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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 9, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilley. have a great weekend and, remember, the spin stops here. >> breaking tonight, hundreds of second amendment supporters protesting the commander in chief in an effort to change the gun laws. good evening, everyone. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for megyn kelly tonight. the white house insisting this visit purely about comforting those families. but the couple hundred proteste protesters considering the president was talking gun control just hours after the
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shooting took place. and while the president hinted at the issue during his remarks today, these folks say this is neither the time nor the place to push political agendas of any kind. >> reporter: they were mainly upset about obama's call for tougher gun laws within just a few hours of the campus tragedy feeling he was trying to score political points. >> looking back in the last several months and stuff, there's nothing coming from the white house. to console those families or the military. all of the sudden, he picks
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roseburg just because there was a shooting there. >> the white house said mr. ob would not talk politics today. his desire was to console the family that is lost loved ones. nine people dead, nine others injured. we we know of one family that desired not to meet the president. there were two today. >> i've got very strong feelings. when you talk to these families, you're remind ed that this coul happen to your child or your mom or your dad. >> the washington post reported today that obama's considering executive order background checks. it's the kind of thing that
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fuels the protester's distrust of the president. we spoke to the local gun shop owner who told us that sales are up and they don't want more gun control. >> we need strict control. that's a buchblg of bologna. we don't need strict control. we need people that are mentally sick to have some help and to be watched accordingly. >> president obama left oregon to go up to seattle for a fundraiser for senator patty murray. he argued that democrats will follow up these tragedies with remark that is are often more about politics than about real change.
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>> our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflick harm on other people to get his or her hands on a gun. >> what is wrong with us? that we can't stand up to the nra and the gun lobby and the gunman ewe factture that they represent. this is not just tragic. we don't just need to pray for people. we need to act. >> fox news contribut xxs here to talk about what's being proposed. let's start with foxz digital politics editor on the gun control politics. chris, it's a very emotional time right now. emotions are riding high. and we are seeing that play out there in oregon.
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you're looking at them seizing the opportunity to one-up each other with who can do more about gun control. is anybody proposing anything that would have kept the gun out of the hands of that shooter last week? >> well, no. but it is a signal moment that you can turn public attention to it. we should point out that obviously, these people are sincere. they want gun control. they want to limit access to guns. there's not a lot good to talk about these days. but, also, get to the left of her closest competitor, bernie
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sanders and try to box in the administration and joe biden who looks like he's getting ready to run. puts her very much to the left of her opponent, bernie sanders. is this a clear strategy that we're seeing from hillary clinton to move far to the left with more of a libertarian approach to gun control in this country? >> we see hillary clinton. they don't particularly like her. she'll have to placate them she
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flip-flops on this, that and the other thing. and then you see the white house retaliate and come back and say oh, yeah? well, we're thinking about super duper executive action on gun control. and then you wonder why nobody trusts them on this issue. all right, thanks for joining us tonight. >> let's pick up the debate there. the president is leaving out a major point. by all of this proposed legislation, he's leaving out
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psychiatric intervention. they're very perpetrated. but you don't hear that from the left. >> you know, i actually agree with charles on this. background checks alone are not the answer. these are identifiable groups. these are ice late, disturbed young men that is permissible. let's talk about the capacity of some of these large-scale magazines. we don't need 30 rounds to protect ourselves. there are other ways to go at this. >> kateie, the president jumping on it that day. but it's hard to blame them considering emotions are so high for them trying to seize the
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moment that it is motion. >> they solved a problem here because they're proposing things like criminalizing private sales. there is not a single mass shooting that you can point to where the universal background check would have prevented a mass shooting. you have to be able to have results of that. there's no evidence to prove that background checks stopped these mass shootings. that was a very arrogant thing for him to do. >> the brief mention that we
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heard from the president praising the gun laws in australia. without directly saying so, he was referencing australia, what they've done there is they've mandated gun buy backs. >> well, that's a way to read that. a single woman who lives alone in new york city. i fully expect and appreciate the right to protect myself. but if there are steps we can take to make it harder, i just support that and assume that's worth it. tt american people won't stand for that. when it comes to giving credit where credit is due, hillary clinton and the nra who has
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worked with congress in the past to get it and signed into laws. hillary clinton and her gun control advocates have done nothing to get better. >> all right, katie, i want to thank you. police in texas are now speaking out about the teenager we've come to know as the teenager we come to know. see why they are fuming bad. we will show you the newly-released dramatic video. and who was blind the rumor that kevin mccarthy was having an
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breaking tonight, the department of homeland investigation is investigating whether someone may have contributed to a rumor about a house affair between kevin mccarthy and congresswoman renee elmers. >> republican congresswoman is speaking out on these allegations of an extramarital affair between her and house majority leader kevin mccarthy saying in a statement "as someone who has been targeted by completely false accusations and innuendo, i have been moved by the out pouring of support and prayers. now, i will be praying, elmers said, for those who find it acceptable to bare false witness.
