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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> this is a fox news alert. high drama . today's #one lucky guy is john
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roberts who is up from hot atlanta. >> glad to be here. i guess i am glad i didn't fall on my face so you would have me back. >> we decided to bring you back. we had a lot of fun last time. the majority leader, kevin mccarthy, has boehner's endorsement but others are in the running. members of the hard right freedom caucus, a group of 40-strong, announced they would back webster for speaker. this wouldn't stop mccarthy from getting the nod but a deadlock among conservatives could spell trouble when the full house vot from today. mike emanuel is live on caphoio hi hill. >> reporter: house republicans
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are due to pick the nominee to be the house speaker but that is probably not the end of the campaign. kevin mccarthy is the favorite and webster, previously served as speaker of the florida house, is running as well. mccarthy told reporters it went well speaking to colleagues this morning and said he expects to get there in terms of finishing today. we caught up with chaffitz. >> i am the underdog. i ran because i am trying to bridge the gulf of the divide in the republican caucus. i am hear to say it is time for a fresh start. my conference is about a fresh start and picking a new direction on sharing the message with the american people.
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>> lawmakers meeting behind closed doors this hour. webster is the lease known but has support of 40 conservatives that want to see how the house is led to change going forward. >> my final pitch is my last. i want to change the way we do power. not have people at the top of the tower making all of the decisions. i want to push out the power. >> reporter: mccarthy needs to convince house conservatives she is going to do things differently even though he has been boehner's right hand man. >> lots of inside baseball that matters. thank you so much. >> reporter: thank you. >> john, so tell us the intrigue behind the house of representatives. i have been there and worked in house leadership for years. i know how it goes behind the scenes.
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>> and you know how things are changing in the republican party as well. i think kevin mccarthy will prevail. it may not be until the floor vote on the 29th. but here we see the growing split in the republican party between the mainstream moderate and the freedom caucus. i think ultimately he will prevail but not without a couple things. realization there is a difference of opinion in the republican party and concessions to the freedom caucuses as well. they want crime and plum committee assignment and i think he will have to give a few away. the moderate side of the republican party is saying be careful of these guys. they don't stand for anything or have organized leadership. all they do is say no. it is a clear indication that what the republican party is promisings hasn't come to pass. >> they are upset because they
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expected a move to the right and don't see this. they are trying to hurt people and get everybody off the same page. >> i think what the american people were communicating with giving the majority in the house is we want to see you fight for what we believe in. i kind of heard that from the electorate versus this is tick talk. planned parenthood is coming up and you see boehner getting -- exiting stage right. just go there. don't walk down the middle. >> i don't think anybody thinks mccarthy is going to be defeated but there is opposition. many speak to the differences between the two.
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boehner was policy based and mccarthy is far more political and that is why he is seeing the clear path. >> he has to be careful with the hillary clinton misstep that gave democrats a lot of ammunition. we will see how effective the caucus goes. we will see if if the freedom caucus is gather the votes and get people excited. they don't want to be sidelined or marginalized. boehner was vindictive against people who were against him. >> the freedom caucus could deny mccarthy the leadership and here is what is going on. this recovery hasn't been great. wage growth is below what it was in 1997.
