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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 7, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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but cats first gave broadway a memory. 33 years ago today. there are a thousand jokes to insert here. i'll let you enjoy that in the comfort of your own home. i'll be with you this afternoon, 6:00 eastern, 5:00 central on sirius xm 115. look at that guy, at a big white house summit now that is getting a lot of unions. the white house summit, it is virtually a big, big union audience and right now it comes at a time when unions are front and center the focus and their wrath is front and center the focus now. look at what is going on in belgium today. belgians not too receptive to some austerity measures on the part of the government. and it comes only a couple of days after -- after this.
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after this. the workers are very ticked off as it were that management was getting all the goodies and they were getting none. now hillary clinton, hillary clinton just came out against this big asian trade deal, the transpacific partnership, she's against it. that's the deal her old boss crafted and at the time she hadn't said anything about it. she's also as you know -- questioning the deals her own husband made that she says have hurt workers. so obviously she is -- this is a first really big wedge with the white house on this issue of trade and how it hurts unions as she and, by the looks of things, joe biden, are competing for that union vote. now, what is joe biden doing?
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he's speaking to union members saying he has their -- he has their back. but if he's part of the administration that concocted a trade deal they deem to be very bad for them, as most of the major unions seem to think, that is what we call a conundrum. to kevin cork at the white house. >> i'm not sure -- >> yours is much better. yours is much better. >> that was terrific. hey, listen, union membership is down significantly. it is at its lowest level since 1930s. you and i talked about this. we all know it is global supply chain, robotics and technology, and to say nothing of a shift in the sector itself. we lost probably close to 6 million manufacturing jobs in this country since 2000 alone. it is economic uncertainty, uncertainty obama's economy, that he says may actually ultimately be a boom for big labor in the years to come. >> a lot of that is fed by just people feeling anxious about
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their futures. and feeling alone and feeling like they got no control and that nobody is listening. part of what we have got to do is to tap into people who are frustrated about their job paying so little. >> okay, so what does he want? he wants greater union rolls. that's huge for democrats because they're a major block. you probably heard me today in the briefing ask josh earnest about that. how do you square tpp with the need to have the unions behind you, because without them, democrats can't win, here is something else i want to point out, neil. millennials aren't buying into unions. that means as unions get older, they'll be smaller and that hurts the democrats and the president doesn't want to see that happen. >> all right, thank you, my friend. your french is a little better, a little better. but i am impressed. all right. let's look at what's going on now. this is a battle royal. just coming down within the past hour. what makes this so fascinating is hillary clinton, secretary of
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state, putting together the key ingredients of this asian trade deal, meant to be a counter to china in a way to respond with our asian partners to china's strength of that region, she was for a lot of the early planning. this is a 180 on her part or seems to be. i don't want to take leaps here. it comes at a time when the battle for the union vote is on and a lot of unions are disenchanted with hillary clinton's positions going back to her husband's administration and trade deals that they say really hurt them. now she is doing a 180 against her old boss and a trade deal that he says is crucial for those same uniyoon members in that audience that joe biden is addressing. what is french for awkward? jessica says that today the summit serves an important purpose, hillary clinton's notwithstanding. help me with the purpose of the
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meeting that has mainly just union guys in attendance. i would have thought the chamber of commerce would be invited. they are big employers, big bosses, nowhere to be found. they didn't get so much as a call. >> yeah. the unions are not being particularly friendly membership is down to 12%, the lowest level in 80 years and they aren't making friends fast and for good reason. they feel attacked from every end. i'm not saying they've been that well behaved. they've been bullying the candidates and on tpp and on keystone, as well as going against the cadillac tax and obamacare. those are purely moves to satisfy and get the union vote. she just picked up a big teacher's union backing over the weekend. i think they have 3 million in that federation she picked up. so we're seeing them throw around their political weight. so while i think unions have gotten quite out of control with hypocrisy and corruption, we
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know that unions are good for the middle class and we've seen that historically. >> i'm not making a general statement on unions and what they've done. but here's where i'm coming from. there's confusion because this audience is being divided. the very audience that vice president biden is addressing, the same audience president obama is addressing, they're torn here, because they feel this administration has let them down. i don't know if that's fair or right or even accurate, but that's kind of a split view. and now they're hearing from a vice president, part of an administration that is going to try to get this very tough trade deal that we've orchestrated with our asian partners, minus china, and that's a tough sell for him at a time where hillary clinton has said no, it's a bad deal. again, weird, right? >> yes. and everyone is vying for that middle class vote. right now the middle class feels very hurt by this administration and by big labor's agenda, which has been in lock step with the obama administration.