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>> notice that the changes appear to be made from someone inside the federal government. however, neither of the two law make rs whether anyone in the secret service which is housed within the department of homeland security played a role in last april's disclosure. that congressman jason had applied to and been rejected by the secret service over a decade ago. he made headlines earlier this week when he announced on fox news that he was challenging in
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the speaker's race. >> news of mccarthy's decision not to speak the house speaker ship surprise. many d.c. insiders who considered him a top contender for the job. >> you want to talk about chaos in the capitol. >> for right now, it doesn't look like anybody can. >> the dogs are running amuck. >> and then, to the surprise of everyone, republicans pull the silverware drawer, put it over their heads and shook it. >> joining me now, the host of media buzz on fnc. they're having some fun with this.
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>> they certainly are popping the champagne corks over at msnbc. and a letter from some donor. it makes it to tv. nobody knows whether these are true. a few years ago, this unsub stan shated trash would never have been reported. at the root of this painting a picture of, you heard the word, chaos coming from the party. from the gop. it does seem like there's a little dancing in the streets.
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kevin mccarthy bowing out of the race. he can't unify the caucus. half the poll is begging. he doesn't want to. nobody know who is the next speaker is going to be. it is a little cay yacht irk. rather than the fact that it is a disputed re-election. they are definitely enjoying this. maybe just a little too much. >> it is different times for the media. and the way we do things reported today, you've watched
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this over time. i mean, how is it different today than it was? there did seem to be a lot of irresponsible reporting, particularly going back to the mccart thi affair and the fact that they're still denying all of these allegations. >> absolutely. it's hard to be a gate keeper. they are not necessarily fans of majority leader kevin mccarthy. instead, it is simply gossip. it is unproven. it pains me that our profession sometimes gets stampeded. it turns out maybe not. but, here, both of these members of congress have to deny it. at this point, it remains gossip.
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>> howie you sat down with a guy right in the middle of all of this. donald trump, you sat down with him today about his covers and his rivals. but we will be watching on media buzz airing sunday at 11:00 eastern. we will all tune in. thank you. while the race for speaker of the house has some media types crying chaos, some say they're miz missing the real story here. and then, when a well-known college commit it had crime of serving mexican food on campus. how dare they. we'll show you how this school decided to handle the complaints. and we'll hear from john stossel. >> the same space is where cultures go to die. >> these people are intimidated. >> you should be fired. you're a disgusting person. ♪
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congressman chaos. >> republicans have no clear idea what happens next. >> the search for the new leader have left republicans on capitol hill scrambling. >> some members were actually in tears. >> while the mainstream media is more than ready as you saw to describe the election for house speaker as "chaos, panic, immaturity and turmoil. >> but there are some folks out there who say this is how demock ra sill works. >> good evening to you, senator. >> thanks for having me, sandra. >> how would you describe more than 24 hours now after
9:26 pm
mccarthy's withdrawal tonight. ? >> i think it reflects d distension out there. they're upset that republican who is have been in leadership haven't really used the power of the purse to fight back against president obama's agenda. i'm with him. i'm for saying we need some people who are really going to stand up to the president. you know, senator. it has been described in washington. >>. >> i'm not sure i would call it chaos. >> the official washington do
9:27 pm
not appear to be controlling the power of the purse. >> well, there are concerns about your senate seat. there are some in your party that are very vocal about that and some that wants to see you spend a little bit more time back in your home state of kentucky. do you have any plans to do so? >> i think we're doing quite well in kentucky. i live there. i think the funny thing about it is this comes from some anonymous source somewhere and then gets reported as news. i'm there all of the time. >> maybe your're referencing this republican strategist. not exactly friendly to you and your presidential campaign,
9:28 pm
saying your presidential dreams need to end. senate republicans can't afford to have a competitive race in kentucky. >> do you have any change in mind as far as your presidential plans are concerned? >> i said i'm kind of tired of anonymous people giving me advice. we're just at a big rally of the liberty movement in the republican party. it's not just being fair. the poll numbers are a little rough. your number haves dropped nearly six points since july.
