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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i think they should go in for somebody who could handle it for a while without fireworks. >> look, i live in washington, it should be somebody huge with class! >> unafraid. we'll follow this tomorrow. tonight, on "the record." it's absolutely wild on capitol hill. house majority leader kevin mccarthy shocking the leaders as he drops out of the race to be the next speaker of the house. but first, presidential candidate dr. ben carson goes on the record, with his message to his critics and his book, "a more perfect union." dr. carson, nice to see you, sir. >> hey, nice to see you, greta. >> dr. carson, you have a book out, which discusses the entire constitution. but let me focus on one part right now about the speaker of the house
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and where you talk about the enormous power to suppress a bill. what is your thought now that kevin mccarthy, the majority leader now says he is not running? >> well, i thought it was an incredibly magnanimous thing for him to move aside for the sake of the party, you don't see much of that so kudos to him. i hope it opens the process up and i hope those who have an opportunity will really make a pitch that everybody will be listening to. because we do need unity and enthusiasm on behalf of the entire party. and i think it's possible to get that if it's done the right way. >> well, it certainly seems like people have dug their heels in. there is one group that essentially has sort of led the
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revolt, for lack of a better way. you even have mike huckabee saying it's about rebuilding our country. there are a lot of fighting words. doesn't sound like there are a lot of work things out type words. >> well, there may be other people who are going to throw their hat in the ring or maybe some of the ones who have done it already have the ability to bridge the gap. we all want the same kinds of things. but the key things that the voters, the people have been sending people to congress now for the last three sessions with the hope of changing the direction. and we're not seeing that. we need somebody -- with some fire in their belly who is willing to really stand up for that but who can work with all sides at the same time. if there are people who don't want to too that they probably are not the right people anyway, and we need to make sure we know who they are, as well. >> and who is sort of appealing to you? i realize you don't have a vote on the vote but do you have any
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names that people may like? >> i would rather wait and hear what they have to say, let them make their speech. >> all right, as you note in your book you don't even have to be a member of congress, anybody can be speaker, anybody. but we can expect somebody who should be in congress and a republican. all right, i heard you speaking to cbs about president obama going to oregon. there was a discussion out, you said i would not pick and choose which groups i sympathize with, and that is in response to the fact that some criticize president obama for going to oregon and some praise him. how do you avoid sort of picking and choosing? >> well, you will notice that the sympathy seemed to be ideologically based, you know, for instance when a person is killed by the police, a black person, that becomes a big deal.
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but when a policeman is killed you know, barely a mention. you know, that probably is not a balanced approach when somebody is killed by an illegal person who is here illegally, you know, that is a real tragedy. kate steinle's situation. you know, why is that kind of ignored? and my only point is if he had a tendency to look at all of these in an equal manner and share his condolences and encouragement in an equal manner then i don't think there would be the resentment. >> and i take it they're saying that he is not doing this in an equal manner? >> absolutely not. >> all right, now in your book you also talk about the press. and you say in part, we talk at some point, the majority of the me members of the press well once
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again align themselves with the american people and reject parce and parcel. what do you mean by that? >> well, you know, we have press that picks sides. we have most of the press on the left and they have an agenda. and they specifically go out and try to push that agenda. and if there are people that they oppose, you know, they will distort stories and try to move the agenda in a certain direction. that was not the purpose. the purpose was to keep the american people informed so they can make good rational decisions. what they need to realize is if they cause the nation to go down, they're going to go down too. so they should look at ways to bring up the nation.
