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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 6, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> so it's tuesday. the man no longer has a snake wrapped around his head and torso. bill: did you see the size of that? martha: try to get that image out of your head, just try. bill: satellite radio, check out our new gig on channel 115. >> that is on sirius. "happening now" starts right now. bye, everybody. jon: fox news alert. the sun came out in south carolina today, but the catastrophic flooding from an historic storm is far from over. good morning to you, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee. more mandatory evacuations ordered across the state of south carolina as overflowing dams burst and bring more flooding with several more in danger. the devastating rainfall now blamed for at least 13 deaths there. these rescue operations go on to find anymore victims of the record-breaking rainfall. >> it's a lot of work finding victims, especially in the midst of rubble and locating them depending how their injuries are.
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it is great feeling to get somebody out of a disaster like that. jenna: jonathan serrie live from one of the hard-hit areas, forced acres in south carolina. jonathan? >> reporter: jenna, you can see flood damage behind me. this is forest drive. large chunks were taken out when the whole area flooded. as you pan to the right, businesses that were water logged. at one point the water level came above the door of the cleaners across the street. the rain ended but high water levels continue to drive concerns for the potential of more dam breaches. residents learned all too quickly how fast water can drive after a breach. a boat owner found himself in the role of amateur rescuer as floodwaters crept up on neighbor's homes. >> the water was up pretty much to the bottom, to the top of those bottom windows. we came up there and another pontoon boat came over and
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rescued those people off of their balcony. >> reporter: late yesterday overcreek dam broke, forcing mandatory evacuation of resident downstream. many resident are under a boil water advisory. water main ruptures are causing temporary interruptions to tapwater in some neighborhoods. today they are setting up free drinking water supply areas throughout the city of columbia, to distribute bottled water they're bringing in from outside communities. jenna, back to you. jenna: story we continue to watch. jonathan, thank you. ♪ >> the republicans finally admit it. >> republican kevin mccarthy saying the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? >> republicans spent millions attacking hillary because -- jon: from america's election
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headquarters, hillary clinton's new tv ad featuring kevin mccarthy's remarks on the benghazi investigation saying the house panel was set up toker. >> her. that commercial rolling out in iowa and new hampshire as we learn more from the email dump. big donors to the clinton foundation apparently got special treatment by the secretary of state. christopher bedford, editor-in-chief of daily caller news foundation. jackie kucinich, weekly politics writer for "daily beast." welcome to both of you. jackie, to you first. this is hillary clinton's first big campaign ad but it's about the benghazi investigation. i mean is that the kind of thing in ideal world, is that the kind of thing you want for your first campaign ad? >> you know, a lot of democrats have been waiting for her to push back hard on the benghazi narrative. kevin mccarthy's comments opened door for her to do that. so i think, you also saw her talk about it yesterday. she is going to push back hard.
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kevin mccarthy opened the discussion which democrats have been having a long time this is openly political. so she has her foot in the door. i would expect you will hear a lot about this going forward from hillary clinton. jon: so, christopher, will it help? >> kevin mccarthy should be paid royalties for this ad. he basically wrote it for hillary clinton:but i don't think hillary clinton's staff thought the first big national ad would be dealing with benghazi. her problem will continue. email impropriety is there. pay to play is there. the enemies she made in the intel community, intel community lost their men, blamed for it by hillary clinton who originally blamed the video and then blamed them, they're mad. they don't care what kevin mccarthy said. for them it is not partisan or political. i think email leaks will keep on coming and benghazi facts will keep on coming out with these emails. jon: would be it better for her, jackie, to release all of the emails or somehow lean on the state department, release all emails and get them out there
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and stop this constant drip of information? >> oh absolutely it would be better for her to get all of this out here. we're all waiting on 30th of every month to go through the emails, including i might add on 31st, on new year's eve we'll digging through emails. we'll talk about through february up until the iowa caucuses. i am sure she wants to over and done with by the time voters go to the polls in iowa caucuses. jon: christopher, benghazi, revelation, email drips, have done a lot of damage to campaign prospects, can a simple ad, whether you blame it on kevin mccarthy or republicans or vast right-wing conspiracy, can an ad undo the damage that has been done? >> no, i don't think the ad alone will undo damage that has been done. hillary clinton and whole clinton family three main defenses have past 30 years, intimidating media, claiming
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partisan attack or saying something is old news. kevin mccarthy in the running to be speaker house gop gave her one of those absolutely bow tied. but it will not change this growing snowball narrative who is haunting hillary who is less teflon than her husband. all the polls show, people don't trust her. it could be attack after attack, sure some of them are partisan but there is definitely a glimmer of truth in all of this. jon: there is the email from george soros demanding, you know, swift action, really, from highest levels of government. that came out in the latest tranche of emails. george soros, the liberal financier, billionaire i guess. the guy likes to spend a lot of money on democratic causes. hillary writes back, forwards to somebody, get on this right away essentially. that is more grist for the mill.
