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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 9, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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martha: we are awaiting the start of a news conference from police in arizona after a deadly shooting at yet another university. this one in flagstaff. it happened outside a dorm at northern arizona university. one person is dead, three wounded. we are getting scanner chatter from the police and it reveals what the police found when they arrived. >> we have two down over here by the service drive.
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if i could get some bodies over here. martha: a live look in frag staff. that's -- in flagstaff. we'll bring that to you live. a senior defense official confirming the obama administration is calling the plug on the pentagon's much-maligned program to attempt to train syrian rebels. a at the same time you have russia giving their allies the syrian regime, a major boost. that's syrian forces on attack, taking advantage of their now overwhelming russian air support. launching with a major ground
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offensive. gregg: i'm gregg jarett in for bill hemmer. president obama had gregg hopes to train syrian rebels, but it only produced five fighters at if the cost of $500 million. >> reporter: just as the white house is trying to say to everyone that the russian policy towards syria is a disaster, they are forced to make this admission that their half a million dollar program to train rebels is a disaster in its own right. it produced enough fighters barely for a basketball team, clearly not anywhere what was needed to take on isis. now it's back to the drawing boards for secretary of defense
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ash carter. >> i wasn't satisfied with the early efforts in that regard so we are looking at different ways to achieve the same strategic objective. we have devised a number of different approaches to that going forward and taking them to president obama. >> reporter: in the background you are hearing ma preen one land here to take the * to the west coast for the beginning of a weekend trip out there. whether we hear from him about this before he leaves we don't know, but it's been and rough week for him. gregg: half a million dollars and five fighters. it is, i'm sure, even the people behind you in the white house would admit that is pretty absurd. are you getting a feel today for what the latest that's going on
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in syria? >> reporter: so far what we are hearing from the white house is a doubling down on this philosophy of patience. in the middle east actions matter. the russians basically thumbed their nose at suggestions the united states has had in terms they should stop their air campaign and the united states and its military have given the russians a lot of space to carry out their policies inside syria. gregg: an abrupt end to the program the white house was championing. martha: house republicans are huddling to try to figure out the next step after majority leader kevin mccarthy literally stunned his congressional colleagues yesterday by dropping out of the race for house speaker. >> we are servants, we should
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put this congress first. to unite we probably need a fresh face. martha: republicans launching a full court press to get the chairman of the house ways and means committee to put his name on that list. but it could be a non-starter. he has said many times thanks but no thanks. that leaves daniel webster and jason chaffetz as the only two candidates. >> i think we have a lot of internal fracturing that's happened and we need to find a way to unite the party. that's what kevin mccarthy wants to do, that what's i want to do, and i think that's what john boehner wanted to do. >> two people at the top make all the decisions. i want to push that down so
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everybody has a chance to be successful. martha: what do you make of it? how big a deal is this, and is it as some say a parole make or break moment for the gop? >> i think it's a big deal. any time you have members of congress saying i have no idea what comes next, it's a big deal and people will be paying attention. you see the sense in talking to members of congress that there is a third group emerging. you have had long discussions about the freedom side and inure gent side. but there is a group in the middle that is neither satisfied with the way leadership has handled the house, and ready to run off with the freedom caucus. the question is whether that group can coalesce or he morning
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with somebody like a paul ryan. martha: paul ryan said he doesn't want to do it, which is interesting given the fact that he wanted to be vice president of the united states. >> paul ryan is the quintessential mid-western guy and he's incapable of telling lies capably. i think he has had conversations the past 24 hours where he talked about a path to getting to a tell prayery" job and he wouldn't be doing to it feather his own cap or doing it because he's necessarily ambitious, they would be -- he would be doing it because they called upon him. that's the way paul ryan is looking on this. he slept on it last night and they are discussing it this morning. but i don't think he ruled it out. martha: it of the fascinating to
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watch this play out. the speaker job is a different job than paul ryan has now. he loves numbers, and maybe he's keeping his powder dry because he want to run for president and he doesn't want to potentially mess that up by becoming speaker of the house. >> the calculus on the presidential question is the opposite of what people are saying. i don't think paul ryan wants to run for president. he didn't want to run in 2012. he's been consistent about that. i don't think he has much presidential am big. i think he like being house ways and means committee chair. he would love to serve as a treasury secretary. but i don't think running for president that he would mike decisions now based on future ambitions of running for president. you could make an argument if this were to make a presidential
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bid less likely for paul ryan. martha: thank you, steve, we'll see you later. gregg: it's revealing john boehner was on the telephone to paul ryan yesterday not once but twice, and apparently lengthy conversations. martha: he's a very well-liked guy on capitol hill, and he's seen as doing it for the right reasons. he cares about what's going on, he cares about tax reform. but the peaker job is such a political one. people have to literally arm wrestle people into the room. it's been difficult for john boehner. but he may be the person to need to rise to this occasion and take over that job according to people speaking out on this. gregg: ryan said it's a good job for an empty nester which he is
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not. donald trump saying this may all lead back to him. trump taking credit for mccarthy dropping out. >> they are giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you need somebody very, very stuff and very, very smart. >> how do you lose in 2016? crew up in 2015. >> i thought it was an incrediblying a man plus thing for hip to move off to the side for the sake of the party. you don't see have much of that self-sacrificing in washington, d.c. >> reporter: washington seep so removed from everyday life. they talking in language that doesn't make any sense. they don't seem to be relevant to people right now. >> reporter: cot walker tweeted this.
