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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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walling stand. the american airman who helped stop the french train terror attack. police are looking for two suspects. the attack was not related the terrorism. here's shep. >> you cannot trust the government. the government will just mess it up. that has been the republican message for years. today at last there's proof, your message has sunk in. the base does not trust your establishment and the political train just jumped the tracks. the man who would be speaker of the house, the majority leader and a lieutenant of the outgoing speaker john boehner, just changed his mind. is not running. made the announce independent conference this morning. >> don't think people realize what he said. he was asked to repeat it. >> all members of the conference were shocked. >> absolutely stunned. >> didn't see that coming, and now historic disarray.
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the republicans canceling the vote for a new speaker, the freedom caucus wants one of their own. can they hijack the process and if so can our government function at all? and the mesh hero -- then hero who tend stop a terror attack in france, attack on the streets here at home. now he wear what happened. and minutes ago, new video of the attack, let's get to it. >> who woulda thunk it. this is about much more than politics. it's much bigger than the conservatives and in the house of representatives wanting their way. this is about the very functioning of the government of the united states. to get anything at all done, majority republicans need at least a phi few -- a few of the freedom caucus to go along with the plan, any plan.
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right now the matter of speaker of the house. kevin mccarthy is one of speaker john boehner's right-hand mental sponsored just two bills. both to rename buildings. nothing else in the way of legislative accomplishment. nothing. yet he is too mainstream, too establishment for the freedom caucus so they, reflecting the reaches their con state tunes, decided yesterday to support somebody else as a unit. and that meant with democrats voting for nancy pelosi, the rest of the republicans didn't have the votes to get kevin mccarthy or anyone else elected. now he is out. >> we have been going through this campaign and talking to whens. one thing i said to earn this majority, we're servants. we should put this conference first, and i think there's something to be said for us to unite. probably neat a fresh face. >> unite. fresh face. the congressman says he'll stay on as majority leader but his decision to drop out of the race
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for speaker leaves republican us without any clear choice. without the help of democrats there's no way to elect somebody. you have to have 218 votes. they don't, immediately after the mccarthy news broke, our producer said there are rumblings that speaker john boehner might have to stick around a little longer. john boehner announced he is quitting congress, one day after he met with pope francis. the freedom caucus and pushed and boehner caved. he is supposed to out of congress at the end of the month put speaker boehner says he will stay on until the house elects his replacement. something must change. one side of the other must give in or neither that nor anything else will get done. nothing. there are very important matters ahead for those we elected to represent us. next month the government's authorized to borrow money ended. the government will default. risk can change chase. then in december the stop-gap
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spending bill runs out. unless congress acts our government will shut done.s of m conference want nomy compromise. without one, disarray. a level of government dysfunction he highest in history. today the mid-session move, the first to orderly transition from one run leader to the next to choose the person second in line for the presidency of the united states and right now, stalemate. washington has officially ground to a halt. just as the freedom caucus demands. mike emanuel is on capitol hill. what happened? >> jason che gets got into -- che gets got into the race to be speaker, and he stale he stall wants to be speaker. >> kevin mccarthy is a very good man and has been one who puts his country before everything else.
