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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 7, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> and whatever happened to teachers taking their time on the playground. thank you so much for watching. we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning to you. it's wednesday, october 7th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. one day after a pilot died a the controls of a passenger plane, now a co-pilot passes out mid-flight. what in the world is happening in our skies? >> better be ready to fly the plane. ben carson hammered by mainstream media over comments he made right here sitting on this couch. >> i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say hey, guys, everybody attack them. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> why are some offended by what he said? you will decide. recess became serious business. why schools are hiring consultants to teach your kids
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how to play and do stuff together, structured. is that the best way to do it? we'll discuss this. mornings are better with friends. hi everybody. welcome to the show. you need playground consultants now because some sports are bully sports. for instance, dodge ball. bully sport. >> tag. >> you can't do that. >> tv tag also out. >> wake up and smell the pc. >> the thing is, should recess just be fun? should you let kids interact? >> yes. >> remember, hillary clinton wrote the book on spontaneity. she wanted to plan it, though. she want toed to plan her spontaneity. >> i love the way you tied it back to politics. >> by the way, it's not free, recess. what it's costing schools.
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we'll tell you about it coming up. we start with once again, the weather down south. >> good morning. >> play in the triangle. you get bullied for that one too. yeah. good morning to you all. we'll start with a fox news alert. the rain is over but the problems are not in south carolina. 15 people are now dead and hundreds of more are now forced to live in shelters. swollen rivers still rising and dams around the state are at or near limits threatening more breaches and flash floods in the area. residents are urged to stay off the roads to avoid accidents, drownings and bacteria in the water. nearly 40,000 people still don't have drinking water. doctors without borders calling for an independent fact finding mission into the u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan saying the deaths of the doctors and patients should not be dismissed at collateral damage. they admitted it was a mistake. he urged president obama to
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rethink his plan by the end of 2016. back here at home, another terrifying scare in the air to talk about. a united airlines co-pilot passes out mid-flight. the plane was on the way to houston to san francisco. crews and the pilot made a safe emergency landing at albuquerque. that co-pilot recovering in a hospital. no word on what caused him to pass out. this comes one day after american airlines pilot michael johnston suffered a heart attack and died midway through ray flight from phoenix to boston. meet the internet's newest hero. social media is going wild for the lady in the lower left. the older lady there. she's the only one at the boston premiere of the movie black mass who is not on her cell phone. got a little bit of a sniel. she enjoys watching, living in the moment. imagine that. the celebrities, johnny depp and dakota. the picture shared over 11,000
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times online. those are your headlines. got to enjoy the moment. good for her. >> let's call her insta-gram. as in insta grandma. >> i'll be here all week. >> love it. 24 hours ago, who did we have on the couch? >> there were so many. >> dr. ben carson, america's doctor. >> he's here. we had a chance to meet mrs. carson. i thought it was an effective interview and something the carsons should be happy about. little did i know the firestorm was created because of one answer. >> you asked a great question. we talked to him a little bit about what had happened last week at that community college in oregon. he famously held up a sign that said #i am a christian. brian asked a great question and this question has a million great questions. that was a good one. it was picked up by everybody. watch the question and the answer and then we're going to tell you how the mainstream
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media wet their pants. >> dr. carson, if a gunman points a gun at you and says what religion are you, that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that question because not only would i probably not cooperate with them, i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say everybody attack them. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> that was the question. that was the answer. and then suddenly mainstream media is going, it looks like you're blaming the victims for not doing something. >> this is a man who spent 40 years plus bringing people back to life, giving people a chance at life. the mainstream media wants to mischaracterize him as someone dancing on graves. it's unfair and incorrect and irresponsible. it's completely irresponsible to do to this man whose life's mission has been to give life and is simply answering a question. by the way, a bunch of
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universities are training their students to deal with mass shootings, potential mass shootings as a hazard such as a tornado, a hurricane, a mass flood. they're training students to deal with situations, particularly in the way that dr. ben carson stated here. he wasn't saying the victims there didn't do enough to defend themselves. he's alluding to them being courageous enough to put forward a conversation that says, hey, we have to now think about these situations because they keep happening and how our kids couldn't defend them chefs in a gun-free zone which is another conversation. >> my intent of the the question was -- is he such a religious man. i thought if he said you're a christian, i'll shoot you in the head, if you didn't answer, shoot you in the leg. if given that opportunity, what would happen. one thing, i'm going to charge. there's nothing that could be -- i was shocked this became a
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24-hour story. remember carly fiorina, she was spot on. >> chris christie back in the day. >> when chris christie started rising up in the polls, we're -- >> ben carson, meghan called this all media silliness. he's not judging the victims. at the same time, it's clear if you sit there and let them shoot you, you're going to be dead. >> the president of the united states is heading out to that particular town, roseburg in oregon to meet privately with some of the families of the victims. there's a move in that town, in fact i saw this morning somebody on facebook had rolled out the unwelcome mat because the president is not welcome there by some families. should the president go if the families don't want him to go? stacy boylan is a father of one of the shooting victims. here's his answer. >> i do believe it was rahm emanuel who said never let a
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good tragedy go it waste. i feel his visit is completely to support his gun control agenda. i can't understand why he wouldn't make a mention of the families and the victims. i mean, he did say it was a tragic incident. i do thank him for lowering the flags. but he made it all about gun control. he was very clear about that. we saw this in sandy hook and now again and i just question his motives. i've spoken to my family and for myself and daughter and son, on principle, i find that i am in disagreement with his policies on gun control. therefore, we will not be attending the visit. >> this from the father of anna boylan who was on her fourth day of school there who was shot. five vertebrae were shattered. she was flown to the high level hospital and made it out alive. >> so far, about 2,000 people have signed up to protest the
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president's visit which should be private out in oregon. >> stephen colbert has a late night show about four blocks up. he had a chance to sit down with bill clinton. you used to do a lot of good interviews with the candidates and bill clinton the husband of a candidate. did he call you first before going and what's your relationship? what about his impact? >> he's a master brander and the most interesting character out there. because he says something that overrides the ideological differences, if you look at the first dee bit, a lot were competing who could be the most politically correct. i supported democrats, supported republicans. i used to be friends with bill clinton. who cares. i run things and build things. you need somebody to fix it. if they don't let me fix it, i'll get them out of the way. it may have a short half life. i can't tell you. but he's a master brander and
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there is a macho appeal to saying, i'm just sick of nothing happening. i make things happen, vote for me. >> part of this message, there's a new ppp poll that came out yesterday nationwide. trump still clearly in control. i think at 27%. >> yesterday he had an interview with bret baier and others who said he's getting better as a candidate. eminent domain is a positive. you should look at it. a lot of places without it. there's something to talk about. worried about being kplit -- he doesn't have an add ver sar cal relationship with the unions. if union heads are saying we like donald trump. >> union shops build his building. >> stay tuned. >> stay tuned and get ready for recess or not. get ready to spend a lot of recess. there are two elementary schools in minnesota that have hired
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recess consultants to help them navigate the playgrounds. they instruct kids and teachers the proper way to act and talk and say you're out or nice try making sure they say good job. it's costing them $30,000 for recess consultants. it's actually working? >> for $30,000, they told them, among other things, don't say you're out! say nice try. nice try. >> you're out. >> good job. you should play sports like soccer and jump rope where everybody participates and you should avoid bully sports. you know what the bully sports are. i'm talking about dodge ball and i'm talking about tag. nothing but trouble. >> washington state had a school that took out tag. they said it was trying to protect the emotional safety of children by banning them from playing tag. this is a second set of schools
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to ban recess. >> if our child was born now, he'd be kicked out of school. how many say loser, loser, loser. >> you got to be kidding me. >> they're starting very early. elementary school. they're trying to train them to do things a certain way. what do you think about that? >> it shouldn't cost $30,000. isn't that common sense to teach a kid kindness and let them work it out. >> the money came from a bake sale and not from taxes and stuff like that. >> bake sale? >> they raised the money themselves. meanwhile, straight ahead, new debris found in the search for survivors of that missing cargo ship. why did the captain sail right into a hurricane? we're going to ask a man who traveled that exact route for many years. then, what happens when a reporter asks a tough question about voter fraud?
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>> why that democrat started swinging. >> i don't think he liked it.
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sunken cargo ship. more than 30 crew members were on board when the ship traveled into a tropical storm. it quickly formed into hurricane joaquin. the ntsb launching an investigation now. but understands the challenges to come. >> investigators will be, we hope, finding as much materials as possible. it's a big challenge when there's such a large area of water and at such depths. >> what can we expect to learn over the next few days? gun ar christian son, he's a u.s. coast guard, 510 master who traveled the exact route where it was from jacksonville to haiti. gunnar, some are questioning why you would leave port with this coming. would you? >> it was a tropical storm when they left port. it did escalate about a day into their voyage into hurricane strength. with the speed of 20 knots which is their top speed, they should
3:18 am
have skirted just below the storm. unfortunately, really it was a bad collection of events. the storm increased and changed track at the same time that they lost propulsion. once you become disabled with no propulsi propulsion, you can't keep your bow into the waves and you can start rolling and lose cargo, it can get loose and unfortunately, that's what it sounds happened to them. >> you had a chance to look at the captain's resume. do you feel as though he had the experience to navigate through this with the propulsion? >> oh, absolutely. no doubt. these are the best of the best, these mariners. these are american-trained from four of the crew were from maine maritime academy. one of the best maritime academys in the united states.
3:19 am
they're trained, he had a life at sea. i would have no doubt that a ship that goes through inspection such at al far owe, he should not have had a problem navigating through that storm. it would be rough, that's for sure. >> what's the question that still remains for you? >> i don't know if we'll ever get to the bottom of why did they lose propulsion. the vessel is in 15,000 feet of water. it's really going to be too hard to tell. there are data recorders. could you have an unmanned submersible possibly recovered that if they could find it. ntsb is going to have a very hard time getting to the bottom of this. you can look at safety records all you want. you know, it passes all the safety records. jacksonville is a -- sailing out of jacksonville, there's stringent regulations even entering and exiting a port as a vessel there.
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>> all right. just a tragedy all around. gunnar christensen, thank you very much. 19 minutes after the hour. one mom's response to her child's homework on the five codes of islam. it's going viral. we'll share it. what the shape of your face says about your personality. like diamond shaped face?
