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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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shocker on capitol hill. house majority leader kevin mccarthy drops out of race to become house speaker sparking a republican free for all now. we're here to bring you the real story. mccarthy stunning everyone. republicans gathered behind closed doors to hold a secret vote. >> we're serving. we should put this conference first. we probably need a fresh face. i'll stay on as majority leader but the one thing i found when talking to everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that.
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nothing more than that. i feel good about the decision. i feel greet have my family here, my colleagues. i think we're only going to be stronger. >> mike, busy day for you. now what? >> gretchen, the statement just house from house speaker john boehner who is due to retire is trying to reassure the public that he's willing to stay on until a new speaker is elected. some are floating the idea of going with caretaker speaker until they get through the 2016 election and a new congress can elect a new speaker. appropriations chairman from kentucky is being mentioned as is republican john cline. here is more of mccarthy's explanation. >> i don't want making voter for speaker a tough one. i don't want to go to floor and win with 220 votes.
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i think the best thing for our party right now is you have 247 votes on the floor. if we're going to be strong, we have to be 100% united. i think let's put the conference first. >> two faces that could likely get 218 votes ways and means chairman paul ryan and benghazi select committee tray gowdy said they do not want the job. >> what about any of the other remaining candidates? >> house oversight chairman is running an an alternative. he sounded as stunned by anybody by the news. >> we have a lot of internal fracturing. we need to figure out whey to unite the party. i think that's what john boehner wants to do. >> florida congressman daniel
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webster is the other announce candidate. he has some conservative support. he's talking about changing the house. >> my final pitch is my first pitch. the first pitch is i want to change, transform the way we do business not have a few people at the top make the decisions and push down the pyramid of pow power, spread up the base so every single member can be effective. >> kevin mccarthy dropping out of the speakers race as there's significant deadlines on the horizon including the debt ceiling in about a month. >> for more on this let's go to congressman mike turner who endorsed kevin mccarthy for speaker. what happened? >> this is sad news. i can tell you that the republican party is strong. we still have john boehner with the speaker's gavel in his hand. these are two individual decisions that we have of the speakers to step down and kevin is to step aside.
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the republican conference is yet to speak on who the new leadership will be. work is getting done. the debates are continuing as htous mov the house moves. >> kevin mccarthy seemed to go into this closed door meeting confident he report asked how he's feeling and he said great. the stunning news came he wanted a fresh face. who would the fresh face be? >> i don't know. i support kevin. i think he will be a strong leader in the house. it's unfortunate he made this decision. there has yet to be a vote on who will be the next speaker. we know that candidates will be jockeying and coming forward and debating issues that are important. people can look at the house and see we still have a speaker.
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now we'll need to pick our next speaker. >> i couldn't have said it much better. this committee was only created for one person, to find the truth on behalf of the family for the four dead americans. i should not be a distraction from that. >> do you really believe it was his hill fated comments that had everything to do with the decision or was it the freedom caucus said they weren't going to support him or was it something else? >> i think it's a personal decision. it had to be organized so we could get to the bottom of what really happened there. another sad aspect when you look at the speaker stepping down is he hasn't a president he can work with. even when we get our new speaker we'll be looking to the white house and to get legislation
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signed into law. that's going to take president obama acting differently, not just the house having a different speaker. he urged all candidates drop out if skeletons in their closet might embarrass the republican party. do you know anything about that letter and why he would have sent it? >> i don't. we look at the debate and what's happening here, i think this is an issue of trying to get the house conference to move forward in a meaningful way to work with the administration and get the job done here. i think that's all that's happening. i think the republican party is strong. work is being done and we need to move on and find our next speaker. >> one more thing. there's somebody else who wants this job and it's the congressman from utah. listen to this. >> we'll have those discussions in the coming weeks. we're trying to build consensus
