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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 9, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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trump to be a rock star. we thought we would go to the guy himself. what does he think about her and everything else that's been going on. donald trump, our special guest next tuesday on "your world." get ready, i have a feeling this gets interesting. >> hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with kisten powers, eric bolling, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." hours after the shooting in oregon last weekend, before we even knew the details about what happened, president obama called it routine and said this. >> what's also routine is that somebody somewhere will comment and say obama politicized this issue. well, this is something we should politicize. it is relevant to our common life together. to the body politic.
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>> since then he and many on the left have done just that. by calling for stricter gun laws, today he was in oregon to meet privately with the families of victims, hundreds were out protesting the visit and criticizing obama for using the tragedy to push his political agenda. a lot of criticism here coming from the left saying that the president is using this opportunity to his own political advantage. how do you see it, kirsten? >> well it's true that it is to his political advantage. but i also think if you are a person who thinks we need to have stricter gun laws, it bothers me whenever there's a shooting, people say you can't say that or you're being political. well, okay, but that's my position. think we probably could have some stricter gun laws. it's true also that most of these shootings wouldn't necessarily be prevented with some of the stricter gun laws. we have to look at it more specifically. about what would help. i have mixed feelings, i don't think he should have said i'm going to politicize it. but i think he's right that we've got to really get serious
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about this. >> eric? >> agree, very good. however earlier today we were hearing that president obama was not adverse to possibly using the executive order to change some of these gun laws, the ones he likes, specifically, mandatory back ground checks for everyone, even if you're a father that wants to give your son, leave your son a gun, he's going to have a background check there will be some push-back. but there's concern, we just got a rough transcript of some of the things he said in oregon a minute ago. it wasn't about gun laws that was so alarming. it was a line he said, it was about the families right now. but he also said we're going to have to work on these rights. you're not going to work on the rights, we have a second amendment right to keep and bear arms, you can work around it and try to get stuff through congress. but you're not going to work on the rights. but the problem is i think that's what he really wants to do. he wants to play with the rights more than the laws. >> dana, what about the
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politicizing the situation. the fact that there was protesters out there. people feeling perhaps the president was using this to his political advantage. pushing his personal beliefs, his ideology. in light of the protesters out there. >> i think in the white house' mind they weren't thinking of politicizing this particular incident. it was one kind of a convenience. the president was planning to be on the west coast for the weekend anyway. he was already out there and i do think that he takes his role seriously as the comforter in chief and a lot of presidents have to play that role. one of the ways he could avoid not looking political would be to meet with the families privately, i'm sure that they were happy to see him. and comforted by him and then not give a speech. that would be one way. >> and the president in the comments he just made moments ago talking about he cares deeply about what happened. and the victims here. so greg, what you see is they've gotten advocates, gun rights advocates out there in force
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saying one of the signs you saw there, obama not welcome. but he is the president of the united states. he would be criticized if he didn't show up and say something. >> the gun argument and the abortion argument are complete mirrors of themselves. the left thinks that the right is using the planned parenthood videos to ultimately ban abortion. the right thinks the left is using mass shootings in an effort to get rid of the second amendment. they're both the same. you're somewhere in the middle. there are people that are angry about this and about that. neither of them are necessarily correct. there's a dangerous thing here and-day agree with kirsten. you used to be able to politicize an issue. if it's your opinion. it doesn't matter if it's political or not. but a symbolic action that is used to soothe your soul can be dangerous. because it replaces real action but more important, it elevates risk. because obama's visit expands the spectacle of an event. it globalizes the deed.
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it contributes to the infamy and it acts as a recruitment for sickness. for example he's contradicting his own beliefs. doesn't focus on the inhumanity of isis. because he believes if you look at what isis' actions are and you talk about them, that adds, that attention adds as a recruitment tool for more young men to join. how is this any different than creating a spectacle out of a mass shooting? we should as a media force, ignore or treat this as a mundane tragedy and move on. rather than create a spectacle. he contradicts himself. he should be treating these gun massacres the same way he treats isis. which is you do not focus on the infamy of this. you move on and you crush it later. >> what are the steps he's supposed to be specifically taking right now. when you said trite it like you would isis and not focus of the infamy of it but you crush it. >> i would use the same advice i've used many times here.
