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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 7, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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teenager arrested in texas when his school thought he had to sd of a clock. the costume comes with a clock, an asum lump case, a nasa t-shirt. it costs 80 bucks. >> that will be great. >> good morning, graham. bill: a fox news alert. a nightmare scenario stopped for now. isis said to attempting to buy nuclear materials to make a dirty bomb and arms dealers happy to sell it to them. a packed show today. i'm bill hemmer. martha: that takedown was in moldova in february. it's one of four attempts in the last five years of dealers trading cash for a small sample
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of radioactive material then the worst cases in december of 2014. police raiding suspected weapons dealers allegedly looking to sell weapons grade uranium to terrorists. what else are we learning about what they were up to here? >> reporter: this is the greatest threat the security services are worried about. nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorists. now we learn there is demand and also supply. a uranium ring has been operating for five years. it involves a number of ex-kgb members who out out fighters in isis. they said they would be the most interested in buying the
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radioactive bombs and the american state must be annihilated. a member of the moldova police arranged 20 meetings before purchasing a small test quantity for $320,000. the buyer was to test it and if he liked what he saw, they could do a kilo gram a week. that's $30 million until the buyer had the quantity he needed. martha: do they believe this has been stopped. >> old russian missile systems which were capable of carrying nuclear warheads were on offer for sale. any successes were compromised
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by strike arabs. even those arrested evaded long prison sentences, sometimes returning to nuclear smuggling just two years later. this region has long been at the forefront of this smuggling with stockpiles dwindling but still readily available. bill: now to the campaign for 2016 and dr. ben carson getting attention from the left after comments he made about last week's shooting in oregon. this ways said yesterday morning. >> a gunman walks up to you and says what religion are you, that is the ultimate test of your faith. >> i'm glad you asked that question. not only would i probably not cooperate with him, i would not
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just stand there and let him shoot me, i would say hey, guys, let's attack him, he can't get us all. martha: a fascinating response in the meantime if he slow candidate donald trump sat down with bret baier and he responded to a lot of questions including a war on iraq and eminent domain. >> the number one way we are getting hurt is currency manipulation. china and japan do it brilliantly. we don't do it because we don't have a clue what we are doing. >> what kind of deal would you make with putin if you look at ukraine or syria. >> i think it's important for
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the republicans to win that they get along. i'm not looking to do this with everybody. the republicans -- i want to get along with marco and bush. i'm a strong military guy, but not for big government. i want regulations off, i want taxes reduced. when i straighten out the imbalances with china, japan, everybody, everybody, you will see things happen that will be great. i think it will be greater than ever before. that being said, it has to be done quickly because we are going so fast in the wrong direction that the next election is going to be very, very important. i'm in it to win it. martha: mr. trump still clearly on top of the republican field. the real clear politics average shows him in front of dr. carson
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by 5 point. then you have carly fiorina in third place. then you have jeb bush and ted cruz. bill: florida, ohio, pennsylvania, that's coming up later this morning, too. a fox news alert. brand-new evidence on the investigation on hillary clinton's email expanding. a computer company was told it was to limit backups to clinton's private server. one employee said i though it thought it was covering up some shady blank. if we can go public with our statement that we have had backups then we were told to trim 30 days, then it would make us look a whole lot better. you believe this to be a
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significant development. explain why. >> any time you have somebody inside an organization like platt river suggesting there may have been a suggestion to trim the backups to 30 days. we don't know if there was such a directive, we don't know who gave such a directive, we don't know what the directive said if it exists. but the fact we have those additional questions raises many more questions, and i think will keep the f.b.i. quite busy. bill: the clintons have two backups. some of the emails that are missing in the early days of the administration. the secretary of state, and the emails with general david petraeus and those emails are
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missing. >> it was another significant development yesterday. you haded the revelation after state department letter dated october 2 which the state department wrote to hillary clinton's personal attorney and said do we have everything? you told us we have everything? do we have everything because we have become aware of emails early in her tenure with david petraeus that were not turned over to us. questions inside the government and he can term questions about what she turned over and whether it was complete and whether there was some directive to cut the backup. bill: who on this side of the government is pushing this story now. is it the f.b.i.? are they doing it? >> i don't know if the f.b.i. is pushing the story. i think they are making further inroad in their investigation.
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they requested this information from the connecticut-based firm. so the f.b.i. has been moving ahead even as now over the past receive days the media have been consumed with this rather foolish comment from kevin mccarthy that makes the investigation look political when in fact trey gowdy did everything he possibly could to keep it from being political. bill: steven hayes, thank you. sorry for that leading in the question. martha: first it was syria, now vladimir putin could expand his isis offensive into iraq at their request. the iraqi government is asking the russian forces, asking vladimir putin please come help us in our fight genesis *. will they respond? senator ted cruz joins us this hour with more on that.
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bill: the feds letting thousands of convicts go free. we have the numbers. martha: president obama is being accused of playing politic in the aftermath of the tragic oregon shooting. some of the grieving families in oregon don't want to meet with the president when he cops to his town. >> he made it all about gun control. we saw this in sandy hook and now we are seeing it again. i just question his motives.