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paul walker went to washington to do something great, not to do something great, that's why he would make a fine speaker of the house. martha: we'll speak with republican congressman daniel webster. he will introduce himself to you and tell you yes want to be speaker of the house. gregg: the white how is pulling the plug on a plan to train syrian rebels because it's not work. that comes amid warnings russia is fighting a proke war with the youth inside syria. general jack keane is raising the flag. he will be joining us live. martha: a report detailing the staggering number of illegal immigrants who are released, then commit more crimes. gregg: a stern warning that
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dozen of americans are talking to isis online but the united states can't find them. lyndsey graham will be joining us with his reaction. >> we are going to pull the caliphate up by it roots and kill every one of these that we can.
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gregg: a deadly shooting at none
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university in arizona, flagstaff. this is the chief of police answering questions. >> i don't know if they are fraternity, they were just student groups. >> [inaudible] >> i don't think i can answer that either. >> were there any other injuries? >> a total of four people were hurt. >> is the suspect cooperating. >> yes. >> [inaudible] >> yes. >> [inaudible] rapidly fired? >> i can't tell you that at this time. we haven't been able to process the actual crime scene. we are waiting for the sun to come up so we can get a better field of view. >> were they shot multiple times or once? >> it would be safe to say multiple times. >> did he just have one gun on
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him? >> we believe so. >> did anyone else have a weapon? >> i don't know that. >> is this on campus? >> yes, it is. >> [inaudible] activities put them together ... >> i don't know that. it was 1:20 in the morning. student come and go from campus. >> a lock down? >> we put out an alert to our student know to shelter in place until we could figure out what we had. nothing happened inside of our residence halls. so that information was put out subsequently through the athe nau alert system. we have a short message service we can send out emergency messages and tell people of an incident that occurs which we did. we put out an active short alert and we put out information about
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the location and at situation that stabilized and the campus was safe. >> what time did the alert go out? >> i don't have that off the top of my head. i know it went out rather quickly. >> the initial alert went out at 2:52. i'm a student and [inaudible] over an hour. >> well, sometimes it takes a little bit of time to stabilize the situation before we can get the information out for the alert and call in the other people. the situation here was stabilized by the officers, they put the alert out as a precautionary measure, not one that student active live had to take measures to protect themselves. they get it out as quick as they can.
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we sent out a total of four nau alerts providing information, follow-up information, and then information that the situation was stabilized. >> [inaudible] >> they are sent out through an alert system you sign up for through your smart phone. >> what can you tell us [inaudible] >> i do not have that information. i know our shooting student was 18 years old, he's a freshman, i believe. >> [inaudible] >> not that tino of. >> [inaudible] >> not that tino of. >> any gun policies as far as student allowed guns on campus. >> the board. regents prohibits gurches on campus. the arizona law allows you to have a gun in your car in a locked compartment.
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but that's where it has to stay, you can't care why it on campus. >> are with additional guns found? >> i can't say. gregg: another shooting on a campus. this one at northern arizona university in the parking lot, 1:20 a.m. this morning. apparently a gunman began shooting. one person is dead, three injured. the gunman is in custody. apparently it was an argument that broke out just outside a dormitory. one person dead, three injured. we'll continue to follow this story. martha: a terrifying encounter for tourists caught on a collapsing bridge. look at this. that is the suspension trip from
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the suspension bridge all the way down to the water. we are going to show what you went on here when we come back. gregg: he helped take down an armed man on a european train, an american hero, also receiving very serious injuries in a fight. spencer stone recovering after a vicious attack, this time on american soil. >> is it true you recall thinking to yourself, i'm not going to die sitting down? >> no, it was an afterthought. i always had that mentality.
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and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪ martha: we are back with breaking news. reports out of the pentagon that the program that cost $500 million and ended up training
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five individuals to fight for the syrian rebels has bench maligned. now the pentagon saying they are not going to do that program anymore. this of course as vladimir putin put a huge thumbprint all over that country and is flying air miss over the country and support on the ground reportedly from the iranians working along with him as well. let's hear from senator lindsey graham has to say about this. good morning to you. what's your reaction to this news out of the pentagon this morning? >> it's a logical conclusion to an ill conceived idea. the obama administration trained syrians to fight isil and it was never going to work because the average syrian rebel wants to destroy isil and destroy assad who killed their family. so this restriction placed on
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the fighters by the president and the president that you can fight isil alone doomed this program to fail. president obama and his entire national security team are incompetent. nobody is just going to fight isil alone, they want to go after assad, too. martha: i look back at the last several years in syria and the hundreds of thousands of refugees and the thousands upon thousands of people who have been killed and lost their family members. there aren't that's pictures of what happened, and there aren't that's pictures because it's too dangerous to get in there. the president said maybe we'll send them some support. maybe we'll send them a few weapons. then after years of you talking about it, john mccain talking about it, they agreed to start this program, and it was too little too late.
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>> i don't see how the man sleeps at night allow can this to happen on his watch. the biggest winner of obama's presidency will be russia, iran, and isil. if you do not come up with a ground component we'll never destroy isil so the way to train the free syrian army is to train isil and assad. he doesn't want to upset the iranians. assad is a puppet of the iranians. why does it matter to us? isil will continue to thrive. they are coming here, they are already here. my biggest fear is president obama's incompetency is making another 9/11 likely. people training in syria by isil are coming to america.
