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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance every night and when you're not here it upsets us deeply. tonight, "on the record" blunt-talking presidential candidate chris christie is here. we just got back from new hampshire where the garden state governor made his case why he should be your next president. and an added governor christie's wife joins the interview, but right now governor chris christie goes on the record. governor, nice to see you. >> i'm happy to be back, greta. thanks for having me. >> back in new hampshire, but where are we? >> at least coast lumber and this is the beginning of a three-day tour we're taking up here in new hampshire. >> let's talk jobs. people are talking a lot about student loans, and that's great. but what about the person who's over 50 who loses a job. do you have any sort of idea for that person? >> first off, you have to have
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economic growth to have that person. an economy that's growing will create all kinds of new jobs. that's why we put forward the tax and regulatory plan we did. but folks who lose their job at that age need new skill sets so we talk about trying to intertwine our economic growth program with using community colleges to get people some new skills, to start anew if that's what they have to do. >> why has the recovery been sluggish in terms of many economists? >> one, because taxes are too high. the tax code is too complicated. and because regulation is just overbearing. right now $10,000 per employee is what small businesses pay just to comply with federal regulations. the obama administration has been the most regulating government that we've had in the history of our country. they're in every part of it and we need to get them out. the first thing i'm going to do is look for every obama bureau krat i can find and fire them. >> i talked to senate finance chairman orrin hatch about a year ago and he said he wanted to change the tax code but the
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problem is he couldn't do it. it's impossible to change things on capitol hill. he doesn't have the filibuster-proof senate. if you didn't have a filibuster-proof senate, how are you going to change taxes and streamline that tax code. >> they have to do exactly what they did with obamacare which is not worry about the filibuster. obamacare passed with 51 votes. we need to get the senate to understand the american people are not going to put up with the excuses if there's not 60 votes they're not going to do anything. they need a strong president who brings them into the white house and tell them this stuff needs to be done for the american people. if we can't do it, we'll go over your head to the american people and make sure the american people force them to do it. >> what's wrong with congress. i heard you say you'd rather jump off the brooklyn bridge than be in congress. >> they get nothing done. they're more concerned with keeping their jobs than getting the job this. everyone loves their title, mr. chairman this. who cares. the american people are tired of this congress when democrats was
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in control, when it was a split congress and now republicans are in control. i'm particularly disappointed in the republican congress. we gave them the majority in both houses. i worked real hard to try to get folks elected to the united states senate and yet no tax reform has gone to the president's desk. no repeal and replacement of obamacare. no defunding of planned parenthood. the republican agenda is not being put on the president's desk. if he wants to veto it, let him veto it but then the american people would go where we stand. >> in light of that although you don't have a vote and neither do i, are you team chaffetz or team mccarthy for leader? >> i hope the next leader gets some stuff done but i'm skeptical. this president doesn't want congress to be effective. he wants to do things by executive order. that's why this president has been one of the worst in american history. he doesn't want to work with congress. even when the democrats were in
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charge he didn't want to work with them. it doesn't matter to me. what matters much more is congress shows they can do something, anything, to try to move the american people's agenda forward. they forget it's not their agenda, it's the american people's agenda. >> let's jump to the other side of the world and sear yachyria. the report today is russian planes are shadowing our u.s. planes over syria. >> just when you think it can't get worse, it does. is there anyone home at the white house? the russians are attacking repeatedly now with missiles rebel positions in syria to try to prop up assad. this whole thing was an absolute farce, the idea that russia was going in there to help fight isis. there's no interest in helping fight isis. they have an interest in making sure assad stays in power. anybody, both in our party and the president, who believes that russia is there to help isis is just painfully naive and is putting the american people and the people in that region at greater risk. >> so did president obama do something really wrong from a strategic point of view? what would a president chris
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christie do today about it? >> his weakness and his timidity across the world has allowed people to take advantage of us. he's allowed our military to go downhill in terms of our hardware and ability to fight. he's invited russia back into the middle east. can you imagine inviting the russians back into the middle east? >> why do you think he did that? >> because i just don't think he gets it. i don't think he gets it. he thinks -- he's so arrogant that he thinks his charm will bring anybody around. putin is not interested in being charmed by barack obama. his missiles rain down on cia-trained rebels. barack obama's charm doesn't work with vladimir putin. what would a president christie do, put a no-fly zone into effect. make sure the russians understood you want to fight isis, you fight isis with us. you're not going to fight isis, get out. >> donald trump says that putin would respect him, he doesn't respect president obama. >> i don't think he'd respect him when he says things like he'd let isis and the russians
