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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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and her. >> who is megyn kelly. >> nice, john, way go. my mom saw that, she was so excited. so was nana. now if they can just make me appear on "matlock," nana will be so thrilled. thanks for watching. tonight isis is targeting the man who killed usama bin laden, the navy s.e.a.l. rob o'neill is here exclusively to explain. then a new report reveals illegal immigrants could help put hillary clinton in the white house. mark steyn is here with reaction. plus geraldo rivera and sheriff david clarke weigh in on this disturbing video. all of that plus 2016 contender governor chris christie is here in studio. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight isis is targeting the navy s.e.a.l. who killed usama bin laden. according to a new report, a british isis sympathizer published online the address of rob o'neill and is now calling
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for a jihadist to assassinate him. joining us now is the target of this attack, former navy s.e.a.l., fox news contributor, the man who did kill bin laden, rob o'neill. i'm sorry that you and your family have to go through this. i hope our government is putting in place measures to help you. what can you tell us about it? >> sean, thanks for having me. you are a great american. this is something that came out recently, but i've been ready for this since we killed usama bin laden. my name was leaked shortly thereafter. it was leaked again. and i have stuff in place. what this does right now, i think it should be a call for every service member and law enforcement first responders. they're actually all targets. a lot of times when there's a bomb threat, there's not a bomb. but it's the ones you don't see. everyone needs to be more vigilant. i know we have places and people in the government, the fbi helping me out, helping to track him and i know how to defend myself. >> i appreciate all that. you are confident, you have faith that the government is
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doing its part to protect you and help you and assist you, they're not leaving you on your own? >> i'm confident. i've talked to some federal fbi and local law enforcement and they're doing things to assist, yes. >> things are changing really rapidly. the latest development is russia is literally targeting the rebels we have been arming to topple assad. they say that they're targeting isis but they're not. they're targeting the rebels that we have armed, we have supplied. what is your reaction to that? >> russia is inserting themselves now because that part of the world needs leadership. normally it would be the united states. we should be looeding. we're not. russia just realizes because they want assad to stay there, he's a puppet for the russia, they can use that there. he realizes if he targets a lot of the moderate rebels or the so-called moderate rebels and wipes them out, then there will just be isis left against assad and we can't do anything other than want to fight isis, too.
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but seems like we're not going to fight isis for a little while. we need to get in there and do it, though. >> when you hear cities like ramadi and fa luge ja and tikrit and mosul are toppled by isis, blood, sweat, tears, hard work, financial sacrifice of your fellow soldiers. >> yes. >> and you see that we pulled out early and didn't finish the job and all these men died and so many others were injured. what are your thoughts? >> i fought in ramadi and in fallujah and people died there and i know how hard those battles were. a shame we let those go. right now the nation, duce e to political correctness, i would say look in the mirror and fix yourself. we need to stand up as a country and defend the planet. there's genocide going on over there and we're really doing nothing about it. >> rob o'neill, thanks. >> really appreciate it. hillary clinton is going on the offensive over republicans on the attack on benghazi and the select committee. at the "h is
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ainsley earhardt, the co-host of "fox and friends." >> trying to change how you the public views her role in the benghazi terrorist attacks which left four americans dead. the democratic front-runner is seething on comments made on "hannity" last week by the house majority leader congressman kevin mccarthy. watch this. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened had we not fought and made that happen. >> clinton and other democrats wasted little time trying to score political points off that comment even though representative mccarthy has since clarified exactly what he meant. yesterday clinton was on the "today" show and unveiled her new talking points to try to change the political narrative here. take a look. >> look at the situation they
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chose to exploit, to go after me for political reasons. this committee was set up, as they have admitted, for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four americans. i would have never done that. >> sean, the clinton campaign is now doubling down and released an attack ad targeting republicans and this investigation. watch this. >> the republicans finally admit it. >> republican kevin mccarthy saying the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's e-mails was created to destroy her candidacy. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? >> republicans have spent millions attacking hillary because she's fighting for everything they oppose, from affordable health care to equal pay. she'll never stop fighting for you and the republicans know it. >> i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> earlier today congressman mccarthy responded to that ad by releasing this strong statement. writing in part, quote, the mission of the select committee on benghazi is to find the