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you can undo kevin mccarthy's remarks if you want but this soros email looks pretty damaging, jackie? >> that is exactly the point you were making earlier. that chris was saying. this is not going away, when you see emails like this, this further erodes that all important question, do you trust this person or not. well a lot of voters are saying they don't. when you see emails like this, you start to think, okay, what are they hiding? what were the emails deleted in first place? that is unhelpful. they haven't been able to make this go away. jon: and it adds to the chorus of people who feel like unless you're extremely wealthy in this country christopher, you can't get your voice heard? >> absolutely true. the whole democratic machine or whole washington machine is laid bare in these emails. the really unseemly, flattery people writing towards each other, how much they love each other when they barely know each other or billionaire's club. all incredibly rich donors
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on email accounts. hillary campaign saying of course she is dialing with people, they're powerful people. anyone watching from boston or des moines, thinking to themselves where is the special club of clinton land supporters and how are they running the world through these emails and constant access to power, to fancy foundation dinners or top of the state department, maybe even white house. jon: we'll get you back on november 1st to discuss the next round of emails. i'm sure there will be new revelations. christopher, jackie, thank you both. >> thank you. jenna: now to news overseas. right now nato is rejecting russia's claim it was just an accident when russian jets flew into turkish airspace. moscow brushing off the incident calling it unintentional and unimportant. senior correspondent greg palkot is live from london with all of this. greg. >> reporter: hi, jenna. nato's top official is saying very clearly that his organization is con delling actions by russia intruding on
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the airspace of turkey. the first act that caught the attention of the alliance is, happened on saturday. then a second on sunday. they both involved russian fighter jets straying over the northern border of syria with turkey. this is all near the airbase being used by russians for strikes what they claim to be isis targets in syria. now in both cases turkish jets were scrambled. at least in one space, russian aircraft locked radar on turkish jet and that could be a set-up for shootdown. russia says one incident was result of simply bad weather. the nato general secretary is not buying it. take a listen. >> we see the middle east and north africa in turmoil. russia's deployment of significant forces in syria is of great concern. russian combat aircraft have violated turkey's airspace.
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this is unacceptable. >> reporter: now as a member of nato if turkey is attacked by another country, for example, russia, the alliance, including the united states is bound by treaty to defend it. that is what raises the stakes on all of this tremendously. a pentagon spokesman said, our commitment to our nato members is steadfast. secretary of defense carter today is demanding a new accounting from russian military officials. just a short while ago they said they would account for this. jenna, carter is in europe this week. he will be attending a crucial meeting of nato defense ministers on thursday. nato officials tell me that very much on the agenda will be russia's actions in syria. and that could include the targeting of u.s.-backed rebels and deployment of russian ground troops. all in an apparent effort by russian president putin to defend the beleaguered ally, syrian president assad. back to you. jenna: greg, thank you.