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fight because we don't like either of them and clean up the mess afterwards. the russians are there to prop up assad. you need to understand that. that's what they're there for. guess who they're teaming with, iran. our new partners in iran, in this nuclear deal. real clear about that, first day of the christie presidency, i'll say two things. first is that we are for regime change in iran. and secondly that the iranians need to understand they're never going to get a nuclear weapon during the christie administration. if we need to take military action to do it, we'll do it. >> what about the billions of dollars in sanctions relief. president netanyahu is worried they'll take that money and fuel all sorts of problems in the middle east. >> of course they are. they'll fund hezbollah and hamas. this is another part of the president and hillary clinton's follies. she owns this too. she supports this deal, she owns it. >> she has sort of broken with the white house and the president on whether there should be some sort of no-fly zone in syria. >> every once in a while she
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figures she's got to break with the white house. on the major things, she's the architect of this foreign policy, she owns it as much as barack obama does. and the fact is she has said she supports the iran deal. that's giving them tens of billions of dollars. so she can't walk away from that, she owns it. >> we've spoken about this before, your prior career as u.s. attorney. you bring up the secretary of state e-mail situation. if this were your situation, what would you be doing right no now. >> we working with the fbi to see that i got a thorough investigation. the fact is i think she's got problems and i'd be working with the fbi to make sure we got all the facts, all the information, interview all the witnesses we need. to if appropriate, recommend that we bring charges to a grand jury. >> so you wouldn't have a grand jury at this point? >> i'd have a grand jury. >> you'd already have them con ve veened? >> and getting subpoenas. you can use that evidence before the grand jury, absolutely. >> kevin mccarthy, the majority
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leader, last week said -- made some reference to benghazi as though it was a political committee and that's the reason secretary clinton's poll numbers have come down. he's taking a lot of heat for that. >> the reason secretary clinton's poll numbers come down is because the american people don't trust her, because she doesn't answer questions. she comes to town halls and gets canned questions and she gives canned answers. she can't relate to people, that's why her poll numbers are going down. what congressman mccarthy said was ill advised and he shouldn't have said it. i know trey gowdy believes that he's trying to absolutely get answers for those families who lost their loved ones in benghazi, and that's the most important thing. whatever congressman mccarthy, it was a bad thing for him to say. i think he was just trying to show off and it didn't work for him. but the more important thing is that's not why hillary clinton's numbers are going down. her numbers are going down because she's not transparent, she's not accountable to the american people. they see it and they know it.
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>> why do you think she's -- you know, why do you think she's not speaking out more about these e-mails? >> because she can't, greta, because she set up the private e-mail server in her basement to avoid detection of what she was doing. >> do you think it was to be deceitful? you don't think she was trying to help out the russians or chinese, but why do you think -- i'm perplexed why she had the server in the basement? >> she's the most secretive person in american public life. >> why? >> i guess she feels like she has to be. you try to keep secrets when you think you need to. >> where do you think this is going to lead? >> you know, i don't know. biy tell you this, they charged david petraeus -- >> he transferred some information to a third party. >> i understand. but it's still the mishandling of classified information. they did the same thing with sandy berger. so -- >> well, he took stuff and put it in his socks and left. >> i don't know. is it worse to put it in your socks or in the server in your basement. because in sandy berger's socks, the only person who could get it were people that went in sandy berger's socks. i don't think a lot of people
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were looking to do that, quite frankly. but a server, as you mentioned, the russians, the chinese, two smart 18-year-olds could get in there and get that information. that's not the way we want the secretary of state of the country conducting herself. she knows it was wrong. she knows it was wrong. the only thing she's sorry for was she gave that great apology, she's only sorry she got caught. >> president obama is going to oregon with that mass shooting last week. some controversy, some people say it shouldn't go. some are thrilled he's going. >> that's up to the president. you know, i've got enough problems managing my own travel schedule, i'm not going to manage the president's. i think what matters much more is what does he say there. does he continue to try to be divisive in this country or is he going to try to bring people together. >> what would you say? >> i would say what happened there is an awful tragedy and what we need to focus on in this country is making sure that we're much more aggressive in our treatment of the mentally ill. because every one of these mass shootings has one thing in common, a mentally ill
