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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 10, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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and it's a wonderful journey. >> god bless you. president obama ends a failed program to train syrian rebels. while russia continues to rule the skies over that country. this "special report." good evening, i'm chris wallace in for brett baier. if at first you don't succeed -- quit. that apparently is the obama administration's fillfy when it comes to training syrian rebels. the president is abandoning a half billion dollar program that produced only a handful of fighters. this comes as russia continues to expand its military role in syria. correspondent doug mckelway
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reports from the pentagon. >> more than three weeks after centcom's general made the admission that only four or five rebels have been trained. the administration pulled the plug on the army's training program. >> i wasn't satisfied with the early efforts in that regard and so we're looking at different ways to achieve the basically the same kind of strategic objective. >> a new program to take its place will quote provide equipment packages and weapons to a select group of vetted leaders and their units. >> what they're going to focus on now are efforts that have proven effective in the past. >> critics see it as another sign of administration indecision. that as russian forces escalate their syria presence. while the u.s. launched only two air attacks in the last 24 hours, russia conducted 67 sorties and hit 60 targets, often bombing the very rebels the u.s. is backing. >> it's unconscionable that we will not do anything to protect them. what we should do, we should
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have created the air field right away. we should have set up free zones for the moderates and their families, for their communities, for the refugees, and they would become no bomb zones. >> in his last press conference, president obama defended his cautious approach. >> when i hear people offering up half-baked ideas as if they are solutions, or trying to downplay the challenges involved in this situation -- what i would like to see people ask is -- specifically, precisely -- what exactly would you do here. >> but in a "washington post" op-ed today, former secretary of state condoleezza rice and former defense secretary bob gates piled on with more criticism quote. no fly zones and safe harbors for populations are not half-baked ideas, they worked before and warrant serious consideration. citing the u.s. failed involvement in another civil war, vietnam, one frequent administration critic agrees with the president that putin's
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gambit is risky. >> the last thing you want to be is a third-party player in a civil war. >> in another sign of weakness that goes far beyond syria, the u.s. announced it's withdrawing patriot missiles from turkey. and with the carrier "uss roosevelt" pulling out from the persian gulf, the u.s. will have no carriers in the gulf. the first time in years. house republicans are still trying to figure out what to do about finding a successor to apparently outgoing speaker john boehner. the pros was thrown into chaos yesterday, when the front-runner, majority leader kevin mccarthy suddenly pulled out. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel has the latest from capitol hill. ways and means chairman paul ryan isn't answering that question under intense pressure. his spokesman said ryan appreciates the support from colleagues, but still isn't running for speaker. one candidate for the job says he would step aside if he
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changes his mind. >> if paul ryan gets in the race, i'm a huge fan of paul ryan. i would support paul ryan. i would hope he would do it. he's successantly said he won't. >> others weighing a run for speaker appear willing to give ryan and his family the time and space they need. >> i believe he's going home this weekend to soul-search with his family about whether or not he can in fact accept this job. a job he doesn't want, he isn't seeking, but is seeking him. >> congressman daniel webster and picked up conservative support from the house conservative caucus has refused to say if he'll support the nominee. >> i'm not running against anybody. i'm not running against a personality or a name. i'm running for that set of principles. that says we're going to have a principled base, a member-driven congress. >> the day after majority leader kevin mccarthy stunned colleagues by dropping out of the race. >> we're trying to work together, i know a lot of speculation about who should run and others. paul is looking at it but it's
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his decision. if he decides to do it he would be an amazing speaker. but he's got to decide on his own. >> yet, some don't think ryan is pure enough. including the conservative review, with this headline -- paul ryan is the absolute worst choice for speaker. for now, top house democrats are giving their gop counterparts a chance to figure this out. >> when they choose their nominee for the floor and they elect a speaker, we'll be happy to work in a bipartisan way to find common ground, it's up to them. it's not up to us. >> in this morning's republican conference meeting, sources say retiring speaker john boehner told a colleague it's his hope for the house to elect a new speaker before the end of october. and quote but at the end of the day, that's really up to the people in this room. a florida judge has called for an overhaul of the state's 27 congressional districts. the impact would be according to experts, that it would make it nearly impossible for daniel webster to win re-election. it's been in the works for years, trying to draw fair