9:29 pm
it kind of depends on which polls you look at. i think that's our strength. >> eminent domain has been a hot topic with donald trump. he expressed his support of em nent domain and says, "i think eminent domain is wonderful." >> i think it's a wonderful thing. i'll be honest with you. >> your thoughts, senate xx? >> i think most con essentialtives would find it disz qualifying to have someone leave the republican party who, actually, through force, would take away a private property
9:30 pm
through a small property owner and give it to a big corporation like a trump casino. in fact, he's used this model of forcefully taking property against the wishes of the property owner. he's used this model repeatedly to immerse himself. i think they'll be running away in droves. >> i want to get to this book signing. you have signed a book that hillary clinton. >> you have turned around and signed that and posted it. >> it's up to about $8,000. i also gave her a little message saying hillary, your lack of defense in benghazi should preclude you from higher office. love rand. >> senator rand paul, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> the crazy story of the night
9:31 pm
is next as we detail what happened after a couple college students complained that it was insensitive to serve mexican food on campus. plus, new fallout from the story of achmed muhammad wait until you see what police are now sharing with the public. >> the students showed the >> the students showed the device the a t
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. . new fallout tonight in the story of the texas teen who was put in handcuffs and suspended last month after showing up at school with a homemade clock that looked a lot like a homemade bomb.
9:35 pm
police have taken irving and a lot of incoming and now they are pushing back. trace gallagher has this story. trace? >> you know, at the same time that achmed muhammad was getting invited to the white house, the city of irving texas was getting hundreds of threatening e-mails and phone calls. now, police have shared with the kelly file. like one who says those services will be withheld writing, and i'm quoting here, all employees of the school tis trikt and police department are banned from our air kraft. that means that our members will watch your child die, bleeding and convulsing on the love field tarmac. to the irving police chief, one man wrote you and your department are a microcosm for the absolute and unquestionable
9:36 pm
state of incompetency of american police. may dwrour own tenure as ples chief come to an abrupt end. we do not forgive. we do not forget. remember, the school district says there's more to the story, but they can't share without consent from the family. but he and his family are out of the country. >> thanks for the update, trace. all right, we are also tracking con tro ser sill at clemson yumpt. they just held a maximum food event.
9:37 pm
most of the students say they had fun. joining me now to tis cuss this story is fox news contributor. out it will rage on the campus. >> really? >> i'm not even surprised. this is happening everywhere. if there is a taco and a sombreo if the same room, people are going to go crazy. you think a college kid might be there, you better go. it's everywhere around the country. even in england. >> they have a lot of different cultural events where the food
9:38 pm
comes from. they've done this for years. this year is different. why. winers right-hand turn always right. >> so one student tweeted out a picture of the cafe workers which, we, as we were detailed, were wearing sombreos. should we be more sensitive to thoughts like that? maybe this really did insult someone. a sombreo and a taco in the same room. they wore some balloons, you're fine, you're getting a college education. and there's going to be even harder stuff coming for you in the real world. >> could you imagine?
9:39 pm
one senior said he's worried about what's next? what else are they going to take away? >> absolutely. you have to make sure you're wearing plain cloets. maybe you don't talk at all. it's getting crazier and crazier. >> my next guest surely has an opinion on this. >> what you say may get you killed. what? it's only muslims who seem to be doing the killing over speak.
9:40 pm
>> you should be fired. you're a disgusting person. >> we need to disagree. this is what makes america great. >> your reaction to clemson? >> you had a sense of humor about it. but i lost mine. this is the toe tolltarian thought police.
9:41 pm
people having their kids' heads chopped off in the middle east. >> everyone at home is thinking something that happened to them today, where they felt that they really had to not say something because it could offend someone. >> these kids are paying 60, 000 tlars to go to schools. >> the big one is a real threat to our freedom. if we give into this and cnn and nbc and the times will not show the cartoon that led to his shoothing.
