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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 9, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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up next, "the o'reilly factor." remember if you want watch on the record, dvr it, you can watch it at 11 or tonight on "red eye." is vladimir putin the best hockey player of all time? the feds investigate why hollywood is not putting more ladies in the driver's seat to direct films. come on, would you want any woman in a driver's seat? jk, ladies. gray den carter says trump has abnormally short fingers. will he respond by taking off the kid gloves? first a news break. >> live from mark's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. new flooding concerns in south carolina. governor nikki haley urging people in coastal areas to evacuate. it comes as water
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flows down swollen rivers toward the ocean. the worst flooding is expected in the next few days. flooding killed 19 people in the carolinas. one of the americans who helped stop a gunman on a paris bound train has been attacked again. airman first class spencer stone was stabbed outside a bar in sacramento, california. >> airman stone's condition is serious. while he has sustained significant injuries, airman stone's care team anticipates he will make a full recovery. >> police say the incident involving 23-year-old stone started inside the bar and spilled into the streets. officers also say it is not connected to terrorism nor the incident in france. as many as four russian long-range missiles missing their intended targets. u.s. defense officials say instead of hitting isis and syria, they landed in iran. it is not clear if the missiles caused any significant damage. the top volkswagen official in the u.s.
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testifying before a house committee on thursday. they say software developers are to blame for the emissions cheating scandal. executives at the world's largest auto maker were unaware the device could be tested during the checks. the scandal involves 11 million diesel cars worldwide. and the price of netflix is going up. the $1 per month price hike only affects new customers. they will use the extra dough to cover the cost of original programming like "house of cards." now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy. andy sph -- andy?
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andy? three nights in a row, andy. i will do the banter by myself, all right? it is a curious events day, tom. that sounds like fun, andy. yes, it is a day to look at curious events especially how you became the host of red eye. if they were curious i would tell them it has something to do with your talent, charm and ability to work with the cranky co-host. andy, that's remarkably insightful. let's welcome our guest. they asked mooy for an insky and we have joanne nosuchunsky. he is on the road more than orange cones, jimmy shubert. her book is called "blasphemy." liz mcdonald. and he has two pod casts.
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he is an over and underachiever at the same time. let's start the show. >> vladimir putin celebrated his 63rd birthday by playing in a hockey game with famous russian players. putin's team won 10-5 scoring seven goals. if you think they let him score, these highlights will confirm your suspicions. >> it may have been his birthday, but it wasn't all about putin.
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surely one trophy is enough. he didn't need a second trophy. >> later putin thanked his teammates and the russian people. >> meanwhile, "red eye" was able to obtain the invitation to putin's birthday celebration. it says "let's hit the ice at vlady putin's hockey bash. he is turning 63". that is fantastic. dave, look, he wants to have a hockey party, let him have a hockey party. he is the president, right? >> that is right. it is kind of impressive that a 63-year-old can ice skate let alone take a slapshot while ice skating. >> how terrified was that goalie he would accidentally
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block one of them and then be tortured for years? as a goalie you take up 50% of the goal. that guy was diving before putin took the shot. great game. >> do you think they discussed it like you have to let him score, or they all knew? >> i think the russians are conditions that the -- in knowing the kgb wants to score a few goals. >> liz, what do you think? it is like the emperor has no skates, right? >> no skates. >> this may have been the slowest hockey game. it was so slow. i have breaking news for you. president obama is going to respond and he is going to play a game of hacky sack. i made that up.
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bernie sanders will play marco polo. huckabee will do some cheese rolling. we have hillary clinton who will do toe wrestling. that's the response. >> i think the hillary one is true. >> extreme toe wrestling, yes. >> she loves that. >> jimmy, welcome to the show. >> what would your ideal birthday be? are you a hockey guy? >> i used to be when i was younger, but not so much anymore. >> it is hard when you get older to play hockey. >> it is tough to walk let alone skate. your entire family is in outer siberia. >> so he is fit? >> i would put our best presidents up against russia's best presidents. he scored seven times or as jfk called that a tuesday. he checked him into the boards before the end of the first period. >> it's true.