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districts, but it's getting a lot more attention now that webster is running for speaker. sunday i'll talk with former speaker newt gingrich and the head of the house freedom caucus, jim jordan about where republicans go from here. that's fox news sunday, please check local listings for times in your area. there's a darker side to what's going on with house republicans involving rumor, insinuation and cut-throat politics. chief washington correspondent james rosen is here tonight with that part of the story. good evening. >> republican congresswoman rene elmers of north carolina is speaking out over allegations of an extra marital affair between her and house majority speeder kevin mccarthy. saying as someone who has been targeted by false accusations i have been moved by the outpouring of support and prayers from my colleagues, constituents and friends, now i will be praying for those who find it acceptable to bear false
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witness. yesterday amid the shock of mccarthy's withdrawal for speaker. wikipedia, edited by the public at large would include these rumors of an affair. which both lawmakers have reporter locklynn marquee of the conservative outlet, the washington free beacon noticed that the changes to the wikipedia pages appear to have been made from a computer located inside the federal government. the computer address was located at the department of homeland security. dhs officials say they've launched an internal investigation with immediate and appropriate disciplinary action awaiting anyone who used government property in such a way. neither of the two lawmakers has been contacted by dhs. the agency's probe follow as separate one launched by the dhs inspector-general examining whether anyone in the secret service housed within the department of homeland security played a role in last april's
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disclosure in a story published in the "daily beast" that congressman jason chaffetz had applied to and been rejected by the secret service. he made headlines this week when he announced on fox news sunday that he was challenging mccarthy in the speaker's race. chris? >> it sounds like something out of "house of cards" james, thank you. now to the presidential race as hillary clinton continues to try to fend off the flurry of political blows over her email scandal. chief white house correspondent ed henry tells us the harsh reality is things will probably get worse before they get better. the next two and a half weeks may be the most critical juncture for hillary clinton to reboot her struggling presidential campaign. >> these are opportunities for her. she will do well or she will blow them. >> next week clinton will be in las vegas to face a political debate for the first time in seven years. as the party's five current candidates for president take the stage for the first time. >> three days later, her close
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aide goes behind closed doors for testimony before the house select committee on benghazi. setting the stage for clinton's dramatic october 22nd public testimony before republican trey gowdy's panel. two days later clinton has to come up big at one of the most important cattle calls of the race. the jefferson jackson dinner iowa. before october ends, with yet another batch of official clinton email being released by the state department. the drip drip of email continued as gowdy release another one, including a message to clinton where sidney blumenthal sent her the name of a person who provided c.i.a. intelligence information on the ground in libya. gowdy noted in a letter, armed with that information, secretary clinton forwarded the email to a colleague, debunking her claim that she never sent any classified information from her private email address. as for the jefferson jackson dinner in iowa, back in 2007, it became a pivotal moment on the road to clinton finishing third
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in the caucuses. >> change, change is just a word if you don't have the strength and experience to make it happen. >> then senator barack obama barack obama put his finger on a problem that's still plaguing clinton eight years later. >> telling the american people what we think they want to hear. instead of telling the american people what they need to hear just won't do. >> this week, clinton flip-flopped on another issue. opposing the trans-pacific partnership. risking a fracture of the obama coalition. >> i really appreciate that. >> one reason she today went behind closed doors, with black lives matter activists. unless the african-american vote go into the waiting arms of vice president joe biden. >> some of biden's advisers huddled and a source said biden is lining up staff just in case.