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hence why they're wined and dined on the taxpayer tab by the white house. unionization is not going to solve the country's problems. their ultimate end goal is to unionize these franchises -- >> here's -- i hear what you're saying but why can't it be a brave demonstrate that comes forward that says this is silly? wanting protection is silly. we live in different world. this is the type of thing that moves you forward, and i'm not going to kowtow to unions or candidates so nervous that there's going to be hell to be paid at the polls because they can marshal voters. >> they can marshal voters. part of the problem is we have a historical respect for unions, you can look at union membership and look at surveys. when gallop surveyed the american people about their respect for the institution of
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unions, it is on the decline. but the summit going on in washington, the fact that they didn't invite a diversity of opinions, our biggest labor issue is we have the lowest labor force participation rate since 1977. how are we going to solve that problem? it takes inviting everyone to the table and recognizing some union policies have cost workers, whether it's equal pay laws or some of these raises or increases in minimum wage. ultimately it's not employers who pay the proice, it's the employees. >> talk about drama as a backdrop with this summit going on. ladies, thank you very much. some back-to-back-to-back-to-back gains for the dow to see its best streak since back in july, i believe. gold was a beneficiary today. the idea that commodities have started the day on the soft side, then got strong, then they
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ended the day stronger, that was a boone to someone who wanted to see all cylinders firing. we'll keep you posted on that. and on this hillary event going on right now. in case you didn't hear, she's officially thrown her opposition to a trade deal that her old boss says is crucial. what does that do for joe biden? then bobby jindal out with a tax plan that's different in this respect -- every single american will pay taxes. donald trump's plan, half do not. jindal on that, after this.
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join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. it is probably the most important economic directive this president wants to get done before he leaves office, the tpp, this transpacific pact with our asian partners, minus china, to help american workers, help american commerce. hillary clinton, the former secretary of state, coming out against it today, saying it doesn't do enough to protect jobs. what makes this fascinating is it is the biggest reversal she's had from her old boss since she became the presidential candidate. she's questioned his pollties in syria and whether we could have and should have gotten tougher. but this is a big 180. frank lunts with the impact on that. >> it is significant. she's looking at the democratic
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polling numbers and realizes she's been very muslumping now e months. if she's not getting union support, because they're waiting for joe biden, and this is the surest way for her to get endorsements and she's trying to do this right now because she's not convinced that biden will stay out. so i understand the decision she's made. but here's the problem. for swing voters, for voters in the middle, if you're trying to win the general election, it's not a smart move. it makes sense for democratic voters in a place like iowa. this is a bad decision for swing voters in florida and ohio. >> she must be reading other polls that are out that show as a, you know, a threat on joe biden would be a more worrisome opponent. when you take ben carson pitted against her versus a biden, we can go through all the key states. you know, you could make the argument that bide season the more competitive challenger and
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in fact, in a lot of cases hillary clinton is losing in these mock-ups. that has got to be a worrisome development. >> she's very afraid of it. i want to say it here, i want to go on record, because i don't know what's going to happen in terms of his announcement. but if you want to see this race change, if joe biden comes out on stage a week from now and says before i deliver my announcement to someone i want you to meet, my partner for the next four years and he brings out elizabeth warren, that will not only shake up the democratic race, that will shake up the race for president on both parties. a biden-warren ticket would be crushing for hillary clinton. >> would we see something like that this early? >> no one has ever done it before and that's the whole point. we talked about before we got on air how this is an election that we've never seen before. that things we would have
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predicted just have not happened. if i'm joe biden's adviser, i'm telling him that, number one the announcement has to be different. the candidacy has to be different, the campaign has to be different. he would be the oldest president ever elected in american history. the only way he changes that is to bring on a vp and say from now on we're going to run as a ticket. >> it's a very liberal ticket. >> but it's a very different ticket and it's a very good communication ticket. it's not just about ideology but how you explain things. joe biden has a heart as big as the great outdoors. i may disagree with him, but the public and the democrats are looking for authenticity and genuine passion. hillary clinton doesn't have either of those. joe biden has both of those. >> frank, thank you very much. all right. we've been telling you about what's going on in the syrian
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air space, that russian migs are targeting what they say is isis positions but u.s. pilots are there, as well. i always tell you since there's no air traffic control over those syrian skies, that's a recipe for a disaster. we almost had a disaster. i'll explain. (vo) what does the world run on?