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perpetrator. the fact is we need to be more aggressive in new jersey. i've already recommended that twice now. the legislature needs to give doctors the ability to involuntary commit people who are speaking out violently. we need to give doctors more tools to protect society and protect people that themselves. almost in every one of those occasions, almost every one, the perpetrator winds up losing his or her life as well, often boy their own hands. so we need to make sure we get much more aggressive on mental illness in this country. the president wants to continue to parade around on gun violence. what the president should be concerned about is controlling violence in general. and his liberal friends, the mayor of new york, mayor of chicago, seeing their murder rates go up double digits, where is he on that except talking bad about the police in this country. >> when you travel around the country, the difference -- like iowa versus new hampshire, what's the difference? what do the people want in different states? i know people wants jobs and equal opportunity but is there a difference in what they're
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asking? >> it's just a little different how they ask it. io iowans are a little more laid back and folks in new hampshire are a little more aggressive and out there. it's a difference in style but in both places they're talking about jobs, about national security, terrorism and student debt. those are the four things i hear about the most. >> this may be sort of a gimme because you're a governor. we have senators running, governors running and business people and a doctor. do any of those experiences make anyone better qualified. >> being a governor because you're actually having to make decisions every day and be held accountable for them. god knows we don't want anybody from congress to be president again. >> so the senators, they're off to the side for you, the ones in running? >> for me they are. i just don't think we want another person whose only experience is being in the united states senate. >> i guess secretary clinton was at the state department and she was also next to the oval office for years. >> she did a fabulous job at the state department, didn't she?
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the world is on fire after what she and barack obama have done for the last nearly seven years. so i think that's a disqualifier, not a qualifier. and the senate would keep her out as well. we need to have a governor. we need to have a governor be president of the united states. someone who's not afraid to make decisions, will enforce the law and knows that you're held accountable every day. what the american people want from their leaders is accountability. they want them to stand up when things go right and when they go wrong. in the senate they talk about how the bill got changed in the subcommittee. enough of that. we have seven years now of a united states senator running the government. i don't think we want to repeat that. >> what about a businessperson, carly fiorina and donald trump, their experience. >> i think it's so much different. i've said this before, that if you -- if a speaker of the house won't post the bill that you want and get it to your desk, you can't fire them. and that's the ceo experience. if someone is doing something they don't like, they fire them. you can't do that in the political world. i think the governor is better suited.
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you look at some of our greatest presidents, they have been governors. >> all right, doctor, as experience. >> i just don't think it's relevant. >> at all? >> no. no. >> let me ask you about being on the campaign trail. exciting on exhausting or what is it? >> yes. >> both of those? >> exciting and exhausting. >> do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking why am i doing this, i'm exhausted? >> not yet, not yet. it's more like once i get home and i'm enjoying myself at home, i think, well, do i really want to go out and keep doing this? i conclude that i do because i think our country needs tough, strong leadership and i think i'm able to provide it. so what matters most is to provide that leadership for my country and provide a better country for my kids and everybody else's kids. are there times when you're tired? you bet. are there times you shake your head and wonder why do i want to be in this middle of this? of course. but it's never strong enough to make she say i don't want to do
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it. in fact i want to do it. >> governor, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> we'll have more with the new jersey governor. there's more with governor chris christie coming up. i also spoke to his wife, mary pat, and we got personal. you don't want to miss that, that's straight ahead. this is a fox news alert and this is absolutely frightening. terrorists trying to go nuclear. crime rings with russian ties are trying to sell nuclear materials to terror groups, america's enemies in the middle east and beyond. this according to an associated press report. katherine harris has been investigating this and she joins us. >> greta, this was a serious and significant investigation by the associated press and it was centered in the former soviet republic of moldova. what they found over a five-year period was that there were four attempts by russian criminal syndicates to sell lose nuclear material to terrorist groups including agents posing as isis
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operatives. this material would be used for what they call a dirty bomb. this is when you take loose nukes, loose nuclear material, you fashion it around an explosive device and it exploeds, contaminating entire city weeks so it effectively shuts down large areas of urban areas. this is, believe me, the crown jewel for groups like al qaeda and now it seems isis as well. >> you say there are four attempts. i always think there's so many things that we often do miss. we miss when pakistan tested a nuclear weapon. is there any suspicion there were successful sales? >> based on some independent reporting we've done here at fox news, it certainly suggests that this is just the tip of the iceberg, that there were other incidents as well. there was one case in particular where they caught it very far down the pike in the sting operation and they were lucky to kind of intervene and disrupt it. the key thing that the
