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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 9, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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there are enough distractions already. >> this is like a warning. you can probably dismantle it. i think it's kind of fun. >> or stop using your phone so much. have a great weekend everybody. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you on monday. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good morning to you. today is friday, october 9th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. an american hero attacked. the search is on for the suspect after spencer stone gets stabbed repeatedly just months after thwarting a terrorist attack. what authorities know about the suspects and stone's condition. meanwhile, chaos on capitol hill. yesterday house majority leader kevin mccarthy dramatically dropd out of the race for speaker in a shocking move. who could be next? could it be newt gingrich. what the former speaker is saying about that potential. >> listen to this.
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gq magazine, launching a pro fanly-laced attack on ben carson entitled, i can't really read it, but [ bleep ] ben carson. just how far is too far in this 15-person race? mornings are better with friends. ♪ hello everybody. welcome to studio e on a very, very busy week. >> it's okay to be grumpy today. >> we have grumpy cat. >> you can explain why it's okay to be grumpy. >> right. >> we'll find out. >> who better to hear from. >> sad face can put a happy face on you. >> busy isn't adequate enough. busy, busy. >> busy, busy, busy day. >> exponentially busy. >> couple of shocks about kevin
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mccarthy and ben carson, the inappropriate headline. this came out of nowhere. this morning, they're looking at surveillance video that apparently shows the attack on american hero spencer stone who was on this couch. he was rushed to a california hospital after getting stabbed several times. remember, he is that ho from paris. >> the attack happened shortly after airman stone left a nightclub. look at that video there. >> is this really happening? >> live in sacramento with more on what took place. john that? >> reporter: brian, steve, elisabeth, good morning to all of you. first let's get to spencer stone's condition. the latest update from the hospital here at uc davis is that he is serious but stable. as of last night, he was in the intensive care unit. doctors talked about the life-threatening injuries he arrived here with. let's listen. >> wounds to the torso are
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significant injuries that are potentially life-threatening. >> how many? >> he had three wounds to his torso. >> reporter: by now, pretty much all of us have seen that surveillance video where you can clearly see spencer stone, the largest of that group you see fighting throwing some punches as he was apparently set upon by a group of young men. at one point, somebody lunges at him, as far as we can tell, from the side. spencer stone then stands up. you can clear see in the video, a discoloration on his shirt. stone then walks away from the scene as do the group. cops have described this as quite simply an alcohol-fuelled bar brawl. listen here. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who are enjoying the nightlife in midtown sacramento. we know it's not related to what
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occurred in france. it's not related to terrorism in any way. >> reporter: police say that they are looking for at least two suspects. they describe those two as young adult asian males wearing white shirts and blue jeans. spencer stone, of course, is the american hero who tackled a would-be terrorist on a train in france. no doubt, according to officials there potentially saving many lives. he was congratulated by president obama when he returned to the u.s. after spending time in germany in a military hospital. today, spencer stone finds himself once again in the hospital. officials also tell us here at uc davis, he's a fighter. they expect him to make a full recovery. >> jonathan hunt live in sacramento, thank you very much. shocking. >> not the headline -- >> when i saw it as a tweety
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thought it was a joke. the hero in paris was stabbed. >> i thought it was a terror revenge. it was just a bar brawl. when you hear about ben carson under attack, i thought it was the same thing from tuesday. it got misconstrued. he ends up defending himself the entire time. then i read into the story. it was generated from gq magazine. of all people, they've found the republican kofrns and all these candidates repulsive -- okay maybe donald trump. number two on the list of hateful candidates, ben carson. >> a blogger comments from gq -- >> we have a picture of mcgarrett. there he is right there. this is the guy who did the hit piece on ben carson. >> sure did. it's actually backfiring. here's a little bit of it now. >> take it slow. there's expletives. >> he said that you are now
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bearing witness to an arms race of stupid because stupid in such high demand from the gop base at the present moment. >> the first line much it, you know the only thing more alarming than donald trump leading the presidential field is ben carson is the guy behind him. he calls carson a liar, says that story about him at popeye's probably didn't happen. >> back fires on social media. the hash tags were media fail, media bias, #boycott gq. this wasn't just from republicans. >> what is going on there? our fox news digital politics expert looks at why they did this hit piece on ben carson. >> ben carson, an effect of making people's heads just pop. they cannot take it because you have a guy who is very conservative, very christian who also is a black man, who is a brain surgeon and it is -- it is so mind-boggling for the people
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who are -- they've decided that it's over for ben carson and they're going to just, they have to end this and shout him down. >> no one takes their cues from gq unless you want to find out if the italian suits are in. >> what about pocket squares? >> that's where i go for that. >> french cuffs would be a year and a half to adjust to. >> they're looking good. >> meanwhile, what i thought was interesting, they said we'll be talking about how jeb bush and marco rubio, established candidates are where it should be at. instead, they have make terms about jeb bush, marco rubio and others. he puts down the entire field. i want to tell you, if the headline of any article had politics involved, says if it said blank hillary clinton, i would be outraged. you should not be doing this. you should be able to express yourself in a magazine without using an expletive or destroying one party. >> this magazine is to the left,
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it has one agenda. to your point, elisabeth, about how it has backfired, somebody tweeted this. if you said that about obama, you would be called a racist. couldn't get out of your house. >> keep in mind, the title of the article was go -- starts with an -- use your imagination, ben carson. that was it. >> he's not going anywhere. if you look at his following, recent polling, ben carson looks like he is here to stay. let's talk about the stunning news that happened this afternoon after republican conference that was supposed to give us an idea of who the next speaker of the house would be. we find out the leading candidate who easily had over 200 votes who needed about -- >> 218. >> said he was probably not going to get there. he dropped out. were there other things involved? ole he'll remain as majority leader but not speaker of the house. sending the republican caucus into temporary chaos. >> right.
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>> probably his comments last week about benghazi did not help him. reportedly paul ryan got two calls from speaker boehner asking him, look, you're the only guy who can unite the party. apparently, he's thinking about it. which is stunning, steve, he said no way, i like ways and means. leave me alone. >> he alluded to the fact combined with his three kids, not the perfect one for him right now. everyone else seems to think it would. >> john boehner later in the day agreed to stay on until they could find somebody. then people started talking about well, we need a caretaker. we need somebody to be the speaker until the next election. what about mitt romney and that was a real rumor going around capitol hill. and then, wait a minute, he's never had the job. what about newt gingrich. he's had the job, would be a great caretaker, great on iran and great on all the stuff. >> what about that? >> makes sense. what did newt have to say about that. here he is with shawn on the
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radio yesterday. >> obviously, no citizen, i mean, could ever turn down that kind of challenge. this is why george washington came out of retirement. there are moments you can't avoid. what i would say, which would be more practical, is if the house republican conference wanted me to be in a position to sit down with them and talk with them and help them think this through, i think this is a conferencewide problem. i don't think it's a personality problem. i think this is something which requires serious historic thought and keep in mind, you do not have to be a member of congress to be the speaker of the house. >> i did not know that. i had no idea about that. mitt romney would be the answer. he's not conservative enough for a lot of the caucus. >> do you think paul ryan will change his mind? >> i really think, even though he's more of a policy guy than a wrangler, he sense he might move it. that would take all the things from the word chaos to everyone
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talking about the stardom of paul ryan and his potential talent and ability. i think it will change the dialog. >> a shocking afternoon for many reasons. that's right. we have more to come on this program. heather nauert starts it off with a fox news alert and headlines. >> good morning guys. six utilities workers hurts in an explosion at the priest rapids dam in washington state. at least five are hospitalized and two in critical condition. the explosion was caused by an electrical malfunction. it caused power and cell phone outages in that area, but they say there's no danger to the public. homeland security will get a look at the flooding in south carolina today. he'll meet with federal, state and local officials in charleston and columbia. two of the hardest hit areas. residents in the low-lying areas along the coast are urged to evacuate. the governor warning that flooding along those coastal areas could drag on for the next two weeks.
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the legendary chef paul who put cajun cooking on the culinary map dies at the age of 75. his death was confirmed by his restaurant in new orleans. a representative said he died after a brief illness but did not give details. he was known for his fresh approach to gumbo, jambalaya and dirty rice. revolutionizing the cajun and creole cuisine. i have a lot of his stuff back home and love it. he'll be missed. donald trump isn't sorry about his news on immigration. this is quite a story. he's insisted that the he has the latino vote locked down. his critics laughed that off. this could now be his proof. watch. >> there trump, we vote for mr. trump. yes! mr. trump, we love you! we love you! >> so okay here's what happened.
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that was in las vegas. that woman was in the audience. exactly. it is like the price is right. she was holding on to a people magazine cover that had him on the cover. he was complaining about the size of his nose when he saw that magazine out in the crowd. he said, lady, come on up here. they had never met before that moment. boy, did they have fun. >> he called that moment beautiful. >> it was. >> hillary clinton has been planning that. >> no. perfect -- you never know twhwhs going to happen. huge news in the hasselbeck family. we're going to get color commentator on it from you. this is coming up. president obama set to visit oregon today one week after the community college shooting there. our next guest says new laws won't do a thing to make us less safe. he has the shocking statistics to prove it, next. think you've had tough work days. got nothing on this guy. >> oh, no. >> down goes the guy.
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rolling, rolling, rolling. >> he got tarped. >> oh, boy.
