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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 9, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> lots of romans tips on show. we'll have a lot of action this weekend. we're back on tv monday at noon eastern. hope you join us. have a great weekend. "happening now" starts right now. northern arizona university one person is left dead and three others wounded. >> russia ups the a nte, jump nothing a civil war. and moscow military campaign in syria caught the u.s. cough guard. but the deadly explosion rocks the port of new orleans and prompts an emergency response to save trapped workers. and an iconic military institution is home to a golf course like you have never seen before.
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walk through history while hitting the links in west point. it is all on "happening now". but we begin with the scramble to fill the chair of the house speaker. republican leaders are plotting their next move after kevin mccarthy shocked them after pulling out of the race 24 hours ago. >> i am jon scott. >> i am arthel neville. joan boehner said he will stick around until a successor is choseen and he would like to leave by the end of this month. mccarthy will not resewn as majority leader, but he said his decision is for the good of the party. >> we should put the conference first. and i think there is something to be said for us to unite with
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a fresh face. >> republicans meeting this morning in the capitol basement some leaning on paul ryan to run. so far, his office said that will not happen. susan, correspondent with the washington examiner and knows the players involved. there seems to be a drum beat to get paul ryan to take the job, what is his response. >> so far his response is no. this is a case of law makers saying no. and paul ryan said he's not interested and not running, law makers said think about it before deciding you will not do it. he told a few people privately, he will think about it over the weekend. his answer has been no repeatedly. and so it sounds like he is appealing to them to give it one more shot over the weekend, but
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i think he's leaning no. and republicans at this point don't have a candidate to win 218 votes and mccarthy is the closest, and he's out and ryan doesn't want to do it and they don't have anybody and they are penning their hopes on paul ryan. >> you are number three in line of the presidency. >> it is one of the most powerful jobs in the country or in the house or congress. but to be the speaker you are a fundraiser and you are on the rod and dealing with stressful and trackous conference. and ryan may have encountered some of the problems that forced mccarthy out of the race. that is the conservative that make the changes to the rules and bringing more headaches to the jobs and no guarantee that ryan would be elected.
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they were skeptical about paul ryan. he knows this and knows it is a difficult situation to get in the speaker's chair and bigger headache and all of the fund-raising and he's got a wife and three kids and all of these factor in him looking against it. they are looking to paul ryan as the savior whether he is rightful or not and that's why he will give it thought over the we weekend. >> the republicans have the largest majority and they are having troubles governing and finding 218 votes they need to elect the new speaker. >> the larger are the majority, the more unworldy. you have different factions and you have power. democrats are a small minority and they have to agree to disagree with the republicans. that is not hard.
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it is when you govern you can see the differences. you have had year was frustration from the conservatives that grew in the house and this has been bubbling to the surface. and they saw an opportunity when speaker boehner announced he would retired and they are not giving it up easily. this will be a tough spot for the republicans to come up with someone who can bring in the conservatives and not losing the rest of their conference to elect the speaker. >> i guess the speaker is it helpful or harmful to the property. one author wrote in the washington post suggesting that the gop as a party is done and can't function anymore; what do you think? >> it is far from declaring. that elections are a year, way when they run for their offices. by then voters may not care
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about. this they could have it settled and a speaker in place. next november and they are having chaos in the house, that is terrible. the public wants a congress that can government. we are long ways away from the election, to say the party is done is premature. >> who would you put forward to be speaker of the house? >> yeah, that is interesting. at this point when you talk to law makers about that prospect, one thing they can agree on, they want someone that is an elected member of the house. newt gingrich and mitt romney and someone from the outside to come in. but the law makers are not interested in that. they feel they can at this point. but they just started on the process. if it is not paul ryan, it is
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going to be a delay before they get someone who roundup 218. and looking to the rowel change to get conservative support for any speaker so conservatives feel they have more conference for who ever is elected speaker. it is part p of the equation. and how the house operates and how that might change to appease the conservatives. >> the iran nuclear deal under scrutiny after it is revealed about one of the key provisions appears to violate sanctions that president the president signed himself in law. administration officials are facing a tough decision. hey, james.
