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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 8, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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one listens. it's annoying, right? you're not asking to be the star. you just want to be heard. that's what's going on in the house. a lot of folks have never been heard. right or left, they just want the chance. it's all about not being ignored. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the stakes are high, the united states government may grind to a halt in weeks, based largely on the speaker of the house's decision. john boehner didn't want that hanging over his head, so he announced he would be step downing at the end of the month. a secret ballot of sorts, of vote of confidence, to replace boehner was expected today. but in the political shocker, the man with the most votes suddenly an unexpectedly pulled his name out of the race. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh?
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i'll stay on as majority leader. the one thing i found in talking to everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> how much did your comments about benghazi last week play into your decision not to run today? >> that wasn't helpful. this benghazi committee was only created for one purpose to find the truth on behalf of the families for the four dead americans. i should not be a distraction from that. and that's part of the decision as well. >> well that brought cheers and in conservative circles and created panic within the establishment. once again, washington is in disarray. but good thing we have the man who spent many years, dissecting the machinations in washington. bill o'reilly is here, author of the new book, "killing reagan." everything that happens in d.c. happens for a reason. what do you suspect is behind the sudden change of heart by mccarthy?
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>> i have no clue. i have none at all. all i know is that paul ryan should be speaker of the house. the republican party -- he doesn't want it? so what. >> he's being recruited today. >> you make him do it. >> john boehner has been calling him. >> paul ryan should be speaker of the house and represent the republican party in that context. everybody else who is going to be considered a, the public doesn't know them, okay? b, there's ideological bent here. which doesn't do anybody any good, because you want to pass laws, you don't want to make policy. that's what happens at other levels. so anyway i don't know why mccarthy pulled out. he seems like a nice-enough fellow to me. but i think paul ryan has got to wise up and get in there. >> can i just jump in here? the speaker doesn't have to be in the house, right? why don't they pull a trump? why don't you have an outsider come in? bill o'reilly could come in and be speaker of the house. >> i don't want to be speaker of the house, i have my own house to take care of.
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it's chaos there, believe me. look -- i think, i think americans watching tonight are tired of this. they're tired of it, all right? i'm going to cover it with miss dana tonight. but i got way more important things to do than this, all right? it's true. and they will come to some consensus, they being the republicans in the house, who control the house. but if it's not paul ryan, you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice, he's respected, he's smart and they want to unite the party, he could do it it. >> what about a nolan ryan. >> paul ryan would be fantastic, that's why there's so much interest in the swell of support and enthusiasm encouraging him to take the position. but he's been pretty steadfast in his resolve that it's not something that he wants. and dana and i were talking about earlier, she mentioned, maybe this is something if he ever wants to run to be president of the united states, the path to do that isn't by taking this very controversial, difficult position that you know many people don't want.
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>> is it that bad? is the speaker of the house job that bad? >> i know someone who would take it. is it so controversial that you wouldn't want it you're third in line for the presidency. >> you have cheers in the conservative circle over this we have people that are happy that he's gone. the same way they're happy about boehner. republicans have a huge problem, it's a purge disorder. they love getting rid of people. they have no desire to get replace them. if you're happy when somebody leaves, at least have a suggestion. >> i think what sweef seen today is a political earthquake. nobody saw this coming. the eruption is such that it's clear that there is a clear divide as you said in the introduction, between rebellious republicans and establishment republicans. and power ryan by the way is considered an establishment republican. when he put forward a budget recent lyre, the freedom caucus, the group of 30 that is basically conducted this coup,
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said no, that's not a good budget. we want more cuts and more this and more that and boehner had to go along with them and undercut ryan. remember, you got three weeks until more government funding issues come to the plate. there's no way to please that caucus and bring people together. certainly not if you're mccarthy. >> may i disagree? >> sure. >> i think kevin mccarthy wasn't going to win. i don't think it was that big a shock to anybody watching this. he didn't have the votes. he didn't have enough votes, rumors today that he had 175 out of the 218 that was needed. so he did the smart thing, he knew he wasn't going to win. so then the question is, is there something sb like a paul ryan who can get to 218? i think there are some women, republican congressmen who could step up here. i don't have to name names, there's a few of them that are out there, i think it's time to lean in. >> the big one would be kathy mcmorris rodgers. >> marsha blackburn.