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truth, period. the serious questions secretary clinton faces are due entirely to her own decision to put classified information at risk and endanger our national security. so sean, it's pretty safe to say that this will not be the end of that back and forth over benghazi. >> ainsley, thank you. joining us with reaction, author of the book "the rise of isis." he's also the chief counsel for the american city of law and justice, jay sekulow and pollster frank luntz. the truth is four americans did die. and ambassador stevens requested security and it was denied by the state department on numerous occasions before the attack. the stand-down order was given during the attack, then a big manufactured lie was given after the attack. so there was legitimate reason from the get-go, but even with that said, the republican leadership resisted until when, may of 2014. >> yeah. so and what happens, of course, is bad news doesn't get better with time. and this was a horrific
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incident. the congress -- and i think trey gowdy has done a very good job here. i don't blame him at all, but the lack of time -- whenever you've got a case and there's now a two-year gap or three-year gap between the incident when you're actually having hearings that actually count, what happens? the nonrelease of the e-mails, the missing e-mails, the difficulty of the committee getting the data so this lack of time between the very beginning of when this inquiry should have started right when it happened and now in 2015 nothing positive has developed there. trey gowdy will do a good job of putting it back together. but the fact of the matter is the reluctance upon moving forward here does have a significant impact because, look, the public wears out. people want to get on with other things. it's a horrible incident. people will say we're not going to get to the bottom of it three years later maybe we'll never get to the bottom of it. but you're right, the delay hasn't been helpful. >> now there's a coordinated attack trying to capitalize on
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maybe inarticulate statements that kevin mccarthy made on this program. i knew what he meant. but it wasn't taken that way. they've got their talking points out. this proves it's political. nothing to do with anything else. what do you think of the ad? you're great at analyzing them. >> i'm watching this. this is a 20-year pattern o of the clintons that you go and try to destroy anyone that might challenge you. i'm hoping that house republicans are paying attention. because hillary clinton does not want kevin mccarthy to be speeb speaker. he has better leadership skills than anyone in the campaign. he know house to move congress forward. and the idea that he might be speaker, i'm not surprised that hillary clinton came after him because she's afraid, she's afraid of the facts, she's afraid of the truth and she's afraid of an effective congress that could hold her accountable. >> isn't there a bigger issue here and the first national ad -- she's only spending 100 grand, which is very small in
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terms of an ad buy. >> yeah. >> the fact that she's on the defensive, the fact that she's playing, oh, i'm the victim. she's always the victim in every circumstance. there's always some vast intergalactic right-wing conspiracy that's out to get her. so i don't think that's a very effective ad for any campaign. add to that the e-mail server and the fbi looking into it, that has nothing to do really with republicans. those are her mistakes. >> it's very simple here. the public has the right to the truth. they have congress has a responsibility to get to the truth and hillary clinton has to telet tell the truth, and she hasn't up till now. that's why you see her numbers -- i don't want to make this a political answer but you've asked a political question. the reason she's fallen so much is she doesn't tell the truth. majority leader mccarthy has held her accountable and that does have an impact both on what happens on capitol hill and what the american people see. >> we've got a lot of legal issues involving the e-mail
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server. the biggest problem she has. >> yes. >> we had ed klein on the show last night. he's reporting that people close to hillary are recommending that she get a criminal defense attorney. you think it's going to get that far? >> i'm surprised she doesn't have one now. because i think who is giving her that advice is absolutely correct. look, you've got an fbi investigation that jim comey is taking seriously, the fbi director. look at the information we know. you can imagine what the fbi knows a lot more than we know. but we know an insecured server with an organization that had no security clearance, she also gave the e-mails and the thumb drive to her lawyer who has no security clearance. and when you put all of this together without even knowing what the fbi knows in much greater detail, sean, i'm shocked that she does not have a criminal defense attorney because the reality is there is a criminal investigation going on here. and who is the focus of it?
