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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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great question. that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your tonight hillary clinton carly fiorina rolling past hillary clinton. in a head-to-head matchup fiorina beats clinton 52% to 38%. both governor jeb bush and businessman donald trump showing they can take on clinton in iowa. my7)(l&2ñvh![r0gúpfnton 50%u compared to her over g.o.p. rivals. former presidential candidate herman cain goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hello, greta. thank you. >> what do you make of the thata beats secretary clinton by 14 points.
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it's early. not caucus day yet points in iowa. >> people in iowa are waking up to hillary clinton's weaknesses and they are waking up to carly fiorina's strengths because if you put them side by side in terms of depth of knowledge, articulating their ideas and solutions, there is no comparison. so, hip hip who hooray for the people in iowa because they are not making their decisions based strictly on popularity. and that's a good sign. >> well, i suspect that hillary clinton tonight is going hip hip hooray to the other poll which pits her against bernie sanders. she has 47 points. she is going to get a whopping 11 points over bernie sanders in iowa. she may not like the one against fiorina tonight but she likes the one against bernie sanders tonight. >> yes. she will like the one against bernie sanders. people in iowa and most of the people across this country realize this is a race between socialists on the democrat side yes, i
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said it, socialists. they are racing to see who can offer the most amount of free stuff and less liberties. free stuff and less liberties because that's what they are trying to do. the most significant one though is what you showed earlier in terms it of foreign that and when you look deeper in that poll, jeb bush, who is polling in single digits, nationally, is beating hillary hillary. that's not good for hillary and that means people are waking up. >> senator bernie sanders brags will about being a socialist. are you saying secretary clinton is a socialist? am i understanding you correctly. >> you do. she just uses different words, greta. for example, she is on record as saying that she believes that two more years of college should be made show tried to walk it back. not making it free for donald trump's kids. well, you know, that's another way that the socialists say, yeah, we are going to give you more free stuff but we are going to decide who gets it and, secondly, they never talk
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about the liberties you have to give up. remember, free healthcare? by way of obamacare? look at all the liberties that people have given up. you can't keep your doctor. you can't keep your own health insurance. all of that was never talked about. >> all right. let me give you a little bit of a curve ball then. who is more of a feminist part a and part b who is going to got women's vote between carly fiorina and secretary clinton. >> that is a curve ball, greta and you normally don't do that to me. here's my answer. i don't think it's about who is being more of a feminist it's about which one one of those women connect the best with the american public and the women. i am going to say this and i know i'm going out on a limb. whoever gets the republican nomination. carly fiorina gets the republican nomination, hillary is toast.
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if one of the other leaders get the republican nomination, they would be brilliant to select carlie fiorina. it would then neutralize the quote, unquote. female slash feminist slash woman vote. that's what needs to be done. like it or not, a lot of people are going to vote on emotions relative to having a female in the administration. >> herman cain, thank you. >> you heard it here first. you are welcome, greta. >> all right. thank you, sir. and poll numbers aside, secretary clinton has new reasons to be be worried. it's the eword. emails. there is new word about emails. live team coverage. "the washington post" reporter tom hamburger on a new report showing secretary clinton may have given pr l preferential treatment to major donors of the clinton nirnive. ed henry on whether secretary clinton actually handed over not some but a of her emails. ed? >> that's twg is that today
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we learned that a letter has now gone from the obama state over to hillary clinton's personal attorney david kendall asking about what appears to be a two month gap in her official email. when she turned them over last december, she said that the emails, the official ones on her personal account started in march 2009 at the beginning of the obama administration. since then we have learned about email exchanges with colonel david petraeus in january and february in 2009 about business, personnel moves in the obama administration. this letter from the statute department to david kendall is saying, look, you need to certify whether or not she really turned over all of these federal records. why is that important? this august hillary clinton signed a document in which she certified under the penalty of perjury that she had turned over all federal records. what's interesting is you see hillary clinton going on offense today. she put out an ad focus canned on kevin mccarthy with that gaffe that
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suggested the goal of the benghazi committee and the house is all about, you see the ad right there. beating up on hillary clinton politically. she wants to jump on that and say this is partisan. she is going to score points on that. on the other hand though, when you have an fbi criminal investigation that is not partisan and overseen by the obama justice department and now you have the obama state department saying wait a second maybe not everything was turned over. it makes it harder to say this is about politics, greta. >> did is t. say something to the best of my knowledge? >> it had that caveat. >> you would know better than i whether that will stand up. >> i would never have any clients sign anything that didn't have some wiggle room in case a client was mistaken accidently or deliberately that phrase best of my knowledge. has whole another matter in a court of law. >> keep your friends close but your donors closer.