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bill: the justice department says it will free 6,000 federal prisoners at the end of the month. many of them non-violent drug offenders heading to halfway houses before parole. an estimated 100,000 prisoners could eventually get early release under these new guidelines. martha: controversies over the president's trip to oregon coming up friday in roseburg wil,oregon. critics say that the president is using the tragedy to push his
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gun control agenda. the father of one of the survivors speaking to megyn kelly last night. >> when the president comes on friday will you visit if he wants to visit with family members, will you see him? >> i have spoken to my family and for myself and daughter and son, on principle, i find i am in disagreement with his policies on gun control and therefore we'll not be attending the visit. martha: alan colmes and brad blakeman, he has every right to do that, does he not, alan? >> absolutely. and the president has a right to address the community. he was criticized for not going to paris or ferguson, now he's being cite sized for going to
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owesburg. martha: what does he want to accomplish? >> i think he wants to show support and he did say, this is a political issue. i know that's quite controversial. but also there is politicalization on the other side. both sides are politicizing it because that's what it is. martha: here is a piece of what the president said after this shooting. >> we spent over a trillion dollars and countless laws and devote various agencies to preventing terrorist attacks on our soil and rightfully so. yet we have a congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially reduce gun deaths.
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how can that be? martha: the president, brad, wants more money, more attention, more laws. he seems to believe that that would prevent those kind of atrocities from happening in the future. your thoughts. >> he hasn't done one thing to implement any of the changes he requests. the president comes to the crisis late as he does everything. the president is supposed to prevent bad things from happening. the only thing the president has done is to lower the flag at the white house and visit and warn with the people after these incidents occur. the president has not advanced legislation himself, he blames congress. he has the ability andle bully pulpit to call in the leaders of congress. he has never done that. that's why i think these families are so outraged by the president's response. the president said himself he will politicize these events.
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martha: does he lose steam on stuff? >> his standing up and using the bully pulpit. he's not a legislator. if he were executive action, brad and people who agree with him would now criticize him for doing something using his executive powers. he can't win with certain people who will never like anything he does. i hope he likes what he can do within the power of his office to address the issue. martha: when you look into this shooter's life, he and his mother had a lot of guns, they talked about guns and wrote about guns online a lot. everyone talks about mental health. nobody has the guts to stand up and say where do we draw the line. what in someone's background
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makes them ineligible to get a gun. there is nothing we have learned so far that would have stopped this situation. it makes everybody feel better if they passed new laws and they have a signing ceremony at the white house. but it doesn't change the underlying situation that leads to this being possible. >> i don't think actual have one law or two laws. martha: we have so many laws already. >> there are specific things we can do. close the loop hole buying guns on the internet. close the loophole on gun shows. but you will bring down the statistics. we have had 14 or 15 of these incidents since obama has been president. the notion that there should even be a next one is something we should address. >> the violence pales in comparison, this incident, unfortunately to the violence
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that occurs every day on the city streets. take the weak that kills 30 people. if it's not a gun, it's a knife. if it's not a knife, it's a bomb. there is violence u not legislate. what we need to do as a united nation is to understand what laws can be affected. martha: there are so many familiarity between this individual and adam lanza. you talk about how to bring light into these dark situations. we have nowhere to put these people if they need to be institutionalized and nobody wants to talk about that. so it would be nice to see focus on the things that might actually make a difference in some of these stories.
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bill: a semi overturns. police search for the driver responsible for that. martha: the skies starting to clear you have over south carolina. but there are dams that could giveway any moment. we need to stay focused on the situation on the ground. >> you never think of how intensity is and how just -- my daughter left with no shoes on. we packed a suitcase and the kids, and we just go. usaa makes me feel like i'm a car buying expert
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martha: police in michigan are searching for a driver a hit-and-run car that shut down a major highway for hours. the police think the car maybe a chevy malibu. the driver cut off the truck at the exit ramp causing it to flip over and overturn. the driver then just took off. they are saying the car should have heavy dodge the quarter panel. bill: in south carolina more people forced from their homes for the threat of flooding. people living near a dam are told to leave right now. >> just because there is no rain and the sun is out, we are look
6:26 am
at john strea -- we are lookingt downstream waters and areas that will be affected. >> it was very scary. my husband was out of town. it was just me and my three kids and my dog. >> reporter: this neighborhood is situated between two bodies of water that converged during the flood. now that the floodwaters are receding you can see the damage. you can see the power of the water with this house that was partially discharged from its foundation. the car that was once narkd this driveway was carried by the raging floodwaters out to the middle of that lake. the orange markings where where first responders were irnlds
6:27 am
kateing there was -- were indicating there was no one inside. bill: what's the status of the dam? >> reporter: in richland county there was concern over beaver dam. officials urged residents near the dam to seek higher dam as crews repaired a large hole 50 feet deep. officials on the scene say they believe they have the situation under control. meanwhile in columbia the national guard is working with engineers to stabilize water levels at the columbia canal. that's a source of drinking water. they are trying to maintain the water levels to allow the city's
6:28 am
water treatment plant to continue operation. martha: another day, another scare in the skies. this plane was forced to land because the pilot passed out. bill: iraq asking for help from moscow. senator ted cruz with more live on that. >> the enemies of america have all taken the measure of barack obama and they determined nothing he says is ...