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hillary clinton. why is she the focus of it? she set up the e-mail to be the separate server. at the end of the day, you can blame staff. you can say other people did something like it. but the truth is there's not a history of anything like this done this way. and she did this. she's going to be held accountable. whether that becomes a criminal charge ultimately will rest with the attorney general of the united states. then the obama administration has to make a decision. >> what about this development today that this platte river employee company, the one with the server in the closet, the idea that they were contacted to maintain her secret e-mail server. they became concerned about being roped into a cover-up when they were asked to reduce the amount of data that they were holding after a congressional request for that data. and notes were sent out saying, wait a minute, this may not be a good idea. >> because if i was platte river's lawyer, i would say the same thing. don't start erasing data, don't
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start changing things, don't start covering up because often the cover-up is the crime. and in a situation that they find themselves in, whether they violate the law or not, is not so much whether they had the server. they had a client, they took the client's business, but then if you're asked to do something while there's an ongoing criminal investigation or ongoing congressional oversight, and you tamper with evidence, that becomes a whole other story. i can understand why their lawyers said don't do that. don't start messing with the documents you're holding. we've got to find there's ongoing investigation subpoenas have probably been issued, you got to be careful. the lawyers gave them good advice. >> busy news night on "hannity." could it help her win the white house in 2016 if she's the democratic nominee? according to a new report, the answer is yes. we'll check in with mark steyn. chris christie of new jersey reacts to the latest example of
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live from america's news headquarter, i'm kelly wright. good evening. the death toll climbing in the wake of devastating flooding in the carolinas. a 15th victim has been found in south carolina bringing the total storm-related deaths to 17. workers are desperately trying
7:16 pm
to plug a breach in a canal in the state capital columbia. recommends to keep more american troops in afghanistan. general john campbell is calling on president obama to revise his plan and keep 1,000 troops in country beyond 2016. they're needed because conditions on the ground have changed. u.s. deportations is plunging during president obama's second term. in the past 12 months deportations were at the lowest level since 2006. deportations of criminals are also down to the lowest levels since 2009. i'm kelly wright. now back to hannity. welcome back to "hannity". could illegal immigrants help put hillary clinton in the white house in 2016? according to a story from political magazine, the answer is yes. now here's what the new census is taken every ten years. it says illegal immigrants are counted the same as citizens and
7:17 pm
under our electoral system, votes are distributed based on how many people live in each state. so as you would guess, states that are blue or tend to vote democratic benefit because they have the highest illegal immigrant populations meaning they get extra electoral votes. author of the book "a disgrace to the profession," our friend mark steyn is back with us. really? this is when it has now come down to? >> yeah. it's amazing, sean. i think most of us understand that the president isn't popularly elected. it's done on the basis of the electoral college. as you said, the electoral college, how many votes each state gets includes the number of illegal immigrants in each state. so for example, a state like california, if you didn't count illegal immigrants, that state would have five fewer electoral votes. my entire state of new hampshire just has four votes. so in other words, the illegal
7:18 pm
immigrants in california outpunch the entire state of new hampshire and every legitimate u.s. citizen living in new hampshire. in fact, if you take the five electoral college votes that are basically allocated on the basis of the number of illegal immigrants in the state in california and you add the one electoral college vote in new york and one in washington state, basically the electoral college votes that are accounted for by the number of illegal immigrants in each state outpunches the whole of northern new england, vermont, maine, new hampshire. they might as well not vote because their votes are canceled out by illegal immigrants. >> if you buy into the classic arguments that both parties, we would have a wall built, but both parties equally for different reasons, they don't want to build a wall. republicans are beholden to corporate interest, they want cheap labor. therefore, they don't go forward