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at least get a bill passed, put it on the president's desk and then he could veto it and then the republicans can go to change that. >> they have been elected to do that and not done it. >> they have tried to overthrow boehner going to different members of the house and even paul ryan who said not a good idea. but they went to mccarthy who said i don't want to overthrow boehner but if he gets overthrown i will take the job >> one thing we didn't talk about is the other candidates. >> there could be on outlier -- >> i am more interested in what happens to them when mccarthy
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wins. more trouble for hillary clinton now. according to documents from usa today her server was objected to attacks coming from south korea, china, and germany. the hack attempts were blocked reportedly by a threat monitoring process. but a period of three months didn't have that protection installed on the server. a clinton secretary tweeted this: the story relies on spoonful materialed coming from ron johnson. this is as a second temp company is hired to provide a backup of hillary's server is reportedly cooperating with the fbi turning over any remaining data it stored to investigators. you have a couple things going on. you have the server and what did
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or didn't get protected. and then you have the data, the second line company, that was there to catch everything in case. what is a list of the people who had clearance to look at this? >> and now we learn they are backing it up on the cloud. it is classic clinton. there is always another layer. and behind the idea of this being a mistake. this could have compromised national security. it leads to the question of why did she have a private server in the first place? the majority of americans, i believe above 60%, don't trust her and wonder why she was doing all of this. >> it feeds into the notion, and again i want to say we don't know what the fbi has and it gets more interesting by the day, but this always feeds into the narrative of why is she trying to hide something if
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there is nothing to hide? the steps i mentioned. two server companies. one is a backup. that is a lot of thought. >> and a lot of places where this information could go. we already know that she had classified documents on those severs going back and forth. we know that the fbi had six severer -- sever -- and now they are saying we have to show them in writing that her campaign, or camp, told us to stop backing it up after 30 days. they want to protect themselves because if they are a small company and they are trying to keep your head above water you don't want to be sunk by a criminal investigation. >> i can only imagine the people out there that have thought she deleted things.
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>> even this data firm said it was shady. they knew something was up about their client. she is not serious about national security. the pictures, the daily mail, has a picture of people and they are in panda suits and wearing ha hats. she doesn't care about the russians, the chinese, she cares about the vast right wing conspiracy. >> how long can her dismissiveness about it last? >> the political damage is being done every day. >> you wonder if joe biden is sitting back to see what way the wind is going to blow. >> he wants it south 40% and he is jumping in.
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russia is launching cruise missiles and a massive display of fire power. the obama administration could be facing a moment of truth: should it take more action militarily in syria or stay out? hillary clinton was for it as secretary of state and now against it as a presidential candidate. we are talking about president obama's pacific trade deal. the charges of flip-flopping and why the about face. we will talk about it. and right after the show it is our special time. it happens on the web with the overtime tab on our website. there is a live chat, you get in through twitter or facebook, and we will ask the uncomfortable questions of john roberts. it is fun. stay with us. stay with us. e. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. russia taking its assault on syria to a whole new level. now they are launching cruise missiles from naval ships hundred thousand miles away. it is flying over iran and iraq over a larger sea, air and land offenses in support of the syrian regime.
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congress is investigating whether u.s. intelligence agencies were caught offguard failing to appreciate the sure size of russia's air campaign. it is sparking the debate of if the united states should stay on the sidelines or get more involved in the war. are we already in a proxy war, andrea? >> president obama has stayed out of it largely which i agree is the right decision especially if he is not serious about completely going in and assisting to wipe out isis. i don't get how the intelligence community, and i am guessing they were not, it was more the white house, was blindsided. russia, syria, and iran are long-time allies in the middle east. it was president obama that informed the russians that after the election he will have more flexibili flexibility.
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the start of reset button was the minute that vladimer putin knew and the open moment about more flexible that they could get away with this. i don't understand how this was a surprise to anybody in washington, d.c. this was expected. we should be asking putin how to help. >> they knew russia bombed cities in ukraine. we are giving $150 billion to iran who is going to potentially slaughter u.s. soldiers or bomb synagogues and hezbollah is involved in this, too. >> russia isn't going after isis. they are going after syrian forces who oppose assad. this is really about keeping assad in power >> this is another thing missing. i talked with mark rubio about this last week. back at the debate at the reagan
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library he said russia is in there what do you think will happen? they will get rid of the opposition. assad in control or isis in control? i think this has the projection to be very dangerous with all of the aircraft flying around and russia warplanes have interce intercepted our drones. it is not the first time putin has been misjudged. bush said he looked into vladimer putin's eyes and found him trustworthy. president obama the reset with russia? wrong. talked about more flexibility? vladimer putin said he will have more of it when president obama is elected. rubio has it right, carly fiorina has it right. >> trump and paul are laying back on this saying -- >> you attack syria and then pick up the pieces?