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martha: we are in day two as the senate armed services committee, they are holding a hearing on iranian influences in iraq. we flow they helped in the fight against isis there. a resistance group is forced to live in tents with the iraqi army. bill: the feds reporting a decrease of 84,000 deportations.
6:33 am
welcome to new york. why are these numbers down, what's going on. >> i doubt numbers. the administration has a history of not telling the truth when it comes to enforcement on immigration. they said they were deporting criminals which turned out to be lies it's hard to give obama credit for rolling back a juggernaut he created. bill: that's been debated whether it's catch and release. meaning you catch them at the border and sends them back to mexico. >> i live in a suburb of
6:34 am
san diego. and anyone caught in my neighborhood is a catch and release. bill: the criminals are not being sent back to their home country. >> if you are deported and you come back you committed a felony. we would like to know the real serious criminals are taken care of and deported and put in federal prison. but the definition of who's a criminal and what crimes they have committed. bill: he pledged to go after illegal criminals and deport them. and these numbers show it's not happening. >> i the first term was different in terms of deporting kids and grandparents, battered
6:35 am
wives. now this could be a new way of doing business it's hard to turn off the faucet. when you go to washington, now that i.c.e. and dhs set up a goal of 400,000 a year, you will see that number come back over and over again. bill: do you think this administration has gone easy on this issue the fast few years? >> they have made a mess of things trying to be compassionate and tough. it's trying to do two things at once. they want to make organized labor happy getting rid of these people and please latinos. bill: thank you for coming in today. martha: the dow holding steady all day yesterday following a
6:36 am
huge rally the day before, up about 112 in the early going. we have a lot of the corporate earnings being put into the mix. bill: are we up or down in the end? >> i think we'll be up today. i'll be positive. bill: republicans demanding and defending their investigation as democrats say it's time to shut we'll talk to a member of that select committee about what to expect coming up here. >> not a single one of them has been named clinton. of the 50,000 new documents, less than 5% have anything to do with her. if you look at the public hearings we have so far, her name is not crossed by lips. ou e with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein
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bill: fox news confirming russian fighter jets intercepted u.s. drones on at least three separate occasions. those strikes helping pro-assad forces take out isis positions and still hitting u.s.-backed syrian rebels. iraq is asking for putin's help fighting isis. senator ted cruz is with us. the quote from the pentagon, the first type it happened we thought the rugs got lucky, then it happened two more times. how dangerous is this? >> it is extraordinarily dangerous. the tensions between america and russia are only escalating and
6:41 am
sadly this is a direct manifestation of the weakness of the obama-clinton foreign policy. leading from behind. this is what it produces. we have a reality that vladimir putin doesn't respect the president of the united states but he considers him a laughingstock. that's profoundly dangerous for america and the world. we are seeing the chaos in syria and the chaos in iraq also a direct consequence of the failed porn policy. >> you heard the president say have at it, russia, we tried and failed. you will be there for a long time is he right? >> of course not. if you look at leading from behind which is one of the most honest characterizations of obama's foreign policy.
6:42 am
scoop jackson characterized the old soviet union as a burglar walking down the halls in a hotel jiggling the handles to see which one is open. vladimir putin is trying to become a dominant force in the middle east and that's because america is so weakened it created the opportunity for them to do so. unfortunately what we are seeing is our friends and allies are getting the message president obama is not a reliable ally, and putin, you know what you are getting and our enemies are learning america can be trifled with. and putin is far more dangerous. bill: we can debate decisions of yesterday. what should our role be there now? and what should our role be in cooperation perhaps with russia? are we now finding ourselves moving toward that direction or
6:43 am
not? >> no, i don't think so at all. no one in their right mind would believe putin's assertion he's there to help go after the terrorists. obama did but it's only because he's hopelessly naive. putin is supporting iran. iran is the leading in the state sponsor of terrorism. sadly to the surprise of nobody, putin's military began bombing the so-called moderate rebels we spent hundreds of millions of dollars training because his intention is to boost and prop up assad who is a puppet for iran. and that is not furthering u.s. interests. you ask what should we be doing? we should stop even ganging in the fiction of trying to find moderate rebels and support them. we should stop the fiction of trying to bring together the sunnis and shiias to put down their arms and embrace like brothers.
6:44 am
instead we should defend u.s. national security interests and do what works to defeat isis. that would mean using overwhelming air power to target and destroy isis. but we ought to be arming the kurd. they are -- arm can the kurds. they are fighting the peshmerga. yet the obama administration refuses to fund them because it wants to send the weapons to baghdad and they are not using them to defeat the terrorists. politico * this morning talks about the president using strategic patience with putin. >> putin is playing to win. putin is not complicated man to understand. he's essentially a kgb thug. he said in his opinion, the
6:45 am
collapse of the soient union was the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. i think what he's trying to do is reawwemble the old soient union and expanding russia's influence. we don't want to stand up through direct military conflict. no one wants to see a shooting a war between the world's two nuclear powers. when putin invaded ukraine i called on president obama to install anti-ballistic missile batteries that were scheduled to go into effect in 2009 that obama canceled in a failed evident to appease putin. and there were 2 applications pending to he can port liquid natural gas. putin uses energy to blackmail europe.