7:19 pm
with building the fence. it seems that democrats are far more forward thinking and long-term thinking by saying, no, we want a new electoral base and the more immigrants that come into the country, become citizens, the odds are they're going to vote democrat. so -- >> this electoral college thing indicates, they don't even need them to become it is accecitize. they just need them to come across the border. the democrats want essentially to expand the dependency class and therefore the bureaucracy that administers to them whereas the republicans, the kind of chamber of commerce republicans, just want cheap labor. the problem is there isn't going to be a republican party if you don't get this issue under control. because as we've seen right now illegal immigrants count for about 10 electoral college votes. a couple of election cycles down
7:20 pm
the line. what's it going to be, 18, 20? this is an existential issue for the republican party. there aren't going to be -- when the entire united states takes on the demographics of california, there will never be another republican president again. so there's absolutely no point in worrying about whether we should shave a couple of points off the capital gains tax rate when on this core issue you're basically surrendering turf all across the map every single day. >> handicap for us for four months outside of the iowa caucus. we have less than a minute. handy dap the odds of carson, carly and marco and jeb. tell us who you think is where. >> well, i think we're getting very late for any of the official politicians to snatch this thing out from under the trump, carson in iowa and trump
7:21 pm
and fiorina. and i think that gets back to the immigration issue. the republican base is sick of basically a two party one party state which is what america has. and the two party one party state operates very well if you're a liberal. it gives you obamacare, gives you all kinds of things but if it's a conservative, it doesn't work so well. that's why these politicians will scoop it up in iowa and new hampshire. >> the one and only mark steyn. congratulations on the new book. as vladimir putin continues to test president obama, how should the u.s. respond? we'll check in with chris christie tonight with reaction. also later shannon breen is here to talk about the supreme court's new term. what does the highest court in the land think about the second amendment. she'll explain. and in this disturbing video, believe it or not, a man in california appears to be stalking a police officer. cops say he was doing it for
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back to "hannity" vladimir putin continues to test the united states. russia is sending ground troops into syria as well as rocket launchers. i sat down with republican presidential candidate new jersey governor chris christie to talk to him about putin's play in syria. joining us now is the governor of the great state of new jersey and presidential candidate chris christie. appreciate you being here. i'm trying to understand something. let's imagine today you were president and vladimir putin goes through what he did with the ukraine, crimea, then he goes into syria, says he's going after isis and his first bombing attack is on the u.s.-backed armed rebels that are trying to dethrone assad, the dictator.
7:25 pm
now, to me, that's almost a proxy attack against us. what's your read on it? >> listen, just when you think it can't get worse with this administration, it does. here's what you do. when he went into ukraine put the missiles back in poland and made troop movements to all the little baic states. make sure he knows we mean business. with syria, we should be setting up no-fly zones and protecting those people that we're training. >> but the russian general went into a u.s. military complex and said, don't fly your airplanes. lecturing us. >> if i were president of the united states that russian general would not be telling our generals anything. the fact is that this president has chosen, sean, inaction over action. every place around the world he pulls america back, reretreats and apologizing. that's not who america is. >> it's inexplicable to me that he makes all the wrong decisions. who would have ever thought the united states would give $150
7:26 pm
billion to iran, the right to spin centrifuges, 24 days notice of an inspection, the inspectors are not american. they even get to pick the inspectors in some instances. and on top of that they get a missile defense system with russia and they get more conventional weapons and build icbms. >> he doesn't think it's wrong. that's the extraordinary thing. he's convinced he's right. >> what's wrong with him not seeing that it's wrong? >> because this is the a guy convinced that he's the smartest guy in the room and convinced he can charm anybody into anything. he'll talk to the iranians and bring them around. these are murderous thugs. they stone women in the streets. these are people that hang homosexuals from cranes because of their sexual orientation. these are people that don't let women get educated. you can't talk to these people. >> is the net result is the next president is probably going to have to take out the nuclear facilities? >> the next president better be prepared to and i will be. two things i'll say on the first