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you report it, you stay away from the visuals, you do not mention the guy's name. you do not talk about -- you offer solace to the victims. but you move on. you have to move on. because it's the same thing with teenaged suicides, the same thing with suicide pacts. you add a spotlight to it, it creates -- it's a bug lamp. >> it helps it breathe. >> i'm not sure he's trying to solve the mass shooting problem. he's trying to get support for change. and that's what why he puts himself in you know amongst people crying and the families and then he can be very heartfelt and sorrowful and say we're going to work on these rights very soon. as soon as i get back to d.c. and then he does garner support. so he can make changes. i see what you're saying. but when he does it, he's politicizing it in oregon right now. >> hillary clinton this week also intimated that as president she would have use executive orders to restrict gun rights. that's what she said as well. so it's bigger than just
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president obama. and this will probably be a big topic at the debate next week that cnn is hosting with the democrats. >> that will be an exciting debate. >> i cannot wait. >> it's going to be amazings, we've got lincoln chafee. i have my money on chafee. >> he's got nowhere to go, but up. from the domestic to the foreign policy front. the pentagon announced it will stop training rebels in syria to help fight isis. we're basically what, giving up the fight? according to a new report, obama's foreign policy team is finally admitting that putin's involvement in syria to prop up assad and target his opposition. not to go after isis. but the president is downplaying the situation. >> when i came into office, ukraine was governed by a corrupt ruler who was a stooge of mr. putin. syria was russia's only ally. in the region and today rather
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than being able to count on their support and maintain the base they had in syria, which they've had for a long time, mr. putin now is devoting his own troops, his own military, just to barely hold together by a thread, his sole alley. >> he's challenging your leadership, mr. president, he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i've got to tell thaw if you think running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only ally, then we've got a different definition of leadership. >> okay. apples and oranges in the fruit bowl there, dana. he's talking about the russian economy. but he's thinking oh, what he's doing over here is trying to prop up his only allies. it's not an appropriate answer to the question and the criticism. the white house has been saying this for a long time.
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they talk about people operating from a position of weakness. we get a psychology lesson every day from the white house about how he's just acting out as if he's like a 2-year-old and needs to have a time-out. in the meantime the world is what it is and it is ugly and it can be mean and you have somebody like putin who yes, he might be throwing a tantrum, but he's doing it with weapons and killing innocent people and disrupting any sort of stability we had in that region. the thing about ending the program, it's so interesting to me, headline, obama administration ends pentagon over. i'm like that indicates we were actually doing something in the first place. the general two weeks ago testified we had only trained four to five people to actually fight with us. so you can't end a program that you never let d.o.d. implement. >> let's see what's going on behind the scenes with what poet "us" is going to do next. >> i would recommend people read
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the robert gates and condoleezza rice wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" that i thought was spot-on about stop psychoanalyzing president putin and here's concrete things you can do to try to improve the situation. >> how do we fix it? >> we don't do as we did, as dana points out. we trained five fighters, it cost us $500 million. $100 million per fighter and they stopped the program. >> we should have been defending rhonda rousey, more effective. >> they asked for $600 million for 2016. i would stop sending them money. they can't figure out what they're doing. yesterday josh earn bt says that the white house thinks president puten is playing checkers. have you seen the air strikes? the russian air strikes, they're going all in. they're not playing games and they're not playing -- we should learn the game of checkers they're playing and try that game little bit. as for putin is driving the
