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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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go to, tell me what you think. it looks like you already are. everybody's got opinions. thanks for watching. i'm sandra smith. this is ""the kelly file."" tonight -- >> i think i shocked some of you. huh? >> majority leader kevin mccarthy drops out of the race to become the next speaker of the house. >> i just think it is best we have a new face. >> so where does the gop go from here? then, more foreign hackers reportedly try to access hillary clinton's server. >> dereliction of duty of secretary clinton is being revealed here. >> ed henry has a full report and rudy giuliani on if hillary could end up in jail. the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the iranians. or the communists. >> and clinton makes a ridiculous claim about the nra as democrats get ready to push for more gun control.
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reaction tonight. british prime minister david cameron sharply can dems islam. >> we need to rely confront extremism. >> why is this president afraid to do the same? >> welcome to "hannity." tonts shock wafbz through washington, d.c. as house majority leader kevin mccarthy announced he's dropping out of the race to replace john boehner as speak of the house. >> i talked to a lot of members but one thing i've always said to earn this majority were servants. we should put this conference first. i think there's something to be said for us to unite. we probably need a fresh face. i'll stay on as majority leader. i don't want making voting for speaker a tough one. i don't want to go to the floor and win with 220 votes. i think the best thing for our
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party right now is to have 247 votes on the floor. if we are going to be strong, we have to be 100% unitesd. brett, let me talk about the power of the house freedom caucus. they said they'd be united not only in today's vote but they'd eye night on october 29th in the roll call vote which is open for speak are. kevin mccarthy wouldn't have a path to 218. >> that's how the numbers line up. the fact that that caucus stood together and said they would nef vote for kevin mccarthy, his thought was they could peel a couple off there of the 40 to 50 members as a part of that caucus. he couldn't. they didn't have the numbers. he did not see a path to 218. he's talking about i didn't want to get elected by 220. he just didn't have the 228
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needed. i think he realized that in that conference and that was the decision. at least that's what we can gather from everything we can gather from people in that room. >> names we might know and recognize like paul ryan, trey gowdy, jim juror dab, all say they don't want the job. congressm congressman harris, congresswoman from tennessee we all know, congresswoman blackburn. >> kathy mcmorris-rogers, republican conference chair. there's a real pressure for paul ryan to accept to reconsider the fact that he get back in. speaker boehner has said to be making phone calls and has made two long phone calls with ryan today. gowdy is said to be pressuring paul ryan to accept this and because they believe he's consensus candidate that can
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bridge all of the different sides of the republican conference. really the big issue here is how do you get to 218. barring that magic number on the house floor, speaker boehner stays in this position until they get to that number, and that could mean beyond the end of the month when they are dealing with some really big items that he may steer through the floor that may be passed without a lot of republican votes. >> you don't have to be the member to be the speaker. the name newt gingrich was brought up. >> his name has been floated out there. also former senator tom coburn from oklahoma. his name's been out there as well. anything's possible because you're right, you don't have to be an elected house member to be house speaker. you just have to get to that magic number of 218. the question is whether someone outside the house could actually receive the consensus of all sides. i think that the freedom caucus
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has a lot of power but remember, the rest of the members -- this is 200 -- have a lot of power as well. and i think they're going to want to see somebody who can kind of walk through the different elements of this conference. >> thank you so much. weeknights 6:00 eastern on fox. here with more reaction, colorado congressman ken buck, . thanks for being here. would paul ryan be a consensus candidate if he could be talked into it? he said many times he doesn't want the job. >> i believe there are plenty of people in the republican conference who would make excellent speakers. certainly paul ryan is right there. >> congressman brooks, you agree? >> congressman buck? yes. i do think paul would be credible. i think he has a lot of integrity. i think he has traveled the country and knows a lot of people and i think he's one of those that people have to
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consider. >> let me ask you both this important question -- is the house freedom caucus committed to ensuring that a conservative that will fight and not waiver on issues that involve using the power of the purse, stopping executive amnesty, stopping the funding of obamacare and planned parenthood. is that imperative to you, congressman mel brooks, and will you stay united as a caucus? >> oh, absolutely. what we need in washington, d.c. are representatives who are committed to rising to the challenges that america faces. it might be national security issues. it might be the battle between free enterprise and socialism. it might be deficit and debt. we're willing to fight for our country and hopefully we will get more members of the united states congress who will do the same thing and the freedom caucus is just trying to raise the issue, elevate it so that people better understand the risks that america faces and how it is time to do extraordinary things rather than business as
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usual. >> congressman buck. >> i think that's absolutely right. what's also important is the process. we have to find a speaker who is committed to regular order, committed to allowing the minority of the majority to be heard. i think it is critical that whoever runs for this in front of the entire conference talks about the importance of lefting the process go forward. >> thank you both for being with us. 2016 republican presidential candidate, ohio republican john kasich. welcome to the new york city where rats outnumber people. you were the chairman of the house budget committee. you were the last congress to really balance a budget. >> i was the architect. >> since john boehner's been speaker, our debt has gone up $4.1 trillion. 60% of republicans feel betrayed by republicans in washington.
