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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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caucus, congressman jim jordan. that's this "fox news sunday." we leave you now with a white house turned pink tonight in recognition of national breast cancer month. "on the record with greta van susteren" and "lightning" is next. tonight "on the record," ohio governor, 2016 presidential candidate john kasich is here. now he's hitting the road. where is the governor going? he'll tell you in moments. but first, all eyes on congressman paul ryan. many republicans begging the former vice presidential candidate to run for speaker of the house. governor kasich knows a lot about congress. he was in for 18 years. governor kasich joins us. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta, how are you? >> good. just for sort of a starting point on this whole race for the speakership, is this just a fascinating political drama, or is this deeply important to every american? and if so, why? >> well, greta, look, i don't get into who's going to be speaker. we've had some leadership
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changes in ohio -- >> but just an idea. >> -- a change -- >> but just, is it important? >> well, of course it's important. it's important because, if i become president, we're going to have a very aggressive agenda. it's going to involve shifting power, money and influence out of that town. it's going to lead us over time to a balanced budget. there's going to be tax reform, trade reform, regulatory reform. i've got to have people there that want to get this done, because we'll have 90 to 120 days, and that's what i'm most concerned about. who they pick, god bless them. you know, i can't mess in that. but what i want is a commitment that we can accomplish a big agenda, and i think most of them want that. that's my sense. they don't want to just twiddle their thumbs. they want to make sure that we change america. and that's all i care about. >> well, so, in light of that being your goal if elected president, what in the world happened? >> you mean in congress? >> yeah. i mean, like, this is a very -- this is a situation where the current speaker wants out.
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they've got no one who really is sort of leading the pack to get 218 votes. you were a committee chairman. they are hounding paul ryan tonight. they've even got governor mitt romney calling him. i mean, this has gotten to be quite a situation of chaos on capitol hill. >> well, they've got to find somebody who can get the votes, greta. but let me go back and explain to you why i'm hesitant to say anything. we changed the speaker. we had to have a new speaker in the ohio house in my state. we've had a change of who the senate president is. the minute that somebody who's an executive -- and i expect to be president. i'm the governor of ohio. you don't get into the middle of their work. that's their house, their body, any more than they try to tell me who should be in my cabinet. so, all i'm hoping for is that they can come together, that they can be united, and they can be poised in the first 90 to 120 days, because that's the window we're going to have. and if that window closes and we don't have somebody that knows how to push many things through that window, we will have
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failure. and so, all i'm interested in is not the bickering or the fighting or the internal divisions or whatever. i just want to get things done, both through the house and through the senate. and frankly, i think over in the senate they need to get rid of the filibuster. they ought to keep the filibuster for judges and some of their internal matters. but the idea that you have 60 votes to accomplish anything, that's prehistoric. it doesn't fit the change that we need in the 21st century. that is a big deal. i mean, we're focusing on the speaker. absolutely a big deal. but the senate has to do away with the filibuster. because you can have a couple people blocking everything over in the united states senate. it took them a couple months, i'm told, to pass a program to stop human trafficking. i mean, things shouldn't be held up like that, because this is the 21st century, and they're acting like, you know, we're in like the 10th century. >> all right. governor, you're a very popular governor in your state of ohio. you have twice been elected governor.
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but a quinnipiac university poll has you in third place with 13% behind two outsiders, trump with 23%, dr. ben carson with 18% in your state. why are these outsiders still dominating? >> well, because we're still in the "american idol" primary. look, i'm not worried. when we get to ohio, i will win ohio, and you know what my approval ratings are there now. they're sky high. you know, we'll see. these polls are up and down. i mean, this is just a flaky way to try to decide what's going to happen. it gets decided in places like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, in the early primary states, and things will take care of themselves. and i'm not in the least bit worried about what the heck's going to happen in ohio. i'll win ohio. and i'll tell you one thing, the republicans better be careful, because if we nominate somebody that can't win ohio, guess what? we won't win the white house. >> all right. your plan is to get on a bus and start a bus tour.