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now time for headlines on this wednesday morning. fox news just learned the fbi's probe into hillary clinton's e-mails is moving to a second
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data company which backed up her e-mails on cloud storage. workers at the company which managed her servers say they admit they're concerned. they are part of a cover-up. no comment yet from the clinton campaign. i can hardly wait for that. a new york college senior loses her student i.d. while out on a run. and actor tom hanks finds it. >> run, forrest, run! >> okay. this is not the actual event. but he was in that movie. he tweeted out, lauren, i found your student i.d. in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you. that student, lauren whitmore, says she already bought a new i.d. but still hopes to meet tom hanks. wouldn't you? all right. elisabeth? >> he was about to fall into his
3:25 am
father's steps with a football career, but that ended when he became paralyzed. last night the fund honored their sports legends with a 30th annual great sports legends dinner, which is raised by the way over $100 million for their cause since 1985. that's remarkable. joining me now is the co-host of the event and president of the miami project to cure paralysis mike bony kont and nascar driver chip ganassi. thank you for joining me. >> great to be here. >> what a history making event this was. the 30th annual. mark, what does it mean that time and time again over a thousand people come together to support your cause? >> we're just very blessed. they really behind my father and when i was injured, my dad made a promise that i would do everything in his power and his friends and co-workers and
3:26 am
everyone gathered around that. they have been there ever since. >> since 1985. >> since 1985. never left my side. once you get involved with the miami project and see the incredible work that we're doing, it's contagious. we're now transplanting cells into humans that are paralyzed for a long time and seeing a lot of sensation and motor function recovery. it's amazing. we have five fda approved clinical trials in humans. and so it's not the same as it was when i was first injured and like i tell people now, will never spend as much time in a wheelchair as i have because the future is so bright. >> what hope and progress. >> that's right. that's what the miami project is about. it's a beacon of hope for the spinal cord injured community. rest assured, they'll know that we're working 24/7. my team of over 250 scientists workday and night to do one
3:27 am
thing only get rid of wheelchairs. >> chip, what does it mean to have been honored by this great foundation. >> thank you, elisabeth. to be honored by an organization that's had the 30 years of support from nick and mark is an honor. i mean, indescribable amount. to be in my name among those other previous people, you know, on that stage last night was -- i'm blessed, i can tell you. >> this is a race to really find ultimately a cure and all of the ways to implement these procedures that mark was just telling us to really get people out of the chair more quickly than they could have ever imagined. what a mission. >> it's a mission and who better to do it than nick and mark. these people have really -- like i said, to have that strong steady support in the organization for 30 years, you know, steadfast support for that long of time in any organization
3:28 am
is great, but at the miami project, nick and mark have led the way. >> let me tell you, paralysis does not discriminate. it can happen anywhere, on the racetrack, football field, riding your bike down the street. believe me, i hear the stories all the time. 10,000, 12,000 new injuries. in the united states. and these are lifetime injuries. without the miami project. that's what it's about. that's why we raise money like last night. it was fantastic. we're very excited to be here. >> it's inspiring to hear all the foundation is doing, the research center there. congratulations on your 30th annual great sports legends dinner that took place right here in new york city. mark and chip, thanks. elisabeth, thank you. still ahead, tony blair says there's one thing that will defeat isis and the united states wants no part of it? the former prime minister of great britain is here next. then, what happens when a reporter asks a really tough question about voter fraud?
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3:33 am
martin o'malley running for president. he's 2% in the polls. 2%. he's been in the race for eight months and only tied with low-fat milk. that's not good. bernie sanders getting a lot of traction. if he wins, he'll be the first socialist elected president since 2008. that's something to think about. >> what happened is jimmy fallon was doing the monologue was on a roll and says wow, i tweaked my hamstring. leno jumped out and started doing the monologue. >> it was hilarious. >> by the way -- >> he's fantastic. >> he went on today to talk about how jimmy kimmel was mean and how fallon is the best and he really likes colbert. >> anyway, that was happening last night. this morning, time for the news. for that, we go to heather and we start in alabama. >> that's right. good morning. as reporters -- i hope you're never assaulted by anyone you
3:34 am
interview. there was an alabama democrat who is under arrest this morning for attacking a tv reporter who confronted him over allegations of voter fraud. take a look at this. >> watch that riw. shocking video showing city commissioner amos newsome hitting wtvy reporter curtis. curtis was questioning newsome about his possible resignation over voter fraud allegations connected to his 2013 election. now behind bars. this case in the bag. watch this. as someone opens up the toothpaste and what pops out? a man. he was curled up inside a suitcase in lima, peru. security became suspicious when the guy wheeling the bag started acting a little nervous. they brought in a sniffer dog and that's when the guy climbed out. both were arrested not clear where they were headed.
3:35 am
nice try. a mom in bakersfield, california stands her ground when her 7th grade son comes home with a history assignment on the five pillars of islam. well, california told the teacher -- the mother, told the teacher her son would not complete that assignment and if there was a problem, call her lawyer. she also added several bible verses to the note. she says her son has never come home with homework on christian practices. we'll keep you posted on this. what does your face shape say about you? some say it can teach your overall approach to life. interesting. >> shake it off ♪ >> brian, i think this is an excuse to watch taylor swift dancing around. here's what the study reveals. people like taylor swift who have a diamond face are detail oriented. if you have an oval face like beyonce, practical and
3:36 am
overachiever. square like sandra bullock, you have an analytical mind. >> what about the rest of us? >> diamond shaped face, april pointy forehead. >> comes down to a chin. >> they just shake it off. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. on to weather. an unusual sight after the devastating floods in south carolina. that's not mug. that's a huge clump of fire ants. >> what is mug? >> i'll explain to you in the break. fire ants have the ability to form life rafts out of their own bodies. we've been over this, elisabeth. they can remain in this formation for weeks. >> this is one of the things we like to discuss. maria molina is tracking more storms across the country. what can you tell us this morning? >> they're devastating across south carolina. we have flood warnings in effect because many rivers are running
3:37 am
high and at flood stage across parts of that state. the concern is that over the next few days as the water continues to flow downstream, we could see rivers cresting later in the week and more flooding produced out there. of course, we have to watch out for dams that could fail or be breached across this area. even though we're expecting dry weather, flooding is ongoing and set to continue. this area of low pressure, cooler air aloft, that will bring in the risk for severe weather across parts of texas and new mexico with large hail, damage willing winds and isolated tornadoes possible. here's a quick look at the temperatures. on the cool side across the northern plains. temperatures in the 40s this morning. there's a look at your highs. summer-like across parts of the south. now, let's head over to steve. terror group isis targeting the man who killed osama bin laden. a supporter of the terror group published rob o'neill's home address online calling on some jihady here in the united
3:38 am
states, a lone wolf if you will to execute him. how can we stop these threats? a new study goes inside the jihadi mind. that comes from the group run by former prime minister of great britain, tony blair, who joins us now. good morning sir. >> good morning. >> always a pleasure. you're here in new york city. you spoke at ground zero yesterday. you're talking about identifying the troublemakers out there. >> it seems to be getting worse, doesn't it? >> it is getting worse. what our study shows, if you go inside the philosophy and ideology of the main terrorist groups, it is based on a perversion of religious faith. you've got to deal with it in part as an issue to do with the radical islamist business. unfortunately, some of what they say has echoed in a broader muslim community. so the majority of muslims absolutely appalled at the violence. but the numbers who share the basic ideology of these groups,
3:39 am
not necessarily their meccas, but their ideas goes wider than we want to believe or think. >> sure. >> if you don't attack the eye dee ol, you won't deal with the extremism. >> our federal government is reluctant to use the terms radical islamist even though that's what it is. >> i think if we don't identify this correctly, it's very hard to resolve it. >> sure. >> and the truth of the matter is, the good news so far as there is in the gloom in the middle east, is there are real allies within islam who are prepared to come with us today who realize that they've got to deal with this, not just at the level of the violence but the level of the ideas. got to be promoting a different theology of islam and got to be promoting a view of society that is religiously tolerant and open-minded. >> right now, what is going on with putin and obama and isis is
3:40 am
confusing because mr. putin said okay, i'm going to go over and kill isis. what they're doing is killing our rebel allies in syria. what do you think the end game is here for mr. putin? what's in it for him? >> what he's doing is using russia's power and its military might in order to support assad in syria and he's cooperating with iran and hezbollah in doing that. what he thinks is that by upping the ante if you like and giving more support to assad, then twh it comes to the point of negotiation, which there will have to be a negotiation of some sort in order to resolve this conflict in syria, then he has greater leverage within that negotiation. in my view, it's very important that we push back hard against that because syria is a nightmare. there are now probably 300,000 people that have died. it's the worst refugee crisis since the second world war,
3:41 am
somebody say worse than the second world war. we're now facing a problem in the u.k., in europe, hundreds of thousands of refugees coming to us. we don't know who all of these people are. >> that's a worry. they could be terrorists. >> it's a real worry for us. >> here in this country next year, 2016, we're going to choose a new president. i'm sure you're watching the coverage. >> it's hard to escape, even in the u.k. the big headline here is that donald trump has done so well, he's rocketed to the top of all the polls. what do you -- what is it about his appeal that you think americans saying i like that guy? >> it happened in britain with the british labor party as well. people who emerge like this, particularly when they were outsiders running against the system, they generate huge interest and huge support. now, those of us who have been a long time in government knows how much you're an outsider,
3:42 am
once you're inside, you've got to run the show. but the appeal is very obvious and it's limited to americans this type of -- you can see it all over europe by the way. >> tony blair, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure, sure. >> great work, steve. now this. coming up a shocking video going viral showing someone stalking los angeles police officers and flashing a gun. who made it and their response from the lapd next. nearly 40% of workers have given little to no thought to preparing for retirement. retirement expert bruce hogan is here with three things you need to know to make sure you're on the right track and don't run out of money.
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welcome back. we have quick headlines for you now. a rough landing at the albuquerque balloon festival. one of the gigantic hot air balloons was tangled in the power lines there. no one was hurt. but power was briefly knocked out for about 3,000 homes there. and the lapd now searching for the man in this instagram video seen stalking a police officer while holding a gun. investigators say that the video is not a threat. it's a promotional stunt by a '90s rap group trying to make a comeback. one person has been arrested there. brian? elisabeth, does not matter how old you are. determining how much money you need to save for retirement is critical. new statistics show 40% of us have given no thought whatsoever to preparing for retirement. so what should your savings goal be? how much should you set aside? >> chris hogan is a retirement
3:47 am
expert with ramsey solutions. he joins us live to explain. good morning, chris. how do we allot money for this time in life looking ahead? >> i think the most important thing you can do is to understand what you want retirement to look like. what is your dream? are you planning to retire, maybe just spend time with family? i want people to give thought to that. then you need to sit down and assess where you are versus where you want to be. now what i developed was a tool, it's called riq. it's on my website to understand how much they're going to need to live their retirement driems. >> how does that work? >> well, you just plug in some basic information, how much you want to live on per month and how many years you plan to retire and currently how much you have saved. what the tool will do is show you exactly how much you need. if you're a little bit behind or way behind, it will show you how much you need to start to invest today to live your dreams. >> we'll have the -- if you go to "fox and friends".com, we'll link to your website, chris. you say one of the threats to
3:48 am
your retirement is the people who are depending on social security. why is that? >> well, as i travel around the country and talk to people, so many people are thinking stephanie sy is going to come to the rescue. i don't think they understand that the average is around $13,000 a year paid out in benefits. that's around $1100 a month. that's not enough to live a dream. that can feel like a nightmare. i want people to understand that social security can be the icing on the cake. it might be there. but i want you to work and plan like it won't be. >> okay. debt is something else to watch out for. >> yeah, debt is not your friend. it's your enemy. i tell people in my book that debt is a dream deterrent. it slows you down from living your dream. when you start to look at the car payments and the mortgages people are paying, what kind of progress could they make with that money if they weren't sending it to other companies. >> you got to find out your goals and don't outlive your money. that's the biggest fears people
3:49 am
have. >> not having a plan at all is another fear to face. >> that's the danger. i think when we keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, that's the definition of insanity. the reason i wrote the book, retire to -- i wanted feel firm in a plan. i've worked with people over the years to help them take back this territory and have confidence and i want more people to retire inspired. >> retirement expert, thank you. if you'd like his retirement calculator, go to "fox and friends".com shortly and it will be there. thanks for joining us from nashville. >> thank you for having me. >> you don't -- like you're ready to retire. >> i'm having too much fun. >> thanks, chris. why is isis always traveling around in ttoyota trucks?