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jon: coming up, a millionaire convicted of killing his wife in a mansion is going back to the jury six years after the crime. why bob ward says he should get a new trial. desperate search for new survivors from a sinking ship caught in the eye after hurricane. new information from the owner of the el faro. we want to hear from you. do you believe the investigation was motivated by politics. will it help her campaign this ad? our live chat is up and running. go to, happening now and join the conversation. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation,
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jenna: right now crime stories
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we're following. death row inmate set to be executed today in texas for killing a mexican man apparently over $8. juan martin garcia said he shouldn't die for the crime. he admits to shootings him 16 years ago. attorneys for former patriots star aaron hernandez to dismiss charges against him in double murder charge. one of the victims bumped into him in nightclub before both were shot. hernandez is serving life sentence for another poured. attorneys for bob ward is asking for a new trial after convicted of murdering his wife diane inside of their florida mansion. he is serving a 30-year sentence but claiming his former lair made mistakes at a trial. jon: new information on a very sad story that broke while on the air last week, the sinking of the cargo ship in the middle of hurricane joaquin. planes are keeping up search for survivors as they crisscross the
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debris field in the bahamas. the el faro disappeared at height of the storm with 33 crewmembers on board. the owner says the ship had mechanical problems leaving her disabled in the eye of the hurricane. phil keating is in miami. phil. >> reporter: the el faro captain leaving jacksonville, radio captain of sister ship, leaving puerto rico on the same shipping route and that captain reported the weather was still doable so the el faro plowed forward. once it got near crooked island in southeastern bahamas, joaquin was category 4 monster hurricane with 140 mile-an-hour wind and 40-foot waves. you see from the lifeboat does, it destroyed it. the el faro's only other lifeboat, yet to be found. the coast guard said 800-foot long ship heavily loaded with trailers full of cars is three
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miles beneath the surface. the owners of the ship said the captain tried to skirt the hurricane but could not, quote. regrettably he suffered a mechanical problem with the main propulsion system which left him in the path of the storm. we do not know when his engine problems began to occur nor the reasons for his engine problems. last night up in maine, family and friends of several 33 crewmembers held a candlelight vigil praying for survivors still to be found. here are photos of some of those 28 americans. meanwhile the national transportation safety board sent a go team and they have landed in jacksonville to question all decisions made. >> it is a major marine casualty. so the ntsb has an agreement with the u.s. coast guard and we'll be looking at all of the factors that have affected the safety. so what happened, why it happened, ultimately to prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: the coast guard at this hour continuing a massive
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search-and-rescue operation. it is nearing 200,000 square miles covered. so far only one person has been found, a fatality out there the in ocean. jon? jon: such a sad story. phil keating in miami, thank you. jenna: teenager recovering of a close encounter with a shark off the texas coast. what his mom and brother did that may have saved his life. plus federal investigators on the scene after that train derailment caused by rocks on the tracks. some officials call it act of nature. is there a way to prevent crashes like this from happening again? we'll talk about it next.
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jon: now a 13-year-old is recovering after being bitten by a shark. gregory slaughter and his brother were swimming off the coast of ball vest ton, texas, yesterday.
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they were suddenly surrounded by school of fish in waist-deep water. a shark bit gregory on his lower leg and hand. his family pulled him to shore and wrapped him in towels to stop the bleeding. >> first he was screaming. i thought it was another switch. the wave, water dropped down more and could see entire shark. i ran over to him. i hit it, grabbed him. the shark, i don't know where it went. the shark was gone and just went to the thing, i wrapped up his wound, called 911. >> it got both sides of his ankle. the outside of the left ankle more so. and they don't know the extent of the damage yet because they have to go in and clean out the wound real good. jon: some quick thinking there. officials say this is the first shark bite in texas more than a year. they believe the shark was actually going for the school of fish. jenna: fox news extreme weather alert from texas to south carolina right now. the worst of the rain may be
8:23 am
over in south carolina but deadly flooding is not. dams are bursting and others are in danger of giving way. just an awful scene with mandatory evacuations ordered across the state. meteorologist maria molina joins us with the very latest. >> hi, jenna. really the big problem across south carolina we saw historic rainfall over the last couple of days with someplaces seeing more than two feet of rain. now the problem becomes, where is all the water going to go? many rivers, many creeks flowing at flood stage. some of them even major flood stage. so is a big concern across south carolina and many dams could be breached or threaten next couple days as the water continues to flow out to sea. look at radar. it is a lot quieter cross parts of carolinas. 10 to 20-inches, even higher amounts across north carolina and south carolina. that produced historic and catastrophic flooding across the region. the rain moved offshore.