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>> a couple things just how m y many -- jumped -- out. one was iran was trying to get into russia's ear to do what they are doing now and it was put on hold up till after the dole -- deal was done. >> you have the deal done and russia is in syria. >> you have the reports of them talking about russia going into syria and the pro-regime forces launching a ground operation with the cover of russian jets. it is not just they are firing on whatever they are firing on on ground. some of the western-back rebels have been hit. you have giving cover to the pro-regem -- regime side. >> if the russians are pro-sunni. some of the fascist are going to
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>> hillary clinton doing a major about face saying she opposes the pacific trade deal calling it one of her biggest achievements. that was then and this is now and she is running for president and singing a different tune as she tries to appeal to the democratic party's left wing ahead of the debate.
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the deal is opposed by big labor and bernie sanders who is stealing much of clinton's thunder with the left. she once called it the gold standard of trade deals but now not so much. >> i have said from the beginning we had to have a trade agreement that would create good, american jobs, raise wage and advance our national security. i believe that is the high bar we have to meet. what i know about it today i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. >> what? >> she said no and now you down with ttp and you know me >> this is starting to feel like this is a superstition with the weather vein and hurricane sandy. her husband passed nafta. this is a play for the hard
9:27 am
left. the bernie sanders crowd. she came out in favor of getting rid of the tax and she is against keystone even though for it in 2010. we heard she would announce -- she was joking about her e-mails being on snapchat because you can erase them. is that how her policies will e be. she is at 67% or 66%. and now at 47%. so the democrats are looking at the candidates and saying he like bernie sanders and she is trying to get back to the left and say me, too.
9:28 am
to be against keystone and the cadillac tax and now this? a lot of people are saying flip-flop. >> one thing that is clear -- fox news alert. this is just coming in. kevin mccarthy just dropped out of the house speaker race. this just happened. >> that is a bombshell. >> kevin mccarthy drops out of the race to be the next speaker. that is just crossing. they are telling me in my ear about this. i am guessing we are focused on the lectren because we are expecting someone to come up and make this announcement. >> that is huge. >> we don't have a lot of details. i started having a different sentence out of my mouth and then this. ryan costello says ryan dropped out of the house to be the next speaker. this is processing on the national press and reuters. this is their reporting.
9:29 am
from chad on the hill, our producer, we can confirm mccarthy is withdrawing his name and the election has been postponed. we will wait for someone to come up to the microphones. it could be kevin mccarthy or it might be someone else to make this announcement. what are you expecting? >> this is a huge shocker. the final whip count was mccarthy and he was above 200. everybody thought he had a clear pathway to being the next speaker of the house. you look at the people competing. daniel webster. he had the support of the freedom caucus. and then chaffetz as well.
9:30 am
>> you will need about 218 give her or take. so you will need that much. and chaffetz said he had the majority of people supporting him. >> it is the freedom caucus. that is 40-42 rotes and that is down to 205. that is not majority to get the whole house to vote for you. the freedom caucus is saying pro-economic growth policy is what will win the gop and the white house next year. that was it. when you have pome obama's policy for zero wage growth this is the freedom caucus display. >> brett, we knew the vote was pushed back.
