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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 9, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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million followers for the most popular account. >> tonight the white house will be the pink house lit up in honor of breast cancer awareness month. >> thanks for joining us. capitol hill chaos. freedom caucus member will be here with what's next for the gop. president obama considering pen and paper again two create new background requirements for gun owners. walmart giving out free stuff this weekend. netflix raising prices. we have a bunch of stories. the pressure is on, republicans struggling to unite behind a new speaker to lead the house. many believe paul ryan is the guy to fill the post. there's some arm twisting but for now ryan says he's still not interested. he's going to think about it
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over the weekend. mike, is there any sign that ryan might be changing his mind? >> no. we understand that paul ryan will talk it over with his family. his spokesman said ryan appreciates the support but is not a candidate for speaker. he left the u.s. capitol a few minutes ago and did not answer reporters questions. he said he had nothing to add. many of his colleagues including one who considered running for speaker himself sound hopeful. >> i did everything except carry his gym bag this morning trying to get him to do it. the fact is paul ryan is the right man, right now. he had moderate support and he has conservative support. members have come to me saying let paul know we would be with him. >> already we are starting to see some conservatives come out and question his credentials. some suggesting the republican establishment is pushing him too hard and they are starting to
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push back. >> what happens while republicans wait over the weekend to see if paul ryan will run? >> john boehner says it's still his intention to have a vote for the next speaker by the end of the month but told his colleagues it's up to them to work that out. boehner said at the end of the day it's about house republicans coming together. boehner told house republican it's not helpful for one group of members to say they will only vote for this candidate and it's not helpful for another group of members to say they will only vote for a different candidate on the floor. it's up to the people in the room to listen to each other, come together and figure this out. that's not been easy to far. at this point there are deep divides in the republican conference. >> thanks. if congressman ryan does decide to run he won't get any interference from a current candidate. >> no, i would not run against paul ryan. if paul ryan gets into the race, i would support paul ryan.
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i would hope he would do it. he has consistently said he won't. we've got to get something who wants to do it and will fight for it and make the most of it. >> a group that sparked the rebellion against john boehner and kevin mccarthy. great to have you on the real story. where do things stand? give tus real stous the real st what's going on. >> you've highlighted some of the things that are very key. we wait to hear from paul ryan whether he will get in the race or not. he is a very credible candidate, has a broad swath of support. the real story is behind the scenes. there's moderate and conservatives within our party trying to work together to unite and get behind someone and
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provide them 240 or 246 votes and those discussions are happening right now. >> you know that your group, the free caucus, two gopers are left that group. you know some people are deeming you as the problem children. you're causing the ruckus of what's going on. sometimes chaos needs to happen for the right kind of change? >> sometimes you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet. we are trying to get something worthwhile. millions and millions of americans feel like washington, d.c. had stopped listening to them. all we're trying to do is flatten out that decision making, allowing the rank and file to have legislation that comes and percolates to the top instead of allowing it to come from the top down. whether it's paul ryan or some
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are suggesting mike mccall and others, when you really look at that, it's all about the process not as much about the person. let me ask you this. you would vote for paul ryan. what about jason chaffetz. i know he tried to take away your big position. would you be in favor of him? >> jason and i have a great friendship. we work together on a bill. speaker boehner's bill today. the gavel in all of that is in the past. we not only have a good working relationship but he's someone who kplcommitted to a process o change and i can see voting for him as well as many others. that's a non-factor for me. >> what about daniel webster. from the freedom caucus he was your guy. >> dan's conservative score is
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not as conservative as most members of the house freedom caucus. it was more about process saying how will we empower every member of congress and allow their legislation to come up. i want to make sure we focus on that. it's really not about the personality as much as it is changing rules. that's starting to happen. >> just back do what i mentioned two gopers have left the freedom caucus. the word on the street is they left because they like this whole process thing you're talk about but they didn't like it when the group got involved this stripping people of speakership and potentially speakership. i don't know about the motion to vacate as much. the most recent announcement would suggest there's a move against leader mccarthy. i can tell you we had some very healthy discussions with kevin. i would say very productive where we had looking at how we