8:24 am
joaquin moving away to pull moisture as well. it's a quieter picture. we need the dry picture across the carolinas to allow water to exit the states. flooding is on going. we do have a concern for dams that could be breached or threatens next couple days. river flooding along areas in eastern south carolina. some rivers are not even forecast to crest until the next couple of days. some as late as sunday morning. so this will continue to be a story we'll keep an eye on across south carolina with more flooding forecast. i want to take you out west because across parts of the rockies, we have a storm system exiting parts of mexico and moving into new mexico. with it we'll look at potential for flash flooding as well. we've been looking at it over the weekend, especially, even yesterday across places like vegas. the risk for storms is in place across new mexico, arizona and also southwestern parts of texas. out here we're looking at a risk for severe storms as well in addition to flash flooding,
8:25 am
large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornadoes all possible with these storms that develop. meanwhile temperature-wise, jenna, look at parts of the south, not bad at all. temperatures into the 70s. climbing into the 80s and 90s for some of you. farther north, non-tier of the nation feeling like fall out there, especially parts of the northeast. we saw temperatures only in the 50s in many cities. jenna? jenna: it is here. maria, thank you very much. we'll focus on south carolina. we're awaiting south carolina governor nikki haley to hold a news conference updating the storm. she had one during our show yesterday with a lot of great information. when she steps up to the microphones we'll bring it to you. jon? jon: new developments what texas police call a murder-for-hire plot to gun down a popular dentist. they say her boyfriend's ex was the mastermind and the search for her goes on.
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jon: quick look what is still to come this hour of "happening now." accused kidnapper appearing in court. police once called the allegations against matthew muller a hoax. volkswagen's new ceo speaking bluntly in the wake of automaker's emissions scandal. what could change for the company. "duck dynasty" clan opens up about a personal family struggle with a book that hits store shelves today. they're here to give us details. >> no reason to believe this was
8:30 am
a problem led to by poor track construction. many passengers said to me, this was not an issue of conductor or, someone driving too quickly. it was a ledge landed in a track being active nature, beyond the control of anyone who was conducting the train. jenna: federal investigation underway in the derailment of an amtrak train in vermont. the washington, d.c.-bound train crashed yesterday after it hit rocks fallen from a ledge fallen on the tracks. several people were hurt, one seriously. we have a railroad investigator. john, curious what your take the governor had to say there, purely an act of nature, couldn't be avoided just something that happens? >> well of course, an act of nature is one thing but if something is preventable is another. i don't know, there is still a lot of information coming on this story. but there are a lot of different
8:31 am
methods, there are a lot of different technology can be used. there is ball last integrity censor. this is equipment is there part of the 2008 safety act along with balanced safety control. we don't know what is the cause but if there were obstructions on the track, unless it happened simultaneously from the train coming by it is preventable. if it happened simultaneously with the train coming by, rumbling of train may have triggered the rocks to fall. if that is the case, this needs to be inspected. no way to know if it is anyone's fault or one of these things. something to be concerned about. jenna: it is very rural area as viewers see by some pictures we have. the only way for a conductor to know or engineer to know there are rocks on the track, simply by sight? is that the only way to prevent it, to prevent hitting something on the track? >> yeah.
8:32 am
in some locations, a lot of locations they have rockslide fences, things triggered. straight cord, when the rock or ground moves, unplugs the cord and breaks circuit so the signal system trains are running on shows them that there is a problem. it will indicate a red signal. they have to slow the train down and go accordingly. but, in someplaces it is in place and some it isn't. especially in rural areas you would think probably more prevalent but it's not. jenna: as we're looking at pictures what happened in vermont, we can't help to think about the train derailment in philadelphia. that was horrendous train derailment. you talked to us during that time, safety technology out there yet to be put in place. legislation went through congress is giving amtrak and federal government another five years before having everything installed. can we wait that long with the amount of traffic that is on our rails today in this country? >> jenna, that is a great question. we've given them over 50 years.