3:50 am
that's what one investigator is trying to find out. a live report from washington about the toyota connection coming up. >> you don't want to miss that. >> the video is amazing. putting his own safety at risk floating away in historic south carolina flooding. that pastor joins us live with the incredible story behind it. next. the kids are asleep. look what i got. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose!
3:51 am
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3:53 am
he was a man of god on a mission, despite rising floodwaters, of historic proportions, biblical proportions really, a south carolina pastor ignored the warnings about the quality of the water and went in to that dirty water to retrieve an unearthed casket for a grieving
3:54 am
family. >> wayne reference is the senior pastor at new life ministries and he joins us this morning from columbia, south carolina. good morning to you, pastor. >> good morning. >> tell us what happened. you noticed some of the caskets were being taken away in this awful flooding. i know your daughter-in-law actually lost her house, as well. you see these caskets and you decide to get in the water. why? >> well, i pulled up, the church is right in my community where i live, and a crowd had drawn and i pulled up to see if i could assist in any way. i got there and there was family members there, and they were -- they were grieving, they were hurting. they saw their family members' caskets floating several hundred yards from the shore, and there was nothing they could do. and, you know, i'm compassionate, so i said what are we going to do? so i asked them to call and tell them that i was going retrieve
3:55 am
them and let them dispose of them. >> these caskets had actually been in the ground for awhile and popped out because of the floodwaters. what was the caution after they had said about the quality of the water that we are watching you wade through? >> i didn't think it was that bad. luckily, there was no homes close by, so there was not a lot of home debris. mostly swamp water. typical swamp water. in the low country, that wasn't anything unusual other than it was a lot of it. >> did you hear from the family whose casket you retrieved? when you finally got it to a better place, did you talk to them? >> when i -- yeah, when i brought it up to the hill, i've never been hugged so many times in my life. everybody there was so grateful. you know, it was -- the alternative was they were going to leave them there until the water receded, which the edisto won't even be until this saturday. so it was unbelievable. and there's no way in the world we could put that family through
3:56 am
that kind of torment. >> you did the right thing there. to raise the warnings and the conditions of that water. pastor we want to thank you for doing that. i'm sure the family gave you a great big hug, for sure. >> yeah, i was -- i was very relieved that they were satisfied with the decision that i made. >> job well done. thank you very much for getting up early with us here at "fox & friends." >> oh, you're welcome. >> all right. it is now four minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, hillary clinton takes a page from donald trump's playbook, sending republican candidates a care package. with her book! >> oh. how nice. >> but why she did, it may actually have you scratching your head. >> that's right. and pastor joel osteen is here answering your e-mails. you better have them in. what do you want to ask the pastor? send in your questions. he's got answers.
3:57 am
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book your next stay at! la quinta! good morning to you. it is wednesday, october 7th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. brand-new poll numbers just in for the swing states. and donald trump and hillary clinton may have reason to worry. who is catching up straight ahead. >> and speaking of hillary clinton. she's sending gop care packages, hard choices to make a point about her accomplishments as secretary of state. so what are those accomplishments? we're going to take a look. and, quote, leave something to the imagination. that's the advice from one high school for young women going to the homecoming dance. and parents, some of them, are outraged. should they be? we're going to tell you what they know. thanks for joining us on this
4:01 am
wednesday morning. live from new york you're watching "fox & friends." >> joel osteen is here live. how do we know? because he's moving. >> and he's smiling. we love his smile. we're glad he's here. he's answering your e-mail questions so make sure you're sending them in right now. >> as you notice, he has three people to stand next to and under. elisabeth. i know i know joel osteen is going to be on today. >> the power of i am. which he's going to talk all about that. and answer your e-mails. how exciting is that? >> he sent us the book just like hillary clinton sent to all the republicans. >> very trumpian. >> the great thing about hillary sending out those books is it was -- it was a dud in sales. >> extra copies is what you're saying? >> just a ton in the back room.
4:02 am
>> she had a lot of them down in the basement next to the server. so anyway, tell you about that in a minute. >> that server is not going away, by the way. there's a whole bunch of twists and turns there. >> and something about a cover-up? with a cloud company. wait until you hear about that. >> in the mean time we start with a fox news alert. >> the heavy rains over. but the problems are not. down in south carolina. >> yep. the death toll there rising to 15. rivers swollen, still rising. dams are at their near limits threatening more breaches and flash floods today. >> jonathan is live from columbia, south carolina where flood victims are just starting to pick up the pieces and try to get their lives back together. jonathan, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. engineers are keeping a nervous eye on those area dams. in fact emergency management officials are urging residents around beaver dam and pebble creek roads to move to higher ground. other neighborhoods are draining out from the floodwaters. case in point, this one here. you can see the power of the flood that knocked this house,
4:03 am
it unsteadied it on its foundation. over here you can see this puddle in the middle of what used to be a driveway. and it's a similar scene in other communities near rivers and streams. residents and cleanup crews removing water logged furniture and carpets from their homes and salvaging what personal items they can. then there's damaged infrastructure. the south carolina department of transportation reports that a total of 412 state roads and bridges are closed. when asked to put a dollar figure on all the daniel, here's what governor nikki haley said. >> we're not going to stop until we get everything we need to get back up and running, and fix again. that could be "x" amount of dollars. that's not my concern right now. >> in columbia, city water customers are under a boil water advisory. donations of bottled water have been coming in from other cities and states. and charleston based water missions international is setting up a purification system near a water tower here in columbia. the christian charity normally sends assistance to
4:04 am
international disasters in developing countries. but in this case, it's neighbor helping neighbor. back to you guys. >> all right, jonathan serrie down in columbia where the simple thing like just having a drink of water is complicated. >> man is south carolina being tested. between the shootings and this, man they all come together and they rise to the challenge. >> i love how so many people step up between first responders and offering their homes to those who lost it. just had the story of the pastor who went in after the casket. those are uplifting moments after the tragedy. heather nauert with a fox news alert. >> good morning to you. let's start overseas. fox news alert overnight the group doctors without borders calling for an independent fact finding mission into the u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. saying the deaths of 22 doctors and patients cannot be dismissed as collateral damage. yesterday the top u.s. commander in afghanistan admitted that that strike was a mistake. he also urged president obama to rethink his plan to withdraw u.s. troops by the end of 2016.
4:05 am
well, metal debris has just been discovered in the search for the el faro cargo ship that sank during hurricane joaquin. the ntsb now launching a go team to zero in on specific waters off the coast of florida looking for a ping from the ship's data recorder. we spoke to u.s. coast guard member gunner christianson earlier today to ask what could have gone so wrong on board? >> this storm unfortunately really was a bad collection of events. the storm increased and changed tracks at the same time that they lost propulsion. and once you become disabled with no propulsion, you can't stem the waves. in other words, keep your bow into the waves. >> with 28 americans among the 33 missing crew members. another terrifying scare in the air as united airlines co-pilot passes out midflight. the plane was on its way from houston to san francisco. it made a safe emergency landing in albuquerque.
4:06 am
the co-pilot now recovering in the hospital. no word on what caused him to pass out. but this comes just a day after american airlines pilot michael johnston suffered a heart attack and died midway through a flight from phoenix to boston. and a michigan factory worker, here's a nice story to bring you, out of a job but she is not crying about it. julie leach is america's newest millionaire. she won the $310 million powerball jackpot. she says she bought $20 worth of tickets after a long overnight shift at work. and when she hit all the right numbers, she didn't waste any time. listen to this. >> oh, i quit automatically. i'm going to take care of my kids. i don't want them to have to work like i had to work. and deal with the kind of things that i had to deal with over life. i just want to make it a good life for them. >> hard-working lady, emotional about that, too. she worked the third shift at a fiberglass factory.