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>> nixon was a good bowler. >> joanne, what do you think? big hockey fan? >> you know, i've seen a few games, in college actually. we had a good hockey team. >> that's where it is the best, the college hockey. >> i would go for the hot chocolate and pretzel during half time. >> i used to watch the bruins on tv and didn't think hockey was not a great sport to watch. >> you can decide where crore eyes go if -- where your eyes go if you want to watch the goalie setting up. i wonder if scoring a goal -- i mean putin has to know these professional players are maybe not doing their best and scoring a goal is still as rewarding knowing maybe people aren't trying their hardest. >> how many holes in one? >> 18 holes in one. >> these dictators, don't they know they don't have to lay it on so thick?
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give him a hat trick and then the trophy. >> but seven? >> they don't feel about fake scoring a goal x their whole economy is artificial. that's the whole thing, prop up an image. >> that reminds me. did you ever see the video of the guy playing tag football and this 75-year-old guy is running and falling out of his way. >> that's what you do on your birthday, right? you let them win. >> and they all had pizza afterwards and ice cream cake. >> do they fight in russian hockey. >> can you imagine the penalty box? >> trump is coming up short in the fingers department. in "vanity fair"'s letter they explain how good trump is to holding on to a grudge. 25 years ago carter called trump a short-fingered vulgarian. to this day he sends carter
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photos of his hands with fingers shirk killed in -- circled in gold sharpie saying, see, not so short. although carter maintains trump eats -- trump's digits are stubby. trump has had an issue with his fingers as shown in this picture found by "red eye." his fingers are stubby, but his turkey is the cutest. is it an example how trump never forgets anything. >> it is ab noxious how great carter is. gray den carter thinks he is the most witty, the modern day gorbidol. it is breathtakingly i had qot
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particular when you read them. >> i didn't even think this was going to turn into -- >> just look and you will see what i need. look up gray den -- who cares about donald trump's fingers. it is him with the obsession and not donald trump. he has been bringing it up since 1984 repeatedly. it is 31 years. what's with him and this obsession with donald trump's fingers? >> it's true. the amazing thing is he had to problem with the word vulgarian. he called him a short-fingered vulgarian and is stuck on the fingers. >> if you told me this story about anyone but trump and i wouldn't have believed. i'll be honest, i never thought about judging a man on the size of his fingers. and i actually looked at trump's fingers and not great. not presidential.
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>> i he waives his hands around a lot. they are not shillue hands. >> an established pianist over here. >> did you notice his hands? >> i can take my eyes off his hair. i think they look smaller because he has a tough time getting them around the bankroll . at the same time you know who else had small fingers? elton john. it didn't sloughy him down. jay did you -- >> did you know that or look up small fingers? >> i looked up finger sizing and stuff and it is not necessarily the length of all of the fingers, but the pointer and ring finger. the pictures i have seen of trump his pointer and ring finger are the same size qh means he is peace lfg and avoids avoids -- peace loving and avoids conflict. >> you know what they say about guys with small fingersdo?
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they wear small gloves. >> in other trump news he has one hispanic supporter. can reroll the tape? >> where are you from? >> from columbia. >> columbia! >> and is this a set up? did i ever meet you before? >> i am hispanic and i vote for mr. trump! we vote for mr. trump! yes, mr. trump! we love you! we love you! ale the way to -- all the way to the house. >> i want her to break into a rendition of "evita." >> all the way to the whriet house. this is -- white house, this is fantastic. this woman -- >> he didn't even answer the question. she didn't answer the question if she was a plant, but i think she was being authentic. >> he said hispanics like him.