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here that can get us through the numbers and get us back to the work that we were all elected to do. we'll continue along those lines. >> would you support congressman chaffetz? >> i think what he said is really important. we have to get the work done. i would love beyond jason. we have a number of people who have worked hard and i think work and experience are going to be the top things we look forward in addition to what is their view on funding defenses as we look to 2016. >> thank you so much. joining us now chris wallace. there is what you live for. all kinds of big news happening on capitol hill. you're really good at this in deciphering what's going on. what's your read on it? >> it was really interesting your interview with mike turner. what did he keep saying is the
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republican party is strong and we're get things done. the last thing they want to do is admit what is going on is that the republican party is in complete disarray and they can't figure out who's going to lead the party or if anybody can put together the desperate elements of the party to lead it. that's why it's so crucial over the next two or three weeks that they find somebody that can paper over the differences. maybe solve them but paper them over. you mention the idea of a caretaker, hal rogers or john cline. that would solve your immediate problem but it doesn't solve the problem, all these members, all the republicans and democrats, all 435 are going into election in 2016. they want somebody who can lead the charge and sit there and say we're not responsible for the problems in washington. it's the president. it's the democrats, 46 democrats and the senate who can filibuster. they need somebody who can make that argument and it isn't going
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to be caretaker. >> it's interesting because it seems as if the speakers race is a microcosm of what we're seeing on the gop side. voters seem to want this outsider and somebody different. now we're seeing that potentially for speaker of the house as well. i want to read you statement from the out going speaker john boehner. i will serve as speaker until the house votes to elect a flu speaker. we will date for this election at a later date. i'm confident we'll elect a new speaker in the coming week. we'll have the strongest team possible as we continue to focus on the american people's priorities. i guess we're learning is he's going to stay there for some of these key votes, is that correct? >> that's exactly what he's saying. there's a number of deadline, the first one is november 5th, less than a month from now you have the debt ceiling. if they don't raise the debt ceiling whether they make a
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bargain with the president or not, the country goes into default which will have a real impact on the economy and the market. then you get to the budget in early december. government shutdown unless you find way to deal with that. boehner is saying, i'm going to stick around. we're going to continue to do people's business. they don't want turning this into a public relations disaster for republicans. they've got to come up with an answer, a significant person who can at least lead the party and take them into the 2016 election and make the argument against president obama and the democrats. >> it's going to be hard to find that one person because what happened last night with the freedom kacaucus, 40 members go behind dan webster. >> he's one of my closest friends in the process. he served as speaker of the
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louse house in florida house. i worked with him. he's an incredible guy. there will be others that might emerge as well. i hope they stay focused on making sure the people know they're trying to solve problems for people. >> here is what daniel webster is saying he wants to spread out the power a little more so that every member of the house feels like they have a say. do you think that suddenly he has more power than he did 24 hours ago. >> he certainly has oppositional power. the power is we've seen to block kevin mccarthy, whether he has the power to get to 218. an awful lot of people never heard of dan webster before this week. strange things have happened.
11:12 am
i would think that before they head down that road, they'll see if they can get a better known name. i know paul ryan has said no. i have to think they will put tremendous pressure on him. he's one of the people that could put together the desperate elements in the republican party. >> we'll have to see. lots going to be happening in the next couple of hours and weeks. we'll see you on sunday. thanks very much. >> thanks. we will talk to congressman dave bratt. they did not support mccarthy. they supported daniel webster. we'll ask why. police say the american airmen hailed as a hero has now been stabbed right here in our own country. the shocking details and whether or not he'll come out of it
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kevin mccarthy sending shock waves through congress withdrawing as speaker. congressman great to have you on. you had an upheaval of your own so you have experience with this when you beat eric cantor in the state of virginia. a lot of people were surprised but not your supporters. what's going on in this case? >> it's a hard challenge. someone has to get to 218 votes. the conference was moving in great direction. john boehner stepped down.
