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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 9, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i swear, an asteroid hit it. when news breaks out we'll break in. might have been as asteroid, mom. "your world" is coming up. see you if news breaks out. by now you have seen this lady, a colombian woman who has taken the internet by storm. was she a plant or a surprise for donald trump. that lady is here. [cheering] >> let me say this. where are you from? >> from colombia. >> colombia. >> and is this a setup? did i ever meet you before? >> aim hispanic and i vote for mr. trump. we vote for mr. trump. yes! mr. trump. we love you.
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we love you. thank you. >> you're passionate and overcaffeinated. where do you want to come for a tv interview? right near few minutes. to the battle to find the next speaker of the house, we're get can world that mitt romney has had a chance to speak to his former running meat, paul ryan, about the speakership. mr. romney saying he wouldn't presume to tell paul what to do but ryan is a man of ideas. they're trying to recruit the former vice-presidential candidate to sort of make things right in the united states house of representatives. with mike emanuel will say good luck on that one. >> reporter: paul ryan appears to be giving indigent thought after consistently saying, no, time and time again, to friends and colleagues who have suggested he should run for speaker. ryan left the capitol this afternoon for the holiday weekend. his spokesman says reinert this support he is getting but is
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still not running for speaker. what we are hearing is he is expected to take the weekend to talk it over with his family. the two formal candidates are jason chaffetz, who says he will not run against ryan if he decides to jump in for speaker. however, florida's daniel webster says he is not running against anybody. he is running for principles and will still continue to compete for the job. retiring speaker john boehner is still on duty and willing to stay longer if necessary, but boehner says it's still his plan to hold an election for speaker at the end of the month and it's up to the house to figure it out. with deep divides in the house republican conference, most folks are looking at ryan as the fix-it guy, the guy who can unite the caucus, and bottom line they're waiting to see if he will decide to jump in. >> nothing like ament bit of pressure. knew to a guy who is name has come up as a possible replacement for speaker because you don't have to choose someone
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from congress. jack welch. the former ceo of again electric -- general electric. one of the greatest ceos in host. are you interested in the job. >> i'll pass on that. >> why so many passing on it? >> i was never asked. so i won't -- look, it's a tough job. you are making a life decision. paul ryan is making an enormous career path decision. if he gets owl moneyed up, whether -- what does that do to his future? >> i always think it's a no-brainer. the second in line to the presidency. right? if you -- things are so bad now you can only improve it, but yet he is obviously reluctant. obviously the time demands -- but being chairman of the house ways and means committee is not exactly a nine to five job. so, what is it about the job
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that is frightening people away? >> well, the polarization of the party right now, and can he lift -- looks to me like voice was not given to enough people in this whole argument, that it was their way or the highway, and they didn't give them a chance to talk. >> i was thinking of you, about this because we talked about this yesterday, jack, this idea that lot of the ones who are ticked off, beyond the free -- freedom that boehner and mccarthy didn't give them their due, sometimes didn't return phone calls, didn't consider legislative ideas, and ostracized them. everyone has their own beef but as a pretty successful ceo and a guy -- that's a dangerous thing to get into, isn't it? >> without question. you have to give everyone constituent visit. you may not give them what they want, but they have to be heard, and it appears in this case --
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i've been listen to the punitive actions that get taken by member who votes the wrong way, out of a committee. this is a one-out system. if you don't behave the way the leaders want you, you -- >> the idea -- >> might be a congressman but you're not going far. >> the idea is there's an order and you guys are rebellious in the ranks. work with us. obviously it led some achieved nerves -- chafed nerves. >> what do you do. >> you give voice. in the next leader has to gowned-over handshaking in every office, listening, making people feel like they're listening. i if you don't give voice you'll have nothing but trouble. >> you also wrote in one of your many books you'll have in mall contents no and those are the ones you cut off. easier said than done. speaker can't fire people. how do you deal with that element? >> it's a tougher game in politics. you can't do it if you're running a corporation.