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what do you think? >> that woman did, no question about it. he found the one hispanic that likes him so he paraded her out there. >> he says he loves the mexicans and the central americans. do you buy him and take him at his word? >> i thought it would be funny if she said i am columbian and he would say call ins. >> i'm sure she has family in columbia that want to come here. >> i thought it was sweet, but i thought drum -- trump looked like joe biden. >> it seemed like he grabbed her hips. >> he grabbed the hips with the small fingers. >> the feds are headed to hollywood to investigate discrimination against movie directors. the equal opportunity employment is seeking to learn more about the gender related
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issues they are facing. the investigation comes in response to a complaint the aclu filed in may of the top grossing films of 2014 and only 7% were directed by women and 84% of tv shows in the past two years were helmed by dudes. i hope they force people to change the way they do business because hollywood is not exempt from the law. jimmy, you look outraged. >> you mean show business is tough? people aren't getting breaks? not -- not a lot of middle aged white dudes. >> there is probably someone calling me for a directing job. i'll be right with you. i think the person most qualified for the job should get the job. >> do you think that happens all the time? >> not in show business. there is a lot of nepotism and they hire family members. >> the door is wide open now, right?
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katherine bigelow? women are good at directing. >> by the way these guys in vest a lot of money into hollywood movies and they will tell you which director to hire? it is absurd. >> absurd. maybe it is not a case of discrimination, but men don't want to be bossed by women. >> a little part of me like when liberal policies blow up in liberal faces. why does any job let alone directing movies have to accurately reflect the exact proportions of society. women are crushing it in social sciences and education and eealth care. are we going to sue all of those people too? i don't get it. >> maybe that's it. >> i think the real problem is the films we are making. all of of these are a series of films. it is thor and a lot of the
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same thing. a lot of time it is the same direct are. a lot of these films are based off of books. "hung are games,"" twilight," "harry potter" written by women, but most drcted by men. -- directed by men. if you want to change hollywood, the female writers need to have in a contract when they sign over rights, i want a female director. >> i if you want it. >> they want the money. if they say i want a female director and it will hurt their chances to have a hollywood blockbuster. >> and they need to say why don't they have men on "the view" or" the chew." >> i was watching "outnumbered" and the ratio was way off. >> you're right. hollywood was so pro-owe bough ma you and pro-democrat.
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god forbid if you are republican or have another point of view. they are so totalitarian in their thinking. >> they are not going to fight it though, right? they will act like they agree with the eoc and doing all they can. >> everything is run a muck on this show. >> she's right. that's why i say i am a hollywood independent. what does that mean? i am a republican who wants to make a living in show business. >> you can stay in the closet down there. why did ben carson leave a sponge in a man's brain? he must have had something on his mind. stick around loyal viewer.
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"the national enquirer" published a shocking story about dr. ben carson claiming the famed neurosurgeon was a bungler who was sued formal practice six times -- for malpractice six times. it lead to several unnecessary operations and he even left a sponge in a patient's brain. carson said he cannot comment on unsettled cases, but what it doesn't mention are the statistics. six complaints is a good record. patients file 17,000 malpractice suits each year. do you know what is the highest rate of suits? neurosurgeons. why? the stakes are so high and there is so much risk to the patient. you know how much risk there is to someone when there is no dr. carson around to operate? nothing. you're dead.
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that had a happy ending, didn't it? liz, look, this is what happens out there. malpractice suits are out there. the fact they found six over an entire career is ridiculous. >> i feel bad for the six though. those cases are shocking and awful. >> he can't talk about them. most of them -- >> by the way, this is the national enquirer. let's take a reality which can on that. this is the national enquirer. i would leak to see the court records on this. this is a disturbing story. i don't agree with ben carson and i don't agree with what he says about gay people. i think he is idiotic. separate from that i want to see the court records and not have "the national enquirer" as the source. >> it was, but everybody treated it like a tabloid story. >> ever since they got lucky they broke that one story with the one presidential candidate who was cheating on his wife.
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>> i can't remember. >> edwards. >> yes. >> and look ho you ironic is that? he spent his life suing doctors. think about that. >> so think we are -- we are at a loss for words. >> he didn't get sued by the twins he separated. >> no. >> they didn't sue them separate or together? >> this is what i'm saying. joanne, liz doesn't want to look at my statistics -- >> i looked at them. i feel bad for the six -- i mean one woman said her face is partially paralyzed from it. that's pretty bad. >> when you go into surgery there is a risk something will happen and doctors take an oath they will do the best they can to help these patients. you have to trust that going in or you don't get the surgery. >> you can't leave a sponge in someone's brain. >> it actually happens. people leave stuff in there.
