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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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move? we'll ask casey mcfarland coming up. explosions just seconds apart rip through what was a peace rally in turkey. there are dozens of people dead, nearly 200 injured. and now the search is on for who is independent will the blast. and the moment sheriff's deputies in texas opened the doors of an 18 wheeler and found its desperate human cargo sweltering inside. we have been looking now for several weeks at ways to improve that program. i wasn't satisfied with the early efforts in that regard. and so we're looking at different ways to achieve the basically the same kind of strategic objective which is the right one which is to enable
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capable motivated forces on the ground for retake territory from isil. >> that was defense secretary ash carter announcing that the obama administration is scrapping the program to train moderate insurgents this syria. that plan has proven to be a major failure producing only a handful of capable fighters. this as vladimir putin ramps up russia's military offensive mostly aimed at shoring up assad. joining us now, casey mcfarland. your reaction this week and also your reaction to critics who say the administration is being caught flat footed. >> despite the administration saying this is all their idea, that they snookered vladimir putin into the middle east, forget it. it's not a quagquagmire. in one week, the united states lost the middle east because on monday of the u.n. week, obama
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said everything is great, assad has to stay. has on go. vladimir putin said no, assad will stay. next day putin announced a coalition of russia iraq, syria. the next day, get out of sear gentleman because the bombers are going to start in an hour. by the end the week, united states is no longer a player in the middle east. >> so what happens now sha? because russia is looking at what critics say is a vacuum that we created. they're looking at egypt and obviously libya and saying look at these weaknesses. and now it's in real life we're watching the weakness come to fruition where we're seeing someone else capitalize on it. so what does the u.s. do? >> let me tell you whu whyou wh will do first. he wants to show everybody in the region i'm guy to trust.
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don't rely on the americans, they can't support you, they don't keep their word. rely on me, i'm keeping assad in power. the other thing he's trying to do, if i'm going to pick your pocket, i won't show you the pocket. i'll have you look over there. i think vladimir putin is about to do something in nato, in middle of europe. i think elbow potentially back up stuff in eastern ukraine, i think key potentially threaten the nato allies in the baltics. i think the accidental overflights over turkey are not an accident. but i think ultimately this is an oil play. putin's economy is in trouble because of sanctions and in trouble because of low oil prices. he can't do much about the sanctions. he might be able to do something about the oil prices if it's an alliance between russia, iran, iraq, they could squeeze saudi arabia, they could potentially drive the price of oil up. >> so the sanctions which came
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as a result of the annexation of crimea, will there be more sanctions? >> there should be. when you say what we could do, we do increase sanctions on russia. >> more activity this turkey? >> shore up the nato allies in the northern part of nato, shore up turkey. go to the allies in the region. jordan, israel, saudi arabia. for example, last week the egyptian prime minister spoke at the united nations and guess what, the american delegation was not there. they boycotted our israeli allies speech to the united nations general assembly. that sends all the wrong messages. ultimately putin will rise or fall in the middle east not because of what we do, but because of what he does. and by eliminating the opposition and the moderate syrians, the american ally, he will come to us and say you have a choice, you want isis or do you want assad. assad will look a whole lot
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better than isis. >> especially now because we even see isis gaining more of these cities because they were taken out by -- or they have been vacated and now we see isis moving in and they're getting more and more of a presence. but wong one thing you had said, we're not necessarily acting on the offense and we're not being proactive in syria by all means. and now we can't even have a no-fly zone about a because we tip toe around russian mill area aircraft. >> the whole idea of leading from behind has had predictable results. we're not leading anywhere. so what happens nest in the middle ea middle east is a whole lot more to do with putin than obama. the fighting will in-continue a
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the refugee stream continues. >> when it says we're working with kurdish fighter, what does that mean? >> we're not arming the kurds. i talked to general jay garner who was in kurdistan last week. he said we're not arming the kurds. we're sending weapons to iraq and hope that iraq passes them on on the kurds. but iraq is not doing that. >> casey mcfarland, we could talk to you all hour. thank you very much. thank you for your expertise. leland. nato ally turkey is reeling after twin bomb blasts exploded during a peace rally today. as you can imagine from the video, dozens of people were killed, another 200 injured.
