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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 6, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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but, again,we hope care shows up tomorrow. ms. megyn is next. please remember, the spin stops
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the publisher of the conservative newspaper. he saids president wasn't welcome in roseburg. >> our douglas county commissioners with the elected sheriff and our chief of police all came to a consensus about him not being welcome here at the grandstand for political purposes. >> that popular sheriff sent a letter to vice president biden opposing gun control. other officials are pushing back saying he does not speak for them, quoting here, news outlets have been announcing the president was not welcome in rosebu
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roseburg. we wish to make it clear we'll extend him every courtesy. >> among those raising questions about the advise writ on friday, is the father of anna boylan who managed to survive a gunshot wound to the back tonight. her father, stacy boylan joins me. your suggestion that this is a politicizing the tragedy. >> i do believe rahm emmanuel said never let a good tragedy go to waste. i feel his visit is to support his gun control agenda.
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i can't understand why he wouldn't make a mention of the families and victims about he did make it all about gun control. we saw this in sandy hook, now, we're seeing it again. i just question his motives. >> as a second amendment supporter, how does it make you feel? >> you know, my position on this is that gun free zones are a problem, an issue, and a target for crazy people. and you know my daughter said to me what if someone would have had a gun? gun free and gun control takes that option off the table. someone doesn't have to use their gun in defense but to take away the option, i don't think that is the right course.
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>> when the president comes on friday, will you see him? >> i have spoken to my family and for myself and daughter and son, on principle, i find i am, you know in disagreement with his policies on gun control, therefore, we will not be attending the visit. >> how is anna? >> i'm sorry? >> how is anna doing tonight? >> anna is recovering from physical wounds. we're now, you know, dealing with the aftermath of this, the dust is starting to settle. there is a lot of interest in this event and emotionally, she's processing and we're just being there for support. and i thank all of the citizens and people in roseburg, and in springfield. hospital, of course, and all of the outpouring of support has
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been incredible in the healing process. and i grieve for the loss of the lives taken on that day. >> how much hate was expressed last week and so much love from the communities in the aftermath, thank you for being here, stacy. >> thank you, megyn. >> some of roseburg's leaders saying they support president obama coming to their town. joining me now, roseburg mayor and city council president ryan. mayor rich, you heard stacy boylan but how this has been politicized and he doesn't want his family situation politicized by the president. what say you? >> well, i understand people are going to line up on both sides. i look at it our community is grieving at the moment. we're here for the victims. the president offered to give us national support to our
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community. and i think we need to show our respect and honor him as he is here representing the united states. we need to be respectful of that. i'm very happy the president decided to stop by. >> what about you, mr. ryan? the thing about this situation is that president said we ought to politicize this. now, you've got several family members saying no. you don't get to politicize our tragedy, the death or shooting injuries of our loved ones. >> my personal opinion on the president's statement doesn't matter. he is the president of the united states. we will offer him everything that office should be accorded. you know? i may disagree with his statements but if he can help victims that is what we're here for. the other reason is that we've got keened of tired of people
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claiming to represent our community that didn't. >> who is that? david jakes? >> well, that might be one of them, yeah. >> the guy on with bill. >> i'm more blunt man the mayor. >> mr. mayor, i ask you, you know, the white house asked about this today and josh earnest said, well, the president had a previously scheduled trip to the west coast so it does not require a significant change in travel plans to spend time with the families smchl viewed that as insensitive to suggest you're on the way to fund raising so what the heck? just going to spend time with grieving families. your thoughts on that? >> well, what people don't realize is that his committee actually called the day before and said what do you think if we stop by? they said that he was going to be on the west coast what. do
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you think if he stopped by? i said please do, show up. we'd love to have you here and have that national support come to our community. it was offered to me for our victims' families to meet. and they're welcome to show up and visit if they want to. i thank him forgiving us that opportunity. >> how about? as the blunt man you say you are. if the president speaks about a push for gun control in a community that supports the second amendment strongly, and many victims don't want to see gun laws tightened what will you say to him? >> well, this -- he is the president of the united states. regardless of who the president is, they're welcome in our community. >> right. >> if the members of the family want to meet with him, they're more than welcome to. if he can help them, more power to him. my personal feelings are at the
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aside. he is the president of the united states. >> right. he has a microphone, but so do you. so do you. will you push back on his position or behalf of folks stacy? or no? >> our state representative made a saying when the vehicle is in the ditch and people are injured you take them out, then you argue about why the vehicle went into the ditch. >> but that is the position that the families are taking who are objecting. they're saying before the bodies had grown cold, the president was out there politicizing this issue. that is why they're angry. their loved ones hadn't been retrieved when he was at the lecturn talking about how this needs to be politicized. >> i disagree with his statement, too. but he is still the president of the united states and he will be welcome in our community.