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can bring this group together. there are differences within our conferences, very big differences. if we work together and sit down at table we'll find a path forward. i think we'll rise to the challenge. >> that's the understatement of the last 24 hours defining moment for the gop. have great weekend. thank you. we are awaiting president obama's arrival in oregon where he is said to meet families of victims of mass shooting. white house officials say mr. obama will bring words of comfort and sympathy with no plans to discuss the highly charged issue of gun control. we're also learning that president obama is considering bypassing congress now on the issue of gun background checks. dan. >> reporter: we're expecting president obama to be here in roseburg within about an hour and meet privately for about 90
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minutes with many of relatives of the victims of last week's shooting. then he'll be onto seattle for a fund-raiser. as you can see the welcome mat is not rolled out for him in roseburg. hundreds of people here ro testing the president's visit. more than 8,000 people went to a facebook page titled defend roseburg, deny barack obama. said they would show up at to today's vent. many expressed outrage at president obama talking about gun control within hours of last week's shooting. it was before we knew nine people were killed. >> i think it's a cheap shot. it's a slap in the face of the people and their suffering. >> i'd like to see him just go home. >> reporter: local elected leaders are being more diplomatic. regardless of our differences with the president on policy issues we await the president's arrival and look forward to his show of support.
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the city of rosebu put out an almost identical statement. >> quite a picture behind you with so many people coming out to protest. let's move onto how the community is trying to recover, if you ever can from something like this. >> they're doing their best. this is tight knit rural community. everywhere you see signs of support for the victims. the memorial services have begun. we know we have five scheduled for this weekend and the first one was held yesterday. it was for 34-year-old jason johnson who was in his first week of college after years of battling drug addiction. the umpqua community college held no classes this week. we know that some of the victims families will not meet with president obama today but a state rep from roseburg believes obama can help if he focuses only on the victims. >> they want to make sure that just like any freedom loving american, they want to make sure they have the ability to protect
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themselves and their family in case the worst happens and the system fails them. >> as you reported, the washington post reporting today that the president obama looking at the option of doing some executive orders which would expand background checks. that would have no impact in oregon. this is one of six states that has universal background checks on the books. >> interesting. we'll debate that. now to the war on terror where a senior defense official confirms the obama administration pulling the plug on the pentagon's controversial program to train moderate syrian rebels. that effort for 500 million bucks of your taxpayer dollars got a four or maybe as many as nine fighters. that's it. i stead the military will focus on supporting kurdish and arab groups already in fight against isis. this happening after the most significant isis advance in months, that's happened.
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as they captured villages north of aleppo. a powerful guard general responsible for coordinating iran backed volunteers with syrian government forces was killed last night by isis fighters. new details about a search for two young boys. they've been missing near a campgrounds. we're getting new information from the family about these beautiful little boys who are cousins. kevin mccarthy's withdrawal fueling new concerns about the future of the gop. do voters want new ideas or do they want experienced leaders? more rain coming to south carolina which still totally under water as the governor calls for evacuations in more counties now. >> if they come to your door, it's time for you to leave. we don't need you to think about it. we need you to prepared and go and we don't want to have to come back and check on you after that. bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good?
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you think enough would be enough? now forecasts show more rain for south carolina. low pressure systems expected later tonight and some areas may get as much as another inch of rain. it's rain not needed as the flooding left over from last week is still great cause for concern. coastal areas are on alert because of rivers that are way too high. homeland security secretary jay johnson expected to tour some of that damage today. which direction will they go? that's the million dollar question as republicans try to regroup now and figure out who is next to be the house speaker. only 40% feel the same way on the democratic side.