7:27 pm
day to the iranians, the first is you'll never have a nuclear weapon. and if that means taking military action to stop it, we will. and second, that the united states' official policies for regime change in iran, regime change, that's our policy. >> we had an opportunity in 2009 and all those people that took to the streets, all those students and young people we stabbed in the back. >> threw them under the bus. we need a president who is willing to say those things and do them. >> i don't think there's any other way except to take out the sites. that means aligning with israel. the saudis would join us, the egyptians would join us, the jordanians would join us. >> the emiraties also, all of them would join because they don't want to see a persian empire across the middle east which is what vladimir putin and the mullahs in iran are looking to build. >> back to putin. the reason that it seems the world is impotent in dealing with them especially western europe is they're so dependent
7:28 pm
on the oil pipelines coming through the ukraine. >> sure, but we can counter that if we had an aggressive american energy policy like i proposed. >> we can fill that void. >> of course. we should be exploring more aggressive bring in our country for oil and natural gas and partner with mexico and canada to say the north american continent will supply what they need so they don't have to rely on putin. he's swinging above his weight. and the only american he can knock out in the ring is barack obama. put me in the ring against vladimir putin, we'll do just fine. >> there's a very big difference between how i view republican conservative governors and how i view republicans in washington. i'm disgusted. 60% of republicans feel betrayed by their own party. john boehner is out. they're in the process of picking a new speaker, chaffetz, mccarthy and webster. what advice would you give them? because they seem so afraid to use the power of the purse,
7:29 pm
their constitutional authority. they're timid and weak and obama knows it. he's the worst negotiator in the world. >> you should look at what we did across this country in the states. look at in new jersey, i have a solidly democratic legislature. i've given more tax it's popular, i don't because the people don't want higher taxes in new jersey. i've vetoed over 400 ridiculous bills, none have been overridden. you stand up and tell people who you are. tax reform now. >> why is there this unhealthy, unnatural fear that if they stand up and use the power of the purse to defund planned parenthood, to stop executive action on immigration, to defund obamacare, that the fear is they're going to get blamed for the shutdown? >> they get blamed because they don't know how to play this. they don't know the american people want strong aggressive leadership. they need to get behind a leader.
7:30 pm
>> any of those three that you think is strong? fr >> listen, they all have their strengths. i don't know webster as well, but chaffetz and mccarthy have their strengths. but that's not the point. we're going to keep splintering, queer n we're not going to get together. >> the bigger picture to look at this, i would say i'm more on the conservative tea party end of things but an establishment wing of the republican party and the conservatives like me feel these guys make promises, we elect them and they don't fulfill their promises. >> face it, month one's fulfilled their promises. a republican house down there, a republican senate, doesn't matter which one you're talking about. the republican senator none of them have gotten it done. you need to drag them to it. 400 vetoes in nurmg, the most of any governor in american history of any state, not one veto
7:31 pm
overridden in years. not one. >> the democrats in the legislature, why do they do that? >> because they have a great sense of humor. >> coming up, the supreme court is back in session. shannon breen is here to show us what to look out for. take a look at this video posted online. it shows a man watching a police officer from his vehicle, then reveals a gun in the guy's hand. allegedly this was made for, quote, entertainment? geraldo rivera and sheriff david clarke. ... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy.
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it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase. welcome back to "hannity." the supreme court began its new term yesterday and major hot button issues are expected to come before the judge's session. our own shannon breen. shannon? >> sean, the term has just kicked off and there's blockbuster cases ahead from affirmative action to the death penalty, the justices are not shying away from controversy.