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russian economy into the ground? the russian economy is based solely on the price of oil and minerals. oil prices dropped by over $80 a barrel. that's what's driving the russian economy into the ground. >> eric let me tag back on you, is it the c.i.a.'s fault that they can't get them trained? is that what you're suggesting? >> i'm saying they handed over $500 million to train them. they were supposed to get 5400 fighters, they got five on one hand. whatever program they that came from. don't do it again in 2016. stop it unless you want six more pro anti-isis fighters. it's insane. there's no plan. no one knows what they're doing. they probably don't even know who they're supposed to train to fight. >> kirsten, what is the strategy here for the administration? that seems to be very murky. >> the administration didn't want to do this in the first place. they didn't want to arm the
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rebels. they did it reluctantly after pressure and they shouldn't have done it. i don't think they should have done it because i think it was a bad plan. but they especially shouldn't have done it because they didn't believe in it. if you don't believe in it, you shouldn't be spending money, because it's not going to work if you don't believe in it. i think what's happening is the president, his mentality is he doesn't want to get into another war. he doth want to be bogged down in the middle east and he comes into every situation with that attitude. they've really misjudged putin. they've misunderstood what he's doing, what he's up to. >> mitt romney didn't, that's for sure. >> they're trying to adjust and they don't really have a plan. >> greg, do you have a plan? >> yes. i do have a plan, going to go out and get drunk. russia is a reminder that the world mocks the assumption of the american teacher's lounge. we have a leader who was raised
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on the quad, playing hackie sack. puten is kgb and obama is ky. the syrian rebel trained thing was designed specifically to fail. it was minuscule and an bif lent on purpose. it was made to collapse. so you can say afterwards, that these things are supposed to fail. remember when you were a kid and your parents wanted you to do a chore and you did it so poorly, so badly that they would never ask you to do it again? >> only boys do that. president obama, that's his strategy with foreign policy. i'm going to do it so badly that when we leave, people are grateful. >> i suck at this trust me, guys, i'm not good. i'll hang back and putin can go in and finish the job. this was not an accident. why don't you stop with the, they're playing checkers. they're the jvs. >> that didn't work before.
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>> this there view is going to air on "60 minutes." and chess versus checkers and the guy is doing nothing but destroying everything he promised to do. we should step back and say we didn't really handle this the way we thought we should have. let them figure it out. if we keep saying that russia and putin are very bad about this, they're trying to prop up their own one ally. we look silly and foolish because the reality in the field is different. >> do you remember over the summer one of the military experts said d.o.d. has been ignored by the national security council during this administration. think it's time to rethink that and allow them to have a voice. >> allow them to do what they -- >> the c.i.a. thinks the same
2:15 pm
thing. as a matter of fact it has. >> i was going to say this is how the "godfather" worked. michael corleone. america, we cannot leave, we always will be pulled back. we don't leave. >> can i say one thing -- corleone. hey, i'm not italian. >> i am. >> you can tell by the time. ahead on the fief, more hard-hitting news. send us your questions and we will answer. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists.
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since congressman kevin mccarthy announced he was dropping out of the race for speaker of the house, many have called on paul ryan to step up and run. >> he's the guy in the room that you trust. i think this conference very much needs somebody like that right now. and i think he'll step up. >> paul ryan got into the race, of course i'd support him. he'd be the kind of person i could get excited about. part of the reason i got into the race is because people like paul ryan weren't stepping up to do it. >> if he decides to do it. he would be an amazing speaker. >> ryan's spokesman said the congressman appreciates the support but reiterated that he
2:20 pm