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>> reporter: a passage tucked away in one of the annexes of the nuclear deal promises to license foreign subsidaries of u.s. parent firms to do business in teheran. it is it a form of sanctions relief that would mean tens of billions in congress. but the problem president obama signed into law the iran threat reduction act and forced him to keep it close until he certifies to congress that he removed iran from the nations that commit terrorism. he seened that in the white house. and yesterday, the very same law references an earlier one from 1977 and grants the president licensing authority. >> the president has broad authorities. and we are comfortable that the administration has the authorities and i defer to the department of treasury for more
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details. >> reporter: adam zuben nom named to be under the secretary signed into law. and the 2012 law makes it clear the president can only carry out the closure of the subloop hole and not repeal it. >> the president is following sadly a pattern claims the authority to simply ignore federal law. that is a serious problem and i would note, it is a problem that the president doesn't have the ability to wave a magic wand and go away. joishgs they could offer no time table on adam's nomination. >> thank you, james. >> new hillary clinton e-mails on the benghazi committee and casting further doubt on the
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e-mails containing classified information. a long- time advisor sidney bloomingthal named a confidential source that clinton forwards to a colleague. >> reporter: these e-mails are released by republican tray gowdy on the committee of benghazi. back in march, hillary clinton said about her e-mails that she had never sent classified information. and she understand the guidelines and standards and always met that. a lot of confusion since then on what was marked or not marked and whether she followed the rules or the law. subject of an fbi investigation. we see new e-mails from tray gowdy from sid no bloomingthal. and the e-mails show in part he was pushing business deals in libya and being an advisor on
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acceptsative national security policy for the then secretary of state. and one e-mail you talk about in particular. bloomingtha l. said they spoke and the agency was dependent from and lets the name of someone on the ground in libya and then that name forwarded by hillary clinton to an aide. tray gowdy is blacking out the name and redakting it for privacy and said it should have been classified information and could have endangered not only national security but a person's life. the clinton camp is pushing back in the entire benghazi investigation particularly because of those comments by house majority leader suggesting that the investigation was really not about benghazi but
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hurting hillary clinton politically. and that's why they are pushing back so hard. ul awe of this will come to a head-on october 22nd pd and hillary clinton will swear the oath as she testifies publicly before that committee and that will be a mange show down. >> remember how angry she got while testing about benghazi. >> investigators finding details in the fiery train derailment and what they now saw was responsible. front runner donald trump with an unexpected guest in a rally in las vegas. and the heated race for the white house. and we want to hear from you. and what does kevin mccarthy's we drawal mean for the gop? go to
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>> yes, we love you. we love you. yes. >> donald trump feeling the love in las vegas. she is a colombia immigrant and supports trump's plan to deport all illegal immigrants and joining me now with someone who came out of a interview with the republican front runner. and howard kurtz. it is good to so you. and i felt like drew carey and that is what is exciting for donald trump and that is part of the attraction. >> she should get a game show. and we talk about donald trump being a show man.
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he is rather unpopular with latino voters, but that will stay in people's minds. she is excited and met donald trump and he fights the pundits with the image row of that. he anyhow how to exploit it. >> he is a showman and he comes with issues. have you talked about that in your interview with hip? >> he was pumped up and he recites his poll numbers and he talked about the dishonest media coverage. and said the washington post was more fair and he doesn't seem to be at war with fox news. but i talked, to him on the taxes and medicare and social security. he said i will take the jobs back to china and mexico. but i think those are the questions as the campaign goes on, if the math doesn't add up
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he will provide more information. >> what will the viewers walk away with? >> the media are tired of trump and wearing out his welcome. he's everywhere and doing so many interviews and shows the media is not tired of him and he's good for ratings and he likes to swing at rubio. and itching to unload on ben carson as number two in the polls. and we'll see him defining the terms of the conversation. the media is covering carly fiorina and ben carson. but they are asked about the issues that trump is moving hard. >> the media covering the kevin mccarthy decision not to run for speaker. is the media making it a bigger deal to people's lives. >> i don't think they are
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talking about it in the kitchen table. but in the beltway bubble. the republican party can't seem to find a new speaker, but the left leaning commenters are taking a special glee of talking about the republicans. it was interesting that mccarthy decided not to run. it is interesting that paul ryan doesn't want to run but they want to. if you are in melodrama it is not bad. but the left is taking glee on this. >> good to see you on sunday. >> and authorities investigating a deadly pipeline explosion in a gas plant. the blast could be heard a mile away. three people killed and two others injured. and all five were contractors doing maintenance work. and the owner of the facility said the plant was not
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operational and no natural gas was flowing. >> a broken rail link not noticed in inspections, the announcement of the troubling finding of a train carrying crude oil. it caused a fire that burned down a nearby house. >> republican candidates barnstorming new hampshire and trying to boost their numbers. they include rand paul, one of several senators guarding their coveted positions on that stage. (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment.
