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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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kevin mccarthy is out you. know that. right? [cheering] >> and they're giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. it's bedlam. >> itself is bedlam in washington and donald trump probably said it best in las vegas where he is still speaking. we do not have a speaker drought to follow john boehner, and today was the day we would put the process in motion. kevin mccarthy, the majority leader in the house has taken himself out of the race two others still in the race. others are being urged to join the race. right now there is no race because no one can run until we
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get for sure the -- well, who has the 218 votes to win? to mike emanuel on capitol hill. >> it was a stunning turn of events after kevin mccarthy expressed confidence about his chances in the vote among the house republican conference, and then by mid-day, told members he was not their guy. mccarthy was widely believed to have the support of 200 house republicans, but needed 218 to win the election as speaker, and it was not clear that he could ever get there. he was also in a tricky spot, recognizing if he house raised the government's borrowing authority before or after becoming speaker it would create huge heartburn in the g.o.p. conference there are still candidates, jason chaffetz of utah, and florida congressman daniel webster who was supported by 40 members of the house free tom caucus. free house chairman who could get to 218 vote does not want
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the job. paul ryan, trey gowdy, and jeb hensarling, continue to say no. so speaker john boehner is here to stray -- stay for the short term and perhaps longer. >> look at what happened at the corner of wall and broad. they're panic-stricken. the dow racing back over 70,000, 137 points. i hate to -- a lot of this had to do with the federal reserve and minutes out of a meeting showing they're worried about global showdown. they might be wrong but for today they were buying on that, and not worrying.the drama on capitol hill. suffice to say they will start worrying if it looks like the issues they're worried about like getting the debt situation revolve and the budget shutdown, avoided started looking in doubt. congressman, kind of started the ball rolling, north carolina
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republican mark meadows. he was among the first to say, speaker boehner, you have to go. he was punted by jason chaffetz out of a prominent house seat and chairmanship as a result of that dustup. now chaffetz is vying for the speakership post but congressman meadows is getting a lot of take. i heard from your colleagues who are mentioning your name. are you interested in that post? >> that's very kind but, no, that's -- this has never been about me. you know that. hopefully the american people know that. it's really about trying to make sure that we make washington, dc work to address all the things you were just talking about. we have huge issues. the debt ceiling, obviously the budget going forward. we need to be about the people's business, but, no, i'm not throwing my hat in the ring. a number of others are --
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>> well, jason chaffetz is among those. he is the guy who shoved you aside and then unshoved you when it looks like folks were angry how you were treated you. got your post back ute i'm sure you're licking some wounds. that do you think? >> i think we're all better off for it. jason and i are good friends -- >> would you support him for speaker. >> certainly i could support him under the right circumstances. we have a great -- >> what about dan webster? he was the beneficiary of the freedom caucus group of some 40 members. what too you thing? >> certainly he has the credentials of being the speaker of the house in florida, really more of a process guy and that's what this gets down to. motor about who is going to change the way we do business here in washington, dc, more so than really about the person, and so i think that's what most of us are waiting to see, who is going to come out with the best plan to do that.
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obviously it took a very sharp turn to either the left or right this morning when mccarthy mentioned he is going to drop out. the real statesman like move where he said he wanted to have a unified conference, and so i applaud him for that move. hope any we can come to a real solution. >> i think what is being missed in this coverage all day on this -- this isn't a right or left or right or moderate thing or internal civil war thing within the matter as much as it is you want due process. in other words, you want the freedom, if you feel very votes there are, for the leadership to let you guys vote, suffer the consequences if it's an unpopular measure but just let the business be done and you leadership don't get in our way. let us vote on these measures, quit getting parliamentarian and arcane and actually abusive. am i right? >> you're exactly right. no one could have said it better. you're spot on with your
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analysis. it doesn't mean we'll necessarily have more conservative legislation or more liberal legislation. it means that the agendas that are important to the american people women work from the bottom up, have a vote on the floor, win or lose. at least they know their voice is being heard and the majority rules. so i'm looking forward to that process where it is not top-down driven but member driven. >> all right, congressman, thank you. we'll see what happens. in the meantime, donald trump is still speaking in las vegas and taking credit for today's events but saying that it has become a bit of a circus. chris christie, the new jersey governor, presidential candidate, likened it to "game of thrones," the historianics in congress. i wonder what governor mike huckabee has to say? governor, you said there's a sense of detachment in washington. i think this is really about structure, governor.