6:46 am
the president should have approved all 22 of them and export our natural gas and hit putin where it hurts. bill: do you have a problem with president obama going to oregon this week to console the community in roseburg? he's welcome to go anywhere. i would note, he didn't come to the funeral of deputy goforth in texas who was murdered in significant part because of the escalating rhetoric from president obama and the attorney general against law enforcement. he doesn't stand with the brave men and women and first responders. instead he vilified them. with regard to oregon. our heart goes out. everybody should be lifting up those families in prayer for the victims of that horrific crime, facts came out it appears this shooter was targeting christians
6:47 am
for their faith. and it's also sad and cynical the president's response and hillary clinton's response is to immediately try to politicize this not to go after violent criminals but instead to try to go after the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. i think that's wrong. bill: we'll see if this visit involves poll techs or not friday. you are trying to move in the polls and it hasn't happened yet. are you satisfied with the state of your campaign? >> i'm incredibly ended. the momentum we are seeing on ought ground. we rolled out county chairmen in the first four primary states. no other republican has that. our grassroots support is enormous. to date we received 350,000 contributions. in the last two quarters we outraised he other republican
6:48 am
candidate as people over the country went to i'm incredibly encouraged because what we are seeing as conservatives coalescing behind our campaign. i could not be more encouraged by where we are. bill: thank you for coming back here. it's been quite some time. thank you for coming back. martha: this week we had back-to-back scares in the skies. an emergency landing because the pilot passed out right on the heels of another tragic incident in the sky. we'll take a look at what's going on in these airplanes. bill: donald trump, guess where he is right now. we'll have a look at who's surging and who's dropping next.
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rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. bill: houston astros, here is how it went down in the bronx. >> the astros have advanced to the division series against kansas city with a 3-0 win here sat yankee stadium. bill: they advance, the american league wildcard for the astros. they play kansas city next. meantime on the campaign trail how do we get here? hillary clinton making her loyalties known in the game between the chicago cubs and the pittsburgh pirates. >> i'm so happy to have this chance to visit with all of you and see a chicago cubs t-shirt right there. let's make it happen. i mean, really, wouldn't it be
6:53 am
wonderful? martha: i thought she was a yankee fan. bill: depend on where you are. martha: she said growing up she spent a lot of time at wrigley field and was a big chicago cubs fan. terrifying moment high in the sky as a co-pilot loses consciousness mid-flight. it comes after another pilot died of a heart attack. how many incidents have we seen and it puts focus on the fitness of pilots in the cockpit. >> reporter: two incident is two days is raising concerns about the health and well-being of those at the controls of the planes in which we all fly.
6:54 am
in this latest incident the plane was on the way from houston to san francisco. then the pilot fell ill. eventually even losing consciousness. the plane had to divert to albuquerque. the pilot regained consciousness and was able to walk off that plane once it land. but this came one day after captain michael johnson, a 57-year-old american airlines pilot collapsed and died while in the cockpit. that plane, too, had to make an unscheduled landing. all of this putting a focus on the fitness of the pilots. every pilot has to be medically certified every 12 months if he or she is under 40. every six months if he or she is over 40. but the question now is have we seen two isolated incidents that happened to come back to back or
6:55 am
is there something more here that the faa is going to have to take another long hard look at. martha: what about mental fitness. >> reporter: that's a very big issue. everybody remembers the germanwings flight in which the pilot deliberately crashed that plane into the side of the alps killing everybody on board. before that there was the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370. we still don't know the reason for that disappearance. but there has been speculation the pilot may have been suffering from some sort of emotional and mental issue. in the wake of both of those incidents the faa announced they will be conducting a new study to see how they -- what more they can do to look into and look after pilots' emotional and
6:56 am
mental health. martha: it can't hurt to be extra careful. bill: a san francisco man doing his own home security. the homeowner in white wrestling with an armed intruder in his garage as he tries to pry the gun out of the other guy's hand. the suspect makes a run for it. it turns out no bullets in the magazine after all. what was this about? police trying to find the wanna be -- wannabe thief. martha: dr. ben carson stirred new controversy about the comments he made about the oregon shooting. saying if he was there, he would have fought back. what is wrong with that? bill: president obama heading to
6:57 am
oregon to meet with the victims. will he talk gun control laws? whatever the case, he may not get a warm welcome. . (0209fox555a.ecl)
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we have brand new polls on the presidential race. joe biden is a clear favorite against all of the republican candidates in the state of florida. but ben carson is in first place in ohio and in pennsylvania. he is our guest into few moments. welcome everybody, to another hour of "america's newsroom." >> donald trump and hillary clinton still the top candidates in florida in the primary race against members of their own parties. but joe biden has the best shot of winning florida in the general election beating all of the republican rivals in a match
7:01 am
up. dr. carson would beat him in ohio and in the state of pennsylvania however. >> a writer for the washington post and fox news contributor is here. joe biden is beating all of the top five gop contenders in a head-to-head general election race in florida. and in ohio, you have ben carson winning over joe biden in a head-to-head by four and five points in each state. what do you make of this? >> it is fascinating. the poll is good news for hillary clinton. she is leading for the democratic nomination. 24 points in florida, 19 points in pennsylvania and 11 in ohio.