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so he and i stand shoulder to shoulder with the same goal and desire, and that is to unite the party. >> daniel webster from florida is a conservative, not a household name but picked up support yesterday, and webster is talking about changing the way the house operates. >> now there's two again, maybe more, and so i have no idea how it will change it. but it doesn't change what i'm running on and that is i want want to have prison based, member driven process and i'm running on that. >> conservatives want the house to operate differently. kevin mccarthy says that requires a fresh face. >> so impossible now they feel like they have to change the rules to get anything done? what happens to the house now? >> well, john boehner tried to reassure lawmakers and the country by saying he is not
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going to leave the house in an even more chaotic situation. boehner saying he will stay on beyond october 30th until hoe house can elect a new speaker and some prominent democrats are saying that the house, and particularly republicans, may regret losing boehner. >> people on the republican side are beginning to realize, maybe john boehner was the best deal. he understands the institution. i believe he tried to make it work, not just for his republican colleagues but for many of us on the democratic side. >> john boehner has had enough. looking to retire. bottom line he says he will stay until there's somebody to replace im. >> mike, until there's somebody to replace him? that would mean somebody in the freedom caucus has to go against what its members said, go against everything they stood for and cave in. like that's going to happen. >> there's talk about the possibility of a caretaker
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speaker. the names of job kline from minute, hall rogers from kentucky who are nose houstonhold names but are veteran lawmakers, widely respected in the republican conference. some push back saying a caretaker speaker will do the save thing but bottom line, there are hard and fest -- fast deadlines ahead on the debt ceiling and government funding. >> between now and then? unless there's compromise, nothing will happen. mike emanuel, thank you. let's get right to the hill. robertpy pillinger said he supported mccarthy and says he had concerns about the free tom caucus and doesn't share their strategy, congressman, good of you to be here. have the hardliners hijacked the process. >> i think they offered their perspective. we had a family meeting this
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morning. it was clear to kevin he was an issue. i commend kevin for what he has done. he put the party ahead of himself. >> congressman, the fact is the tea party caucus, the freedom caucus, has said you'll put in one of our people or we are not going to vote for you. and if you don't put in one of our people, you have to have democrats, and democrats are going to vote for speaker pelosi. so how are you going to get this done? >> let's talk about who those people are. we have a really strong bench. trey gowdy, tremendous person. paul ryan. a lot of strong people that will speak to issues. the real issue here is we are united in the principles. we understand -- >> congressman, congressman, you are -- with great respect and admiration you are not united. you're as divided as anyone has ever seen the republican party. you have 40 people who have splintered and -- sir, me a i
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finish dish you said to the majority who is in charge we won't do what you want us to do and the government will cease to function. what i'm asking is, how we reach a compromise so that the government can function again. >> i believe we will reach the compromise. >> how in. >> all of us inside our conference understand that our principles are aligned together. they are not aligned with nancy pelosi. i do not believe there's anybody in the freedom caucus who will allow it to happen that somebody from the democratic leadership, particularly nancy pelosi, will become the new speaker. we are going through a family issue but that will get worked out. >> congressman, your family issue at the moment means there's no one who is eligible, who can be elected be speaker of the house. it means that next month votes are coming that could change the course of human events. how can we get any of that done? >> i agree. i absolutely agree that debt of
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our country is going to swallow us. we're hat $18 trillion today, doubled under president obama. we'll continue that type of spending under nancy pelosi. we understand that. our family understands that. and we will elect somebody. we'll have someone. we have a strong bench. when you loose-at paul ryan and trey gowdy, jason. >> the right wing of your party says you elect a tea-pear conservative, freedom docs conservative to lead the house of representatives. with the rest of the house go along with that? >> sir, i would respectly say you would anticipate they would say elect one of us. i think we'll come together. this is a family squabble, something we will work out. they're going to present their best e best case, what they would like to see happen. we'll find somebody who says we
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have confidence in this person. i believe that will happen. we know the principles we stand for, as a party, as a conference, are far different than pelosi and the democrats. >> how much of this was about kevin mccarthy's words on the benghazi committee and the political roots of it? >> i think kevin felt very deeply about that. he understood he undermine trey gowdy and the authority of what he was trying to do and the integrity of what he was doing. that may have played part of it. we all make mistakes mistakes an made his may have stake. i've made plenty of dismiss -- myself. >> who do you support. >> we have to look at who the individuals are. i sit on the financial services committee, jeb and so is trey gowdy and paul ryan. i could be confident in these and other people.