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the membership just wants a process by which they can get their voices heard and their measures either approved or not. what do you think? >> i think that's exactly right. there's some really good people who have made the sacrifice to run for congress. they're in congress. but they might as well be at home because the leadership has not been willing to let their ideas come to the forefront and it's because the donor class in the country is running the political class of this country, and good representatives with integrity and frankly there are lot of them in congress. this idea that everybody in congress is corrupt and crooked, it's really not a fair characterization. but the good ones never are able to do the work they want to do because it's all bottled up and the leadership dances to the tune of the donors, and as a result of that, it's time to recognize this whole institution is supposed to be run of the people, by the people, for the
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people. not of the donors, by the donors and for the donors. >> you know, governor, dan webster of florida, one of two candidating vying for the speaker position, had said it's all press to him. he wants the freedom to avoid this legislative road block, where legislation that has bipartisan support, or at least more than 200 members for a piece of legislation, that doesn't just stymy like planes on a runway, and it's about the process and clearing the hurdle so the house can do what it wants to do, and he says members would happily accept, as one just did with me, the consequences of that but they just want the freedom to have their measures voted on, yea or nay, and not policed bay leadership that avoids the debate al together. what do you think of that? >> what most republicans were so frustrated by has wary reid's man handling of the senate where
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he never let issues even come up for a vote and it was frustrating. so many of us worked hard so republicans would be in charge so that at least people's votes would be heard, people would be held accountable for votes and they would take a stand. and if republicans play the same game and don't let the votes get to the floor as often happened in the house, then we can't really say we're different. i think that's what has to happen. i presided over the state senate as a lieutenant governor and then as a governor for ten and a half years. there's two things that make the whole legislative system work. one you have to know the rules. number two, you have to build relationships with other people. and whoever knows the rules the best, and can build relationships, will get things done. if you don't know what the rules are, you're going to get rolled over and if you don't build relationships with people by listening to them and giving them something and a seat at the table and a piece of the pie so their voices make sense, then you're going to get rolled over
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as well. >> i think to your point -- i don't think there's a great deal of palace intrigue here. what is happening is a lot of members, moderate and conservatives, feel, hey, look, i have legislation here, legislation i feel very strongly about, i think there's majority support for it, at least more than 200 votes. i've heard it from congress men and women throughout the day, give me the chance to push this forward or to lose in defeat and leave it at that, and cut this picking and choosing legislation that you think matters. we will die on the vine or do well on the vine based on the popularity of what we put forward. and the drama is over. the intrigue is over. the civil war is over. there is no civil war. >> neil, that's exactly right. people are willing to lose. they understand that may -- >> but with in the a chance. like put my measure in. there aren't a ton of them.
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>> but depressant put a gag in my mouth because the good people of congress understand they may not win every vote, butter they at least want to be able to say they put forth their ideas and that's what i say there's a lot of frustrated people in congress. i talk to them regularly. i'm talking about honorable and good and decent people, and may not win all issues but they'd like to at least know when they took it to their leadership, when they had the votes, they won't be told, no, the donors don't want us to do this, and neil, as long as we have the entire political system of this country being round by the wishes of a handful of very, very high-dollar donors we'll continue to see the corruption. that's what hasp to be burn down out of the country and rebuild a government that really reflects the people residents heart and will -- people's heart and will and soul. >> governor mike huckabee, presidential candidate. i really do think when you step back from the drama here, donald trump got this much right. there is nothing worse than being ignored.