7:02 am
but the biden surge is interesting. he is ahead of bernie sanders in ohio, pennsylvania and tied in florida and he's not even in the race. and in the general election match up, he is the strongest candidate they could put forward beating all of the republicans in florida whereashillary clinton loses to bush and rubio and beats trump by five. and in ohio and pennsylvania he beats everybody but ben carson whe whereas hillary clinton loosing to everybody except donald trump. >> this has to have the folks in the biden movement thrilled this morning. these are good numbers. if it is true biden draws mostly from hillary clinton supporters and not so much from bernie sanders supporters that has to
7:03 am
make him feel good. >> it does. but bernie sanders is out there drawing huge crowds and he is only winning in new hampshire. he is a one-state candidate. maybe two-states if he does well in iowa. but biden is not even in the race and he's beating bernie sanders in two key swing states and tied in florida. >> and very good news for dr. ben carson in the match ups. your reaction to that? we will be speaking with him in a minute. >> on the republican side, this is still the outsiders election. if you add up the support for trump, carson and carly fiorina they are surging in all three states. >> for the donald trump
7:04 am
supporters they are sitting at home saying donald trump still wins in the gop match ups. here is the florida presidential race. trump at 28%. he has been holding in those ranges. and jeb bush, the former governor of florida, at 12% in his home state. nobody expected to see numbers like this in october, mark? >> this poll is good news for donald trump and his supporters should be happy. gained six points in florida, 12 points ahead of ben carson and beating mark rubio and jeb bush but he has more support than bush and rubio combined in florida. he is the only candidate who --
7:05 am
donald trump -- is inone who loses in all three states to biden. >> kasich and bush would be a strong team they were saying because you have florida and ohio and a poplar sitting governor of ohio at 13% in his own state. >> both of the favorite son governors, bush and kasich, are not doing well in their state. bush has 4% in florida and single digits everywhere else. kasich has high approval ratings as governor but he is in third place and behind donald trump. so in florida and ohio, they can deliver the state, but it is struggling and not translating into presidential numbers. >> they are waiting to see what happens and everyone is hanging in there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> with ben carson rising in the
7:06 am
polls he is also out for more scrutiny based on that. his comments on the school shooting in oregon got a lot of attention this week and we will be joining us live in a few minutes. the fbi is expanding the investigation on hillary clinton's e-mail to use a second firm, one that was hired to backup the big data. ed henry has more and good morning to you on capitol hill. how much does this raise the stakes for her? >> reporter: fox confirmed the fbi contacted the second tech company in september. they were doing backup for the first tech company we know is cooperating with the fbi, platt
7:07 am
river in colorado, that was overseeing the personal server. this mean the connection company does have backups of hillary clinton's personal e-mails and official e-mails turned over to the state department that had classified information. republican senator, ron johnson, chairman of the homeland security committee just told me he is concerned the classified information was on the server and backed up in colorado, and then the data backed up by this connecticut company and he is worried about all of this classified information flying around. >> the reckless disregard the secretary basically had for the classified information of this nation. i don't know what secrets were revealed and what may be in the hands of the enemy. >> reporter: i pressed if any employees at data inc have
7:08 am
security clearances to deal with classified information and this source familiar with the behavior told me not that i am aware of. so did tech employees have access to classified information without permission? >> they had two companies working on their behalf, bottom line? >> right. and what is interesting is that one of the companies, platt river in colorado, senator johnson has gotten e-mails from employees and as some of the investigation unfolded there were e-mails flying back and forth about the clinton data and someone person of the tech company wrote it looks like there is shady stuff going on because they are worried about data being deleted. we don't know. but in some e-mails they are raising the possibility of a cover-up. the clinton campaign is
7:09 am
suggestinging that is non-sense and they are saying what the republican is doing is interfering in their few with a non-partisan fbi probe. >> but it is the fbi on the e-mail, right? >> reporter: on the e-mail. johnson is recovering the information about the company because he is the homeland security chair and wants to know. >> ed henry on capitol hill, thank you. this is a frightening report. smugglers looking to sell nuclear material to isis that could be used piece by piece to build a dirty bomb. that was one of four take downs. they took down arms dealers with
7:10 am
ties to russia in europe with four over the last five years. the latest in moldova. they claimed access to russian weapons and missile systems they were offering on the black market. dr. ben carson facing criticism on comments he made about the shooting in oregon. >> i would not stand there and let them shoot me. i would say everybody attack him. he may shoot us but not get us all. >> critics say those words lack sensitivity. we will ask him be he joins us live. the president is headed to oregon and talk gun control. is he playing politics with this tragedy? bill o'reilly will talk to us about that. and a balloon festival gets dangerous. the close call that could have been deadly. >> i thought it was going to hit that power line.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
crews responding to three separate hot air balloon crashes in new mexico. the winds were calm in the morning but picked up later. luckily no one was injured in
7:15 am
new mexico there with that accident. >> dr. ben carson is answering questions about his response to last week's school shooting in oregon. earlier he said he would sacrifice himself to stop the shooter and some critics called that insensitive to the victims. >> can you clarify your statements on the oregon shooting? >> what needs to be clarified? >> you are saying the students didn't do enough to save others? >> i said what i would do. >> can you say what you hwould do? >> i would ask everybody to attack the gunman so we don't all end up dead. >> dr. ben carson is here and he is running for president and the author of a more perfect union. some people look at that, the response of you chuckling at the
7:16 am
end and making light and your reaction is insensitive. >> that is silly. it is not being able to understand such a simple concept as, you know, if you know someone is going to kill you and they are going to systematic kill you one by one why wait for them to do it? >> some people hear that and say these poor victims. they did the best they could. it sounds -- i understand what you are saying underneath but the problem is the way it comes across. it is something you run into time and time again with the comment on muslims being president and you know some other things. so how do you deal with that part of the equation? you have to keep cleaning up these comments? >> i don't deal with it to be honest. we are living in a culture where you have a group of people who just sit there -- they don't try to listen to what you are saying. they are trying to find a defect
7:17 am
so they can cause more division. they are trying to divide our nation into factions. war on women, age wars, income wars, religious wars, race wars, you name it. any time there is an opportunity to drive wages down. i believe that the american people are smarter than and they will not allow themselves to be manipulated. >> but does it bother you that you spend time saying here is what i meant to say. as a candidate do you need to get better at saying what you mean? >> i don't think so. i think people know exactly what i am saying and they know what the media is trying to do. they are smarter than that and not going to be manipulated. they will never accept me because i don't believe in political correctness.