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russia is now talking to iraq. they're going to do some bombing of isis, which frankly i think is a great thing. let russia bomb isis. what are we talking about? what are we talking about? they want to bomb them, let them bomb them. bomb the hell out of them. bomb them. >> all right. i think that's donald trump doubling down on let russia bomb isis. the controversy is whether russia truly is bombing isis.
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general, you have your doubts and i imagined you were surprised that donald trump doubled down on that. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with russia bombing isis and if they're going to do it in iraq, they should do it as part of the coalition. but their focus in syria, as we all know by the evidence of where the strikes are going is against the moderate opposition forces and the al qaeda affiliates, both of whom have been threatening the assad regime. that's why he's in syria and where his focus is. >> as a general, you've done a lot for this country, general. you hear that crowd react the way it did, let russia bomb isis, not us. what do you think? >> i don't have any problem with russia being part of it, but i think we've got to be involved
1:22 pm
with it. >> he's saying the hell with it, let them sort it out. we've spent a lot of lives and friends who then become enemies, enemies that become friends. we don't need that. >> radical islam is on the rise, and russia has some limited interest in it because of their southern border. but we have got to be involved in this. our strategy is completely inferior to being able to achieve the desired end. you know we have problems. the american people know we have problems and we're taking half hearted measures and we're failing. if we continue with the strategy we have, we'll lose. that's the reality that's in front of us. >> do you think russia is getting into another afghanistan here, its own afghanistan? >> no, too smart for that. they know the thing that gets you bogged down in the country is not air power, it's ground power. ten years in that war -- >> there's talk they're sending
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ground troops. >> they won't send in a large contingent. they may send some special-ops guys, but they are not going to get bogged down in a ground war, as far away from their country as they are. even that air base is isolated and vulnerable to be frank about it. >> general, thank you. we are getting word on this hillary clinton flip-flop on this trade deal. she certainly never intimated she was coming out against it. the white house is saying that hillary clinton did notify the white house, or at least her campaign did, about her opposition to that trade deal. but as secretary of state, we are told -- we want to make sure we get this right, that she was there when the early parts of this were being put together and expressed no such opposition. but back then she was not a presidential candidate. one of my favorite guests on the show is with me in the flesh. you guys reacted when you heard
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the european parliament member, many recommended that he should become a u.s. citizen and be allowed to run for our nation's highest office. daniel, good to see you. you have looked at our political process. you said last time you were here, america has to be the beacon, it has to lead the way. you've looked at the crop of some of our candidates, donald trump, bernie sanders, and you've not been impressed. >> in general, i'm very impressed. but this sanders/trump thing. please, please don't do this to me. >> why? >> you might say this has nothing to do with me and i'm a foreigner and why should i be advising you, although we don't think of you as foreigner, we think of you as half family. >> i think you're still bitter
1:25 pm
about the whole american revolution thing. [ laughter ] >> i have slightly gone out on a limb, urging other countries to copy your primary system, because it tends to weed out the duds and identify the obviously cranks. >> but it takes a long time. >> by and large, it's worked. there are plenty of politicians who are wrong. but you think you've got problems? spend five minutes in the european parliament and you see what happens when the politicians get hand picked. primaries are a great way of s disbursing -- that would slightly terrify me, as well as making me look like an idiot. >> why? what do you have against trump? >> he likened himself to reagan the other day.