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tell me what the campaign plan is over the next couple of days. >> well, we're going to be, starting on monday, i'll be in michigan. then i'm headed to new hampshire. we're going to be all over new hampshire visiting big towns, small towns. and then on thursday, greta, we're going to be unveiling our plan to balance the federal budget, to reform the tax code, to shift power, money and influence out of washington, to freeze regulations. i mean, there's a lot of things that will be coming out. it won't probably be as detailed as i would like because i've only been a candidate slightly more than two months. the details will grow over time, but we're going to give you some meat to take a look at. >> all right, i'll give you -- >> you should be there. >> maybe i will come. i'll give you -- since i gave one to governor chris christie the other night, you've got some experience balancing the budget. >> well, i balanced -- you know, i was the chief architect of balancing the federal budget. we hadn't done it since man walked on the moon, and we haven't done it since i left washington. and in ohio, i've shaken everything from top to bottom
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and gone from an $8 billion hole to a $2 billion surplus. plus, tax cuts, plus, we've grown 347,000 jobs. and we are actually really balanced. i mean, we actually don't, you know, move things around. it's not like a pea under a shell. we actually get it done. our credit is strong. our pension systems by and large are strong. and so, we're pleased about that. and you know, greta, when we're strong there, we also want to help people who live in the shadows, which include the mentally ill, the drug-addicted, the working poor, and a lot of those 50-year-olds who lost their jobs when their jobs were shipped out of america. we need to retrain them and give them some hope. >> governor, nice to see you. maybe we'll catch up with you when you're on that bus trip. it's a fancy, new bus. >> i hope so, greta. it's going to be exciting. thank you. >> governor, nice to talk to you. political outsiders look like they are here to stay, at least for a while. 2016 candidates with zero political experience but lots of other experience still dominate poll after poll. but of course, every candidate
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insider or outsider is busy hitting the campaign trail. ♪ >> i want to have selfies with everybody. >> yes, mr. trump! >> i've never worked in washington. >> we love you! >> 75% of the american people now believe the federal government is corrupt. >> it's the house of cards that's about to collapse. we need some responsible leadership. >> i don't know if you watched greta van susteren last night, but every time i got interviewed by greta last night, she got us into how we met. >> who sort of picked up who? >> i picked her up in a bar, greta. >> i was like, i can't believe i answered all those questions. >> i vote for mr. trump! we vote for mr. trump! >> we need to be engaged in the world. it doesn't mean we have to be the world's policeman, but we sure as heck better be the world's leader. >> if we do what needs to be done, not only will america be great, america will be greater than it's ever been.
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>> former adviser to president george w. bush, karl rove, is here to go "on the record." you have a new book, but that will be the tease. we'll have to wait for that. governor kasich says this is the "american idol" primary. is he right that they shouldn't all be whooped up right now about these poll numbers? >> well, we invest too much in poll numbers, particularly the racehorse numbers. because think about this, we are as far from the iowa caucuses -- to the november election, this would be like the first of july. we're that far away from the election. and we will start voting in iowa and new hampshire, where people are starting to pay attention. but even then, they're going to be slow to make a commitment, and it's going to be late before it breaks in iowa, and new hampshire can shift right to the end. so, we're looking at the polls constantly. we ought to pay less attention to the head-on-head numbers and more attention to what people think about the individual characteristics of the candidates and make some judgments about their ability to move from there. >> i'll tell you what surprises
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me is that governor kasich is third in his own state behind two outsiders, and even governor bush in florida, his state, you know, he's way behind. he's not doing particularly well in his state. >> well, look, right now there is a lot of attention on the outsiders. we'll see how much longer that lasts. i think it's going to last through the primaries. but let's put it in perspective. if you take a look at these numbers -- for example, donald trump in the real, clear politics average of polls peaked on the 19th of november -- excuse me, the 19th of september. he was at 30.5% in real clear politics polls. he's down to 23.2%. ben carson similarly peaked in the national polls in the middle of september. went from 20% to 17%. so, we've gone from where these two complete outsiders -- they're the only candidates running who have never held public office and never sought public office -- carly fiorina ran for senate. so, there are the two completely outside of politics. they went from being 50% in the
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national polls to being 39% today. >> all right. the mess on capitol hill, the speaker of the house mess. what do you urge your party to do? >> well, we've got to have leadership. and we've got to come together. and there's got to be, you know, kevin mccarthy took himself out. now we've got to find somebody who can step forward and can bring these dispaired elements together, and people have got to recognize they're not going to get 100% of what they want, but there's going to be a new face, and we'd better have one. because if we don't, if we lump into 2016, this will have implications for the presidential election. people will say the republicans can't manage their own affairs in the house, why trust them with the white house? >> do you like chairman paul ryan? >> well, i think the world of him. i think he is one of our great leaders. he is the man who almost single-handedly took the house from a position where they were afraid of entitlements and unwilling to make the tough decisions to start balancing the budget and avoid the fiscal crisis that's coming our way and patiently educated his colleagues that they needed to take it on.
