the book, didn't know about it. joan kennedy and your brother ted, jr., said he was heartbroken when he saw some of what you put in here. what do you say about that? >> well, these are difficult issues, and part of the reason no one talks about them, they
7:46 am
are so difficult. but if we don't talk about them, people suffer in silence. and moreover, the illness, whether it is addiction or mental illness, gets worse and worse. you've just had a series of stories, following this recent tragedy, and all of the previous tragedies including this, basically have the same denominator, that is, no one said a word. i mean sure people talked but they didn't do anything, they were afraid, they didn't know what to do. it is striking that we know these are physical illnesses but we still ascribe shame to them. if i were telling about my family's battle with cancer, every single member of my family had cancer it would be a triumphant story. because we don't understand these are brain illnesses and we shouldn't ascribe these kind of shame and moral judgments on people, that's the reason why people are afraid to talk about them. martha: such a great point. you've been talking about that
7:47 am
parity between cancer and illness and addiction and mental health for such a long time. when i look back at your description that the night your car hit the police barricade in washington, and you got up in the middle of night and you didn't remember getting there, it was such a turning point for you. do you look at that night in retrospect as sort of a blessing? >> i count everything that finally got me into long-term recovery as a blessing. it was a bumpy road. what we need to do in our country change attitudes to treat people earlier in their life cycle, in terms of their illness. we know for those who are adolescent, early 20s, first onset of mental illness appears. we know addiction often starts. we'll launch the now this thursday in iowa because we need to make this a 2016 campaign issue. carly fiorina has talked about
7:48 am
it, others have talked about it. jeb bush has talked about it. there isn't a family in this country that doesn't have family members who suffer from these issues. we're just starting to have a conversation. but with the we will begin bringing that conversation up. i found as politician, my constituents in rhode island were desperate someone to give a voice, this issue affects our health care system, our criminal justice system, our education system. my wife is a school teacher, all these kids she is teaching to varying degrees face the challenge. what do we do? send them to the school nurse or discipline them. martha: you talk about your dad's response when he called you in your congressional office when it started to do blow up. don't worry about it, it is a fender-bender. i don't know why they made such a big deal but you wanted to talk about it. >> they from those who suffer
7:49 am
from addiction and alcoholism, which i do, shame is what kills us. it isolates us, marginalizes us, silences us. the only way to treat shame is to talk about. and my dad came from a different generation. and, frankly, his generation's mind set still pervades. it is no, affront to him. he was the one that helped me get the mental health parity bill passed like the great legislator he was. best senator in the history of the united states senate. it shows you people suffer from the illnesses, be very effective in quote, their work lives, but we're all affected. martha: functioning. >> we're all affected. i think it is about time our country had a conversation because our congress and the president will not act on good policy, if we don't, ourselves and in our own families have that conversation. martha: you say, people don't even want their name attached to legislation because they feel like somehow it reflects on them.
7:50 am
>> i got to be author of this bill by default, because as you indicated, no one wanted words of mental health and addiction next to their name. martha: good for you. because you have this impasse with your brother and your mom right now, i just want, what would you say to them about this? because it may help other people who can't talk to their own brother or their own mother right now. >> i, we all have a very loving relationship. like most relationships there is complexity but i would say, if, i can talk about it, ideally more families will know that we have to get through this because this is the same as every other family. it is reasons people are so afraid to talk. it is because they're afraid of getting the response they can get. yet, when the alternative is, that they stay hostage to the silence. and that can not be permitted any longer. that is why i write this book. i hope people will read it, because there is much fuller story than what they're getting
7:51 am
in the sound bites. it has a big appendix outlining public policy that our country could take to really advance the treatment of those with mental illness and addiction. martha: thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. after this. nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before
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>> coming up on "happening now," hillary clinton going on the offense when it comes to benghazi. the political maneuvering ahead. the push to get joe biden into the race for the white house. we have the latest of dangers of dams giving way in south carolina. also an inspiring story how to overcome adversity. chase, missy, mia robertson from the successful tv show, "duck dynasty," join us at the top of the hour. bill: jenna, thank you. allegations of insider trading not on wall street. an employee at fantasy draft
7:55 am
website, walking away with $350,000 from a rival. rick leventhal in the newsroom with more on this what's up, rick? >> reporter: bill, fantasy sports has become a multibillion-dollar a year industry but integrity of games now in question, with the two biggest sites, fan dual, draftkings, facing allegations of insider trading. every week millions of customers buy teams paying as little as 25 cents or thousand bucks to compete against other players using actual game stats against real athletes. sometimes customers were playing against employees of companies hosting games. the eat than haskell published data revealing everyone's lineup before all games kicked off which could have allowed players to improve odds. that same week, haskell won 350 grand on fanned dual. they both release ad joint statement which reads in part, nothing is more important to draftkings and fan dual than the games we offer to customers.
7:56 am
we have strong policies to insure employees do not misuse any information at their disposal and strictly limit access to company data for only employees required to do their jobs. we have in evidence that anyone has misused it. >> there a ton of money pouring in but there is no scrutiny how the businesses are operated. the fact they let employees take insider information and bet on other sites, it's a scandal. >> reporter: employees were not allowed to play on own sites. they have been temporary blocked from playing on rival sites. our parent company, 21st century fox, large media outlets with a stake in the sights. tougher government regulations are likely now, bill. bill: what a story. thank you, rick leventhal here in new york. martha: so russian warplanes potentially sparking an international incident. is vladmir putin expanding his airstrikes beyond syria's borders now?
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> so it's tuesday.
8:00 am
the man no longer has a snake wrapped around his head and torso. bill: did you see the size of that? martha: try to get that image out of your head, just try. bill: satellite radio, check out our new gig on channel 115. >> that is on sirius. "happening now" starts right now. bye, everybody. jon: fox news alert. the sun came out in south carolina today, but the catastrophic flooding from an historic storm is far from over. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. more mandatory evacuations ordered across the state of south carolina as overflowing dams burst and bring more flooding with several more in danger. the devastating rainfall now blamed for at least 13 deaths there. these rescue operations go on to find anymore victims of the record-breaking rainfall. >> it's a lot of work finding victims, especially in the midst of rubble and locating them depending how their injuries are.


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