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associated press hit on in their reporting, we need to have better cooperation with the russians in order to disrupt these networks. really the relationship between the u.s. and russia is at a low ebb and there is virtually no cooperation to speak of. >> and of course what's going on in syria and with president obama doesn't help matters at all. katherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. a brand new poll tonight that might spell trouble for the two front runners. donald trump and former secretary of state hillary clinton. the new numbers are next. also much more from my interview with chris christie. i talk with him and his wife, mary pat. wait until
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there's a legitimate reason why people are angry. but i believe i can disrupt the old order in washington, d.c., because i did it when i was governor of the state of florida. >> i was never a politician before. for three months i've been a politician. and you know for three months, we've been number one. >> and i'm someone who believes with all my heart that the promise of america is that we're always investing in the next generation. >> in the history of this country, there has never been a generation that has left the next generation worse off. that's what we're on the verge of doing right now if we keep doing what we're doing right now. >> on top but maybe not for long. donald trump and former secretary of state hillary clinton both still sitting atop the newest quinnipiac university poll in their party's race for the nomination but the two front runners need to watch their backs. the poll finds trump is ahead among republicans. among democrats secretary clinton leads in the key swing
11:22 pm
states. but it's joe biden and ben carson who are the best general election candidates in those swing states. our political panel is here. sara westwood and steven. i think donald trump number one in swing state of florida by 14 points. how could he be beating governor bush and senator rubio in florida. >> there's a lot of bad news in these polls for governor bush. not only is he not winning florida in the republican primary there, he's also doing relatively badly compared to the democrats in the various matchups you've got. he also places second when those republicans are asked who they would not vote for in a republican primary in those states, in the three states you just put up there. so a lot of bad news for him. look, i sort of think we aren't going to really -- ohio, florida and pennsylvania, the primaries, those are later in the cycle, so i don't pay too much attention to the primary numbers here. it's the general election numbers that really matter.
11:23 pm
these are swimming states in the general election. that's why the carson numbers and biden numbers are very interesting out of this. >> sara, vice president biden is winning as a democratic winner and he's not even running. at least not yet. >> right, it's so surprising that a candidate that's not even in the race is beating two candidates, jeb bush and marco rubio, who are in the race in their own home states. it's not the only surprising thing to come out of this poll but it should have hillary clinton worried because she was once touted as the only candidate in the race. you know, you have bernie sanders, martin o'malley who could win in a general election. that might not be true. >> how does hillary clinton, how does she sort of get rid of bernie sanders? besides -- i mean this has been sort of the story. he's got lots of money, his numbers are big and he's drawing big crowds. >> you see her trying to appease the progressive left that has elevated bernie sanders to this level. just today she came out against the pacific trade agreement,
11:24 pm
something that she was once for. she's attacking wall street abuses, she's attacking the keystone pipeline, things she knows that sanders supporters care about because she wants to be appealing to that fraction of the democratic party. >> except she opposes the trade agreement, that's also president obama's signature second term program. so while she may be appealing to the left, she's got a problem in that president obama is sitting back at the white house and he's not too happy listening to that. >> absolutely. if you look at those numbers in there, when you add biden into the mix, he takes most of his support from her. bernie sanders is getting bernie sanders numbers essentially independent of whether biden gets in and where hillary clinton is. those are the left wing base that's much louder than it has been in the past and much more -- they have a lot more strength. they're behind sanders. she has to hope biden doesn't run and those folks that she's getting -- >> or she has to hope, sarah, that bernie sanders since he is a socialist, that he doesn't
11:25 pm
pull a ross perot and run as an independent and create the problem that the republicans are worried about donald trump doing. >> right. that could be a huge problem for her. she needs to keep those voters in her camp and she keeps losing those who are closer to the left to the sanders camp. >> steven, sarah, thank you both very much. uh-oh, it looks like even more trouble tonight for secretary hillary clinton. secretary hillary clinton. the fbi is on a new trail. secretary hillary clinton. the fbi is on a new trail. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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the fbi chasing down new leads now in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. >> the new information raises big questions about who and how many people had access to sensitive information. >> there's at least 400 e-mails that had some kind of classified information in hillary clinton's personal servers. >> she's sticking her head in the sand rather than trying to take it on. >> they have been scrambling to understand all these revelations because they have been unprepared for what's out there. >> developing tonight, the fbi now expanding its investigation to former secretary of state hillary clinton's private e-mail server. data incorporated is a connected base tech company and is now at the center of the probe after it was exposed that the company was hired in 2013 by another tech firm in denver to back up secretary clinton's e-mails. workers at the denver company are admitting they're concerned they're part of a cover-up.