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humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. a fox news alert. president obama is heading to roseberg, oregon, later today to meet with the families of those killed at the shooting at the community college a week ago. this morning, in a new report,
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it says the president is ready to take executive action on gun control. but would new laws make you safer? joining us right now is john -- the president of crime prevention center and the author of more guns, less crime. john, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> that particular college campus was a gun-free zone. your theory is that if somebody is plotting or planning a mass attack, that's the first place they're going to go, isn't it, a gun-free zone? >> that's exactly right. anybody who reads their diaries or look at other statements that the killers have left know that their goal is to get attention. they know nat more people they can kill or injure, the more attention they can get. they make it very clear they want to go to a place where they can unfettered kill as many people and to do that, you want to go to a place people can't
3:19 am
defend themselves. >> for instance, the shoot ner charleston, the church was not his first target, was it? >> no. charleston college was. he found out there's a lot of armed security on campus when he researched it. he knew he wouldn't be successful killing many people. >> the guy in colorado, aurora, he went to a movie theater. why that theater? >> well, again, his first choice was another target. it was going to go after an airport, but he realized after looking into it that there was too much armed security. they would stop him there also before he was able to kill many people. >> if you look at the -- go ahead. >> if you look at the choice of movie theater, there were seven movie theaters within a 20-minute drive of the department. only one of those posted signs banning concealed hand guns. that's the one he went to there. >> since 1950, all public mass shootings except two have been
3:20 am
in a gun-free zone. john, what's your advice to the president of the united states? >> well, my advice is that he stop pushing these proposals that wouldn't have stopped any of these attacks that he's talked about, that he's spent times giving speeches on and try to look at what facts are motivating these guys. they want this attention and they want to go to a place where they can't be stopped quickly. and to try that change that, try to get rid of some of these gun-free zones which are actually magnets for the criminals going in to do their tasks. >> you have made that crystal clear. john lott, the author of more guns, less crime. sir, thank you for joining frus tampa this morning. >> thank you. straight ahead, terrifying moments when a bridge collapses on a group of hikers. oh, my goodness. look at that. more of the video state straight
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ahead. a man has a bone to pick about a tale of misery. doggone it. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. [engine revving] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to
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improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. time now for a quick look at the headlines. glad you're up. a member of the royals ground crew gets completely eaten up by this tarp. look at this in kansas city. a rain delay of the game against houston. luckily, that worker walked away unharmed. since cheerleading isn't april -- cheerleading will not have to rely on local businesses to foot the bill. the department of education will have to come up with safety standards no later than july
3:25 am
2017. my feeling is, no pyramid. work on that, chris. brian, thanks. a family owned business owner has a bone to pick after legally opening up his pet. my hometown. passed a law banning pets. he was forced to close his business. scott is not going down without a fight. he joins us live to discuss. scott, thanks for being with us now. you have adorable puppies with you right now. st. bernard, sweet girl. golden doodles. >> perfect puppy. you had set it up. you had gotten -- hi. it's okay. you got a license. you opened it up. you passed inspection. all prior to this law being enacted, correct? >> correct. >> and then what happened? >> well, the city decided after i opened up the only store that sold puppies in east providence, they decided to pass an ordinance banning the sale of
3:26 am
puppies from any commercial establishment. >> the idea there is that they don't want puppy mills, that the pet stores are bad to animals. what's different about perfect puppy? why should you be able to sell them? >> we're different. most of my puppies i personally go and pick up myself. i meet the breeders. i meet the people i'm doing business with. so i take great pride in where my puppies come from. >> sure. >> who my breeders are. >> going beyond that, when the state comes in or city comes in like east providence has and said you can no longer have your location after it was lawfully created. you created your business under the law. now you're seeking compensation, your attorneys stepped up for you. >> correct. >> what are you seeking? >> i am seeking damages for the property that they took from me. it cost me money to set that legal business up. now the government, they just want to come in and take it from
3:27 am
me, offer me no compensation whatsoever. >> put your monday sboi this business. not only that, it was a place for the puppies. let me ask you. you have the perfect puppy set up and you've got these sweet buddies here and this sweet girl, st. bernard, what happened to the puppies in your store? can people adopt these? >> they can. i had to move the puppies out of my store to my other location which is in scituate. right now, with the help of the pacific legal foundation and david brema down there, real, real great people. they're helping me to stand up to my constitutional and property rights. >> you feel you lawfully created this business, set it up and the law came down on you. now you're literally paying the price. >> i have never been -- i have never had one violation of any kind of -- any kind of violation from the department of agriculture for the puppies or
3:28 am
anything. >> i'm going to fight for the puppies and for everybody really. because this can happen to happen. not just the perfect puppy. they can pass just about any law at these local levels and just take business away, which isn't -- i thought i woke up in america. it's very, very difficult. >> you're going to stay on it. we're thankful you came from rhode island. i'm glad you brought the puppies for me. hopefully they find a good home, scott. >> thank you very much. >> now this, terrifying moments when a bridge collapses on a group of hikers. look at this. >> that heart stopping video, you need to see it again. just digest it. a big night for my brother-in-law leading the colts to a huge victory. what got him there is nothing short of amazing. happy birthday to scotty
3:29 am
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which may cause kidney failure. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. second and goal. fake. back to the end zone. andre johnson. back to houston. andre johnson and he takes it across for the touchdown. >> that guy throwing the ball is great. >> what a night that was for the colts. that was fun. my 40-year-old brother-in-law showing them that 40 is still 20. >> he was getting an iv during
3:33 am
the week, he was dehydrated. people say -- >> wait, wait. he got an iv. >> he had a virus during the week. he was really seeing going into the game. what i love about matthew -- to seal the victory. 27-20 over the texans. that was pretty great. but it was an emotional win for the koemts. they had andrew luck down, matthew sick during the week and they pulled off this victory and here's matthew explaining how it got to him. >> it wasn't as hard as i thought before the game. i honestly thought i didn't know if i could make it through. i was able to finish. i can't explain it. it was amazing. >> where do the tears come from right now? >> i got nothing left, probably. i don't know. an emotional day. >> he had a bacterial infection they reported during the week. and andrew luck was supposed to be okay enough to play. next thing you know he's playing in the first half.
3:34 am
there was a scramble at your house to find out if the rumor was true. >> couldn't have been more happy for him. the sacrifice that went into the game. matthew was ready to be there and he got healthy. the team comes out as a whole victorious. when you look at what happened with the offensive plays, really designed to protect him, you have frank gore rushing 22 times for 98 yards. the team making huge sacrifices and my husband, tim, didn't let it go without brother razzing here. >> he found out he was sick, let's go, hasselbeck. is this when you're feeling sick? and posted a picture of his belly. >> hasselbeck boys. after the victory he said, that's how to muscle out a win, hasselbeck! tim has a storage of photos of matthew from when they were little. >> embarrassing thing. >> for him and against him at all times. >> he was so happy for his brother. >> hasselbeck last name aside, this was an unbelievable performance for a guy who has
3:35 am
been a backup. after being a star starter, andrew luck going down. the fact that they can get an -- he saved the colts season you could argue. >> matthew would be the first to say he was doing what he was smoesed to do out there and they were trying to help one another out. when you've got a team like that. >> there's the little brothers, probably a slap on the backside below the screen. >> giants/seahawks. >> hooray for the hasselbecks. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather joins us. we start out in arizona. >> while you were talking we got information in. there was another school shooting to tell you about this morning. one person is dead and at least three others injured after a shooting at northern arizona university. that is in flagstaff, arizona. police say the gunman opened fire near one of the dorms on campus. police rushing to the injured to the hospital there. the extent much their injuries not known at this time. police did take the suspect into
3:36 am
custody and they say the campus is not on lockdown. this coming in just a short while ago. we'll keep you posted on updates. a desperate search under way for an army veteran who vanished. after meeting up with someone selling a car on craigslist. 22-year-old robert polk vanished on saturday in st. louis. he had been saving up for months and months working at a temporary job for a car that he has always dreamed of. his family believes that something went wrong. >> been talking to him about a black mustang, and he hasn't been back since. he's not a person that would be gone for no -- 24 hours without calling me. >> he was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. anyone with information, give st. louis police a call please. big break in this terrifying kidnap that we told you about yesterday. police in bridge port identified a suspect accused of trying to
3:37 am
snatch a 17-year-old girl on her way to school. you can see her there at the side of the road as she jumped out of that car to escape. police have recovered the toyota seen in the video. they're still working to try to track down that driver. investigators say that the victim, that's how she got out of the car, she rolled out. they do not believe she knew the suspect. a suspension bridge snaps under a group of hikers. that terrifying ordeal call caught on camera. take a look. >> oh, no. you can see as the french hikers tumble down 30 feet into the water below. this happened in new zealand. amazingly, there were no serious injuries. thankful for that. they're investigating that. every time you cross one much those things, i get a little nervous. for good reason. >> because it bounces. >> they're all okay.
3:38 am
there's a camera on maria molina as she's outside. >> that's right. we're looking at nice fall weather across the new york city area and also the rest of the northeast. however, we're going to be seeing a lot of the weather changing out here because we have a quick moving area of low pressure. it's bringing in rain across parts of upstate new york and that forecast to increase in coverage across the region heading into later this afternoon and into tonight. i hope you have your umbrella if you live across parts of the northeast. other areas also dealing with heavy rain this morning across parts of southern texas, southwest of austin, heavy storms through that area now and across missouri and parts of kansas as well. here's a look at that forecast rad radar. you can see that rain that pushes through the southeast today and tomorrow lingering moisture in place across parts of south carolina. unfortunately, we're going to be seeing more rain across that state. it shouldn't be too significant, though. but of course, with the flooding
3:39 am
concerns, flooding ongoing across many areas. we don't want to see additional rain in the forecast. taking a look at your current temperatures, mild across the southern plains in the 70s this morning. they're going to be climbing up into the 90s. otherwise, across the great lakes and midwest, temperatures feeling like fall. 60s and 50s forecast. back inside. >> 95 in l.a. and phoenix. toasty. all right, maria, thank you very much. coming up on this friday, hundreds of billboards supporting police officers just went up all across the country. the man behind them, the blue lives matters billboards coming up next. have you been putting off repairing your bathroom tile? we know you have. we have tips to not cost you a lot of time or money. >> let's have that guy do t (vo) what does the world run on?
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welcome back. time for the news by the numbers. 340. that's the new number of sanctuary cities and countries across -- counties, rather, across the united states. this is up from more than 200 in july. they show that an average of 1,000 immigrants a month from deportation last year. 78%, that's how much more government workers make. adding up to a more than $52,000 difference and finally, 999. that's the price of the most popular subscription plan for netflix. current customers get a one-year grace period before their rates go up. enjoy that. brian? thanks, elisabeth. after 200 billboards in 20 states popped up, they're offering police officers support by saying blue lives matter. the man behind that campaign is the creative director of practical magic, trace hol well. this got bigger than you ever thought. how did that happen? >> good morning.
3:44 am
well, i'm not exactly sure how it happened other than people responding to the message. the lamar outdoor advertising company was very kind to donate space on a market by market basis. >> why was it important for you to do this? i mean, we know about black lives matter, all lives matter. blue lives matter. but you said blue lives matter. what made you take action. what resonated with you? >> i have to say really the billboards you're looking at is in the context of a larger campaign here in memphis. i was approached by a private individual who chooses to remain anonymous, who asked us to come up with some messages that are pro police, thank you police. we did that. we did a billboard that said in memphis, memphis honors the blues. we didn't know the one that
3:45 am
memphis heroes wear blue. this is the third in the series. the provocation for this billboard was back in the summer, i was just dismayed at the number of law enforcement officials that seemed to have been targeted for hate and violence and even assassination. >> yeah. 32 are dead this year. >> i just want to get the message out that these are human beings that should not be targeted for hatred or assassination just because of their wardrobe or their profession. >> i want to show you an opposition billboard that sprung up. darryl ross with community revitalization did this. in some aspects, it's shameful that it's being co-oped. it was never meant to say only black lives matter. what's your response, trace? >> my response is i agree that black lives matter. i agree that all lives matter. and i agree that blue lives matter, too. this is merely intended to be a
3:46 am
part of the cultural conversation today. it's a headline on the billboard. i'm not trying to co-op anyone or diminish anyone else. i'm just trying to say, these are human beings and they deserve respect and -- >> also lamar advertising said it's a great idea. i'm going to put that in louisiana, ohio, michigan and georgia and others in grand rapids. you started, my words, a positive trend. thanks so much for joining us today. trace hall well. >> thanks very much. >> now we know the brainchild behind it. >> thank you very much. thank you. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. a house divided. republicans scrambling after kevin mccarthy remains majority leader but shockingly drops out for the race for speaker. who could the gop turn to next? have you been putting off replacing bathroom tiles? we have tips to not only save
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you money, make people like you seem handy.