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>> thank you. and dr. ben carson was asked about roseburg and his response touched off a big campaign trail controversy, part is just breaking tonight. look. he's here. and he will join us next on that, plus, mrs. carson is here for her very first visit to the "kelly file" and an ugly report that suggests vice president biden may have been the oneed d conversation with his son shortly before his son's death for political advantage. we're looking into who put that out and whether it's true when brit hume joins us in just a moment. and mark and arthur are here tonight. what came before this moment and whether that will change this story.
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dr. carson, along with his wife, authors of the book "a more perfect union". thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> it's a pleasure to meet you, candy carson. so the accusation that you seem tone deaf and callous about the massacre. >> i'm laughing at them. the people asking that. of course, if everybody attacks that gunman he's not going to be able to kill everybody. if you sit there and let him shoot you, one by one, you're all going to be dead. maybe these are things people don't think about. it's something i would be
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thinking about. >> don't you allow for the notion in a time of great stress like that, one might not know exactly what to do? and to judge them, sound like you're judging them? >> not judging them at all. these incidents continue to occur. i doubt that this would be the last one. i want to plant the seed in peoples' minds if this happens again, you know, they don't all -- sometimes we have to look at the big tick tour. >> what do you make of it? just the notion that you sit there. there will be another one. there have been so many. and so many americans are saying but that is not good enough. what are we going to do about it? what do we do? >> i think the key things to do is look at all of these shooters. and see what we can glean in terms of their personalities,
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and in terms of what kind of behavioral decisions they've had in the past and teach people to intervene before they have these signs. i don't know if they need to be put away. remember larry holmes? you know he was working with a psychiatrist before this happened. we need to empower the people who are taking care of them to recognize these dangerous trends to do something. >> what about the parents? let me ask you, candy. the parents need to pay attention to what is going on with their kids. how do you do it? how did you raise such good kids? >> oh. >> and such productive citizens.
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>> well, i think because of our economic situation, many have to be double duty everywhere. they're doing two jobs because it's not, the economy is the way it is and there are differences left to themselves. teachers are overburdened. so the kids are being left behind. not everybody can stay home. sometimes i feel like a single mom because he wasn't around. >> it's irritating when your husband is saving the lives of a bunch of kids. but i'm saying you grew up in a bad area, and your mother couldn't read. you tell that story many times. you would have been a kid that
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slipped through the cracks about how you tried to stab, you hit his belt buckle. >> right. >> you could have been a kid who wound up in trouble like this. >> no question about it. that is one of the reasons that i think differently than a lot of people. i believe there is a god. i do believe there are forces that can help us if you seek them out. and i was taught that as a child. and i think it's something that i continue to trust in, even to this day. and recognize that this nation actually used to be a nation where faith was not ridiculed. all of our money says in god we trust. our pledge of allegiance says we're one nation, under god. our founding documents talk about rights given to us by our creator. >> but you're not allowed to do
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that. >> we've become schizophrenic. >> what is it like to watch the presidential debates, watching your husband up there, seeing him get attacked since he was a front runner in one poll. >> i guess part of my secret is that i don't watch a lot of news. probably because it's just, he's doing a certain thing he feels called to do. when i consider, i'm with him 100% in the sense that i will support him. this is not something i was looking to do after giving up my husband 40 years to medicine i don't want to give him up to our country but when i look at our grandchildren, and you think about that deficit we have, the huge debt, $18.5 trillion to pay it off at $10 million a day will take you 5,000 years. to saddle them with that debt, we're the first generation to make it worse for next one. >> what is he like? >> that is how great he is.