11:17 am
all members can bring bills to the floor and there's no retribution. then this election was sprung kind of early by the speaker. that brought an end to the process. >> it's interesting that you talk about that because the person that you supported in the freedom caucus yesterday was congressman daniel webster and say that's what he would plan to do. he would spread out the power so every member of the house felt powerful. >> right. that's what i ran on. i ran on those principles
11:18 am
myself. he ran the florida house in a fair way that had positive results. there's the story about 30 or 40 of us who are challenging the conference. that's a false narrative. just last week you can see the true numbers. 153 republicans voted against the c.r. that's the true number. >> i want you to hear from paul ryan now. some people are saying maybe he would be great for the job. kevin mccarthy is the best person to lead the house. i'm disappointed in this decision. it's important we take time to seek new candidates for the speakership. would you be behind trying to get paul ryan? >> i don't want to get into personality contest now. i'd be behind any candidate who sign their names to the ten principles i sent out. they're just american principles
11:19 am
about fiscal sanity, rule of power. if he's willing to sign those documents, i think he'd be in favor of most of them. you have 60% of the republican electorate that's unhappy with our leadership. they want to see us solve real world problems. we have russia lobbing bombs on syria. we have to solve those problems. the american people don't see us getting this done and fighting against president obama's executive overreach. if question do that we'll be in great shape. >> there was a letter that went out from your colleague, a republican from north carolina, congressman walter jones and it went out to anyone seeking any kind of role and he said he wanted any candidate to drop out of the race if they had any
11:20 am
skeletons in their closet and would embarrass the republican party. do you know anything about why he would have sent that letter out? >> i'm not familiar with the letter. i haven't read it. ask some of the other guys who may know about that one. >> i'm putting the letter up on the screen. it's interesting. i'm not sure why he sent that out. it's great to have you. i hope you come back. >> thank you. fox news alert now. rand paul, i believe is joining us right now. is that true? we're teasing that rand paul is coming up. a lot going on right now. we're going to be talking with him about his take on mccarthy's shocking withdrawal for the race
11:21 am
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but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. big development today on capitol hill. kevin mccarthy dropping out of race as speaker. this comes as a shock following his public endorsement from sitting speaker, john boehner. they were expected to vote on a new leader today. that vote now postponed. rand paul joins me now. what do you make of the chaos or whatever is going on in the house today? >> i don't think i would call it chaos but the grass roots are unhappy with congress because they don't think a republican controlled house and republican controlled senate are doing
11:25 am
enough to exert the power of the purse or push back against the president. i think that's what this represents. people in the house are saying enough is enough. we want something new. >> i know you have lobbied for the fact you believe there should be term limits for speaker of the house. tell me more about that. >> i'm for term limits for all members of the house as well as members of the senate. i would limit the senate to two six-year terms and the house to six two-year terms. d we do have term limits for chairmanships in the house. >> one of your competitors, mike huckabee just put this out. he said the race for speaker of the house is not about kevin mccarthy, it's about burning the corrupt washington political machine to the ground. would you agree with that? >> my motto is unleash the
11:26 am
american dream. defeat the washington machine. i'm in the same vain. i guess i'm just not for burning it. i do think this is the main thing i hear when i talk to republicans and conservatives is they don't think we're doing enough. that the power of the purse is ours but we sort of admit defeat and we just say we don't have the votes to defund anything when in reality, if we were to let spending expire, the other side would have to get 60 votes to spend any money. then the power would be on our side. we're sort of afraid to get to that point. we should let all spending expire until democrats and big spenders you have to get 60 votes to restart any spending. >> we had that argument last week and you were on the real story after you had that argument on the senate floor. at that time i asked you should mitch mcconnell be worried about
11:27 am
anything. you said you weren't sure but i'm asking, again, today in light of what's happening, should mitch mcconnell be worried. what do you think? >> i think my perspective would be different. i would say every elected congressman and elected senator should be very aware that the grassroots is unhappy. they're very upset that official washington does not appear to be standing up and using the full force of our office. they wonder why they expended so much effort to elect conservatives and it turns out we're not using our full force. we have both the senate and the house. there's no excuse for us not to stand up to the president and say enough's enough. we're not spending any more money on these wasteful and offensive programs. there doesn't seem to be that will or that courage in washington.