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in an organization there are office naysayers on the other said of an acquisition, you give them time, give them voice. i they don't get on the bus, they got to go. you can't quite do that in the house of representatives. >> do you think that a donald trump appreciates that, that with all the popularity in the polls it is one thing to be a successful ceo, quite another to translate that into the world of politics. >> well, we'll see. we'll see. >> you don't like trump. sounds like you don't like him. >> why would you -- that's not true. i think trump has brought a lot to this race. who would be talking about carli fiorina or other people if trump didn't -- the debates, it would be four million people. >> well, 20 maybe. >> no, it wouldn't. >> i'm kidding. let me ask you, then. who is your candidate. you like ted cruz and his passion. >> yes. >> and at forums but he is still
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kind of stuck in the mid-range there. >> i want to win. want to win so much i can taste it. we have to win to change direction of this country. we have to do it. >> you're not a democrat? let me write that down. >> check that off. we have to win so i want to win, whether i like ted cruz. i like him personally very much. i'm not so fond of his position on fxm bank but you can't get it all. you have to make compromise and i like his idea. i like kashich. i like rubio. >> anyone you think would be a disaster. some of those people have no chance. i don't nope what that's about. some of these folks. >> everyone gets lucky. >> not after eight weeks. back to trump and the fact he is
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galvanizing this antiestablishment mood. how will that last? >> i've been on the road for ten days giving speeches in vegas and los angeles and reno and i've talked to probably 10,000 people, and the first question -- i don't give speeches. i give q & as. the first question in every meeting, what do you think about donald trump? what is his chances? >> can you say? >> i say he has a service so far to raise some issue wes all have in our mines. he is assertive -- it's must-see tv. the old thursday night on nbc. >> i think he i was brilliant. critics said he has to attach some details to what he is talking about. >> he brought out a tax plan. >> what did you think of the plan. >> it's a start. and it's a place holder. >> what do you like about it? >> nothing really.
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>> you know what i didn't like, the fact that 75 million in that range don't pay taxes. i'm not saying they should pea 30% -- >> you want everyone with a stake in the game. >> yes. >> doesn't matter to you? >> no. >> what about jeb bush and his plans? he startled out as the establishment guy. dropped in the polls. >> i think he has pretty good plan. i think trump labeled him and not inappropriately. >> really. need a little more passion. >> a little more passion. we have a country in trouble, where it be our foreign policy, whether it be the overregulation of our economy, that we're stuck at one and a half to two percent. we're not growing. we need somebody to come in and energize the whole place. we have to thundershower -- have to turn the ship. >> there is a connection between the discord in the house, the antiestablishment candidates succeeding, hillary clinton racing to try to be as left as bernie sanders on corporate
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everything, what is going on? >> well, think there's no question that there's been a -- we had elections in ten, 12, 14, a young crowd in the house got elected. and they came in ready to do things on obamacare, and other things. they haven't been able to get their voice heard at all. maybe you can't get it through where the president without a veto proof majority -- with a veto proof majority, but put more things on his desk where he has to -- harry reid broke the rules to appoint people in washington that judicial system. we didn't have enough fight. >> one congressman said, of speaker boehner, he sucked the life out of us, all our enthusiasm. >> i don't know him personally. i am not a fan by any means. not a fan of what he did. i mean, we had the election.
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we had these young turks, if you will, and they didn't get voiced. although the public gave them voice by electing them. >> do you think they remember we give you the house and the senate. you let us down. you, republicans, dan henninger wrote, are going to grab defeat from the jaw odd victory. >> not if we get a leader nominated, if we get somebody out there who can give a vision. look, the only way we're going to get jobs growing and -- is to get the regulation off of us to do all these crazy -- takeway the crazy things. every morning you wake up and the nlrb has another one. the labor department has another. whether it be overtime rule or this rule or that rule. it's not just epa, it's 0 not just the clean air act. it's a lot of little stuff. little guys are drawing up little ruled that are nailing you, whether it be a department
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store size, the cosmetics department can unionize. the idea of mcdonald's, the parent involved with the franchisee in terms of labor coases, it's crazy. >> you want to prepare young people for in the the environment. your come bin -- how is it -- mba -- >> no industry thursday the world need disruption more than education and medicine. medicine is a three- -- two to three trillion dollar economy. rules have come in with obamacare, with changing regs, with consolidation and all this. doctors are still practicing one-on-one the way they used to years ago. they'll learn how to maneuver through this minefield, and what
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we're doing with jefferson university, population health center, the only one in the country starting to deal with regulars and training doctors and our mba which is going 40% a year. for the third straight year. >> where do they go? >> they're in the company. you don't come to our school and get a promotion. you don't change jobs. you get promoted within your company, and more than half are getting promotions while they are working. stay in the job while they're in school. now let's go to the why rear tying up with everjefferson. there's a desperate need for doctors. they're being bought out and and put together and for $39,000 we put together a joint mba and do with jefferson, and they can keep working. they don't have
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to good off campus or another school. >> how long does it take. >> 18 months. >> wow. >> and 18 months and they learn business and they learn today's regulatory environment in business, how to cope with it, ethics rules, et cetera. exciting. we think this is working. >> you get the rap and saying business guys are still up to no good. hillary clinton wants to extent the time where you can go after corporate chiefs chiefs and somn bernanke saying we're why aren't the executives behind bars. >> don't be to harsh on hillary. the last time we got barack obama. >> so you want us to -- >> this time you've might get joe biden. >> who is more dangerous. >> i don't think joe biden is. >> really. >> go old joe. >> people want authenticity, et cetera. >> all right. always good to see you. >> i love talking to you.