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martha: that was the concern of james comey yesterday and nick rasmussen when they spoke before the committee on the hill that they believe isis has surpassed al qaeda. it's now not the top guy anymore and clearly not the jv team, and they present the biggest threat to us. they are talking about the online threat, the social media dominance they achieved. but we don't hear a lot about it from the administration. >> the reason they don't talk about it is they under sell the threats and oversell their successes. i have been saying this for three years. another 9/11 is coming. isil has three goals, they want to reform islam and make it in their image and kill everybody in islam who disagrees with
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them, they want to destroy israel and come after us the infidels. we'll get attacked again because isil is projecting force outside of syria. russia is insuring that assad survives, he's destroying everybody trying to take assad down. if assad stays in power it means the war never ends, the syrians will never accept him as their leader and the refugees continue into europe. this is a complete disaster and it's coming our way. martha: it's clear this is the main passion and motivation for you for running for president. >> certainly one of them. i want to be worthy of the sacrifice to protect our homeland. barack obama don't know what he's doing. martha: do you fear that message is not resonating.
6:30 am
why do you think it is people aren't lining up behind what you are talking about? >> they are in small groups. when i talked to people in new hampshire, i tell them two things. i'm committed to destroying isil it will take a ground component. we'll need to send more troops to iraq and a regional army made up of arabs and turks. and most people in new hampshire says that makes sense because they know isil is a threat to us. it's a building process. it will take me time to break through. i'm the best qualified person to be commander-in-chief. i'll destroy isil. we can do this with good leadership. without good leadership i'm going to get attacked. martha: we'll hear what you have to say. martha: what do you make about what's happening in the house
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and the race for speaker. >> paul ryan will be a good pick. i liked john boehner. we'll find a way to raise the debt ceiling and replace the defense cuts. i'm more optimistic this will work out. i hope we can get it done sooner rather than later. palm ryan would be a great speaker. martha: you have got a bad cold and you are out there in new hampshire. take care. gregg: the president accused of playing politics with a tragedy. we'll debate that coming up.
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so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. gregg: president obama may be
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ready to take matters into his own hand on the gun issue. he's mulling the option of using executive authority to get around congress. background checks would be required and dealers would need a license from the atf. juan williams joins us as well. good the see you both. of those proposed changes by executive authority, none of them would have prevented the oregon short, it wouldn't have prevented the charm stop shooter, it wouldn't have prevented the sandy hook shooter. aurora, colorado, bought his guns legally. if none of what the president it proposing would have prevented these things, isn't he guilty of
6:36 am
exploiting a tragedy? >> no. i think the option for him to do nothing, you can see in terms of what's going on around the country in terms of the 8 legislatures, there is more of an effort to make sure there are no loopholes for background checks. your premise is right, it would not have prevented those shooting. but the question is can we do something that would make it less likely to happen. apparently there is an emphasis coming from former congresswoman gabriella gifford and her husband mark kelly. and there is pressure faith and religious groups around the country for the president to use that executive authority for background checks. also they have the federal government which purchases a lot of guns make stronger requirements for safety locks and safety triggers. gregg: after the sandy hook shooting the president took 23
6:37 am
executive actions against guns. none of them have prevented thing like oregon, or charleston. doesn't that prove that the president's own moves here by executive across don't do anything? it's not about guns. it's about evil people. >> juan said president obama's opening would be to do nothing. no, president obama should call over to senator john cornyn's office that is supported by the national alliance on mental illness and association of police organizations that focuses on mental illness. something the president doesn't talk about very often when he's talking about gun control. it provide for more federal funding for states.
6:38 am
so if that's something we can agree on from a bipartisan * perspective, i think that could work. let's answer that question about violent criminals. gregg: let me just point out, of all of these people involved none of them had been convicted of a crime nor had they been committed to a mental institution voluntarily or involuntarily, thus not triggering any of the laws. >> i think mercedes is right, this would have bipartisan * support and has the potential to get done. i would note after newtown there was additional money part of the executive across taken by the president. additional money provided for mental health services. to go to the background issues. other countries require that if you are going to get a gun, that
6:39 am
you go see a doctor and the doctor has to sign off. maybe we are moving more toward that in this country. gregg: fit' a doctor who is a psychologist or psychiatrist it would he can collude almost half of everybody in america. >> we have to ask why are these violent crimes happening. some of these shooters, it's a glamourized version, through social media they are listen through and saying what happened in roanoke led the oregon shooter to be inspired. commuters and families need to look at the red flag. you look at oregon shooter, he was federally licensed by the atf. he passed a background check. it has to take the families, the community helping to fix the mental health system to make
6:40 am
sure we can prevent these shootings in that way and keeping the guns out of the hand of these mentally ill. but those criminals aren't going to follow the laws. these background checks, going after the gun dealers, that is not going to cut it. martha: what is the cost of doing nothing in response to putin's aggression in syria. the pentagon report this morning they will drop the plan to train rebel troops against isis in syria. so what is next? general jack keane is here. >> putin has begun a proxy war with the youth. how can the use the stand by and do nothing?