4:07 am
she opted for the lump sum payment getting about $140 million after taxes. way to go, julie. she also joked that -- after taxes, yes. she joked she married her longtime boy friend of 36 years. she's going to make him sign a prenup. way to go. good head on her shoulders. >> not getting any of that. thanks, heather. >> she is taking it all in. heather, thanks. >> meanwhile, trucks for terrorists. united states wants toyota to explain how isis is getting their hands on so many toyota trucks and suvs. >> exactly. kristen fisher is live in washington with how the investigation is being launched. how did they get their hands on so many of these vehicles? >> that's what they're trying foig your out. we're talking about hundreds of brand-new toyota trucks and suvs. the treasury department is now investigating and they want to know where the toyota trucks are
4:08 am
coming from and how are so many of them hending up in the hands of terrorists. you've probably seen them in many propaganda videos, the trucks loaded with weapons and isis militants. toyota said they have no idea how isis obtained the vehicles. they have a strict policy not to sell vehicles to potential purchasers who may use or modify them for paramilitary or terrorist activities. it's believed middlemen have been smuggling the trucks into the country. other brands have also been spotted in the isis videos but nothing even remotely close to the amount of toyota vehicles. in fact, a former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. told abc news that regretly toyota has almost become part of the isis brand. toyota executives have briefed investigators and are fully cooperating with this ongoing investigation. brian, elisabeth and steve. >> it's disturbing. kristin, thanks. brand new quinnipiac
4:09 am
university swing state poll just came out. it measures voter sentiment into florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. and what they did was they took a look at ben -- they looked at all the candidates. but when it comes to the general elections, the best chance for the two contenders are ben carson, versus joe biden. >> that's right. >> in this latest poll. >> and joe biden winning over florida right now, 45-42. and ben carson taking ohio and pennsylvania. this is important because since 1960 no candidate has won the presidential race without taking two of the three swing states. so this is pretty exceptional look at what could be ahead when you look back. let's step back at the primaries -- >> and carson also wins in pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania, yep, and ohio. big news there. but then you have clinton and trump. and let's get back to primary season here. they're struggling when it comes to favorability. they have the worst over all favorability ratings and the lowest scores for being honest and trustworthy of any of the leading candidates so far. >> but they're still both leading. hillary leads on the democrat
4:10 am
side and donald trump, you know, mainstream media, when is he going to drop the? he's still leading substantially. in florida he's got 28, double rubio and bush. in ohio he leads carson and kasich and in pennsylvania he is leading carson and rubio. donald, swing states, donald trump still ahead? >> in the swing states hillary clinton still ahead. >> quick note on biden. joe biden's got to make a decision. probably going to happen this weekend. won't be in the debate. on top of that the big story that developed yesterday is that politico has the story that joe biden leaked out his own son's death wish, which was for him to run for president, and that was in maureen dowd's column, and then the biden camp came back and said this is unbelievably i. we would never do that. so some say that might be a rival on the left trying to make joe biden look bad before he gets in. >> really human take and perspective on that, megyn kelly by the way. >> marco rubio and he was joking
4:11 am
about donald trump sending him water, right? it's high quality water. well, hillary clinton yesterday took a page out of donald trump's playbook and actually sent the republicans her book called "hard choices." listen to this. here she is in iowa. >> you know, i hear the republicans talking from time to time in their debates and elsewhere, and they say things like, oh, i don't know what she accomplished as secretary of state. she didn't accomplish anything. i listen to that for awhile. and then i thought, you know, maybe they just don't know. so i have now sent each of them a copy of my book "hard choices" about what we did during those four years. >> listen, it is not a stellar record no matter how you shake it. most think that the things she left undone have fallen apart. >> well, remember back in 2014 her own state department couldn't answer to her accomplishments. look at this. >> can you off the top of your head identify one tangible achievement that resulted from
4:12 am
the last -- >> i am certain that those who were here at the time and worked hard on that effort -- >> one would -- >> -- could point out one. >> since you've come on board that you've noticed that someone that you've noticed that you can point back saying, wow, the first identified this as a problem and dealt with it. >> as you know i've only been here since it was concluded. i'm sure there are a range of things that were put into place that i'm not even aware of. >> i won't hold my breath. >> she was great. she was great. >> she brokered peace with the palestinians, israelis, and there's been no peace since. and the arab spring, that went well. and russia was phenomenal. >> the republicans largely responded. bobby jindal had the best one. hillary, i'll make a deal with you, if you watch these videos, and it's the planned parenthood videos, i'll read your book. >> ted cruz sent her a copy of his back he said on twitter. only good primary fun. >> i know. who knew there was a goodie bag when you're running for president. >> all about imitating donald trump. meanwhile 12 minutes after the
4:13 am
hour. >> coming up the mother of the oregon school shooter says her son had been battling mental issues for years. so why are democrats talking about gun control, and not our collapsing mental health system? this is something that doctor keith ablow's been studying for years. he joins us next. and, twilight fans your favorite story is back! but bella is now a boy. >> what? >> vampires. >> are you afraid? >> no. >> it isn't real. now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. ♪ (male announcer) get the right price, right now on the seasonal items you need with new trophy deals, only at bass pro shops. we've lowered prices just when you need them -
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4:17 am
let's play the keith ablow card. the gun control debate has resurfaced following the recent oregon shooting. but our next guest says that tragedy could have been prevented had our mental health system been in better shape. about one in five adults in the u.s. experience mental illness in a given year. that's over 40 million americans. how does that play into this? dr. keith ablow from the fox "a" team joins us. you looked into this shooter's background and you believe that there is a way to have stopped this. how? >> absolutely. listen, that's why it's so cynical and misguided when someone like the president tries to politicize this and say it's about guns. it's about our mental health care system, which is shattered. here's just one way that we could approach this. so many of these assailants,
4:18 am
it's not politically correct to say it, but it happens to be the truth, that so many of them suffer with asperger's syndrome. now most folks with that condition, the vast, vast, vast majority, do not hurt anyone. however the shooters tend to suffer with this condition. why wouldn't we have developed a tool to assess the potential for violence in folks suffering with autism spectrum disorders like asperger's, and especially those with access to firearms. and deploy special resources to them. clinical healing resources. why? because our mental health care system is an abomination. we don't have the will to do that. why? because of misguided leaders like the president, who put us up on wild goose chases looking for guns, when the answer is right in front of us. >> and you've been saying this for years, even before this last year, even before what happened in connecticut. >> absolutely. >> let's look at this case in particular. the father judging by the interview was really detached from the kid. the mom was all over the kid and
4:19 am
had brought him to different health care professionals in the past. what is her responsibility? >> huge responsibility. number one, somebody should have counseled his mother. just like adam lanza's mother in connecticut, sandy hook. bottom line is you can't have firearms around your house. we know that there's some potential for trouble here. what are you doing? let's get the department of social services involved here. we have the resources we need. we don't have to disempower and take liberty away from all americans because a mom whose son banged his head against the wall as a kid, who suffered with a profound mental illness, is nonetheless teaching him to shoot automatic weapons. i mean how hard is that, brian, to find those cases? that's two of the most -- the most dramatic shootings in america's history, two of them are kidding living in the basement of their mother's home, with severe mental illness, and the mother's teaching them to shoot firearms. >> a lot of people who are in defense of guns and not blaming the guns for this incident,
4:20 am
unlike the president, say it's mental health. you just gave a pathway to solving that problem. dr. keith, thanks so much. >> take care, brian. >> 19 minutes after the hour. what do you think about this? a flyer sent home to female students on how to dress for homecoming saying, quote, leave something to the imagination. your e-mails are pouring in. i personally don't have a problem with that. and the hiring process doesn't stop with the interview. sharon is with elisabeth hasselbeck and she's going to come through the door and talk about this very topic. don't ask me how i know.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
obviously now it's time for news by the numbers. first, 6,000. that's how many federal prisoners will be back on the streets at the end of the month, after the department of justice has granted them early release. 6,000 of them. as part of new sentencing guidelines for minor drug crimes. next, 81%. that is the amount of neighborhoods where the cost of child care is higher than rent for families with two kids. the demand for child care is outpacing the supply. and finally, age 70. you may not live that long if you anger easily. am i talking to you? am i? >> please don't call my pinhead. >> i'm losing it skrm. >> well, don't lose it. because a new study linking men's bad tempers to early death. take that, george costanza. >> oh, that's right. >> all right, elisabeth. >> steve, thanks.
4:25 am
well, so you think you nailed your interview and now you're just going to sit around and wait for that job offer, right? well, wrong. there are some things that you need to do after the interview to actually land the job. here with that info is fox business network's cheryl casone with great tips for you. you ace the interview, then what? >> you've got to send a thank you note. in this day and age that means actually writing out a note and putting a stamp on an envelope and putting it in the mail. this is one of the big question marks now with regards to people going on interviews in the digital age. how do i handle that the right way? the right way is to send the thank you note. because that's the best way to follow up with someone. thank them for their time, and if you can in the note, put a little line about maybe something that came up in the conversation. >> sure. >> during the job interview that you remembered that you thought was important. >> what if you haven't heard back? >> that's the other thing, too. you want to make sure that you do want to follow up with them. you do want to ask them, you know, keep me posted. but you also need to make sure that you move on. also, you can connect with them on linkedin. that's my second tip today.
4:26 am
after the interview connect with them on linkedin. make sure that your linkedin profile is ready to go. but then you also have that professional connection whether or not you got the job. linkedin is like really, it's the new for job searching. it's great. >> great to know. you say think ahead. how far ahead? >> think ahead. so are you going to sit around and wait for that job offer? or are you going to continue to go on job interviews. that's the first thing that you need to do. also think ahead to how you're going to respond if you get the offer. you need to start thinking what if they offer me the job. what do i want? what kind of money, vacation, things like that. have those conversations with yourself before your phone rings. >> and then this way, your fourth tip, you're prepared to react with tact. good or bad if you get the job or not, be tactful. >> nobody likes to be rejected. it's a human, you know, part of life. but if you are rejected for the job, the way that you handle it can actually set you up for another job even sometimes with that company. but this happens all the time in corporate america. you didn't get the job. you were right for it. next thing you know, six months later, a year later, a job comes
4:27 am
up and they remember you and they remember how gracious you were when you didn't get the job and they're like, you know what? let's reach out if that person is still available and you might be. and you might get lined up. that has happened to -- i have personal stories i know that that's happened to folks. and it's a good thing. >> great tips, cheryl. >> it's tough out there. it's funny because we have unemployment low right now but the quality of jobs are -- it's still not great out there. so there's still a lot of work to be done to get, you know -- >> still send the thank you. two of my favorites. >> put the stamp on it. >> right. >> now coming up, could isis be getting its hands on nuclear weapons? the fbi has already stopped them four different times. the man who killed osama bin laden reacting live with us next. and, the photo is an instant hit on the internet, of course. the heartwarming story behind why this cop ended up taking care of this little baby.
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
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4:31 am
fox news alert. merchants have reportedly been trying to sell nuclear materials to isis. the fbi says it busted smugglers with radioactive material to terrorists. and u.s. officials tell fox at least one was an isis operative. the fbi has been working on this for five years, meeting the russians in places like this high-end night club. this doesn't mean the russian government necessarily, was doing it. it means russian sit steps. >> it sounds like russian gangs. joining us to react is the former navy s.e.a.l. who killed osama bin laden and fox news contributor rob o'neill. rob, so what do you make of this? i mean at the time that the president referred to isis as the jv team, it sounds like the fbi was foiling plots for somebody, russian gangs or something like that, to sell nukes to isis. that doesn't sound like the jv to me?
4:32 am
>> no, hey, good morning, steve. it doesn't sound like the jv at all to me. this is part of the, you know, the fallout of the russian government, the kgb kind of dismantling but still in there. a lot of these guys that normally were part of that, you know, secret group, are part of a criminal organization, and now they're trying to sell what i've been hearing is like cesium, things like that, so, they're not even being able to distinguish the difference between, you know, real terrorists and isis and all this stuff. and basically they're looking to make some money because a lot of these radical islamic groups want to buy anything they can to make this like a dirty bomb type thing and get it to the united states. >> yeah. and that's all it would take. i mean, it doesn't have to be an atomic warhead. they could put it, you know, with some explosives and just blow up some cesium and it would contaminate a block or two and then the headline around the world is, nuclear hit on america. or wherever. >> they've proven right now they don't even need the weapon. all they need is a threat of a
4:33 am
weapon, and they're going to get people nervous. i mean, they've done it before, with any kind of thing they can in an airport and all of a sudden we have a knee jerk reaction to everything. as long as it can't affect anything as far as commerce, as far as trade, as far as travel, they're going to do it. even the threat of this, even right now this will probably have an effect on it. once -- if and when they do, you know, it's going to be worse. they're getting exactly what they want and they're going to get the help of these thugs from the former kgb, the current russian mafia and is going to affect everything from the united states over to europe. all that stuff. >> rob, i've got to ask you about this. your name and address recently published by isis, saying you're their number one target, british isis member giving instructions on how to find you and kill you. how do you handle that? >> well, i've been aware of that since, you know, the days my team and i went in and shot osama bin laden. we knew this would happen. my name's been leaked several times, not quite on this scale. we have stuff in place, security measures that i'm not going to talk about. you know. we were prepared for it. we still are prepared for it.