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ben hall is following the story from london with more. ben, any claims of responsibility so far? >> reporter: none whatsoever. and today those calls for peace were extinguished by those explosions. the death toll continues to rise. death and chaos ensued as incidence were thought to be killed immediately. this was aimed at a peace rally which sought to bring together an alliance that now seems all but gone. the u.s. was backing both the kurds and durings in the fight against isis, but the turks are bombing kurdish separatists in the quagmire that is middle eastern affairs. nobody has claimed responsibility, but both sides already blaming each other dealing yet another blow to unity and ultimately to u.s. policy in the region. and around 10:00 a.m. local, two
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suicide bombers walked into the middle of the peace rally in the turkish capital of istanbul and detonated their vests leaving 86 dead and at least 190 wounded. the tactic seemed to suggest that radical extremists seeking to cdisrupt the local peace process. all sides are blaming each other. the peace process between the turkish government and the kurds has all but collapsed in recent months. leaving the country in turmoil. and the turks waging all out war against the kurds and this makes the u.s. job of dealing with isis, assad and russia a lot harder. >> ben hall following it from london. thanks, ben. as south carolina begins the long work of rebuilding after devastating floods, there is
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more rain in the forecast. national weather service says that this time only about 1 inch will fall, but that is little comfort to residents dealing with the aftermath of a once in a millennium storm. william has the latest. >> you know, at this point in time you've got two problems in south carolina. number one, you have all that rain that came down last week, they have gathered inland in the higher elevations. that continues to make its way to the atlantic. secondly, just when officials thought all of the rivers had crested, more rain today. up to 2 inches. several counties remain under a flash flood watch. 100 or more residents were rescued on friday. dozens of crews remain in a rescue mode. and enough to stop the residents from getting back into their homes for begto begin cleaning . >> we've lost everything. since monday night, we slept in
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the car the first night and then we stayed in the trailer. it started flooding. so we had to leave there. so we were homeless again. >> 19 dead, thousands evacuated as waters got as high as street lights. it will that days maybe up to a week before rivers fall below flood stage. deputies warned people to stay out of the heavily damaged neighborhoods. take me made means streets as well as by boats. 20 tams have already failed, 129 more are being monitored. so afar the public water system remains safe. >> we have no issues with any pipelines or airports. we have no issues with the ports. so give the good news out with the other news because that's something that we can all have a sigh of relief on.
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>> some numbers, 500 residents are living in shelter, over 500,000 meals have been served. 30,000 people have applied for financial help. eight states have sent in help with the recovery including 4,000 national guard. dry weather begins on sunday. thousand people can rebuild and hopefully begin the cleanup. back to you. >> william being thank you so much. later in the show, we'll talk to a police officer who had to evacuate his home after the massive flooding. we'll find out how he and his growing family are doing now. husband we will hear from one church offering more than just prayers for those who are in need. the american herowe will he church offering more than just prayers for those who are in need. the american hero who helped stop a terrorist attack to a paris bound train is recovering after a knife attack. he's awake and in good spirits. he was upgraded from serious to fair condition.
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he was stabbed outside a bar in sacramento several days ago. police are still sorting through conflicting accounts of what happened during that fight. and so far despite this s surveillance video of the incident, no arrests have been made. 2016 presidential holefuls are out and about this columbus day weekend. donald trump took his stump speech to georgia today. before his remarks he met with vef vevangelical ministers and e sat down with howard kurtz for a wide ranging interview. >> so is being a middle class guy trying to raise his kids as opposed to having your nim on a building a disqualification? >> no, it's not. marco has had tremendous problems with his credit card.
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he is weak on immigration. as far as he's concerned, the gang of eight was a disaster. >> he's not in your league is this. >> no, i'm saying he has not handled his financial affairs very well. >> you can see the entire interview on immediate are a buzz which airs at 11:00 a.m. sunday. you won't want to miss that.arez which airs at 11:00 a.m. sunday. you won't want to miss that. marco rubio's campaign has taken him out west to boulder city, nevada today. he's addressing a rally there at the elks lodge. and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is in boulder, colorado for a rally there. police in moore, texas got a big surprise when they checked the cargo of an 18 wheeler at a local truck stop. they discovered 39 illegal immigrants packed inside and clamoring to get out. police say 5911 call alerted them to the truck earlier this
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week a federal grand jury indicted drew potter of north texas with in connection with t smuggling scene. north korean leader kim jong-un has put on a display of military might and is delivering a message to what he calls american imperialists. plus isis has filled it ranks with foreigners and there is now a call to fight that is zipping across thousands of miles. so how exactly do we fight online recruitment? former assistant fik direbi dirs here to tell us. and congress is going on a week long recess, giving paul ryan time to think about will he or won't he take on the job for speaker of the house and what a does it mean for the 016 election. our fair and balanced panel is coming up.
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the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. kim jong-un oversaw a celebration. you can see him smiling and waving as soldiers march in the parade showing off the country's
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weaponry and growing fleet. he gave a rare speefch saying hs army is ready to respond to any threat. 218, that's the number of votes any candidate for speaker needs to take the house's top spot. all eyes this weekend are on congressman paul ryan as the calls for him to run continue and he says thanks but no thanks. our political panel is here. mark levine, ford o'connell. gentlemen, appreciate both of you being here. ford, first to you.