11:28 am
i'm advocating for everyone to stand up and say let it all expire. he's stop the spending and tell the other side they need 60 votes to restart it. >> maybe it started today. i'm not sure. before i let you go hillary clinton's sends her gop rivals copies of her book. you are auctioning the copy you received billing it as great fiction book. why? >> we wanted to thank hillary clinton for sends us the book. we thought it was misclassified. it should be fiction. i wrote a little inscription. i said because of your inexcusable, inability to secure and defend benghazi you should be precluded from holding our office. i signed it. i think we have several thousands dollars on ebay for that book. >> keep us posted on what the
11:29 am
final bid is on that. senator rand paul, always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. where did this all start? some say it was about kevin mccarthy's comments about hillary clinton or was it something else? ed henry has that angle and greta will join us with her thoughts as well. you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet?
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we need to have a lot more family discussion because we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind and do what we were lekked to do. i was absolutely stunned, surprised and shocked that this happened. our conference is going to have to do a lot of deep sole searching and we'll see what happens. i said i would support the nominee on the floor but we don't have a nominee. >> big day on capitol hill. >> huge day. >> is the republican party going to be united.
11:34 am
my wild guess is speaker boehner says he will serve until there's a new speaker but there's so much chaos on capitol hill that i would not be surprised first-degrif he served out the term until the next election. don't think the democratic party is anymore organized. they've got their own problems. it's just the republican party is the majority so they are highly visible. this is a very dysfunctional city. >> sometimes you have to have a little chaos to have great end result. that's kind of life. they believe it brings a better party in the end. >> they are sort of the ones that think they are so right just like the other side thinks they are right. nobody is budging at this point. the question is how do you get
11:35 am
people to budge. i think the wiser idea is let things settle down and let speaker boehner finish out until the next election. i don't see anyone being able to put the lid on all the flames. >> speaking of flames, here is what governor mike huckabee had to say. the race for speaker of the house is not for kevin mccarthy, it's about burning the corrupt washington political machine to the ground and rebuilding our country so america can win again. we all fought forward to elect conservatives to congress but the campaign promises weren't kept. >> he's running for president. he wants to get his votes. that's not a person willing to negotiate. he would not be working to get a solution. he would be working to get his way. both sides want their way. unless anyone thinks of how to
11:36 am
get solutions, we'll keep having this wild show for the next, i don't know, forever until they figure shotgun out. this is not going away in the short run. everyone is so certain he's right and so certain he speaks for the american people. >> all right. we'll be checking out your show tonight. thank, much. >> thank you. the benghazi investigation playing part in mccarthy's decision or was it all for his decision. ed, how much did the comments hurt him? >> it didn't help. that's not my assessment. that's the assessment from kevin mccarthy himself. he was admitting that gaffe where he told sean hannity that the benghazi committee was all about hurting hillary clinton and because of her e-mails and investigation her poll numbers have come down. he tried to clean it up but never quite fixed it. he made it clear it weighed on him big time.