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>> senator rand paul due on stage in a half an hour in new hampshire. he is scram bing on his poll numbers and guard his spot. and rand paul is not the only sitting senator in trouble. carl cameron has all of the details. >> reporter: hi, arthel. today, the new hampshire coalition has a meeting. and rand paul will take the stage in an hour. there is a number of candidates trying to compete for the tea party conservative.
10:25 am
for rand paul it is a big deal. he is sinking in the polls steadily now for several months and this was a state and liberty movement voters for constitiency that he is supposed to wrap up. ted cruz is trying to poach that support and a long- standing wooer of the republican libity voters and he was trying to pick off the rand paul supporters, watch. >> i was elected with the liberty movement they are intgal of our campaign. and i am honored to have the support here in new hampshire and all over the country. you know, when i ran for senate, i was blessed to be endorsed boy ron paul and rand paul.
10:26 am
>> you can't get more obvious than that and talking about the rival and his father as well. the cruz campaign has been suggesting that the rand paul folks are trying to stuff the ballot box by picking up folks from kentucky. by the way the super pac support group tried to stuff the ballot box and there is a straw poll. george ta tacky and former governor gilmore and rand paul. and there is a variety of them. and one of them is lindsay graham. he is candid and hoping to get momentum not in the next debate, but by the end of the year, check it out. i come up here enough to matter. john mccain got residual support
10:27 am
and wound twice. and john helping me and by p the end of the year, i hope my numbers move. it is still four months away from the polls. and it is four months to the first primary. >> meanwhile a straw poll tomorrow and i will see you on the newscast on the weekend. carl cameron, thank you. >> coming up. nation's history meets golf in a new fetture on the west point golf course. what is russia's end game in syria. moscow is erratic and aggressive as it tries to prop up the syrian regime. could that back fire? >> their strategy in syria is flawed. and the mistakes that russia is
10:28 am
making there will have consequences and only inflame the syrian civil war.
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>> warnings that russia is using syria to fight a proxy war with the u.s. defense secretary carter said russia behavior is unprofessional will and aimed at provoking a response from the obama administration. the iranian revolutionary guard
10:32 am
general was killed by militants. he was the main architect to fight terrorist groups in that region. we'll get an update from major general bob scales who is a fox news analyst. >> we heard the warnings from defense secretary carter. -- old habits diehard. he said the russians are doomed to fail nursyria what do you think, general? >> i think secretary carter has a point. i am told that one russian helicopter is down so far in the looming russian offensive. they fight well in ashlgs broad. but not expeditionary war. and the russian people are not so sure about it. they failed in fip land in 1940
10:33 am
and afghanistan in the 1980s and this is a tar baby that mr. punch. and the russians are not careful it could hurt them. >> you say you see is similarities in crimia and ukraine versus what they are doing in syria? >> absolutely right. this is little green men, middle eastern style. this is an attempt by putin to sneak in syria and build a battalion combat team and load up with three types of fighter aircraft and literally join assad's army in an attack gaents moderate rebels. it caught the u.s. boy surprise and this new russian involvement in the war may turn out over the long- term to be a very, very intensive investment by mr.