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>> how would you convince members of the pea party or freedom caucus to go along with the of those candidates. >> i think they have all shown the ability to lead visits in the freedom caucus. they are individuals. and they will see the people who are aligned with conservative principles to lead our country, i believe they will find someone. we'll find someone as a conference that can lead us all. >> that means you have to pick off some, you have to have the tea party, that freedom caucus splinter, some have to do go away from their oneness. who might you be able to pick off? >> that conjecture you. may fine somebody that appeals to all of them. i they all have individual minds and appreciate people who want to lead with conservative principles. and so i think we will fine that person. the people i named and many others are very committed people who understand the fiscal challenges off our country, that
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will lead us in the financial bankruptcy, where we're headed family in security issues. we must awaken this country and frankly awaken this administration to the challenges we have that we are in great jeopardy today, far greater than we were when the president took office. i know we'll find the right person who can lead us in that. >> congressman, all the best. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> shep, good to be with you. >> thank you. the republican congressman walter jones says he wants to make sure that any future candidates for speaker have no scandals in their past. have you heard about this? the congressman wrote a letter, urging any possible candidates with embarrassing secrets to withdraw. this is before today. today the leading candidate with drew from the running, congress join jones who wrote the letter is with us next. how have these things unfolded? the congressman just said, there
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is a family squabble. and there is. and today the family squabble has ground the government to a halt. now what? that's next.
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the civil war will be televised and today it is on three news networks and c-span. chad is with us now. the congressman called it a
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family squabble. never seen a family squabble grind the government to a halt. do you see on out here? >> that's the problem. the republicans, if you look at the legislative history since they have had control of the house of representatives have never been able to pass any major piece of legislation without the help of democrats. voting for speaker is something they have to do on their own and there are significant factions in the republican party. the group that didn't like john boehner, groups taking on kevin mccarthy. i was told that kevin mccarthy pulled out at the last minute because he didn't want people to have to go out during the recess next week, town-hall meetings, this calcify until the speaker vote at the end of the month and then it's john boehner all over again. john boehner 2.0 and he didn't want to have to put the numbers through that. >> it's not a yea or nay vote. you have to put your name with someone else's name and those 40 members
12:18 pm
members of tea-party conservatives, the freedom caucus, it's katy bar the door. >> right. it's interesting how toxic the idea of who the speaker is. we heard a lot about pelosi. maybe not so much internally in the dem create part but republicans pete up nancy pelosi a lot. i dare anybody no toe know who tom foley was or back with jim rice. the speaker has a big target on their back, regardless who it is, and something that is very divisive here in the house of representatives, and getting to 218 is a challenge. that is an absolute majority of the entire house of representatives, and that's where i talk about the math. you cannot change congressional physics. i if kevin mccarthy was 200 -- many think he could get to 218. you have 40 people voting for dan webster, you lead less than half of those to come vote for you. that is not that much of a
12:19 pm
challenge. >> dan webster is a man whom the freedom caucus announced yesterday it is supporting. if they block in bloc, there they are. tess trice minds me of denny hastert. we had a speaker of the house because of his criminal trouble. have you remembered dysfunction on this level? >> there are lot other members who want to make sure the speaker is vetted. denny hastert became speaker of the house in the middle of the night of bob livingston stepped aside in 1998, and denny hastert never really went through a full vetting, and i think there are lot of members of congress, regardless of what sort of vetting they want to do they want to make sure they have the right person, and that's why john boehner said i'll stick around until there are the votes
12:20 pm
to elect a bona fide speaker over the house. there's a lot of people here who want paul ryan to run, jeb hensarling, a darling of conservatives. knee were one will run. i talked to jeb hensarling, i said, mr. chairman? he said, that's a good title. he doesn't want to be speaker of the house. the people who could be voted are out of the running. >> chad, that's what makes since here. it's all about the math. you have to have 218 votes. without the right wing he doesn't have the votes. that's that. why suffer a humiliating defeat. or this? a north carolina'll congressman walter jones wrote an extraordinary letter in which he asks that the candidates with secrets to hide drop out of the race. he called out two former republicans who resigned amid scandals. and he wrote that he wants to make sure nothing like that
12:21 pm
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republicans with excel tans in their closet better not try to become party leaders. that from a republican congressman in a letter he wrote to the head of the g.o.p. conference. in the letter he wrote that before any congressman, kevin -- before kevin mccor the dropped out of the race two days ago the letter was written -- he said before mccarthy dropped out thereof race: with all the voter distrust of washington felt around the country, i'm
12:25 pm
asking that any candidate for speaker of the house, majority leader, and majority whip, withdraw himself from the leadership election if there are any misdeed he committed since joining the congress that will embarrass himself, the republican conference and the house of representatives of they become public. the letter brings up past republican leaders: newt gingrich and bob livingston, both left after admitting they cheated on their wives. with us is the lawmaker who wrote the letter, republican congressman of north carolina, walter jones. congressman, thank you. >> glad to be with you. >> what do you know about kevin mccarthy i don't know? >> well, i don't know. this was written primarily because i've been here 20 years, and i remember the night that newt stepped down, the next night bob livingston stepped down and the chaos it put the republican party in.