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latest batch showing hillary clinton foundation donors got special access to the state department. these emails raising questions about possible conflicts of interest during her time as secretary of state. tom hamburger is live in washington. tom, just off the top, did anyone who may have gotten special access impact any policy at all? is there any suggestion that secretary clinton did anything as a result of the accesses? >> greta, we didn't find as we reviewed emails that there was a special case of donor or a friend of the clintons who was asking for something and got it. there wasn't a sort of smoking gun like that. we could tell though that when george soros, for example, wrote his friend hillary clinton to warn her about the situation in he will bane i can't, she immediately sends an he email to todd saying this is a smart report and we should pay attention to it so, what we really found is not the sort of quid pro quo or changes in policy. it's access as you suggested by some of these donors that seem to be a bit unusual in
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emails that we looked at. >> i take it i mean, are the people who had access, these big money people? i take it these aren't the ones sending in the the $2 or $3 over the transsem? >> i you mentioned george sore who had donated through the foundation, perhaps his foundation a decade ago. there are some of hillary clinton and bill clinton's. developed the power rangers entertainment network was getting messages and some greetings through to the clintons. there was even one point when huma abedin wrote the secretary and said he trying to get in touch immediately with former president clinton and can you and we're trying to reach him. you can help? so what we saw was that these top donors, many of whom the clinton described
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as friends had top level access to the secretary. >> i know that she has the uniqueness of having this big charity associated with her name. but, were you able at all to look -- is this sort of standard business in washington or is this unusual or are you unable to make that determination because you can't go through other emails? >> it's a good question. and i you think it points to the political question that you were talking about earlier which is the cost of this email controversy to hillary clinton and her presidential campaign. we don't really know how other secretaries of state, john kerry, george schultz, condoleezza rice may have dealt with political donors because their emails have not been the focus of freedom of information act suits and federal investigations. what we're getting now is sort of a first-time window into how hillary clinton operated at least through the emails that she has turned over so far. >> tom, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> okay. the latest email problem a
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major problem for secretary clinton's campaign or no big deal in the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill. a.b. stoddard and rick klein. big deal or no big deal? >> one week from tonight hillary clinton is going to face down her democratic rivals for the first time and what's interesting is that the argument that you are hearing from some of those rivals, like bernie sanders, like martin o'malley is that the influence of big dollars on government is too much. so the way this question, even in the confines of a democratic primary. this isn't kevin mccarthy making this case, this is going to be fellow democrats making a case about the spheres of influence around the clintons, around the big money that influences politics. that, to me, is damaging inside the democratic primary where her struggle is right now. >> you know what i would do, a.b., if i were secretary clinton i would come out swinging and say which other candidates raised all this monday and i would point where the money from the clinton global initiative, nobody got a special deal. sure they got to moot with me or one of my aides. we were out there helping people so give it a rest. i would come out swinging. >> that sounds like a great
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pr strategy. as you were talking to tom hamburger no reporter can get at how much her state department work and her clinton foundation universe and the fact that the donors anticipated she was a future president and not just dealing with a past president overland and were integrated and so those are the emails possibly that were considered personal and have been deleted. and so until and unless she is able to prove that she can talk all she wants about the good work the foundation has done. there is a suspicion that those overland and that's why emails were destroyed. >> when you stick your head in the sand, you look guilty. you look guilty. if you come out swinging a little bit, and start establishing what you have done, i mean, it's when you run for cover that everyone gets enormously suspicious. >> she is coming out swinging. >> i don't think she is coming out swinging. >> there is another company out today in connecticut that dealt server. flat river the one you had an exclusive with that originally had had her server in august, basically was asked by the -- they were asked by the clinton campaign so they indicate to
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get rid of some emauls before they were after the request came from the state department. this all stinks no matter what kevin mccarthys is. if this is coming out for her next march, next june, next september this is a political issue. >> i don't know if she has a giant problem but a giant pr political problem. that's why i would come out incorporate swimming, this ♪ looking good for her. i don't know what or strategy she has. she is certainly not handling this well. >> she has called it the dominican republic drip drip and. >> has created that. >> the campaign by not responding to this promptly and fully. >> not the campaign but her. >> of course. >> he she hadn't. >> that's right it falls on her to try to clear the air on it and they have been scrambling to try to even understand all these revelations because they have been unprepared for what's out there. it's contributing to this climate right now in the democratic party of severe angst over the presumptive nominee the run away frontrunner. >> to say it's not that complicated. wife did you have a server in your basement or wherever it was. whose idea was that? i mean, she is not giving that information, which is why the drip, drip, drip.