7:37 pm
including a challenge to the president's executive action on immigration. and also that case with the little sisters of the poor, a religious order of nuns fighting back against the obamacare mandate which requires most employers to facilitate cost-free access to contraceptives for their employees. as we await word on those cases, there's renewed focus on what the supreme court has already said on the issue of gun rights. over the last several years the court has issued two key rulings on the second amendment. the first was a 5-4 decision in 2008 and focussed on the tough gun laws here in washington in an opinion offered by justice scalia. quote, there seems to us no doubt on the basis of both text and history, that the second amendment conferred an individual right to keep and bear arms." it moved to strike down the ban on guns in the home and any lawful gun in the home had to be completely inrop op rabble. finding those defeated the whole purpose of having a gun for
7:38 pm
self-defense. in a follow-up case the court rules on restrictive gun measures in chicago ultimately finding that the second amendment does apply to states when they or their localities attempt to restrict guns as well. not everyone is in agreement. days ago hillary clinton said, quote, the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. >> thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. joining us with reaction, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke and fox news reporter geraldo rivera. i'm shocked. you're an attorney. you've studied the law, you passed the bar. >> and uphold the constitution of the united states. >> the mass murder at this community college again reveals we are a gun-sick nation. all the second amendment bs aside, the gun lobby controls the country and allows armed maniacal lunatics roam free and kill. that's not true what you're saying. it is a facility statement. >> what aspect of it is false? we have a gun for every man,
7:39 pm
woman and child. 90 million gun owners in this country. >> you care about women, right? >> yeah. >> let's say a woman has a soon to be ex-husband or ex-boyfriend who says i'm coming to your house later tonight and i'm going to kill you and kill the kids. should that woman in a society where we have a second amendment that you called bs, should she have the right to go to a gun store and protect herself in case the lunatic comes over? >> absolutely yes, she should, but the husband should not. anyone who has a protective order because of domestic violence should be barred from having a weapon. >> you're not following me. she gets threatened at 5:00 in the afternoon. she doesn't have time to get to court. >> under the geraldo gun control law, every home can have a gun. what you do in the four walls of your home is your business.
7:40 pm
when i get involved is when you go outside. if you want to protect your home, protect your home. >> sheriff, help me out. do criminals obey the law, if geraldo under the i hate the second amendment gun laws, are criminals going to take that gun outside of the house? >> sure, sean, look, this isn't about gun control, this isn't about common sense anything. this is about gun confiscation. that's what the left's attempt is. as a black man i'm especially second amendment because it was the second amendment that really following up on the 13th that freed the slaves, slaves were not freed until the 14th amendment meant that the second amendment applied to us. abolitionist frederick douglas was a stalwart in black people being able to arm themselves to defend against mob linchings and other sorts of -- types of violence following slavery. so i'm not going to cede any of that right back to the federal government. >> i agree with you, sheriff.
7:41 pm
i disagree with your -- >> we know it, we've seen it. >> to tennessee, for instance, the tennessee law, the case that supported the second amendment specifically said the gun rights belong to the free white citizens of tennessee. i think that your -- and dred scott also mentioned the second amendment in keeping with the return of that slave as property, as chattel back to the owner across the mason-dixon line. it has been grotesquely cliberral in many, many ways. >> i disagree. every one of our framers, all of them said the right of the people, the individual citizens, militia defined as the whole group of the citizenry of the people of this country. here's my problem -- >> 18th century. >> here's my problem with your argument. you say it's okay, have a gun in your house, do whatever you want. you're assuming that people who are mental patients will abide
7:42 pm
by the geraldo rule. >> we have background checks. >> we do have universal background checks. >> why shouldn't it be as hard to get a gun as it is to get a driver's license. >> when her life was threatened that day? >> you because you need some kind of assessment. >> our government assessment -- >> victim in the home and the maniacal husband coming for her. >> that's a realistic real life scenar scenario. >> -- cops, i got news for you. >> then the cops will come -- >> hgeraldo, with all due respect, put the liberal talking points away. >> i'm not a liberal. >> i beg to differ. >> -- use the word universal with us, it was called universal health care. remember if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. more people would be covered under universal health care and costs would be lowered.
7:43 pm
both of those turned out not to be true. this universal background check is nothing more than a stair step, a slippery slope toward gun registration and ultimately their goal is gun confiscation. like i said, with all due respect, a lot of respect for you -- >> and i for you, sheriff. >> -- inside your house, your first amendment rights come outside the house. your fourth amendment rights to unreasonable searches and seizures prohibits that by the government come out -- extend outside your house. your fifth amendment rights extend outside your house, right to counsel. what make us think that the second amendment should only apply to people inside their homes? people are a -- >> when everyone has a gun. this kid had 13 weapons, the kid in umpqua -- >> the dplglock with two magazi.