12:26 pm
if saw several things that dealt with people in the republican party. i don't know what anybody does when they leave the house, nor do they know what i do. i know one thing about this, our country is in deep, deep trouble. we need to have leadership in the house that we can say, look at that leader, he is a man of integrity. so this was meant for all those running for office. >> so randomly you just wrote to the conference leader and the conference, asking any candidates for speaker of house, majority leader or majority whip to withdraw if there are misdeeds and at the bottom in your own personal hand writing you wrote, believe this question is important to the integrity of the house. this doesn't sound like a man who is on a fishing expedition. this sounds like man who knows something he isn't talking about that. if you didn't writ this, wouldn't you think that?
12:27 pm
>> i will say i'm opposed to the way be finance campaigns up here. i am for a public finance. i see the influence of money here in washington all the time. and i wanter -- want somebody in the speaker's chair who cannot say you come to our fundraiser and we'll pass your bill. that happens all the time. >> congressman, apology yui. you have written something so serious i have to ask the question again because you didn't answer. since you wrote this, i feel like we all deserve an answer. when you said, i'm asking that any candidate for speaker of the house, majority leader or majority whip to withdraw from the leadership election if there are misdeeds me committed and then you wrote: i believe this is important to the integrity of the house. what did you know? who writes such a thing in a vacuum? who fishes in such a way? >> well, shep, this is the first time i have been on your show.
12:28 pm
you don't mow me. >> i don't. that's why i'm asking the question. >> if you ask any member of congress in either party you think walter jones is a man of integrity, i'd be very disappointed and surprised if anybody said anything other than, i try to be man -- >> i have never questioned your integrity. what i've done is read your words of warning, and asked why they were written. >> anything you want to read into it, you're welcome to read into it. i gave you an honest answer and that's all i can do. >> you're just warning anyone who might decide to run for leadership, don't do it if you have a skeleton, spare us on the pain. >> i'm going to try to put this in. if i get re-elected in the house rule itself he hold a major justice. >> that is, put what? >> what i put in the letter. what you just read. >> so everybody needs to come clean. >> if they're running for leadership positions, absolutely. >> how will it be possible, congressman, to get someone whom
12:29 pm
the majority of the republicans in the house support and at the same time the 40 or so members of free dough come caucus will also support. >> well, think -- i was very disappointed that john boehner today -- we were all shocked and surprised by kevin's decision but we had two qualified men who also offered. thes and mr. boehner made a mistake by not letting us have a vote on those two men. >> which men? >> if he wants to pick -- jason chaffetz and dan webster. >> our spurred is dan webster, who is supported be to the 40 or some member odd the free tom -- freedom caucus, didn't have the votes without democratic support, and jason chaffetz didn't have the votes. given that standoff, how do we
12:30 pm
compromise? >> well, my thinking is that at this point, that we as republicans -- if we will come together in a conference and have this kind of discussion, we can come to a resolution. i would tell you today that the biggest thing about dan webster is he is a man of principle. he says all the time that principle and power cannot coexist. that because he sees the influence of money up here, money buys power, and money buys policy. people should also by the policy through their elected representatives, and that's what mr. boehner would not let happen in regular order. >> eye side from defunding planned parenthood and overturning the healthcare law, there is a republican plan to govern? we have two important matters coming, in november of this year, and then in december of this year, two matters that can shut the government down. will the leadership be able to govern now? >> i think so. i really do.