11:30 pm
ron johnson is investigating the security of secretary clinton's servers. you have written a letter to the company. is it data or dato. >> i'm saying dato. >> why did you red alert this company? >> we need to find out exactly what they backed up, how much retained. greta, this is all about national security. we have secretary clinton having such a complete reckless disregard for the national security of this nation by storing material on her private server. then trying to store backups on an on-site server which then they find out that data was transmitted through the cloud to another backup server. when they found that out, they put it on another thumb drive. let's face it, our enemies are very sophisticated at hacking. we have to assume they have access to any classified information on those servers, so we need to find out what was on those servers. >> i don't know if it was
11:31 pm
classified or not classified but this corporation doesn't have security clearance. is that confirmed? >> correct. and your producer sent over a pretty interesting article too. this does not exactly look like the ft. knox of data security companies either. >> do you know why she had this company backing up her e-mails? >> no. it's kind of a mystery. you've got the server. i don't know what she was backing it up for because then what we've also found out, once the investigation starts heating up, then they wanted to start wiping everything other than 30 days worth of backup. >> all right. now -- >> it gets complex pretty fast. >> as you might know, we have gotten a statement from the clinton campaign. they have responded to your request and this is what they are saying in response. ron johnson is ripping a page from the house benghazi committee's play back and mounting his own tax paper funded sham of an investigation with the soul purpose of attacking hillary clinton personally.
11:32 pm
the justice department is already conducting a review concerning her security of her server equipment and is fully aware of the role in providing services. ron john son has no business interfering with it for his own partisan ends. >> i'm chairman of a committee that has responsibility of oversight of the entire federal government but national security procedures and federal records. so, you know, absolutely i have the responsibility but again, as i said, greta, i'm concerned about national security. think about what was on secretary clinton's -- in her e-mails. >> we're trying to find out what was on it. >> what was on her server. >> we're trying to find that out. >> we've got to find out what our enemies may have found out so we can mitigate the risks. you know, we don't know and i don't want to speculate. but i can certainly understand because classified information might be in the hands of our enemies, that's something we need to take very serious lly a that's my understanding. >> is it your understanding it's
11:33 pm
personal and business e-mails that are backed up by this firm? >> it would be my assumption. this company was hired, this data backup right after she left office. but again, this is the server that she used, david kendall went through to separate the personal from the work related. >> when do you expect a response back from this? >> we've asked for october 19th, two weeks. >> okay. senator, will you come pack on the 19th after you get a response? >> i'd be happy to. >> great, thank you, sir. now that we know secretary clinton's data was backed up on different server rz, can they be recovered by the fbi? so tell you, what do you think can be recovered on this? >> it depends on if they did delete the data and if they have rewritten over the data. but potentially you can -- there's a copy of the clinton server at the data corporation, at their -- they have an off-site facility in new jersey that's a cloud hosting facility.
11:34 pm
they probably have backups to their backups. so there's multiple layers of technology that we can go after to see what was on those servers. >> all right. so we know that all the e-mails went someplace, so whoever is the recipient, their servers have it. now we know that the house server has it. the data collection company in connecticut has it. maybe they have backups to the backups and we have this denver company that has it as well. are there any other places we should be looking. >> so the clinton team hired platte river company, which is an i.t. firm. they hired tech experts to manage the server. they took the server and put it off-site in the cloud in a hosting facility. and platte river without asking anyone said we should probably back up this data because it's pretty important. they called the data company to do a live backup and it was what we call in the business, it was a warm backup.