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there is nothing worse than feeling your views don't matter. there is nothing worse if you are a member of the united states congress and you are not being allowed by leadership to get your measures approved or disapproved. or for that matter, even brought up for a vote. donald trump says it with a great deal overblouser and swagger, but what this -- bluster and wagger but this comes down to members being ignored. let me talk to you about retirement.
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folks in washington are body. i think k street is worried. mitch mcconnell has to me wife. what happened here today is happening -- can't they do something? can't they once na lifetime actually take on the president of the united states and actually win something? >> that was congressman tim huelskamp, he said, no, about running for speaker. the fact of the matter is they just want to do the business of the people, or their constituents. tell me if you have this same reaction ifer who being ignored. you have a lot of good ideas and no one is paying take to you. it's insulting and it's not a right-left thing as much as, hey, coach, can i play? i have some ideas here. we want to be relevant. to lisa boothe and katy pavlich
1:17 pm
on that. >> it's as simple as that and this is why. this noticed just about members not being able to get legislation to the floored but it's the constituents calling and despite kevin mccarthy saying he would be his own man and distance himself from john boehner, he wasn't able to do that. they see him as a successor to john boehner and running the same house is a boehner did and therefore he didn't have support today because people have been calling members of the house to say, don't vote for him. >> the way this process goes, it would continue the same process, and i think the members are feeling, those who are moderate and those who are conservative, yea or nay on the actions, people at home will see and hear we put up and maybe the other side shut up or the president
1:18 pm
rejected what we offered, or died in the senate, but i think the message to mitch mcconnell is, don't do that. let us play. throw it out there. if we fail, we fail. but we want in. what do you think? >> i think you're right. here's the thing. what we're seeing is speaker boehner resigning and kevin mccarthy stepping done is the strength of the conservatives in the hot. they came in on a wave of 20 when votes said i want obamacare repealed. and in 2014 they said i want obama kaz -- obamacare repeeled. and this is republicans not taking action on things they said they would do, taking on president obama on executive action on immigration -- >> they had measures on the tables, proposals, bills, standards, that were out there,
1:19 pm
that could have been either accepted or rejected and they would have suffered the consequences but to not even let them leave the gate. that got these guys annoyed. and speaker boehner has indicated that for the time being he will stay on and work through this, which makes you think this was all a clever ploy. i have no idea. i blame the pope. all of this started when he was here. way to go, francis, touché. a little more after this. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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how many times does paul ryan heave to say. no we're getting reports that speaker boehner asked him to run for speaker, now paul ryan, the former vice-presidentat candidate, says he is not
1:23 pm
interested in the job, likes it an house ways and means, but the party seems to be going to him. more on that in a second. also, the dow up 138 points. not so much on this washington discourse but the federal reserve indicating in dated minutes migrant point out. it's concerned about a slowdown which might delay a rate hike which they love for today. to jed -- ed henry on the latest. once again, going to paul ryan to recruit him to run for this job. he said no repeatedly. what do you think? >> reporter: i think that speaker john boehner realizes there's no consensus republican candidate to be speak over the house, and wall street, the entire nation, main street as well, obviously, is watching this drama closely because if there's more chaos in the house republican leadership it's more
1:24 pm
likely we'll have a government shutdown, more likely that the debt ceiling could be breached and that could impact the economy. that's why the white house you saw josh ernest gloating a little bit and then saying, he wants to see the republicans figure this out because they need someone who can work with president obama to sort of steer this ship through the end of the year at least as the republicans deal with this. paul ryan is somebody who john boehner thinks could maybe bring the conservatives and the more moderates, more main stream folks together. very respected, former budget chairman on the budget issues, economic and tax issues as well. hillary clinton, you mentioned. she is trying to tithe in -- dive in here as well. she is trying to turn the page on the e-mail controversy to show, she can lead. specifically going after wall street reform today, yesterday