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>> i asked what some thought were the best qualifications for president. and i admitted that it is a little bit of gimme since if was ta -- i was asking him about it. i asked him about being a doctor. here is what he said. >> some of the greatest presidents have been doctors. >> all right, doctor. >> at this stage i just don't think it's relevant. >> at all? >> no. >> so you come to this race with a background a little bit much different than anybody else as a doctor. how do you make the case that that is a relevant background for the voters? >> well, you know, our government was designed with the citizen in mind. and the citizen statesman, not the lifetime politician. and i believe that i've had a lot of experiences in life that many of the politicians have not
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had. including living at every social economic level. being appointed at a very young age director of pediatric neurosurgery at hopkins, which was not even on the map at that time. and building the program in 2008, u.s. news ranked it number one in the nation. sitting on corporate boards, 18 years at kellogg, 16 at costco, starting a national scholarship program. active in all 50 states which have won major national awards that are only given to one organization in the country. you know, these are accomplishments that i think many people in the political realm have not had, that i think are incredibly relevant. and i think the ability to solve complex problems and to work with others, to use the synergy
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and solve the problems. we have some amazingly talented people in the country. and the wisest man, solomon, said the wisest are the council. and it should not just be people who agree with you. >> i should add that a businessperson, you can't just fire people. he didn't just pick up yeah, your background, you have equal opportunity on that. >> everybody thinks that whatever they do is the most important thing and i realize that. >> and we sure do, and we think that way in our business, too. anyway, brand-new book, a more perfect union, dr. carson, i hope you come back, i look forward to talking to you again, sir. >> thank you, greta. house majority leader kevin mccarthy sending shock waves throughout washington. mccarthy pulling out of of the race for speaker of the house,
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leaving the members scrambling. the next possible speaker? fox news reporter mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: well, greta, fox news learned there is a full court press under way by leading republicans to try to get somebody to will not keep saying no to act as speaker. paul ryan was asked about it. paul ryan supported kevin mccarthy to be the next speaker and he said again today he will not be a candidate. retiring speaker john boehner did not answer reporter questions on his way out of the capitol hill this evening. but sources say john boehner and other high profile candidates likes mitt romney believe he could earn 218 votes, there are a variety of runners, and former candidate daniel webster who earned some conservative support. and is promising to change the
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house. john boehner tried to calm things saying he will stay on as speaker until a new speaker is elected. he is supposed to leave october 30th. and at this rate it does not appear there will be a new speaker any time soon. greta? >> not at all. so tell me if -- if there is going to be no election day what does that mean? we just go to the next congress? >> well, there is talk about whether or not john boehner stays a while, empties to barn, so to speak. really tough things that need to be done, such as raising the debt ceiling and the fund issue, in the new year you elect a new speaker. some have suggested the idea of you know picking a caretaker speaker. somebody who is a trusted hand here on capitol hill. not flashy, who can guide the house through the next year or so until the new congress is elected and there can be elections for a new speaker. some folks don't like the idea.
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frankly a lot of them don't like any of the ideas at this point which is why we're stuck and house republicans will meet tomorrow morning to figure out next steps. >> bottom line, a wild ride. anyway, thank you, mike. and the decision to pull out of the race for speaker, it is leaving many on the hill rattled and confused. but not just the congress, presidential candidates are stumped by the news. >> you know that kevin mccarthy is out, right? we probably need a fresh face. >> thank you all very much. >> nobody in america cares, only people that are in washington, d.c. that anybody cares about --
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>> we have to do a lot of things conservatively, and that will happen. >> all members of the delegation were shocked. >> people have to realize, maybe john boehner was the best deal they had. >> it's bedlam in washington right now. it's a mess, i've never seen anything like it. daniel webster, now beginning the bid for the speaker of the house, good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> in spite of all the activity today do you still want to be speaker of the house and do you still intend to seek that job? >> i do. i'm all in. >> all right, is it fair to say that you're likely going to get about 40 votes from the freedom caucus, is that fair to say that you expect that? >> i think that is true. it looks like about that many. >> all right, you need 218, so you need 178 more. how are you going to get that other 178? >> door-to-door, campaigning.
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calling, explaining, what i'm working on is what i did in florida. and that is, we changed the way government works in most legislative bodies it's power-driven. two people at the top of the pyramid power make all the decisions. i want to push that down, spread it out so every member gets the part and opportunity to be successful. >> i was going to ask you that, you were speaker of the house in florida. how do you think the job is different than florida speaker of the house than the job in congress if there is a difference? >> well, i think a lot of personalities are saying, deborah wasserman-schultz is there, and i think it is a whole lot further right with the decimal on the spending changed. >> is there anyone who is not in the freedom caucus that you could live with as a number two?