8:33 am
some of this technology has been out there for over five decades and they have had the opportunity to install it. you know, there is one thing is cost of equipment. the other thing i think is probably biggest problem is cost of maintenance and up keep and manpower it takes to take care of these things i don't know that is that major, that is what usually stops these things taking place. that is pushing us back. we're about to get another extension on railroads on positive train control and type of equipment supposed to be installed. they will give them another two or three years. i guess 50 isn't enough. i don't know. i just don't understand it. jenna: interesting perspective for anybody commuting on trains or using them. how safe are the rails today? john, always great to have you on the program. thank you. >> jenna, thanks for having me. jon: some new information in the cold-blooded murder of a popular texas dentist. police say they arrested the triggerman. they're now searching for the woman who paid him to carry out
8:34 am
the crime, brenda delgado. here is her mug shot. she is accused of helping plan the murder of dentist kendra hatcher, who was shot to death in the parking garage where she lived. she was dating delgado's ex-boyfriend when she was gunned down. joining us steve rogers, retired lieutenant detective with the nutley, new jersey, police department. this woman they're looking for, brenda delgado. police had her in custody, they questioned her. why let her go? >> no doubt in my mind, jon, that they required in order to get an warn to arrest here is how it works. if individual accuses someone committed a crime. that is not enough to hold them. there is love. jon: christopher love. >> cortez who were the driver. both of them no doubt made a deal. corroborated statement that this individual delgado committed this crime. bingo you have enough information for a warrant, why not, i don't know, do some monitoring?
8:35 am
put some kind of, i don't know, bracelet on her? she is just absolutely vanished at this point? >> nearly impossible for any police agency to do that money, manpower. they just didn't have, i'm sure, those elements, those things that they need in order to surveil someone. now that they have this information, obviously they would do that. you know what? somebody knows where she is. jon: she is finding out how very difficult it is to disappear. >> look, you just put her mug shot up on tv. there are millions of people watching. they saw that someone knows where she is. they will see her. she will get caught, simple as that. she will get caught. jon: it is pretty hard to live without money. using credit cards or atm cards or something. those provide fingerprints. cell phones provide fingerprints. >> leads us to this. if she has none of that, somebody else may be harboring her. if that is the case, somebody has to think about the crime they're committing. in a lot of cases individuals
8:36 am
are communicating by someone, if not by cell phone or computer, they're hiding out with someone. not saying that is the case. sometimes it is. that individual may be in serious trouble as well. jon: this is capital murder case. we're talking about the potential death penalty in texas. texas is one of those states that doesn't show any compunction using the death penalty or applying it. the other two who have been arrested already, they can try to cut some kind of a deal with prosecutors in return for information about her. >> i believe this is why the police officers in charge of this investigation have told her, turn yourself in because if you turn yourself in, maybe, just maybe, we'll make a deal. that deal would be no death penalty. jon: and that is probably the best thing she has going for her at this point, turning herself in, is probably the best way to try to save her own life. >> it is only thing she has, jon. the problem some people may run into, if she communicates with
8:37 am
anyone, they know who she is, they have to call the police or they will find themselves in a lot of trouble. sometimes that is the case. my guess is they will be on her trail real soon. she will either get a lawyer turn herself in or someone else will turn her in. jon: what about the other two? the woman who drove away getaway car, is charged with capital murder. christopher love, when he was arrested, police believe had the murder weapon on him. the cases against them seem to be pretty solid. >> very, very solid and very strong. no doubt in my mind, they made a deal for the death penalty, or the police wouldn't have this information. jon: i mentioned this when we first this case to our viewers yesterday. it just astound me what people will do for love, or because of the absence of love. because this brenda delgado, used to date until earlier this year the boyfriend, who had taken up now with the victim. >> how about for a hundred dollars? jon: yeah. >> there was a fee of $500
8:38 am
there? the affairs of the heart absolutely drives people insane. you know he what? they all get caught. amazing that they don't see broadcasts like yours. day in day out, you're on the air. don't they think, gee if i commit the crime, will i get caught? yes you are. jon: stupid and senseless, those are two words. there is her picture. if you happen to be in texas i guess she could be in other states by now. that is brenda delgado. cops are looking for her. would love to know where she is. >> they will find her. jon: thanks. jenna. jenna: fake emission tests volkswagen is trying to bounce back from the scandal, what the new ceo says is in store for the world's largest automaker. they built an empire from a duck hunting business but the robertsonses faced challenges along the way. they will share their adversity with us next.