11:37 am
>> this committee was only created for one purpose, to find the truth on behalf of the family for the four dead americans. i should not be a distraction from that. the that's part of the decision as well. >> a few moments ago white house spokesman also weighed in and said the president doesn't have a preferred candidate. just wants to see the republicans figure this out and fix this mess. you see there's delight at the white house over this disarray. delight in the hillary clinton campaign as well. >> do you have a reaction from hillary clinton? >> she said how about this kevin mccarthy for speaker. it's a voter in iowa who supports her and happens to have that name. he complains he keeps getting nasty sweets about the house majority leader. but on sub tans, they are
11:38 am
delighted about this gomt and coming from tray gowdy. i said it last week, i'll say it again. tray gowdy should dispan the sham on the left. trey is not backing down. in the last couple of hours he's released new e-mails which he says show that sydney bloomingthal was pushing business interest in libya and advising the secretary of state at the same time. he said it will shed some more light on this insgraigs. the republicans are trying to go full steam ahead. the clinton camp doesn't think they will get anywhere. >> time for my take. hillary clinton's new plan to put more control on wall street. it's a populous message coming
11:39 am
from a candidate who is desperate to do something about her sinking poll numbers. will it actually improve her poll numbers? she needs big help with men. check out this nbc wall street journal survey showing her favorability rating with men at 27%. two-thirds of men view her unfavorable. that's nine points worse than bernie sanders and 11 worse than joe biden. mrs. clinton believes she would counter any possible negativity with men with her strong favorabilities with women. only 55% of white women viewed her unfavorably. no wonder there's such a strong effort to draft joe biden. you can also get my take on the
11:40 am
facebook page and time to check in with shepherd smith. >> it feels like there's one story today. this is much bigger than just about politics. it's much bigger than one faction of one of the two parties saying no, we've compromised with you enough. we don't want to compromise anymore. it's bigger than all of that. it's about whether the government will continue to function as it's functioning now. without these 40 hard liners, without a vote on some human monumental issues over the next two months the government of the united states could grinds to halt and close for business. what today portends for the two months ahead. top of the hour. more on the earthquake on capitol hill. congressman phil johnson from ohio will weigh in next.
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kevin mccarthy sending shock
11:44 am
waves across capitol hill with his decision to drop out of race as speaker of the house. plenty going on behind the scenes. a lot related to the hard line conservative freedom caucus. bernard whitman and ceo of whitman inside strategies are here to debate this. great to have you on the real story. tony, let me start with you. do you consider this a good thing or chaotic for the republican party? >> well, it's definitely a shock. no one who was watching this race would have imagined at the 11th hour, kevin mccarthy, who by all accounts had the vote would voluntarily surrender power. i think he deserves credit for that. there is an opportunity, no doubt, there was this feeling after john boehner made his announcement which wasn't all that surprising. he said he would probably do it at some point soon enough. there could be been a real seat change within the congress and the party leadership.
11:45 am
kevin mccarthy didn't represent that seat change. he's likable but now the party has a real opportunity to allow all the sides, that rich diversity we have in our caucus be represented and reflective in who we can elect. >> if you can find that one person, right bernard? >> you have all out war in the republican party. it's being perpetrated by a small group. it's 42 of them. the republican party controls the majority of the house, senate, state legislatures and majority of governorships yet they can't get together to choose a leadership. you see this playing out in the presidential race. you have the established candidates whithering in the face of outsiders through the republican primary electorate is
11:46 am
clamoring for. >> is that really a bad thing? >> it's not at all. bernard made a point which shows we are the big ten. it's the party of basically michael dukakis. the republican caucus you do have a diversity without a doubt. it's uncomfortable right now. i'm not going to pretend this is an ideal situation. from this comes opportunity. i think you'll see the party coalesce. whether it's paul ryon who many hope does it or trey gawdy. >> daniel webster, kathy mcmorris rogers. there's lots of names being thrown out. who knows if it will befully of them. i want to direction your
11:47 am
attention to this letter that another member of congress, walter jones wrote this yesterday. here is part of it. with all the voter distrust of washington felt around the country i'm asking that any candidate withdraw himself from the leadership election if there are any misdeeds he's committed since joining congress that will embarrass himself. the republican kmconference and the house of representatives if they become public. why would he write this letter? is there something we're missing or does he want to make sure the situation doesn't happen again. >> i would hope not. i looked at what mark sandburg had to say who had his own problems. i would hope that letter was not pointing any fingers that will
11:48 am
come down the pike. >> walter jones is a known antagonist of the establishment. he's one of john boehner's biggest critics. he's kind of a lone maverick down there. i think anything he suggests is really just his own opinion. we want to elect the most effective, ethical and the kind of leader who could bring us forward and move us forward. the opportunity that came out of this while unfortunate for kevin mccarthy is i think the republican party has chance to really shake up the leadership and help move a much more favorable agenda forward than we've had for the last six years of fighting a white house that u uas you wered power. >> got to wrap it there but great discussion. next, we'll talk to a congressman who says we aren't electing leader of a social club. we're electing someone who will be two heartbeats away from the oval office. yeah, there's that.