1:25 pm
it was that flip-flop on the transpacific partnership, moving to the left to deal with the stronger than expected challenge from bernie sanders. today, tickloguing thes she intalking about. strengthen the voelker rule. fine executives for wrongdoing, a financial convictions, statute of limitations extended to ten years for financial climbs and rejecting glass-steagall. some want to see her go further. here's hillary clinton on the campaign trail explaining. >> i have what i consider to be a more comprehensive approach for what we need to do to rein in the big institutions, including the big banks. we also have to do more to hold individuals accountable for their bad behavior and the actions that leads to these problems. >> reporter: is hillary clinton the person to reform wall street? she took in over $7 million from
1:26 pm
wall street in her 2008 presidential campaign, over $1.3 million from the same industry this time around so far, and we still have a long way to good in terms of fundraising. that's why you hear bernie sanders and martin o'malley saying they're better equipped to rein in wall street. >> you really are smooth. you've tied that together brillagely. >> unexpectedlily getting a paul ryan question, too. >> exactly. you're the man. the eluded to this glass-steagall thing. separating conventional banking and investment activities and can the voelker rule. they want to make sure that companies don't start investing their own money. charlie gasperino has looked through hillary clinton's ideas and i say, everyone take a chill pill. i if you thinking she is is on a capitalist switch, this santa
1:27 pm
it. what do you mean. >> what reported yesterday. came out today. on the money from my sources. my showers were develop crate fundraisers. they were briefed on this plan yesterday. they were saying this is pretty weak tea. this is not going after wall street in a concerted way. if you break down, peel back the onion, it amounts to small potatoes. what she is doing here is more rhetorical and political. she is saying we'll go after these guys and increase the statute of limitations from seven to ten years, strength the voelker rule, peace which has no impact on the banking systems. glass-steagall which separate conventional and commercial banking. so, really this is -- listen, i don't say i agree with bernie sanders or politically aligned with martin o'malley but i give her democratic challenges this. they're at least intellectually honest about going after wall
1:28 pm
street -- >> yeah, yeah -- >> not an intellectually honest plan. >> some who agree, huck the former head of morgan stanley told me this on fox business. understand the environment. this is rather cynical but listen to this. >> to me it's all politics, trying to get elected, to get a nomination. >> just parroting this line. >> if you run you have -- sometimes you have to go offcenter. >> you think some would not be an antiwall street president. >> i think hillary clinton is a very smart individual. >> so, she is just smart. >> well, listen, reported on your show before you had john mack on that the consensus on wall street is she'll talk a good game, and when we gets the nomination she'll be their friend again. >> and quietly assuring them she means no harm. >> look at the policy. the policies she is enacting
1:29 pm
or -- you could drive a mack truck through. if you're going to be honest, break up the banks, do real stuff, this isn't it. >> she's not doing that. thank you, my friend. democratic strategist likes what hillary clinton is coming up with, steve cortez not so much. why not. >> the clintons telling us they have a plan that will prevent the next financial crisis, that's like they biker gang in waco saying let us handle security for the next biker convention. the housing crisis, the subprime crisis, a lot of bad actors but by far the single most important cause of the subprime housing market was her husband and his presidency in the 1990s and what he did with the community re-invest act and literally compelled banks -- >> be fair. we should stretch the goal was to encourage lending but did go
1:30 pm
too far and set the stage for this. i know -- >> the goal of state planning is often marry towerrous --merer tous -- >> julie to rein in -- chev is sending a mixed yesage because if john mack is right, she doesn't even believe it. >> well, charlie did have a point. i don't think this goes far enough and i don't think many people in the democratic base things this goes far enough. i like holding individual executives accountable for the financial crisis, the fact that we have not had one person get into any serious trouble -- >> maybe because no one broke the law. >> well, don't think anybody was even investigated for breaking the law. i think people below them lost their jobs and a lot of real people lost jobs and houses dish. >> some in washington should have -- >> the taxpayers and the shareholders should not be paying for the crimes of -- >> that's not what i asked. >> should have decide. >> if you're going to throw people in a jail cell, make it's