12:31 pm
we have some very capable people that haven't even offered their names that might or might not offer their names. i know the two i just named. they could lead this house and lead it well. >> if it is -- if the person who is put up for election is not supported by the freedom caucus, and you don't get any freedom caucus votes, congressman -- you need democratic votes -- there is a way to convince any members of the freedom caucus that a cry miss candidate will work? >> i'm not in the freedom caucus. i'm in the liberty caucus. some that you would probably interview that are members of the freedom caucus, i am not. >> given the fact there is this historic divide within the republican party, what sort of event might be able to unite all the faction inside without uniting, without 212 votes nothing can happen. filibuster. >> well, this is why we are
12:32 pm
having this situation now. the american people have spoken. they've asked the republican party, they gave us the majority in the house and the senate, and we have forth -- forgotten the reason they gave us that privilege to serve them. we need to get back to the basics tot meat the country and our party great. >> for instance? >> don't spend more money than you bring in. i have not voted for a del -- debt ceiling increase since 1998. >> would you be concerned about a government shutdown in the absence of a a ceiling increase. >> thank you for the question. the issue is, how much longer are you going to kick the can down the road before you become greece? we are $18.3 trillion in debt. we can't keep playing them game. let's make some tough decisions and if the american people believe we'll be sincere.
12:33 pm
>> so good of you to give us time. i understand your frustration and i appreciate your sentiment. much more ahead. it's the bottom of the hour, the top of the news is next. dysfunction and chaos in washington. stay tuned. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school.
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of their kind endorsed by aarp. rates are competitive. so call today. and learn more about choosing the doctor's you'd like to see. go long. more on the battle among republicans to elect a new speaker of the house, the freedom caucus members have split with the establishment republicans and rejected their candidate for speaker. so for now the federal government has ground to a halt. congressman, so sorry to you and your con state opportunities -- constituents in south carolina. >> we really appreciate the prayers and well wishes from folks all over the country. flooding is tough but we'll bet through it. >> a big mess in washington, too. the freedom caucus -- they said
12:39 pm
no, might have said, hell . no we have said we're going to lead, we said what our prisons are, establish. you've not done what you said you were going to do and we want to take over. is that fair? >> well, a couple of things are fair, a couple not. you're opening line, the government has not ground to a halt. it's alive. we're having meetings. while this is a media circus the government has not ground to halt. we did not support kevin mccarthy, we supported daniel webster, an institutionalist and more dedicated to allowing the system work the with a it's supposed to. the complains against mr. boehner was he ran a very top-down, heavy-handed organization, and a lot of members, not just the conservatives, are upset, and kevin realized today -- this is what he said when he announced he was withdrawing -- the wasn't the person to you've night the
12:40 pm
party and maybe that needs to be somebody outside the current leadership team itch think kevin is right and give him credit for the way he healthed it. we need new folks. >> we freedom caucus endorsed dan webster of florida. i appears in the early going he doesn't have the vote is with the rest of the caucus. if you can't come together on a speaker, will you be able to come together to govern? there are couple of pretty important matters coming before the body. together on afferent things of speaker. i'm still not sure how it stopped or why. if mr. webster had pulled out we would not have powe opinioned the election -- >> you wish they had gone ahead with the elect -- >> i don't understand the basis for quitting. at least she have voted on not having it today. it was a properly noticed meeting of the party.
12:41 pm
you don't get to ewan latll or unilaterally say we're not going to have an evex. it was a hectic moment. the microphones didn't work, half the people in the room did not know what kevin said, it was very hectic. we should have moved forward with the elect. we'll pick a speaker, somebody that as hopefully 250 republicans can rally behind. you give republicans a chance to work the system to meet together and work on issues from the bottom up. don't tell us that would vote for. let us come up with our own insides and the republican part can govern. mr. boehner deputy debt that be speaker will. >> you want somebody on the record voting ann though you no your man doesn't have the votes you want everybody on the roared, right? >> we give you an example. there are bills in house right
12:42 pm
now that have the cosponsorship of over 250 people. we can't get a hearing on those bills. that a majority -- not only the republicans but a majority of the body but mr. boehner would not allow those types of bills -- >> understand why that is. >> we don't know. it's ha have-handed leadership style. the leaders don't think it's a good bill. a majority of their conference disagrees. we have never understood -- we're an organization run from an old-fashioned way. boss come in, tell us what to do. that has to change. organizations throughout the nation have changed but congress has not. we need to be more grassroots up, a ground-up, tight-run organization that allows members to do their jobs. >> the freedom caucus wants to defunded planned parenthood, wantses to get rid scoff replace obamacare. there is anything else the freedom caucus wants now it's
12:43 pm
not getting? >> by the way, perfect example on planned parenthood. we would have settled on for acknowledge amendment on the floor for defunding do. >> not happening now. >> not appearing now. we offered an amendment that would not allow it to by voted on. that absurd. we should be allowed to represent our district on issues especially things -- >> the leadership thought that was politically pairizing because the polls show the majority of american people support planned parenthood and the work it does. >> that's fine. if that's the sense of congress the amendment would have attachment we didn't get a chance do have the discussion. >> congressman -- >> you have a member of congress -- it don't know who its -- jive won't allow you to do your job, that's wrong. >> we haven't had anybody put up for the job with less experience in the last 120 years or so. as an observer i am popcorn pop, more butter please.