1:26 pm
they're both ex-tv people, but reagan grasped that you can be anti-establishment without being constantly crass and foul mouthed and narcissistic. this is a serious country and a serious time, when the world needs leadership. you should not be playing games. we are looking for more, and this is almost withdrawing from world politics and being frivolous about it. >> there are a lot of people who say we've had outside the box or different kind of candidates, andrew jackson comes to mind in 1824. people who were not necessarily your cup of tea, who messed things up, were very loud, very vocal, very in your face, but very effective. >> you know, there's a difference between being an outsider, which you could say the system was designed to encourage. they're supposed to be regularly
1:27 pm
refreshed like this. your founders would have been horrified at the add of a clinton/bush oligarchy. there's a difference between being an outsider and an attention seeker. i've got nothing against the guy personally -- >> i don't think he would like you the way you're talking about him. >> he doesn't seem to like fox either. but he was saying it's great that russia is bombing. >> what about the cheers he no is the >> i hope this is people letting off steam. >> it's been 90 days and he's still tops in the polls. >> i have huge confidence in your system and i really hope -- i think you deserve better than that, and i think we expect better than that. >> i think you underestimate the
1:28 pm
accumen and skills of donald trump and all that. >> but anger is not enough. i can understand -- >> i built a career on it. >> it has its place. but on its own, you've got to offer something better. >> across the pond, i know you're a different breed there. but who are the candidates that intrigue them? they kind of like obama, they certainly liked bill clinton. who intrigues them? >> everyone knows hillary and she has a certain standing. among those who follow u.s. politics, i think there's a certain interest in rand paul and ted cruz as people who are saying different and interesting things. that's how you can be an outsider without being a complete lunatic. >> you're being british and popular now, that doesn't work.
1:29 pm
you've got your own crazies, who is this opposition leader, what is his story? >> i would swap bernie sanders for jeremy corbin. >> really? >> i'm running out of words to describe how extreme this lurch is. the best i can do is quote a couple of his own positions. he's called for iran to have a nuclear bomb but not britain. he wants to mine coal but not burn coal. this guy, he is trying to revive an ideology we thought had been buried under the rubble when they pushed over the berlin wall. >> but we have since learned that pendulums swing. >> here's the serious point. i think that trump and sanders and corbin are all expressions a
1:30 pm
bit. i think what we're seeing is a delayed reaction to the bailout. i think the bank bail y0uouts. they served to demoralize and delegitimize the free market systems. >> a lot of people are up zest any way, these air france workers, et cetera. that's why hillary clinton probably switched on this trade support. but seven years after these bailouts, were they worth it? do you think they were worth it? >> no. i was against them at the time and i think you were. we were in the minority then. i say we were in the minority. we were in the minority on the airwaves. the american people never fell for that boondoggle, but all the politicians did pretty much, except a tiny handful. i think up until then, the free
1:31 pm
market system looked fair, and the far left always used to say no, no, it's a racket, it's a way the rich have this smoke screen to keep themselves wealthy and powerful and actually they helped themselves to the profits. but as soon as things go wrong, they get subsidies. for the first time in my life, that critique from the far left began to look justified. >> that's right. >> i think their prescription is woefully wrong. but their diagnosis was not bad. it really was a crony, rotten moment. >> and now the world expects it and depends on it. >> right. i think there is an anger against it, which on one level leads to trump or an equivalent around the world and the more common one is the far left reaction that's given a new lease to hardline socialism. but you guys are not greeks or french. we expect more of you than this. >> i'll pass along your comments
1:32 pm
to donald trump. daniel hammond, always a pleasure, my friend. when we come back, bobby jindal has a tax plan out here that requires everyone to pay something. something. it's called skin in the game. bobby jindal is next. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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how is this for bold? everyone pays taxes in this country, no one pays nothing? how is that for a political statement? bobby jindal risking it all and
1:35 pm
standing apart from a fellow named trump. the jindal plan in 60.
1:36 pm
all right. when donald trump introduced his tax plan and it was his first putting pen to pain we are a plan of any sort in some of the key issues, it was greeted with a lot of widespread praise. but, but, but it had a teach they are bugged someone. it had a zero percent rate that would add almost half to the no pay taxes. bobby jindal says that is a problem. he doesn't want the poorest to pay 15, 25%, 2% would do it, as long everyone has skin in the game. was that your argument for this? >> everybody should pay something. too many americans think money grows on trees. we have this ridiculous out of control government spending $18 trillion of debt.
1:37 pm
i think earned success is so much better than unearned success. even 2%. everybody should pay something to the government. >> all tax rates go down under your plan. so will those paying at least something to provide extra revenue to the government, because people crunch numbers all the time and say your plan, all these other plans are not going to be revenue neutral. you say what? >> i say look, i'm proud, my plan is different from three distinct ways. one, as we noted, everybody pays something. second, we create more jobs and income in america. third, i say we're reducing government revenue and we're proud of that. we cut government revenue 22% over ten years. i reduced the size of government spending in louisiana. we cut our budget 26% in eight years. if we're not serious about shrinking the size of government, we need to go home.