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do you call somebody or call skip? >> you could call me. but you can also do >> about so show, everybody is loving that. >> we're coming along good with this thing. >> if we want could catch a break on our own and repair the tile -- >> so if your grout is all that it's dirty, it's driving you crazy, a lot of people look at their tile like man it looks horrible. you can change it. you could fix it. >> you could have a professional come in and regrout the whole thing. or i'm going to show you how to do it today. >> first get the old grout out? >> yes, you want to get it out of there. one of the tools you can a hand tool called a grout saw. you're going to basically just scrape that right inside this grout line. >> yeah, there you go, right? >> it's a little bit -- a little bit of a manual job. not so easy to do. but you can do it. let me show you real quickly a tool you can use to make it much easier. this is an electric grout remover. >> now you're talking.
3:52 am
>> you can buy it at your hardware store or home depot, any of those. this is going to -- this is going to remove the grout for you. going to do all the work for you. >> my job here. >> what a difference, right? sounds like you're at the dentist. >> listen, after you get it all removed you want to make sure you vacuum it out good. get all of the dust out of the grout line. you're going to run down to the tile store, and you're going to pick out a color of grout that you like. >> okay. >> you want to tell the tile guy when you get to the score whether or not you're doing a floor tile or a wall tile. the reason is because there's two different types. there's sanded and unsanded. if you're working on the floor you want to make sure you use a sanded grout. >> why? >> i have some here mixed up. >> because it's more traction or just more -- >> the sand mixed in with that gives it more strength and it holds together and makes it more resistant to cracking. so you have that foot traffic on it. wall tiles like your kitchen backsplash over your counter and in your bathroom you can use unsanded grout. >> let's get this new grout in here. >> okay so you're going to use a
3:53 am
float, okay? basically we're going to put it out into the area that you're working on. okay? and try to work into an area maybe about two feet or so. i like to work about a 2x2 area. you're going to use this float to just kind of move it back and forth across those grout lines. okay? >> wow. >> and you're going to kind of just smear it right into the grout lines. this is something that anybody can do. it's not really a technical job. it's just the most important thing is that you get the grout worked into the lines. >> okay. >> you want to give it a shot? >> okay, give it a shot. >> that's fun. >> you can totally do this. okay? you run down to your tile store, they'll set you up with everything. >> you get the hang of it. >> all right. don't lie to me. >> get the hang of it. >> an "a" for effort. now this is in there. what's your next step? >> you're making a mess. >> he's not going to stop. he's going to do this -- >> okay. >> even if -- >> so once we get off here
3:54 am
you're going to go to the side, you get off to one side, get it out of your way. after working the 2x2 space then you need a wet sponge. you're going to get a hold of a wet sponge, bring that up and really what you want to do is get the excess off the grout. put it flat on the tile in circular motion just get the excess off the grout. >> wax off. >> it's like wax on, wax off. you can do this in an afternoon. you can call a professional in to do this. but after you get this done the grout is going to look like brand new and you're going to save a bunch of money. >> you will feel a sense of accomplishment? you wet this and then dry it off? >> you're going to let it dry for a couple of hours. read the directions. let it dry. when it's dry it's going to have a mild dust on it like a haze. go back with a few hours later with a wet mop, mop it off and it's going to look like brand-new. >> you get some help? >> no, you can -- >> so this is going to take me all day but if you bring in a guy like you, it will --
3:55 am
>> this is a one-day project. you pay someone like me you're going to spend $500 to $1,000 to do a typical regrouting job. you can get this material for under $100. do it yourself. save that money and take your wife out to dinner you'll be a hero, brian. >> instead of ordering in again, that will be great. fantastic. skip grout. >> who wants to high five me? okay. >> the girls. >> you can do pit >> all right, stip, thanks so much. >> now we have a fox news alert for you now. an american hero, attacked, the video that shows what happened to spencer stone outside of a bar at the top of our hour. and -- >> and if you're looking for a smarter way to get to work, how about a smart -- look at this, a smart scooter. right here on the plaza next.
3:56 am
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check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ if you're looking for a smarter way to get to work, look at these cool scooters. you pull them up and connect them to an app to improve the way we commute. they are called the fly and they've got a battery in the motor in the back wheel. the way it works as brian and elisabeth zoom around the work table out there, all you have to do is give it a push off, and you go for 500 seconds. now, brian and elisabeth i think you can hear me. what's school is, once you give it a push, you keep going at
4:00 am
that speed until you hit the brake, right? >> yeah, this is actually just going on its own. this is so much fun. and we're going to actually talk with the developer and creator of this, and how on october 14th, you can actually get in on the action to kick-start this project. imagine getting to do this, hold it up and head to work in such a fun way and you only have to pedal a few times. >> it's about $800. it's quick, it's easy. if i can do it and not hit ted, anyone can. >> close call there. >> scoot on in to the studio. you've got work to do. >> really? >> if you'd like more information about the fly clyde go to our website and you can find out how you could have one of those at your house. it is 7:00 in new york city. and this is a fox news alert. surveillance video has emerged overnight showing the alleged attack on the american hero spencer stone. he's one of the guys who stopped that, what could have been a massacre on that paris train
4:01 am
awhile back. he has been rushed to a hospital in sacramento with stab wounds, after a night out. jonathan hunt is live in sacramento with more on what happened to this american hero. jonathan, good morning. >> good morning, steve. this morning, police say they are looking for at least two suspects in this stabbing attack. they say the suspects are young, asian men. they were described as wearing jeans, and white t-shirts. now, in the surveillance video that was shot from a nearby liquor store, you can clearly see the fight taking place. spencer stone is the largest of the men involved in that fight. you see him throwing some punches. you see a group of men throwing punches back at him. and then at one point one of those men approaches him from behind and spencer stone then steps away from that and you can clearly see a discoloration on his shirt. that may have been the moment at which he was stabbed.
4:02 am
he then walked away from the group, and the group disburses. now obviously given his acts in france, there was some concern that this may have been some sort of revenge terror attack. but cops say it was actually nothing more than a bar brawl. listen here. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. we know it's not related to what occurred in france. this incident is not related to terrorism in any way. >> now that all happened just a little over 24 hours ago. at which point spencer stone was brought here to the uc-davis medical center last night. doctors gave an update on his condition. listen here. >> airman stone's condition is serious. while he has sustained significant injuries, airman stone's care team anticipates that he are make a full recovery.
4:03 am
>> and that full recovery, they say, will be made in part because as they put it the doctors here, spencer stone is a real fighter. steve? >> we know that. we know that for sure. >> thanks, jonathan. >> all right. meanwhile, at the top of the hour, heather is following breaking news situation out of arizona. >> yeah, that's right. this happening just a short while ago within the past couple of hours. we're just getting new information in and now we can confirm that one person is dead and at least three others have been injured after a shooting at northern arizona university. that's in flagstaff, arizona. police say that a gunman opened fire near mountain view hall, that's one of the dorms on campus there. the extent of the injuries not known. otherwise at this time. police say that they did take a suspect into custody, and say the campus is no longer on lockdown. in addition, we're hearing from the university that a press conference will be held at 6:00 a.m. local time, 9:00 a.m. here. we'll bring you the latest. six utility workers hurt in
4:04 am
an explosion at a dam in washington state. at least five of them hospitalized for burns. two others in critical condition at this hour. officials say the explosion was caused by an electrical malfunction. it caused power and cell phone outages in the area but they say otherwise there is no danger to the public. a new jersey post office will be renamed for a fallen marine. president obama just signing a bill to name the facility in new jersey after staff sergeant joseph de'augustine. the 29-year-old was killed in afghanistan three years ago. he was a specialist trained to dismantle bombs and had already served two tours of duty in iraq. his family calling this decision a wonderful tribute to his service. indeed. well the colts' matt hasselbeck showed up last night. elisabeth, did you hear about this one? >> i did. >> just a number that is for sure. andrew luck injured for the second straight week so the 40-year-old led indianapolis to the 27-20 victory over the
4:05 am
houston texans. he completed 18 of 29 passes for more than 200 yards. and two touchdowns. and what made last night even more impressive, hasselbeck had been battling an illness that sent him to the hospital earlier this week. and those are your headlines. elisabeth, congratulations. your family must be so excited for him. >> they were so excited to see him on field. he's fun to watch. his main goal was to let andrew get one more week. a lot of sacrifice on that team for one another. >> that's how your family is, truly. >> you are kind. that was a fun night for him. go for it, matthew. >> you're upset because you told your kids to go to bed so they didn't get to watch their uncle. >> they're actually watching it this morning. >> thank you, tivo. >> i left them updates. >> meanwhile let's talk a little bit about ben carson. he was on our show earlier in the week and a comment he made, hypothetical regarding what happened out in oregon has gone viral. a lot on the left have just said it was a crazy answer. he, makes sense to us, if you're
4:06 am
in the situation, what would you do? just stand there? would you fight back? would you run? would you pull a gun if you had one? he said he would charge the person. well, a fellow at gq magazine by the name of drew mcgary. he is a columnist. he has written a column taking a look at ben carson. and the title is fu-and the rest of the word, ben carson. >> and he goes on to put down the entire field. >> i don't think he likes republicans. >> well, establishment blank like jeb, jeb bush and marco rubio can't decide if they want to be trump or emulate him. the good doctor made it clear he is not only willing to emulate trump's brand of garbage spewing but he'll also even say dumber sh-type stuff. >> he was free with the expletives there. he used them [ bleep ] >> all right. >> you are now -- this is from his article. you're now bearing witness to an arms race. it was stupid, because stupid is
4:07 am
the base at the gop moment. i guess being a pediatric neurosurgeon is pretty dumb for this guy. >> if you're gq magazine and trying to sell a magazine that no one buys anymore because they can't lift it because it's so full of advertisements, and we can get it online, are you happy with somebody alienating 50% of the public? if that head line said "f" hillary clinton like it does here, i think that totally -- >> if you look at dr. carson's facebook followers, and twitter followers and people across the nation, gq is in a big amount of trouble. they had a huge social media epic fail in this article going viral. >> talking about the double standard. >> clearly gq has got a political bent if you read them, they go way to the left. bill o'reilly touched on it this morning. what are they doing? >> what's in style this year? do we know yet? >> i don't think anything. >> expletive. >> we're dressed perfectly.