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can this be fixed? >> oh, absolutely, sean. look, i mean when i left we actually had a $5 trillion projected surplus over ten years. when i went into ohio we were 20% of our operating funds in the hole, now we're running a $2 billion surplus. i'm going to increasingly lay out a plan that gives us a road map to a balanced budget. in order to balance a budget you got to shake everything out. you got to have more than an evolution. it has to be a shaking from top to bottom and frankly, with a president that's willing to do it, i think you can unite the house. i think you can unite the senate. i think you can get it done. i was part of doing it. it is not easy but leadership really matters. and if you lead as an executive, it is amazing how you can unite people. >> but you guys got huge things done. >> we did. >> you got welfare reform. you balanced a real budget with real numbers. i remember the fight. you also -- this republican party in congress has this
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inorder nature paranoia and fear that they'll be shut down which i think has rendered them impotent. >> you might say, why were you involved in a shutdown against bill clinton? bill clinton was a guy that if there was a riot coming at him, he'd get in the front of it and call it a parade. we knew he'd wilt. i think you have to fire out there but you can't get yourself in a position where things don't work because then people say what are these people doing down there? we need a president who's not only going to bring us a balanced budget, tax reform, regulatory reform, we've got to promote energy across the board and we can revive this country. i've done it. i did it in ohio and washington. >> the penny plan. you cut a penny out of every dollar. who bought it? >> republicans and democrats. we lost by a few votes. >> you make ups the tax tachb of the world, corporate tax
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rates -- i think it would all help. those things. >> i think you could get that money back to our current. i think you could repatriate and have corporate tax reform all designed to give workers the tools for higher productivity and higher wages. no question. >> newt gingrich offered words of advice for republicans in the wake of mccarthy's announcement today. let's play that. >> now that we're at this point, how do we move forward? my only advice to the house republicans, i thought kevin was the best prepared person but it is clear that we are in a much bigger historic situation, as you point out. it also affects the u.s. senate and the republican senators don't understand this. you have the top three candidates for the presidency on our side are all outsiders. you can see where the country is saying you guys got to change
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what you're doing. my advice to house republicans would be slow down, have day-long sessions where you actually listen to each other. with a sense of humility where all of you listen to each other and try to figure out for country's sake how do we move forward. >> is that good advice? >> yes, i think it is. here's the thing -- we know we need a dramatic reform in all of government. the thing is, i get elected, you're going to wear a seatbelt because we're going to have so much change which is what i did in washington and what i've done in ohio. what i'm most concerned about is having a united party that wants to reduce the power and the money and influence in washington. zpr th that doesn't exist right now but we can have sweeping change. i'm going to have 90 to 120 days to bring about very dramatic change to have washington look completely different. i know how to do it, by the way. it is one thing to talk about it. i know how to get these things done.
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i've done it a couple times. >> there were ten items, it was called a contract with america. why don't we duplicate that? republicans commit to a vision that will balance the budget, make us energy independent, krael our borders. >> i have a contract with america coming. it is going to be a comprehensive plan to get -- >> how many items? >> there's going to be a bunch of them. regulatory. tax. energy. it will be coming very, very soon and it will get more detail as time goes on. you realize i've only been a candidate for president for slightly more than two months? it almost seems like it's been two years. so give me a little time but we're going to move and it will be responsible. >> i think the success that you and newt gingrich had can be duplicated. look at these poll numbers. no republican can win the white house without the state -- buckeye state of ohio. look at those numbers. these are the highest approval ratings you've ever had.