1:38 pm
this is one of the central arguments. you can't grow the american economy unless you shrink the government economy. i know liberals are attacking me for everyone pays something. those are intentional features of our tax reform. >> what did you think about hillary clinton coming out against 24 transpacific partnership deal to counter china? she came out and said just a couple of hours ago it will hurt. >> it's hard to keep up with her shifting positions. remember at one point she was kind of for the keystone pipeline, then she was going to be quiet about it, now she's against it. now we're finding out she was involved in the early negotiations on this trade deal. >> are you for it? >> look, i'm for trade. i think free trade is good for our country. i was not forgive thing president fast track authority. i want to see the details of the
1:39 pm
plan of the trade deal before i make a decision. in general, i'm for trade. i think it could be good for our country. and i want folks to understand, folks at every income level earn more under our plan. it's a pro growth plan. it could add up to 6 million jobs. so every income level, people earn more. i still think that's consistent with a principle that folks should pay a little bit. >> were you among the -- i think she sent it to all you guys. >> she sent her book to me. i'll be happy to read it as soon as she watches those planned parenthood videos. i don't think i'm going to be reading that book any time soon. >> did she sign it to you? >> i do believe it was addressed to me by name. i don't know if she signed it or an aide signed it, but it was addressed to me. but i'm more than happy to read
1:40 pm
her book. she refuses to say babies, she keeps saying fetal specimens or fetal research. i'll read her book as soon as she watches the videos. >> the latest polls, know we're focusing to much on this, but you're percolating in a couple of them. you moved up a little bit here. i'm wondering how much do you focus on them and do you worry if donald trump continues to steal the oxygen in the room and all these other alternative candidates like a ben carson, carly fiorina continue to dominate the scene? >> not at all. our strategy has been the same. we are moving up in the polls here in iowa. we moved up significantly. we're spending time on the ground talking to voters. we're in the top five here. different polls have shown us doing very well. but we're answering the tough questions. i'm the only one that's done things, not just talk about things. we canceled planned parenthood's contract, we have a plan to get
1:41 pm
rid of obamacare, we are the only ones to have cut government spending. voters are angry at the republicans who tell us one thing, get elected, do another. at least the democrats are honest socialists with bernie sanders. the republicans say they're going to stop planned parenthood and obamacare and amnesty. nothing gets done. i think they're looking for somebody that is going to fight for them. we're going to earn it on the ground. i know the d.c. folks want to clear the field, but the voters get to decide. that's why we're doing better in these polls. >> bobby jindal, thank you. very good seeing you again. >> thank you. always great to be with you. when we come back, the read from florida, no, not what's going on in florida, the polls, even though you would be surprised that jeb bush and marco rubio are not really benefiting. i'm talking about the economic read from the governor, rick scott, who's here, next.
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>> >> i want you to look at this poll in florida. one poll, i grant you, but look who's in third and fourth place. the fies who have a connection with the state. the present senator, marco rubio and two-term governor, jeb bush. what do you make of that? >> i think it's similar to my race in 2010. people are looking for an outsider. donald trump is clearly that. i'm not endorsing the race, but it was no different in 2010. i came into the race, people said he's a business guy. business guys don't win. >> your numbers were really pathetic. >> they're even better now. >> what i'm curious about, what are people in florida saying, that we would flirt more with outsiders than the guys who are our headline grabbers? >> i think people want a new
1:46 pm
face and -- >> even in florida? >> i think it's all about jobs. i think donald trump is a business guy. i think they're looking for an outsider, somebody that has been in business. they look at what we've done in florida. i came in as an outsider and business guy. we turned our economy around, we added 940,000 jobs. i'm up here attracting jobs from new york. so they want somebody that is going to grow jobs. >> you go from state to state and try to steal jobs? >> i'm trying to make sure companies can be more successful and when they do that they can add jobs. e.f. hutton is going to be moving jobs here. >> as a business titan, you would know a thing or two about transitioning from that world to the world of politics, the world of government. it's very different. it's very different going into a
1:47 pm
world with political factions, opposition parties, competing interests and all that. if donald trump were to go all the way, could he deal with that? >> i think all these candidates are smart. i think they would figure it out. you've got to be very focused on the return on investment and what your goals are. the big difference, and donald trump seems to be very good at it, is dealing with the media. if you have a goal, if you stay on your message -- >> what if the media hates you? to be fair, you never got a fair rap, and the media were relentless in attacking you. the media, they mock donald trump a lot. could he deal with that day in and day out if we were president? >> i think all these candidates will learn how to deal with it. the biggest thing is, just stay on your message.