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up next, republican presidential candidates in trouble. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles where bill cosby is scheduled to give a deposition in a lawsuit finaled by a woman who claims cosby sexually assaulted her at the "playboy" mansion when she was just 15. cosby's attorneys have denied wrongdoing by the comedian. he is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting almost 50 women across the country. he has never been charged with a crime. fox carolina in greenville, authorities discover what they call a mobile abortion clinic during an annual traffic stop called operation rolling thunder. official says they also confiscated more than 30 pounds of marijuana, dozens of pills and nearly 600 grams of cocaine. and this is a live look at san francisco from fox 2, a heartwarming story there tonight. a police officer about to pay for his fast food order is told that a child in the car ahead of
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him, had already taken care of the bill. police posted the story and photo on their facebook page saying logan, whoever and wherever you are, the hungry officer and the whole department thanks you. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway for the special report. ♪music [girls laughing, school bell ringing] [group of girls talking] hi hi ♪shine, come on and let it shine♪ ♪knock me out make me feel alive♪ hi
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we are still 13 months from the presidential election. but to borrow a phrase from yogi berra, it is getting late early for some of the republican candidates. chief political correspondent carl cameron in new hampshire tonight with the back of the pack. >> new hampshire's first primary is exactly four months from now. and some candidates are in serious trouble. lindsey graham is cash-poor and impoverished in the polls. >> if i can do enough weddings, bar mitzvahs, if you're in new
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hampshire and want to see lindsey, give me a call. by the end of the year i'll have money to spend. >> graham is at odds with rand paul on several issues. for both, new hampshire is do or die. paul has dropped in the polls, too. he raised $2.5 in the last three months and sought at a liberty convention to shore up libertarian-leaning conservatives against ted cruz's courtship. >> i think we're both conservative, and but the liberty wing of the party i think is going to be with me. we have a ground game that probably that equal or exceeds anybody in the race. anybody who wants to discount us, does it at their own peril. >> at convention, paul and cruz backers accuse one another of trying to stuff the straw poll ballot box. >> there's power in this movement. >> cruz has appealed to paul voters, along with members of the republican liberty caucus or rlc for years. starting with this senate campaign. >> in texas i was honored to have the endorsement of the rlc,
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to have ron paul's endorsement to have rand paul's endorsement. to have the support of the liberty movement. >> cruz banked double marco rubio's $6 million raised. jeb bush is expected to rake in more than cruz but less than carson. carson at the national press club defended his earlier research of second amendment rights that hitler -- >> when tyranny occurs, traditionally around the world, they try to disarm the people first. and that's exactly you know, what happened in germany. >> ben carson is a leading contender in the polls there are others who are teetering on the brink. including former governors, jim gilmore of virginia and george pataki of new york. folks like that need to get something going and get a big boost soon. or it's hard to see how they'll make it to the primary. >> carl cameron reporting from new hampshire, thanks.
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stocks were up today, the dow gained 34, the s&p 500 finished ahead 1.5, the nasdaq picked up 20 for the week the dow was up 3.75 percentage points. the s&p 500 gained 3.25. nasdaq was up about 2.5. the house has passed a bill to lift a 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports. president obama is threatening a veto. critics say the measure is unnecessary and would mainly benefit big oil companies. supporters say ending the objects leet restrictions would lower gas prices, create jobs and boost the economy. federal investigators say a fiery oil train derailment in west virginia last february was preventible. the train was carrying three million gallons of crude when some cars went off the tracks. 20 cars leaked crude oil. investigators blame an expanded crack in the rail.
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saying the problem was missed in inspections. still ahead, the european refugee crisis, through the eyes of people living in an historic city in the island of sicily. bullets fly at two more colleges, president obama talks to relatives of school shooting victims in oregon.