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instead of you? >> well, i am here for a different reason. i'm not looking at the personalities like i said. i believe that the basic problem is not necessarily people. it's the process by which we make laws. the more we become inclusive, the more we begin to take up the most important issues first the more we begin taking a deliberate action to especially do the appropriation bills i think the better off all the conference will be. and i think that is going to unify us. >> i take it you don't think speaker john boehner should be the speaker or majority leader kevin mccarthy and if i'm right, why do you think those two should not be speaker? >> well, all i'm saying is, my argument again is not with the people there. my argument is with the process we have. and that is a power-based system that allows a few people to make most of the decisions. and what that does, the secondary part of it is, it shuts people out. when i did this in florida our
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numbers went from kind of where they are with congress and the teams as they flip right side up and the public noticed our numbers were over 50% favorability. >> all right, the election for speaker has been postponed. can you put the feet for the fire and get an speaker for election day -- >> i think i heard in the conversation it was pretty shortened, it would be in a couple of weeks or could have been a few weeks so i think the time will still be upon us. and so we have to get out, do the best we can. i already talked to a lot of members and i have to talk to them more. >> congressman, thank you for joining us. i hope you will come back as we continue to cover this election for speaker of the house, thank you. great to be on, thank you. well, quite a shake-up in congress that all began last year. that was when the professor who was an economics professor ousted the majority leader, eric kantor froms house. nice to see you, sir.
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>> okay, so who is your candidate for speaker? >> yeah, well, i'm supporting dan for the reasons you just heard. i think when he was in florida he brought the approval rating up from 20% to 60%. the american people is the main variable that is being left out of all the conversations up here in d.c. everybody is on this artificial horse race, politico said the vote was wrapped up. i think politico is writing more op-eds than they're delivering news and the facts. i think people would cover dan, in think he has a pretty impressive record. >> you got to get the vote out for the current speaker, that is the first thing. second thing is i'm hearing this, a lot of people are pressuring chairman paul ryan, ways and means chairman. would he at all be acceptable to you? >> right, i think the same, the two questions you asked had the same logic. the last thing paul ryan wants is the leadership and
4:17 pm
establishment begging him. he has very good credentials right on the budget on the ways and means. he is a smart guy when it comes to all the facts. but the last thing he needs is the endorsement from the establishment. he is a wisconsin guy as i am. he has his head on straight, as i have. the american people on board, that is the best credential that he can have. the narrative produces a false narrative that we're in crisis. the speaker set the debt way too early, that forced us to hurry. now he is announcing. we had two candidates announcing, then abruptly ended. why didn't the two other candidates get to have a vote today? just because the establishment guy didn't get to have a vote. >> i'm just curious, would you vote for paul ryan? i was not sure what you would said. >> i put down on paper, people can go follow me on facebook,
4:18 pm
dave s, if paul ryan signs own and allows members to be a part of the process and allows the budget committee in approach to finish in april and may so we don't have the shutdowns. we had planned parenthood and again, a possible shutdown just like last year before christmas. if he is committed to finishing that and our work ahead of time then a lot of people i think will give it a real good look. >> so far he is a no, but he illneis getting a lot of pressure, we'll see. and more on the report, more foreign hackers tried to break into hillary clinton's private e-mail service. so what is next? also, florida judge taking serious heat for sending someone to jail. so why are people so upset with this judge? find out come change up.
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the private server, the one in the clinton private basement used by former secretary of state hillary clinton was the target of cyber attacks from three different nations. the associated press reporting hacks from china, south korea, and germany all trying to get into her server after she left office in 2013. >> look, this is exactly what hillary clinton's critics have been warning about, why she should not have had this private e-mail set up while she was secretary. her campaign managers are pointing out look, there is no access on this server. and this is what we pointed out,
4:23 pm
when hackers tried to get her to reveal information. i think the bigger issue for her is that this raises the question that we heard senator ron johnson of wisconsin mention yesterday. the chairman of the homeland security committee. he said when e-mails were flying out to denver, that was when they were overseeing the server, and in connecticut, there was a problem with backing up the data, all people had access to this information. we now know it had classified information in there. the other big development was republican trey gowdy and all the information on the gaffe, he is trying to go back on offense, trey gowdy, releasing new e-mails that suggest that more advising by sidney blumenthal behind the scenes on libya to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. one e-mail in particular that
4:24 pm
trey gowdy says shows that in fact sid blumenthal named somebody who was providing information to the cia. trey gowdy said tonight that is very serious and could have jeopardized lives giving that information. and now, they say after the fallout trey gowdy and his committee should be shut down. >> good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> all right, the clinton server subject to hack attempts. so far we have not heard of any success, just attempts. >> look, i think by definition when you don't have secured communications you presume there will be attempts on that. that is why when i was active duty in the navy, we had to have secure encryptions, if you're talking about classified you're on entirely different systems. you can't send top e-mail on the secret site.