10:34 am
putin. >> caught the u.s. by surprise. that is not a good thing. we shouldn't be surprised by anything that is going on in the world. >> come on, jon, 2011, when we left iraq, who saw the rise of isis and the collapse of the iraqi army? our intelligence forecasting in this region, you must admit going back to 2003 is never that good and the russians know that. and i might add that the russian intelligence is not that good. >> how would you assess the way the administration pushed back on vladimar putin? >> i think it is muted. i think what the administration is done, probably in the short term the right thing to do. the last thing you want to be a third party player in a civil war and russia decided to be
10:35 am
a third party player. the strategy the administration is leave the west to the russian and we'll reenforce the kurds who are sadly the only combat element in the middle east willing to fight and use the kurds as our boots on the ground and march away from our friendly friends, the moderate rebels in syria, because they are not effective. >> the death of the iranian, said isis killed this guy and that was not absolutely confirmed f. so, that could be a remarkable turn of events there. >> just think about this. this is the third iranian senior officer killed. they are dumping soldiers to fight alongside russians and hesbollah. and just as the russians can't
10:36 am
afford a foreign embarrassment, neither can the iranians and the fact that he was killed by isis is an indication that hesbollah and iran and russia may be getting in a quagmire that trafrngfully the administration chose to walk away from. >> thank you. >> and turns out the stampede outside of the holy city of mecca may be the deadliest event to strike the annual pilgrimmage. the associated press now figuring nearly 1500 people were killed. that is more than saudi arabia's official count. two waves of pilgrims converged and caused hundreds to sufday or get trampled. >> in our first hour, we took
10:37 am
you to west point. west point is many things including the oldest occupied military post in the nation and also a round of golf while honoring the men and women that went to war to guarantee the rest of us freedom. >> reporter: we left the west hole golf course commemorating the vietnam war. that cost thousands of americans. after the pisce americans would see more than a decade of quiet until communist cubbian troops over threw the government and the erolt was f a friendly islandaradise for tourism.
10:38 am
it was a soviet cubbian colony to export terror and undermine democracy. and we got there just in time. >> for the generals that are west point graduates, the 16th hole has meaning. >> it is in operation of desert storm. and liberated kuwait under the direction of george bush. >> and turning a blind eye to saddam hussein's aggression would only delayed the day of reckoning. >> one west point graduate killed was lieutenant donnie hilliard. he was shot down on the last day of the war. >> it brings it home to you guys, the sacrifice of so many men and women? >> that helped me to be motivateed to stay in the united states army and continue to
10:39 am
serve in bosnia and the last words on 17 and 18. operation iraqi freedom. and operation enduring freedom. >> the final two holes are par5s, long in golf speak. they commemorate our nation's two longest wars. iraq and afghanistan. >> in those wars combined west point graduates ha 95 men and two women and 5000 soldiers. those two markers are two of the first monuments to those wars. >> whether it was soldiers that served with us or our classmates or those who we knew and served on the soccer team. over 4000 that died in iraq.
10:40 am
>> reading the markers add time to a round of golf. here that is expected and acceptable. >> no course marshal will hustle people a long. >> you get a lot of different aspects. a great outing with buddies or with the company or friends and family and also a tour of history and doing it in a national land mark here in west point academy. >> this course rich in history and historical markers is open to the public. >> the fact that west point has been a place chosen to honor the current wars that we served in as well. and that hole 18 and the beautiful venue, the golf course itself here on the historic west point, and united states military academy hope to the
10:41 am
public. we hope to see folks there. >> golfing on the west point course is inexpensive and the money goes into a fund that provides for west point cadets. it is a round of golf to feel good about. and i have more information about the course and the hotel on the website on >> it is a great way to attract people to get a great taste of history. >> makes you want to learn the game of golf. >> i suck at golf. >> it is it a spikeless course. >> trust me when the show is over these things come off. thank you. >> and we'll tell you about an american journalist behind the bars of prison. closing in on a bleak bench mark
10:42 am
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. we'll talk to house speaker mark meddors. and he it is from the freedom caucus. and searching for two missing kids that are cousins. police need your help. and walmart has free stuff for you this weekend. how do you get it? we'll tell you on the real story. >> all right. get this an oregon principal sent a teen home for a t- shirt supporting our troops. the problem is that it had a gun on it. the principal told allen to
10:46 am
change his clothes or love school. he chose to go home. >> not changing. they will not let me wear a shirt that supports people free. i am not support them. >> i would have done the same thing. >> alan plans to do a research to learn more about the soldier memorial that is featured on his shirt. >> 444 days. that is how long washington post reporter has been behind bars in an iranian prison. that is as long as the americans in the hostage croisis were held in november 1979 to january 1981. the washington post pointing out the crime milestone. and joins me with more. and martin, what is it that they are doing to highlight jason's
10:47 am
plight. >> we are doing everything possible. we are running our own editorial and encouraged other media to run editorials. and the front of our building it highlights the fact that jason is held 444 days. and we have had extensive conversation with senior officials in the administration and talked to government officials from other countries. we are doing everything we can. >> what is it keeping him in the prison. >> is it a political club if you will is there groups with political clout that dropped the ball? >> we don't know why he was arrested and tried and held. and why no verdict was announced in his trial. as you pointed out.