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>> candace miller. >> there are options. >> is it, is it a mistake for mccarthy to back out just because he didn't have the votes yet. >> i don't know, but dana said that. i always agree with dana. >> very good idea. >> all these names, nobody knows who they are. >> does it matter? >> it does matter, i'll tell you why. if you're going to have a leader in the house of representatives, the leader has to cut through the fog and get to the folks and persuade them. >> this has less impact in america right now than a kardashian hangnail. nobody knows this person. >> we know who it is right now because it's john boehner again until -- >> is he back? >> yeah, he'll stay until they get to 218. >> it appears things aren't much better on the other side of the political aisle, the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton, is neck-deep in a scandal that's thrown her campaign into chaos. her poll numbers are sliding,
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her trustworthy numbers are awful. her favorables are tanking. but of course, she's just the victim. >> the committee that was formed, we now know to politically in a partisan way go after me, not investigate what happened in benghazi, i will say the same thing that i've been saying for many months now. i think i've been as transparent, more transparent than anybody has ever been. i don't know what to expect. i do know that it's pretty much pulled the carton back that this was set up to be a political partisan attack on me. >> now, you know the whole flap of mccarthy saying it was political, the benghazi hearing. >> did they hand her -- a get of benghazi for free card? >> if you don't think the benghazi thing is political, of course it's political. that doesn't mean we shouldn't know what exactly happened and why the secretary of state was ignorant about the security problems in benghazi, libya. but if you think those guys, those republicans on the panel don't want to bring down hillary clinton, you're six years old.
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because they do. so it is political. but it is also incumbent upon the most transparent human being who has ever lived, according to herself. and i think claude rains in "the invisible man" is offended by that. i don't mind that it's political. i want to get to the bottom of it. and here is the bottom of it. hillary clinton will not be president of the united states, if the fbi comes back and says she broke the law. and they may well. that's it. it's the fbi, it's not the house committee on benghazi, whatever they say isn't going to matter to hillary clinton. the fbi will matter. we should have that, i would say in three or four months. >> dana? >> i feel like people are forgetting is that the reason this is political was based on hillary clinton and barack obama's decision to try to blame a video for benghazi and then, actually remember they even kind of admitted, yeah, we basically
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did that so we could help president obama win re-election. that's where the political issue started. i would point out to people today, if you care about law, legal issues, congressman tray goudy, who is chairing the benghazi committee. wrote a letter today to his democratic counterpart, elijah cummings, you can find it online. it's one of the most well-written congressional letters in the past. >> tell us what it says. >> one of the things that it says -- >> it is seven pages. >> the nutshell is kind of like a brazil nut. one of the things i think is key is to see the relationship between sidney blumenthal in the hillary clinton in the emails, additional information about her helping him within financial contracts in the middle east. >> nothing to do with benghazi. >> bill o'reilly has gotten himself in trouble just like kevin mccarthy, because he comes on the show and tells you the truth. >> but we could point out that the benghazi begot the email scandal. >> there's no doubt if you vote for hillary clinton, if anybody in america votes for hillary clinton, you are not voting for
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a person who is going on the same morays of full disclosure than most other people go by. she's going to dodge, she's going to weave. and this is what you're going to get in the white house. if you want that, go down and pull a lever for her, because that's what it's been, that's what it's always going to be. it's never going to change. the woman does not want you to know what she's up to. >> i'm tired of the left calling it a witch hunt, that's so derogatory towards women. like why -- they're, essentially calling hillary a witch. the fact is the current state, it's true. the current state of the globe is screaming for a serious, national security figure. somebody who cannot handle email is not that person. we have putin who is kgb and we have the democrats who are basically k-12. they are not adults, she's proof of this. she's got to get out. >> decisions. it comes down to her ability and transparency. >> but ability to govern and there should be a very serious
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look at whether or not this is a person who has the character and the integrity to be president of the united states. and it's not just the duplicity and the lies regarding of benghazi, blaming on a video when full well she knew that that was a false narrative that she was putting forward to the american people. it's the influence-peddling we saw with the clinton foundation. there are a number of problems here. that's why you see right now on the horizon -- hi, joe. >> let's move on to this one. bill you've been leading a charge for the good guys in the culture wars for a long time. highlighting the liberal media bias. ben carson makes strong points about the family, values and raising children. >> we've got to stop paying attention to the pc police who say every lifestyle is exactly of the same value. no, it's not of the same value. it is very clear that intact, traditional families with traditional intact values do much better in terms of raising children.