9:31 am
it was supposed to take place this week and they pushed it back and heard beyond october 29th and i am reading it will be pushed back again because of this demme schuldevelopment. >> this is earth shattering in washington, d.c. a place where order is ileacs lly usually followed. it was expected that kevin mccarthy would get enough streets get over this hurdle and the real question was if he would get enough votes on october 29th. he stands up now and says i am not the right person to lead at this moment. he walked in saying he feels good, was telling everybody publically he had the votes, but stood up in the conference to the shock we are told to the people inside, and said i am not the right person to lead at this moment. what does this do? does it mean jason we expect to
9:32 am
here sometime soon is mccarthy stood up is said i am not running. >> brett, it is andrea. you mentioned paul ryan. as i understand it that freedom caucus went to someone like paul ryan that they feel excited about and he would not support getting in the speaker race. i know you said he likes his job at the ways and means committee, but speakership, could he jump in the race and could you see someone else getting in? someone else i think of is trey gowdy. but the support is behind a
9:33 am
conservative like paul ryan. i would love to see him jump in at this point. >> here is the problem with this job right now. as boehner steps down he does so because he is pressured from the conservative wing of the party. there is a volatile situation here that no one knows what is going to happen next. this job, whoever gets it, probably is not going to be in there for that long one could imagine. it could be a year and a half speakership. i think that is the calculus in why some people haven't stood up. now that mccarthy doesn't speak down i think it could change.
9:34 am
it has been devastating and this is going to be the history of the down fall of the majority leader becoming the speaker. >> i am watching social media and one of our washington, d.c. producers told us that the tweets are coming out. i am curious for people who may be turning on the television and hearing this and saying why is this so critical. can you tell me what is at stake to put this into perspective for people. >> what is at stake is the leadership of the republican party in the house. this is the place that has been generating the bills that went over to the senate and not lived
9:35 am
a life there because of the frustration of the house conservatives in the senate. making the house work for the republican majority is the job of the majority leader and the whip. it is crucial they do so they can live up to what they talked about on the campaign trail. the frustration is they have not lived up to that. kevin mccarthy standing up saying i am not the right person is lead is huge moment. >> our producer on the hill is giving us what everyone is saying.
9:36 am
everyone is rattled. and you told us the quote of it is not my time. some say it is a complete surprise. i want to bring you into the conversation here. >> i thought this was a sure thing half an hour ago and the sure thing he was about to drop out it shows how fluid it is on capitol hill. the power of the freedom caucus to dictate or influence the republican agenda or what happens on capitol hill is enormous? let's listen. >> let's watch. >> as to to when he can get to 218. kevin mccarthy remains our leader and steadfast part of the leadership and the man who had the most votes by far for speaker. as far as we know he is staying on as majority leader and kevin mccarthy will be the most important endorsement for
9:37 am
whoever ultimately becomes the speaker. i believe it leader will speak for himself. my understanding is he could not get to 218 and wants to make sure whoever does become speaker has the ability to get to 218 on the floor consistently. th that is his reasoning. i don't believe any candidate today could get to 218 among those who declared and i believe that is the reason speaker boehner dismissed with the intention to have the field reconsidered for someone who can get to 218 body within our conference. speaker boehner remains the speaker until formally stepping down.
9:38 am
at this point, we have a candidate who said he didn't believe he could unite the conference sufficiently and took himself out of the running. no other candidate came close to having the 200 plus votes that kevin mccarthy had. thank you. >> so we have been watching darrell issa of california step up and we promised to see what kind of reaction there would be. if you are just tuning in: kevin mccarthy who was by everybody's opinion the next guy to lead or step up to be house speaker has just dropped out of the race. there is increasing chatter on capitol hill according to our producers there and it is just that. but it is there. i want to ask bret baier, anchor of special report who is live, that john boehner may have to stay as speaker for a time if the house can't agree on a successor.
9:39 am
you heard issa say he doesn't feel anybody can get to the necessary 218 votes. go. >> that is true. he will not step down until there is a successor that they feel can get to 218. remember the republicans have their nominee but it is the whole house that votes on speaker of the house. and so the republicans, you would have to get to 218 votes to get to speakership. democrats are likely going to vote for nancy pelosi and the question is who is going to be the candidate that can unite republicans so it doesn't become this ballot after ballot. we have not seen that for dec e decades where it speaker battle went this far. it sporois important to point oe speaker of the house doesn't have to come from an elected member of congress.