9:42 pm
that's letting the material rim win. >> what did you do when you got on the ground and were talking to people about the change that they're seeing in america. >> the creepy part, the more people say i hate spait laws, that's a good thick. instinct says yeah, we should try to band hate steech. it's only through that interaction that we get to belter collusions in countries where you ke say it, the only solution is to burn with the ebs of the internet. so pep people d say things aknowledge mully, the answer coming up at 8:00, all right. watch it. john stossel, thank you. >> thanks. >> when a come shots a suspect, it can quickly become front-page
9:43 pm
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had the u.s. founded a
9:47 pm
retreat on its mission to fight the state in syria? we are now conceding air space to the russians. senior fellow with the london center for policy research. is that a fair question u kol nol? are we in retreat here? >> one could come to that conclusion. so i think what's happening, i think there's some rethinking going on here. and let's be totally blunt here.
9:48 pm
the so-called got rat to fight oechb our bre half, dpleesly insane. what we see here is a clearing of the teches which you will would like to be effective. >> so the president had been challenged many times obama this strategy. and his reluctance to change it. he was challenged by rblt they continue to gain ground and strength. . steve, i've got to tell you. if you're heavily droching in, then we've got a different defer
9:49 pm
in addition. what is has the pent gone leshed why now? >> i'm sorry. vladamir putin can do what the pvlt for this. that's what you do to achieve hill spire sixth i. so what's going to happen here? the thing we must do is prevent the fall of syria. saw what hap fell, became total chaos. so putin recognizes that. the president apparently does not. that's where we're going much we met with the iraqi and we met with the iranian kurds just this past week. we have proxies. we have allies that we could train. we could arm, quo equip. and this was the president failed to recognize and be
9:50 pm
willing to do. >> do you that i we'll ever hear from the president himself that policy has failed and that we need to change course? >> everybody except the president recognizes, sandra, the policy is completely failed. we've been working with members of congress again. we've been meeting with the kurds. the iranian kurds, the most recent. everybody knows. so it's, i think, time that he recognize that he is literally playing checkers in a game of chess. and that chess game right now is dominated by putin. what he's doing, putin is actually helping us w that said, it's going to reach pinlt of diminishing return. i'm sorry, mr. president, putin is doing what you should have done a year ago. >> colonel schafer, thank you. >> whether a cop shoots a suspect. it can quickly become front page news. you have seen anything where a suspect shot a cop and that officer still didn't fire back? we'll have that next. >> i know you shot me. i'm not going to
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to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. developing tonight, dramatic new video clearing four cops involved in a fatal shooting in ohio earlier today. sorry, earlier this year. the recently released video, however, from the body camera of one of the officers captured them being fired upon by a gunman before asking him to drop his weapon and finally returning fire themselves. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom with that story. >> in the wake of the michael brown shooting in ferguson, missouri, there was a national movement pushing for police to wear body cameras so cops to be held accountable. in cleveland, newly released video shows police officers were
9:55 pm
justified in using deadly force against 64-year-old theodore johnson. police responded to johnson threatening to shoot his wife and land lady but watch what happens when they're con fronted by johnson on the stairs. >> oh, god. i've been hit! >> two shots fired, one striking officer david munez in his bullet-proof vest. even after he was shotted, he tries to reason with johnson. watch. >> on the ground. we don't want to kill you. just drop the gun. you don't want to die. >> i do. >> no, you don't want to die. >> that back and forth went on for 90 seconds. police repeatedly pleading for johnson to put down his gun and johnson repeatedly refusing. watch again.
9:56 pm
>> i know you shot me. i'm not going to shoot you. >> i don't care. do what you do, man. >> no. >> no. the county prosecutor says that because the body camera the evidence is indisputable and the officers were left with no choice. the officers in this case will not face any charges. >> unbelievable video. trace, thank you. we'll be right bac at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz.
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a lot of you are weighing in on clemson university kans sen the mexican themed food night. people will worried about the chil tonight's show as well. thanks for watching. >> tonight, newt gingrich says he would consider being speaker of the house again. >> obviously, no citizen, i mean, could ever turn down that kind of challenge. >> he is here tonight with more reaction to the gop leadership shake-up. then new reports say president obama is retreating in syria. while denying he's being shown up by putin. >> who won the week? reaction to the best and worst moments from the 2016 campaign trail. >> the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the


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