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62%-29%. >> 20% of our general revenue fund was the deficit. >> when you were the house budget chairman -- >> hundreds of billions and over the long term, we also paid down debt when we bald the budget when i was the architect. but here's what it took. i had to fight sometimes my own party. i had to fight the appropriations committee. there's three parties in washington. the republican witness democrats and the appropriations committee. i had to fight them and you have to take the heat. i've had to take heat in ohio but it gets rewarded when you can produce success. >> you worked with newt gingrich, would he be a good speaker if you brought him back? >> tweef's had changes to leadership in ohio. whoever's there i got to work with to get things done. we have to get these things done. balancing budget, reforming taxes, immigration. >> two issues that have come up in interviews i've had with you, people have responded in a big way.
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one is immigration. where do you stand on illegal immigrants? >> i did the hispanic chamber of commerce the other day. javier who was running it says to me, i don't agree we with you on the wall. i said do you lock your door? he said yes, we need to lock the door who's coming in to america. >> build the wall first? >> absolutely. >> anybody that came in here illegally -- >> anybody who comes in once that wall is done, they got to go back. >> what about those here? do they ever get a chance for citizenship? >> i'm for legalization. i don't favor didn'tship. >> refugees, syria, iraq. james clapper said -- >> if we cannot ensure that they are not here to become part of an effort to damage us then they shouldn't come. has to be a guarantee on that. >> governor, good to see you. >> how about you for speaker? >> yeah, right.
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how many votes do you think i could get? i couldn't take the pay cut. how many votes would i realistically get? >> three of the happiest people in america today. john boehner, debbie boehner, and i think scott walker's wife probably thrilled that all the heat is off and they can have a little fun. >> john kasich, coming up. more reaction to congressman kevin mccarthy's shocking decision to drop out of the race for speaker. and new damning information related to hillary clinton's e-mails. hackers now from multiple countries all launched cyber attacks on her private server. ed henry has a full report standing by. also rudy giuliani weighs in on the possibility could she go to jail? then later tonight. >> the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the iranians or the communists. you know? there's no possible discussion. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that!
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death of a police officer. the police officer has berch charged with murder. the price of netflix is coming up but the 1 collar hike
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only affects new customers and they will use the money for original programmingal like hou of stars. now,es back to hannity. a major shake-up is taking place in the republican party after congressman kevin mccarthy earlier today dropped out of the race to be the next speaker of the house. steve hayes, charles hurt. steve, once the house freedom caucus, they're staying united. kevin didn't have a path to 218. where do they go from here? i don't think this is a bad thing, by the way. i think this is a good thing. democrats can say everything they want but i think this will be out of this will be a stronger, more committed republican party that is going to fight harder. that's my guess and hope. thoughts. >> i think it is a possibility. i think it's a better hope than a guess at this point. the question i think is will
10:20 pm
somebody emerge that can unify the party. when with you talk to members of congress and within the past few minutes i've talked to half-a-dozen. there aren't many names that people will give you that they think could potentially do that. one name you hear most often is paul ryan. ryan has made clear that he doesn't want the job. he's being asked to reconsider by john boehner, by kevin mccarthy, by other prominent house republicans as something of a unifying figure. mick mulvaney earlier tonight said if ryan entered it the race he would be a transformational figure in the race. mulvaney a card carrying member of the house freedom caucus. there is a possibility ryan could enter the race and could reconsider, could take the job and potentially end up with the kind of situation they're talking about. however, you talked to people who have talked to ryan about this and he's concerned that members of the house freedom caucus who disagree with his position on immigration, who don't like his position on the
10:21 pm
debt ceiling, for instance, would still withhold support from him and lead to another bloody battle, only this one featuring paul ryan. i think it's really up in the air at this point. >> charles, consider me somebody who likes to think out of the box. i think the most success that republicans had in the house was under newt gingrich. bring him back. thoughts? >> well, that's actually -- an idea has pbeen floated already today. but i agree, sean, i think this right now is a tremendous opportunity for republicans to do something to do something transformational, to pick somebody way out of the sort of expected realm of candidates and pick somebody who is not only a visionary but also understands how the system works and can move the process along so that republicans can start having real accomplishments even now before we get to the white house. >> don't both of you agree, this
10:22 pm
is kind of sad that not enough people are jumping in this. i think the house freedom caucus should have their member and lay out their vision on how they would fight to stop executive am nesty. i'd like to see people get in. >> i think if there were a more robust debate that hashed out some of the policy differences, it could be the productive moment you're talking about but you aren't hearing much about policy debates. you have republicans stabbing each other in the back, taking shots at each other often anonymously and not getting themselves together in a way that's probably counterproductive for republicans. >> thank you. a in you report says foreign hackers, five countries now, repeatedly targeted hillary clinton's private server. ed henry here with a full report. plus reaction from rudy giuliani on if this could put
10:23 pm
hillary clinton behind bars. then later tonight -- >> the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the iranians or the communists. you know? there's no possible discussion. >> hillary clinton comparing nra members to murderous regimes like the communists and which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox.