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director of the center for politics at the university of virginia is my guest today. i think it's pretty crystal clear that what's happening out in the presidential race where people want an outsider, at least today, that's kind of what they're saying about the speaker position too, right? >> yes. i think there really is a connection here. gretchen, this has been building for years. the republican party was once very higherarchical. speerk of t things have begun to change. i think since the mid part of the last decade, toward tend of the bush administration and it's built through all these elections. it's at a fever pitch now. >> that's how we got things like
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rino. i want you to look at this poll. this is what you do for a living, and it's fascinating one. do people want experience or do they want new, fresh ideas? look at that. back in march only 36% of the people wanted new ideas. most of them wanted a proven record. now that's totally flip-flopped. 65% of the people want new ideas. what does that say to you? >> it says that people are angry and they're alienated from their party, the republican party, and it's leadership. they believe, whether it was possible or not, they believe the leaders should have fought and defeated more of president obama's proposals than they have. this is cropping up everywhere. the presidential race, the speakers race. it's also happening in some of the state and local races. you see it there too. >> very interesting. there's the word that happens on capitol hill. it also begins with c.
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a lot of these people don't like it. it's called compromise. how is this going to flush out, at least in the speaker position? do you have to be able to strike compromise to be able to do that role but can you actually advertise yourself as such to win the role? >> it's a no win position. it's really heads you lose, tails you lose, for the people going to be in charge. the truth is, of course the house can refuse to compromise. the problem is that means that nothing gets done because the senate doesn't have the -- the senate republicans don't have the 60 votes needed to move things along and then you have a presidential veto and you don't have the votes in either house among the republicans to override a presidential veto. it's really a case of compromise or stalemate. those are the two options. >> let me ask you this. some people believe that this chaos that's happening right
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now, perceived chaos is possibly a good thing because you need to go through chaos to come out with positive change or others think this is just really dismal for the republican party. where do you fall? >> well, i fall in -- i always look for the ray of sunshine. that's just the way i am. the republicans, the ray of sunshine is it's a year and one month ahead of the next election. if this were the october of the election year, republicans would be in deep trouble. you know you report the news. we move from thing to thing to thing so rapidly that i don't think many people will remember this as long as the republicans get it sorted out in the next month or so. >> very good analysis. thank y thanks so much. bill cosby in court testifying about an alleged assault about a woman who was 15 years old at the time. there she is today.
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my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. some great news. a massive search effort for two young boys who were missing for hours is now over.
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they have been found alive. crews starting at sunrise today. as many as 100 people scouring the red river gorge area in eastern kentucky. dog teams and police yell koptekop helicopters aiding in the search. the family members say they are both in good condition. that's great news. this is a whole different story. big cosby appears in court in los angeles on allegations of child molestation. his accusers lawyer forcing the comedian to make his statements in person. hi trace. >> bill cosby's lawyers fought tooth and nail to avoid today's deposition here in los angeles but as you said they failed. cosby will be deposed by the alleged victim and her celebrity attorney gloria allred.
11:25 am
she claims cosby sexually assaulted her back in 1974 when she was just 15 years old. the allege is cosby told her to lie about her age so she could get in. we won't find about any details of the deposition for a few months because it's been put under seal. so far 49 women, including six who say they were underage have accused bill cosby of sexually assaulting them dating from the mid-1960s until 2008. four of those women have filed civil lawsuits against him and the los angeles police department is conducting a criminal investigation into a case from 2008 where an aspiring model claims cosby sexually assaulted her. the scenarios all differ but they have one similar pattern is they claim cosby drugged them and sexually assaulted them.
11:26 am
he's denied any wrong doing and is so far facing no criminal charges. back in 2005 he settled a civil lawsuit with a former accuser but the details were leaked and led to a lot of revealing testimony including seducing a young model by showing interest in her father's cancer. the time and location is being kept under wraps. >> unbelievable, 49 women. yes, new e-mail controversy for hillary clinton. long time adviser allegedly sending her the name of a confidential source for the cia. is there a problem with that? our own ed henry will tell us. republicans in a power struggle. what will it take for them to unite behind a new speaker? >> i think it's an opportunity for us to re-establish our connection with our own principles and american people and do the right thing. i actually think that's what
11:27 am
this conference is trying to do.
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new hillary clinton e-mails casting further doubt on her claims that none of them contained classified info. long time adviser sender her in the name of a confidential cia. chief white house correspondent live for us in washington.