10:48 am
it was 444 days and he was arrested by -- revolutionary guard and tried. it is a sign of division in the iranian society between revolutionary guard and the public. he is innocent and should be released. >> there is a refugee crisis and putin's power grab over the middle east. and do any of these turn of events, do you think, martin, help keep rezaian released or in prison. >> what is happening there will be unrelated to syria or other parts of the world. as many news outlets points out.
10:49 am
the iranian government requested the release of its own countrymen held in the united states, perhaps as man as 19. and it appears they are looking for a prisoner exchange. but officials there don't like the word exchange. but it locks like that is what they are looking for? >> has the u.s. lost leverage? >> it is hard to say. only the u.s. government can talk about. that they have iranian prisoner ares held in the united states and elsewhere. that is leverage. but the u.s. government will have to speak to what kind of leverage they have today. >> thank you very much. and bring attention to jason rezian's plight. >> and learning more about the deadly shooting in an arizona
10:50 am
school this morning along with the alleged gunman. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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means striking a the right balancesco between economic growth, housing we can a and mayor ed lee has transformed san francisco into the nation's most thriving city. vote peskin/lee. san francisco needs them both. aaron peskin for supervisor and ed lee for mayor -- the perfect balance for a better san francisco. new details emerging about the deadly shooting on the
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campus of arizona this morning. the suspected gunman is in custody and is cooperating according to police. the incident, as you can imagine, rart ling nerves campus wide. >> we have assured the community that campus is secure and classes will go on as scheduled. we're sensitive to the tragedy and asking faculty to be sensitive to the needs of our students and families. this will not be a normal day at nau. our hearts are heavy. >> adam hoeg juseley joins us w the latest. >> we've been told by campus authorities that it took the emergency personnel to treat the students, 13 minutes to get there. it happened outside the mountain
10:54 am
view hall on the campus of northern arizona university. it's a greek student's hall. it's upper division students on campus. four people were shot in what they call an isolated incident. one person killed. the shooter is in custody. he's an 18-year-old. the three remaining victims are being treated at flag staff medical center. >> people started texting and call and posting. i was like this is real. this is really real. >> we're told one of those who survived the attack was shot in the neck. he's from san diego. his family is on the way to arizona to see him. there's 27,000 students roughly in flagstaff. the campus two hours or so north
10:55 am
of phoenix. classes will go on as scheduled. there's law against having gun at northern arizona university. >> the arizona board of regents prohibits students, anyone to carry guns on campus. the arizona law allows you to have a gun in your car in a locked compartment on campus but that's where it has to stay. you cannot carry it around campus. >> that did not happen this morning. a couple more notes. detectives say they are working on the premise of this. there's a statement put out by fraternity as they say some of their members were involved. the suspect's name is stephen jones. he's an 18-year-old who may have been there on scholarship. >> cooperating with police. the white house changing colors tonight. raising awareness to a very special cause. we'll explain in the final 30, next. 130 yards now...
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because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. today marks day two of co c comic-con. more than 160,000 people dressed up for that annual event. >> taylor swift hitting 50 million followers for the most popular account. >> tonight the white house will be the pink house lit up in honor of breast cancer awareness month. >> thanks for joining us. capitol hill chaos. freedom caucus member will be here with what's next for the gop. president obama considering pen and paper again two create
11:00 am
new background requirements for gun owners. walmart giving out free stuff this weekend. netflix raising prices. we have a bunch of stories. the pressure is on, republicans struggling to unite behind a new speaker to lead the house. many believe paul ryan is the guy to fill the post. there's some arm twisting but for now ryan says he's still not interested. he's going to think about it


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