4:08 am
chris from our digital politics department tries to explain last night what it is about ben carson that has got the political left just hysterical. listen. >> ben carson effect is making people's heads just pop. they just cannot take it. because you have a guy who is very conservative, very christian, who also is a black man, who is a brain surgeon. and it is -- it just is so mind-boggling, for the people who are -- defeats the convention. now they've decided that it's over for ben carson and they're going to just -- they have to end this and they're going to shut it down. >> inappropriate language. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us we'll share some of your comments shortly. also go on facebook because that's where most of the action is this morning. >> talk about action. what about yesterday afternoon? >> oh, my. we thought the closed-door meetings, behind closed doors, basically would have the
4:09 am
republicans emerging with a leader for speaker, and that would be kevin mccarthy. but then what happened, elisabeth? >> he dramatically really stunned republicans by dropping out of the race for speaker. letting everyone kind of shaking their head at what's going on here. concerned that he wouldn't get the majority when it went to the floor there, 218 votes. there are some people, i guess, 20 minutes after he did that, paul ryan came out with a statement said, this is not going to be my role, moving forward. he sort of distanced himself -- >> but john boehner called and spoke twice said please do this. some are thinking maybe this is just a cagey ploy on the part of mr. boehner who had said he would stick around. but maybe the plot is line up behind paul ryan, or i'm sticking around. and that is -- >> talk -- >> that is potent because there are a lot of people who would like to see mr. boehner gone. so okay. i'm going to stay here unless you line up behind paul ryan. >> then, comes out says get some generic letter about you better have this e-mail letter, you better have your
4:10 am
personalized string down and not embarrass us and everyone's saying what does he mean by that? >> is there something more to this? >> is there something going on on the personal side that's affecting the nomination for majority leader, or speaker of the house? and he was questioned about that specifically, and he would not -- shepard smith, and he would not -- would not answer it. regardless, if you listen to kevin mccarthy. he didn't have the votes. he didn't want to go through it. thought to himself, do i really want this job? >> sure. >> because the question is, if john boehner's out, although he says he's going to stick around, maybe the republicans should consider a caretaker. and according to the constitution, you do not have to be a member of congress. so then people were scratching their heads, the name mitt romney came up. >> it did. >> but then the name newt gingrich came up and a lot of people said, yeah. would he like the job? here's what he said to sean hannity on the radio show. >> obviously no citizen, i mean, could ever turn down that kind of challenge.
4:11 am
this is why george washington came out of retirement, there are moments that you can't avoid. what i would say, which would be more practical, is if the house republican conference wanted me to be in a position to sit down with them and talk with them and try to help them think this through. i think this is a conference-wide problem. i don't see this as a personality problem. i think this is something which requires serious, historic thought. >> so, serious historic thought. but the freedom caucus got their point of view, and the mccarthys have their point of view. nothing's going to happen for the republican party, the house, if they cannot compromise on some level. >> that's right. >> so does anyone want to have a caretaker for 16 more months get nothing done? >> well, maybe they could actually get a lot -- if it were somebody like newt gingrich i mean he would be great, a great counterbalance to the iran deal. you know, it's all about the debt limit. close down the government, once upon a time so a lot of people are thinking, maybe that makes sense. we have got kevin mccarthy on
4:12 am
this program. he's going to be with us this morning. nonetheless, he can price -- >> a lot of people -- >> yes, they have been tweeting him nasty tweets. and he's going to share a few of them with you. poor guy. >> also, chris christie says this is just all a game of thrones. he also knows what it's like to be targeted as the front-runner when these attacks come from the left and from the right. i've got to get his perspective on what's happening with ben carson. >> absolutely. you're not going to want to miss that. now this, so imagine you are driving down the road and this happens. >> 911, what is the address of your emergency? >> up, my car just won't stop. my car will not stop. >> oh, wow. >> the accelerator was stuck. how police dispatcher saved this teenager's life. >> like a sandra bullock movie. and it's hillary versus hillary. which one do you like better, the politician or the hilarious comedian? next. your allergies bring more than sneezing...
4:13 am
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4:16 am
well, it's a tale of two clintons. hillary versus hillary. the former secretary of state appearing on "saturday night live" and the "today" show this
4:17 am
week in a town hall. which was a better performance. joining us is lee carter. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you know we have seen two different hillarys this past week. >> oh, it's been unbelievable. >> okay. so the first clip we're going to show you is of hillary on the "today" show and also hillary, the real one and the fake one, on "saturday night live," right? >> yep. >> watch the dial. >> you are really easy to talk to, val. >> oh, thanks. you know, that's the first time i've ever heard that. >> val, val. i wish you could be president. >> me, too! >> well, actually, it's both. i mean, i'm sorry that i made a choice that has resulted in this kind of situation. and that i made a mistake. obviously if i had to do it over again, i wouldn't. it was ahowed, and everybody has confirmed that. >> seems like the democrats, the blue lines, liked her in both places. >> absolutely. democrats gave her an "a" in
4:18 am
both situations. in the "saturday night live" it's sort of expected. oh, hillary is trying to be familiar. republicans gave her a "c" minus. on the today show they gave her a "b" minus. by the end of the time she was talking they gave it together and republicans started responding to hillary. what they were saying is she put herself out there across all topics. she opened herself up and she put herself up in a risky situation which is what people have been asking for. is it going to last? i don't know but people really responded to it. >> if they could put her on every saturday night maybe that would help her out. >> maybe. >> meanwhile the republicans are out on the stump every day. here are three of the candidates, including ben carson, what he said right over there on that couch along with marco rubio and jeb bush, and watch the dials, blue is democrats. and red are the republicans. watch. >> i'm glad you asked that question, because not only would i probably not cooperate with them, i would -- i would not
4:19 am
just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say hey guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> i always find the reflective action of the left is to say we need more gun laws. criminals don't follow gun laws. only law-abiding people follow gun laws. >> very sad to see. i resist the notion, and i had this challenge as governor. look, stuff happens. there's always a crisis. and the impulse is always to do something, and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. >> it looked to me like the only candidates the republicans really like, regarding their answers, was marco rubio, where it was actually building during his answer. >> yeah, rubio did a really, really good job. it gave rubio an "a" overall from the republicans. democrats gave him a "d." democrats, in fact, gave everybody a "d" overall. i think carson, i was really surprised, because of the back lash he's gotten, i really expected to see those dials just tank. and they didn't. they were pretty static. they were pretty flat. and so, when we got the comments
4:20 am
back, there were some people who were really angry, so you do see some of that stuff that we've been seeing in the media. but frankly the people were saying it's not as bad that we've been hearing. i thought that was really surprising. people were disappointed in bush. they wanted to hear him come out stronger. whereas rubio did. and so, people gave -- they gave bush just a "b" minus. >> all right. interesting stuff. thanks for running the dials. >> yeah, of course. >> all across the country talking to people about it. thank you very much. >> any time. >> see you next time. meanwhile, imagine going to pick up your toddler from day care, and seeing this. your child, left alone, outside. we're going to show you what one dad did. and forget boy bands, these women are changing music business. their amazing story, next. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
all right. headlines now. urban outfitters wants their employees to work for free on weekends. the company calling it team building activity. but they would be volunteering to pack up and ship items. hmm. that will bring a team together. being broke together. and google just bought the alphabet. it purchased the domain abcdefg -- it's for google's parent company called alphabet. i'm going to look into that. >> next time won't you sing with me, brian. ♪ our special series celebrating hispanic heritage month comes to an end this week. but not before we show you this special piece ahead.
4:25 am
i'm excited to be joined by brian yenous who is here to help us about a group of women paving the way for the next generation with their own twist on a traditional sound. >> good morning, elisabeth. that's exactly right. new york's first all-female mariachi group, the band made of 13 women pays homage to the mexican roots of mariachi with their unique take on the music. ♪ when you think of mariachi music, young, diverse, vibrant women probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. mariac mariachi, a rich, cultural tradition indigenous to western mexico has been a male-dominated industry since the 1800s. but one group is changing the face of the machismo industry and introducing the world to
4:26 am
them. i sat down and found out how they are making it happen. >> i started the group. my father was a mariachi and i grew up with the music. i noticed that there weren't that many women playing mariachi music. i thought it would be really cool. >> what are your biggest obstacles as women in a completely male-dominated industry? >> as far as my male counterparts, as musicians, sometimes they're just taken more seriously. >> there still very much is that machismo. >> yes. we bring something very refreshing to the platform of mariachi, because, everything, you know. we have our own power, and own command that we have to work harder for it. it's different, and it's special. ♪ >> not only are the ladies shattering gender roles, but they bring something else truly unique to mariachi music. mariachi bands are mexican. 100% mexican. so, you all are represent so
4:27 am
many different cultures. why is that important? >> we're new york band. and new york is a melting pot. we're representing the new generation. we can all share and communicate the music. it's beautiful that we're all from different backgrounds. everybody in the band has learned a little bit of the mexican culture through the music. and that's also important. >> and while they respect the mexican tradition of mariachi, they like to shake things up as far as sound and style. >> when we started the mariachi, it was very important for us to have obviously the essence of mariachi. and i come from that tradition. we wanted to express our own version of mariachi. and put our own taste to the music. >> all these women are embracing the tradition of mariachi, this music that's been around for 200 years. that's a beautiful thing, no? to have people from other cultures embrace something that's so specific and rooted in mexican history and culture. >> this music has a very
4:28 am
important social element. it brings people to hear it. and i think i really like it. >> you represe century in so many different ways. you're multicultural. you are all women. you're leading our families in our community. that's a big responsibility. >> it's a very big responsibility. and people feel empowered by seeing that something like this can have success. that's enough to carry those kind of examples, and representation for the new generation of women. latinas, but not just latinas, everywhere. we all deal with that. in all cultures. >> your debut album came out number two on the itunes latin charts. where do you go from here? where does flora go from here? >> maybe so. >> yeah, right. the ladies are one step closer to achieving their dreams. they were just nominated for their very first latin grammy for best album. i'm certainly rooting for them
4:29 am
elisabeth and can't wait to find out the results next month. >> i know what my first download is going to be today. thanks for that wonderful piece brian llenas. so we have showcased some amazing individuals over the past couple of weeks here and we hope that we've left you as inspired as we have been here to check out all of these stories celebrating hispanic heritage month visit us at incredib incredible. now this coming up, who says donald trump is having problems getting the latino vote? >> we vet for mr. trump! yes! >> well, meet donald trump's biggest new fan, next. she's excited. plus, a speaker stunner. congressman kevin mccarthy withdraws from the race. so who will be the next speaker? chris christie says this is just a game of thrones anyway. he's going to join us to explain, next.