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all right now. the next time the mainstream media says that -- i don't know -- this donald trump guy is rude and crude, look at this gq headline on one ben carson. it starts, f ben carson. you can figure out the rest. goes on to say the good doctor made it clear he is willing to replicate trump's signature trends of garbage spewing but will say even dumber rhymes with smith. charles payne says double standard. >> double standard but i got to admit i was not surprised particularly with gq.
1:19 pm
the kind of anger and real animosity you get from the left when you have a black person who goes against their wishes, goes against their own orthodoxy. every time that happens, it's not good enough to say, hey, this guy has a difference of opinion to me but you must crush that person and you must bring up the point that, hey, they're not speaking. someone else is pulling the strings. in this case ben carson following donald trump. this isn't ben carson's opinion. it's donald trump's opinion. what happens is from the progressives 'opoint of view. black people don't have their own mind. they do what -- keep it real, a sort of basket that they try to keep most black people in, the same sort of group think, and occasional one that gets out of it, man, they come at them with a mallet. >> that would tell me that carson must be a big worry to them. >> of course carson is a big worry. anyone that gets off of that sort -- it's like almost a version of modern day slavery
1:20 pm
when everyone is forced to think the same, act the same, bludgeon you to death when you're not keeping it real, and we can see that, if other blacks can see someone like that, thinking independently, by the way, ben carson, one of the most brilliant people on the planet, doesn't matter who you are, he is a brilliant human being. they see someone like that thinking independently, what if everybody else starts to float off the plantation? it's a big concern. >> you experienced that first hand. you don't necessarily follow the typical creed, so you have been called untell tom -- uncle tom and worse. >> i got into it yesterday. >> with gasperino. >> that's every day. but yesterday i criticized something when president obama and i just more or less said, listen, black people have not done well under president obama, and that was it, and a whole bunch of people jumped on me. >> all they needed.
1:21 pm
>> but i got to tell you something. when black people and progressives can do this, you had a professor who called ben carson a coon this week. a white person could never call president obama a coon. only blacks can do that when they're trying get to off the progressive plantation. >> amazing. amazing. there's a double standard. >> yes. >> thank you, my friend. you have seen this woman and know this woman. she calls herself donald trump's biggest fan, and now marion is here. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises.
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[cheering] >> let me say this. where are you from? >> i'm from colombia. >> this is a setup? did i ever meet you before?
1:25 pm
>> i'm hispanic and i vote for mr. trump. we vote for mr. trump. yes! mr. trump. we love you. we love you. all the way to the white house. >> i swear to you, i think she is totally beautiful and i never met her before, swear. >> well now the whole nation, the world has met her and she has become an overnight youtube internet rock star. marion webster, very good to have you. how are you doing? >> i am doing fine. happy to be here. for mr. trump. all the way to the white house. >> now, why do you like him -- >> our first family, our first family. >> well, okay.