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♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. welcome back to "hannity." the list of foreign hackers who tried to break into hillary clinton's private e-mail server continues to grow. clinton's server faced repeated cyber attacks in 2014 that originated in china, south korea, germany. how is the clinton campaign reacting to this latest development? standing by tonight in washington, d.c., with the very latest, ed henry. >> reporter: the campaign is stressing there is no evidence any of these hacks succeeded.
10:26 pm
just the fact there was this threat when hillary clinton had a private server points up fact of why critics have been saying she should not have had that arrangement as secretary of state. brings to mind what republicans ron johnson has been saying about the expansion of the fbi criminal investigation that involves not just one but two tech companies, one in denver and one in connecticut. the point being if hillary clinton's server and e-mails which we now know had over 400 e-mails with crassfied information, at least 400, maybe more as the state department goes through all of those records, it was bouncing around through various servers and back-up machines as well as the threat became greater. the other issue developing today, republican trey gowdy moving aggressively to try and get his benghazi back on track on house majority leader kevin mccarthy about the gaffe in his poll numbers.
10:27 pm
the head of the pro-clinton correct the record pounced on mccarthy and claimed democrats are coming for gowdy next. kevin mccarthy fell for telling the truth for political charade. will the benghazi committee chairman trey gowdy be the next to fall? i'll say it trey gowdy should disand this sham of a committee. most striking an e-mail where the advisor appears to provide classified information to clinton over her private server. plume e blumenthal wrote a speeg "spoke to a colleague currently at the cia," but gowdy is concerned that blumenthal e-mail could jeopardize national security but also human lives. >> that's a big development. with more reaction, former
10:28 pm
new york city mayor rudy giuliani. mr. mayor, you have the plat river employee that when they requested that the e-mails start being deleted they thought that there was some serious -- i won't use the word -- going on. this mom and pop shop knew that when they requested it that the state department had already requested those e-mails and they didn't want to be brought into a coverup. that to me may be a huge smoking gun. your thoughts. >> i told you i think several weeks ago that there were at least 13 statutes that according to the public record if true hillary clinton violated. they range from misdemeanors to felonies. i've since found two more. i think i sent you a list of the 13. the reality is that these are serious criminal violations. she was taking classified information, confidential information, she was using it in
10:29 pm
a grossly negligent manner. that's a two-year misdemeanor. she was clearly guilty of putting classified information out and giving it to people that weren't entitled to it. that's a felony under federal law. she violated the mail fraud statutes, the wire fraud statutes. the obstruction of justice statute by destroying the e plals. i mean number of violations are piling up. now these facts have to be proven. they could be untrue but if they're true they make a prima fascia case of numerous violations of federal law and let's see how much courage the obama administration has in holding hillary clinton to the same standard that richard nixon was held to, that general petraeus was held to, that governor mcdonald was held to. >> this is only a few of the many laws you mentioned while we are doing the segment.
10:30 pm
what's fascinating about this, she gave us a very clear answer about the deleted e-mails. the fbi feels they can recover them. we found out she had a cloud back-up service in connecticut so they may be able to fill in some of the gaps there. within the company and the server itself they may be able to retrieve all these e-mails. if they aren't about a funeral or wedding or yoga or e-mails to bill but they're about benghazi, the clinton foundation and have classified information on it, would that not be a strong case of obstruction of justice? >> first of all, you'd have her lying. she said that all the ones deleted were all personal. it now turns out that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds that were deleted were clearly not personal. they were anywhere from government information to top-secret information. so you -- in a trial there's nothing more powerful than a false statement. we also have the destruction of evidence.