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but this is an intensely personal decision. i think he would be a remarkable leader, because i think he is the one person that i see on the horizon today who could unite the despaired elements of the republican party and the large realm of people from one side to the other would have confidence would be a strong leader. >> well, we might find out this weekend. apparently went home to wisconsin to make that decision. >> i doubt if it was going to be this weekend. if i were him, i wouldn't make it this week. i would continue to get a little bit of opinion, because we have a long way to the vote. we may think ten days is not very long, but it's an eternity in this kind of politics. >> karl, thanks for being here. looking toward to your new book. president obama catching heat from some for traveling to roseburg, oregon. he's meeting with families of victims of last week's community college shooting. thousands of people turned out to protest the president as air force one landed, many protesters saying president obama is injecting his politics into this murder crime spree that killed nine innocent people. fox news correspondent dan springer is live in roseburg. dan? >> reporter: yeah, greta, president obama was ton the
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ground here in roseburg for a little over an hour, but that brief visit generated a lot of controversy. the president was here for a private meeting with those who lost loved ones in that horrific shooting at the campus last week. it was held at a roseburg high school, and we don't know how many families chose not to attend. the media was kept away. we know the father of a young woman who was shot and survived said he would not go. afterwards, president obama spoke about the need for changes. >> there are going to be, i think, moments as we go forward where we're going to have to come together and figure out how do we stop things like this from happening. >> reporter: over 200 people protests obama's visit. most, if not all, were gun owners who were upset with his call for more gun control within hours of the deadly shooting. they feel he politicized the tragedy. >> i think it's a cheap shot and i think it's a slap in the face to these people down here in their suffering. >> well, i'd like to see him just go home. >> reporter: elected city and
4:13 pm
county officials issued statements, saying while they may disagree with obama politically, they are glad that he came to comfort the victims. and some area residents went even further, criticizing the protesters. >> obama's the sitting president of the united states. he's come to grieve with the family. he should be welcomed. and maybe politics should take a back step for the moment. >> reporter: but that man's opinion was definitely in the minority today. most people out here protesting president obama's visit, and certainly, his politics on gun control. greta? >> dan, thank you. many in the roseburg community, as dan said, chose to protest president obama. these protesters saying the president's there only to push liberal policies on the grieving public. >> most of the victims don't want him here. >> well, i'd like to see him just go home. >> i'm tired of obama. i'm tired of his intrusion in our lives. >> looking back over the last several months and stuff, when
4:14 pm
police officers were slain and stuff like that, there's nothing come from the white house. >> now he wants to come here and try to take our guns away and make an executive order to do so, and i'm tired of it. >> protesters russ tucker and his daughter, amy, are live in roseburg. welcome to both of you. russ, why did you go out to protest? >> we came out here today for multiple reasons -- to show support to the victims and their families, to show our support for sheriff hanlin, to show our support for the second amendment, the right to bear arms as law-abiding citizens. and also to let obama know that he's not welcome here to push his political agenda. >> russ, did the president raise anything -- did he say anything about gun control? did he say anything political while he was there on the ground that you know of? >> no. we didn't see him, actually.