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it's terrible. >> come on. >> he doesn't make mistakes one. if he does, it's a teeny one. that is what is irritating you know? if i misplace my glasses or misplace a file, saying honey have you seen this? well, he's focused on whatever he is doing. after i ask him i'll look and it's there. >> it's interesting. you celebrated your 40th wedding anniversary. the book is the more perfect union. and you have been in a perfect union over four decades, thank you. >> thank you, megyn. >> best to you both. >> great to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too. >> one atheist group is going after school prayer in an arkansas high school. students want to pray, they want to. but the atheist group doesn't want them to. the students have decided they're having none of the
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if this happened and we have no reason to believe it didn't, both resigned and that is an interesting footnote about all of this. and if the story is to have meaning that he told that, it might make sense, i don't think there is anything that wanted to. this raises the idea he did it to try to generate sympathy for him. and if he decides to enter the race. i don't doubt the disparity of
9:28 pm
this man's grief over that. i don't have a reason to feel he feels like a presidential campaign is a big, rough and tumble undertaking and that he is torn about this. i think it is this way as well. >> there are research saying he's taken a look at him. >> she's got a super structure of organizations and foundations and so on designed to support her and her husband's undertaki undertaking. it would be surprising to me if people who labor away in those vineyards weren't keeping a d
9:29 pm
dossier on joe biden. look, he's taken positions on major issues and some of the positions have not turned out altogether well. that will arise if he should decide to get into the race. right now he's not in the race, he's the vice president. and not making a lot of news every day. so waters are fairly calm. and they will quickly become turbulent if he gets in the race. >> he's not in the race yet. he's not beating her in most polls but he's a different threat to her than bernie sanders is. heo be the one that clinton may be really concerned about it. it is bernie sanders beating her in the latest poll in new hampshire. >> well, the point is that if
9:30 pm
joe biden were to enter the race, the question arises who whose support does he draw most from? i don't think he would draw much from bernie sanders because bernie sanders is in left field. and the people feeling the burn i don't think are going to say let's go ride with biden. because his ideological profile, political profile is closer to hillary clinton's. so it would make sense in the polls that if he gets in the race, he hurts her. and that would with undesirable for her point of view. >> that is a different way of putting it. brit, great to see you. >> thank you. >> new questions whether russia may expand it's military operations now in the middle east. next on whether the kremlin could be turning its attention
9:31 pm
to save a country that americans fought and died delivering. and democrats launched a new effort to take down the benghazi select committee. next, answering this question. >> the fact is that we have four dead americans. what difference, at this point does it make? ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> republicans admit it. >> mccarthy with the committee ga getting benghazi. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? what are her numbers today? >> she'll nef stop fighting for you. and republicans know it.
9:36 pm
>> republican congressman tray goudy. you've been praised by both sides of the aisle at times. i imagine you feel disappointed in the comments but you tell me. >> kevin is wrong. i ask viewers and everyone else those that have been suspicious and supportive to not focus on the words people not on the committee used, focus on those who have been on the committee for the last year and a half. out of the 54 witnesses we have interviewed 41, no other committee interviewed not one of them has been named clinton. of the 15,000 documents less than 5% had anything to do with it. >> it's not all about hillary
9:37 pm
clinton. let me ask you. >> she's the secretary of state. we would be crazy not to talk to her. >> kevin mccarthy came out, but has he apologized to you? >> pro fusely. kevin is a friend. and it is time for me to continue getting ready for october 22nd she's going to be treated fairly. look at what cheryl mills said. she spent nine hours with us. she said i was treated respectfully and thanked us for the work. this is the number two question. >> she said this comment does a grave disservice and dishonors the memory of four people killed in again gazy. >> the only thing i can tell you
9:38 pm
is that i made a promise and republicans and democrats are in there and i had said we're going to do this in a way that garners respect of our fellow citizens. i think our committee has done just that. i cannot control what people not on our committee say or do. if you look at the 40 witnesses we call after october 22nd not one of them will be named clinton. she was secretary of state. i cannot avoid calling her. she's one out of 100. >> quick question. any anything from the clinton camp she might not show snup. >> no, she said she's going to come and be treated fairly and asked questions and my suspicion
9:39 pm
is that this committee proved a washington investigation can be done the right way. >> congressman gowdy, thank you. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> another potential foreign policy nightmare shaping up. as we learn the prime minister of iraq is now saying he would quote, welcome russian assistance in the fight against isis. so could the kremlin be occupying a country where thousands of americans fought and died? so, mark, great. russia going to take over syria, in iraq, and they're going to take over the middle east and i guess we're not supposed to care? >> apparently not. when you thought it couldn't get worse in the middle east it gets worse. the iraqi prime minister gave an interview this weekend and said that barack obama does not have the will to do what is necessary
9:40 pm
to defeat isis and would welcome russian forces and says, this is a quote, we're expecting the americans would bring massive air power to protect our forces, we haven't received that massive power. so america's campaign has been so anemic, that one, it became the pretext for russia to come in and rescue the effort in syria. and second now, we've got the iraqis who are suggesting they might invite russia to come in and replace us. >> do not worry. russian foreign minister says iraq hasn't requested a strike and we're polite people. we do not come if we're not invited. >> yes, tell that to the ukrainians. come on. >> in the meantime this, is what the united states is doing. right? i like to see what are we saying about it. this is what he said at the white house, well, there has
9:41 pm
been one preliminary conversation and we've had one, so we're feeling good about one and chatting about how we don't approve of their strategy. >> yes. the problem we have here is that our campaign, if the president was launching a campaign against isis and having a military effect on the ground, none of this would be happening. 75% of u.s. air authorities in syria and iraq come back without dropping their bombs. this is so weak, it gives a new definition to weakness. that means is that our advers y adversaries don't fear us and allies don't trust us. >> does marco rubio go too far saying we may be in the wake of a cold war?