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she is sticking her head in the sand rather than at least trying to take it on. >> i think with this story maybe too late to try to get in front of it. it has gotten so far away all the details coming out. >> how much of the debate next week is going be about emails. >> moderators will. the others have not taken her on about emails they might that talk about influence and money but this have not talked to her about emails. rick and a.b., thank you both. >> thanks, greta. this is a fox news alert. an army green beret now has a chance to appeal his discharge. sergeant first class charles was ordered discharged after punching commander after raping a young boy. agreeing to postpone his discharge for 60 days. this will give the a chance to file an official appeal. and america's top commander in afghanistan, general john campbell is blasting president obama's plan to slash the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan.
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>> only a few years ago, our coalition numbered over 140,000 military personnel. now our forces comprise of fewer than 14,000 of which approximately 10,000 are u.s. servicemen and women. collectively, the afghan security forces are adapting to these changes and in some places they are struggling. >> and it's not just the general. senator john mccain says president obama's plan to withdraw troops is not only political, but dangerous. iowa senator joni ernst and members of the senate armed services committee joins me. i musted a she is a vet having served in afghanistan and iraq, right? >> in iraq. >> what's your thought on general john campbell says he is he worried about the strategy. what is the the president's strategy? do you know? >> well, i don't know that strategy. we lack, from the administration, a clear coherent strategy in afghanistan. we see the rise of taliban forces. we see the rise of isis, which is something that general john campbell had mentioned today in the senate armed services committee.
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there is no strategy. >> do you think that the general, quiet-quite stunning when he said that president obama before he comes out before the senate committee. >> i do believe he is he communicating that he is a no non-as soon as commander. he is revered amongst all of our military members. and he has put forward a revised plan for the president and the administration i-we see isis gain ago foot hold in afghanistan. and taliban taking back citys we once occupied. >> is the president wants current plan to pull out of afghanistan by the end of 2016 is which is when says he turns out the lights at the white house and new administration starts? is that why it's political? >> it is political from the president's perspective i is
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set ago random goal based on a calendar, not based on capabilities or operations on the ground which is what we need to evaluate. that's what the general was stating today. >> hospital. that terrible incident in afghanistan at doctors without borders how did that happen? that is an' interesting question. the dod is investigating right now. general campbell says this was a mistake. so we know it's a have regrettable. >> how does a mistake? it says it came from up the chain of command. >> again, we soldiers on the ground there train advise and assist we know it came from soldiers. they made that call for help. how we struck that hospital, that's not known yet, the dod will investigate. >> nobody wanted this to happen nobody at all.
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when the afghan says go hit the target. >> i believe there is protocol in place where we do double-check those coordinates and we know what we are striking. we don't know what happened and i can't speculate on what happened right now we know there are a couple of investigations going forward. nato will be another. >> heavy casualties in afghanistan. this is obviously enormously besides being tragic for the loss of life, this is not good for us. >> very regrettable. >> senator, thank you. >> thank you. >> great to see you. >> the death toll rising in south carolina. 15 people now dead after massing flooding. live team coverage from the rain battered states. that's next. also, police under attack a new video shows a man pulling a gun while
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why we have seen people pulling out all of their household items, furniture, clothes, paintings, just everything to it try to protect from the rot and mold. a lot of these people, especially those who live along the water were
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actually rescued by boat so they had to make some very quick and very tough decisions including the decision what do i take with me? >> the water, is it receding yet? >> it is definitely receding here in the capital. the real danger is what happens further downstream? the governor has warned that the next 36 hours could be critical. right now ten dams from collapsed inside the state. so that's going to put pressure owe o -- these failed dams are going to put pressure on the dams below. a real concern over the next 36 hours when this water moves south how some of the lower counties like orangeburg are going to fair when the water huts them in the next 36 hours. we could see flash flooding in the next day. >> the pictures show utter destruction. anyway, steve, thank you. and hundreds of homes are damaged in myrtle beach and the flooding is not expected to stop any time soon. experts warn the water could
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rise another six inches by thursday. fox news correspondent garrett tenney has moved just outside myrtle beach. is he conway south carolina, garrett? >> yeah, greta. it will be at least a couple of months before this water goes away completely it's hard to imagine 24 hours ago this roadway was completely dry. but the river -- this the evening the officials said anyone who hasn't evacuated they recommended do so now before the waters rise even more. we went around this neighborhood earlier this afternoon in some boats because that's really the best way to get around nowadays. and people we have seen a lot of them leaving. they have been heeding those warnings. you will see a lot of homes. they are built on stilts. that's because they are used to flooding here in this neighborhood. this isn't your typical type of flooding.