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gregg: donald trump proving he's a very popular guy. >> we vote for mr. trump, yay! >> reporter: she is a colombian immigrant. the front runner introducing her at a rally in vegas. she says she support his plan to deport illegal immigrants. she had to wait five years for her visa. trump said, hey, i never met her before. she likes his deportation plan deporting millions of illegals. martha: i would say he won her over. she said she worked very hard for her visa, everybody else should do the same. martha: new warnings that russia launched a proxy war essentially
6:45 am
against the united states in syria. russia's massive air assault giving crucial support to the regime. at the same time fox news confirming that the united states is pulling the plug on its much-maligned training program to equip and train syrian rebels. we know they ended doing about five successfully to get them up and fighting and they are gone now. general jack keane just testified before congress warning of the united states doing nothing in this situation. retired general keane, let's start with the news first. this program is going to be disbanded. they are going to work on a new program, no word on what that is. >> it's understandable they are back away from this thing.
6:46 am
it has been an utter failure. the basic parameters of the program are flawed. the reason the central intelligence agency's program works so well is because they are not recruiting people to fight isis. they want to fight for their families first, then they will fight isis. families and community come first. they will fight for that, then they will fight for isis. martha: it's hard to figure out why we wouldn't have wanted them to fight both. the president clearly stated assad must go and he believed assad's days were numbered. so if you believe that, would wouldn't he let the rebels fight both side? >> this program, the pentagon's program was crafted and came into being a result of the
6:47 am
president's decision to take action against isis a year ago. as a result of that, he wanted to project that there was going to be an effective ground force against isis knowing air power would never be able to defeat isis by themselves. that's why they put themselves in this box they couldn't get out of and the programs failed for the reasons we stated. martha: if you put it in those terms. if you are a family living in syria and assad has been dropping barrel bombs on you and your neighbors, the pentagon says we would like you to fight but on against isis, it seems preposterous when you put it in those terms. it was because they only got five people and we spent $500 million taxpayer dollars trying to train these folks. >> the cia's program is
6:48 am
successful, it's classified and we can't talk about it and what they do. but that has been a very, very good program. >> reporter: everybody is listening to these presidential candidate, saying what they would do, create no-fly zones to protect an area in syria to protect people from the bombs being dropped on them all the time from the assad regime. we don't appear to be planning to do that. what do you advise. >> assad is doing everything he to be back up his ally in the region. putin is doing everything he can to back up assad in the region. assad is in trouble. also he wants to protect his strategic asset. we have an am lie in the region as well. they are our ally and the russians began to bomb them.
6:49 am
the reason is obvious. the moderate rebels represent the will of the syrian people who are trying to overthrow assad. not the radicals out there. that's why they focus on them for some of the best weapons that the russians have. those are our allies. it's unconscionable that we'll not do anything to protect them. we should have cratered that airfield. we should set up free zones for the moderates and also for their families and community and for the refugees and they would become no bomb zones. we did this in northern truck protect the kurds. we created -- we cratered saddam hussein's airfield. if putin attacked the free zone where those refugees were he
6:50 am
would have been condemned. martha: where is the international community. there seems to be a strong alliance between russia, syria, and the iranians. the president basically mocked that coalition. and they are flying over turkey as well. where is turkey? >> turkey and all other countries in the region are paying close attention. the message is loud and clear what putin is sending to this region. if you are my ally and you are in trouble i'm going to back you up. compare that to the united states abandoning mubarak in egypt. the united states abandoning iraq, retreating from yemen and libya. the conclusion is obvious our influence in this region is going to diminish. martha: thank you so much.
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gregg are is the iranian nuke deal a violation of u.s. law. what an exclusive fox news report shows shouldn't have been included. martha: spencer stone now stabbed. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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gregg: airman spencer stone helped prevent a terrorist attack on a train in france. look at this surveillance video emerge after fight involving stone rushed to a hospital in california after getting stabbed several times. jonathon, what's the word on his condition?
6:55 am
>> the last word we got from officials here at u.c. davis medical center was that spencer stone is serious but stable. we are after he waiting another update as the sun comes up here in sacramento. but as of last night he remained in the intensive care unit recovering from surgery because of wounds that officials say could have killed him. listen here. >> i think wounds to the torso are significant injuries that are potentially life-threatening. >> how many of them? >> he had three wounds to his torso. >> reporter: given his history, officials say they believe spencer stone is a fighter in their words and they say they expect him to make a full recovery. gregg: what about the suspects involved here? >> police are still looking for the suspects. they identified two men in particular.
6:56 am
in a still shot they took from the surveillance video, they describe those two as young asian males dressed in blue jeans and white shirts. take a look at that surveillance video of the fight. you can see spencer stone, he's the largest of the men you see in that video. he appears to be fighting against several other men. he lands a couple of punches himself then at one point you see one of the other men approaching from the back and from the side. spencer stone walks away from that, and you can see a discoloration on his shirt. everybody then walked away. he is lucky in the words of officials to have survived this attack. martha: some brand-new developments on who will lead the gop in the house. that's the question after kevin mccarthy said it's time for a new face.
6:57 am
he has just spoken about this. gregg: an arizona school leaves one dead and several injured. details on what happened in this stunned college town. . (0209fox555a.ecl)
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>> the question on everybody's lips is next on kevin mccarthy said he didn't want the speaker job. i am martha maccallum, good morning. >> and i am greg jerrett in for bill hemm bill. listen to what was said: >> i know there is speculation about who should run. paul is looking at it. but it is his decision. if he decided to do it he would be an amazing speaker but he has to doicide on his own.