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president obama is in oregon this evening. he has finished a private meeting with people whose lives were changed by last week's shootings at a community college in roseburg. two more incidents involving other schools keep the spotlight firmly on the issue of gun violence. correspondent kevin corke reports tonight from the white house. >> on a day when college campuses in arizona and texas
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were rocked by gun violence, president obama today arrived in oregon to meet privately with victims' families and survivors of the mass shooting at umpqua community college in roseburg. the visit met with solemn solidarity by some. but for others -- >> i'd like to see him just go home. >> a recalcitrant rejection, many residents in this state known for its love of the outdoors and fierce independence accuse the president of the using the rampage to justify a political push for gun control. >> i've got very strong feelings about this and we're going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place. >> the president said this just hours after the shooting. >> this is something we should politicize, it's relevant to our common life together. to the body politic. >> that statement drew the ire of stacy boyland, whose daughter was shot in the back by the gunman and survived. >> i'm in disagreement with his
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policies on gun control. and therefore we will not be attending the visit. >> the white house says today's visit is not political. but it comes amid reports that the president, frustrated by congressional inaction, is considering new federal gun restrictions through executive action. the white house wants to impose background checks on those who buy guns from dealers who even make occasional sales, including sales and exchange for personal collections or hobbies and those who sell over a certain number of guns would be required to obtain a license from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms and explosives. and perform background checks on potential buyers. if enacted. the pro posal may no have an effect on the kind of violence that happened in roseburg, oregon already has universal background checks for all gun purchases, even private sales. the nra called the president's idea misguided. saying in a statement quote if the obama administration put half as much effort into prosecuting criminals, as they did attempting to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to
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exercise their constitutional rights, we'd all be safer. >> and keep this in mind, chris if there were such a thing as an executive order that the white house was able to finally enact on more gun restrictions, if the atf that would have to ultimately enforce it. this as that agency continues to operate without a permanent chief you probably have heard about tom brandon. he's been acting chief. and that term is set to run out on october 27th. and the white house simply won't nominate him for a permanent posi a bruising possible battle on capitol hill. chris? >> kevin corke reporting tonight. kevin, that. a city without gun stores and with some of the worst gun violence in the country is chicago. tonight correspondent mike tobin looks at what's happening in the windy city. which is likely blowing away the previous chicago record for shootings. >> calling chicago a war zone, members of the city council's black caucus, say a typical weekend in the troubled
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neighborhoods, rivals the carnage in oregon. drug-fuelled gang violence has resulted in 2400 shootings this year. september showed a 50% increase in gunshots from the previous year. with innocents caught in the crossfire. black aldermen are calling for the police superintendent to be fired. >> your apologies are filling my ward and they are failing the city of chicago. they are failing our children as we bury them. >> should i go down with my own gun? >> you haven't listened to what we have to say to change the quality of life in our community. >> the "chicago tribune" have opined that the superintendent is an easy mark. aldermen should be leading in the neighborhoods, encouraging residents to share information with police. >> people leaders in their community cannot shed responsibility. they're co-equal responsible right along with the police chief. >> the superintendant blames laws for second party or straw purchases of guns and flexible
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sentences. he attempts to put the burden on the state legislature. >> let's get on a bus and go to springfield. let's go to springfield. >> reverend jesse jackson is calling on the federal government for a national dialogue. >> we've got bullet makers protected by lobbyists and laws. so is the gun distributor. those unprotected are the people. we need a white house conference on gun violence in the country. >> the call for more police on the street can't be met because the city is broke. unable to pay its pension obligations, unable to lift the city's bond rating out of junk status, unable to pay for more police overtime. about the only thing mayor rahm emanual has been able to do is propose a record-breaking property tax increase. chris? >> mike tobin reporting from chicago, thank you. what happens when hardened criminals rumble with ivy-league undergrads? you'll be surprised, next on the grapevine. yes, we are twins.
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now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. the pile of cash that the federal government shells out improperly is staggering. the government accountability office reports waste for 2014 was $125 billion. that's a $20 billion jump from
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the year before. three-quarters of the error were for medicaid, medicare and earned income tax payments. government waste is not new. this is gao's traffic of improper payments since 2003. it was $35 billion. in 2009, the total topped $100 billion. add it all up since 2003, and the government has wasted almost $1 trillion of your money. moving from waste to fraud, a massachusetts woman is pleading guilty to a $3.5 million food stamp rip-off. from 2010-2014, convenience store owner vida causy bought snap benefits from customers in half price in cash. charged the government for the full amount. snap benefits are only supposed to be exchanged for food. finally an upset for the ages, three harvard undergraduates were beaten in a debate by three violent criminals in eastern new york
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correctional facility. the inmates are part of the bard prison initiative which offers inmates an opportunity to earn a college degree while serving their sentences. "the wall street journal" reports the harvard debaters accepted their defeat gracefully saying they were impressed by their opponents' preparation and unexpected line of argument. hungary's president says while the humanitarian aspects of the european refugee crisis are important, concerns about human trafficking and national security must also be addressed. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg reports tonight from italy. and how the huge influx of migrants is affecting life there. >> hundreds of thousands of migrants have come through sicily in the last few years. locals have mixed feelings about this invasion of newcomers. the mayor of catania believes they are here to work. >> they're not criminals, criminals don't travel on inflatable boats or ships, no do terrorists.