4:34 am
and, like i was saying yesterday, you know, this is sort of just a call to action to, it's not just for myself, that they target, every member of the military is a target. i'm worried about the families that go to commissaries that are unguarded. you know, they kind of want everyone, they want the grand targets. and you know, i want everyone to be vigilant and i think we as a nation, you know, to kind of wake up and realize, this is a real threat. >> rob, targeting military mens of all shapes and sizes. >> that's right. >> rob, what do we know about this isis recruiter who put out the hit on you? >> all we know about her is i think it's a british female and her husband was killed in a drone strike, and she just kind of got all up in arms and did some research online and she's trying to find stuff about me so she published some addresses somewhere and just kind of mentioned my name. like i said, my name's been out there. we're prepared. you know, i mean, i was a navy s.e.a.l. for 16 years so i know
4:35 am
how to handle these people. i've fought them before a lot in fallujah, ramadi, i was never impressed with them. so you know, i'm taking precautions, as i know how to. >> that's good. >> all right. and she apparently a british citizen, referred to as mrs. terror, sally ann jones, who is regarded as one of the most dangerous isis recruiters. then again she's just tapping out a twitter message hoping that some lone wolf here in the united states reads it -- >> you know, that's what she's looking for. she's doing the social media thing where she kind of reaches out and she's able to recruit people right now, just because you know we're not really doing much about the islamic state. they're kind of over there. they're just turning it into what they want, and no one is doing -- the only people showing leadership overseas right now against anyone are the russians. that's just because the united states right now lacks leadership. we lack a vision. even my friends on s.e.a.l. team 6 right now they're frustrated because they deploy and they
4:36 am
don't have any vision. there's nothing going on. >> that's rough. rob o'neill joining us from somewhere today. rob, thank you very much for your observations. >> thanks so much, i appreciate it. >> and the president brought up, if anybody has an idea -- if they look at david petraeus' ideas, if they look at the other officers ideas you see general campbell yesterday. they have ideas. the president's not listening to their ideas and he's certainly not implementing them. >> general campbell was vocal about that. >> you're not leaving me enough guys. he wants it down to 1,000. you think it's bad now? all this becomes iraq 2 if you leave afghanistan right now. >> how frustrating to hear the commander in chief doesn't provide a vision for his team. >> and he mocks people that do have a different vision. >> it's too bad s.e.a.l. team 6 feels that way as rob just said. it's 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has got some news and we're talking about hillary again. and the fbi. >> and fox news has some information we just learned that the fbi's probe into hillary clinton's e-mail is now spanning to a second data company which
4:37 am
backed up her e-mails on a cloud storage system. workers at the company which managed her server say that they are concerned that they were a part of a cover-up. now this according to a letter that was sent to the senate -- by the senate homeland security committee. no comment from the clinton campaign. we'll keep following the story. girls being told to cover up at school. students at nation ford high school in south carolina were asked to, quote, leave something to the imagination. with a quote from 1920s designer edith head. she had said, your dresses should be tight enough to show that you're a woman and loose enough to show that you're a lady. well, some parents didn't like how it was only targeting females. the principal maintains that wasn't the intent. now that quote has been whited out on the flyers around the school. i don't know. sounds like it makes sense. twilight gives a big twist in its ten-year anniversary.
4:38 am
>> this isn't real. this doesn't exist. >> it does in my world. >> well, the author, stephanie meyer releasing a brand-new book telling the original vampire love story but swapping the main character's gender. bella swan is replaced with a boy named beau and edward cullen is a girl named edith. life and death twilight reimagined is on store shelves right now. and an alabama sheriff's deputy is capturing hearts across the country. this photo of him, just incredible, calming a baby after that baby was involved in a car crash. it is now going viral. he offered to hold that baby after the child's mother was involved in that crash. deputy rick lindsey is a former green beret. service never dies. love that picture. >> he's done it before. >> well done. >> thanks so much. >> today is wednesday. >> wednesday. >> that would mean -- >> what happens on wednesday? >> well, let's see.
4:39 am
we go to lunch early and -- >> you go. >> science trivia with maria molina. >> oh! yeah. >> hey, good morning. good to see you. hello, fb. today's question is about hail. so we're wondering what the diameter is of the largest hailstone recorded in the u.s. so we're wondering is it eight inches, six inches, four inches or two inches. so what the diameter of the largest hail stone in the u.s.? what do you guys think? >> hail? let's go with "d." >> i'm going to go four inches. >> "a." >> you say what? >> i say "d." >> they're like bbs. >> steve you are right again, eight inches. >> can you imagine a hail stone coming out of the sky that's eight inches in diameter? >> a bowling ball. >> that's insane, right? it weighed approximately two pounds, and that happened in south dakota in the summer of 2010. >> it will leave a mark. >> it sure will. >> maria, thanks. >> thank you, let's go ahead and take a look at the weather
4:40 am
conditions. we do have some areas that could see hail today. but i want to start out across parts of south carolina because out here we do have some flash flood warnings in effect, and that's across the columbia area because there are concerns about the beaver dam, residents around that area are being urged this morning to seek higher ground. we also have other areas we're watching across south carolina for flooding, and that potentially could continue into this weekend. otherwise, across areas farther west we do have a threat for some large hail, damaging winds, and even isolated tornadoes across parts of southwestern texas and also into new mexico. we have a big upper level low that's moving through and it's going to be firing up those storms. also looking at the risk for flash flooding across that same area. back inside. >> all right, with her wednesday science trivia. >> that's right. >> thank you, maria. >> good work on that, steve. >> all right. -- >> it was just a guess. meanwhile straight ahead the pc police invading the border patrol. why agents now have to be considerate of the gender identity of criminals. >> finally. >> we're going to tell you. and you've been sending in your questions all morning long for
4:41 am
pastor joel osteen. well he is set to answer them next!
4:42 am
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4:45 am
and the d.c. police invade the border patrol. agents are now required to be considerate of gender identity of criminals as they detain them. i believe they all have wrists. just cuff them. meanwhile, if you're at a loss for positivity our next guest says two words will lead you to a happier and more productive life. >> joel osteen. >> those words. >> speaking of, the author of the new book "the power of i am," best-selling author joel osteen. in two words. >> i am, right? >> that's right. you know, it's great to be with you guys. follow me with i am. a lot of people go around talking about elisabeth, i am. i am attractive. i am not lucky. i am slow. when you're defeating yourself with your own talk. with your own thoughts. so, my thought is, whatever follows that is going to eventually come finding you. so when you go around, i'm blessed, i'm healthy, i am talented, you're inviting the right things into your life. >> it can change your mood. it can change your mind-set.
4:46 am
>> exactly. so many people are gifts themselves and they don't know it. we have enough people in life against us and circumstances, don't be against yourself. go true the day. you don't have to do it always out loud but in your thoughts. i am healthy. i am attractive. i am fun. i am likable. i am strong. just some positive. >> so let's say the average person, and you say there's a lot of negativity, they say i am -- they're saying i am sad. how do you turn that around? >> well, i think it's more than just saying one thing. but i think it's, you know, you have to have that grateful attitude. you have to turn around, find something to be grateful about. i think it starts in the morning. but, i do think that through the die you can't go around thinking i am sad. i am lonely. i am depressed. the more you think that you bring that in. i turn it around, i am blessed. i am full of joy. the skrupt irsays let the weak say i'm strong. you're not supposed to describe how you feel. you're supposed to say what you want -- >> we've got that for us. and we have our viewers, they're so excited.
4:47 am
they've been sending in e-mail questions to you all morning. >> okay. >> and this is one from sharon saying, how can i deepen my connection with god on a daily basis and change the course of my life? sharon? >> i would say, sharon the scripture, when you put god first he'll crown your efforts with success. so i think you start the day off, five minutes if you can in the morning. get up in the morning, say god i'm thankful to be alive. i'm thankful for my family. you know, if you just acknowledge god. i found, too it it says acknowledge god in all your ways. throughout the day, under your breath. god, help me to know what to say today. you know, going to play ball. going to work out. all your ways, just under your breath if you're acknowledging god, i believe your life will go better. he'll direct your path. >> instead of focus on how much you don't like me you focus on how much you like them. >> say that again. >> all right, i have so much regret over past choices that i feel frozen with fear. afraid to make decisions. i don't trust my own judgment. what is your best suggestion for me? >> well, you got to get your
4:48 am
confidence back. you got to say okay i'm going to let go of the past, i'm going to learn from my mistakes. if you're living on regrets and failures it's just going to keep you from the good things god has in store. i mean the scripture says god will give you beauty for ashes. i think sometimes if you hold onto the ashes you're never going to see the beauty. you just have to take a step by faith and say god i believe this is what i'm supposed to do and move forward. >> he fills up stadiums every weekend, what does he have to be sad about. you write in that book you did have that moment. you travel the world with your dad, your dad passes away. you guys were unseparable. and how did you handle it? how did you think you handled it? and how did you handle it? >> i thought when my dad was gone because i did work with him every day i thought, man, what am i going to do? it's going to be such a different day. when my dad died suddenly of a heart attack in 1999, i felt a peace that i could only describe that god could give you. i wasn't worried. i miss my dad. i was, you know, you go through that grieving process, but i just felt a strength and a peace, and that's when i even stepped up to pastor the church
4:49 am
when i never knew i could. i believe god gives you strength for every season, you have to make that choice, though, i'm not going to sit around here thinking oh, man, why did my dad leave? you're not going to get bitter. you're going to move forward. and then a new door will open. >> i am strong is the message there. there's the brand-new book comes out this week called "the power of i am." joel, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thank you so much for joining us today. >> congratulations on the book. >> well now mcdonald's isn't the only one stepping up the battle for breakfast. plenty of other fast food giants have the same idea. but which ones are actually best for you? and which ones do you need to stay far away from? we're going to tell you. >> i'm going to head over for the bacon, whichever one that is on. meanwhile, back in 1968, on this day in history, the motion picture association adopted its film rating system with the letters. and in 1996, the fox news channel started 19 years ago today. and in 1984, stevie wonder was topping the charts with this song. as you know all the words to.
4:50 am
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all right, as of this week, you can now have your egg mcmuffin for breakfast, lunch or dinner. that's because mcdonald's is the latest chain to answer the call for customers and consumers to have some flexibility. >> that's right. a recent survey revealed that 72% wish more restaurants served breakfast all day. but in the battle of the breakfast wars, what are the best and worst options when it comes to your waistline? here to break it down for you is nutritionist karen gilbert. okay, so we're going to go point by point. start with mcdonald's. if you're going to do it, what's the worst thing for you? >> the worst thing on the whole menu is the steak, egg and
4:54 am
cheese bagel. >> wow. >> so that is 670 calories. 35 grams of fat, which is like 15 pieces of bacon. >> all right. >> and a lot of sodium. and the best is the egg white muffin delight. it's 250 calories, which is a big change, and it's only eight grams of fat which is a 22 gram difference. >> huge difference. >> huge. >> a lot of people go to starbucks for the drinks but you should be picking up -- >> starbucks has great choices, actually. >> what are your options here? >> the options are, you always look at the meat that you're putting in it. here's canadian bacon and here's sausage. >> this is the worst choices. >> eggs and sausage muffins. >> okay. >> i know. and that's 500 calories and it's 28 grams of fat. but, then you can get the turkey bacon muffin, and it's 230 calories and only six grams of fat. >> okay. so head over to taco bell. the worst choice you can make. >> taco bell, what's in here, hash browns, cheese, eggs, i know. sausage, it's 710 calories.