4:30 am
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hillary clinton continues to distance herself from the obama administration. hillary just came out against president obama's trans-pacific partnership trade agreement. also known as the tpp. which is weird, because when obama asked hillary if she was down with tpp, she said yeah, you know me. and now she's saying a flip-flop. the flip flip flip, flop you don't -- >> it is pretty astounding though. jokes aside, that hillary clinton, who listed as one of her accomplishments the pushing forward of this pacific trade agreement, that she's against it. >> 45 times it's documented in the course of two years did she go forward and support that only to come back right now and it seems to be a political move more than anything else. >> no! come on elisabeth. >> sorry. >> so she was for it before she was against it. sound familiar? meanwhile, chaos on capitol hill in washington, d.c. house majority leader kevin
4:34 am
mccarthy, stunned everybody, dropping out of the race for speaker, and this morning, republicans later on are going to meet to figure out what happens next. governor and presidential candidate chris christie says nobody other than people in washington care. he joins us right now live from new hampshire. governor, good morning to you. is that how you feel that nobody really cares about the speaker thing other than the inside the beltway crowd? >> not only how i feel it's what i'm hearing out here in new hampshire. people are sick of the whole game of thrones routine in washington, d.c. they're sick of these guys just caring about who gets what title. and what big office. and the best table at the restaurant in washington, d.c. what they like is for them to actually do something that they promise to do. whether that's pass tax reform and put it on the president's desk. or pass a repeal in replacing obamacare and put it on his desk. let's get the country moving and this republican congress hasn't done that. i hope whoever becomes speaker will make that their priority.
4:35 am
not which table they get at a d.c. restaurant. >> but, governor, doesn't it say a lot that no one really wants this job? they do not feel in some cases they can get the freedom caucus to go along with the moderate section to go along with the ones who want to compromise. doesn't that say a lot to you to what's going on in washington, and doesn't it make that position matter even more? >> well, of course it says a lot about what's going on in washington. it's complete dysfunction and these people don't know how to work with each other. listen, i've dealt with a democratic legislature in new jersey for every minute of my six years as governor and i've never used it as an excuse not to get things done. so i'm tired of hearing them make excuses. get in a room and get things done. but instead all they do is have battling press conferences, battling press releases, criticizing each other and they don't put the american people first. we immediate to start putting the concern of the 45-year-old construction worker who is out there this morning watching this show, and make sure that we say, what are we going to do for his family? >> sure. >> what are you going to do to help his children get a better
4:36 am
college education? what are we going to do to make sure terrorism doesn't attack his family? but they're not talking about those things. they're talking about who's going to get the best title. it's ridiculous. >> but as president, governor christie, how would you get in there and deal with house republicans yourself? >> your own party? >> well in the same way that i've dealt with folks in trenton for the last six years. you know, this is one of the toughest states to govern in america. what you do is you spend the time, you work, you pull people to compromise. you're the executive. you're the leader. and that's why there's all this focus on the house republicans today but the dysfunction in washington is not only their fault, it the fault of a president of the united states who hasn't engaged congress in his seven years in office. those executive actions to go around congress because he can't get his way, instead of trying to force compromise like i've tried to do in new jersey. now, it doesn't mean that you don't stand up and fight when you need to. i've vetoed 400 bills as governor. more than any governor in new jersey history. and i've vetoed more tax increases than any governor in american history. but you also have to have the ability to bring people together
4:37 am
and work with them. that's how we capped property taxes, reformed teacher tenure, reform pension and benefits with democratic votes, as well. that's what they need to do. but the president isn't doing it and the leaders in congress aren't. >> speaking of the president, the president is going to apply his 747 out to roseburg, oregon later today. he's going to be meeting with some of the families of some of the victims. apparently there are thousands of people who are going to protest his appearance. we want to play a sound bite for you from a brother of one of the victims saying essentially he does not want the president to politicize this murder. listen. >> i feel that he's -- he really dropped the ball on all this, on the shootings, and the proper support where it really should have been. just -- offended by just the president coming out and just using her as an agenda. of our whole community -- >> there's jessy atkinson
4:38 am
speaking about his sister cheyenne who survived that terrible shooting there at the campus, but was in the hospital recovering, saying the president is using their families to put forward his politics. should he be out there? and is he using these families? >> well, listen, his statements were obscene. it's that simple. the fact is, i got asked two nights ago at a town hall here in new hampshire if i were president what would i have said? what i would have said is that i'm praying for those families. and that i care deeply about their loss. and that we have to pay attention to what their concerns are now, and try to help them rebuild their lives. as a father of four children, it's unimaginable to me how you could deal with the loss of a child in that kind of sudden and violent way. and so, that's what the president should have been talking about and bringing the country together. instead, he gives a rant behind the podium in the white house briefing room, a temper tantrum over the things that his liberal agenda, that can't get done, and he uses these shootings to try to get -- as a chance to get it
4:39 am
done. it's obscene. the president's wrong. and that young man is right. >> he also happens to be queueing up some executive actions reportedly on gun control. listen, want to bring you to hillary clinton. she compared the nra and some republicans to -- to iranians, and to communists. listen. >> the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the iranians, or the communists. you know, there's no possible discussion. and it's for political purposes. >> well, what do you think about that? >> has she taken leave of her senses? she said you can't negotiate with the iranians? that's what she was doing for four years as secretary of state, and now she's supported the agreement. she supported the agreement that is going to give iran a nuclear weapon. and now she's saying it's like negotiating with the iranians. >> she's flip-flopping. >> you can't talk to them. well you've been talking to them
4:40 am
forever, mrs. clinton. and this deal that's going to lead iranians -- the iranians to have a nuclear weapon is on your watch, and your fault. i mean, listen, this will just tell the american people, people watching this morning i want you to listen to that, combined with her position on tpp. this woman is so desperate for power she will say anything. absolutely anything at any time. it makes no sense. it's nonsensical. i think someone needs to talk to her and get her in off her desperate ledge, worried about whether joe biden's going to get in this race or not, and her dream for eight more years of free public housing in washington, d.c. is going up in flames. >> all right. chris christie, who is fired up on this friday morning. live from looks like a really great diner up in -- >> you know me. you know me, steve. early fired up, baby. it's early but we're ready to go. another great day in new hampshire. >> who needs coffee when you've got chris christie. thank you very much, have a great trip. >> thank you, governor. >> wow. >> we went through the whole
4:41 am
interview and he didn't yell at me. he usually yells at me. >> we've got an hour and 20 minutes left of the show. let's go over to heather with the news. >> no yelling. >> of course. >> we're all parents here. picking your kid up from school or day care, unbelievable what happened to this father. how on earth does this happen? a father finds his 2-year-old son unsupervised at a day-care center in virginia. the dad's name is randolph wilkinson. and he says he found his young son alone on the play ground, when he went to pick him up. to show just how outrageous it was he recorded it. watch this. >> see the director right there and she's looking right at me and she's like oh, your dad's here and she's looking around, everywhere. and she says, where he is? and i make a beeline straight to the door. and i said he's outside. >> he was outside alone. well, that day care director apologized. the bad says, his son won't be going there anymore. well, frantic 911 call from
4:42 am
wisconsin teenager after her car's accelerator gets stuck. >> my car just won't stop. my car will not stop. >> shift into neutral or your "n" if you can. >> okay. >> and she did. and that saved her. what an amazing person on the other end of the 911 call. well olivia crooks was at school in green bay, her car suddenly started speeding out of control, the 16-year-old immediately called 911, that dispatcher helped her pull her car over and she got out safely. there was a broken piece of plastic that caused that accelerator to get stuck. crooks says she was just happy that no one was hurt. indeed. and donald trump isn't shy about his views on immigration. he's insisted that he has the latino vote locked down. his critics, of course, have laughed that off. but this could be the proof. >> i'm hispanic and i vote for mr. trump! we vote for mr. trump! yes! mr. trump!
4:43 am
can we love you! we love you! all the way to the white house! trump! >> love that lady. she's so cute and very enthusiastic, as well. she's from columbia. she joined trump on stage at a rally in las vegas last night. trump says he had never met that woman before. you can see her holding up that copy of "people" magazine. he was on the cover of that. he was talking about it. she was holding it in the audience. he spotted her and said, hey, come on up here. >> and he autographed it. >> her name miriam witcher from columbia. straight ahead, we all know how uncomfortable performance reviews from your boss can be. imagine getting a performance review from your spouse. >> uh-oh. >> how reviewing your relationship could actually make your marriage stronger than ever. >> i hope. let's find out. >> plus the other kevin mccarthy joins us live with his favorite films of the year.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
all right 2015 has been booming with box office hits. and this weekend is just going to add to that list. two more highly anticipated films hit theaters. "steve jobs" and "pan" as in peter pan. >> fox news contributor and founder of nerd is here. >> will he pan either of them? >> it's gooed to see you guys. honor to be here on the couch. >> "steve jobs." >> this movie is an absolute masterpiece. this is by danny boyle who did slum dog millionaire. allen sorkin who did things like west wing and newsroom. it's not a biopic.
4:48 am
it's a three act struck your and each act is 40 minutes prior to a major product launch. '84 is the macintosh, '88 is the extube and '98 is the imac. the technology gets more clear as the film goes on. 1984 was shoot with grainy 16 millimeter film. 1988 was shot with 35 millimeter film and in 1990 it was damage tal. as the movie goes on it gets clearer. >> what a cool idea. >> it ends on the imac. it's an absolutely brilliant film feels like an action movie for two hours but there's no action. it's all dialogue. the dialogue is the explosion. i gave it five out of five. it's my third five out of five of the year. amazing. >> the families upset by it. do they have a right to be? >> the movie does fictionalize a lot of things. they took it from walter iverson's book. there's fictionalized accounts. there's definitely real life but
4:49 am
they fictionalized. >> how do you walk away feeling about steve jobs? >> it's interesting. he had a bad quality element to him that they feature in the film. but they walk away kind of, you do feel a little bittersweet about it. it's interesting. >> we have ten seconds. pan "pan" for us. >> wasn't that great. unnecessary. wasn't worth seeing. the visuals are phenomenal. overall 2 1/2 out of 5. >> go see "steve jobs." >> an unnecessary movie. >> yeah. >> listen in the next hour kevin's response to all those mean tweeters out there who thought that he was the other kevin mccarthy. we've got some epic responses from you coming up an hour from now. >> i've been getting some horrific tweets. some very, very bad tweets. >> you broke it up. >> all right. >> something else. let's move ahead. make your marriage stronger by giving your spouse a performance review. >> hi, honey. >> i would not pass that. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
4:50 am
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4:52 am
and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life.
4:53 am
not the other way around. we know about performance reviews. for instance here at work. imagine getting one of them from your spouse. well, what if we told you giving your spouse a review could actually make your marriage stronger? >> exactly. >> would you believe it? >> no one is going to be judged. here to explain is the president of family first and author of all-pro dad mark merrill. mark, explain this theory. >> well, steve, elisabeth and brian, you guys ready to give your spouses a performance review? >> i'm not sure. >> convince us this is a good thing. >> i think we're more scared about getting reviews. why should we do this? >> well, people don't always do what we expect, right? even our spouses. they do what we inspect. and so just like we have performance reviews for our bodies, right? we get physicals.