11:24 pm
this is near record floods that we are seeing. the department of natural resources, they have been out going nonstop all day. working to reach everyone here in this neighborhood. check on them as well as to help anyone who hasn't got out already and wants to to be able to leave. where we are. this has been a loading dock area throughout the day with crowds waiting to go and check on their homes and their belongings, gather whatever they could fit into a boat and then bring back shore, i was talking to one guy this afternoon, greta. he says his home is a couple inches away from being flooded. he says is took his family out. right now all i can do is hope and pray. that's the feeling of so many people all across south carolina right now. greta? greta greta garrett, when i was in new orleans during katrina, people would not leave their houses. they refused to leave. and the water kept creeping up, um, up. are some people, you know, sort of -- very stoic and they are still in their homes. >> there are certainly some
11:25 pm
people say i have been through every hurricane we have here. i made it through that and i'm going to stick around this one. >> others are sticking around because they are worried about looters and whatnot. officials are sending officials around the area to prevent that from going on. other people saying i'm going to wait it out. if waters continue at the rate they were, a lot of these homes will be okay. the concern is if they have to open up flood gates further up north. that will raise these waters to above record levels. greta? >> garrett, thank you. and we have information tonight about that missing 700-foot cargo ship. the ship's owner saying today the captain planned to skirt the storm but an unexpected mechanical engine problem left 33 crew members including 23 americans adrift at sea. so far the massive search turning up zero survivors. coast guard searchers just released new pictures of debris found today. they found a life boat, life vest and one deceased crew member. the debris field is
11:26 pm
223 miles. the ntsb is launching an investigation. >> tonight, more disrespect for police at dunkin' donuts. now a worker writing black lives matter on a police officer's cup. and do you think dunkin' donuts should have a free coffee day for cops to apologize for two recent incidents yes or no using #g let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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obama administration is about to release 6,000 convicts by the end of the month. "the washington post" reporter horowitz joins us. nice to see you. >> hi, greta. >> why are this they releasing all these people? >> this started last year with the u.s. sentencing commission which is an independent agency which sets federal policy, federal sentences for all kinds of crimes that are federal crimes. and the u.s. sentencing commission decided to, because of overcrowding in prisons. federal prisons are had 0% overcrowded and exorbitant cost and unfairness of sentences from 80's and 90's to change the drug policy going forward for future drug offenders and to make it retroactive. they estimated when they did this that 46,000 federal inmates could be eligible. what we're seeing now is the first batch of 6,000 inmates who went before federal judge with a petition, had the petition approved and
11:44 pm
are are now eligible for release. >> all right. these are not armed robbers, rapists, murders errors, right? >> no, these are drug offenders, one thing i should say because people are worried about that headline, 6,000 inmates about to come out. these -- it's note like the flood gates are going to open on november 1st and 6,000 inmates are going to walk out of federal prisons across the country. what will happen is they will first go to halfway houses where sometimes there is counseling and sometimes they help them get jobs. then they will go to home confinement and then they will be under the supervised release of the u.s. probation services. so there is a long path before they go. >> the ones who have been in there for a long time they probably have no place to go in terms of quote home. i used to do this criminal defense work. those were not exactly homes and those are long gone. >> there are many sad cases of i inmates who come out and don't have anywhere to go. i just followed an inmate who was granted clemency by president obama back in march. he got out in july. and i have been following him since he got out. and this is a case of an
11:45 pm
inmate in texas. i have a story coming in a couple days who actually had a family to go to. his sister took him, in gave him transportation, helped him with food and other necessities and so there are cases where people do have families to go to. >> all right. come back with the good stories because we are going to hear about the one in the 6,000 who is going to do really really horrible and that's the story that will get reported. we need to do a balanced and get the good stories out there too as we watch this. sari good story and i will look for this other one coming out in texas. thank you very much. >> russian president vladimir putin is moving troops. where congressman adam kinzinger joins me. that's next. >> now fox news headlines 24/7 is on sirius xm channel 115. every story, every headline, fox news headlines, 24/7. fox news headlines, 24/7. ready when you are on sirius
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developing tonight, russia is stepping up its aggression in syria. nato's secretary general confirming that vladimir putin has sent ground troops into syria. that is not all. russia is also invading turkish airspace. secretary general calling these actions unacceptable, dangerous and reckless. but is there anything the united states can and should do to combat russia's aggression. illinois representative and international guardsman adam kinzinger goes "on the record." good evening, sir. what's putin up to. >> a couple things, number one, he wants to prop up bashar al assad. i think the bigger scale. russia has not really had a role in the middle east. very important part of the world. that's all we talk about basically since the end of the cold war. this is rush's reintroduction to the middle east. they have gone full throttle into syria. remember initially putin is going to be no air strikes and then there were going to be no ground troops. you cannot take this guy at his word.