will not be running for speaker. is the shake-up good for the gop? here's mark thiessen and tucker carlson on the opportunity the party has going forward. >> you have an opportunity with mccarthy out of the way, you have an opportunity for a consensus candidate between the freedom caucus and the rank-and-file republicans who can get results. they need to demonstrate some capacity to build things. pretty easy to destroy things as any boy knows and it's fun to wreck things and blow them up and sometimes it's necessary. much harder to undertake the difficult incremental process of building something worth having. they've not yet demonstrated the capacity to do that. >> let's listen to what chris christie thinks about the whole thing. >> i quite frankly don't care who it is, because the american people don't care who it's going to be. congressman mccarthy made the decision he made. if you talk to real people in this country, they could care less. >> i'm surprised by that. because if you want to be president of the united states, you want a really strong, good
2:21 pm
speaker of the house because you're going to need them to try 0 to get your policy through. >> absolutely. it's one of the weapons in your arsenal to have somebody who is as effective speaker and just retaining the house, too, wouldn't that be nice for the next president. that's like boots in the house. boots on the ground to make sure you get things done. i see where christie is going, this is along the same lines of what he suggested during the debate when carly fiorina and trump were going back and it barth and forth. american people don't care about that, they want to know what's going to get done and how you're going to do did. >> anyone who wants to be speaker, i don't think paul ryan is going to run. i think he's worked in his career to get where he is now, he's chairman of the ways and means committee. he wants to write the next big tax reform law. i think whoever wants to be the next speaker should have to do an entire round of all the sunday shows, then get on a
2:22 pm
plane and criss-cross the country and do fundraising for an entire day. do all the things before a speaker has to do before they decide this is a job they want. >> this is the next two years and get re-elected two years ago, it's fundraising and saying no to half your side. not even the other side. >> or trying to get them to yes. >> it's a thankless job but it's a high-profile job. people are trying to get paul ryan to say yes. >> it looks like paul ryan should consider this if he does love and care about the country. let's say he does take it, he's going to spend the next 2-12 years doing this alienating half of the gop. forget the democrats, half the gop. if he ever wants to run for president -- he claims he may not want to run for president, but if he does, he'll blow his opportunity. if he says no people like me who
2:23 pm
tweeted last night and said if he rile he relately cares about the country. >> that was unfair. >> he's got young kids and that's what should matter. >> i think he loves this country tremendously and he probably thinks he's best suited to serve in the way he's now. in the ways and means. >> it's one thing to destroy something, but then you have to rebuild it. >> we have to get back to inclusivity and stop preaching exclusion, we've become a bulemic party. we're constantly regurgitating people without replenishing and the party will starve if we don't fix it. ways more traumatized when nicholas brody died in homeland or when will gardner was shot in "the good life." or when joffrey was killed in
2:24 pm
"game of thrones." >> is there a worst spoiler ever. anybody can be speaker, it doesn't have to be anybody. what about taylor swift what about angelina jolie, what about kanye? >> what about kirsten powers? >> what about charles krauthammer. >> that would be great. >> look i think -- where christie i think is wrong if he wants to be president you're also the leader of the republican party. this should matter. >> at a minimum. >> i think it's too early. >> i think it does matter. i'm not a republican, i don't have a dog, but it matters who becomes the -- >> we're trying to change that. >> are you for dog fighting? >> we will not let you derail this segment. >> we're going to move on. ahead, "gq" is out with a profanity-based attack on dr. ben carson.
2:25 pm
is there a disconnect with what media is focusing on and what americans care about?
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and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. following the mass shooting in oregon last week, dr. ben carson said if he were in a similar situation, he would try to defend himself. well, one "gq"idn't like that response and published this piece with an expletive in the headline attacking the presidential candidate. carson's campaign manager barry bennett responded with this. >> you know it's kind of a height of hypocrisy, isn't it? the enlightened left, full of intolerance and hatred, it's amazing, this guy should be writing about the do's and don't's of pocket squares, when it comes to political thought he needs to get out of the building. he was asked what he would do, he said what i hope i would do is fight back. we all hope for that.