7:18 am
i can twist myself in pretzels trying to fit into their box or be who i am. we need people standing up and talking logical. >> i want to talk about the substance of your comments now. you talked about the fact you lost two cousins in the streets of detroit growing up in. you said as a doctor i spent many nights pulling bullies out of bodies. i never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away. >> if you go to page 60 of "a more perfect union" and read what i say about guns and america and daniel webster who said that america would never suffer tyranny because the people are armed. there are a list of countries where they first disarmed the people and then tyranny took
7:19 am
over. >> i want to ask you to put yourself in the oval office and there is a school shooting in the country. what are you advocating to do and what do we need to do make people safer? >> a number of things. we need to study the shooter in the mass shootings and gather the early warning signs. many have a history of mental illness. we need to empower mental health professionals to do more. >> what about the training side? do we need to tell kids here is what you should do? >> absolutely. >> what would you tell kids to do? >> i would give them a number of different scenarios because they have to be trained to react in each different scenario as you do teachers.
7:20 am
i believe we need to have people in schools who are armed, who are trained, who can help. >> former police officers or teache teachers? >> a lot of retired police officers are available and i think certain teachers can be trained. >> people will say that is tricky to figure out. i want to get to your thoughts on syria as well in the limited time we have. the most recent information we have and we know putin is taking action in syria and being asked to help in out iraq where we have been helping out for years and flyovers in turkey. now we have information they are tracking our shadowing or predator drones over syria. the russians are. you are president. you hear that news. what do you do? >> recognize that vladimer putin is a very ambitious guy and was disappointed with the dissolving of the soviet union and their
7:21 am
loss of power around the world particularly the middle east. he is trying to reconcile that and we need to recognize that and stay firm. >> but how? what would you do? pick up the phone? shoot down his planes going too close to ours? >> of course i would contact him. we would stay in communication and i would let him know we are not going to back away as the generals suggested. >> would you shoot down the planes if they were close to us? >> i would establish a no-fly zone particularly along the turkish border. not only there in syria but around the world. we have to face them down. we have to take advantage of this weakness. his weakness is economic because oil prices are low and we should take advantage of that.
7:22 am
>> good having you, dr. carson. many thanks.
7:23 am
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7:25 am
i would ask your viewers, those who have suspicious and those supportive, if they don't focus on the words people not on the committee ruse but focus on the action of those of us who have been on the committee for the last year and a half. >> kevin mccarthy said the committee played a role in hillary clinton's sinking numbers implying that was the point and that was trey gowdy's response.
7:26 am
jim join is on the committee, and serves in the house oversight reform committee as well, and good morning to you. >> thank you, bill. >> democrats say close it down. what will you do? >> we will get to the truth. that is the charge of the committee; to get to the facts. we interviewed seven eyewitnesses, 50,000 documents the other committees who did investigations have not had access to. and the state department is still dragging their feet. our focus is to get to the truth. this has nothing to do with secretary clinton being president. this has everything to do with what took place when she was secretary of the state and four americans lost their lives >> the statement by kevin mccarthy; has it made your job more difficult? >> it is not accurate.
7:27 am
trey has been clear, we have been clear. we need to get to key questions like why were the request for additional security denied? not only denied for additional security but reduced what they had. why did the state department make that decision? we need answers. and where was the video narrative? the american people deserve the truth and more importantly the families want to truth. >> slaughter, a democrat from new york, said you were out to politicize it from the beginning. how are you going to answer those charges? >> let the work product speak for itself. >> trey gowdy said look at the actions of the committee. what are they?
7:28 am
>> 50,000 documents who were never reviewed, seven eyewitnesses never interviewed and a hearing with the former secretary in a couple weeks to get to the truth of what happened before, during and after. the focus is on getting to the truth because that is what the american taxpayers deserve. >> do you think the hearing on october 22nd is going to change the story of what happened in benghazi? >> i hope it focuses on the truth. i know that is our focus. it is important that hillary clinton answer the tough questions in front of the american people about what happened. i think it will give us more information which is what the american people want. >> two weeks from tomorrow. jim jordan, thank you for your time. republican from ohio.