4:15 pm
we were just here on the curb supporting the community, as my daughter said. we had our signs, and just to make a presence. >> now, amy, can you give me sort of an idea about how many people were there? could you estimate this? >> yeah, we heard dan say a couple of hundred, but we saw at least -- >> i feel like it was at least 1,000 people. >> yeah. >> the majority of us had signs for support of the sheriff, defend roseburg. it was really great to see how the community came together today. >> and there were three different locations where the protests were taking place. this is just one venue. so, i saw at least 1,000, maybe more. >> did you see any counter protesters, people who were protesting against your protest, who were happy that the president came to town? >> yes, we did. we saw a couple of cars,
4:16 pm
eye-level bama stickers in the back windows, and yelling at people. but the people here were -- >> we were peaceful. >> -- mature, peaceful. >> we wanted to keep it civilized, so -- >> and they pick aepd up their trash. >> yeah. >> and indeed, it was a peaceful protest. and i thank both of you for joining us. amy, russ, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you, greta. and you, get ready! this weekend could be huge. there has been lots and lots of chatter that vice president joe biden could make his 2016 decision over this weekend. and that's not all. this weekend could see more candidates jumping into the race for speaker of the house. "on the record" political panel is here. jackie kucinich. and from "the weekly standard," john mccormick. john, we've been waiting to find out, vice president biden in or out, what's your guess? >> i think all signs are pointing to yes. we learned this week that he himself had been a source for
4:17 pm
maureen dowd of "the new york times" revealing the story that his son on his death bed said he wanted biden values, not clinton values, in the white house. i think to anyone, you want to live up to that dying wish, and i think that's a strong pull for him. he's also been trying to lay the groundwork, making the meetings to see how to get in there. i don't know that it makes a lot of sense to get in monday before the debate. i think the ideal time would be the day after the debate, if he's going to do it. >> yeah. all the preparation and things that are going into a debate. but the other thing that's coming up, his team met with the dnc this week to talk about various parts of the campaign. and later on this month, there's a deadline in georgia for getting on the ballot. and you know, if you're not on the ballot in a state, that's going to present a problem. but the longer biden waits to get in, the more difficult it's going to be for him, even though he's joe biden, even though a lot of people know who he is. those on-the-ground organizations really do matter at the end of the day. >> you know, jackie, i thought the most painful thing you could
4:18 pm
say to someone is say, like, they want -- you know, they don't want clinton values, they want biden values. i think that was about as deep a wound as you could inflict on somebody else. >> well, i mean, they're so opposite in how they present themselves in a lot of ways. joe biden is sort of the defense of authenticity, where hillary clinton -- >> still, that's why that goes so much deeper and i think shows a huge divide between clinton and biden, to say that. >> oh, yeah, i very much agree with you, and it's probably one of the reasons he's considering getting in, because he is a feeler. i mean, you look at joe biden and you see him connecting with people. and hillary clinton is having a difficult time doing that. and we've seen that in her polling and on the trail. >> all right, john, you're from the state of wisconsin, i might add, the great state of wisconsin. is chairman paul ryan going to be the next speaker? >> people i'm talking tothat's . a couple hours ago, i spoke to a congressman from oklahoma who thinks paul ryan is 70% to 80% likely to take the job, because deep down he knows it's the right thing to do. i think there are a few things that could keep him from doing
4:19 pm
it. one is if he decides it really is bad for his family. he's got three children and lost his own father at 17. i think he wants to keep time devoted to his family. two, the hardline conservative members who have basically pushed john boehner out, if they're going to be as intransigent on forcing a government shutdown or brinksmanship on having a debt limit, i don't think ryan wants to start off his term as speaker -- >> why do you expect them to change? you say voters sent them to washington to do that, so what is the incentive for them to soften up on that point? >> i think in the short term, they'll see they can't possibly get anybody better than paul ryan. ryan has respect because he took on entitlement from the third-rail politics. he said, you know what, we can take on, balance the budget in the long term if we get entitlements under control, medicare, social security, things like that. he's got a lot of goodwill and i think they will realize if they spurn paul ryan, they might end up with someone less conservative. >> if you stick around, we have much more later. and president obama just closed down his billion-dollar, failed idea to beat isis, so now what?