2:30 pm
we don't know until we're in that situation. >> is dr. carson aware of this "gq" article yet? >> yes. >> does he have a response? >> he was a little sickened by it. >> while "gq" is slamming the 2016 hopeful. voters in iowa have a much more favorable view. >> let's talk about ben carson what do you think his qualifications are to be president? >> common sense. >> clearly one of the most intelligent people in the race right now. >> true to himself. deep, thoughtful. >> genuine. >> doesn't have the experience, but i think that could be refreshing. >> the message he's bringing is everything i'm looking for. i'm afraid that washington will swallow him up. your thoughts on "gq" taking shots. >> it's like a body builder's gym bag, it's full of clothes that stink. the flaw with republicans and conservatives you should never get mad at stuff like this you just make another target for yourself as being shrill and
2:31 pm
humorless. just laugh it off. carson was right, but he wasn't persuasively right about what he said. there's research on this. on what you might do when you're in a situation like this. a great book by dave grossman called "on killing" they found 15-20% of combat infantry in world war ii never fired their rifles because there's some people that won't kill. or they won't act. and it's something, no one knows what you will do and i think maybe he should have -- should have been more artful. i hate that word. he might have tried to describe like the flight 93 endeavor. that kind of idea, and i would wish i would be like that. but he should have said, but i don't know. >> that's what came to my mind. i do sometimes wonder when you think there's all of these people and then there's one person with a gun. it reminds me of now, prior to 9/11, everybody would sit still, right? now if you're on a plane and you see someone going towards the cockpit. you don't care, you know you're going for them, even if they
2:32 pm
might kill you. >> it's the liberal hypocrisy of "gq" calling dr. ben carson stupid. >> look at justice thomas, or thomas soul. these are very accomplished experienced intellectual who is get made fun of by the left all the time. >> something that you have to factor in and i think, i think you're right. it's the best thing to do is just ignore it. it's just "gq" magazine. ignore it. >> no one reads it. >> he has a right to say whey thinks. maybe he put an idea in someone's head. maybe someone decides do act and others join in. i think that you can't stifle you know free speech and thoughts and ideas. and he is a surgeon who comes at things -- >> i'm not saying that. >> i'm saying the people who criticize dr. carson. for having a brain and using it. he is a problem solver by nature of intractable problems that other people have not been able
2:33 pm
to accomplish. he sees the situation and looks at way to get around it. >> that's not as important as figuring out what you're going to wear. that's why "gq" is way more important than ben carson. >> what about the editor? shouldn't he have stopped that piece? no, because i understand why people are angry over what ben carson said there are many different opinions about gun control and gun violence. i understand why somebody would be mad about that. i get it. they're trying to be edgy. >> and they had to use the expletive, the f word so they could get people to click on it and talk about it. because no one has talked about "gq" in ages. >> and they ought to buy another magazine to up their circulation. >> the only people even seeing this are the ones watching it right now. >> coming up, time for facebook friday. don't go anywhere.
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i love that. eye witness news, everybody. facebook friday. let's get to it. the first question, this comes from viewers who are on facebook just so you know. newcomers, acclimated. all right. the pills are kicking in. from terry g, if you were chosen to greet visitors from another planet, what would you say to them? dana first? >> welcome. no, that's not what you said during the break. >> i would say is climate change real? i don't know. >> wow, way to give it your all. you think we should build a wall around the earth to keep out the aliens, make the martians pay
2:39 pm
for it? >> the big door. >> and protect us from climate change. >> eric, what would you say? >> i would say why are you asking me? he's right there. >> oh. there you go. all right. >> i would ask them why they're here. >> what do you want. >> wasn't that the first thing you would want to know. >> why are you here, where did you come from? how long have you been wherever you've been. a lot of questions. >> kimberly, what would you ask? >> i just told you. >> i would ask them what they're made of. i would ask them what they're made of. >> you would try to eat them. >> we eat earthlings, we eat lamb and cow. those are earthling, just like we are. why are they special? i would ask them what are you made of? carbohydrate, protein. i might nibble on them and if they're delicious i would eat them.
2:40 pm
>> chicken. >> aliens taste like chicken. >> this is great. the next one is awesome. >> terrible, i knew it. >> from connie y, describe your first date. >> i don't like this. >> come on, kg. >> my dad made me go on it, he picked the guy. terrible. >> it was a set-up from your father. >> how old are you? >> i don't know, i'm trying to block it out. i pretended there was a loose bird in my house and i didn't have to leave for hours and i made my neighbor watch a movie with us. he showed up in a red and white striped car with a funny horn and -- >> are you serious. >> are you sure it wasn't a clown from the circus. >> no. he was just a very nice guy but not -- my speed. >> so nice guys of course finish last. >> i don't mean it like that. he was nice. there was nothing like totally -- >> his name? >> i can't give the name. >> you remember it, though? >> of course.
2:41 pm
>> your first date? >> to my prom. i was a sophomore in high school. i was 14 i guess. bobby haydukovich. i was scared out of my mind. i was so nervous. i was just, i couldn't eat. we went to dinner, and we had a salad, and i nibbled at it. pathetic. >> what has changed. >> eric, first date? >> first date, i think it was younger than this. very young. if i'm not mistaken, fifth or sixth grade, my parents took us and myself and martha klein to pizza place. i was petrified. every time they would come over and talk i was embarrassed. >> this is a great question, we find out that every first date is awful. >> i can't even remember. >> really? >> it was just last year.