4:54 am
we have -- teacher/parent conferences to check our children's performance. why wouldn't we do that in our most important relationships? so it's really critical that we do this. just to see what are the areas that we are maybe need improvement. what are the areas that we are doing well in. >> okay. so you say sit down with your spouse and one of the things, one of the first questions you ask, what would be one thing you wish i would start or stop doing. >> uh-oh. >> well, that's a critical one. what's one thing you wish i would stop or start doing. >> what's bugging you? >> that's right. we have to be really ready to receive what our spouses have to say. and not get defensive about it. so if she says i want you to stop being so critical, we really have to receive that and dig a little bit deeper and determine how can we do that better. >> okay. >> honey, you should stop doing things yong. how is that for a retort? >> the second thing we should be asking, what do you wish i would say to you more often? >> yeah, that's really important. because words are powerful.
4:55 am
and just as words can tear down, they can also build up. so we need to make sure that we lift our spouse. maybe you said i love you on your wedding day but that doesn't get it. we need to continue telling our spouses that we love them. we encourage them. we need to use uplifting words. that's what really puts winds into the sails of our spouses. >> just say, yes, dear. whatever the question. yes, dear. >> yes, ma'am. that's right. >> and -- >> that's all we need to do. >> here's a bigger one. how can i be a better spouse? you better bring a pillow for that one. >> that is a big one. that's one of the ones where we really do need to listen and even take notes when we're having this performance review. and just determine, how can i be the best i can be for you. >> mark, let me ask you this. when is the best time to have this talk? is wine something you would suggest at the table at the time? how often are you to have these reviews? yearly? >> well, you know, it's a good thing to do it more often than not. just because you don't want things to build up to the end of the year. it's not like you have one annual review. every few weeks it's a good
4:56 am
thing to do. even once a week, keep a short leash on those issues. >> that's good. every time you inspect your car might be a trigger to go have this review. >> that's a great idea. go take the car in, have a performance review. >> or every 3,000 miles. honey, i've gone 3,000 miles, let's talk. >> i think it's a great idea. i'll be reviewing tim tonight. >> all right, elisabeth, tweet it out. let us know how it goes. >> mark merrill joining us with how to have a performance review from your spouse. >> right. >> from tampa. >> you know what's going to happen. what can i do to be better? and my wife is going to say, you're perfect now. >> meanwhile coming up. >> free speech under fire. john stossel says america has been censored. and when you see the examples you'll want to fight back. >> and tgif to grumpy cat. he's so happy to be in our green room. can't you tell? look at that grin.
4:57 am
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good morning to you. it is friday, october 9th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. one of the american heroes who took down a terrorist on that french train brutally attacked. this morning, the brand-new surveillance video. look right here, showing what happened to spencer stone. >> oh, my goodness. meanwhile, mainstream media just sunk to a new low, if possible, after going after ben carson. gq magazine launched a profanity laced head line, some consider a racist attack on the presidential candidate. just how far did he go? did he go too far? we're going to talk to geraldo rivera about that shortly. >> sometimes geraldo has an opinion. you never know. and who says donald trump is having problems getting the latino vote? >> i'm hispanic and i vote for mr. trump! we vote for mr. trump! yes! mr. trump! we love you! >> look at that. >> we love you! >> meet trump's biggest fan.
5:01 am
>> mornings are better with friends. >> that's great. ♪ >> he's grump or stossel? >> i saw a sneaky smile coming out of stossel right there. >> wait. john stossel almost smiling. you never see that. >> you never see him smile. >> grumpy cat in addition to being a cat has four feet, paws, and has been able to type out two new books. one about how to say no to everything. and the other thing is how to get so darn grumpy. so, be certain not to uplift you. >> right. >> but they're funny, so they'll bring a smile to your face. >> right. >> tends to bring a smile to everybody's face. heather now with a fox news alert. >> thank you, elisabeth. we are following a very serious
5:02 am
story out of arizona. it is a fox news alert right now. one person is dead this morning and three others injured after a shooting overnight at northern arizona university, that's in flagstaff, arizona. officials just announcing that they will hold a news conference about an hour from now. police say that a gunman opened fire near mountain view hall. it houses a majority of greek students on campus. this happened at 1:20 a.m. local time. the chilling 911 calls pouring in just moments after the shooting. take a listen. >> there's been multiple reports, one in the mountainview hall service drive, gunshot wound to the chest. second franklin avenue, gunshot wound to the back. >> police say they have a suspect in custody and the campus is no longer on lockdown. and grainy surveillance video showing the alleged attack on spencer stone. the american hero and u.s. airman who helped stop a terror attack on a french train.
5:03 am
now in the video you can see people pushing, shoving, and then trading blows with stone. this happened early thursday morning shortly after the 23-year-old left the night club with some friends. stone was stabbed at least three times. >> airman stone's condition is serious. while he has sustained significant injuries, airman stone's care team anticipates that he will make a full recovery. >> well, police are now searching for at least two men who were caught on video fleeing the scene, and a 2009 to 2012 dark colored toyota camry. our prayers are with spencer this morning. well, a driver of a tractor trailer dies after that truck flips over an on overpass railing and then lands on a maryland interstate. this happening in the washington, d.c. area. parts of the parkway closed now during morning rush hour as a result. investigators say it was carrying paper products. no other cars were involved. that accident is still under investigation this morning. and go fetch. these golden retrievers are lining up to the breed's name by
5:04 am
bringing in the groceries for their family in germany. how cute is this? you can see a man handing the dogs different items from the back of the car. animals happily bringing them inside before they go back for more. what sweet doggies. and those are your headlines. >> beautiful. >> thanks. >> thanks, heather. >> all right. now four minutes after the top of the hour another fox news alert. in just about an hour, republicans will meet to figure out what happens next, after that man in the center, house majority leader kevin mccarthy, stunned eout of the race for sp yesterday. >> yep. peter doocy live in washington with the details on what could be happening next. peter? >> brian, majority leader mccarthy admits he'd probably be a lot closer to being speaker mccarthy right now if he hadn't enraged his party's base by suggesting the benghazi committee is just out to destroy hillary clinton. i could have said it much better. but this benghazi committee was
5:05 am
only created for one purpose, to find the truth on behalf of the families of the four dead americans. i should not be a distraction from that. and that's part of the decision, as well. >> now john boehner, who said he wanted to go out on a high note after finally getting a pope to visit capitol hill may be sticking around longer than he wanted to. explaining that, quote, i will serve as speaker until the house votes to elect a new speaker. we will announce the date for this election at a later date. and i'm confident we will elect a new speaker in the coming weeks. mccarthy's failure to advance in leadership shows the true power of the house freedom caucus, which is small but stubborn, much to the delight of democrats watching down the street at the white house. >> we're having a little fun with all of this. but i don't mean to diminish the significance of the challenge that the next speaker will face. there is a -- there's been a rupture in the republican party. >> it does not look like the
5:06 am
other candidates, jason chaffetz or daniel webster can get the 218 votes required to win, so the pressure is on paul ryan who has been resisting da ining cal become speaker to this point but may be the only one who can unite the gop. ryan has had a night to sleep on it, we hope to hear from him in an hour when republicans get together again to figure out what should happen next. back to you in new york. >> all right. thank you, peter. speaker boehner had to cancel his -- >> proud dad. >> cancel -- speaker of the house was supposed to be on the tonight show but because of the chaos jimmy fallon had to get someone else. >> kevin mccarthy, isn't he the film guy? >> yes, and he'll be back in about 45 minutes. he's got some crazy tweets because they thought he was the other guy. let's talk a little bit about this. gq magazine who i don't know if you're a subscriber. >> i am not. >> few people are these days. a columnist by the name of drew mcgary wrote a column and it's
5:07 am
simply "f" you ben carson that's the title of the column and it just rips him apart. what are your -- and -- >> the entire republican party apart. >> that's the guy right there. >> that's the columnist? >> what's interesting is -- >> one head shot -- >> somebody tweeted in, if you said that about obama, you would be called a racist. doesn't that seem like there's a double standard at gq magazine? >> can i just handle the doctor ben carson controversy by saying that, as -- >> starting -- >> as weird as it may seem, i absolutely agree with dr. carson when it comes to these -- these urgent, emergency traumatic situations. i think that people do have to rise to the occasion, i think you do have to be a hero, it's extraordinary as that sounds, and this is in no way, you know, blaming victims for their victimization. but my feeling is, as a very experienced war correspondent and a lot of urban reporting,
5:08 am
you've got to confront bullies. and if you go quietly, there will be a more savage, biting count, it will empower the people -- >> with a different answer. he gave the answer that you're answering the way he answered. but they are saying that he looks like he's condemning the oregon shooter -- >> brian simply asked him -- >> i just asked that question. that's the answer. but it's been taken that he's critical of the junior college kids who didn't do that. which is not the case. this is an attack the front-runner mentality i've never seen before. >> this is in no way an attack on the victims. this is a tactical response to one of these mad situations where, where compliance, and quiet -- >> and huddling just adds to the body count. you've got to fight back. >> flight 93, you've got to fight back. far more americans would have died that day if they didn't fight back. >> so let's roll. and see that particular answer that he gave on this couch is the reason this guy, at gq
5:09 am
magazine said ben carson is a nincompoop and -- >> no -- >> i also think -- >> i'm making him much cleaner. >> when i ponder why ben carson is getting this really harsh press, particularly from the left of center, i think a lot of it is the relative quaintness of his personal belief system that sophisticated people ridicule. the garden of eden, no evolution, those kinds of things, they try to portray this brilliant neurosurgeon as a kind of theological hick and it's unfortunate. i think it's very narrow minded. >> you can see right through it, it's quite obtuse. what about the president going out to oregon today? to the exact scene where this horrific shooting took place. we spoke with the brother of one of the -- of the victims of the shooting who happened to make it out. she was shot twice in the back. her name was cheyenne. he said families feel as though the president has and is continuing to do so, using them for his own political stumping on gun control. do you think he should be out
5:10 am
there? >> i do. and let me tell you -- i think that the president is right, elisabeth. >> about what? >> first of all, you have to frame me in the context of someone who believes we need universal background checks. we have to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill bshs >> but is this the time to politicize it and say that first? >> but it's the condemnation that this is not the time to politicize something is, in my view, a gimmick. what better time to politicize something than when it is fresh in the minds of people. there are so many catastrophes competing for attention, center stage. this is the time the president -- you may disagree with his position. that's fine. most americans want some kind of background check. most americans don't want -- >> would it have -- >> i want universal background checks. i want it to be as hard to get a gun license as it is to get a truck driver license. i want to know who has these guns -- >> but this guy would have passed. >> i -- i believe that we need
5:11 am
several things. one of which, and you now see this, norman, arizona, the flagstaff college attack. >> from overnight. >> the concept of a gun-free zone is bizarrely vulnerable to exploitation by maniacs. by lunatics. you need at least one armed person whenever you have children gathered or students gathered or -- i believe that i want a pro with a gun in every elementary school. >> sure. >> in every middle school. in every high school. in every college. >> but you don't want every teacher -- >> when i think of -- look what happened with the hero from the paris trains. he was out at a bar, 1:30, there's a beef, someone comes out and he gets knifed in a fight. what if those guys all had guns it would just be crazy. >> before you go. want you to weigh in on this. donald trump, out of in las vegas yesterday, a lady is wa waving it turns out a "people" magazine. she came up to the stage.