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president obama apparently admitting a strategy flop, now scrapping his $500 million plan to train and arm syrian rebels to fight against isis. his plan failed as nearly all the fighters died, deserted or were captured. president obama and the department of defense now back to square one. >> we have been looking for now several weeks at ways to improve that program. i wasn't satisfied with the early efforts in that regard,
4:24 pm
and so, we're looking at different ways to achieve, basically, the same kind of strategic objective, which is the right one, which is to enable capable, motivated forces on the ground to retake territory from isil and reclaim syrian territory from extremisms. >> rob o'neil is here. it's unbelievable, $500 million program to train anywhere from five to ten has failed. and you know, this is the strategy? >> yeah, thanks for having me, greta. it's always great to be here. yeah, the strategy, i don't understand it, i don't know how $500 million goes away. we get between five and nine people. part of the problem, it's not with the trainers themselves. the guys from government agencies that are training, these are great guys. the problem is the people we're trying to train. we're trying to train the wrong people. they don't have really a will to fight when they get there, and
4:25 pm
we're seeing what they do, if they do get hit, they give the stuff away, al nusra, al qaeda, whatever it is. they give it away for safe passage, or they're captured and killed and that's it. there's nothing there. >> off camera a couple months ago, former prime minister of israel, ehud barak, who's a war hero in israel, told me this would be an easy project, if the money were spent on the right people or doing it the right way. i mean, not easy, but he said he could do it quickly. and he was lamenting just the way we were doing it. >> yeah, not going to be an easy thing, but you need to be realistic about what are we going to do. i think we're at a spot now where russia's in there. if we're going to do a no-fly zone, which is not a half-baked idea, we need to deconflict with the russians. we'll probably need to find a way to get weapons up to the kurds. and hopefully, we can get a sunni force to fight alongside the kurds, but we're even doing that wrong. if we try to give something to the kurds, we go through the shia government in baghdad. they keep most of the stuff because they don't want to have a kurdish country. >> the conversation i had with ehud barak predated russia getting involved. a lot of these things people
4:26 pm
were complaining about were long before russia got into it. now it's incredibly more complicated because we waited so long and we have a $500 million program to train five or ten people. >> yeah, we waited way too long. russia's in there now and they're telling lies about what they're doing. their only interest, if there's something against the interests of moscow, that's a terrorist. so, they're in there because they can use bashar al assad as a puppet. they want him in there. he's an ally over there in syria. so, he's going to bomb a lot of the people that we're helping so he can eventually have it to where it's only isis left, and then he can say, hey, you can help us get out of isis, but checkmate, because he just kept his people in power. >> are you telling me that if we had the will, that there is a strategy out there, where at this point, we could accomplish this, we could destroy isis? >> well, i guarantee there are people in the pentagon right now that have the ideas, but i think the problem of communication between the administration and the pentagon. i'm hearing a lot of frustration from some of my former teammates that they don't have a lot of vision, not a lot of leadership, but -- >> is that in the pentagon with
4:27 pm
the defense secretary or with president obama? where's the problem? >> i think a lot of the senior officers and seniors enlisted at the pentagon that come up with strategies, i think they're fully aware they can do, they will do it. it's going to be a political fight because a lot of the american public doesn't want to get stuck in the middle east. president obama's proven he does not want to get stuck in the middle east. he said it. and right now -- >> but it's gotten worse. i mean, the conversation, you know, it would have been -- i suspect it would have been an easier challenge four years ago -- three years ago, than it would have been today. >> certainly would have been an easier challenge. it would have been easier to do when we had the convoy of how many hundred trucks heading from north to southern iraq. you bomb them and then isis is gone. but we wouldn't want to do that because we refuse to have a footprint anywhere. now we're going with stuff where russia's in there. and i heard them saying yesterday, they said the best way to lose weight in washington, d.c., is to led vladimir putin eat your lunch every day. >> well, i can only imagine where our conversation, what it's going to be about four months from now. anyway, rob, thank you. >> greta, thanks so much. and is congressman paul ryan the chosen one? many on capitol hill are
4:28 pm
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just like eddie, the first step to reaching your retirement goals is to visualize them. then, let the principal help you get there. join us as we celebrate eddie's retirement, and start planning your own. well, one day after house majority leader kevin mccarthy shocked capitol hill by pulling out of the race for speaker, the republicans, well, they're no closer to finding a replacement. wisconsin congressman say paul ryan is their favorite, but there is a problem, one big problem. he says he won't run. so, if not ryan, then who?
4:32 pm
darryl isis also considered jumping into the race, here to go "on the record." good evening, sir. >> by the way, i'm one of those who has not given up on paul ryan. we've sent him home to meet with his family and to really soul search whether or not, if asked, he will answer the call once again. >> so, you'd vote for him. >> i would. >> okay, so, would the 40 of the freedom caucus vote for him? >> well, the 40 of the freedom caucus is interesting, because they have technically reached their 80% level for daniel webster. if there's a new race, they're going to have to meet again. and my guess is, they're going to be split in a way in which many, many, many of them will vote for paul ryan. perhaps, not all. >> let's say that paul ryan does throw his hat in ring, he does get elected speaker of the house. how long will his honeymoon last? >> oh, you get to make the speech, and after that, you get tarred and feathered. >> and that's it? >> that's it. >> so, exactly why does he want this job? he's chairman of ways and means. he's got a great job.