2:42 pm
>> i feel like people didn't go on dates until later, right? like at the movie theater. the first car date. >> car dates are a big deal. >> you know the worst guy are the guys that would drive up and honk and wouldn't get out and ring the doorbell if you didn't get out of the car -- you were not allowed to date. my first date? becky. becky. blind date. freshman in high school. blind date? my buddy said hey, let's double date with this girl. we went to the red robin. remember red robin? >> hamburgers. >> very good, you've been there i can take it. they have other dishes, you should check out the menu sometime. we're going to start with you, eric. sylvia r, would you prefer to be smart or happy. >> we can't be both? you have to choose? >> i have to choose. >> happy. >> i knew were you going to say that. >> it's the most important
2:43 pm
thing. >> and ignorance is bliss, they say. >> ignorance is bliss. >> pharrell would say happy. >> happy, happy, happy, smart. >> you read too much. >> i know. >> i just can't imagine not being smart. >> i think i would rather be, i can't change, i would rather be smart because i don't believe in happiness. >> you don't even like it. >> i'm not into the pursuit. i've never been interested in pursuing happiness. >> you're much happier being negative than positive. >> i enjoy it, it's fun. >> it should have said healthy. healthy would have been the number one choice. >> kirsten, you're going to go first on this one from rocky r, what rock or country star would you be for one day? >> i don't think there's anyone. i would be taylor swift. >> yeah, that would be fun. i would be taylor swift. she has the life.
2:44 pm
she is an amazing musician. she knows how to live the life. that's my answer. >> kimberly. >> bono. >> really? >> i don't want to be a man, obviously. i want to be a female like shakira or j. lo is cool but i'm kind of like that anyway. hips don't lie. >> your hips do not lie. >> we had that lie detector test on. >> eric? >> time to go now? kanye. >> kanye. >> can you imagine everywhere you go, you have 30,000 people who just think you're like -- >> and you get to go home with kim. >> i wasn't going there. >> i wasn't thinking that far. >> you just want to be happy. >> dana, i don't have to actually -- i can answer it for you. >> i would be dolly parton. >> superstar. >> you want to be stacked. >> you realize what you just said. >> dana wants to be stacked.
2:45 pm
>> very gracious person, he's not going to do that. she's a huge star. >> somebody put big boobs on dana. >> i would like to be iggy pop, iggy pop in the mid '70s or early '70s when he was with the stooges. >> you didn't tell us we could go back in time. >> i guess iggy pop. we none left? the last one was really weak. i think we should have a little prayer. ahead on the fi, "the five," ye we found out we've been eating the wrong stuff for years.
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american heart association recommends 30 minutes of exercise a day. which seems reasonable. but not to some researchers. a new paper published in the journal "circulation" says you should actually be working out four times that amount to reduce the risk of heart failure. is two hours a day overboard? >> yes. >> yeah. >> too much? >> yes. >> how much do you work out now?
2:50 pm
>> you don't work out. >> i started a new program. canceled this week, but -- next week. yeah. i got two under my belt. >> two hours seems a little exce excessive, right? >> they're telling you that that's going to prevent you from getting heart disease? >> how do you keep your job? >> i don't think -- i work out extensively, but it's probably two hours on each saturday or sunday, once or twice a week for an hour mid-week and beyond that, two hours a day, that's it, that would be your whole life, right? >> by the time -- you drive there and shower. >> that's a lot. that's like not a reasonable, you know time commitment for most people to make and people have children and families to feed and jobs to go to. what's up with that. >> they're saying that because we used to go to regular daily activity being replaced by se n sedentary jobs. now we have to have these intensive bouts of exercise,
2:51 pm
we've also solved the problem of sustenan sustenance, we've increased our consumption of grains by 50% since 1970s. so we're fat. we've gained weight because we figured out how to feed ourselves and feed the world. we need to know how to get the food there. >> what are you saying? >> don't do it don't exercise. >> it was sponsored by the health and fitness industry i'm guessing. >> it was in a journal. >> "circulation." >> i've seen other things like, i have seen other studies that suggested we need to be working out more than 30 minutes a day. >> 45 minutes to an hour to prevent breast cancer. if you are -- if you have a high risk of heart disease you should ask your doctor. i think it's like one size fits all approach i don't think they mean two hours of exercise all at once. a 30-minute walk in the morning, can you get another 20-minute walk in in the afternoon or something. i remember watching on "the biggest loser" one time. one of the trainers says it
2:52 pm
doesn't matter how much you exercise, it's how much you eat. >> high protein, low carbs. >> isn't that really it? >> a slice of pizza, you have to work out for 40 minutes to get rid of a slice of pizza. >> i have one of the standing desks with the treadmill built into the standing desk. that's brilliant. >> that's what i do every morning. i get on the stair climber and i write these stupid -- i have the clipboard, a little clipboard, i have a climber and write notes and watching all the tv shows. >> is the stair climber for regular people or -- >> little people? you know how happy that just made you. far happier than if she worked out two hours a day. >> i'm sure there will be a payback. >> one more thing is coming.