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when young girls have babies out of wedlock, most of the time their education ends with that first baby. and those babies are four times as likely to grow up in poverty. end up in the penal system or the welfare system. >> now dr. carson is being pummeled by the liberal media for those comments and others he made about the oregon shooting and a muslim becoming a president. will the media pay equal attention to planned parenthood? listen to a former employee of 17 years lift the veil on that organization. >> when i first began working at planned parenthood, i trusted them and thought its leaders knew what was right but i learned that it could not be trusted. in fact it does not deserve to be trusted by any american woman or man. planned parenthood is more concerned about its bottom line than it is about the health and safety of women. >> we have a choice here, bill. the carson or the planned parenthood. you've been saying similar things to dr. carson has said
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for a long time. >> i've defended carson on all of these controversies because they're absurd and contrived. it's what the far left does. they try to diminish, they try to demean. to some extent are successful in that. in a sliver of independent voters, far left is never going to like carson. carson believes that americans should have a straight-forward path to success. that path is along traditional lines. this is what you do, this is how you live, this is what you do to succeed. left doesn't want those judgments, they don't. they don't want the judgments, they don't want any boundaries. they're telling 15-year-old girls, do what you want. do what you want. you're 15. you can see it in the court system all over the country by the way. i like carson. i think carson is very strong on social issues. but i understand that the left and the far left despise the man and they despise him more because he's black. and isn't that racist? isn't that racist? >> i've written some of this
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stuff what he's talking about, the value of the traditional family, steps that people should take in terms of education if you want to avoid poverty, et cetera. the problem with carson, bill is carson gets himself involved with the gay rights argument. and all the arguments about having of late in the culture wars, about gay marriage. because people are saying when he refers to a traditional family, he's not talking about two loving people of the same sex raising a child. >> he's not. he's being honest, he is saying that a man and a woman are the optimum for children to be raised under. not two men, not two women. can you disagree with that but that's his point of view and he can back it up with stats. >> i know, i agree. >> why should be you attacked for that, for his point of view? >> i'm just telling you, i've been attacked for it. we should you be attacked? >> i think there's people who find it there's a high level of out of wedlock births,
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especially in the minority communities, especially in the black community. >> 72%. >> you know this off the top of your head. >> there's people who will say, don't say to a woman who has had a child out of wedlock. don't say to that child that you are somehow now doomed, you can never succeed. >> you're not doomed, but you are at a disadvantage in the society. and that message should be into every public school in the country. but it's not. because the totalitarian left will not admit what's right in front of your face. they won't admit it. >> it's dishonest, you're not helping peemt in that situation by hiding the truth. by putting forward a dishonest narrative. let's not let them know how bad it's going to be. >> tell them it's okay. tell them it's okay. >> well yes, don't judge, no judgments, oh, my god, you know? it's just, it's racist, it's classist, it's everything. you got to level with human beings and tell them, if you're
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going to have a baby out of wedlock and you're 15, you're going to be poor and the baby is going to be poor. so don't do it. is that hard? >> in ben's defense, he doesn't say everything you know in the perfect manner. but he's had years of medical training. not media training. he's mastered surgery and not sensitivity, which is why we find it refreshing. there's a report that ben carson left a sponge in a patient's brain. see, he's always giving back and i find that important. all these critics who go after him, have not reached his heights. he's done 15,000 surgeries, he's separated conjoined twins. the people coming after him are this big. i think it, to your point, i think it's wrong that they confuse what he's talking about out of wedlock with gay marriage. i think that's the mistake. because the fact is the stats aren't there for gay marriage yet. it's too new. >> and the stats are there on what we call traditional marriage and the outcomes. but they don't like, because the gay argument has been on the
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table. now everybody is looking at about gay marriage. >> if ben carson, given his numbers, he's obviously very popular. if he wants to continue to build upon that and to grow his base and to see if he can continue in this race, then he's going to have to think about some of the media training or thinking about how he can say what he wants to say, in a way that is not going to alienate people and cause headlines like this that he has to deal with every week. so he can talk about things he wants to talk about. there's a way to say the same thing in a way that will not cause controversy. >> can i just add, he should take bill o'reilly's opinion and back it up with stats. >> he's compelling his candidacy you know is very interesting to the american people. i applaud him for being courageous and being honest. he's helping people by doing that. >> is gutfield a regular on this program? >> and i'm also regular.