1:48 pm
>> but as a business guy, you can kind of craft your own way. >> i had 285,000 emmoyees in my company. >> yeah, you were the boss. >> you still have to work with people. it's the same as governor and president. you have to bring people along to get what you want accomplished. when i say stay on message, remember why you ran and go after that. the biggest issue this country has got is jobs. so we need a president that's going to focus on jobs. so whether it's donald trump or jeb bush -- >> would you be comfortable with donald trump? >> i'm going to support the republican candidate. >> marco rubio said he's not going to be the nominee. >> we can't afford another eight years of barack obama. he has no idea how to build jobs. >> when candidates say that, does it hurt whoever that nominee is? it's hard for the party to come together. >> i believe the party will come together. i believe we want change. i believe we want somebody that will build jobs.
1:49 pm
so donald trump or one of the others, whoever says i have a plan and i'm going to show you how to do it, they're going to get elected. >> those guys have really receded, what do you think is going on? >> i think donald trump has run a great race. he's an outsider. he's talking about jobs. i think the biggest thing, they all need a plan for jobs. the biggest thing we have to do is build jobs in this country. families like mine growing up that struggled for money, they need a job. >> governor, always good seeing you. thank you very much. i love florida. beautiful state. when we come back, hillary clinton just like ben bernanke, wondering why more financial executives haven't gone to jail. i'm thinking as i hear both of these guys talk about a system that was rigged, didn't they design the system? after this.
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1:54 pm
'90s and all of a sudden when the music stopped, the finger-pointing did as well. i found that offensive and i was pointing out a republican and democrat. now you kind of agree with hillary on the notion that more of these execs should have gone to jail. >> absolutely. i think that most democrats and most americans for the most part feel very, the economy failed. who gets in trouble? the people, the populace, the people working hard. who lost their jobs. >> so let's say the bankers had a role in it. we'll give you that, it's crazy. but they did. but never mind. all the people that provided in the community reinvestment act and allowed lending to become almost a birthright, not a goal. that didn't have anything to do with that? >> at zero percent interest rates. >> to be fair here -- >> and make a bigger jail cell. >> well we are clearing out --
1:55 pm
>> the democratic party platform as she's putting it. if you lose money, you should go do jail. here's the thing, we had a financial crisis that was built on a bubble. the bubble was caused because you had government incentives to give housing to loans for banks to give housing loans to anybody with a heartbeat and a job and free money from the fed, from alan greenspan, who preceded ben bernanke. put those two things together, people will take undue risk and it will blow up the system. you add to that, glass-steagall. risk-taking banks -- >> too big to fail. >> it allowed these big banks -- >> your point -- >> the political thing here. hillary clinton in the next couple of days is going to do some wall street reform. which going to be a mish-mash of insanity. >> let's focus on this. do you, i understand, but do you think it odd, that seven years after the fact, after tens of billions of dollars of fines, taken from all the wall street
1:56 pm
guys, who broke no laws, there were no laws. >> there was no regulation. >> the people who provided the means and pushed them on, egged them on, and then they did that bidding, you're saying that, that they are the only ones who should be punished? >> yes. >> i mean -- >> the problem here is hillary -- >> you know who is a regulator? ben bernanke. was the regulator. >> we don't have a centralized regulation agency that was created after dodd-frank? >> you know who set that up? bill clinton. >> agree with you. >> should barney frank have gone to prison with him nor encouraging the very activity that they led. >> nothing more than rank class warfare. >> it sounds good on the campaign trail. >> we're going to hear more of it. >> come on, $600,000 was given by wall street to hillary clinton. who better friend of wall street
1:57 pm
is there than -- >> [ indiscernible ]. .
1:58 pm
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caucus, 40-member strong. congressman daniel webster to be the next speaker of the house. whoa. >> hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with juan williams, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." checkers? or cats. which game does the white house think vladimir putin is playing? >> i don't think president putin is playing chess. he's playing checkers. and i say that because he's making a series of tactical decisions leading to a starkly negative strategic conclusion. russia is being sucked into a sectarian civil war. essentially a quagmire that pose as whole set of


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