4:55 am
47 grams of fat. >> my kids would eat these. i don't know if i would. >> so this should -- >> this is really a pretty good choice at taco bell. it's a grilled egg and taco sandwich. >> okay. >> for one it's 170 calories. and really low in sodium. and only eight gram -- >> better -- >> all right. here we go. >> denny's. oh, my god this is the worst one on the list. i'm telling you, this is a peanut butter cup pancake. there's sauce all over it, 1,675 calories. 105 grams of fat. >> if you're a ninth grader looking to put on weight for the football season -- >> yes. >> and if you dared to eat that, i don't know. >> what -- >> or you can build your own male. i know you want pancakes. >> of course. >> because whatever, so don't get them filled with sauce and everything, and this is under 500 calories. >> real quick work.
4:56 am
>> that's over 1,000 calories. it looks bad is the country omelette. these two choices are from the simple and fit menu which are all under 500 calories and ten grams of fat. >> just started doing that. >> karen gilbert thank you for breaking down the best and the worst of the breakfast wars for us today at "fox & friends." >> meanwhile coming up straight ahead the obama administration about to release 6,000 inmates from federal prison. should these criminals be free? did someone ask that question? >> and a teenager jumps into action at a restaurant to save a man's life using something that she learned at summer camp. that quick thinking teen joins us live with the amazing story you're not going to want to miss coming up in the next hour. >> watch the crew eat our breakfast demo. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time...
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a fox news alert for you now. isis close to getting its hands on nuclear weapons from the russians? the feds foiling plots that would give terrorists enough to wipe out cities. the dramatic takedown and the breaking details for you, in moments. meanwhile mainstream media hammering dr. ben carson for these comments he made right here on this couch i'm sitting on. >> i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say hey, guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> well then after he said that the mainstream media attacked him. now a major law enforcement group defending the doctor. we're going to tell you what they said about his comments. and the wounded veteran's wedding day. he wanted his best friend by his side. his service dog. the newlyweds and the dog join us live this hour with their rather unique and amazing story. and let me remind you, mornings are always better with friends.
5:01 am
♪ i'll never let you go >> ladies and gentlemen, frankie after von. >> look at him. >> i know. >> you know, frankie has put together an italian family cookbook from mom's kitchen to mine and yours, and he does what a lot of people do, they take their mother's recipes, and then they -- it's frankie's turn to pass along. >> it's going to be a great cooking with friends coming your way in just a few minutes. >> excellent. >> first now a fox news alert for you. the rain is over. but the problems are not. we're in south carolina where the death toll is rising from the flooding there, rising to 15. and swollen rivers are still going up, as residents are told to move to higher ground because dams could fail at any moment. 1,000 homes are potentially at risk. >> jonathan serrie is live from
5:02 am
columbia, south carolina, with the latest. jonathan? >> good morning again. this neighborhood is situated between two bodies of water that converge during the flood. take a look at this damage. just an indication that the power of the floodwaters, this home essentially knocked partially off of its foundation. zoom down here to the left. you can see what remains of the driveway, covered in floodwaters. and then the car that was parked in this driveway carried by the floodwaters, out to the middle of the lake behind me. statewide the south carolina department of transportation reports a total of 412 state roads and bridges are closed. police say some motorists willing to take chances are removing barricades to get their cars through. and then when they drive past the barricades they don't bother to replace them. so anyone coming up behind them doesn't realize there's a hazard. and so authorities are urging folks not to remove barricades. as floodwaters recede from columbia, they're moving downstream toward the low country. so the state has dispatched crews to monitor dams and
5:03 am
bridges, so they can get out the warning if they see any kinds of trouble. >> we are still in prayer mode. we are still in the fact that the next 36 to 48 hours is going to be volatile. so what we'll tell you is don't let the sunshine fool you. but we are prepared. >> columbia, city water customers are under a boil water advisory. stations have been set up around the city to distribute free bottled water. and the nonprofit water missions international is setting up a purification system near a water tower here in columbia. the christian charity normally does its work in developing countries. but, steve, brian and elisabeth, the scope of all of this flooding has changed a lot of things. it is clearly not business as usual. back to you guys. >> that is an understatement. jonathan serrie down in columbia, south carolina, where the charity rather than being overseas, is needed at home. >> go to heather nauert with the latest on the headlines as it pertains to russia. a fox news alert.
5:04 am
>> this is quite an alert to tell you about right now. russian gangs have been trying to sell nuclear materials to terrorists, including isis? the fbi confirming to fox that it has busted smugglers peddling radioactive materials to terror groups. we just spoke to rob o'neill, the former navy s.e.a.l. who killed osama bin laden about this new report. listen to this. >> they're getting exactly what they want and they're going to use it from these thugs from the former kgb, the current russian mafia and it's going to affect everything from the united states over to europe, all that. >> well the fbi is working on the sting operation we are told for five years. meeting the russians at places like high end night clubs. well breaking overnight, doctors without borders calling for an independent fact finding mission into the u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. saying that the deaths of 22 doctors and patients could not be dismissed as collateral damage. yesterday the top u.s. commander in afghanistan admitted that that strike was a mistake. he also urged president obama to
5:05 am
rethink his plan to withdraw troops from afghanistan by the end of 2016. for metal debris just discovered in the search for el faro the cargo ship that sank in hurricane joaquin. the ntsb launching a go team to zero in on specific waters off the florida coast. looking for a ping from the ship's data recorder. we just spoke to u.s. coast guard gunnar christiansen earlier today to ask him what could have gone so wrong on board the ship. listen. >> fortunately, really it was a bad collection of events. the storms increased and changed track at the same time that they lost propulsion. and once you become disabled with no propulsion, you can't stem the waves. in other words, keep your bow into the waves. >> well 28 americans, as you see some of their pictures right here, are among the 33 missing crew members. and an alabama democrat under arrest for attacking a television reporter who confronted him over allegations of voter fraud.
5:06 am
watch this. >> oh! >> and again. he just smacks him in the face right there. shocking video showing the city commissioner amos newsome hitting wtvy reporter ken curtis. curtis was questioning newsome about his possible resignation over voter fraud allegations connected to his 2013 election. now behind bars for assault. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. >> all right. >> thank you very much. hard to imagine more diverse show than we had yesterday with wayne newton, with marco rubio. >> mr. las vegas, mr. florida. >> and at one point they were all to the. >> and don't forget alvin and the chipmunks. >> we're all going to remember different things. i was surprised to leave the couch and find out that the number one story throughout the day on most of the other channels was ben carson said on that couch. >> right. >> if you missed it, brian asked him a question regarding the massacre, really, at that school in oregon last week.
5:07 am
remember the gunman reportedly said, what's your religion, and then if people said christian, he shot them in the head. and if they didn't say christian, i shot them in the legs. brian asked a great question, with a great answer, that has generated quite a lot of headlines. watch this. >> dr. carson, if a gunman walks up and put the gun at you and says what religion are you? that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that question. because, not only would i probably not cooperate with him, i would -- i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. i would say hey guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> so what they did is they said, i would not just stand there and just shoot me. so it sounds as if, with that tone, that he's saying, like you guys in oregon, i wouldn't have just stood there. if you listen to the whole thing, he's just saying that one method of what i would have done
5:08 am
is not answer him, i would have tackled him. had nothing to do with criticizing the students in oregon. >> i know but the mainstream media is running with that. and they're running with that criticism. this is a man who spent the majority of life bringing people back to life. not stomping on graves. the president of the federal law enforcement association actually defended dr. carson saying this, quote, dr. carson's comments may seem tactically reckless but they actually have great merit. we should have learned from 9/11 that if not for the brave passengers on flight 93 who due to extraordinary courage the consequences and fatalities may have been worse. >> we asked you what you thought about the comments. we got a lot of responses. here's a tweet. it says as a combat vet, i wouldn't stand up to get shot. carson had it right. rush the gunman, fight for your life. >> facebook saying i like ben carson but the comments are ridiculous. how in the world can he say what he would do in that situation? >> he was asked. he just answered a question. and that's what he said he would do. what does he say? well, i don't know.
5:09 am
i would prefer i hope i would stand up. we have a 30-year-old in the hospital who was shot seven times. he was trained to attack. he went right at the gunman. are you criticizing him for doing that? would ben carson be agreeing with him? yes. would he be disagreeing with somebody else's actions in the classroom? this is the time. if you were a front-runner, they go after you like i've never seen -- >> not if you're hillary clinton, though. i mean she's been pet by the mainstream media -- >> you mean nbc-a-thon when she's on "snl," the today show, al sharpton, morning joe, all in one? >> separating -- >> andrea mitchell. >> separating it from the tragic events that occurred when you take dr. carson's point about what he would do. he wasn't saying what he would have done if he were there in that situation. if he were to be in that situation moving forward, colleges and universities right now are giving you relook to their whole self-defense policy and they're now treating the potential of a mass shooter walking into their campuses like any other hazard, like a tornado warning. like a flooding warning.
5:10 am
and they're looking at this and they're re-evaluating their tactics and that's what's leading to really starting a brave conversation about what needs to be handled moving forward. >> that particular campus was a gun free zone and the fact the guard didn't seen have guns. the president of the united states is going to be heading out to roseburg, oregon, on friday. he's going to be meeting with the family of some of the victims. i say some of the victims, because some of the families of the victims don't want to talk to the president. because they saw the president shortly after the shoot-out -- or rather the massacre out there, he went to the podium in the white house and said, this is something we should politicize. stacy boyland, father of a shooting victim, didn't like that. doesn't want the president out there. >> well, i do believe it was rahm emanuel who said never let a good tragedy go to waste. and i really feel that his visit here is completely to support his gun control agenda. i can't understand why he wouldn't make a mention of the
5:11 am
families and the victims. he did this, say it was a tragic incident, and i do thank him for lowering the flags. but he made it all about gun control. he was very clear about that. and you know, we saw this in sandy hook and now we're seeing it again, and i just question his motives. >> i've spoken to my family and for myself and for my daughter and son, on principle, i find that we -- i am, you know, in disagreement with his policies on gun control and therefore, we will not be attending the visit. >> won't be alone. and, in fact, there will be about 2,000 people in attendance. protesting the president's appearance, according to invitations that have been accepted yn line. >> there's not one thing the president has proposed that would have stopped that attack in oregon. and that's the point. >> and the discussion should open up to gun free zones without a doubt. that has to be part of the discussion overall. >> so what do you think about ben carson's comments and everything else? let us know,
5:12 am meanwhile coming up, a record release. 6,000 prisoners about to be sprung by the president. who are these criminals? and why are they walking free? peter johnson jr. looks behind that giant release. >> and it turns out the shape of your face says a whole lot about your personality. what does taylor swift's diamond face mean you ask? we have the results straight ahead. >> just shake it off. constipated?