7:01 am
>> a lot of pressure on ryan there. you saw darrell issa nodding his head. chris is here. what do you think of this? >> that is a hard question. there is so much to say. i can imagine them in the conference sitting around saying what do we do now? we have 247 house republicans and each one has a different idea on how they should lead. this is a tough decision for paul ryan. it is not a natural fit. paul ryan is the brains of the house republican conference. he is the guy who, you know, comes up with the ideas and that is what he loves and he is great
7:02 am
at. i don't think he wanted to be president. he has a young family. he has to tend to the needs and angst and concerns of 246 other house republicans. it is not what he likes to do or wants to do. most importantly, you don't have a cohesive group, 218 republicans who see the same way of going. and i don't think there is any assurance of paul ryan. would the hard liners go along with the so-called moderates and follow his lead? >> chad program, our capitol hill producer, dropped something in the urgent file saying there is a movement to fire paul ryan and his stance on immigration is equivalent to amnestsy.
7:03 am
i am assuming you say it is not a good fit for the reasons you stated. he is a policy wonk and a numbers goy. but it is because the speaker is the person who has to be the face of the party and bring people together. something that boehner has not been successful in doing which is why he is being pushed out. he agreed to stay a little longer. but maybe because of the respect that exist in the republican party for paul ryan he may have creditability others don't. >> there is no question he could be the face of the party and would be a good representative in that sense. but it is more than that. if you are going to be the leader, you have to have people to follow. if he has 40 or more hardline conservatives who are not willing to follow his lead and as you say they are already
7:04 am
starting to take shots at him. you cannot be much of a leader. that is the question. i think he would have a bold agenda. there is a lot of care and feeding. that is what john boehner was so good at. it is a terrible job with people coming in with their concerns and you have to listen to that. i cannot imagine paul ryan -- or anyone -- wanting to do it. >> chaffetz is webster are the other candidates. chaffetz came out saying if paul ryan decides to run he will remove his name. so there is a press to get paul ryan to change his name. politicians by their nature are
7:05 am
wherever someone clamors around you we want you. it takes a strong person to say no to power. it would be the number three spots. and not too long ago, paul ryan very much wanted to number two spots, chris. >> he is an interesting guy. i don't think he is motivated by president. if he was, why wouldn't he run for president this time? he was the vice presidential nominee and gained respect under the run with romney but he wasn't interested in that. it goes counter to the prevailing narrative. instead of running for president his dream job was to be the chairman of the house, ways and means committee. he has a wonderful family with three young kids and they live in wisconsin. he is a green bay packer fan and
7:06 am
likes to go hunting with bows and arrows. >> he said this is a job for an empty nester. not for me. although many with families have done it. it is going to be fascinating to see how it pans out. >> we will talk to daniel webster soon. he is not a member of the freedom caucus but backed by that group. we will ask him what he thinks about paul ryan getting in. the nuclear deal with iran may be against the american law. a provision in the agreement negotiated between the obama
7:07 am
administration and five other world powers allows foreign offices to do business with iran but some officials say this violates the law signed by the president. james rosen broke this story yesterday. he is all over. what is the evidence for this, james? >> reporter: one of the key sanction relief sections was to open the so-called loophole. tucked away is a passage that if iran meets their deal the u.s. will provide subsidies for the foreign businesses. but the president signed a measure passed in 2012 called the iran reduction threat act. he signed the law on the same day he had dinner at the white house. it closed the foreign loophole and directed the president to keep it close until it is shown
7:08 am
iran is removed from the list of sponsoring terrorism. >> with respect, congress provided the reduction act, section 218 you cited, and i will reserve you to the treasury department for more details. >> reporter: the treasury department sites a 1977 law but the 2012 law directs him to use the authorities from the 1977 law only to carry out the loophole not overturn it. >> this is attracting and i know this is stunning, james, but attention from republicans who want to occupy the oval office. >> ted cruz is a harvard-trained lawyer and he warned the foreign subsidiary organizations to
7:09 am
think twice before using this and doing business with iran >> any organization doing business with iran like this will face substantial civil liability, litigation, and potentially criminal prosecution. the obligation to follow federal law doesn't go away simply because we have a lawless president who refuses to acknowledge or follow federal law. >> reporter: other resources are referring to other sections of the iran nuclear deal they say violate existing federal statutes >> amazing story. james, who broke the story, thanks. >> thank you. college campus shooting in arizona this time. one person is dead. three people are injured. and they do have a suspect in custody. shots range out near a dorm at
7:10 am
northern university near flagstaff. the campus police addressed the shooting. >> two separate student groups got into a confrontation that turned physical. one of our students, steven jones, 18 years old, produced a handgun and shot four of our other students. one of our students is deceased, the other three are being treated at the flagstaff medical center. >> the university reporting everything is now stable. the campus is not on lockdown. we will have a live update later on this hour here in "america's newsroom." >> dr. ben carson taking new heat for his comments on guns. the gq article that critics are calling inappropriate and do downright offensive.
7:11 am
>> and sanctuary cities are on the rise and new details about a disturbing report. and this: riots in the street of ferguson, looting in baltimore, criminal acts or patriotic protest. what one group of college students is being taught. >> it is not acceptable they can rise and loot and burn at their discretion when other people, like us, have to stand by and watch this happen. this is not right. this is not right. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference.