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>> i would love to talk high fiber diet. >> you're here every day and do this? >> yes, and i take notes. >> this is "the five." >> don't go anywhere, bill o'reilly is staying with us, we'll talk about our favorite rock and roll bands, and "killing reagan" which sits number one "new york times" best selling list. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. the 2016 rock and roll hall of fame nominees have been announced, janet jackson, chicago, the cars, all made the list for the first time. artists like nwa, nine-inch nails and the smiths are back on the ballot for another chance of getting inducted. bill o'reilly is still here with you, i have to ask him about his favorite rock and roll band. >> beach boys. >> beach boys. just saw them the over night. >> not herman hermits. >> you look at the playlist, beach boys, amazing. >> my first concert, when i was 13, red rock and the beach boys. >> was wilson there? >> no, brian wilson has his own little group.
2:23 pm
but they did reunite a couple of years ago. but they are my favorite and billy joel that group, he has -- >> resembling a group. >> there he is. greg gutfeld, everyone. so those two guys. beatles obviously, but that's an obvious choice. >> my first beach boys concert was with you. >> with me? >> you took me. >> a took a whole bunch of the crew, at the beacon theater. >> way to cover it up. >> they were fantastic. >> i took everybody but -- >> you weren't invited. >> i was backstage, you don't want to know what i was doing, but i was backstage. >> nine-inch nails, is that -- i never really heard a record from them. >> not your cup of tea, shall we say. >> is it a hart-rock group? no, they're industrial metal. >> who is your favorite. i want to say talking rock and
2:24 pm
roll with bill o'lylely on the fief, doesn't get any edgier. i think tomorrow we get lou dobbs on to talk about skateboards. people have the wrong idea about rock and roll. rock and roll is about live music. when you go see bands like perhaps the beach boys and start feeling board, that's because that's not rock and roll. rock and roll is a live rock and roll band. the last best live show was the cramps. pick up "songs the lord taught us" they're the best live band ever. >> he just keeps showing up. >> you want to join the cramps. >> and the music. >> i think mine is a crowd favorite. you u2 is the greatest rock and roll band. >> they're not a band, they're an filler.
2:25 pm
>> the rolling stones, fantastic live concert. everything and the best is when keith richards tries to sing. >> after he's had a whole bottle of vodka or gin or whatever he drinks onstage. >> they're good role models, those guys. >> though, i'm sorry. >> we're in it for the children. well o'reilly said he went to see my favorite group with chicago, it was earth, wind and fire. >> excellent. >> for dean white, in concert, i'd have to say it's a group, lionel ritchie. >> he's dancing on the ceiling. >> how about miss dana? >> thanks for not forgetting me. i'm more of a country music hall of fame gal. with lynyrd skynyrd work? >> someone recommended three dog night for me. >> she crowd sourced a personal question on twitter. i mean that's incredible. that's not twitter, twitter is not to tell you what to think.