11:49 am
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. fallout from the shocker on capitol hill after kevin mccarthy drop outs of the race for house speakerment onlyman mike turner weighed in earlier. >> the republican party is strong. we still have john boehner, and these are so far two individual decision wes have of the speak ares to step down. the republican conference has yet to speak on who the new leadership will be but work is getting done here. debates are continuing as the house moves on funding for 2016. >> joining me now, bill johnson, republican from ohio. great to have you on. you had an interesting quote we talked before the break. you want people to remember that, look, this isen incredibly important position you're about to fill because it's just a few
11:53 am
heartbeats away from the presidency. >> we're not electing the chairman of a social club. just simply the leader of the republican house. we're electing the person going to be literally two heartbeats a. from the oval office, and we have to remember the seriousness of that decision. because the american people exhibit it. they demand it. and this is a very, very important decision, and it's a time when we can come together and unify around that decision. and remember who the real opponents here are. >> interesting. >> it's those that want to divide our country. >> so, who were you standing behind? >> well, we don't know who the ones are going to bubble -- >> but, but excuse me, were you behind kevin mccarthy? >> kevin mccarthy has a lot of challenges. yes,ey, is wasof the three
11:54 am
nominated today, when i walked into the room, having heard all all three of them i was supporting kevin mccarthy, because all three of these candidates had their issues. but when you look at what was needed to unify our conference to unify the house republicans, he had a tremendous challenge to try and do that. but under the circumstances with only those three on the platform, i thought mr. mccarthy had the best opportunity and the best chance to do so. >> congressman, what happened? >> i do not know. i have not had a chance to talk with kevin. something happened this morning from the time that we left the last of the candidates forums, where they all put their positions forward. something happened between then and the time that we met at noon to do the voting, and i quite honestly do not know what that is. >> so interesting, congressman, obviously the benghazi situation
11:55 am
had been percolating, his comments about that and hillary clinton and he clarified that at least twice, and then last night you had the freedom caucus, 40 to 42 members, say they wanted daniel webster from florida. certainly it's not like that news just came out two minutes at noontime. >> yes. >> what else could it by? >> i have absolutely no idea. you have to ask representative mccarthy that question. i simply do not know. i know that he said that this was a very, very tough decision, that it was a decision that he and his wife had prayed about. i believe him when he said that. so, i just simply don't know. >> before i let you go, do you think it would be a good idea for john boehner to stay in power? he says he'll stay until theirs a vote, but stale through the rest of his term? would you be in favor of that? >> here's what the law sauce. the law says until we elect a speaker, john boehner remains
11:56 am
the speaker. he might resign his house seat in his district, but under the law he remains the speaker. i haven't heard the speaker say whether he wants to do that or not. he has said he wants to move on. john boehner has served the state of ohio and the american people for a very long time, and i think he deserves the right to go out on his own terms, and so i don't know what that will mean, but i do know john's heart and i'm confident he will do whatever is best for the american people and the institution until we do find a speaker. >> all right. also from ohio, congressman johnson, great to have you. check this out. injure getting new surveillance video of the stabbing of spencer stone. this is breaking news happening right now. we'll return with that after the break. did you know that good nutrition
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12:00 pm
walling stand. the american airman who helped stop the french train terror attack. police are looking for two suspects. the attack was not related the terrorism. here's shep. >> you cannot trust the government. the government will just mess it up. that has been the republican message for years. today at last there's proof, your message has sunk in. the base does not trust your establishment and the political train just jumped the tracks. the man who would be speaker of the house, the majority leader and a lieutenant of the outgoing speaker john boehner, just changed his mind. is not running. made the announce independent conference this morning. >> don't think people realize what he said. he was asked to repeat it. >> all members of the conference were shocked. >> absolutely stunned. >> didn't see that coming, and now historic


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