7:29 am
>> president obama headed to oregon to meet the families of the victims in the deadly college shooting there but some say they'll not be welcoming him including a newspaper publisher who talked to bill o'reilly. do tragedies and politics mix? the governor is looking into fantasy football after allegations of insider trader while one sport site lays down rules for their employees. the latest on this. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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i then i could maybe ifupgrade a little, ifi'm gettingr tha fair price. know we realized, okay, this not only could be convenient, we could save a lot of money. usaa car buying service. powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. now we know president obama is going to meet with victim's families in the oregon shooting and the publisher of a newspaper is telling bill o'reilly the president is not welcome and the father of one of the survivors
7:33 am
told fox news he thinks the president is playing politics with this incident. >> i thank him for lowering the flags but he is making it about control. i question his motives. we saw this with sandy hook and seeing it again. >> the host of the o'reilly factor and the author of the brand new book chilling reagan is out. you have been talking about this all week. what are they telling you in ro ro ro roseburg? >> well it is a conservative area. outside of portland people are conservative. this is rural territory and they want their guns for protection and hunting. they don't like president obama.
7:34 am
they want him to intrude on their second amendment right and don't want him using this tragedy to advance the agenda. >> you have the commander and chief who is the consoler and chief. how do you ride the line? do you think the president should go? >> if you like the president, it could be any president, you have to respect the office. a lot of americans don't understand that. you have to respect the office of the patriot. he won the election. he is the president. if he goes to douglas county to console the families that is a good thing. if he politicizes it then i am all over it and he will get hammered. i don't believe he will politicize it. but as i said on the factor last night, there is a dual thing
7:35 am
here because all politicians use everything to advance their agenda and you have to watch that. but i don't think the people in douglas county have to fear any kind of stunt. >> we will watch it on friday. donald trump, talk to him this week? >> not this week. >> last week? >> last week. >> the media is writing all week about it is just a question of time. >> why would he pack it up? >> i am not suggesting he would or should but they are writing these stories. when you talk to trump do you get any suggestion he is willing to do that? >> trump is ahead. he has only spent $2 million so far because he is getting the free media. the media is obsessed with him because he brings circulation and rating but they don't like him because they don't share the same philosophy.
7:36 am
i believe he wants to be president. >> you do? some are suggesting it is setting in as a possibility and that is giving him second thoughts. >> i don't think that. that is ridiculous. but i don't think he is a man who is going to stay if he is falling in the polling. if he gets down into the low teens, i think he might take a look at it. doesn't need this. but i think it is something that he is infatuated with. >> killing reagan, book number? 481? >> five in the series. don't be a wise guy! >> tell me what i will learn about reagan. >> everything. i thought i knew ronald reagan. i covered his second inauguration and i didn't anything about him.
7:37 am
our research is impeccable. we go from his early days in hollywood and how he was a movie star and how he became a politician off the movie star stuff. it is not a glorification of reagan. but at the end of the people i have people writing me about how they cried about his courage. after being shot and almost killed everything changed. he is 70 when he got shot so of course it changes. but none of us knew anything about it because the white house didn't say anything. and nancy didn't certainly. but how he rose up by sheer will is a story everyone should know in america. >> strong midwestern man. looking forward to reading it.
7:38 am
>> thanks for having me in. >> we will sick martha maccallum on you next time. >> she is on the factor tonight. >> i am hoping it goes well. >> we have a topic, i don't remember what it is, but i am sure she will handle it well. a new federal report showing the downside to legalizing marijuana in states like colorado with finding marijuana-related traffic deaths up, number of pot related emergency room visits up and more calls to the poison center. surprise surprise. we are live in denver. is this meant to be a warning to other states considering going this route? >> analyst at the high intensity drug trafficking area say it is chance for facts. they gathered data from national databases on marijuana. in the first year of
7:39 am
legalization in colorado marijuana traffic deaths increased 32%, related er viss 29%, and diversion to other states increased. >> you cannot regulate this industry. it is obvious when you look at the amount of marijuana flowing out of colorado to other states where we have almost become the source for the rest of the united states. >> reporter: folks say they found more school kids are using pot now. the marijuana policy project which advocatiadvocates for legs said this is a misrepresentation. >> that is not surprising. what are the specifics? >> they accuse the analyst of cherry picking data. if someone test positive right now for marijuana in their system there is no way to tell if it is from a week or hour
7:40 am
ago. it is a faulty assessment when the reports states the traffic death was caused by marijuana simply because thc was seen in the body. >> people are seeing through this type of propaganda. americans are fed up with marijuana prohibition and been lied to about marijuana their entire lives and they are not willing to take it. >> reporter: according to pew research, 53% support legalization and 69% believe alcohol is more harmful to a person's health. but a poll found most americans don't want people smoking pot in public even if it is legal. hillary clinton is not waiting for joe biden to make a move. reportedly conducting operation research. what is that all about? what are they looking about and what might they find? >> and changing lives. how a big powerball winner plans to spend her money.