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7:15 am
breaking news this morning. we have talked in great length on this program and other about the program $500 million spent to train individuals, moderate syrian rebels to fight against isis in syria. that program is now being scrapped essentially. they are figuring out what they want to do next in the face of vladimer putin putting serious air cover and ground forces in place as well in the form of ir iranians to help assad hang on to the regime. we spent half a billion to train five fighters and that didn't work. that program is being shelved in light of this. we spoke to senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham about this the last hour
7:16 am
on "america's newsroom" and here is what he said about how the obama administration has done on this: >> our general problem is president obama, and his entire national security team, are not competent. i don't see how he sleeps at night allowing this to happen on this watch. you know? the biggest winner of obama's presidency is the russians and people like hezbollah and isis. he is the man who called isis the jv team. he doesn't know what he is doing really. >> this is the crux of lindsey graham's campaign and the most important reason he is running so very strong words from him earlier on the show. from america's election head quarters, ben carson is suggesting jews with guns might have preventing the holocaust.
7:17 am
the gq magazine is out a with piece accusing him of pandering to a stupid vote but i will not repeat the headline. carson is a soft spoken fellow who knows he has to make silly comments so his silly comments are heard and you are bearing arms race to stupid because stupid is in high demand from the gop base. stupid is what gets you tension and attention gets you better polling numbers. if you could follow that, god bless you. tucker carlson, editor of the daily caller and cohost of fox and friends weekend. i can they proved the old forest gump adage stupid is as stupid
7:18 am
does. tucker, what do you think of this? >> it is just another noisy child on the internet. the piece is mindless. there is an interesting question about the debate raised by ben cars carson, dictators do disarm the population and make it easier to control. the question is, though, is america yearning for a debate on the holocaust in 2015 in the middle of a presidential race? probably not. lots of other things going on in the world and is this a distraction from the candidate's core issues? probably. it takes some verbal self discipline to run for office and that is not evidence here. >> would that be your principle complaint about ben carson? he is not verbally disciplined?
7:19 am
and maybe that is worn by the fact he is not a traditional politician? >> yeah, i am a ben carson fan and the only candidate i would let baby sit by kids which says a lot. so nothing against him. but i think you have an entire universe of things you could talk about but you have to talk to down to a few to get it across. people can't hear you without a clear and consistent message. do you want to relitigate the holocaust? that is an interested academic point. i don't think it is an insane point but is it helpful? i don't think so. >> it was in his book. here is the clip. >> if there had been no gun control laws in europe would six million jews have been
7:20 am
slaughtered? >> i think the likelihood of hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been diminished if hitler was armed. >> the anti-defamation group is jumping in saying in 1938 there were so few guns among jews in germany so it would have made no difference. they are suggesting he doesn't know history. >> they don't know that and neither does ben carson. it is an academic question probably not worth analyzing. but is it true in order to run the population and control them they disarm them? of course is it true. it makes sense. that is a debate worth having. but when you tie it to historical events, in this case the holocaust, it gets muddied up by emotion. it is an entirely theoretically
7:21 am
debate and maybe those are the least useful to have. >> gq, you put it nicely, uses the f-word and that confounds me. >> magazines like q -- gq is going away. their job is to pay attention. in the world of buzz feed, what do you do? put the f-word in the headline? >> i guess that is it. and their fashion still stucks. i said it before and i am sure i will get flack for thought but it sucks. musical chairs going presidential. some of the biggest names in the gop fighting for a spot on the next debate stage. what they are doing and saying to get there. >> house republicans regrouping after kevin mccarthy stunned
7:22 am
colleagues by dropping out of the race for house speaker. one florida representative who will be joining us live this hour is stepping up with a plan of attack for that job. we will talk to them about it. whoo-wee, you really know how to speed up your clean up! oh, hello race car driver. in my kitchen... it's these bounty with dawn multi-purpose cleaning towels. long-lasting power of dawn. in an ultra-durable bounty? awesome. they're water-activated. one towel can clean your whole kitchen. whoosh! and the suds dry clear.
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7:25 am
the gop is fighting for their political futures. senator senator rand paul and lindsey graham are looking to get their numbers off the floor. senator gram is telling us why voters will realize he is the most qualified. >> it is a building process. it will take time to break through but i will. i am the best qualified
7:26 am
candidate to be commander and chief. we can destroy isis with good leadership. without that we will get attacked again. >> carl cameron is live in new hampshire this morning. we heard from lindsey graham this morning. but what about rand paul and others who are working hard to make a dent in new hampshire? >> struggling, scrambling, all kind of ways to describe it. several candidates are in that boat. today we are four months from the first national primary in new hampshire here. they only have 90 full days of campaigning and advertising. for rand paul it is going to be tough. this is a state he called his must-win. a place he has to do particularly well at. we are at the republican liberty coalition conference here that is filled with constitutional conservatives and tea party
7:27 am
conservatives. rand paul is acknowledging he needs to work hard. he is trying to get students involved in part because the liberty movement is being pulled away by the likes of ted cruz. cruz made an appeal for rand paul support from libertarian voters in new hampshire a short time ago. >> i love rand paul. i respect him. he is a friend, a good man, a good voice for liberty. i iintend to focus on my record. the question you should is when did you step up and take on leadership not just against the democrats but within your own party and my record is different than any other candidate on the stage in that way. >> cruz has been criticized as
7:28 am
being one of boehner's biggest critics. he is wearing this has a badge in contrast to rand paul as he tries to court the libertarian voters which in the live or die free state it is very high >> some of the numbers are so low they will not make the under card debate even. what are they trying to do turn it around? >> an example of that is lindsey graham he is in the middle of a ten-day tour. he was at a gun range in new hampshire yesterday. as part of the bus trip, he will have john mccain on the state and he is the famous for being the first candidate to go to over a hundred town hall meetings. he recognizes he has a sword
7:29 am
over his and has to watch out. >> my the end of the year, i hope my numbers move, if you are in new hampshire and want to see lindsey graham give me a call. i haven't spent much money but by the end of the year i will have mun asonemoney. >> reporter: money, message and organization is what the candidates are qualifying on. rand and graham don't have a lot of money. there are a number of others in trouble and a series of candidates trying to stay alive in new hampshire and he made a bench mark four months from today when the debate takes place. a shooting leaves one dead on a campus in arizona and three others are injured. what sparked the deadly shooting? we will tell you about it. >> a lecture at jail university comparing the riots in ferguson and elsewhere to the boston tea party.