4:33 pm
he loves it. he's a policy wonk type guy. he gets to see his family on the weekend, so what's the attraction of this job? >> if somebody will fix the problem, then paul ryan can move his legislation. and if we don't fix the problem, then his legislation isn't going to move. the success of the republican house is based on getting somebody to be speaker who understands that the earth underneath the house of representatives has moved over the last two elections. and to continue the metaphor, the tsunami that has hit speaker boehner was that in a large majority, normally you have to please those moderates who come in replacing democrats. in this case, the american people sent us very conservative members, not on all issues, but certainly on the issues of fiscal responsibility. they want an accountability that hasn't been demanded in my lifetime. >> if paul ryan doesn't run, are you going to run? >> if paul ryan doesn't run,
4:34 pm
would i answer the call? at this point in my life -- >> but that's a draft. but would you affirmatively say, okay, i want to do this? >> my name will be in the hat, potentially, but there will be other names. here's the real thing, greta. if i can't bring together the freedom caucus in large numbers, the tuesday group in large numbers, and the people in between, including the republican study committee, in large numbers, then i don't want to be the coalition candidate. i want to be the candidate who is bringing them together. if my plan to work with leader mccarthy, with scolese and the entire team isn't one they like, then no, they shouldn't. but let's understand, right now, many of us, myself included, believe that paul ryan can be that person that we can rally behind him. he's going to have to listen. he's going to have to get off of what he's been doing and get on the healing of a conference. but i happen to think -- you called him a policy wonk. i happen to think he has the
4:35 pm
important things, he has the respect of all of us, even the ones who won't vote for him. he's a reasonable person, and it's that rational thinking that is going to cause him to be a candidate that if he will run can help bring us together. >> congressman, thank you. we'll be watching all weekend to see if we find out whether he's in there. thank you. >> thank you. a fight on an arizona college campus turns deadly. the murder. one student opening fire. the latest on the shooting next. and should donald trump be worried? one candidate says he'll nab his votes. hear from the candidate, coming up.
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get ready to speed read the
4:40 pm
news. two more college students shot today, one dead, murdered at arizona university. a confrontation in a parking lot led to a freshman pulling out a gun and shooting four male students, killing one. the suspect is 18-year-old steven jones. he's now charged with one count of first-degree murder, among other charges, and it's unclear what started the fight. but all four shooting victims belonged to the same fraternity. and in texas, an 18-year-old freshman is dead and another person injured after a shooting there. it happened at texas southern university. the gunfire breaking out at an oncampus housing complex. houston police say two suspects now in custody, and right now a manhunt for the third suspect. police are not releasing a motive, but note this, this is the third shooting at texas southern this week. and the american hero is in good spirits after being viciously stabbed. airman 1st class stone was attacked outside a bar in sacramento thursday. he was rushed to the hospital with very serious injuries. stone's condition, though, now upgraded to fair.
4:41 pm
he's even walking around his hospital room. so far, no arrests have been made. last month, airman stone was also stabbed when he and two friends stopped a terrorist on a paris-bound train. and a major bombshell in the search for drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman. the world's most notorious drug lord tunneled out of a maximum security prison in mexico. since the escape, there's been an international manhunt, but the pilot who reportedly helped him has been arrested, but mexican police are not releasing any more details. 23 mexican employees and 10 civilians have been arrested in connection with this escape. guzman remains on the run. and soon you, yes, you may be able to plan a vacation to mars. today, nasa releasing their plans to build colonies on the red planet. the space agency says, we are closer now than any time in history to sending astronauts to mars. the 36-page nasa report, which reads like a science fiction novel, says nasa can build
4:42 pm
permanent settlements on mars by the 2030s. each mission would last about three years. and a 9-week-old baby is missing, parents in jail, and grisly clues. a live report on baby chance. plus, the "on the record" legal panel, straight ahead. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability.