7:41 am
>> going to work, having a bad night, went to mcdonald's for lunch, thought i might as well check my numbers while i am sitting here waiting for lunch and that when is when i realized i was a winner.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
it is reported hillary clinton has a team digging up dirt on vice president joe biden getting ready to attack him if he jumps into race. allies of clinton are saying if he makes the campaign about integrity things could be mes messier than the fight against obama in 2008. we have our contributors here. not a surprise they have to be ready. right? >> it would be political
7:45 am
malpractice for a campaign to not be researching the strength and weaknesses and negatives of all of their opponents and potential opponents and particularly somebody with the strength a sitting vice president of the united states would bring. he had difficulty in the time he ran for president. there are differences between the two of them. and there are negatives. so that campaign, the clinton campaign needs to be aware of those. as does the sanders and o'malley campaign. it would be malpractice not to look at the strengths and we weakne weakness. >> there is a lot of buzz someone from the clinton camp might have leaked the story from politico that it was joe biden himself who talked to maureen
7:46 am
and shared that story. and the biden campaign is saying this is false and the characterization and offensive. ed, do you think this came from the clinton camp? >> i have no way of knowing inside. i am of the school of what difference does it make? vice president had a tragic death in his family and people are sympathetic. the key thing with advertisement is you have to be careful when you use it. you are going after the same voter in a primary. hillary clinton and joe biden are going to draw from the same voter pool. if you attack him, sometimes that backfires on you. particularly in the case where she doesn't have a positive message out there and there is questions about her integrity. you have to be prepared and have it there. at the end of the day, when you use negative advertising or
7:47 am
campaigning sometimes it raises your negatives equally as much as your opponent. >> let's put up the most recent poll showing hillary clinton in a good position still. there is talk about how bad the campaign is doing but when you look at her numbers in florida, carolina and pennsylvania she has a lot to feel good and joe biden's numbers in the key states are up there. i referred to a biden campaign a moment ago but he is not in the race. she has solid numbers. >> look, he is the sitting vice president of the united states, i know he hasn't entered the race but it is significant. it does say a lot about hillary clinton's strengths that with him in the question against her she is still, you know, up like 24-points in those states over him. and what is interesting going to his strength is here he is in
7:48 am
the race and he is already with all of the crowds and excitement around bernie sanders, joe biden is not in the race yet and bang he is right there with him. so it is -- you know, it remains to be seen whether we will get in. i have been leaning toward i think he will but i go back and forth myself. >> some people say, charles krauthammer among them the moment joe biden declares he may have peeked. >> there is a lot of sympathy for him, he is a poplar vice president, and he has been a flawed-driven candidate. you have to remember the super delegates of the party. hillary clinton lost to obama by the super delegates note the voters. i think she is prepared with the money team in place and best operatives. joe has catching up to do.
7:49 am
i don't think the bernie sanders people move to him. i think they are outside mainstream of the party. >> jon scott is something up next on "happening now." good day to you. >> we will continue the c conversation with the new developments in the race for the white house. hillary clinton seems to be d distancing herself from the obama organization. and gangs with ties to russia reportedly shipping nuclear material to terrorist. an attorney general's office is launching an investigation into brand new fantasy football websites. what the company employees might
7:50 am
have been doing to earn money on the inside. the inside. ndshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dotinside. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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we just heard the attorney general will investigate and probe to see if website workers used insider information to win a lot of money. the companies say they banned employees from playing money. the draft king ceo responded to the investigation.
7:54 am
>> we are committed to creating an open and transparent environment. having the trust from the customers that the game is fair is everything to us. we have done everything we can to investigate this and found through evidence there was no wrongdoing here. >> a lot of money on the line and investor money. fox sports is one of the many investors looking in this. they are new. you can play fantasy sport but betting on the players you put on the field is the bases for the business. what is the rub now? >> we need regulations is what people are calling for. you have a senator and congressman in new jersey that want hearings on this and the
7:55 am
new york government wants to probe this. i understand that espn yesterday at the request of draft kings sponsorships were not airing and we don't know where that will go forward but it is all over. it is part of sports. >> the allegation is there is insider trading which is another way of saying if you work for the company you have information before i potentially as a consumer might have it. >> i might know what players might be injured, who might be available and why may not be. and if there are computer algorit algorithms that allow, let's say a player is out, but the majority don't know, maybe on 30 line lineups i have the player pulled so i have more advantage to win. >> if the employees can play the game they could be in on it. but the ceo is saying my guys
7:56 am
are out of this and can't do this. >> as jason told us this morning, everything is in place for nothing to go wrong. he said that his employee who won $350,000 at the competitive site during nfl week three, his fantasy lineup was already locked in for this so-called information sent out and he was asked if the nfl has contacted him and he said no, not yet. >> there is big money as you know. >> jerry jones is investigated in it. the cowboys and patriots owner bob craft. remember when we were downloading music for free and the music industry stepped in and we got i-tunes? >> thank you. the feds are trying to crack down on the smugglers trying to
7:57 am
get dirty bombs in the hands of terrorist. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide
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8:00 am
>> i will see you on radio. >> i will see you later tonight on the factor. have a great day in between, everybody. we will see you later. >> we start off with an international smuggling ring where the arms dealer sought out isis terrorist as the intended customer. i am jenna lee. >> and i am jon scott. a thriving black market is shown in key components with the fbi reportedly interrupting four attempts by gangs with russian ti ties selling nuclear weapon


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