7:30 am
is looting a legit form of protest? we will talk about that when we come back. come back. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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7:33 am
sources are saying congressman paul ryan is going to take the weekend the think about the speaker job. that is somewhat of a change from yesterday after he issued a statement saying i am not going to do this. i am not going to consider myself as a candidate to be the next speaker of the house. no way, no how. today he is going to think about it over the weekend. we will let you know. we are getting an update from the fleece in arizona after a deadly shooting on a university campus in flag staff. one person killed and three others injured. adam housely is live with new details. >> reporter: we are learning a
7:34 am
few things. happened at 1:20 in a parking lot outside of a resident hall. the mountain view hall on the campus of northern university. that is a greek student hall for upper division students. the delta chi said some of their students were involved. four people were shot, one person killed, the shooter is in custody and the three remaining victims are being treated at the flagstaff medical center. a ton of students were on hand this morning and one gave an interview to an affiliate. >> you never expect it to hit your college. you hear about it every few months but once it hits your home and campus everything feels like it is flipped upside down. i think everyone is in shock now. >> reporter: about 27,000 students when you count graduate
7:35 am
students. the campus is two hours north of phoenix in the mountains in the northern fart part of the state. the university president said students can feel secure and campus is resuming classes. >> this is not going to be a normal day. our hearts are heavy. >> reporter: as you might imagine, a lot of students upset. as we go back to new york, there is an 18-year-old freshman in custody. his name is steven jones. this may have started at a fight. >> awful. thank you very much, adam. well a teach were at yale defends looting. the kind of chaos we saw in baltimore after the death of freddie gray an a activist in the black lives matter move lit was hired to speak at yale and
7:36 am
talk about this protest. july -- julie is here and tom sullivan as well. what about the comparison to the boston tea party? >> if you look at what he said, rand paul came out and criticized yale for having this class, he had if he is against free speech and examining the causing of looting, which is what the lecture is about, he is also against examining tings like the tea party and the revolution which did have looting. i don't think it is an unfair analogy. let people make their own academic decision after hearing what they have to say. >> the danger is this guy leads a movement, black lives matter,
7:37 am
and people might mistake his remarks as looting. i went to a public law school so it was free but last time i checked looting was a crime. >> julie, you left your purse in the green room and i took your wallet but that is okay i want it. >> if you want to discuss the merits of taking my property is not the same as taking it. >> i love the guy is at the yale divinity school. where people are going to be ministers and so forth. remember in college, we figured out what classes we needed to take and said this professor is an easy a, this one is a hard professor. they know what this is about. he is teaching two days. he is not a teacher. he is a lecturer. he has no creditability. and the students at yale will figure out this guy is a joke.
7:38 am
>> this analogy, when i studied world war ii in college, i read mind comp, was i advocating genocide because i read the book? >> this isn't a student. this is a teacher. let me put up on the screen the essay he asked students to read. here is part of it. the claim that looting is violent and non-political has been carefully produce bide the ruling class because it is the violence maintenance of property is the bases and end of their power. tom, the problem is you get young and impressionable students out of high school, and they are soaking it up. you have >> you have to assume most of the kids at yale are smart. we had whacky professors and i had their number right away. we talk about the parent's responsibility to teach their
7:39 am
kids. they come home from public and private school, thinking about little childrenx but it still allies to parents of college age children. >> what you read is no more offensive than something from mind comp. >> what i read? >> yes. so my point is this if i study this stuff in college and didn't come out with the belief of it allowing me to understand different world views why is this different? >> it introduces these kids to somebody from a different viewpoint they have never seen before and let's them judge whether or not they want to buy into it it. >> exactly right. >> the argument here is looting is a protest over government action and there are no innocent victims of looting. throw the pictures up there.
7:40 am
store owners had their property looted and they have lost their livelihood. >> do you want people in academics to only be expose today a particular world view? or different world views and they can come up with their own one. >> it is a whacky world belief. he believes police are there to protect white people's property. >> are you kidding me? this is an academic test. >> do you think everyone understands that in the classroom? >> i would hope so. did i understand when i was reading mind comp it wasn't something i wanted to espougned. >> mind comp did have an influence on you. >> you might want to take that back. my point is is my experience of
7:41 am
hitler richer because of the book? yes, of course. >> i think students need to hear both sides of the story. >> we agree on that. both sides of the story. fair and balanced. the american league division playoffs started taking on the rangers versus toronto. rangers get the win 5-3. astros and royals second game. astros made it look easy jumping into the lead and never looking back with a final of 5-2. the rain delay caused the grounds crew, and this looks dangerous rolling out the tarp. >> that is going to leave a mark. >> he got tripped, tarp kept rolling. ow. no, no, no.