2:26 pm
>> really? twitter is for angry people. >> jeremiah was a bull frag? that's a great song. >> it would be better if it was jeremiah was a bull kraig. >> i dreamed last night we were at dinner with dirks bentley. >> what about next? >> "killing reagan." >> talk about the inspiration, why you decided it was the time to do this book. >> ronald reagan is being evoked something like 46 times the last debate. his name was mentioned. nobody really knows who ronald reagan was. they think they know. when you read this book oar going to find out he's a man like all of us, he had failings like all of us. you're going to find out how he rose from an injury would have killed most men. that damaged him severely. we thought he was perfectly
2:27 pm
fine, he wasn't. how he came back from that injury and the courage that he showed, is amazing. and the other amazing story is nancy reagan, there are three nancys. diva, the striver and the striver nancy. so there's a lot of emotions flowing back and forth. i'm on the far right, why did you say that about -- because it's true. stop there. >> because that's the controversy right now, people who love reagan, people who are strong likes why did you have to put in there that people had dwes. >> and we documented river sentence of it. you don't want to know history and what happened? >> i do. >> if you don't want to know about ronald reagan, don't buy the books, but if you want to know about him, buy the book. everything is double-sourced with names, footnotes are there
2:28 pm
everything that we write about happened. and even the people who don't like the book canned say this isn't true. say why did you write it. it's not that i don't like the book. something i read about that hinckley did to that location knowing he was going to pull the trigger. >> hinckley was just wanted to kill somebody. he was stalking ted kennedy. couldn't get him. he saw that reagan was going to be giving a speech at the hilton hotel. he throws on his jacket, puts the gun in the pocket, walks over with no plan at all. it was because the security was so poor tomorrow. he gont within ten feet of him, pulled a gun out and shot him. and four other people. we give you the profile of john hinckley. exactly like lee harvey oswald? >> are you kidding me?
2:29 pm
he should never see the light of day again. he drained himself to be an assassin, he wanted to kill people. >> can i ask you about reagan as a president. there's two types, the presidents who want to make all the decisions themselves and the ones who like to surround themselves with really smart people. >> reagan was the latter. he brought all his guys from california. he was successful two-term washington that came to washington. but rag-two obsessions, the free market economy, a lot like what's going on now to what was going on in the 198o. and two, to bring down the obsession with communism. bringing down the offensiest union him balk this of others, and certainly took their mind, but it was a brutal fight for him to recover and that
2:30 pm
story has never been told. and it is told in "killing reagan". >> so far you've treated more people than han balance. >> is that right? >> yes. >> who's next? >> i'm not going to make it gut tld alone i'm going to do a book on the and the fatalities that befall him. >> ozzie nelson. there's a lot. >> you'll be in a suit tomorrow. >> i better do a makeover. start with some -- lifters in your heels. >> how dare you. i thought we might have been in a break. >> we have a real show, i have to pinch myself every day. we want to say -- we'll see you guys on the factor tonight. >> of killing reagan, i think he soent tp well here today.
2:31 pm
the coming uppen. the dangers of this alliance and why juan thinks it will hurt kids in minority communities next.
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the national education association, the largest union in the country is backing hillary clinton in the 2016 presidential race. this comes after the second largest union, the american federation of teachers, also announced their support for the democratic front-runner. the alliance might be good for hillary and the unions, but it's dangerous for our kids and here's why. when politicians and unions come together, they get wrapped up in doing favors for one another. gee whiz and forget to focus on what really matters -- children and education. who does this hurt the most? well minority communities.
2:36 pm
poor people. this unhole will alliance between education unions and democrats, i think it has to end, but let me ask dana. because you look at this politically. obviously you're not so happy about them endorsing hillary clinton. >> but i'm totally not shocked. >> i mean they were obviously going to -- >> you know that the teachers unions, when it comes to charter schools, when it comes to looking at how you evaluate teachers, making sure the kids are learning, they don't want any part of it. this is what hillary clinton is buying into. >> and interesting to me, campbell brown, remember she was a reporter, no has an education forum, that she has been working really hard, is called the 74. there's tons of information about it. she held a forum where all the republican candidates came and had a discussion and debate about education politics. and policy. the democrats are refusing to do a similar form with her. which to me says they don't want to talk. they don't want to discuss it,
2:37 pm
they just want to bury their heads in the sands, nothing will change if they don't come to the table. >> this was a rally in new york, they got thousands of parents saying give us charter schools. >> i'm for successful school models and charter schools are working. it's sad when you see parents crying, they want a great education for their children, they want to have the power to choose and choose great teachers with methods that work. people that run vested in making a commitment to children moving ahead in the country and getting the education and skills they need. be excited about education, they're looking forward and want to take the next step. she can take this endorsement. i doubt that all six million of those members are going to pull the lever for her. >> kids don't vote, they don't have money. but somebody should say something about this. >> here's who should. are democrats. new york, 90% of the charter