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8:41 am
jon: some new information about the volkswagen emission scandal. after the automaker rigged
8:42 am
software to show lower levels of emissions from its engines. the company's ceo warns financial repercussions from the scandal. matthias muller says the transition will be painful and that they could see some layoffs. jenna: robertson family from the tv's "duck dynasty" and fame moist entrepreneurs and duck hunting as well. louisiana family is showing another side. missy robertson is opening up some of the challenges times they faced as a family and lessons they learned from that. a new book is out today, "blessed, blessed, blessed." missy want is here to share some of those, most of the family, missy, chase and mia. we're missing boys right? >> well they have school today. jenna: they're excused. missy we learned a little bit
8:43 am
challenges mia has gone through. talk to us what is going on? >> for the last 12 years we had a little bit of a challenge in our life. mia was born 12 years ago with cleft lip and cleft pallet. we were not aware of anything to do with that before it all happened. we had no knowledge of this condition. we were kind of thrown for a loop at the beginning. she had multiple surgeries for the past telephone years. jenna: how many surgeries, mia? >> eight. jenna: eight? >> yeah. jenna: what is it like for you, to get ready to go into surgery? >> i usually take some juicy juice. jenna: goofy juice. >> goofy juice. jenna: what is that? >> it tastes terrible. jenna: sorry. >> i vowed this year not take anymore to just play cards with my cousins and remember telling everybody bye without remember anything because i hate the way it tastes. jenna: goofy juice is what mom and dad --
8:44 am
>> makes her comfortable when she is wheeled back. then she is away from us. but she decided to be brave. i think that is where the idea about be brave and keep going. she wanted to have that memory of being with all her cousins and with us and telling us bye. we all gather around her bed and say a prayer. i saw a little tear come down. i was like, it is okay. and she was, she just decided to be brave. so -- >> waiting for one instance. might change your mind about this i was watching her closely. i could see a little bit of fear going in fully awake and operating room and not knowing what will happen. we let her decide. she kept boeing. so we let her. jenna: wow. we think about cleft lip or cleft palate, jace, don't realize how common it is. and don't realize how many surgeries some children have to go think for it. >> in each case may be more severe than another. in mia's case it was pretty severe.
8:45 am
so what happens is they go to try to repair the pallet. as she grows, problems develop. this last procedure they had to move her upper jaw almost an inch. so, they had to incertificate a new appliance. we were part of the process. missy turned it each day and it would move. she is laying there, wasn't very comfortable, was it, mia. >> i can see look on your face. not comfortable at all, was it, mia? >> helps her quality of life and breathing and eating and speech. cosmetically something she looks at later on in life. jenna: missy, how do you handle the question? anytime you have a challenge out of your control, you have that question, why me? why mia? why our family? how did you confront that. >> we did have the question at beginning. we thought we're trying to do the right things in life. we're trying to raise our family the right way. this was thrown at us out of the blue. that is the first question everyone asks when something
8:46 am
like this happens, why me? why me? we did that for a little while. we realized this is not about us. there is a greater purpose. not us. why would we be spared problems in life. we're not promised that. in fact we're promised opposite. we will have props in life. how you deal with them. she obviously with all the character that she has, has proven to be an overcomer and we're very proud of her and fact that she does do that. she does have great times in between the surgeries. jenna: i think i have a video of some of those great times. video evidence this is this week. maybe show the viewers this video we were able to, mia that is in hallway of the hotel. not bad tumbling. where did you learn how to do that? >> well -- jenna: along the way with your cousins? >> not really. i don't really know. jenna: she is natural athlete. dad, you're an athlete.
8:47 am
you go out and hunt, do a lot of things ad ven truss. what it is like to reflect on what your daughter was through. >> first time i saw her doing that, missy was out. she couldn't make back in town. i went to cheerleading. i thought it was about pom-poms and comes across stage tumbling, my heart sank. i thought, oh, my goodness. tell her to be brave. here she is is. i couldn't be more proud of you. jenna: final question, missy, there is a decision that comes writing a book. what to adopt for everybody? >> you can find hope and more than silver lining. it is more than silver lining in our life. it is silver cloud. encapsulates our life, having her, what she possesses, quality of character and giving hope and encouragement to people overwhelmed by people in their life. jenna: mia move, that is your nickname. >> my uncle -- >> willie.
8:48 am
has no meaning. it is just mia move. but it stuck. jenna: that is charity that you have developed to help support. >> mia to help families like us. jenna: one of the most common conditions for children this it country. big question what causes it. more research to be done. great to have you all. maybe you can teach jon how to do tricks during the break, what do you think? maybe. my money on you, mia. jon: i am game. if she can put up with what she put up with, my knee can handle it. jenna: thank you all. jon? jon: it is the kidnapping that has been compared to the plot of "gone girl." now there are new twists in this very strange case. what the suspect asked for during his court appearance. and the israeli military demolishing homes, i'm sorry amid weeks of unrest in the west bank. the escalating clashes between israel and the palestinians.