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>> we've all been there. >> it is true. i left my iphone in a restaurant. you know the reason i haven't left a sponge in anyone's brain? i haven't opened anyone's head in awhile. >> whether you a pediatric neurosurgeon and when it goes bad, it goes really, really bad. >> but a brain surgeon isen -- is supposed to know not to leave sponges in nurses' brains. one in five neurosurgeons are sued every year and send a third of their career with open suits. >> frivolous lawsuits, yes. but this story has pictures and looks shocking. >> i it is the emotionalism of the individual. >> how many surgeries are required in the white house? >> we are looking at everyone's records and well he
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is a doctor so this is the only record we can look at. same with carly fiorina. her as a boss, what was she like? or donald trump's bankruptcy. let's look at their political record. they don't really have one. you have to see what you want to measure the merit of these people by. >> so we don't need to talk about it. >> trump has short fingers, hillary has a short memory. jeb has a tough time getting out of his brother's shadow. they all have issues and problems. people are eager to jump all over ben carson. >> he is hard edged in his attacks. hoe can dish it on the. if these medical records are true, wow, that's a story. >> i say six in 30 years.
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>> coming up, america's favorite pastime, half time. see you after break.
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live from mark's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. south carolina faces new threats of flooding in the
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wake of record-setting rainfall. water from the initial storm is now running downstream and taking aim at low-lying communities. people are urged to evacuate. still governor nikki haley doesn't anyone to be fooled by the calm after the storl -- after the storm. >> you will see not only does the water rise, but it will rise and stay for up to 12 days. >> kevin mccarthy is withdrawing for the race as speaker. he was the favor to replace john boehner. he is bowing out if face of opposition. the congressman says republicans are, quote, deeply divided and he is not the one to unite them. they are still running for the post. the united nations is piecing together libya. the islamic faction formed in
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tripoli. another was established in the east. they are unifying members from both sides. they are hopeful that the new establishment will succeed. it is up to libya to approve the u.n's proposal. the 10th annual comic-con is underway. they are getting a look at par veal's agents of shield. superhero junkies can get autographs from their favorite authors. for $20 you can connect with like-minded comic lovers by speed dating. if you haven't bought a ticket yet, good luck getting in. the event is soldout. now back to "red eye." for your headlines, log on to fox >> that's a pretty little number. >> welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from andy levy. hi, andy. >> hi, tom, how are you?
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>> good. andy, we have to get to the bottom of something. you are on at midnight? at midknee. you were featured on the show. it was them featuring you on the show. can we play it, guys? >> tweet of the day was sent to us at andy levy. >> andy levy. andy levy we saw your tweet. >> andy, how powerful are you on twitter? >> yeah, you don't even -- i had no idea you -- i am no -- not a hash tag guy. i said jk please put this on the show and they did. i had no idea how seriously people take it and i got nasty tweets all night and into this afternoon. it was from people who are mad i won. >> so it is people who
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participate at midnight hash tag games are losers, is that what you are saying? >> not at all. i say they take it seriously which that's their thing. a woman known as the the hash tag queen said she tweeted something similar to mine, but then it shows i tweeted mine five minutes earlier. it was shown by for wren sigh -- forensic evidence. she was still mad at me and the queen of hash tags i am afraid to go home. i am probably spending the night here. the queen of hash tags is more powerful than the king of hash tags. >> kings can only tweet one hash tag at a time. >> exactly. putin on ice, you said it is impressive a 63-year-old can even skate. >> yeah, sure, can we talk
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about someone having a 63 ready birthday party. most adults you have a 60th, 65th, 70th, you don't have a big 63rd birthday. >> you have the candles that represent a decade. >> he probably walks around going i am 63 and a half today. >> the soviet players who lost to america in 1980 didn't go to siberia. >> the siberia of the heart. >> you made a bunch of competitive activities that you said our candidate is doing. >> they were made up? i thought it was true. >> none of them sounded fake given the dumb things they find themselves doing at state fairs. >> that's a good point. like corn dog eating, michelle bachman. remember that hideous photo? >> was it hideous?