2:38 pm
students are minorities. 90% and the proficiency rating in math is 44% versus 35% in the regular districts, right? so there's a reason alone if you're a democrat and you want and your focus is making sure that there's a minority outreach. which democrats seem to want to, do they should be pushing for more charter schools. but instead guess what overrides all the logic and all the numbers? unions. they don't want to do it because of the union support. >> it's correct. >> gregory, can you make fun of this? >> it's easy to demonize the teachers, we pour so much money into the system and the system gets worse. we have to ask ourselves in this day and age, what are we handing the teachers? what kind of children are entering this from a fractured home life? this is a different kind of clay that is ill-equipped to be educated. so school choice in a weird way isn't about avoiding a school or avoiding a teacher, it's about avoiding peers. the parents who cherish charter
2:39 pm
schools, like prefers like. they want to have the kids that have the parents that care as well that they do. because we do know studies show that kids are impacted by their peers. the peers can change your life and charter schools are finding like preferring like. >> that's interesting. >> it's part of the model. >> great point. >> more than a theory. i think there's -- he has to go. but i have to say that kids coming from broken homes this was what carson was talking about and the values. ahead on the fief, the pc police heading for the playground now. two schools in minnesota spending money to try to end bullying during recess. they might have gone a little too far, huh? details, next. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown!
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a minnesota school is spending $30,000 on recess consultants to improve the politic of the playground. making the break more inclusive,
2:44 pm
by replacing terms like "you're out" with "good job." recess is indeed a war zone. cloaked in cruelty. we know tag is wrong. calling a child "it" can only lead to future mental trauma and freeze tag, mocks paralysis. tetherball a brutal sport where one beats a shackled ball implies you can pummel the defenseless, the trapped ball the symbol of every american oppression. dodge ball is training for life as a callous sniper and hide and seek teaches kids the thrill of life on the lam, perhaps as serial killers. blind man's bluff, what's next, deaf man's charades. hopscotch that mocks those with a limp. london bridge glorifies destruction of monuments, leapfrog makes light of reptile abuse. kick the can encourages violence against recyclables, keep away mocks the repellent. patty cake encourages obesity.
2:45 pm
mother may i glorifies subservience and simon says reinforces our patriarchal culture. recess is offensive because everything is offensive and as a self-appointed recess consultant, you owe me $30,000. >> all of those games are so fun. >> kg, you have a child or so you say. >> yes. >> recess evil? >> no, i love recess. in fact i talk to the school about more recess. kids need to play and be outside. i don't get it. like people want to ban dodge ball. i don't understand. it's the same people that want to give trophies for everything. it's bizarre to me. >> i hate those people. >> juan, is recess, recess-ary? >> you got nothing from the laugh track over there. >> it was supposed to be a bad joke. >> they're now down on rough housing, like rough and tumble.
2:46 pm
because they say that you know someone gets their feelings hurt. someone is stronger, someone is weaker, but you learn how to do things, learn how strong or not strong. >> maybe there's a rough housing bubble. >> that's what they want to do. >> they want to put all of us in a bubble. >> they should ban dodge ball. >> why? it's so much fun. >> it's -- >> maybe we're good at it. >> i play professional baseball. >> that's a little different than dodge ball. >> not really. if can you wing a ball at 70 miles an hour at some poor kid over there. i feel bad when the kits get hit. >> the dodge ball variation where there's a bowling pin behind you and if you're a pin you get knocked down you're out. you can use it against the wall. >> i never played that game. i'm going play it now. >> dana, you were great at dodge ball because no one could find you. >> this is why china is not afraid of us. >> no one in china has a
2:47 pm
playground consultant. >> they're playing handball against the great wall laughing at us. >> because they're worried about all the microaggression in the play yard. >> coming up, how the government ruined decades of good eating have potentially harmed your health. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink
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so now they tell us -- that skim milk you've been buying for years because the government said it was better for you? you wasted your money and potentially harmed your health. now scientists say people who drank more whole milk had lower incidents of heart disease than those drinking skim or 2%. this is not the first time the government has gotten it wrong. eggs, salt, red meat and other perfectly good foods have seen their dietary fortunes change over the years. >> for more constituents, most of them don't believe the stuff any more. you have lost your credibility with a lot of people. and they are just flat-out ignoring this stuff. so that's why i say i wonder why we're doing this. >> i'm going to use a nutrition expert, a health expert. >> is it wrong on everything the government has been wrong on smoking and seat belts and helmets. that's where they've been right.