5:12 am
listen to this. >> vote for mr. trump! yes! mr. trump! we love you! we love you! all the way to the white house! >> okay, she's hispanic. her name is miriam witcher -- >> i do not believe that he does. because he hasn't gone to the mexican restaurant or the puerto rican restaurant with me yet. i think that donald trump is a very charming person. very charismatic. and i think that his -- his flamboyant excube rans is very attractive to latinos if i can stereotype using myself as -- >> okay. i can. you can't. the surveys indicate that his positions on immigration and deportation, particularly, are hugely unpopular. i think that -- >> with latinos. >> with latinos. he has to moderate that view if he hopes to reach out. he may get the republican nomination. i still think he's the favorite. as long as he maintains those
5:13 am
kind of draconian views he'll never win. >> i tell you what, right now he still leave leads all of the polls by big margins. >> it's so easy to be for strong borders. even for deporting the undocumented. but you do it in a compassionate way with language that doesn't offend people. and i think he's smart enough to recognize that. >> how thoughtful you are on all these topics. >> have a good weekend. >> elisabeth, hold things together. >> amen to that. >> should we leave you two alone? what's going on here? it's like we don't even exist. >> playing ball again. >> highlights of that in a moment. >> thanksgiving touch football. >> not anymore. >> it's competitive. >> take a look at this. terrifying moments when a bridge collapses under a group of hikers with gopros. >> how did they survive? we'll tell you. >> oh, my. >> i'm dizzy. and what you say these days could get you killed?
5:14 am
so whatever happened to free speech? john stossel says it's uj der siege. he wants you to fight back. next. hi, john.
5:15 am
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5:17 am
terrorists killed ten journalists. >> what you say may get you killed.
5:18 am
i'm told muslims support free speech. >> the more you stick your head in the sand, the bigger the problem gets. >> but today, even american colleges resist free speech. >> she's a defector and -- >> the speech issues is more speech. quit being a bunch of wimps. >> it's a brand new fox news channel documentary. john stossel examines the decline of free speech from controversy over the drawing of the prophet mohammed to expressing differing views on college campuses. why today the fundamental right to speak your mind is now at risk. john stossel, the host of stossel on the fox business network will come prime-time for us to talk this morning. john, where did you get the idea from? >> just watching what was going on in the world, and frankly, hearing mark steyn talk about it so well. i thought, i could find examples, video to illustrate this. >> but you say for the longest time eecially in the '60s, the left was the one saying, say what you want. do what you want. >> open society.
5:19 am
>> stop being -- >> and conservatives saying ban rap lyrics, ban violent video games. now it's the left saying you can't say that, that's offensive. >> wow, you said one of the places you go to see where we're at as a tremendous is college campuses. why? >> because it's worse there. they have special zones. in fact, these children are so precious that they could have sex any time, anywhere, but they can't hear certain words, and if you do you may have to go to one of these safe rooms. >> right. >> do we have the clip on that? >> i lost it. you handed it to me before the segment and i put it under the couch. but real, quick, john in the big picture you have mark steyn on. what i like about your features is you look at a problem, you analyze it and you troy to solve it by identifying it. what do you conclude at the end? >> that more speech is the answer. it's good that you fight with geraldo and his stupid ideas about gun control. it's good that i live in a country where i can say jefferson pirates?
5:20 am
you're making this stuff up, that's garbage, i don't believe it. if we can say nasty things to each other we're much better off than in societies where you're forbidden to do that. where they hate and burn and shoot and behead. >> just one second. just want to -- okay. i'm all for the -- >> i was kidding here. >> thank you. >> let's not overreact. >> in rehearsal he didn't throw it. >> i'm going to watch your show. i cannot wait to get to the bottom of it. tomorrow at 8:00 we're going to see it, correct? >> 8:00 p.m. >> you're going to play yourself in this? >> i am. >> john stossel, great to see you. >> thank you, brian. there's my book. >> have you seen this ad? urging joe biden to run for president. >> wife and three children were christmas shopping. tractor trailer broadsided them and killed my wife and killed my daughter. >> well, it was just pulled from tv. we're going to tell you why. and on a different note, grumpy cat returns to the curvy couch
5:21 am
with a brand-new book. two new books. will the grumpy cat get in a better mood? and if she does will she lose her empire?
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
welcome back. time now for some quick headlines. a scary warning for drivers this morning. general motors recalling more than 32,000 vehicles. saying the windshield wipers could catch fire during -- due to an electrical fault. the recall affects 2016 models of the buick enclave, chevy traverse and gmc acadia. and 35,000 safety first high chairs are being recalled on reports of kids falling through. sometimes chipping teeth and suffering cuts and bruises.
5:25 am
the affected cheers were sold at toys "r" us and babies "r" us between may of 2013 and may 2015. check those, as well. meanwhile, she is the master of grumpy. i'm not talking about you. i'm talking about the one on the other side. now grumpy cat is teaching you how to be a know it all. >> that's right. know is right. here with the new grumpy book, grumpy cat no it all. thank you for joining us. so say no is what this cat's all about? >> most definitely. we've gotten her first book. she's been saying no the whole time. this is her third book now. i think she's got the market carnered on it. >> get the close-up of crumbpy cat who once upon a time was known as tartar sauce before became worldwide known as grumpy cat. the grumpy face makes sense. but at what point did you realize that face is saying no, tabitha? >> i think the fans kind of decided that. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> and you got a lot of them. in the book you say it's easy.
5:26 am
say no to cuddling? no to parties? no to magic. and no to weddings. so what can you learn from grumpy cat? >> i'm on grumpy cat on no to magic. >> it's a real simple lesson with her. two letters, no. how can people mess that up? >> you don't have to be nice. you can be cranky saying no. >> that's right. it's every personality. >> can you explain to me why whenever you're on the show and i pose with grumpy cat and i make my grumpiest face next to grumpy cat that invariably becomes the most tweeted out picture we do all week. what is it about that cat? i don't think it's about me. >> i think the grumpyness just brings everyone joy. >> really? >> yes. >> sort of a freeing moment. >> to be grumpy. >> oh, my goodness. >> so grumpy the cat has a couple of "new york times" best-sellers already. tv specials, cheerios, things like that. what's next for grumpy cat? >> her comic book came out this
5:27 am
week. >> oh, congratulations. >> her first comic book. >> sleepy cat now. >> i think the adventures of grumpy cat. >> she wanted to announce that she's not running for president. >> really? look at the look she's giving us. you're not? >> no. >> and you're going to be grumpy. >> grumpy cat. >> just adorable. thank you very much. check out the new book. it is very, very funny. a lot of great pictures in there. it's all about no it all. >> staying right here in new york city? >> tonight at the strand, 7:00 p.m. >> people will be lined up. and grumpy cat will be there. >> people will be able to get a photo with her. >> grumpy cat will not be happy about it. but grumpy cat will be there. >> all right. meanwhile, straight ahead. >> video here is horrifying. a bridge collapsing right underneath a group of hikers. can they all survive the
5:28 am
incredible story you do not want to miss? >> apparently people think our movie guide kevin mccarthy is the congressman and sending him mean tweets like this. if you become speaker the country will be destroyed. you are dumber than a box -- a bag of rocks. but the way our kevin mccarthy responds deserves an oscar. he will explain his epic retorts next.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
andre johnson, and he takes it across for the touchdown. his second of the night. >> look at that. >> what a night. the 40-year-old matt hasselbeck who was not supposed to play thursday, they said andrew luck was fine, throwing 50 passes and leading the colts to a victory in overname last week. last night he wowed the texans and left them licking their wounds as he comes out of the hospital on tuesday, onto the gridiron on thursday, at least for the colts it's a victory. >> oh, and it's your brother-in-law. >> i couldn't have been more happy for him. better than his performance as a character he really wanted to give andrew luck another week to get healthy again and that team made a ton of sacrifices from play calling to rushing to the plays that they're designed to protect him. it was so much fun to watch. i was so happy. >> he had a bacterial infection that he had to get an iv. >> he was sick all week.
5:33 am
and uncertain as to what was going to happen. they were in a situation where they needed a quarterback. andrew couldn't go. and so he just stepped up and did it. i have to say, the entire team rallied on frank gore by the way rushed 22 times for 98 yards. >> that's awesome. >> what about matt's brother, your husband, was he talking a little trash before the game? >> he was. >> to get him motivated? >> i think he was trying to get his brother, we tweeted it, let's go hasselbeck. colt colts, #thathair. >> is that an inny or an outty? >> that's tim's little belly. after the game he said, that's how to muscle out a win. >> that's awesome. >> a little flashback picture of matthew ribbed muscles and all on a beach. we were happy for him. it was a fun night for our whole family. matthew, good job. congrats to the colts. >> now you feel bad about having your kids go to bed and miss the game. >> i said to him we should let
5:34 am
them stay up a little bit. he said they need their sleep. they should watch it tomorrow morning. >> tim your husband? this guy? >> and his belly guy. now this our own kevin mccarthy fell victim to mean tweeters after house majority leader kevin mccarthy announced that he'd be making a runs -- that he was getting out of the run for speaker of the house. of course, congressman kevin mccarthy had dropped out of the race and our own kevin mccarthy had the perfect response to those mean tweets, didn't you? everybody thinks that your -- >> the tweets flooded in because you're verified but you're verified as you, kevin mccarthy, not him. >> i'm getting the most hateful tweets i've ever seen. and it's brutal. they come before i go to bed at night and i fall asleep with these horrible thoughts in my head. they're meant for the other kevin mccarthy. >> you're just minding your own business yesterday thinking about how great the movie the martian is. and you get this tweet. if you become speaker the country will be destroyed. you are dumber than a bog of
5:35 am
rocks. >> not only are they tweeting the wrong person but their grammar is horrible. >> i responded simply, i thought i was recommending movies to people. i said you should see the movie called "the rock." great action and comedy. see it. i utilize these just to blow up my movie reviews. i started tweeting everybody back, recommending films based on their tweets. >> the rock with sean connery and nicolas cage. >> you are so bright. okay, brooke on twitter wrote go back to fifth grade and learn how to speak properly. i don't know or really care what you are saying. embarrassing. >> i clearly went to billy madison, because he went back to school. good morning, brooke, have you seen billy madison? i love that flick, hope you have a great day. i just found random movies that time in. someone said i spoke the wrong language, i gave them lost in translation or something like that. >> here's the thing about the haters. when you respond like that they're going to hate you more and still don't realize you're the other guy. >> usually respond back and quickly apologize and they tweet the real kevin
5:36 am
mccarthy@gopleader with the same hatred. >> sweet sugar man writes -- >> sugar momma. >> tweeted this. says he's not john boehner. you're the worst. the gop is melting down. >> should have said you're worse. you're worst. >> when you're angry it's hard to type. >> you're right. >> i just responded back to her saying that i recommended some films to her. i said, dear sweet sugar mama. go see the martian. >> do you write to a lot of sugar mamas? >> the first i've ever tweeted in my life. >> kevin this could be over soon. >> no, i want more! i love these mean tweets. it's kind of fun to read them. >> so today your twitter handle is? >> @kevinmccarthytv. >> the guy who dropped out as speaker? >> @gopleader. >> big difference. >> and go see "steve jobs" because it's awesome. >> talking jobs. just like a politician.