1:31 pm
bigger jail cell and include the very politicians who emboldened them. >> wait second. i if it's legal, you're not being thrown in jail. if you do something above andon -- >> there was no law in place against mortgage backed securities. no -- no, no, it's an important distinction here. if you're going to criticize them for gun thing system, which they did, they were gunned by politicians who said lend, lend, lend. >> the problem is this. not only has this problem not gone away, we have ex-as serrated and maked worse. bigger banks are even bigger and smaller banks have collapsed and -- >> you disagree. quickly. >> steve? i'm sorry. >> by the way, think it has gotten worse because of government regulation. regulation always creates these kind of systemic, unintended consequences and these kinds of risks. i agree there are still enormous
1:32 pm
risks in the banking system right now but the government needs to -- instead of regulating more, it needs to regulate less. >> so you want to let the banks do whatever they want to do for own line -- >> but there's another lame to go around. we'll have more after this. e kif risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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theory is at war. that's the other drama today and now he said-she said thing. russian ships are firing at positions in syria from the caspian sea a thousand miles away. we get word today that some of the missiles actually hit iran. oops. now they're saying, no, no, no, they reached their destinations in syria. to charles glass, author of syria burning, following all of this from iraq. what is the real deal? do you know? >> reporter: from here it's impossible to tellment -- tell. people say they saw some rockets that went over, but from reports from syria are they did hit rebel positions in syria and did a lot of damage. >> now we're left with -- obviously the russians have widened this escalated attack,
1:37 pm
and i'm sure in iraq and your sources in the region have to be wondering, what is the united states doing or doesn't do anything, what? >> reporter: well, seems now that putin is doing more for his client's regime in syria than the u.s. for its client regimes in northern and southern iraq. he has come in very big in order to support bashar al-assad. i've been spending a lot of time on the front lineys the wish forces are badly equipped. they have been asking for equipment and haven't received anything. they're now looking at the russians as a possible alternative source of supply, and the russians have been on a charm offensive with the kurdish
1:38 pm
leaders, inviting some to come to moscow to see officials there. >> you know heat being received in the united states, especially those who witnesses thousands of americans die in iraq to help liberate the country and stabilize the country to say nothing the hundreds of billions of dollars spent. that's going be chase -- >> reporter: many iraqis now rather regret the form of the american intervention and the disastrous civil war that followed, the chaos that followed. >> so they turn to russia? >> reporter: not saying that. no. certainly not in baghdad, but in where i am, northern iraq, people are looking to -- the russians d they're not going but they see the russias are helping the syrians and the americans are not help egg the -- hell can -- helping the kurds. they're not giving support, not
1:39 pm
providing even basic things like mortars, and even ammunition for their light automatic weapons. the ammunition is in short supply, and they've been asking the u.s. and the other coalitions to increase supplies so they can fight against the islamic state. >> amazing. great reporting, thank you. if you ever met mitt romney or ann romney, they're very nice. they don't curse, don't have any caffeine. so imagine my surprise when i heard behind the scenes this quiet mooreman is -- mormon is storming to put a stake in donald trump's political heart. it's true. after this.
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this is humira at work. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ i will support the republican nominee. i don't think that's going to be donald trump. >> i don't think that donald
1:43 pm
trump is going to win iowa. i don't think he'll win new hampshire or south carolina. >> he has said that if the race narrows to two people and one person is more aligned with his point of view than the other, in that type of circumstance he might step in and endorse. >> the bottom line, you're getting a sense -- -- the romneys are not a big fan of the prospect of donald trump becoming the party's nominee. inthey've head it clear he is nt their guy. >> i think that's pretty obvious. >> so, what would they do behind the scenes to torpedoed that? >> i'm not sure. the idea of waiting until there's two candidates, no one is going to be surprised if it's an establishment candidate some donald trump and mitt romney picks establishment guy.