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terrorist organizations don't send their guys on boats, they have other ways to get to us. >> but countries like italy with a 50% youth unemployment rate are swamped. italy transferred its first group of people to sweden under the eu program to distribute asylum-seekers. they keep coming. >> we're used to hearing stories of the horrors experienced by these people at sea. increasingly we're hearing tales misery suffered on land first at the hands of kidnappers and criminal gangs right across the sahara and in libya. >> libya is where they set sail. most of italy's recent migrants come from africa, a large proportion from eritrea, like this young man who didn't want to be identified as he had fled the repressive regime's never-ending military conscription. we hear stories of rape and girls offered trips to italy to study when instead they are delivered right into sex slavery. >> waiting for them to put them
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on the street. >> italian volunteers have come out in large numbers to help these people get on their feet. in places like this volunteer shelter in rome. >> i think of our immigrants, it lance, who went to america without anything. who were also poor. therefore, now we should do something for these people, as people did things for us. >> this spirit will be put to the test in decades to come. for we're told this is not an emergency, but the new reality in europe. in sicily, amy kellogg, fox news. more violence today between israeli forces and palestinian protesters, six demonstrators were killed as confrontation spread to gaza, where palestinians threw rocks at israeli troops. recent days have seen a string of attacks by palestinians against israeli soldiers and civilians. palestinians are upset over sensitive jerusalem holy site controlled by israel. it's back to the drawing board for president obama and training syrian forces to take on isis, we'll get reaction from
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the panel, when we come back.
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i wasn't satisfied with the early efforts in that regard. and so we're looking at different ways to achieve the basically the same kind of strategic objective. >> defense secretary ashton carter announcing the administration is giving up on its program to train an army of syrian rebels to take on isis. time to bring in our panel, jonah goldberg from the "national review" charles lane of the "washington post" and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. big changes in the administration's syrian policy today. instead of the pentagon trying to train the syrian army which turned out to be a total failure, they announce that they're going to be giving arms and air support to existing groups of arabs and kurds who want to take on isis.
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the question, jonah is, yes, it's a change, but will it work any bet centre. >> i have no reason to believe, i have no reason to have any confidence that it will. it seems to me that this is probably just another version of what we've seen so far. which is a manifestation of obama's policy of strategic patience, which is to do as little as possible until syria becomes another president's problem. >> what do you make of the fact that they now gave up on this idea of training the army, $500 million program. take them into turkey and train them up one by one. >> it's a tacit, almost open admission of failure. each one of the soldiers that we trained cost us at a premium of i think 90 times with the $6 million man cost. and at the end of the day, this idea of pulling back into turkey and just training these guys, to be able to call on air strikes
1:41 am
to the melt person i talked to today is a way to just simply take yourself out of the fight and make america irrelevant in this and what's happening is russia is helping isis by taking out the moderate syrian rebels who are standing between them and aleppo and forcing the world to take a choice between assad and isis, that choice, people are going to pick assad. >> chuck, when you look at the change, giving up on the idea of training up your own rebel army and also look at the reaction or lack of reaction to russia's enhanced presence, growing presence in the area. does this administration have a strategy? >> it's worth remembering that the president, the policy he's giving up on today is a policy he never believed in very much to begin with. it's kind of something he disparaged, forced on him as an alternative to something even more aggressive against assad. a long time ago. no, they don't have a strategy. what they have is a kind of a
1:42 am
wish, which is, we wish assad weren't there and we wish isis would go away. but the only, you know, you can tell that there's no strategy by comparison to what putin is doing. now that's a strategy, he says i've got one objective which is keep assad in there, come hell or high water. not only that, i'm going to put in real heavy assets and i'm going to cooperate with iran and cooperate with iraq and as jonah said, i'm going to present the world with an either/or choice between isis and assad. that's a strategy. and i'm really worried it's going to work. >> it was a brutal op-ed piece today in the "washington post." written interestingly enough by condi rice, george w. bush's secretary of state and former bush and obama defense secretary bob gates about syria. here are some of the highlights, putin's move into syria is old-fashioned, great-power politics, he, putin see as
1:43 am