5:37 am
>> that was me saying it was awesome. by the way, i said earlier, "steve jobs" is only in new york and l.a. this weekend. it goes to other cities next week. if you're living around the country, wait for it to come to your city. >> and great response. >> i love you guys. >> steve, good to see you. >> i love you guys so much. have a wonderful day. >> you, too. >> all right it is 23 minutes before the top of the hour. and heather's got some headlines. >> i certainly do. big news a short while ago, a fox news alert. there are brand-new reports that the obama administration is ending the pentagon's $500 million that trains and equips syrian rebels against isis. instead the u.s. will reportedly, this according to "the new york times." set up a small training center in turkey to train a small group of what they're calling enablers on operational maneuvers, including calling in airstrikes. president obama is expected to speak on that issue later today. we will keep following this major story throughout the day. well an emotional new ad
5:38 am
urging vice president joe biden to run for president has now just been pulled. >> my wife and three children were christmas shopping. tractor trailer broadsided them, killed my wife and killed my daughter. and they weren't sure that my sons would live. >> well that spot features heartbreaking audio from a speech the vice president gave in may where he talked about his family's tragedy. biden said he would prefer that it did not air. his staff calling it inappropriate. the super pac draft biden says it will honor the vice president's wishes. a big break in this terrifying kidnap attempt that we brought you yesterday. police in bridgeport connecticut now say they have identified a suspect who is accused of trying to snatch a 17-year-old girl who was on her way to school. police have now just recovered the toyota seen in this video. they are still working to track down that driver. investigators say, as you can
5:39 am
watch right here, that victim escaped by rolling out of the car while it was still moving. you can see her right there in the yellow circle. they do not believe that she knew the suspect. well a suspension bridge snaps right under a group of hikers' feet in new zealand. take a look at this. makes you nervous watching it. caught on camera. you can see the four french hikers tumble down 30 feet into the water below. amazingly no serious injuries. new zealand officials say they are investigating that accident. and those are your headlines. that breaking news out of syria regarding the rebel training programs, and you can follow me on twitter for that. >> they have an extra $450 million. what are we going to do with that money? >> that's quite a story. >> thanks for that. maria molina, we're happy to see you right now, as well. what can you tell us today weatherwise? >> want to start off talking about south carolina. of course about a week ago or a
5:40 am
few days ago we had to deal with extreme flooding out there. this is new video coming into our studios from georgetown, south carolina, just one of the many areas hit hard by this week's flooding out there. we've had dry weather over the last couple of days but it does look like we could get another shot for some rainfall coming up on saturday. it shouldn't be too heavy. nonetheless we don't want to hear about any additional rainfall coming into south carolina. unfortunately that is the case for tomorrow. and we do expect that some rivers will continue to crest as that water continues to flow downstream. so a big concern continues across south carolina for additional flooding. i want to take you now to the radar, because we do have other areas across the nation that are looking at some heavy rain and that's across parts of south texas, also across the great lakes, and in the great lakes we have a storm system that's swinging through and bringing rain also into the northeast. there's even a slight chance for some severe weather across parts of the northeast. that's of concern. and there you can see those showers and storms forecast across south carolina for your saturday here on our future radar. pretty mild across parts ofmid
5:41 am
coast with temperatures into the 70s. those temperatures out there are going to be climbing and feeling summerlike. 91 degrees forecast for the city of dallas. and mid 80s in new orleans. back inside. >> look at all those people behind you, maria. they love you. >> oh, hey, guys! >> good morning. >> where are you guys from? >> we're from oahu, hawaii! >> well all the high from hawaii. are you enjoying our weather? not as good? >> oh, we love it. we love new york. we're first timers here. >> sounds good. >> what's she talking about -- >> -- bill o'reilly. >> what about "fox & friends"? >> we love "fox & friends," too. greta. kimberly guilfoyle. my husband is crazy about her. >> kimberly guilfoyle. >> maria molina with a focus group out on the streets of new york city. >> they must be doing bill o'reilly right about now. >> because in hawaii bill o'reilly is on. >> five hours behind us. >> let me tell you what's coming
5:42 am
up next. "people" magazine publishing contact information for every member of congress so americans can push for more gun controls. there's more to that address than meets the eye. wait until you hear who's really behind it. peter johnson jr. has the details, coming up next. bring us your aching
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. all right it is known for its celebrity gossip and naming the sexiest man alive. now "people" magazine is getting political. making a push for gun control. the magazine published contact information for every member of congress, urging readers to call and e-mail. but, who did they coordinate their plans with? and where are your e-mail actually going? here is a closer look is fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. >> good morning, how are you? >> let's start at the beginning.
5:46 am
what happens when you go on and e-mail one of the addresses? >> i did that. i e-mailed a congressman yesterday to the address that "people" magazine put up. obviously they're following the president's directive that this is a political issue. it doesn't go directly to your congressman. they listed e-mails for every member of congress and address. so i e-mailed one and i got back an e-mail from opencongress with a link to enter my personal information. >> oh, that's great. >> my full name, my address, my phone number. and they said, well, we'll send the e-mail to your representative or send it to a bunch of representatives. so they said we don't really collect these names. so people saying, yeah, write your congressman, write to your senator, but you're writing to open congress and we're going to tell you what open congress is. >> okay. what is open congress? >> well, what they say they do is fay follow legislation. they follow senators, representatives in congress. it was founded in 2007 by the participatory politics
5:47 am
foundation and the sunlight foundation. now it's run solely by that sunlight foundation. >> what do we know about sunlight foundation? >> it's an interesting group. they say it's a nonpartisan, nonprofit group. it's a 501(c)3. it makes tools of specific engagement accountable to everybody and makes things transparent to bloggers and journalists and activists. and they put out software applications and work on research projects. but a lot of the folks that have funded it over time. >> right. >> are kind of hard left folks. >> well, now wait a minute, they said they're nonpartisan, where do they get their money? >> big fans of the president. well, their money comes overwhelmingly from the left. so, for example, the ebay folks have allegedly donated about $19 million in 2007. google, $2 million. and george soreos, the most left guy around have given over $1 million. so they're taking to heart the president's advice that this is a political issue, and so
5:48 am
"people" magazine is saying, yeah, we're going to politicize it, too. write to your congress person but you're really writing to this nonprofit,/advocacy group called open congress and the sunlight group. >> this is cozy of course we're talking about it today on the same day the president of the united states is going to be going out to oregon to speak to some of the family members after last week when he said, this is the kind of thing, this kind of shooting, that we should politicize. it looks like "people" magazine is taking their viewers -- >> a lot of family members are upset today in oregon. why is the president coming to politicize it? he's not there to politicize it. but i think this is about facts. we need more facts, less heat. the time to hear from progresser john lott this morning who said most, if not all of this mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones. let congress look at that. let people magazine look at that, have a good weekend, everybody. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> giving us the "ws" behind this stuff. thank you, sir. all right coming up, the raging
5:49 am
flood waters in south carolina, no match for one woman's faith. as she and her grandson held onto a cross for five hours before they were rescued. they both join elisabeth live next. live right now in studio "j" is martha maccallum with a preview of what happens in 11 minutes here on the channel. >> 11 minutes away. good morning, steve. so we've got two very big stories that we're working right now. the gop's make or break moment to get it together on capitol hill. and ahead of 2016 steve hayes is here, senator lindsey graham, chris wallace, and also dan webster the congressman who wants the speaker's job, all are going to be here to weigh in on this. and the ground shifting in syria. reports the pentagon will abandon its effort to train moderate rebels there. we're working on this. there's a lot coming in on this story. general jack keen will join us when we see you at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. the raging floodwaters in south carolina were no match for one woman's faith. clara is crediting god with keeping her and her grandson alive as they clung to a cross for five hours before rescuers arrived there. here with more on this incredible survival story, flood victim clear ra gantz and her grandson travis. thank you both for being here. this video has had everybody just nearly on the floor with just pure amazement over it. clara, you're in your car. tell us what happened, the water -- you now are in a situation where you go over and the water starts coming up. where was the water? tell us a little bit about your state at that point. >> well the water was coming over the guard rail from a lake.
5:54 am
and it started creeping up in my car. and i called my son-in-law and i told him that the water was rising in the car. and it just started rising faster and faster. and the force of the water pushed me backwards, and off of the road. >> oh, my. >> and by the time that i got stopped, i saw that i stopped right in front of the cross. and i felt like i was going to be okay, because i cling to the person of the cross every day. >> yes. >> and this was a wooden structure, but, i looked for crosses all the time. and god shows them to me. and, miraculous ways. >> oh, he sure did. when i see that red cross there, clara. travis i know you called 911, no one answered.
5:55 am
travis you get on the scene and you somehow manage a plan to get a rope to tie and cling yourself to that cross for five hours. did you pray while you were holding that cross? and what did you pray for? >> yes, ma'am. we did pray with each other. we prayed just for safety. we prayed for strength. i personally was praying that god would help me calm down and keep my wits about me. >> you've got a little girl? >> in a situation like that. yes, ma'am. >> you have an 8-month-old i understand and you made the most difficult call to your wife. what did you tell her? >> i called her and i just told her that i didn't know what was going to happen, after my grandmother had gotten swept away. i was sitting there alone on top of that car, and i told her, i said, baby, i don't know what's about to happen but i want you to know that i love you. and i want you to kiss our daughter for us. for me. and i just helicopter telling her how much i loved her.
5:56 am
>> incredible. is this about you or is it about god? clara you say it's about god. >> it's his story. it's his story about how he saved us. >> he sure did. >> absolutely. >> he sure did. >> i give him all the glory for me being alive today. and it's just all about him. >> hmm. and this is a visual of that. talk about faith. >> if, well, you know, the bible tells us that we live by faith and not by sight. so we had to cling to faith -- >> and you did. and you did. >> and just looking around, at what we were seeing. >> unbelievable. >> it's not a good situation. >> clara and travis, your story has taken the heart of america and really given a visual to faith in all circumstances. thank you for sharing it. we're so thankful you're okay. >> thank you. >> you got it. >> thank you. >> what a story. more "fox & friends" coming your way. e most sound way to go.
5:57 am
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martha: we are awaiting the start of a news conference from police in arizona after a deadly shooting at yet another university. this one in flagstaff. it happened outside a dorm at northern arizona university. one person is dead, three wounded. we are getting scanner chatter from the police and it reveals what the police found when they arrived. >> we have two down over here by


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