10:31 pm
there is nothing more powerful in a trial than to have a defendant who has destroyed evidence and actually lied about the evidence that was destroyed. i mean the case is beginning to become almost absurd if someone doesn't move forward with it. >> i had two i.t. professionals on the program last night. both in full and complete agreement. they are 95% confident that all of those 33,000 e-mails will be recovered. we learned today china, south korea, gernlny, tmany, the russ five separate occasions tried to hack into this certain. they are 100% successful th-- certain they were successful. if we find those e-mails, could the administration get in the way and stop some sort of grand jury or indictment of her? >> i can't imagine they would. they shouldn't. the justice department has never operated that way since the
10:32 pm
watergate reforms which i happen to have been a part of during the ford administration. it would be a tragedy if they were. but the case is getting so strong now that it is going to be really hard to have an intellectually honest decision and walk away from it. we're talking about 13 to 15 steeress federal statutes that on the face of it she appears to have violated. she also has proven that she is completely grossly negligent in the handling of sensitive information. we want somebody like this for president of the united states? someone who is grossly negligent in handling this kind of information? when i had sensitive fisa court information it never left my office, never left my safe. i would hand-deliver it to the fisa court. if i ever got caught not doing that i would expect at least i would be fired and probably i would be put in jail. >> mr. mayor, thank you for being with us. powerful case you are making.
10:33 pm
sounds like she may need a criminal defense attorney. up next right here on "hannity --" >> the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the iranians or the communists. there's no possible discussion. >> your friend mr. obama gave the iranians 1 $50 million a horrible dispushing comparison made by hillary clinton. later tonight -- >> let me say right here, no more passive tolerance in britain! >> maybe time for the president to lerparn a thing or two from to lerparn a thing or two from prime minister cam on. to lerparn a thing or two from prime minister cam on. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement,
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you know, the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the iranians or the communists. you know, there's no possible discussion. and it's for political purposes. you know, this is the way this works, and it is pretty cynical. the nra tries to keep gun owners, the ones who are members, really upset all the time so they can keep collecting their money because they tell them that they're the only thick that's going to stop the black helicopters from landing on the front yard and people's guns being seized. i mean that's basically the argument they make. >> that was nice of hillary to admit that negotiating with the iranians is really dumb, it's especially dumb whether you give them $150 billion. that was her yesterday in iowa. here with reaction, our fox news contributors. baby bo dborn today.
10:40 pm
besides her admitting it was dumb to negotiate with the iranians, how dare this woman compare the nra to homicidal maniac c maniacal regimes, and the case of communists, some 40 million people slaughtered under stalin. gee, that's really nice of hillary to compare nra members to that. >> her larger point is not incorrect in that it the nra does not want to sit down with anybody and find common solutions to the problem. >> that's not true. >> where are they. >> there's no group in america that offers more gun safety courses -- >> that's not a solution to what's going on right now. >> but instead of politicizing what we're doing right now with the shooting in oregon, everybody's jumping, including
10:41 pm
the president. i got some little facts and figures. a town called west garfield park out of chicago. last year 21 dead. they always do it per 100,000. that means 116 per 100,000. the mass shootings around chicago, these are not being shot by guns that are legal. my problem here is everybody likes to jump on the nra. the fact is if you had guns and gun-free zones by professional maybe you could -- >> in other words retired police officers. katy, you wrote a great column. you think the president really does want confiscation because when he talks about common sense gun control he's always referencing australia and he's always referencing great britain, both in '96, '97
10:42 pm
confiscated the guns of ordinary citizens. >> the president's been very dishonest when he says we need modest gun control like they did in great britain which requires confiscation of hundreds of thousands of firearms and basically banning handguns. the nra is made up of 5 million american citizens. when hillary clinton is comparing the nra which is americans to terrorists in tehran and the communists, she ereally comparing those people she's supposed to be representing as someone who wants to run for the white house to represent all of the people. one more point. the fact is that the nra is the ones who have been working with congress and previous presidents to bring mental health legislation into law to work on legislation to prevent criminals from getting their hands on guns and yes, guns take lives.