1:26 pm
>> i feel very admiration. mr. trump is great businessman, and i love he have passion for business. then he appeal for me hundred percent the way he think, the way he act, and his book. i have a lot of love and passion for his books. he is my best mentor in hi life. >> now, was that -- you heard that people ask you that, was that prearranged, was that a setup? did you guys plan this? >> no. no. mr. trump and myself, i think we have the same personality. i have a lot of situations, a lot of problems, with latino and hispanic people, always what i
1:27 pm
think, this is what i -- how i feel, how i think, this is how it's coming out from my feelings, my heart, and it is what it is. i love mr. trump, the kind of person he is. i feel veer high administer racing for him, his beautiful family. all his kids, everything he is doing is beautiful and perfect, and i want our country be in good hands. this is my permanenter and -- personal experience. >> ii
1:28 pm
those was my real feelings, and three nights ago, i have a dream with mr. trump and i was check -- shaking my hand with him and, wake up and told my husband, i can't believe it. i saw in hi dreams but my dreams in the real life, at least i want to see him, maybe from far away, but at least i want to hear his real voice in person, see him, how he looked like and everything. >> why do you like him so much? you have heard it before and you're colombian by bought, but
1:29 pm
there are a lot of latinos, to listen to the media, he is not popular. the comments about mexicans and all that. he is alienated himself from the latino community. you obviously disagree. >> okay. mr. trump is our great mentor in so many latino, hispanic countries. he is a well-known person weapon feel very high respect, if we are intellectual. we want those beautiful -- the great university he came from. i feel very high respect. he is brilliant person and he his iq is very high. i love so many american people. i have love and passion for america. so many brilliant people. romney was one of the great men, too but mr. trump is entire than
1:30 pm
him. it's unbelievable. >> now, now, are you a democrat? someone told me you're a democrat. >> i just go exactly what mr. trump bring to the table. >> okay. >> he bring to the table this appeal to me. he wants -- he have love and passion for united states of america. he wants everybody have a job, create jobs. bring company back to united states. and we ca have good business around the world. and this appeal to me. what more can we ask? then also he said be a nice person. he is not going to take our money. he is going -- he civilian. he can be in the white house and he can work hard for that. >> does your husband feel the same way when you tell him about your enthusiasm for mr. trump? does he feel the same -- >> oh, let me tell you, my husband doesn't like being a politician, nothing, but still
1:31 pm
he born and raised, he is american, from dallas, texas, and my husband, i convince my husband what kind of person is mr. trump. >> he is not uncomfortable with this infatuation you have with mr. trump. he is okay with that. >> well, my husband told -- when i bring to the table, and i show my husband mr. trump idea, and include about the taxes, my goodness, now my husband is with mr. trump. >> you're contagious. >> my neighborhood is with mr. trump 100%. i'm like jehovah witness, telling people he is good. >> you're very good ambassador for donald trump. very fun having you on. you're a big hit on youtube today. you know that. >> i can't wait. i can't way. this is going to be our next president. he is my president. >> you keep this up you'll be in the cabnet.
1:32 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. trump. >> donald trump you have win very passionate fan. more after this. we live in a pick and choose world.
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just as vladimir putin is revving up in syria, signs we might be winding down tomorrow. doug mcel away with the latest. >> a little more than three or four weeks another that general lloyd austin of the u.s. centcom made the embarrassing admission that only four or five u.s. backed syrian rebels were, quote, still in the fight after the u.s. investment of $500 million, about 10% of which was spent on the training. today the army pulled the plug on that u.s. training program. here's what the secretary of defers had to say about it from london today just before returning home. >> i wasn't satisfied with the early efforts in that regard, and so we're looking at different ways to achieve the basically the same kind of strategic objective. >> reporter: a new program to take its place will in the word. orr the pentagon press secretary, provide equipment packages and weapons to a select group of vetted leaders and their units. critics see it as another sign
1:37 pm
of administration weakness and indecisiveness. all occurring as the russian forces escalate offensives in syria. in the last 24 hours russia conducted 67 sorties and hit 67 targets, bombing the very rebels the u.s. is backing. compare that to two u.s. air strikes over the same period. that's down from an average, daily average of eight. >> and it's unconscionable we will not do anything to protect them. what we should do is we should have cratered that airfield right away. we should set up free zones. for the moderates but also for their families, for their communities forks their refugees, and they would become no bomb zones. >> when i hear people offering up half-barracked d half can bad ideas as if their solution reports trying to downplay the
1:38 pm
challenges involved in this situation. what i'd like to see people ask is, specifically, precisely, what exactly would you do? >> general bob scales appearing on air today, agreed with the president, and he cited another civil war that the u.s. was involved in, vietnam, as a case study of how not to get involved in these kinds of situations. he fears that putin may be making the same mistakes in syria the u.s. made in vietnam several years ago. to use that time-worn adage, time will tell. >> i hear you. thank you, doug. at the pentagon. pat goodell, sounds like the president wants to divorce himself from the area and putin might have the upper hand in the short term but it will be just short term. >> well, i fear won't bev short-term. -- won't be short-term. our president lives in a fantasy world. like the wizard of oz.