4:25 pm
so she basically -- and we don't even know what protections were on her e-mail prior to 2013. we know there were periods where it was essentially naked and then she got some protections. what was the protection in 2009 when she was active as secretary of state? we don't know. >> one thing the clinton campaign is not sort of owning up to. they're very critical of the gowdy committee, is the fact that the gowdy committee can't move forward until all the e-mails are brought forward and they can look at them. and they're being investigated by the fbi, which is not the gowdy/benghazi committee. how do we get the fbi to sort of step this up and push this process through? >> look, the fbi director told me -- he is actually republican and tough on the administration, and i think he will be tough on this -- >> when is it going to end, though? we hear the fbi will investigate
4:26 pm
this new stuff, and every day we get drip, drip, drip from somebody, when is the full compliment of information going to be in the public domain? >> well, on the criminal side we don't know. there are issues hanging own the candidacy, because they're potentially building a case that could be actionable. and if you look at what she is doing and how she dealt with the situation, you are looking at issues where they could have been much more egregious. i think had she not stonewalled this at the beginning who knows whether or not we would be at this point right now. >> i believe if she had moved faster, and delivered the information we could have been done with this faster. and words for a woman she sent to jail. but not everybody is happy with this judge, straight ahead. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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a florida judge is getting criticism accused of taking the law too far. judge jerry colins sending a victim to jail for three days for ignoring showing up for the trial. the woman apologizing. >> why didn't you show up to court -- you think you have anxiety now? >> i sentence you to three days in the county jail. >> i'm sorry, i'm trying to be careful about myself. i -- a 1-year-old son. >> did the judge go too far?
4:31 pm
now, you can vote live on the twitter poll. was the judge right or wrong to send this victim to jail? tweet right or wrong using hash tag greta. and right now we have a former homicide detective here, and kate, was the judge right or wrong? >> she was legally correct. the victim was served with a subpoena to appear in court. she had to appear. she refused to appear. the jury was sworn, double jeopardy attached. if she didn't show up and the case gets prosecuted and he gets acquitted you can't move after him ever again. >> so wrong to put her in jail, right to put her in jail? >> three days excessive, i think, it was the outcome the judge thought was appropriate considering her disrespect to the court. >> well, i have seen domestic violence as a police officer, i have seen and gone to scenes where women have been beat up by
4:32 pm
men and they immediately say we want that person locked up. and all of a sudden the person is locked up and now at some stage the man and woman get back together and if she doesn't want to prosecute -- that is what happened here. the court gave her -- several times to come before the court. she said, i am not going tomorrow, meaning the next day and i don't care if i get arrested. so i think yes, she should have been arrested. and i think it was rather intense, three days. >> you know what, here is the other problem. the guy, the abuser had a prior record for abusing, here is what nobody is talking about, the women call the police, they get to the hospital, then all of a sudden the man and women get back together and the women drop the charges and next thing you know we have a homicide case when the guy comes back. and i wouldn't be surprised if
4:33 pm
that was sort of bothering the judge, she has seen a lot of these things. >> she has, she has prosecuted these cases as i did. the problem is you need the victim to prosecute. there are limited circumstances when you don't need the victim. offer more support to the victim but that is what the judicial system is for. how could it not be there if they're not going to cooperate, what are you supposed to do? >> let's make the viewers understand what this guy did. he tried to push this woman's head through a microwave. he choked her and then took his thumbs and tried to put her eyes out. he punished her with her feet, i don't know why her feet. but then he took a knife and was acting like he was trying to stab her. i mean, just a violent situation. >> 44% say the judge was right to put her in three days in jail for not showing up. the balance says she is wrong. the cost to the taxpayers, they
4:34 pm
impanelled the jury, is it a consideration? >> that is a consideration, the fact approximate had had to investigate, the prosecutor, i don't think the judge said anything about the cost, i think she wanted to send a message. i think it was delivered loud and clear, the problem is, are domestic violence victims not going to come forward now? >> and this woman said she is homeless and lost everything and she didn't want the guy put in jail, the last time he went to jail he lost his job. so it could be child support for the woman. >> but guess what, she is alive. i have seen too many domestic violence cases where the guy goes in and kills the woman. >> all right, what would you have given her, kate? >> i think i probably would have put her under house arrest, it's a common law crime in florida. >> i probably would have stepped her back for an hour behind the
4:35 pm
cell room in the courthouse, and then let her go. >> i think she would have gotten the message. >> the truth is there is no good solution, this is just bad top to bottom, no winners. you can seen see teven see the split on the decision. and this is absolutely terrifying. new groups from isis talking about killings here in america. and next, awarded france's top honor, today that hero is clinging to life in the hospital after being stabbed. live at that hospital coming up. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. > . >> well, greta, we had had a hearing today with the homeland security committee, and the two big takeaways, one that isis is