7:44 pm
[ everyone speaking at once ] >> all right, i got to take a break here. but you're an attorney. do you want to take back the second amendment bs line of yours? you ought to have far more authority of the constitution than that. take it back. you know better. >> i love you, sean. you are my brother. >> the second amendment bs, seriously? >> the second amendment, if carefully construed is as supportable as the rest of the -- >> the right of the people -- >> but it is recklessly. >> fortunately the courts. >> so that. >> the maniac is the same right to have a gun. >> tighter gun control in this country. >> we'll take a break. coming up a disturbing video out of california that prove s the war on cops is real. a man tapes a police officer while literally sitting in his car then reveals the gun in his
7:45 pm
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7:50 pm
illustrates how out of hand this war on cops has gotten in america. you can see a man from inside his vehicle filming an lapd squad car. you can see the officers exit their vehicle, then the camera moves down to show . >> today, we contacted the lapd asking about the video and what their investigators revealed will shock you, explaining quote, the film was made by members of an early 1990 rap group no longer in fashion, posted to ignite a come back by the rap group and went on to decide that detectives determined the video was made for entertainment purposes only, and not a credible threat to police officers. i'm not buying that. it's disturbing, pulling a gun on police officers is quote, entertainment? that is not entertaining. >> it is per verse.
7:51 pm
i deplore it. there is enough tension between the minorities and cops. in the green room, my neighbor told me about a bill board that says blue lives matter. >> i never understand o'malley -- >> when have you officers attacked, where is the president? where is the guy that speaks out on gun violence? when does he speak out in defense of police officers? of law enforcement? >> he doesn't. he's out protecting criminals. look. i was angelid i was angered by that video as well.
7:52 pm
officers lou and ramos were ambushed just sitting in the squad. this is subhuman behavior. the rap kul tour is subhuman. the way they treat women. it should be disturbing to every law enforcement officer in america that this would put up to encourage weak minded people how easy it is to ambush a police officer. we know that and live with that every day. we don't need aencouraged. >> you can come to my house with my collection of guns. i have been trained since i was 11. >> that is why i'm on the nra. i believe in the concept. of training. people should be trained. they should be vetting. >> i agree. >> nra trains more people than any other group in america. >> the nra spreads propaganda
7:53 pm
for gun manufacturers. >> geraldo, that is folk for me, but i don't want you to make that decision for me or any other american. >> mentally people are not allowed to have guns. >> i want law abiding people to be able to walk around like that. >> when we come back, we need your help with the question of the day, straight ahead. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio. is it run by robots? no no, you can talk to a person anytime. 'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will reimburse your advisory fees for those quarters. i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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7:59 pm
going to talk seriously about the financial crisis in this country. one candidate is going to inherit debt. i'd love to know how they plan on reducing spending. >> that is a great question. i have asked every presidential candidate on the g.o.p. site, hillary doesn't come on the show. i ask him that question. barack obama will accumulate more debt than every president before him combined. add to that unfunded liabilities and social security and medicare going bankrupt. 50 million americans in poverty. and 46 million americans on food stamps. if we grow the economy, let companies bring back money they've not been able to bring back by taking away tax measures, energy independence, these things, we can jump start.
8:00 pm
great question. that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr. we're very upset if you're not here. message is one of hope and inspiration. it isn't one of division and get in line and we will take care of you with free stuff. i think everyone who goes public college or university should be able to do that without having to borrow a penny. >> socialism versus capitalism. that will be the main theme in the 2016 presidential election. will hillary clinton tout the socialistic line? tonight, a special report. >> wants to come to our community and stand on the corpses of our loved ones to make some kind of a political point and it isn't going to be well received. >> president obama will travel to roseburg, oregon on friday and some there object


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