5:13 am
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5:16 am
well the obama administration about to release the most federal inmates at one time ever. thousands of nonviolent drug offenders will walk free, thanks to a new sentencing guidelines. here with more, fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. okay, peter, 6,000? >> good morning. this is quite incredible. for some it may be halloween. is it trick or is it a treat? 6,000. that's how many federal inmates are going to be released between october 30th and november 2nd this year. a majority will be transferred to halfway houses before being put on supervised release. and about one-third of those who are undocumented immigrants, illegal aliens, will be handed over to i.c.e. for possible deportation. it's part of new sentencing
5:17 am
guidelines for drug crimes put in place by the u.s. sentencing commission last year. those guidelines were intended to reduce overcrowding, and provide relief to drug offenders who received long sentences over the past three decades. under the change, eligible prisoners will have an average of two years shaved off their sentences. >> great amount of time there. so how does the judge actually decide, peter, who gets set free and who doesn't. >> that's an interesting question. during the process, a judge reviews each prisoner's case to decide if his or her release would jeopardize the public safety. most of those eligible for consideration have already served eight or ten years or more. in all, some 50,000 federal inmates will be eligible. and another 6500 releases are likely. deputy general -- deputy attorney general said even with the sentencing commission's reductions, drug offenders will have served substantial prison
5:18 am
sentences. moreover these reductions are not automatic. under the commission's directive federal judges are required to carefully consider public safety in deciding whether to reduce an inmate's sentence. so safety is allegedly the key. >> of course. i mean critics are concerned there will be a surge and increase in violence and crime. >> very concerned. >> does congress have a say in this? have they done anything to try to stop it? >> unfortunately congress did nothing to stop the change. so it became effective on november 1st, 2014. the commission then gave the justice department one year to prepare for this huge release of inmates. critics say releasing so many prisoners all at once could cause crime rates to skyrocket. there's concern that not all of the releasees were convicted of all the crimes they actually committed. but the measure is part of a liberal shift in the nation's approach to criminal justice and drug sentencing. two years ago then-attorney general eric holder directed federal prosecutors to avoid seeking mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug
5:19 am
offenders. instead, prosecutors are said to recommend sentences that factor in the types and the quantities of the drugs involved until the drug dealing. so a lot of people have concerns. a lot of people on the left are very happy. a lot of other americans are saying, what's going to happen? because we know based on the department of justice statistics, that almost 30% of federal releasesed drug prisoners will go back to commit crimes. >> the recidivism rate is significant. i mean -- >> absolutely. >> if you're in the areas where they're being released, i can't imagine you'd be happy if that's -- >> this is a huge, huge release. huge. unprecedented in american history. >> peter, thank you for that. >> good to see you. >> this coming up. check it out. one of mom's responses to her child's homework on the five pillars of islam and it's going viral. you've got to see it to believe it. and a teenager jumps into action at a restaurant to save a man's life using something she actually learned at summer camp.
5:20 am
that quick-thinking teen joins us live with the amazing story, next. music playing ] ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey. [ chatter ] your life wasn't meant to be lived under a bushel basket. neither is your faith. ♪ let is shine, let is shine ♪ ♪ let it shine. on october 8th, bring your bible to school. learn more at ♪ let it shine.
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5:23 am
we've got some quick headlines for you right now. harvard's debate team licking its wounds this morning. it just lost to a team of prisoners. the inmates from an upstate new beat the ivy leaguers at harvard while arguing in favor of allowing an illegal immigrant child into a public school. there you go. meanwhile actor tom hanks to the rescue. he tweeted this yesterday, lauren, i found your student i.d. in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you. that student, fordham university senior lauren whitmore said she already bought a new i.d. but
5:24 am
still hopes to meet the oscar winner. don't blame her. meanwhile, a florida teenager is now a florida life saver. eleanor corson was eating supper at a florida restaurant a couple of nights ago when an older guy at another table collapsed. >> so that's when the high school senior jumped in to help giving the man cpr until paramedics arrived. the hero herself joins us. eleanor corson, thanks so much for joining us, and reliving this story. two years ago you evidently went to summer camp and learned cpr. fast forward to what happened over the weekend. what were you thinking when you saw the man was struggling? >> my mom was the first one to notice that he was struggling, in fact. it wasn't until i turned around and saw just the life leave his body that i realized our next option was calling 911 and beginning cpr. i was definitely very confusedant it was a very stressful situation but i'm very glad i was there. >> you see that the guy is not in good shape. were you thinking to yourself,
5:25 am
okay, i know what to do, but i sure hope maybe there's a doctor in the house? or a nurse, or somebody else, first, right? >> oh, yes. absolutely. as soon as i started compressions that was definitely one of the first things that came to mind. i was praying a doctor or nurse would show up and say, move over, this is what i do for a living. but unfortunately that was not the case. >> so eleanor, you do this with compressions. so you had to calm down because you knew what was happening. it's been two years since you went to summer camp and learned this. what exactly did you do? because there's so many different ways of doing cpr keeps graduating and changing. so how did you approach it? >> well, i was very thankful to have a great waitress to my left. she was supporting his head and keeping his airway clear for me. and i had another great woman on my right who was on her hands and knees just praying and motivating all of us. >> wow. >> so all i had to do was compressions while my mom held his feet and the lovely waitress supported his head for me. >> started at 15, then you went to 30? >> i started with heart
5:26 am
compressions. i could see the life fall out of him. i mean i was right there when it happened. i was hoping it would only take about ten compressions to get him back. and i quickly realized that was not the case and had to step it up to 30. >> what pattern were you using? about a month and a half ago we had somebody giving us a demonstration out on the plaza where they said that the rhythm is ha, ha, ha, ha, stayin' alive, stayin' alive. have you heard that particular approach? >> i have heard that one. unfortunately i didn't have a very clear mind in the situation and wasn't able to think of that. i just kept counting to 30 and the wait was was able to help us as well. >> you had a chance to meet him last night? >> i did. and it was one of those precious moments you will never forget. he is sitting up. he is happy and healthy and with his family. it was a wonderful experience getting to see him. >> well i know you've been on mission trips where you've helped provide medical aid abroad. this is the first time you actually provided medical aid, and what looked like a chili's.
5:27 am
>> yes, it was at a chili's. >> job well done. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> now you got to go back to school. just out of curiosity, you're a senior. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i had every intention of going in to psychologist and premed and hoping to pursue a career in psychiatry. but after the events on sunday night, i have a little more faith in myself and being able to go potentially into emergency medicine. so i do think medical school is in my future. >> that's fantastic. >> i do, too. >> thanks, eleanor. >> thank you. >> all right. >> that's great. >> that is fantastic. all right. 32 minutes to the top of the hour. our future looks like this. >> recess just came serious business. why schools are hiring consultants to teach your kid how to play at recess. and what do say. your outraged e-mail, in any cases, pouring in on that. >> i would love to be a recess consultant. and you know him as one of the heart throbs from grease and a whole bunch of other hit productions. like steve doocy he was a teen
5:28 am
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republicans say the economy is bad, they say it's bad. >> how bad is it? >> the economy is so bad in california, parents in beverly hills are being forced to raise their own children. that never happens! wait, wait, wait. i got one. i've got one. oh, yeah. the economy is so bad 50 cent
5:32 am
has changed his name to nickelback. >> the economy is so bad hillary clinton wants people to look to her deleted e-mails to see if there's anything that might -- the economy is so bad, i saw wolfgang puck eating chef boyardee. >> so last night jay leno stopped by the tonight show but not just to be a guest. jimmy fallon pulled a hamstring and thankfully he was in the audience to come in and take over. there you go. he was brilliant. it was so funny. and then you realize, wow, jay leno, it's like he was doing yesterday, he does 250 appearances a year. >> of course he does. he's fantastic. >> what a pair, though. >> they really respect each other. unlike other handoffs, they're rooting for each other. >> all right. let's take you out to edina, minnesota. two elementary schools there paying a consultant $30,000 to figure out how to make the play
5:33 am
ground -- politically correct. how to navigate the politics of a playground. add more structure, and encourage positive behavior. you know, sometimes kids will go, when you're playing tag, you're out. >> no more of that. >> no. nice try. >> nice try. >> good job. >> right. >> this is following a seattle school who banned tag in general. >> $30,000. >> it was a good point. i just got from somebody in my ear. what about king of the mountain. that breaks every rule. one person emerges as better than the others and they have to push and try to get up to that spot and knock you over. >> the mountain is too dangerous. >> they paid $30,000 for someone to say they can't figure out. >> by the way, if you're hiring i'd love to be a recreation consultant. okay, go ahead. >> i'll judge, how you doing. >> but here's the one thing i would say, that's why when you're a 25-year-old, this generation, i looked at your work and it's terrible and they cry or quit, they don't know because they've never heard any negativity or had to deal with
5:34 am
the real world, which is a jungle. so our manager, the real world is a jungle you've got to get these kids ready. >> we wanted to know what you thought. charlene said, are you kidding me? is this a school system that is always crying that they don't have enough money for everything? bottom line they want to control how these kids act, everyone is not a winner and not everybody likes everybody else. and that's the way it will always be. >> jean saying this, since recess began millions of kids have survived games without guidance. i'm sure the current crop of kids can manage to do the same. >> thank you. >> that's right. >> we're going to take a recess for news, and other -- >> can we say that? >> after heather we're going to go to frankie avalon. first we're going to start with heather. >> otherwise we might hurt her feelings. >> because that's what it's all about. >> nice try. good morning to you all. brand-new e-mail troubles for hillary clinton. fox news has learned that the fbi's probe is now expanding to
5:35 am
a second data company. that company backed up her e-mails on a cloud storage system. workers at the other company which managed her server admit that they were concerned that they were part of a cover-up. that's according to a letter that was sent by the senate homeland security committee. no comment yet from the clinton camp, but we'll keep you posted on any updates. a mom in bakersfield, california, stands her ground when her seventh grade son comes home with a history assignment on the five hill pillars of isl. the mom told the teacher her son would not be completing that assignment. and if there was a problem, well the teacher could simply call her lawyer. she also added, bible verses to that note. she says her son has never come home with homework on christian practices. what do you think of that? bakersfield, california. what does your face shape say about you? face reading experts, there is such a thing, say your features can reveal your overall approach to life. like this one.
5:36 am
♪ >> all right. so here is what they studied. people like taylor swift, who have a diamond faced shape are likely to be detail oriented and take control. if you're like reese witherspoon and have a heart shaped face you might be strong minded and a little stubborn. if you have an oval face like beyonce you're practical and an overachiever. what if your face is square like sandra bullock you're likely to have an analytical mind. >> what about an octagon >> i have a heart shaped face. >> what about a trapezoid? >> it's like a bad horoscope. it's no reflection of you. >> thanks, brian. >> we like your face exactly like it is. >> now let's face the weather. extreme weather. and a miracle in south carolina. a pregnant woman, in labor, forced to escape rising floodwaters in that canoe. there she is goes and gets in. firefighters in knee deep water helping the mom get in the boat, and got her to the hospital. >> oh, my.