12:44 pm
>> it's great political theater unfortunate. >> sadly there's a government to run back there see if that happens. congressman, we appreciate it. have a great day. >> john busse is up next. what it means, bigger picture in the governing of america and how are you going to find a house speaker if you can't find the vote inside ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save
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so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. the republican congressman of florida, dan webster, is the one the freedom caucus said yesterday frankly really out of nowhere, we'd like for him to be the new speaker of the house. then you know what happened today. republican o florida, dan webster, running to become speaker of the now he is our guest live from
12:48 pm
capitol hill. congressman webster, thank you. >> good afternoon, shepard. >> i should start with an admission mitchell mom is from florida's first and lived there for 30 years before her passing a couple of years ago, and she was one who kept up with florida republican politics and i didn't know you, sir, until i started hearing your name yesterday, and i feel like probably as -- in the vision of our viewers don't either elm tell our viewers about yourself and why you want to be speaker of the house. >> i was in the florida legislature for 28 years. i was the first republican speaker in the 122 years there, and led us to the first majority we ever had. so, that is kind of my history in florida. then after that, was term-limited out in the house and senate and then ran for congress. >> if elected speaker of the house what would your agenda be? >> my agenda is to -- i have a problem with the way the house is run.
12:49 pm
i believe a few people at the top of the pyramid of power have controlled this place for a long time. i want to push down the pyramid of power, like i did in florida, spread out the base so every member has a chance to be effective. take up the most important bills first, not last, and empower the members to pass their own bills. it's a totally different system. i call it the principled-based system burrs a power-based system. >> you're a member of the freedom caucus. the freedom caucus pushed out speaker boehner, why? what was the objection? >> well, i'm not a member. i wasn't privy to their discussions. i was only a candidate who went and interviewed, and they actually decided that i would be the best candidate. >> what gave you the head or heels over everyone else? >> i think they love the fact we were going to actually work on doing the most important issues first and loved the fact at least they'll get a chance. if you push down the pier met of power and spread out the base, every member gets a chance to
12:50 pm
file their bill and have it heard and file their amendment and have it heard as opposed to the system we have now which closes out bills, limits debate and so forth. i think that rang true. they want an opportunity to present their case. >> most important issues first. congressman, what are the most important issues specifically? >> the most important issues their appropriation bills, all 12 over them. that is the set of bills that we have to pass every year, and many times we run right up to the deadline and then just pass a continuing resolution. i believe -- like iodamide florida, we tack them up first negotiating them out the door and down to the senate and that pushes the pressure on them to act on those and get true appropriation bills as opposed to just continuing what we're doing now. >> were you there this morning when kevin mccarthy withdrew his name? >> i was. >> could you describe -- i understand the microphone and public address system wasn't working. could you describe what has so far been described to us as chaos, from your perspective in
12:51 pm
that room? >> i didn't think it was chaos. i did hear -- i think some people could not hear but i heard him stand up. at first he started off like he starts off his speeches, when he has been doing these interview because i'm usually there or following him, and then all of a sudden just a couple of sentences into it he withdrew his name, and i think people did not hear that part. i heard it. i was shocked. >> his name is out. your name is still in. why won't they have a vote to let the members decide whether they want you to be the speak center -- the speaker? >> i haven't asked the question. >> don't you have an idea. >> i've certainly thought about it. yes. >> share that with us. thank you. >> well, i would say -- maybe i'ing just reverse and it say if i dropped out the election would have gone on. >> probably would have but do you have a sense for why it
12:52 pm