8:49 am
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jon: let's check check outs what is ahead on "outnumbered" at top of the hour. andrea, harris what do you have? >> after months of a growing scandal, hillary clinton is going on the offensive, targeting republicans and benghazi committee in a new political ad. will this help turn her campaign around? >> savages of the islamic state pushing a baby boom to expand their caliphate. will it work? >> popular magazine under fire for naming the kardashians, well, our nation's first family. have the obamas heard that? i don't know. is it disrespectful to president obama or just some fun. >> they are really famous. >> really famous. >> all that plush our #oneluckyguy, who is famous. we love him.
8:53 am
at the top of the hour. jon: we'll look forward to it. jenna: new information on bizarre case in california. matthew muller, pleading not guilty asking for a jury trial in court. harvard educate lawyeredp faces life in prison if found guilty after kidnapping charge. he sexually assaulted denise huskins in march. they originally called it a hoax and denise appeared hundreds of miles away in huntington beach. they found evidence linking kidnapping to muller. this case has more twists and turns. we'll have much more coming up in second hour of "happening now." you will not believe what this buys that to say. jon: just in, israeli military demolishing homes of two palestinian militants amid weeks of heightened unrest in the area and weeks of attacks. conor powell live in jerusalem with the latest. conor? >> reporter: jon, beginning to
8:54 am
feel, you can see the tension here across the old city here in jerusalem. feels a lot like days leading up to last summer's deadly war in gaza. israel has banned all palestinians entering the jerusalem's old city following a series of stabbing attacks on jews where two israelis were killed. follow as shooting after husband and wife in a car couple weeks ago by suspected hamas cell. tensions began to ramp up, after israeli settlers firebombed a palestinian home killing parents and 18-month-old child. calling it terrorism they have failed to arrest the prime suspects that are jewish. as conservative israeli groups pushed prayer at holy site for jews and muslims, sits on the sight of the second jewish temple. but international agreement between israel and jordan, jews
8:55 am
are allowed to visit the site but not allowed to pray. backdrop of recent violence is last summer's gaza war, and decade as long military rule over the west bank. palestinians are growing increasingly frustrated with massive growth of israeli settlement there and lack of movement on any type of peace progress that is really been prevented by both side because of recent negotiation failures. as this all happens, the tensions are rising here, jon. you get a sense from israelis and palestinians, this is a tinderbox that could explode in a point. it has many, many times in the past. but what it means is that violence we're seeing here in the last few weeks, jon, probably only just the beginning. jon: what about rocket attacks? are we looking at a possibility of a renewed barrage? >> reporter: one of the interesting things it has been fairly quiet in terms of rockets coming from gaza the last few months since the cease-fire agreement had been negotiated
8:56 am
and agreed upon but as the violence has ticked up not only in jerusalem or the west bank, we're starting to see a small but growing rocket fire from gaza. that is the last sign that things are starting to get out of control. hamas doesn't have much influence in the west bank. but they do have the ability to fire rockets. which is sort of seen as their influence over the situation. that is growing. that is real cause for concern. jon: scary times. conor powell in jerusalem. thank you, conor. jenna: we'll take you to south carolina, governor nikki haley, holding a press conference. let's listen in. >> we need to continue to be careful just because there is no rain and just because the sun is out, we're now looking at downstream waters and other areas going to be affected. i will go through all of that as we go forward. tell you that what happened yesterday was extremely rare and is very good thing for
8:57 am
south carolina, which i did a verbal request for major disaster declaration. we followed the verbal request talking to the president and asking for that and they approved it yesterday. what does that mean? there was word out there.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
we will see you back here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> beginning with a fox news alert. on the historic flooding in one part of our nation. it is far from over. growing concerns now that more dams are on the verge of giving away. andrea tantaros is here, julie is here, stacy dash, and today's #oneluckyguy, ceo of concerned veterans of america, pete hegseth. we say he is out numbered but he is always on time. >> i appreciate that. thank you for having me. >> we have a lot to talk about with the military later in the show.


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