11:31 am
you say this is the crucial month that may determine whether she can turn the corner. >> look at the next two weeks. she's going to be in las vegas with the rest of the democratic field. this is the first time she will have debated, a political debate in some seven years. then just three days later, huma abedin goes behind closed doors with the house benghazi committee. she will testify publicly before the benghazi committee. saturday, october 24th where the entire field goes out there and has to compete with one another. at the end of that week, the end of the month more e-mails coming out from the state department. if you look at the next two, two and a half weeks, if hillary clinton can push back and start turning the page she could
11:32 am
establish herself as the front-runner. if not, if she doesn't pass these tests the drip, drip of those e-mails will continue. >> okay. you mention clinton's big showdown. it's coming up with trey gawdy. it comes as he's uncovering some damaging, new information. >> he's releasing these new e-mails to hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. here is the critical one that at one point sydney bloomingthal shared the name of one who had been providing intelligence information to the cia. he did that by e-mail to her personal server and hillary clinton forwarded that to an aide. that appears to be classified information she sent. she first made that claim and has many times since then on march 10th at that news
11:33 am
conference. the push back from the clinton campaign has been fierce. her spokesman saying kevin mccarthy's offense was admitting the truth about the house benghazi committee but the real sin is the ongoing waste of taxpayer dollars on behalf of this partisan sham of an investigation. what does he really think about that committee? it shows you how she will approach that testimony. she's going to call this partisan witch hunt and attempt to try to take her down. the republicans will have to be ready with facts to push back on that. >> a foreshadowing from our own ed henry. thank you. nc house republicans seeking change getting a front row seat to chaos as they seek a new speaker. many pinning their hopes on paul ryan to bring republicans together.
11:34 am
>> the real story is behind the scenes. there's moderates trying to unite and get behind them and provide them 240 or 246 votes. we're hearing a lot of stories how that's not happening at all. what do you think? >> well, i think nobody should be gloating from my side of the aisle. i think that's first thing. while what's going on inside the republican party is frankly not good for republicans, i don't think it's really good for the democracy that we have. boehner was a very conservative guy. kevin mccarthy is a conservative guy. if those two guys aren't conservative enough for your
11:35 am
taste, who is? >> i don't know that it's about the conservative enough. this is democracy. >> a lot of people did not think that john boehner was conservative. >> i understand. out of chaos comes change. the american people are clamoring for change. they like the idea. now's the time to put forward strong leadership. i believe this lie in the failure of speaker boehner to stand up to barack obama, at least that perception. the images of playing golf. those don't fly right now. we're in a political battle and now the the time for a speaker with fire in his belly. >> just a quick thing that i'm thinking of now from the democratic side is at least in the presidential race we have hillary clinton and bernie sanders. he's a self-proclaimed socialist. talk about having the dichotomy
11:36 am
withen a party. democratics might make a socialist as their nominee. >> no, they won't. >> okay. >> i say you should be so lucky. i should be so lucky to have donald trump. you should be so lucky to have a socialist. i don't think we'll get that lucky. >> okay. >> people settle down and say who's going to be our next president. >> i think democrats and republicans are happy for this kind of chaotic change. >> i just wanted to point that out because it's not all about the republicans. >> no. >> president obama considering new executive action on guns expanding background checks.
11:37 am
is there going to be outrage over this? >> it would be the best campaign fodder any republican could hope for. if he tries to circumvent congress on this important issue, it would backfire dramatically. there would be such push back. he's been down this road before. susan will remember the times we've seen published reports where president obama issued a directive to vice president biden, put together a list of ways that i can put forth executive action on this. it's a non-starter. if he does it it's going to be the best campaign commercial for every republican. >> my understanding is that it would prohibit dealers from selling large quantity of guns. that's one piece of it. do you see a problem with that? >> i don't know how he gets this done.
11:38 am
there's a lot you can do with executive order but i have to say i'm not exactly sure how you get become ground checks within the power of the executive. i think congress could do it. states could do it. i'm at a loss to understand why law-abidi law-abiding, gun owners don't want to make sure there's background checks. >> i got do wrap it there guys. thank you. hillary clinton sends her gop rival a copy of her book as a reminder of her accomplishm t accomplishmen accomplishments. senator rand paul is regifting it. he's auctioning his copy on ebay billing it as a great fiction book. the current bid more than $12,000. only 24 hours to go if you want to get in on that. people in parts of south carolina just looking for break.