11:35 pm
there's cold, warm and hot backups. so what that means is that all the data flowed from the clinton server that was in platte river to the datto corporation. so if power went out in platte river and hillary needed to get her e-mails, they would have a warm backup that they could just turn on and it's a virtual server in the cloud that had 100% of the settings. so with the fbi, as long as they have this data, they can get much more than e-mail. they can get security settings on the server, they can get who had access to the server. they're going to be able to see a much bigger picture than just seeing what e-mails were on the server. if there was malware -- if there was malware, they'll be able to see if there was malware on that server. >> what's the big question you have tonight? if the fbi called you up, what would you tell them? what's the question or the thing they should be looking for? >> number one, they should get all of the copies of the data. so was that server that was backing up the platte river
11:36 pm
backed up, i want to see those copies. then what i want to see is i want to see all the e-mail records to make sure that when they said they did put a data stop and stopped deleting all the data, we have to make sure that datto didn't delete any information. i'd also like to see how often the machines were being backed up. >> russ, thank you. i'm sure we'll be asking you to come back and help us. i have a feeling this isn't going away, not in the short run. thank you, russ. >> thanks, greta. when presidential candidates are not holding town halls, they have some regular and important duties. governor chris christie and his wife, mary pat, on how they raise their children. plus the concussion epidemic in football growing and growing. in football growing and growing. brady quinn, who ♪ in football growing and growing. brady quinn, who ♪
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11:41 pm
what it's really like to be running for president of the united states. okay, mary pat, you've joined the campaign trail another time. what's it like to be back in new hampshire. >> it's been great, really great. i'm here often, often with my husband and love meeting the people in new hampshire and hearing what's on their mind. >> i always wonder on these campaigns, they're tough on children. what happens when someone says something really mean and nasty about your husband? what do you say to your kids? >> oh, well, we've been at this for a while so my children are very trained in trying to ignore some of the superfluous things that are being said, so it really doesn't bother us. >> it happens to every single candidate and every single candidate's family and i feel bad for them because it's actually easier to take the hits yourself, isn't it? >> yeah. >> much easier than to console a spouse or a child. >> much more concerned about my kids than i am about me. like i chose this, right? so whenever any of this happens, ike to myself, well, this is the life i've chosen but i've forced
11:42 pm
it upon them so i try to make sure that we talk to them on a regular basis about what it is that's being said so they understand the truth. i think everything we've gone through during the time i've been governor, they get that and i think they deal with it pretty well. >> it's sort of like you've been first lady of the state. do you like that? >> sure, oh, yeah. >> what's the job? >> well, it's been an incredible honor really to be first lady of new jersey. i've been able to kind of highlight some of the folks in our state that are doing really great things. >> so as first lady, i know that you did something with -- you've been doing something with disabled children because i went to a benefit at the governor's house. >> yes, early in our tenure that was something i did for down syndrome. i also work strongly for autism and all sorts of people in our state do amazing things. i go to their organizations, i highlight them and by raising their profile, it helps the organization grow. >> what was your first job ever, paid job. >> working at a gas station. >> how much? >> it was minimum wage. i got paid whatever it was at
11:43 pm
the time. and i was pumping gas. it was a two-block walk from my house and that was my first job working at the what was then an amoco station in livingston. >> and your first job was what at what age? >> well, i was a baskin robbins ice cream scooper. >> how much did you make, do you remember? >> i think it was like $3.20 or something, it was in high school. my father only allowed us to work if we could keep our grades up. otherwise our first job was studies. >> so you wanted to work? >> i did want to work. >> and your second job was what? >> i was a waitress all through college and finally when i graduated from college i went to school at night, to graduate school and worked as a sales assistant on the trading desk. >> it's fun to hear these stories. you learn so much about people. how people met. i love to meet them. >> she's always been a really hard worker. one of the things that i knew about mary pat from the beginning was that -- and she's still that way today. the kids tease her all the time
11:44 pm
that she just can never sit down. you know, when we're at home on the weekends and everybody else is relaxing or reading, mary pat has got to be doing something. she decides she wants to bake something, she decides she has to clean something up. there's a project out in the backyard she needs to do. that i could tell from when we were in college, she's a really hard worker. so she shamz us all the time. >> so who's the disciplinarian. if i had the kids here, which one would they say is the disciplinarian. >> they would say chris more than me. >> i'm the final word. mary pat does plenty of it but there are times when i think a deeper voice just kind of gets their attention a little bit more so they might be ignoring their mother a little bit. i'm kind of the -- she's judge and jury. i'm executioner. that's the way it works. >> he doesn't sway. they can't talk you out of it. >> they won't talk me out of things. they will at times badger her into giving in. they know if they badger me, i won't give in. in fact it makes me go the
11:45 pm
opposite way. >> so if one of the children has a grade on a paper or something or an exam and it's not particularly good, who would the child rather approach first? >> definitely me. >> really? you're the easier one? >> she's the easier mark. >> really? >> yeah. they do not want to come to me. in fact they will go to her and try to negotiate a deal that i not be told about it. >> they will even negotiate me telling chris the bad news, but i usually try to make them tell him. >> anyway, thank you both very much. i'm sure we'll see you back here in new hampshire or iowa or south carolina or maybe even new jersey. >> you got it. >> thank you so much, greta. >> nice to see you. and still ahead, how dit the christies first start dating? well, you will hear it in my off the record. and also ahead, tlp seehere to be a dangerous
11:46 pm
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now a very sad story. a seattle area high schooler only 17 years old high schooler 17, dies after a trauj. he suffered the injury during a high school football game. adding to the sadness this is part of a growing nationwide trend. so far, four teenagers have died from football related incident this is fall. former nfl quarterback and fox sports analyst brady quinn goes on the record. it's a nationwide trend but i have to know was it always happening and we are just paying attention to it or is it something that's growing? >> first off, thank you for having me on. it's unfortunate it's under these circumstances. i don't necessarily think this is a growing trend. i think this year in particular is an aberration when you look at overalle injuries at multiple levels, not just high school. football is a physical sport.