1:39 pm
everything is illusory, including our training the $100 million man. we did some airstrikes. the russians are showing you how you do it when you want to do it. for 40 years the foreign policy of the country has been to keep russia out of the middle east and now they moved troops and planes and everything else in and it's another disaster for americans, and by the way, we're not protecting the people we're supposed to protect. it's once again -- we have seen this so many places where we have done this, where or word is not dependable, we let our allies, posted alleys, let our people get killed because -- >> what if he -- if obama is thinking the russians will regret and it have another afghanistan on that and let them implode. why get in the way. >> i'm not sure they're going to have that. first of all their bridging -- bringing heavy armor.
1:40 pm
bringing the iranians. they just want to secure assad spend the they will have some war against isis. the primary mission is to make sure they're the active player and they're sending a signal to all the sunni countries, would we're the big dog on the block -- >> we're doing -- >> going to do something -- >> was there do think of donald trump who says let them do it. >> i think donald is wrong. >> are you surprised he gets loud cheers. >> because people don't want more -- another war on the ground that's unprepared. however, that's not what is at stake here. what is at stake is whether we can protect the air zones for our people. if we don't -- if they want to -- the russians want to do syria that's fine, except now the iranians are squeezing iraq and the whole business. we are tired -- >> but we're not going to back up those forced. we already said we're not going to get into a proxy war, we're going to get knee deep in this. the reasons aside, what we are telling vladimir putin. >> we're telling put put put,
1:41 pm
you do something and we'll wave the white flag. that's the problem with weakness. every time he makes a move -- he embarrasses the president at meeting, doesn't tell him tomorrow i'm sending in troops do. >> >> you think he ever telegraphed -- >> to told you more than a year when had the invasion of crimea and i said to you, putin had really looked at obama and analyzed him and decided he was his chamberlain and that's -- he has never, ever not pushed him and not once -- >> you don't think there's a possibility he got it wrong. khrushchev got kennedy wrong. >> yes. this has been a whole year of retreat. putin -- we never stopped putin. kennedy, after making that mistake in cube bra, he was right -- cuba, he was right there and also with berlin. we were going to war for berlin if necessary. you have to at some point stand up whether you have no-fly
1:42 pm
zones. you can't just look like the weak ling, the 99-pound weak long. >> thank you very minute. millions more refugees are going to be coming as a result of all of this. where are they coming from? after this. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
4 million refugees weren't enough, how about doubling that? that's the latest sentiments as russian expands the air campaign and leading to millions more trying to flood out of the area. eric say the problem is we don't know who is coming and where they're coming from. also the best seller "isis exposed" we have a mess on our hands. how will we clarify where they're from? vast majority are indeed legitimate refugees and leaving and seeking asylum but some nefarious characters slip
1:46 pm
through the cracks. >> isis is staying they plan on taking advantage of the refugee crisis, and government officials here in the united states are basically saying, look, it's going to be tough to vet every single one of these refugees, and by the way, most of these refugees are young men. it's not just women and children. the majority of them are young men. i'll give you an example how hard it is to vet people coming into this country. just yesterday the fbi director, james comey, testified that dozens of people who have gone over to iraq and syria to join up with isis have already returned to the united states. so apparently we didn't do a great job 0 of vetting them. >> former maryland governor is challenging hillary clinton for the republican come nation and -- democratic nomination -- been a long week -- saying we need to bring more here. that what the country is all about. how do we do that? >> it's very difficult. when you have the majority of these refugees, they are young, muslim men.
1:47 pm
right now unfortunately it is a fact that our country is being attacked in many cases by young muslim men. i don't know if the wisest strategy to bring tens of thousands of young muslims from syria, which is a terror hotbed which is basically isis' headquarters in addition to iraq. don't know if it's wise to do that at this point in our history as a country, and by the way in terms of refugees, look no further than minneapolis and st. paul, the large somali muslim community there, we have seen dozens of those young somali muslims, sons of refugees, daughters of refugees, go overseas to join terror group s. not every refugee is bad. there's a lot of people who need help. but this is a very, very tricky situation. if we can't vet every one coming into the country, and there's coming in, in large numbers. >> i would like to see europe pony up something here but they're slow to respond. eric, thank you very much good seeing you. >> thank you. >> you heard about in the planned parenthood videos and
1:48 pm
all this. this the story of the planned parenthood manager in iowa who saw a lot more than the tapes revealed. excellent. researching a hunch, and making a decision. time for a change of menu. research and invest with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade.