7:42 am
the man is forever known as tarp man perhaps. but he is okay. he is okay. >> yeah. >> rough job out there. >> who you pulling for? who do you think is going to the world series? >> the mets >> seriously? >> i am a mets fan. i am a bigger football fan than baseball but in my family we root for the mets. >> i thought you were a red sox fan? >> get out. no. >> alan, the executive producer -- >> no, i am a patriots fan and that makes alan very upset. that is what you are confusing. never the red sox. don't get me in more trouble with alan. >> we have a post-meeting after the show every day and it will be interesting. the dodgers will win it all by the way.
7:43 am
free for all on capitol hill as republicans are trying to figure out a speaker. daniel webster is joining us live. out of this world, billions of miles away. you know what that is? >> that is pluto. >> that is pluto. >> that is pluto. just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own.
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. >> one of the biggest pieces of breaking news this morning is the department of defense is going to end the program that has been going on for a year
7:47 am
that was designed and spent $500 million to know train moderate rebels in syria, some question whether there are any, others are adamant there are. they ended up training five people in the end and they took off according to reports we have gotten. here is what the plan is from the secretary of defense, ash carter, going forward. he is directing the department of defense to provide equipment packages and weapons to a select group of vetted leaders and their units. so overtime they can make a concerted push into territory that is controlled by isis. we will monitor the groups and provide them with air support as they take the fight to isis. this will allow us to reinforcement the progress made encountering isis in syria. the problem is as we heard from
7:48 am
lindsey graham and general jack keane, the problem is the people on the ground, the moderate syrians, want to fight against assad. then they will find themselves in a difficult position because they will have airstrikes from russia reining over their heads as they have for the last couple weeks. as i said, to be fair, we are learning the details of this. who they could hand up in the hands of isis as well. >> this is what happens when you hire proxies and other do is do the fighting. you can fund them but the weapons can be used against you and you never know what who to trust in that region of the world. i mean, i did spend time over
7:49 am
there and you have no clue who you can trust. and it is very difficult right now for the obama administration to defend their policy. >> what is the message to putin? we are out of there appears to be the message. we will drop off weapons and provide air support but it looks like we are out and putin has to see that as a victory according to what we are learning. jon scott is standing by because "happening now" is coming up. >> greg, good morning. if you look at polls, kentucky senator rand paul is facing a battle for the white house. should he throw in the towel on the presidential race and focus on his senate re-election bid instead? we will get into that. plus, cops say he brutally murdered his teacher on school grounds when he was 14 and two years later he is being tried as an adult. can the attorneys say anything to sway the jury?
7:50 am
and west point, the nation's oldest military academy is boasting a new feature on the golf course with each hole remembering a war that was thought. we will go live there. a disturbing report on the increasing number of sanctuary cities all over the countries coming months after the death of kate steinle in san francisco who was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant. >> the self-inflicted wound that murdered our daughter was by the hands of a man who should have never bean on the streets in this country. this country. that's the power of active management.
7:51 am
big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a new survey revealing a
7:54 am
snowballing number of sanctuary cities in america. over 25 states have cities or counties with sanctuary laws meaning 340 cities have laws shielding undocumented workers from deportation. we are live in washington, d.c., how many illegal immigrants have been freed from jails in the city? >> about a 1,000 a month who would be in jail if they were in a city that stuck to the immigration laws. they are on the streets instead because they are in one of these 340 sanctuary cities. immigration laws are not the only laws being broken. out of the 9200 police people i.c.e wanted to report almost 6,000 had criminal records
7:55 am
already and 2300 plus committed other crimes and were arrested governor. that group is most concerning to local communities because it creates opportunities to crimes like the one carried out by the man accused of shooting and killing kate steinle in san francisco. >> are lawmakers trying to do anything to reduce the number of cities? >> there is a push by senators like bitter and cruz to stop spending money to cities by holding grants to the 340 cities. the threat is there but no signs this will reverse. it is rapid growth. >> peter, thanks. the replacement for house speaker is scrambling. big meeting underway.
7:56 am
paul ryan according to reports said he will think about it over the weekend despite the fact he said no, no, and no. more on this coming up. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the columbus day sale. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. right now save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing. hurry, ends tuesday! know better sleep with sleep number.
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes
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and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief >> there is a world of blue skies that is three billion miles away. this is what is out there. a photo of pluto is showing a beautiful blue sky on its surface. the new horizons team identified areas of exposed ice on pluto and the ice is deep red there. what is up with that? >> red, we equate with bacteria, which is obviously growth. >> red planet. >> how could that be? it is so cold there? must be something else.
8:00 am
blue skies smiling at me. >> thank you. have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. bye, everybody. >> "happening now" now begins now. welcome to "happening now." i am jon scott. >> paul ryan will take the weekend to answer if he will take the leadership position. this is coming a month before it showdown with obama to raise the debt ceiling or face a shutdown. mccarthy is not stepping down as the majority leader post and


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