1:44 pm
endorse,ments are not all equal. a lot of it matters on timing. i he endorsed rubio over jeb, that would send big shock waves through the republican part bit at this stage he would be giving a gift to ted cruz and donald trump if he endorsed, say, jeb right now. >> does he carry that much weight in the party now? can he influence the outcome? >> he is the next speaker of the house of representatives. [laughter] >> by the rate they're going. but for mitt romney to weigh in when he said he would wait until we have a nominee, obviously -- i got this talking to ann -- the temperment and tone of trump think don't think that is becoming of a nominee. >> obviously mitt romney, his temper of the and persona -- he is a reserved like george h.w.
1:45 pm
bush type, and the bombast and bragging he has so much money. >> his critics liked donald trump and had it with the nice guys. >> it's just simply a cultural rift. you can see like someone like mitt romney wouldn't like donald trump. >> can those two parts of the party get along? it's part and parcel of that what's going on with the speaker issue. >> tee rein you're seeing this disaray in republican, like the' fight seen in money anchorman." --" "anchorman. "people sense that hillary is weak and this is a chance to take a flier. that's why 16, 17 guys got into the race in the first place.
1:46 pm
when you think the g.o.p. has a good chance to win the stakes are such they can -- >> you don't want to screw it up. a column in the "wall street journal," republicans can grab defeat from the jaws of victory. >> they have a gift for that. >> what would screw those up? those support the donald trumps or outside the box candidates, that may be also less controversial, carly fiorina, ben carson, but that's the key to winning the white house back. >> if you look at the polls, donald trump this front-runner but has a solid ceiling. 25% in there. >> ceiling to envy. >> of course but when you have two people, 60% of the party don't want to vet for donald trump so there's a clear path for a non-trump guy. so need a winnowing process.
1:47 pm
>> another guy i love with breaking news on maybe a third entrant in the speaker race after this.
1:48 pm
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helping to bridge the digital divide. i'm telling you, you want to know what's happening in that bizarre building? i don't know a better guy on the planet that chad bergram. the guy is a walking encyclopedia. you show up on fox business, fox news, you're breaking news again. you're hearing the two names that are out there are going to have some company, huh? >> i just talked with congressman lynn westmoreland, republican of georgia, who said he's considering getting in here. he said he would kind of like to talk to his wife first about this. he was kind of -- >> whoa whoa whoa. he talked to chad pergram before
1:51 pm
his wife? >> and a couple of other reporters in the speaker's office. this is a very organic situation. he said whoever is going to be the speaker of the house, it has to be an organic movement. he said we probably won't be answering our phones over the weekend. meaning so many different people would be calling. we're hearing other names batted around. there's been a concerted effort to try to get paul ryan, the chairman of the ways and means committee in. that's the problem, is that there are certain people who would command a wide swath of the house republican conference, like paul ryan. like tray goudy, life jeff henserling, they're taking a pass. until you get the magic person who rises up organically, as westmoreland said, it will be very challenging. >> you're second in line to the presidency. you have enormous power, huge office, there is that and amazing influence.