2:53 pm
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time for one more thing. if you can't do two hours of exercise, you should eat cake. the way i'm going do cap off my little foodie week, monday we had chick-fil-a. tuesday we had mcdonald's bringing back breakfast in the morning. bacon, eggs and grits, the woman who lived to 116 years of age.
2:57 pm
national pierogi day yesterday, and today, the most delicious cake in the world, it's the yellow cake from dell frisco's, you haven't lived until you've had a slice of this. who's in? >> i'm in. >> that stuff is used in nuclear bombs. >> it's so delicious. this is why i don't bake, because i could never make anything this good. i'm just going to eat it. >> well i don't know about that. >> but it's really great. i hope you enjoyed the food week like i've enjoyed it. and you know, we'll do more stuff. more plates. >> do you know how many snapchat friends i'm getting from this week of food on one more thing. >> it's my official sponsor of food week. and got this. if you're not sick of me by now you may be by the end of this
2:58 pm
weekend. tonight bolling versus geraldo, who knows what is going to happen after a couple of minutes of that. and tomorrow morning, saturday morning, "cashin' in" and sunday night. "homeland" if you missed last week's episode. it's on at 8:00 and the new episode starts at 9:00. that was fantastic. greg, what you got? >> how dare you, eric. the best series going on right now is my show, 10:00, it's after "homeland" you can switch over. we've got a bunch of serious guests. a couple of weeks this is out, my new book. on page 60 i make a horrible mistake. i shouldn't have told them that, i should have told them they had to find it. tough buy the book to find out exactly what i say in this book that is completely wrong. how to be persuasively correct. i say something that's incorrect. >> who found the air center. >> i did. >> did you want to throw up?
2:59 pm
>> i'm talking about new faces in the republican party. and one of the new faces is now an old face. >> how did it happen? >> what do you mean? >> that's what happens when you make predictions. >> this is so good, guys, right? >> dana. >> i'm next, a new study published in the journal of adolescence is going to make you want to tell your teenager to turn their phone off. high school students, technology and social media before bed-time linked to insomnia and poor school performance. 68% of teens said it's interfering with their sleep and their grades are going down, they're texting before going to bed and maybe the best thing to do is leave the phone in the kitchen overnight. kids, don't be mad at me but that's a good idea. >> there's no fun left. >> kimberly? >> yeah, what you got? >> i'm eating cake. >> you checked out. >> i have a little news. i am tomorrow night at 7:00, i'm
3:00 pm
becoming catholic. >> oh, my god, that's fantastic. >> welcome aboard. i don't know about that. but i have been ten years i've been an evangelical. ten years ago i came to faith and it's a wonderful journey. >> god bless you. president obama ends a failed program to train syrian rebels. while russia continues to rule the skies over that country. this "special report." good evening, i'm chris wallace in for brett baier. if at first you don't succeed -- quit. that apparently is the obama administration's fillfy when it comes to training syrian rebels. the president is abandoning a half billion dollar program that produced only a handful of fighters. this comes as russia continues to expand its military role in syria. correspondent doug


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