4:40 pm
passing al qaeda because they have been able to take territory and hold it in syria and iraq. and also for isis, there are two pieces to the strategy. one is come to syria, join the caliphate or if you can't stay inside the u.s. and target military or cops. >> and i remember president obama saying at the 2012 democratic national convention al qaeda is basically on the run. well, that is because isis has been explodes for the last couple of years. >> well, it's true, but one thing that came out of the hearing today is that the national counterterrorism committee testified that the threat is more diverse, more widespread, involving more individuals grally than they have seen at any point in the last 14 years. so it's not just isis, it's al qaeda and then their offshoot. >> all right, is there any notice going out to people as
4:41 pm
director comey talked about, targeting military and police. is anybody doing anything on alerts or specific threats? >> again, there is nothing specific although for the last 12 months there have been bulletins from intelligence within the military and then also within law enforcement telling people to take down anything on the social media that identifies them as a member of the military or as a police officer. >> and just to remind the viewers if you see something, say something, because the citizens are the best defense. >> and the new recruits here in the united states that are traveling, they're in their teens and many of them are young women and girls going over to syria to become these isis brides, despite what everything we know about the reality is. >> catherine, thank you. and tonight, more on a vicious stabbing. that is next. o save? that allowed families to keep more of their money; letting them use any atm nationwide for free.
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developing, now, spencer stone, one of the three who helped stop a terror attack in france, he had been stabbed. as i'm sure you've heard he was credited with helping to stop a gunman on a train in france. claudia? >> reporter: good evening, greta, u.s. airman first class spencer stone underwent several hours of surgery after being stabbed multiple times in a street fight. the violent confrontation was caught on camera and a manhunt is under way for his stabbers. this happened in downtown sacramento early this morning. surveillance video captured the brawl spilling into the street.
4:47 pm
two groups of people are seen in a knife fight. stone was out numbered and stabbed in the torso. authorities say it involved alcohol, may have involved a woman with stone and there was no indication his assailants knew who he was. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the night live in mid-town sacramento. this incident is not related to terrorism in any way. >> the police are looking for two suspects who fled in a dark camry. while the investigation continues prayers are pouring in. stone was honored just weeks ago here in sacramento for his courage and quick thinking. in august, stone along with two of his friends subdued a terror
4:48 pm
suspect. part of his hand had to be reattached. his buddy said, quote, spencer is one tough guy and only he could have done something like that and lived yet again. a lot of prayers going out to this young man, greta. his family is by his side and asking for privacy at his side during his stay at the hospital. he is listed in serious condition. get ready to speed read the news. a dramatic incident on camera. a teenage girl jumping out of a moving car after she was kidnapped and assaulted on her way to school in connecticut. the teen rolled to safety as the car pulled away. amazingly she was not injured by the kidnapper is still on the loose. police are looking for the driver who they say is a hispanic woman in her 40s. and a nightmare for south carolina not over yet. governor nikki haley warning
4:49 pm
others to evacuate. a second round of flooding is expected as the storm water makes its way to the coast. standing water in some cases expected to last two weeks. several people were killed in flooding in that state. and last week, nasa says there is water on mars, now news that there is ice on pluto, scientists say there is a blue, earth-like sky around pluto, scientists long thought there was ice below its surface, now they have the first proof. and russian president vladimir putin celebrating his 63rd birthday by taking to the ice with some former nhl stars. and of course, putin's team won, and he scored a whopping seven goals. and coming up, a stunner,
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now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. today's news, that house majority leader kevin mccarthy is dropping out of the race for speaker is turning washington on its head. >> we have been going through this campaign, talking to a lot of members. but the one thing i always said to earn this majority, we are servants. we should put this conference first. and i think there is something to said for us to unite we'll probably need a fresh face. i'll stay on as majority leader. i don't want making the vote for speaker a tough one, i don't want to go to the floor and win with 220 votes. i think the best thing for our party right now is that if you have 227 votes on the floor. if you're going to be strong we
4:55 pm
have to be united. >> so who were the winners, from the boston globe, matt, first, who is the big winner in your mind today? >> i think paul ryan, coming out he is the girl everybody wants to take to the dance. everybody wants to know what he is going to do. he is kind of the one figure out of this that people are talking about, a potentially uniting figure. a respected vote in and out of washington, which is rare right now. so i think paul ryan is -- >> what if he doesn't take it? >> well, he still attention. >> i think paul ryan is a big loser here and this is a terrible job that nobody wants. even paul ryan doesn't want it. they're trying to convince him to take it. >> governor romney is trying to get him to take it. >> and he likes being speaker, i think it hurts your chances down the road.