10:43 pm
>> smart gun technology. we need to get on that immediately. i don't see why not. secondly, private sales and have background checks for all private sales. what's the problem with that? even the majority of nra members support that. >> how dare -- how dare hillary clinton call me -- because i'm a member of the nra. how dare her call plea me a communist. this lady's lied about everything. lied about her marriage. lied about her relationship with her husband. >> lied about the e-mails. lied about benghazi. >> she should focus on her own life and stop worrying about people who are righteous people an own guns. >> she has plenty of guards around her. thank you all for being with us. prime minister david cameron delivers a very powerful speech delivers a very powerful speech condemning radical islam.
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with the rise of radical islam and isis graining streng igainie middle east, david cameron gave a rousing speech. president obama, if you're watching, you might want to learn something. >> we into ed to confront, and i
10:49 pm
mean really confront, extremism. take on extremism in all its forms. the violent and non-violent. for too long we've been so frightened of causing a fence that we haven't looked hard enough at what is going on in our communities. before you know it, a young british boy barely 17 is strapping bombs to his body and blowing himself up in iraq. we've got to stop this at the start. stop this seed of hatred even being planted in people's minds let alone allowing it to grow. let me say here, no more passive tolerance in britain! >> now our president, president obama, won't even utter the words radical islam. instead, these are the things he says about islam. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. i'm also proud to carry with me
10:50 pm
the good will of the american people in a greeting of peace from muslim communities in my country. >> the future must we have refarmed again and again that the united states is not, and never will be at war, with islam. islam teaches peace. >> here with analysis, what is your reaction? >> prime minister cameron is a man of character. he's a, he has integrity. he's addressing the problem as it is, not as he wishes it were. our president doesn't have any of those qualities and it's
10:51 pm
unfortunate that mr. obama's legacy is going to be a disastrous one. it's a good step forward a key western leader said no more tolerance of intolerance. god bless cameron. >> i think he said the right things. what do you make of a president that draws a red line in syria. he said he would do something. he did nothing. then, you have vladimir putin saying he's going to attack isis and syria and his initial attacks are nowhere near where isis is concentrated but he's attacking the american trained, america armed forces that are there to topple assad. is that not a proxy war against america? >> of course it is, sean.
10:52 pm
and so what putin and assad and iranians are doing is clear. there are a series of goals, the first one is a key promise of syria and western and southwestern syria or the assad government. to do that, they're trying to depopulate where the sunni muslims were. most of them are young, sunni males claiming attack of the assad regime. he's willing to depopulate that section of the country just so he can control it. the next step is the rest of the country, while russia, working with iran, with iraq, remember, iraq? they're supposed to be our guys, with the syrians is building a walled state. from iran, iraq, to syria to the
10:53 pm
mediterranean sea that will be overshadowing israel. netanyahu made a pilgrimage to moscow. vladimir putin is methodically propaganda in the world order. >> unbelievable. >> when we come back, our ask
10:54 pm
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time for our question of the day. who do you want to be the next speaker of the house? remember, it does not have to be a sitting member of congress if that means anything to you. go to facebook and let us know what you think. now, it's time for the ask sean segment. tonight this is from a young man named john. >> conner, which candidate can
10:59 pm
save my future, conner, very wise for your young years that is what elections should be about. your future. i have not decided personally who i'm picking yet. remember, it's about four months before the iowa caucuses but i can tell you what i'm looking for. someone with a vision that will stop spending more money than we take in because we're robbing from your generation otherwise. balance our budget, secure america's borders, that is the kind of thing i'm looking for in a candidate. someone conservative, that can articulate that vision when win the election so you won't have to worry about those things. i'll let you know when i make my mind up. if you have a question for me just go to twitter, use #asksean or send in a video and we might put you on tv.
11:00 pm
what is all the time we have this evening. don't forget, set your dvr so you never miss episode, we take attendance and it hurts our feelings when you're not here, see you tomo class! >> unafraid. we'll follow this tomorrow. tonight, on "the record." it's absolutely wild on capitol hill. house majority leader kevin mccarthy shocking the leaders as he drops out of the race to be the next speaker of the house. but first, presidential candidate dr. ben carson goes on the record, with his message to his critics and his book, "a more perfect union." dr. carson, nice to see you, sir. >> hey, nice to see you, greta. >> dr. carson, you have a book out, which discusses the entire constitution. but let me focus on one part right now in which you talk


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