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>> you said nixon is an excellent bowler. he was responsible for the creation of the bowling ail at the white house. and say all you want oh they let him score seven goals. seven goals in one game is a pretty damn good accomplish -- accomplishment. i agree that gray den carter is completely and utterly tedious. it makes it better if it is logical. >> have you seen his hair sph it is a boufant and a flip. >> not only have i to the seen it lately i haven't seen it ever. >> who reads have "vanity fair"? >> now that you look, they don't stand by it. >> trump is gonna win. every day i it a little more.
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when i watched the videos on putin i thought it was fighting fire with fire. you said elton john stopped him from buying a pianist. >> that's good. >> the girl -- 82% view trump unfavorably. >> 82%? >> so he has 18. >> feds are investigating the hollywood hiring practices. you said hollywood is not hiring a lot of white dudes right now. you sort of brought up the reason why. nepotism. people hire people they know. thisy are mostly white dudes and the people we know are white dudes. their friends are white dudes.
12:38 am
they are the ones getting the jobs. >> yeah. i greaty with that. >> you said it is absurd that the government will come in and tell a studio who they have to hire because the government would never do something like that. dave there is something you like when liberal policies grow up in liberal faces. this is delicious, isn't it? >> do you remember when it came out it was like right after obama complained about the 77 cents to a dollar wage gap and then in his wage house it is 80 cents to a dollar i love that stuff. >> it is great. and it may mean we finally get a movie where the government regulators aren't the good guys. >> that's why house of cards is so popular. >> ben carson left a sponge in a woman's -- this is great. this woman can now soak up information.
12:39 am
you never heard anything, your mind like a sponge. he is making it true. >> he addressed it and he said it was one of those brunches that stays in there. >> and she can drink like a fish. >> remember the birth control for women was a sponge. i remember that old joke, anything that mikes me feel like i am doing the dishes. >> tell me, sister. >> i was born in the late 80s. >> you don't remember the sponge? >> you never had to decide who was sponge worthy? >> no. >> that was a seinfield reference. "seinfield" was a show that was on a longtime ago on tv. >> it comes on after "friends." >> sometimes before "friends"
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depending on the channel. you said the doctors who are sued the most are neurosurgeons. you are correct. a 2011 study found the highest risk is 19.1%. carson was sold six times. that's once every five years. he is right it at the average. >> poor choice of words. >> i dave, you said when you are a peaked yacht trick neurosurgeon, when it goes back, it goes really bad. it is hard to believe he was sued six times. >> more will come out. he was like a famous neuro surgeon too. >> absolutely. and last week you said that if these records are true that it is a story. >> i just don't see it. another study found by late
12:41 am
korea second 1% of -- >> by the way. as you just said there could be more court cases out there. >> i would agree it would be a story if an unbelievably high number sh -- so we don't doing the math we know so far. >> i am saying the six we know, and it is not really a story. >> you look at the people who suffered and it looks -- i'm sorry, it looks -- how do we talk them into politics. with cheese. bye. >> thank you, andy. time for where shall. don't go anywhere. bieber, a spam javolin is next.
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photos of justin bibber's -- justin bieber's little fellow in the pink pull over. i found out thanks to a going gel alert. i work in the media. the pop star was photographed while on vacation in br ora-bor -- bora-bora. here is a full frontal shot. >> o!