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i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop. i had to wait in line to use the computer. took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. officially planned parenthood is a nonprofit. but their main concern is really their bottom line. >> all right. she was a former planned parenthood director in iowa. susan farren is her name. we called planned parenthood, as yet have gotten no response to all of this. i want to welcome you, sue and
1:52 pm
casey as well. sue, you know much has been made of the videos. and i think you were quoted as saying that you can't vouch one way or the other. but you did say there were a lot of suspicious activities going on there that didn't fit planned parenthood's job description. could you explain that? >> well that's definitely true, neil there were many things that happened during timt that i worked there. and clearly, these videos are just the latest proof that planned parenthood really does view women as profit centers. and i saw many reasons that why that happened. how they did that during the years that i worked there. >> like what? what were you seeing? would they try to buy and sell? what? >> i did ask, actually what they did with the aborted baby parts for the first few years that i worked there. they simply went in
1:53 pm
moines sewer system. but eventually they started putting them in little red biohazard bags in the freezer. i did actually ask where do those go. i kind of had a feeling that might be what they were doing with them. but i never got an answer. one of the things that they did daily for several years while i worked there, that really bothered me was medicaid-eligible women would come in to the clinic for birth control or any kind of supply or service, and we were trained by our management team to coerce, really, a donation out of them. for example, birth control pills are purchased by planned parenthood for $2.98 a cycle. billed to the taxpayers at $35. reimbursed to planned parenthood for a little over $26. and then each client pays $10 per cycle. and i knew that that wasn't right to be actually billing and taking money from
1:54 pm
medicaid-eligible women but it was done there for many years. >> as their attorney, casey, is that illegal? >> i think it certainly is. it violates the medicaid act. they are, you have planned parenthood basically taking money away from medicaid-eligible women and billing taxpayer force the full amount. you have a planned parenthood director had for 17 years saw false billings, medicaid fraud. you have another report that we have that shows that for in a dozen states, or a dozen instances, planned parenthood had failed to report sex abuse of young girls. and in another report on the videos, that shows that those videos showing planned parenthood haggling over baby body parts and those videos are authentic. enough is enough, it's time for american taxpayer dollars to be redirected to health clinics that outnumber planned
1:55 pm
parenthood 20-1 and do a far better job. >> i know you're an adopted mom. you had 130 foster children. given your own personal life views, and that history, why did you even want to work there? >> i don't know, really. i felt like i was going to be helping women. it's a small rural community. we did only family planning. i love kids, i thought that that would be a way to meet you know, teenagers and be more involved in the community. and you know for a time, a very short time there, i really felt like i was doing a good thing. but over the years and the many instances that happened, i just became more and more clear to me, that planned parenthood really is not interested in women's health care. >> when these videos that everyone says are doctored or edited or strung together. we were showing those in their whole portions on the show.
1:56 pm
did it strike you that some of those you saw, the unedited parts, as being played with? oh no. i don't think -- i mean, obviously the center for medical progress, you know released the shorter versions of the most interesting part. but when you have upper management, planned parenthood physicians and administrators talking about you know, crushing above and below the thymus to be able to get the heart, lungs, liver, basic parts to be intact, that's pretty graphic. if you just take that section of it, and leave all the rest out that tells it all. and they have that over and over again. by different doctors. >> i want to thank you both. breaking news day, i want to get your take on this. we'll have more. say thank you?
1:57 pm
it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
you've heard from the colombian women who finds donald
2:00 pm
trump to be a rock star. we thought we would go to the guy himself. what does he think about her and everything else that's been going on. donald trump, our special guest next tuesday on "your world." get ready, i have a feeling this gets interesting. >> hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with kisten powers, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hours after the shooting in oregon last weekend, before we even knew the details about what happened, president obama called it routine and said this. >> what's also routine is that somebody somewhere will comment and say obama politicized this issue. well, this is something we should politicize. it is relevant to our common life together. to the body politic.


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