9:40 am
it could be trump, or whoever, but you would have to get 218 votes in the house on that day. >> could you believe there could be somebody we have not seen that is not necessarily even a member who could be more poplar than kevin mccarthy? you talk about a slide. this is monumental. >> it is a huge story. do i think someone will come from the outside? i don't know. bret, that is a really good question. i want to go back to something you said. the base of the party, this seems to be a fight for the heart and soul of the republican party. the house is where a lot of bills come from. they follow the will of the people. that is why it is called the people's house. it is the senate where everything is bogged down. this is going to determine the direction of the party, even if for a short time. when we were in washington, d.c. and i was on the hill the majority leader at the time was tom daily.
9:41 am
he was setting the tone. depending on who gets in do you see a scenario where mccarthy is setting the tone and he could be the powerful one? does it depend on who takes the tough spot? >> it is tough to see how mccarthy survives with his ability to move votes and sway the caucus after this past couple weeks and then saying he cannot lead in the conference. i think the speakership is one thing but then you have an election for majority leader and majority whip that is coming after that. the speakership proiright now it an attractive job considering how voltile the conference is. until they can get to a figure who can go between the break in the caucus i think it is going to be tough. >> do you think it is going to be a whole new leadership team? >> it might be entirely new. the other thing to point out is
9:42 am
the interesting fact that percolated and crosses into presidential conflict. ted cruz meets formally with the house freedom caucus and has been accused on capitol hill at having influence on that group and he may have his hands into the going on today. >> sorry, quick question, it is kennedy. is there a correlation to tag on to andrea's question within the republican party and the chaos within the presidential election and maybe the unsavory possibility of what the next house speaker faces? >> yes. directly. this all fits into the this whole picture where people are upset in the republican party particularly the conservative part of the party. they are upset that things
9:43 am
haven't gotten done. they are angry at washington overall. and that is why you are seeing outsiders like donald trump, dr. ben carson, and carly fiorina surge. there is an angst and they want things to change. mccarthy realized he could not get the votes and that is why he stood up and said i am going to pull myself out. >> one second, elizabeth, i promise to go right back to you. off camera we have reporters and producers there. pete seeinssions, just told fox news, we have known for some time we have a difficult decision. this is a reality check. i don't know what is behind this. >> this is like 1997-'99 when newt gingrich was told there was a lot of dissatisfaction with you and he stepped down. was someone close to mccarthy saying this isn't going to fly
9:44 am
and you should step down and could that person be considering it? someone out there is saying i can do this job. >> you are right. i just want to point out something i am just getting in. paul ryan is telling supporters again he will not be a candidate for speaker. paul ryan saying he is not going to run for speaker even after kevin mccarthy stepped down. another question is jeb hinsley. i don't think we have heard from him yet on whether he will move forward. >> bret, can you foresee the possibility of leaving the status quo in place and fighting it out after the 2016 election? or is is there too much hunger for change in the republican caucus? >> that is a dprgreat question.
9:45 am
i don't see a scenario where boehner stays on. i think he stepped down to clear the deck and was coming to the end and knew he was going. so i think there will be leadership changes. i don't think it will go on like this forever. i am continuing to repufb /* mumove we didn't know mccarthy was going to drop out. i hear the la language but if hs asked to come in will he? >> "the new york times" said
9:46 am
this is a thankless job. he is buying time on the ways and means committee because he wants to run for president in a not-so-crowded field. >> how did we get to the point where this is a not-so-great job? >> it is how the location breck and how the leadership is deep dealing with big issues. there is a sense they are not pushing as hard as they can on big issues. people who went the lawmakers to washington believe they should be standing up and fighting on something. does that mean pushing up to a fiscal cliff and government shutdown? i don't know. but they want to see a fight in the caucus. that is the message from voters.
9:47 am
people are saying the rug was pulled out in front of them. the majority whip is trying to move to the leader and mnl n the horse trading going on after this announcement. >> i would imagine the phones are buzzing. this could affect the entire leadership team. there have been a number of members of congress. marsha blackburn expressed interest in running.