11:51 pm
it can be that way but it's no different from any other. any time they see concussion symptoms going on and heat reelated illness, you have seen a change in the rules of football now limiting hits on the defenseless players above the shoulders and the like. right now i would say this is a bit of a concern. at the same time, multiple levels are doing a good job monitoring this situation system. >> i was horrified to read about a teenager in new jersey who was hit, his spleen lacerated and he died. i wonder how many car accidents and if i'm blowing this out of proportion. i'm so horrified because the kids are having fun and playing football and this happens in front of their classmates and
11:52 pm
family. in car accidents i'm sure the numbers are bigger. >> i'm sure they are as well. statistics prove that. again, this is a contact sport. i think parents as well as players should be informed and educated on the possibilities and risks at play there. they need to have the proper technique when tackling or using their head and make sure instead of using their head they use their shoulder. that's one of the big initiatives now. educate parents about the proper form and how to tackle. >> you have played with a concussion. >> at the time i realized there was something wrong. it impeded my play so much i let the trainers and doctors know. i was evaluated, taken out of the game. >> it certainly is sad. we read about these young people. it's so tough. brady, thank you very much for joining us. i hope you come back.
11:53 pm
we'll continue to take a look and there need s to be a national dialogue on this. >> coming up, here comes the scoop. i promise you. here's a hint. get ready. governor christie, test test test test
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let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. we danced in a german dance group. i wore when i first got on ancestry
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i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at let's go off the record. governor and mrs. christie have been married 29 years. i'm always curious to find out how people who have been married for a long time started dating so i asked. >> do you remember the first time you saw this guy? >> gosh, yes. >> where? >> university of delaware. i was a freshman. >> where was it on campus? >> the student center. student government. i wandered into one of his
11:58 pm
meetings. >> did you like him at first or not? >> yeah, he was okay. >> just okay? >> do you remember her? >> oh, sure. we were friends for almost three and a half years at college before we dated. we were friend s. it was the second half of my senior year of college we started to date. >> who picked up who? who did the conversion from friends to more than just friends? >> i picked her up. i picked her up in a bar, greta. it's a steamy story. she came back from having done winter break in europe. i was at deer park tavern with friend s. i saw a woman with her back to me dancing. and mary pat had long hair halfway down her back. this woman didn't.
11:59 pm
i thought it was mary pat but her hair was cut. she had her hair about the length it is now. she turned and looked completely different to me and i looked at her differently. that was that. >> dancing in a bar. perfect. >> that's the first time he's told that story publically. >> i take it it was on the dance floor. >> she wasn't on the table or on the bar. >> i wanted to clarify. >> she was dancing with friends on the dance floor. >> let me add tongue in cheek they are so lucky that i clarified that dancing remark. you know how we in the media are. now that you have heard the christies love story, tell me on facebook, do you have a story like this? that's my off the record comment tonight. before we go, happy birthday to us. 19 years ago today chairman and ceo roger als launched the fox news channelle. it first hit the air waves and we have been making history ever since. thank you to the viewers for keeping us the number one cable
12:00 am
news network after all these years. we love you. tonight on "red eye" a travel agency in denmark of oners discounts for sex vacations. is this story too good to be true? and a super pack says draft biden, but will the nba listen? and a woman does color commentary for a major league game. clirls can color better than boys. our panel provides comfort and joy. first, a news bract. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. russia is flexing its muscle as the country gets deeper involved in the syrian civil war. the russian warships sitti


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