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president obama's controversial visit to the oregon massacre town. oregon massacre town. we're on the groun means striking a the right balancesco between economic growth, housing we can afford, and our quality of life. aaron peskin has been a champion for the middle class, fighting bad growth and income inequality. and mayor ed lee has transformed san francisco
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internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. this is disturbing. a tiny baby boy from florida has been missing since september 9th, when he was nine weeks old, and the baby's parents keep changing their story about what happened to this baby. his name is chance. fox tampa bay reporter evan has been following this story live in tampa. >> certainly, greta. this starts with the grandparents in this case. the grandparents are the ones who realized something was wrong. back in early september, they
4:47 pm
were being stopped by the parents of chance and their children from seeing their grandchild. they were being evasive, the parents were. so, they went and got in touch with sarasota county deputies. deputies began investigating. they caught up with the parents in georgia and in south carolina. now, in georgia, they told authorities -- this is unbelievable -- that they were robbed for their baby and that they had given their baby to a woman. now, there really was a woman there, and authorities interviewed her, and the woman said that the baby was not with them. so, the story now moves on to south carolina. they told deputies there that they were in a car crash and that the baby died in a car crash. now, they really were in a car crash, but the baby wasn't with them. so, now, greta, we go all the way back to sarasota. and in sarasota, actually, in north port, their house was
4:48 pm
investigated by deputies, obviously, at that point. deputies found blood on the mirrors, on the ceiling fans and on other places in the home. that blood is right now being tested. but also -- and this is very interesting -- a cadaver dog hit on a door frame in the home. so, obviously, something is going on there. now, the parents, joe walsh and kristen kerberry, are being heln south carolina on child neglect charges. as for as the bigger charges the deputies are hoping to pin on them, the baby hasn't been found yet. evidently, they don't have what they're looking for, because the grandparents -- this would be the parents of the parents of chance -- put out an alert yesterday. they did a press conference, asked to not be asked any questions. but they basically said, we want our children to come forward and say what happened to chance. they're also pleading with the public for information. deputies do say they are getting tips, they're able to narrow down the path that this couple took from florida all the way up
4:49 pm
through georgia and south carolina, and i learned today that deputies have not been able to say that they can find that the baby was ever outside of florida. so, chance has not been found yet. the parents are being held on child neglect charges. they're going to be brought here to tampa bay to face those charges. >> evan, thank you. our "on the record" legal panel is here. katie fang, and former homicide detective criminal defense attorney ted williams. katie, horrible human beings, these parents. >> it's disgusting. it took a month for the grandparents to actually alert authorities. they went on september 9th and september 11th to the home. the mother would not let them gain entry. i don't know why it took them so long. thank god florida is a death penalty state, and if a death penalty would be appropriate, if they have been found to be child murderers in this case. you know, this is the third child born to this woman. the first was given up to adoption ten years ago. and the second one mysteriously died last year in 2014 at the age of 2 weeks. i think if it walks like a duck,
4:50 pm
then it's definitely going to talk like a duck and we're going to find out more, in a tragic way, the baby's dead. >> ted? >> yeah, this is a very sad situation, greta. this has all of the smells our viewers who are perhaps remembering the casey anthony case in florida, where a woman was acquitted after her child went missing and she was charged with murder. here you have two parents who are alleged to be drug addicts. you have the blood, you have the missing child, you have both parents giving inconsistent statements as to what happened to the child. greta, this is a terrible case. it appears as though this 9-week-old child, chance, really did not have a chance in life, if he is no longer here. >> you know, katie, if they never find the child at all, i would feel as a prosecutor -- i mean, it's going to be very hard to try that case. i don't know florida law, some states you can. but i would charge them both for murder as aiders and abetters
4:51 pm
and throw it to the jury, even though there's no body. >> sure. right now they're held on third-degree child abuse, no harm because you don't have anything more. but as i said, as the investigation unravels, we'll find out something happened to this child. you don't need a body in florida to prosecute for homicide, for murder. >> prosecutors are lining up right now to prosecute these two. >> the question is, do you go to one or the other hoping they'll testify against the other, knowing there might be a dead child out there? >> i would think that's what the law enforcement is going to do. they've got two people. if you know, when we had the casey anthony case, everything lies on casey anthony. here you've got two people giving inconsistent statements, so the investigation clearly is going to be to try to find out which one they can flip. >> and i have to add is that the deal isn't who talks gets it, because the aider and abetter is just as guilty. coming up, i don't know about you, but after this past week, i need this next segment.