11:51 pm
his intention is to prop up assad so he maintains his military presence in the middle east and frankly pushes out the united states. >> some of the equipment that he has moved into syria is equipment that you use to fight an air force. isis doesn't have an air force. what in the world is he moving that equipment in for? >> i he think he is setting up for the potential. i'm not going so at a let's say begins bombing or accidently bombs american accents or shoots down american airplane in the process. the natural reaction from nato or from turkey with his turkey would be maybe to bomb his assets in syria or at least threaten them so these are defensive against him. >> turkey is part of nato. so when he -- when they flew into turkey's airspace that's actually flying into nato's airspace. >> it is. >> what can turkey do to get nato to step in and stop this creeping aggression? >> i think we have to be very strong to say this is
11:52 pm
done. we are done with this. it's going to stop. >> we had red lines. >> what does a red line mean anymore? you should call it a green line. we should probably join them in defending turkish airspace. obviously an incursion is not enough to really start world war iii but it needs to be very clear this will not happen again if it does we interdict by shadowing the russian aircraft or whatever look. when it's all said and done nato has to be clear any violation of russia or turkey or any attack on turkish space means that it's an article 5 violation of nato and it means' attack against one is attack against all. putin will not do this if he knows we are serious. >> i still can't get over the fact that putin was in new york last week meeting with president obama and i think it was the next day or the day after is general walks into the embassy in iraq and says you have one hour to clear the airspace in syria. >> well, how do -- how did
11:53 pm
our intelligence let that slip by? how did our defense department slip by? how did president obama get slipped by that? is anyone paying attention to this? >> i feel like what's going on right now is it is like the big kid that gets pushed around by the little kid. >> which one are we? >> we are the big kid getting pushed around right now. we have the ability to come in and change the landscape. russia's economy is basically the size of italy. italy is pushing around in he essence the greatest super power in the world and president obama is letting it happen. he is he is not bombing isis. if he is bombing isis it's for window dressing. is he bombing the moderate doctors, teachers, talked about years ago. >> i hope that afghanistan thing was pretty bad. >> that's the taliban's fault. >> anyway. it's the taliban. it is. anyway. congressman, nice to see you, sir. >> you bet. thank you. >> coming up. time to risk being politically incorrect straight ahead. ♪
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let's all go off-the-record. do you remember this? if you see something, say something in that means have the courage to risk being politically incorrect. it could save lives. when we have these mass killings like oregon, the killers almost always fit a profile. it's never your so-called normal neighbor or relative. it's someone with a pattern of acting weird. like collecting lots of guns with no good reason, they are never hunters or target shooters. that's a clue. most are obsessed with bad stuff on the internet or even wearing crazy stuff like nazi symbols and they say hateful things. you know what i'm talking about. so family members and killer's friends, don't you dare bay person a gun you know who is up to no good. not for hunting. the same thing is true for a gun dealer. make a call not a sale. so my message to all of us beings speak up. and critics will call it profiling it i will call it common sense. the politically correct are going to rain all over my
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parade for saying. this but i'm sick of reporting these stories. they are all heart breakers, so if you see something, for god's sake say something. and if it turns out you are wrong, just apologize. i would rather make that mistake than ignore the obvious and be saying something else after the fact. the deadly fact. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and there is a brand new halloween trend in america. instead of your standard jack o lanterns you may see trumpkins using political pumpkins like campaign signs. they are carving candidate faces instead of the jack lantern faces. if you are trying to spoof your friends into voting this might be the perfect way: 7:00 p.m. eastern. do you think dunkin' donuts should give cup of coffee and doughnut to cops. here is the handle. up next the o'reilly factor.
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good night from washington, d.c. we will see you tomorrow night. if you can't watch live, dvr and watch it again at 11:00 p.m. on your dvr. live or dvr, 11:00 p.m. good night. tonight on ""reds eye." hillary clinton releases a new national tv ad that focuses on benghazi? really? that can't be right. are comfort animals the key to cheering up college students? sure if the cats and dogs pay the massive student loans. and demi lava dough goes make up free for a ""vanity fair" photo shoot. we provide saw lil law wees and son nets. first a news break. live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. the rain has stopped, but flooding concerns remain in south carolina. crews are rushing to repair a breech in a canal in columbia. and there ha


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