9:42 pm
>> no. russia is now moving into the middle east and building an alliance with iran. building a coalition it sees as russia, iran, iraq, syria and lebanese hezbollah to drive america out and counter our influence in the region. iran is the shia faith of radicalism. russia is there to help our shia enemy drive us out. that is a victory for russia and iran. it's a big problem we have. >> confusing but sounds wad. mark, great to see you. >> and cameras were rolling when police had a violent encounter with a suspect. what came before this moment and whether that will change this story. watch
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it's from daddy. sfx: dad's voice i love you baby girl. duracell quantum lasts longer in 99% of devices so you can always be there. ♪ a los angeles woman filed a lawsuit against police. officers continued violently hitting her. >> what are you doing? to her?
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>> stay back. stay back or you're going, too. >> wait until you hear what she did. joining me now to debate it, arthur aydala. so mark why don't you tell people what she did that was so upsetting to the officer? >> it was a heinous crime. she allegedly failed to wear her seat belt and complained the officer wasn't treating her properly. >> she went by a cop, she sees a cop and sirens going off.
9:48 pm
she says what is the deal. he says what is going on. he says is this your car, she says no. then it's none of your effing business. she gets in the car with 2 kids, drives off. she just happened to be pulled over for a seat belt violation? >> as disturbing as that is, imagine everybody, your two children are 11 and 9 standing there watching their mother being attacked by law enforcement. this is a woman without a weapon, she is a woman who doesn't have a black belt in mixed martial arts. >> in defense of the police, once they tried to place you under arrest have you to submit. you have to submit. so you can't resist arrest. the pretext, you know, the reason for pulling her over seems clear. the show of force and to add insult to injury, they charged
9:49 pm
her criminally with battery on a peace officer and resisting. those charges were dropped only when what happened? >> well, when they saw the video apparently. listen. >> they didn't know they had a video. >> right. >> it came out and they had to drop the case. >> this is par for the course. it happens all the time. my clients get arrested for, i don't know. punching a cop's face, and it's crazy. it happens all the time. but i will challenge myself to defend the cops in that we don't have their version yet. the video looks horrible. they claim there is something more to this. >> the d.a. dropped the charges. >> why is she out of the car? the jurisdictions i represent people in, the cop says give me your license, writes you a summons. you never leave the automobile. why is she out of the car?
9:50 pm
that what i want to hear. with two kids in the car. >> now, charges have been dropped. but her lawyer says if they
9:51 pm
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9:54 pm
. i like it better when mark is on one side. now, arc. anyway. you tell me -- apparently there was one student.
9:55 pm
why is there always just one? it feels like the atheists go to this school, are you ticked off? are you ticked off? one student versus everyone else. the one student is going to get his way. the prayer is not aloud, right? >> it's horrible. absolutely horrible. the next thing i hope these students do as soon as they're 18 and vote, go to the ballot box and put in someone to do something about this. >> what can they do? the supreme court says they can't be teacher led. >> while arthur was polishing his beautifully shaved head, i was doing research the santa fe decision decided in 1990, mir r mirrors the same facts here. don't kill the messenger. >> the students can. let the students do it. very simple.
9:56 pm
>> they can do it quietly and silently, to do it on a public pa system encouraging students to do it, it can't be done. >> guess what? they're doing it. don't go away, for 5$500, can yu name the anchor mentioned in jeopardy tonight? next. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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>> nice, john, way to go. now, if they could just make me a p.i. on matlock, nana would be thrilled! watching. tonight isis is targeting the man who killed usama bin laden, the navy s.e.a.l. rob o'neill is here exclusively to explain. then a new report reveals illegal immigrants could help put hillary clinton in the white house. mark steyn is here with reaction. plus geraldo rivera and sheriff david clarke weigh in on this disturbing video. all of that plus 2016 contender governor chris christie is here in studio. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight isis is targeting the navy s.e.a.l. who killed usama bin laden. according to a new report, a british isis sympathizer published online the address of rob o'neill


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