vacuum created by our hesitancy to fully engage in places such as libya and stay the course in iraq. no fly zones and safe harbors are not half-baked ideas. >> it doesn't get much more ofls obvious that gates and rice, throwing president obama's words right back at him. >> in a way that's utterly mocking. the sentence you read about putin's move is old-fashioned, great power politics. is followed by a parenthetical that says, which still exists in the 21st century. that is to mock a president who believes that when the calendar the abolition of 5,000 years of power politics. and as he said at the u.n. the control of territory no longer is a measure of power in this century this is a man truly living in a make-believe world
1:44 am
and they wanted to emphasize that. the fact that one of those who wrote this, as you say, it served obama himself as defense secretary for more than one term. is absolutely devastating. when they talk about the vacuum created, obama doesn't recognize the entire idea of vacuum. people that bad guys or geopolitical adversaries like the russians and the iranians will come in and have come in as a result of the evacuation. by obama of iraq and essentially as you said, giving up on syria entirely. there's been no syria policy. at most when obama began the bombing campaign, the objective, even though he pretended it was to destroy isis, was to hold the line in iraq so baghdad wouldn't fall. and it's iran that's going to insure that. not the united states. and to do nothing in syria. which is what is going on now. here's the tragedy. i think that condi and bob gates are correct that we should and
1:45 am
could be doing a no fly zone and protect a zone as we did the kurds in iraq for a decade when saddam was in power. the problem is, because obama has delayed on everything, it could be too late. the russians now control syrian air space. american pilots are instructed to retire if they encounter the russians, the russians don't have the same orders. so we cannot establish that kind of zone. because we will have to engage the russians and obama will never do that. >> chuck, briefly are you surprised that bob gates, obama's first defense secretary works turn on him this way? >> not at all. because we know there was an internal debate over this in the first term. it's worse than charles said about constructing these alternative policies. people in the region see this as the abandonment of the u.s. by yet another ally, the c.i.a.-backed rebels. even if you wanted to go in and do these safe zones and so forth, it's not clear people would trust you to follow
1:46 am
through. >> we have to take a break, next up, the friday lightning round.
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are you running for speaker? >> trying to work together. i know a lot of speculation about who should run and others. paul is looking at it, but it's his decision. >> if paul ryan got into the race, of course i'd support him. >> a taste of the action on capitol hill today as house republicans scramble to find someone, anyone to lead them as speaker. and we're back now with the panel for our "friday lightning round." house republicans met this morning, then left for the weekend without a new speaker and with paul ryan, who just walked right past the cameras, indicating he's still not interested. so, jonah, where are we? >> i think two things are happening. one, there's a strong argument building for some sort of interim or caretaker, maybe someone who's going to be retiring that would ride out the speakership until 2017 and let all the parties cool. the other thing is, is a lot of people are saying that paul ryan is moving towards saying yes, which would head that off immediately. >> paul ryan would be crazy to say yes because he would be volunteering to be the next
1:51 am
hostage as speaker of the house. the only way it makes sense for paul ryan to say yes is if he could somehow get all of these disrupters to sign on the dotted line to a bunch of conditions, which they won't. but it would be a very noble, high-minded, party-oriented, nation-oriented thing for him to say yes anyway. and so, he might still do it. but it would be a huge risk for him. >> charles? >> i think it would be a disaster for him personally. it'd be good for the party. and i think as a result, the person who's going to have the last laugh is going to be john boehner. he's the only republican who's not crying right now because he basically said, you want this, guys? throws it in their face. and i think it's likely that they're going to have to beg him to stay on as a caretaker, at least through 2016. >> president obama traveled to roseburg, oregon, today to meet with the victims and the families from that terrible shooting at the community college. and this comes as the president is reportedly considering still more executive action, this time
1:52 am
to expand background checks. jonah, starting with you, what do you think of the president's trip to oregon, which was controversial? there were protesters there and a possible executive change on gun control. >> well, i mean, he's admitted he's politicizing the issue, and he's politicizing the issue. i think if he actually does unilateral action on gun control, almost any form that he takes, it will bypass this congress. it is a huge gift to the nra, which will raise tens of millions of dollars off of it. >> there's a difference between this idea of executive action and the one he did before on immigration. that one, he was giving a benefit to certain people. this one, he would be denying something to certain people, which means there would be a plaintiff for a court case. and it's not clear under those circumstances, given the recent supreme court decisions whether it would stand up in court. >> so, you say there would be a plaintiff because someone would have suffered damages. >> somebody wouldn't get this gun because of this exercise of executive authority. >> what do you think of this going out there? it's a very pro gun state.