5:37 am
nine hours later baby elijah was born. mom says she won't have another kid in 40 years. we're not going to turn to maria molina who is tracking more storms across the country today. hey, maria. >> hey. what a story out of south carolina. we're continuing to see that flood threat, because not only do we have ongoing flooding from water that needs to recede, but there's also the threat that some dams could be breached, and we're also going to be seeing rivers cresting over the next couple of days. so we could see flood conditions worsening across some areas that are still expecting water. i want to take you farther west now, an area of low pressure that's going to bring a risk of severe storms today across western parts of texas and also across new mexico. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes possible, and also, flash flooding. let's head back inside. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. >> now it's time for "cooking with friends." >> it's warming up in here. from heart throb on the big screen to musical hits frankie avalon's latest project takes
5:38 am
him in a different direction, right to the kitchen. >> yes, elisabeth in his italian family cookbook frankie retraced the comforts of home sharing recipes straight from his mother's kitchen. >> frankie avalon cooking school dropout. >> it's great. i love the cookbook, because these are your mom's recipes. >> yeah, yeah. >> we had her do and finally put them down, you know. and these are in my book here. >> incredible. and you're making for a big crowd is it -- >> i have eight children. and we have ten grandchildren. and some day, you know from the italian background. >> sure. >> sunday is sunday. you know -- >> we eat. >> and we do that. and we have a lot of fun and i've been doing it trying to keep the tradition all through the years. >> what are you making today? >> i'm going to make this craft sauce. i'll tell you what, that's very special. my family loves this, because it's simple to make. and i'll show you how -- >> my dad is frankie avalon, i
5:39 am
like everything you've done. >> do you sing when you cook? >> no. i'm busy when i'm cooking. but it's very simple to do. all you have to do is start it with some olive oil. >> all right. >> i like a lot of olive oil. just a little bit right here. >> this reminds me of my childhood. >> so olive oil you heat it up. >> the most important thing is the crabs. you know in this day and age you can get crabs you know like dungeness crabs or blue claw. you just call your local supermarket. fish guy, and he can order it. and what you do is you take the crabs, where are the crabs? well this is the crab meat. >> you take the goodies -- >> yeah. you need this kind of a grab, because of the shells and everything which gives it the taste. >> you want the flavor? >> yeah and it's very simple to do. then you take a little salt. a little pepper like this. >> yes. >> and i don't use, you know, pressed garlic or regular garlic. i like the garlic powder. only because of the fact you don't want powerful garlic.
5:40 am
you know, not really. i don't think it's as powerful as the bulb here. you know, now here's the trick my mom used to do. this is clam juice. >> oh. >> ah! >> yeah. >> you're going to share the secrets. >> you just pour that over here. now you get some crushed tomatoes from the can or even peeled tomatoes. pour that in here like this. >> the whole -- >> and that's done. >> that is actually. >> you just stir this up like this. there you go. and you -- >> the whole recipe will be on >> you cook it for about 45 minutes to an hour. and it's done. and if you want to give it a little taste. you know what we do with this, too, guys? elisabeth, is what we do, is -- i serve the pasta first. and then the crabs in another dish, so after you sit there, break them, crack them, whar. >> and look right there. this is the finished product. >> so it's simple to do, and you know -- >> beautiful. >> and of course you know on
5:41 am
another sunday are meatballs. now these are chicken with pork, you know, which is a different phase, and of course the parmesan cheese, and you can either bake these, or you can fry them. >> right. >> or you can throw them right in the sauce. once you -- >> they just look special if you have somebody who probably cooked with a feel, rather than tilely measured things out. so write it down. >> absolutely. and you know, trz some great recipes in here. some dishes that are so unique. >> we can hardly wait to try out. the book once again is frankie avalon's italian family cookbook. book stores everywhere. franksy avalon. >> thanks. >> fantastic. >> all right coming up, dr. ben carson being slammed for saying he would charge ane shooter. stacy dash has been he is center of media controversy before. she's here with her reaction next. >> she's charging us. >> and, on a wounded veteran's wedding day, he wanted to have
5:42 am
his best friend by his side as his best man. his service dog, the newlyweds, and the dog joins us live with their incredible story ahead. >> all right. she's here for the food, frankie. nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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quick headlines now. developing as we speak a massive fire burning through an 80-year-old church in chicago. you can see flames and thick smoke shooting through the roof. here's a live look at the scene now, as you're witnessing it. where they are still battling the flames. a lot of damage already to the church but thankfully no reports of injuries. and did you see this? a pastor wading through dangerous floodwaters to stop a casket from floating away as a grieving family watches. a sheriff's deputy told wayne reeves not to enter the water. >> it was unbelievable, and no way in the world we could put that family through that kind of
5:46 am
torment. i've never been hugged so many times in my life. everybody there was so grateful. >> wow. and there you go. he joined us earlier today. >> and now this. dr. ben carson is being slammed by the mainstream media for making these comments right here on the curvy couch. >> dr. carson, if a gunman walks up and put the gun at you and says, what religion are you, that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that question. because, not only would i probably not cooperate with them, i would -- i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say hey, guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> well, stacy dash is no stranger to being attacked by the media. she, of course, a fox news contributor, a hollywood star, joins us on the curvy couch. what do you make of what dr. ben carson said yesterday right where you're sitting? >> i think he's absolutely right. i would do the same thing. i would state that i am a christian, and fight. >> well, you know, and he said
5:47 am
later in the day, it is clear if you sit there and let them shoot you, you're going to be dead. >> that's right. so either you're going to die crying or you're going to die fighting. i'd rather die fighting. >> the mainstream media, though, has turned against dr. carson on this saying that he's being heartless toward those victims that you just saw in the recent shooting on the community campus. why do you think that is? >> i have no idea. because he didn't mention the victims. he mentioned himself personally. what he would do personally. >> right. and so what you're seeing is a -- you get where he's coming from. >> yes. >> it's a commonsense approach to you. and yet if you were watching any of the other channels yesterday, they were blowing this up, they were calling them controversial comments, and in the mean time you've got hillary clinton and she certainly is not being called on her record. >> no, not at all. which she should be. everyone seems to think that it's okay for her to go around lying all the time. >> about this whole thing, regardless of what he said, when you become a leader, ben carson in particular, no one can figure out why he's so successful so far in this race.
5:48 am
they don't like his comments about muslims. they don't like this comments about gays. they don't like his comments about what he would do in a shooting situation. is it amazing to you that despite these blips his popularity is only increasing? >> no. >> can you figure it out? >> i think it's because he stands his ground. and people like that. people like when you're a person that stands with commitment >> how hard is it to do that when the criticism is coming in? to stand your ground and seem to brush it off? >> well, you don't brush it off. but if you're a person of faith and you have faith in something higher than yourself, it's not as difficult. >> right but stacey, you stood your ground because you came out, you were out in hollywood, and you said, i really like mitt romney. and suddenly out of the woodwork everybody came attacking you. how dare you like a republican? >> yeah, that's absurd because of the color of his skin which is absurd. i stand for what's right. i believe is right. and what i believe god would want me to do. i always ask god what is, you know, what is it that you want me to do. and if that's what god wants me to do, i'm going to do it, come
5:49 am
hell or high water. >> amen. >> all right. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> thank you, stacey. >> coming up, a wounded warrior wanted his best friend by his side for his wedding day. that best friend is his service dog. the newlyweds and their great dog are going to join us live next. >> but first let's check in with marsha mccallum for a preview of what she's got cooking at the top of the hour. >> good morning you guys. we were just talking about this and ben carson will join us this morning. he's facing backlash for the comments after the oregon shootings. and one father of a victim says he will skip the visit from the president when he comes to his state. ted cruz is also here this morning. we've got some brand-new polls to take a look at that show some big moves in the general election match-ups that may surprise you when bill and i see you right here in america's newsroom at the top of the hour. . it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
well, a wounded warrior married the love of his life. like any groom he wanted his best man by his side. >> but this best man, not a man at all. justin langford's 4-year-old service dog, gabe, took on that all-important best man role. and newlyweds justin and carol ann and best friend gabe join us right now live from tampa. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i would imagine gabe is not going to be talking in this particular part of the interview. >> right. >> you know, carol, when you heard justin say that he wanted his dog to be his best man, what did you think? >> i was not surprised at all. they go everywhere together and do everything together.
5:54 am
so, it sort of just seemed like the natural decision. >> i love how this all came full circle because you were actually working while this he was deployed you were working at k-9 connection, correct? >> correct. >> and the director there said, hey, i think i might have a dog for you all? >> yeah. he said, is justin interested in getting a service dog? we have a dog that we think the personalities would just kind of match. and so they set up a meeting for gabe and justin, and gabe just rolled around on the floor and cried and wiggled like he had known justin his whole life. and they said this seems like it will work out well. >> absolutely. justin, i'd love for you to tell everybody, 2012 lost your leg with an ied and you came back. what does your dog mean to you? i mean obviously as your best man you're saying a lot right there. but daily what are the things that gabe does for you to just make you feel more free? >> i mean, he is fantastic on a daily basis. he helps me physically with
5:55 am
getting on and off the ground. retrieving objects that i drop. opening and closing doors. things like that. things that become more difficult when you lose a leg. and he also provides, i can't even begin to describe how much emotional support he provides from day to day. >> absolutely. so let's go to the day that you guys got married. and there you had gabe as you best man. tell us about that particular day. i don't imagine gabe probably threw you a bachelor party, but nonetheless, there he is right there. tell us about that day. >> it was -- it was awesome. i -- he completely deserved it. he worked hard for me every day. and i couldn't imagine anybody more deserving or that i would rather have standing next to me when i got married. it was -- it was incredible to have him right next to me. >> didn't he help you pop the question, as well? >> he did. he did. i put the ring box in his mouth, and we both fooled mom. she thought it was a ball and tried to grab it.
5:56 am
>> we cannot thank you all for your service. what a military family you are. we thank you for that and sharing this with us. and gabe, what a good best man he is. congratulations. on everything. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> i love it. >> very nice. as we slowly zoom in to gabe. >> good dog. >> good dog, indeed. >> meanwhile coming up on this wednesday, the latest non-pc halloween costumes to hit the market. oh, i know who that is. >> oh, no! let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know.
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teenager arrested in texas when his school thought he had to sd of a clock. the costume comes with a clock, an asum lump case, a nasa t-shirt. it costs 80 bucks. >> that will be great. >> good morning, graham. bill: a fox news alert. a nightmare scenario stopped for now. isis said to attempting to buy nuclear materials to make a dirty bomb and arms dealers happy to sell it to them. a packed show today. i'm bill hemmer. martha: that takedown was in moldova in february. it's one of four attempts in the last five years of dealers trading cash for a small sample


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