12:46 am
>> not really. not really. the photos were too expensive to buy, especially after andy used our monthly budget. but this story is bigger than bieber's may pole. the internet lit up with glee and talking about the double standard of men. we rushed to defend jennifer lawrence when her naked photos are leaked. we should stop joking when it is over. >> what was your reaction when you saw these pics. this is a hoax. justin bieber paid the paparazzi to take these photos. it is all planned. he is trying to shed the bad boy image. he wants people to forget the bad stuff he did,
12:47 am
and now he needs to be a victim. >> they want everyone to feel bad for him. >> he was on the balcony? was that the lowest railing. >> i think joanne may have a point. i didn't think that he planned all of this. i you super -- i think they want to get more attention. >> they always do. the nsa has enough [bleep] in their reservoir of people taking them themselves. that's the way people love technology. it seems like he was victimized. they can find out.
12:48 am
usually those shots are from close to the distance. >> i didn't believe the conspiracy stuff until joan allen jones goes off. now that you throw the theory out there and i believe she has the papers to back it up, do you know how long it takes to get a flattering [bleep] pic? it is work. the pieces don't add up. >> he is not holding a towel or sun block. usually if you are walking nude you have something in your hand. >> i need something down there for sure. no question about it. this theory is starting to make sense because you remember the controversy over his calvin klein underwear ads.
12:49 am
>> wheb are marky mark had the calvin kline shot? he has a super numary nip tell they photoshoped out. >> they do doctor them. getting back to the idea of this was a set up he walked out of the bungalow to the ocean. he was like totally nude walkin of his house. >> what about what i wanted to talk about which is men versus women. when they went into i cloud it is a sex cram and it is a sexual violation. >> is it a sex crime if it is a guy? >> it is not a sex crime either way. >> what if he is tiny? >> it is a little bit more embarrassing, but that is an
12:50 am
insulted to the actual victim. >> is it a sex crime if you took the picture yourself? >> it could be. >> for anthony wiener it was. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" betsy woodruff and orlando jones. >> a cool breeze on a hot summer day, one more thing bill de blasio hates. yes, the new york city mayor just signed a new law that will require businesses to keep their windows and doors shut while the air conditioning is on. here is de blasio. >> now here is an example that it has always been a pet peeve of mine. it is the middle of the summer in new york city and 90 degrees. you walk by a store and the door is wide open and the air conditioning is blasting and all of that cold air is going out into the hot air of the summer day. it is having its own impact on global warming. >> violators will be fined $250 to $1,000. joanne, is this lame or lame?
12:55 am
>> oit is super -- oh it is super lame. it sound like a lot of hot air to me. this is a dad thing to do. you know, the thrm stat needs to be -- the thermostat needs to be kept on this and i hate when we waste the cold air. we are wasteful. if you look around new york city there are lights on when no one is there. what are you going to do? >> including government buildings. >> you will have to bring about so many new laws. >> if you care about global warming. >> when you do you take legal action over your pet peeve? >> that's the most infuriating point. you will use the forceful arm of government? we are not your pawns on a chess board. the fact that liberals can get away with saying such scientifically unproven things like leaving your door open is leading to global warming.
12:56 am
if you even question that you are a denier now. >> exactly. >> this is a crazy thing and these things that we just laugh about like finding -- fining businesses they do real damage. >> have you ever been in? they walk around like nazis. they charge thousands and thousands of dollars for finding dust on a glass. the dust is the least of their problems. >> you hit like a nice little burst of cold air. i put it up there with the cow intestine. even if it was what are you gonna do? >> it attractioned -- attracted me. >> i am with jimmy. if they care about global warming stop flying around on a jet airplane talking about
12:57 am
it. stop being a blow hard contributing to global warming. >> way to clough is on that. special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and liz mcdonald and dave smith. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. i'll see you next time. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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you are looking live at the capital dome in washington. the capital covered in scaffolding. already getting a facelift on the outside, but today, an earth-shattering shake-up on the inside. concerning republican leadership in the house. welcome to the nation's capital. i'm brett baier. sometimes the thing you least expect happens. that is the case tonight. house majority leader, kevin mccarthy stunned his republican colleagues today, by withdrawing his name from consideration. to the next house speaker. the gop conference has postponed its election, in what appeared to be a relatively peaceful transfer of power to a trusted lieutenant has been blown apart. creating questions about the


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