9:48 am
perhaps we see names you never mentioned before. could it be someone from the outside or is that a long shot? >> it is still a long shot. it will dwi -- go -- to lawmakers inside the house most of the time. blackburn is an up and coming leader who didn't run because she was told mccarthy was a shew in but does she get in? scombl >> a woman has never reached a point than conference chair so this would be a great opportunity to rise higher than the fourth position in the leadership. >> i want to get this in quickly and he will go to john. off camera representative trent franks from arizona is telling our lovely producer who is probably make phone calls and
9:49 am
his ears are calling off frank says the question i am concerned is is this a victory for america? i don't know. mccarthy acted in a manner that was the highest level of statesmanship. and next representative from south carolina, this is interesting, dan webster might ghoe get more traction now. why him? between him and chaffetz especially. >> i think everything is up in the air. i want to ask bret how much power the freedom caucus as now. they were sib seen by leadership and the republican party as being an annoying 42 people stand in our way. how much power are they going to have going forward when it comes to deciding who the new speaker is or with when the speaker is elected how much power they will get in the committee and agenda.
9:50 am
>> that is a great question. now i think they are more power. paul ryan's statement is in. he said mccarthy is the best person to lead the house so i am disapoop disappointed. it is time to take time to deliberate and seek new candidates for leadership. while i am grateful for the encouragement i received i will not be a candidate. i continue to believe i can best serve this country as chairman of the ways and means committee. paul ryan in the ways and means position obviously deals with money and tahat is a position that carries a lot of weight.
9:51 am
>> what could have possibly changed for representative mccarthy between last night and this morning? how are the house republicans feeling who had put their support and weight behind him? >> i think his head count changed and he started doing the numbers and realized he can never get to 218 with a firm stance against him. there is going to be testimony october 22nd and the committee is still doing work and today trey gowdy sent out a skacathin letter to the democrats so that
9:52 am
is moving forward even as this transpires. >> anchor of special report, bret baier, thank you for your analysis. we have our capitol hill senior producer who is live on the phone. chad, a huge sphetory, a bombsh is what people are calling it, what happens next? what are you hearing? >> this is so new. i will take you down the rabidity hole. they have to raise the debt ceiling. the red ink the government can hold by the first of november. november 5th specifically. if they can't have a speaker they cannot do anything. that is the rule. you have to keep going for a speaker. here is the strange part. there was chatter this week that maybe house speaker john boehner would stick around so they can get to 218 votes. you need the majority of the house to lect a speaker so
9:53 am
meaning you need 218 and they have trouble getting to 218 on anything here. at the end of the day they thought boehner would stick around. it is like the end of god father 3: just when i am out, they pull me back in. >> this is seeming ultra interesting. walter jones of north carolina sent a letter to leadership urging a full vetting of all leadership candidates to avoid a repeat of 1998 when the con f z frszferencfrs frszference. -- reference. is this normal, chad? or is this special? >> well it is abnormal because we never see a leadership election in the middle of congress. we have not had that happen for the speaker since 1989 when jim
9:54 am
wright went away and republicans felt burned. a and now shady dealings with being dealt with out there some of the candidates. >> everybody already knew mccarthy so why call for more vetting unless you thought you would see someone else besides him. >> it could be mccarthy didn't want to see the embarrassing vote on the floor and took himself out. i think the important thing is what is ne
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> to washington and they are not doing what we want to do. >> they gained power on 201 we are going to scoot on out of here. john roberts. thank you for being here. there is a lot of breaking news and our coverage will continue on the flip side, now". t can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform.
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because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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fox news alert. mccarthy is dropping out of the race for house speaker. >> i have been talking to a number of members and thinking about this throughout the week and see if we can get there. and i just think it is best to have a new face. >> what about your comment on benghazi, [inaudible] >> that was not helpful. yeah, i mean, i could have said it much better. but this benghazi committee was only created


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