4:56 pm
i think at one time he will be a gop contender, if he takes the speaker, i think it could be hard to run for office. >> who do you think the big winner is? >> i think jason chaffetz. >> i think the republicans, too, just generally at a time when you want to be focused on getting obama to veto as much as you can, you have control of the senate. control of the house. you kind of want to be united in going up against obama. and this is not a uniting moment for them. it sort of questions who is going to be the next speaker. >> you know i had visions today of nancy pelosi in her office with her feet up watching this with amusement. >> and i can imagine them watching the show, saying why are we in the minority with this chaos? another loser could be john boehner, he could be forced to
4:57 pm
stay on for a significant amount of time. >> and somebody said that hillary clinton was the big winner because it took the attention off of her and her campaign, in how dysfunctional the republicans are. >> nobody is talking about her e-mails today. >> or not much at all. what do you think president obama thinks? >> i think he is probably worried about who the next speaker will be. i mean, we have the looming shutdowns. he has to have a partner. >> congressman chaffetz,he have a shot? >> i don't know, i agree he is a winner a little bit and he is still in the game. you have to have somebody to unite -- >> how about webster then? >> i feel like the freedom caucus has exerted their influence and shown they're in the news and a force to be dealt with. and webster as the center of that caucus is a force but i just don't know if he becomes speaker. >> will webster become speaker?
4:58 pm
>> i don't think so, but his chances certainly have gone up. i don't think he will get it. >> i think that speaker john boehner stays speaker until the next election. we'll see, we're all guessing at this point. bob, matt, thank you. also off the record, what wild times in capitol hill today. yes, this is democracy which can get messy like sausage-making, but i confess it does feel a little bit like civil war up there. frontrunner kevin mccarthy shocking everybody by dropping out of the race as speaker. >> the one thing i found talking to everybody if we're going to united and be strong we need a new face to help do that. >> so who is next? you don't have to be a republican to be speaker. and you don't have to be a democrat. in fact, you don't even have to be a member of congress. so -- >> it is always an interesting fact, isn't it, you don't have to be an elected lawmaker to
4:59 pm
serve as speaker. our viewers have a couple of votes already. so greta van sustern has a vote. >> and the rat e-mailed me, just heard somebody wants you to be speaker, girl, you have my vote. another said, love it, i think they should nominate you for speaker. my response to jenna, ted for backing me, you guys better watch your back. well, you know the old saying, thank you for joining us, we'll see you again tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern, you have been voting. do you think the florida wrong or right to send the domestic violence victim to jail? by tweeting, vote every night during "on the record." you will see the results live right here, on twitter, at the handle "ask greta."
5:00 pm
up next, "the o'reilly factor." remember if you want watch on the record, dvr it, you can watch it at 11 or 1:00 p.m. good night, from washington. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> if i were one of the families -- >> president obama walking into controversy as he visits the oregon massacre town tomorrow. tonight, we'll talk with some of the folks in roseburg. >> where are you from? >> yemen. >> got to be careful of the drone strikes. >> the muslim advocacy group, "care," a little miffed at jesse watters for reporting about muslims, but why? we'll find out why. and next, another study saying is e-mail and


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