didn't go on. >> i don't. i think the speaker was shocked. our current speaker. and the whole room was, i don't think he knew it was coming. >> you have got ton know the 340 from the freedom caucus well enough for them to put you up for this job. is there someone whom in the majority could offer up whom in the freedom caucus would go with? there is a chance for compromise or has the time for compromise passed? >> i -- that i could not tell you but i don't think the time for compromise has passed. i don't believe that. i don't know exactly who that might be, but i'm hoping that i'll be able to9lcl bridge thatp did. it in florida. we had no difference. a divided conference and different things that were happening. and so i believe those things can all work out if we take our time and do them. >> my understanding from our folks on the hill is there aren't enough votes to get you elected. >> you never know. i haven't -- i think with kevin
12:53 pm
out, we could branch out, and i think there might be an opportunity. >> would you like to get everyone on the roared, congressman -- on the record, congressman? >> you mean like -- >> this isn't a yea or nay vote as so often the case in congress. this is a vote in support of a "fill in the blank." >> yes so what i -- i just am going to work as hard as i can to see as member mens as i can, given the new dynamic, new group of candidates, and we'll see what happens. i believe i can win some people over. i do. >> they're smiling ear to earish in the white house today. democrats seem to be loving this thing that is happening. is this serving the party and the people well, and if so, how? >> well, having elects is a good thing. having a selection is a good thing. having a candidate drop out right at the last minute is probably not that great. like i said, i was very shocked
12:54 pm
that took place. >> it has a feeling of a sort of internal civil war, doesn't it? where the center has not really held, and the right is sort of making a power play here? does it look that way to you? >> no, it doesn't. i think a lot of people might want to play it that way, but i think we have a good unified group of people when it comes to friendships so it's not personal, and i think now if it's only issues-that's a different story. if it gets personal that's when you have trouble, and i -- >> i wasn't suggesting that. what i was suggesting was the political center lost hold. the exit of john boehner and the political right, the freedom caucus, has gained power through strength and coordination. fair enough? >> yes. what i'm telling you is what i'd like -- the house i want to see
12:55 pm
is one that gives up the power, pushes down the pyramid of power. when you let everyone be part and be effective, a lot of those things that are dwight us go away. >> that would mean those who are the establishment, those who are almost by definition in power, would make the decision to give up the power that they now have, and you think that's possible. >> no, no. i'm not saying that. i'm saying, you're talking about the power of the freedom caucus, the power of this group or that group. i'm saying if we all gave in including the speaker of the house, and said for the good of the order let's become servants instead of power leaders and move forward. i think if we do that and give everybody a shot. doesn't mean their issue passes. just means that it get chance toes pa it. >> congressman, thank you very much. we'll keep close touch. >> thank you good to be on. >> this from brett baiir:
12:56 pm
having talked to self senior aide us on capitol hill, here is the picture beginning to form: speaker boehner has agreed to stay on as speaker just not until the caucus nominates someone but unless and until that person has confirmed 218 votes on the house floor needed to take the speaker's gavel. short of that, speaker boehner will stay on for the rest of this congress and steer legislation pending. what dot that mean? it enmews moderates and leadership types are cheering and saying boehnerer is the only one they'll support. conservatives will go ballistics sings they know the signals boehner will make all kinds of deals to get big ticket legislation passed if if it needs democrats. and looks like we may by here to stay. much more to come, of course, as the political wheels turn. and our team will continue to
12:57 pm
monitor from washington. i'm -- "your world" is right after our commercial break. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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kevin mccarthy is out you. know that. right? [cheering] >> and they're giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. it's bedlam. >> itself is bedlam in washington and donald trump probably said it best in las vegas where he is still speaking. we do not have a speaker drought to follow john boehner, and today was the day we would put the process in motion. kevin mccarthy, the majority leader in the house has taken himself out of the race two others still in the race. others are being urged to join the race. right now there is no race because no one


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