2:52 pm
but the worst vitamin of all is vitamin g, which is government because it makes you lazy and dumb. >> kimberly, this is good news for you. >> i love it i've made the course correction in my life. >> kimberly has a milkman who apparently is hot as well. but he said that, i'm sorry. we were -- >> the guy down the hall. he goes and buys milk and puts on a white shirt and white pants. >> who has a milk man? >> i do. it's real. >> there's a man for every beverage. >> real company, delicious. i made, i detectitexted, i said me back to whole milk, no more skim. >> you have hot frank's cell phone number? >> i text him. to modify my order. that's where i get all my bacon, eggs, the cheese. >> what about bacon -- does he
2:53 pm
get jealous? >> this is all true. very true. so i said listen we got to make a correction, i want the whole milk back. i'm so delighted. so when i ordered my starbucks today i was no more skinny skim on the latte. give me the whole milk. >> that's going to be a whole inventory control thing. eric, this actually hurts industries and businesses when government gets it wrong. >> when they have opinions i think they should just come out with the numbers. do something here in new york if you're a chain restaurant in new york. to show the calorie content, they're required to. >> but that's calorie content is different from saying you should -- >> well, look here are the facts, here are the numbers, make the decision for yourself. i'm kind of for that. >> i agree, i guess if they have new information they could let us know. juan, would you, your cute little granddaughters, whole milk? >> i don't know what my daughter feeds them, but i'm going to say, i love ice cream so much, i
2:54 pm
don't care -- >> you love ice cream. i feel like this is good news for all of us, actually. >> milk comes from a belly of an animal, that's disgusting. >> not the belly. remember? >> i look at milk, i look at where it comes from. >> we got to go, i'm sorry. one more thing is up next.
2:55 pm
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2:58 pm
time for a quick one more thing. >> i'm a big fan of malala yousafzai, i had to go fast, i knew i was going to screw it up. last night she was talking about her new documentary, think you'll want to watch this especially when she has this message for young girls, take a look. >> there's no such thing as a limit for the dreams what they can do in this world. what they can achieve in this world, there's no limit. >> it's released this week, it will be nationwide soon, keep an eye out for it. >> time for another edition of -- "greg's disgusting news. "i told you this would happen once we had gay marriage, everything is going to hell. take a look, wu wee now have a cheetah cub hanging out with a rescue puppy. at the metro richmond zoo, this is disgusting. the problem is that the dog and the cheetah cub are lovers, but in six months he'll be dinner.
2:59 pm
kumbali and kagu at the zoo, check them out. >> for the fourth time this week, a.g. you have a -- >> it's national pierogi day. that's correct. and we were able to find these in new york city. they've been around since the 13th century. they're very popular. delicious polish cuisine on feasting my eyes on. they're fantastic. i wanted some sausage inside my piero pierogi, but somehow it ended up bizarrely outside of it. in the meantime, these are so tasty. i highly recommend it, go out and get one today. >> why only have a few seconds. >> my home town team beat the team that dressed me, they got the st. louis cardinals, coming up. juan? >> let me say that stefan marbury is taking on michael jordan and his air jordan, he said the shoes are too expensive, made for $5 in china.
3:00 pm
too expensive. he's reissuing a shoe he sells for $15 and saying that kids shouldn't be dying for shoes. way to go, stefan marbury. you are looking live at the capital dome in washington. the capital covered in scaffolding. already getting a facelift on the outside, but today, an earth-shattering shake-up on the inside. concerning republican leadership in the house. welcome to the nation's capital. i'm brett baier. sometimes the thing you least expect happens. that is the case tonight. house majority leader, kevin mccarthy stunned his republican colleagues today, by withdrawing his name from consideration. to the next house speaker. the gop conference has postponed its election, in what appeared to be a relatively peaceful transfer of power to a trusted lieutenant has been blown apart. creating questio


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