1:52 pm
and yet every single one i talk to, over the course of the day. would you run --? no, no, no. >> that's the problem. because right now the climate is so toxic, that a lot of people think whoever is the next speaker of the house will only be there for a very short period. particularly if you consider what happens in the near-term by november 5th. they have to raise the debt ceiling. imagine that being the very first act that a speaker of the house has to do, raise the debt ceiling which is going to be very unpopular with the conservatives. there were some people prior to kevin mccarthy jumping out. early in the week and last week, who told me kevin mccarthy is probably going to get a two-week honeymoon. i had someone else indicate this is going to shorten his career. and maybe it short-circuited his career. the other way to look at it is the long game. maybe kevin mccarthy realizes that he perhaps can be speaker of the house one day. but not right now. because of the combustibility of
1:53 pm
the situation. that's why not many people are running for the speaker's gavel. >> we have appreciated your guidance. incredible. chad pergram, no one better doing this. daniel webster, could he be a consensus candidate? the florida republican who wants to be speaker of the house. last time he got 12 votes doing so. he's got a group now of some 40 members supporting him. the man is going to nominate him. who thinks he can pull it off after this. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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you know when you retrace today's incredible events on capitol hill, it started with kevin mccarthy meeting with you know, all the republicans in the house. and then announcing well i'm out of it. i'm not going to be running for this job and i guess that wraps up the meeting. i'm thinking to myself, well there were two other candidates in the race, why not put their names forward and see what happens? they didn't do that. seorida congressman david jolly s to nominate dan webster for speaker of the house.
1:57 pm
am i stupid for thinking that, congressman? you guys are all gathered in there. all right, mccarthy takes himself out. you have two other guys interested in the job. >> well that's a very good question, neil, had webster or chaffetz withdrawn, i bet we would have gone through with the vote. that's a very legitimate question, a lot of people have concerns about. i plan to nominate dan webster this morning, it was an honor he bestowed on me when asked me to do so. i believe he's the right candidate to get us back to achieving conservative results through governing. we've gone from the do-nothing congress to the try-nothing congress. what appeals to me about dan webster is a man who says i want to get the people's work done. i share that spirit. is. >> i think people look for intrigue in these things and a simple mind, congressman, i think it is to your point, about process and making sure if members have a bill or an idea, put it out there. get it out for a vote. they might lick their wounds if it goes down to defeat. but at least they've had their
1:58 pm
say. i think the key to what webster did in the florida senate, he avoided that kind of thing, right? >> that's exactly right. the number one issue in the presidential debate, presidential race is arguably border security and immigration. where is congress in that debate? we have leaders who have chosen not to take on hard political issues. why haven't we done a transportation bill? why don't we have a budget? >> you have them. you and your colleagues, i think there are half a dozen that address various onerous issues. it has widespread support. so put them up for a vote. get them out on the runway. that's all you guys are asking, right? >> let the house work its will on behalf of the american people who entrust us to serve. >> so a guy like you whose measure on illegal immigration might go down to defeat. you want a chance for your members to vote on it. yeah or nay, you'll lick your wounds if it doesn't happen, but you want the chance to get that out there, right? >> i would like to be part of a congress that actually legislates and tackles hard
1:59 pm
issues at the risk of losing re-election as opposed to choosing to do nothing simply to save our own political careers. i have no interest in being part of a congress that does nothing, we're not trying on the hard issues, the issues of border security, transportation, taxes, transportation, budget. we're not doing it because it's a calculated deliberate decision by leaders who want to get through the next election as opposed to sledge slating today. >> what if paul ryan is recruited to run? >> so you know i think the pressure is going to build on paul ryan over the next two weeks and here's why, we need a candidate to get to 218. i hope that's dan webster, he has my support. >> if not, would you back paul ryan? >> paul ryan is someone who could win unanimous approval from this congress. >> congressman, thank you very much. >> to put this in perspective, i want to think about you at work, you have great ideas, no one listens. you're at school you have some other ideas to put forward, no
2:00 pm
one listens. it's annoying, right? you're not asking to be the star. you just want to be heard. that's what's going on in the house. a lot of folks have never been heard. right or left, they just want the chance. it's all about not being ignored. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the stakes are high, the united states government may grind to a halt in weeks, based largely on the speaker of the house's decision. john boehner didn't want that hanging over his head, so he announced he would be step downing at the end of the month. a secret ballot of sorts, of vote of confidence, to replace boehner was expected today. but in the political shocker, the man with the most votes suddenly an unexpectedly pulled his name out of the race. >> i think i shocked some of


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