1:53 am
>> it was interesting that he did not say anything about his proposals for gun control very specifically. he kept it low key. he talked about the families and so forth, and i think that was obviously in deference to the state of public opinion out there in the west. >> charles? >> it's not a lot of deference when you announce from the pulpit of the white house immediately that you are going to politicize the issue, and then you go and visit the grieving parents. there's something of a contradiction in that, and i think that's why you had so much anger from the people who live in that community. as for the law that he's going to unilaterally change, or he's thinking of doing that. that wouldn't surprise us, he does it all the time. it would have zero effect on these shootings, and it will probably engender a court case. >> briefly, though, wouldn't he have been criticized if he hadn't gone to oregon? >> look, there are a lot of victims' families that he has not gone to. kate steinle is one, and there's a whole list of others. he chooses who he cares about and he goes and talks to politically. so, i think this is not new.
1:54 am
>> winners and losers of the week, jonah, starting with you. >> winner of the week, for reasons charles suggested, is john boehner, because he gets to say, ha ha, look at this crappy job that you said i was so bad at. no one else wants it. and the loser of the week for similar reasons is john boehner, because he's stuck with this job he can't get rid of. >> i must say, the producers look at that picture they gave of the loser of the week. poor john boehner, crying. it's not hard to find those pictures. chuck? >> well, i made my loser of the week, kevin mccarthy, for obvious reasons, although i'm sort of rethinking it, now that jonah made that point. my winner of the week based on our discussion of syria is vladimir putin, who once again has stolen a march on the united states, in particular in the west in general and is now exercising tremendous influence over a region of the world where russia had been driven out only a few years back. >> charles? >> my loser is john kerry, because he didn't win the nobel
1:55 am
peace prize. imagine what that means. this is a committee that over the generations has awarded some of the worst, silliest and most appalling prizes ever. one to arafat, among others. even a committee as naive as this is denying the honor to kerry. it tells you how even those norwegians believe that the iran deal is useless and self-diluted. that's quite a blow. the winner of the week is the house freedom caucus, known to some as the suicide caucus, but i'm not going to judge on this one. they slew the king. that's john boehner. and then they beheaded kevin mccarthy. but now having won all that, they have a problem. what do you do now? >> and what do they do now? >> i have no idea, but they have -- they don't have a lot of choices. you can kill one king and two, but at a certain point, you're
1:56 am
going to have to agree. then you can sabotage him when the vote goes to the full house. >> that's it for the panel, but stay tuned to see how
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1:59 am
finally tonight, donald trump likes to brag he only needs three or four hours of sleep a night. but during a recent interview on "60 minutes," well, it looks like he could use a little more shuteye. >> what's your tax plan? >> a substantial reduction for the middle-income people. >> who are you going to raise taxes on? [ snoring ] [ laughter ] >> i don't like lies. >> donald, wake up! and that's the report for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. join me for "fox news sunday." we'll discuss the turmoil among house republicans with former speaker newt gingrich and the head of the house freedom caucus, congressman jim jordan.
2:00 am
that's this "fox news sunday." we leave you now with a white house turned pink tonight in recognition of national breast cancer month. "on the record with greta van sust tonight's show as well. thanks for watching. >> tonight, newt gingrich says he would consider being speaker of the house again. >> obviously, no citizen, i mean, could ever turn down that kind of challenge. >> he is here tonight with more reaction to the gop leadership shake-up. then new reports say president obama is retreating in syria. while denying he's being shown up by putin. >> who won the week? reaction to the best and worst moments from the 2016 campaign trail. >> the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with the


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