11:39 am
they need it after mother nature caused a nightmare of a week for them. more rain in forecast for tonight. chief meteorologist is in the fox extreme weather center for us. is this latest rainfall the cause of big concern for the folks? >> not really. they're going to get rain. you don't want to get anymore rain. it's nothing that will cause any kind of flooding. it's going to bring rain from the northeast down to parts of the south. behind it some cooler air. there's not a lot of moisture with this. take a look at that right there. that white stuff. that's snow. just a precursor of what will come shortly. things done across parts of the south. over the next seven days for the most part we'll see a couple of areas that maybe see an inch of rain total. there's no real threat to any of that. i want to show you a couple other things going on. if you think across the plains you have some nice fall temperatures, we're in a big sea saw pattern.
11:40 am
take a look what the fall starting to look like. we're seeing some of those pictures out there. it's a dry summer across much of the northeast. it's probably going to have impacts across that area. i'll tell you what, if you have pictures you can send them to me. we'll show some on fox and friends tomorrow morning. >> all right. that s word already creeping up into the forecast. have a great one. >> you too. let's check in with shepherd smith. >> a lot of republicans in
11:41 am
congress say one man might be able to bring the divided party back together, congressman paul ryan. now there's a problem. there's already a campaign against him calling him the absolute worst choice for speaker. that's a quote. even though congressman ryan says he has zero interest in the job in first place. if the guy being hailed as the republican uniter can't get conservative support and if the favorite of the far right can't get the gop majority support, how can congress function at all? what is all of this mean as our nation hurdles toward critical deadlines that risk bringing the government to a screeching halt? we'll bring in fox news sunday host chris wallace just ahead. we'll see you then. netflix getting set now to increase their prices. that's kind of a bummer. how much can they expect and why some people will see the price hike right way and others of you won't? walmart wants to take care of its customers. what the company is giving away this weekend that's actually good for your health.
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the world's oldest woman is wieldsing her secrets to a long life. massive tarp gets the best of him. looks like he really, really gets injured. it was during a rain delay. i think he's okay. a baby raccoon that fell from a tree into family's yard now part of the family. the humane society unable to take her in so the family says she gets along great with all of their dogs.
11:46 am
why go to the doctor's office when you can go to walmart. the world's largest retail rolling prices back all the way to free. urban outfitters is asking employees to work for no pay. netflix is about to get more expensive. what's the real deal? let's start with walmart. >> they're really trying to be the number one health care provider in the retail space. they are kicking things off. you can have your blood pressure tested. i think they will draw big numbers. i think it's a smart move. other retailers are in this space. you have target, cvs, walgreens. i think now is the time. >> if you're already going to walmart, why not go to the doctors. >> they are hoping to boost traffic, sales and regain some market shares. >> very smart. urban out fitters are asking
11:47 am
salary workers to pick up an extra shift but they're not going to get paid. >> this is perfectly legal move on their part. they can do this because they're asking this of salaried employees. they couldn't get away with it is ask the part-timers. give them the overtime and the hours and the wages they deserve. the company is saying this is going to help with the team building. i'm a little concerned about -- >> what about the precedent? let's say you're really busy that weekend or you don't want to work for free then what will be the pay back? >> that's what i'm concerned about. they were like you were good on this project but you're not really a team player. i think there will be ramifications. >> pressure to feel like you have to do it. netflix raising prices by just a dollar but they still are. it's the basic plan, 9.99. >> programming is expensive. they have new show, original programings and really have
11:48 am
consumers over a barrel because everybody loves netflix. it's just a dollar raise. it's for brand new customers. i don't think people really complain about it. i think they will pony up the dollar, pay for it and get the programming they want and be happy with it. existing customers this doesn't affect them. new customers, 9.99 a month. big deal. >> we're not affected because we're already on it? >> not for now. >> amazon looking to get in on the hand made good business and it could special trouble for etsy. >> etsy has done a lot of good business, $2 billion a year. obviously amazon wants to get in on the action. i think the timing is right too. etsy has changed its ruling. now you're seeing outsourcing and manufactured items end up on the site. i think people will make the switch.