4:52 pm
find out what i mean, straight ahead. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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senator ted cruz breaking ranks and taking on a new target. the texas senator has shied away from aiming any verbal arrows at donald trump, but times, they're changing. the 2016 presidential candidate now says he can poach some of trump's supporters. >> i think in time, i don't believe donald is going to be the nominee, and i think in time, the lion's share of his supporters end up with us. >> the "on the record" political panel is back. jackie kucinich and john mccormick. jackie, so, is there a little bit of a problem between donald trump and ted cruz growing or starting? >> you know, this is the plan all along, i thought, you know. there are reasons you didn't see cruz attacking trump, because the conventional wisdom was that trump's supporters, once trump drops out, will go to cruz. i can't say i thought he was going to say it out loud this soon, but you know, as you said,
4:57 pm
times, they are a changing. we'll see if trump reacts to cruz, because he's sure not shy about doing that. >> and donald trump has shown -- there's not even a hint he's getting out. people keep saying that, but i have not seen one hint that donald trump is leaving. >> i don't get it either, you know. he's made some comments saying if he were down in the polls and he had no chance, then he would get out. but you know, he's still first in the polls. he might have dropped a little bit in the polls, down to 23%, but he's still first. i don't see -- i think this might show some antsiness on ted cruz's part that he expected him to drop out, but i don't think there's any evidence that cruz is going to win the lion's share of donald trump's supporters. a lot of his supporters are not tea partiers. they're ross perot, angry, middle voters who aren't necessarily with ted cruz on a whole lot of things and could see him as just another politician in d.c. even bobby jindal took a shot at cruz today, saying you can't even stand up to donald trump on single-payer canadian health care, how can you stand for washington, d.c.? >> ben carson's sneaking up,
4:58 pm
though, on donald trump on some of the numbers. >> he sure is. it will be interesting to see what happens to ben carson after the week he had. he had kind of a tough week with some of the things he said about oregon and then this popeyes story about him allegedly having someone threaten him with a gun at popeyes. it's been sort of a weird week for ben carson, but he does -- >> but i'll tell you why he's lucky, is that all that stuff is sort of trumped by the fact -- to use the word -- of what happened on capitol hill. >> yes, absolutely. i think you're absolutely right about that. but the thing about carson, he's sort of, like, he's like the softer alternative to trump for the candidates who aren't washington folks. so, you know, he -- the more that trump wears on people, i think you're going to see people go to carson. >> one thing's clear, never dull. >> never. >> it is so not done and there's going to be a lot more. thank you, jackie, thank you, john. let's go "off the record." i don't know about you, but i really need this. check this out.
4:59 pm
meet malayla and denea, snow leopard cubs. they're only 4 months old, and the twin girls making their public debut at the brookfield zoo in illinois. i love seeing these cubs, and especially after a week like this. we have been drowning in horrible news, from the air strike on a doctors hospital, doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan, to the recent shootings at colleges and the stabbings of american hero spencer stone to the absence of sanity on capitol hill involving the speaker of the house and the republicans and all of the other horrible stories of the week. so, we've had a lot. so, i suspect you feel a little bit like i do tonight. you'd like to end the week on a high note. and what better way to do it than with these little cubs? they're so adorable, aren't they? so, have a great weekend. and that's my "off the record" comment tonight. thanks for being with us. we'll see you again monday night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. florida senator and 2016 presidential candidate marco rubio will be here to go "on the record." that's monday my and make sure if you can't watch "on the record" live, dvr it and watch our show later.
5:00 pm
you can watch it at 11:01 right after sean hannity's show. so, make sure you dvr if you can't watch live. up next "the o'reilly factor." goodnight from washington, d.c. "o'reilly factor's" on tonight. the president is getting ready to visit roseburg, but not everybody here is going to welcome him with open arms. so, what really happened behind closed doors when the president met with the shooting victims and families today in oregon? we'll have a special report. mainstream media just sunk to a new low, going after ben carson. "gq" magazine launched a profanity-laced headline, some consider a racist attack. and it's true, a magazine has viciously attacked dr. carson from the left. is it racism? also ahead, why sanctuary cities are hurting all americans. and a brand-new segment called "barney's


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