11:49 am
sellers will make the switch because of that and the platform. amazon has 300 million active users versus etsy 22 million. you'll get the volume on there. >> thanks for the roundup. have a good weekend. the american hero hurt while stopping a terrorist attack back in the hospital now. this is the surveillance video showing airman outnumbered in a stabbing fight. where are police searching now to try and find those guys? ck twice. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back to "the real story." american hero seriously injured while stopping or trying to stop a suspected terrorist now. back in the hospital after another vicious attack. surveillance video showing airman spencer stone in a late-night brawl in distract --
11:53 am
sacramento. he was stabbed several times. claudia, that video obviously a key piece of evidence. >> reporter: it ills. it is grainy but shows how this street fight turned into a knife fight and how spencer stone was clearly outnumbered. the stabbing happenedder in several trendy nightclub inside downtown sacramento. the brawl spilled into the street. spencer stone is trying too find off his attackers but was stabbed three times. police say the incident what fueled by alcohol and there's no indication his attackers knew who we was. police are asking for the public's help to find these two men described as asian and wearing white t-shirt but fled the scene, along with several other people in a dark toyota tam camry.
11:54 am
there will obviously a lot of witnesses but no arrests no, suspects identified by name, and no one besides airman stone was admitted to the hospital for dream treatment. >> looked like he was walking away. how is he going now? >> well, this is a level one trauma center at the university of california davis medical center here in sacramento. he is getting great care after undergoing several hours of surgery yesterday. he remains in the intensive care unit. airman stone is widely rather as the pride of sacramento, and just recently along with two of his friends he was honored with a big parade for his bravery and quick thinking when the three of them subdued a terrorist on the paris-bound train in august. there's been an outpouring of fourth for this young man who was still recovering from injuries the sustain in that attack. he was stabbed with a box cutter several times. even had to have part of his panned re- -- hand re-attached.
11:55 am
he is heavily sedated and his family is by if side and is asking for privacy. at last report spencer stone was listed in serious but stable condition. >> hopefully some good news there. claudia, thank you. you see something ongoing you don't like but there's no button to quickly show your disapproval. social metworking giant facebook is working now to change that. the new feature that could soon give you more ways to express yourself online. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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time now for my take. sunday is a special day. it's the international day of the girl. and on "the real story" we always honor that day in some special way. two years ago i went makeup free with a guest to showcase how important it is for little girls and all women to build their self-esteem from the inside out. toymaker go go sports girls was ahead of the curve in producing dolls that looked more like real little girls playing sports. and here's their new campaign,
11:59 am
called "be fierce and sparkle." hash tag throw it is -- athlete is the new princess and now major toymakers are elm bracing the girl power movement. putting out girl figure action dolls. the dolls showcase the power of little girls promoting their minds and their muscles over simply their sexuality. this is all a step in the right direction. as we continue to try and empower our young girls to go for their dreams and know they can do anything they set their minds to. it's the international day of the girl on sunday. you can get my take on my facebook page and at so, facebook, taking the next step to give millions of users more ways to express themselves. they're testing the new reactions feature that can a low you to express love, -- humor,
12:00 pm
awe, and sadness. >> would you work for a weekend with no bay, the beast tweets, anything to keep the company going. >> kobe writes, no, i work to support myself and my family. have a great weekend. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> house republicans in turmoil over search for a speaker, still in both wings of the g.o.p. they're pushing for one man. >> if paul ryan runs clearly he would be somebody that i would support. i think paul ryan is the right person to do this. >> i think paul ryan right now has the clout, the stature he could bring sides together. >> paul ryan. of course he said over and over again he will not run for speaker. maybe he'll reconsider. maybe he won't. here's where we stand. those who may want the job don't have enough support, and those who may have enough support don't seem to want the job. in moments the "fox news sunday" host chris wallace on what is ahead. let's get to it.


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