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boehner resigns in the middle of his term. that hasn't happened in a while. mccarthy says thanks but no thanks. there is a call for paul ryan to run. he says no. why does anyone want the third most important job in the united states government? >> because it's a terrible job. you have to fund raise and be a mainstream needimmediate media-will-let me say this, this is not armageddon as much as the democrats want to make it out to be. >> in look, paul ryan, i think s too smart for the job. i still think so. i don't know. he may he said up falling on the sword. but this is the poisoned ring. this is the ring of power, one way ticket out of politics. paul ryan wants to run for president some day. >> he needs to take a cue from
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the pope, lock them all in a room. >> john boehner needs to stay around for a while. >> he might have to stay around because he wants to go golfing on marco island. not going to happen right now. if we don't come to a consensus, john boehner will be around at least until january because different votes will come up between now and then. >> and there is another the option in terms of could you have an elected speaker and we have a list of the possible guys who could run into could have an elected speaker and we have a list of the possible guys who could run into it. there is another option of the so-called secret list. do we get to that point? republicans let it get there? >> no, absolutely not. i don't think it will come to that because boehner knows that he's not going to let an election stand because nancy pelosi will open her bag of tricks. and the problem here is as much as conservatives don't like bay
11:22 am
they a boehner, they understand that they will have to -- >> how could the freedom caucus control so much? >> the tail should not wag the dog. these 40 people want go. to fail. it's a lot easier to tear it down than to build it up. they don't believe in government. >> i am sympathetic to them. they're tired of lawless president. but they have to understand that if you knock off the king, you have to have plan b. their problem isn't policy, it's tactics. >> it's one thing that the american people really are not that fond of. take a look at the latest approval numbers for congress. 14% of americans, that's it. >> that's it? >> yes, that high. 2% are unsure. i'd like to talk to one of them. but we'll leave it for another day. the question is, though, at some levels from a republican is an point looking towards 2016, you
11:23 am
have so much dysfunction right now going on. how do you then come out of 2016 and go, oh, by the way, we'd like another chance at this. >> basically holding the house down and pushing the votes through. that's how you do it. because most people don't even know -- >> will the freedom caucus allow that to happen? >> they have to if boehner stays on. >> you will need democrats. >> he understands the 2016 election is on the horizon and they can't get what they want without a republican president in the white house. so that's the bottom line. >> they can't get what they want. but you have to lethal about this -- >> i don't want to see government fail. we need to extend the debt limit. we don't want the economy to collapse. we're afraid you're letting the tail wag the dog. >> you have 188 votes. you can extend the debt limit. >> we need a speaker that works
11:24 am
with democrats and republicans. john boehner can do it. he needs to stick around for a while. i know he was singing the day he wanted to get out, but -- >> they will decide to take someone else just because much what you said. >> paul ryan i think may end up with the job. >> i agree with you. he's most likely. >> but if he ends up with the job, he can't possibly satisfy both wings of your party. it is political suicide. >> i disagree because if you listen to some, it is possible. he will have to come up with tedious -- >> will they let the government function? i don't think so. >> we'll find out. >> what is more important here for the republicans, to pick any speaker or to pick a speaker who is going to be able to quote/unquote herd the cats and control the freedom caucus? is it controllable? >> here's what i think. you need to pick a speaker who will put it forward in terms of laying the foundation for 2016.
11:25 am
they need to understand they neat to get their policy ducks in a row now because if we win the white house in 2016, they can do what they want to do. >> i think there are three parties in the house right the now. republicans, democrats and the freedom caucus. at the end of the day the two largest parties need to join together, they represent 90% of america. they want to get stuff done. and those 40 need to go off by themselves. >> so we may have a solution here as we look at this graphic here one more time. any chance that will happen for us? 395. >> absolutely. you can get it done. it's not that hard. >> any chance the republicans are willing to come together and kick the freedom caucus out? >> by having john boehner stay there, that's exactly what will happen. that's the point. that's why you want to hold that election. if daniel webster who is a political patsy for the freedom
11:26 am
you can cuss gaucus, we have shn central. >> it won't happen. >> john boehner is the smartest guy and i can't believe i'm saying that. >> you could wonder if the freedom caucus is saying the devil we know is better than the devil we don't. >> but you saw that earlier. when you tried to pin him down, he was quivering because he recognized it could get a heck of a lot worse. >> we'll see if it does. gentlemen, appreciate your insights. if we did this on capitol hill, i think we might be get something solved. you don't have to be a member of the house to be a speaker. still to come, record breaking heat hits southern californiain. we'll find out if any relief from this heat is on the way coming up next. plus, the home grown terror threat. the islamic state is doubling
11:27 am
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. the heat is on in california. triple digit temperatures are being reported in several cities as a heat wave is making life miserable all across the state and the demand for electricity has spiked as people of course
11:32 am
have had to turn on their air conditioners and that is causing power outages. so far 4,000 outages with no indication ofhe power might be restored. but the heat should ease up a bit this weekend. so forecasters saying it will ease up. do you agree? >> little a bit. not much. it will still feel like summertime across the west. take a look at these temperature. i feel bad for wearing a sweater because it feels like sweater weather here in the neefts. but being theeft. but across california, heat indices of well over 100. and that will continue today and tomorrow as we get this to the new workweek. the heat will subside a little bit. but for now, we're still dealing with heat advisories for some of the big cities along the coast until around 8:00 p.m. local time. tomorrow it's going to be very hot and then as we get into
11:33 am
monday and tuesday, alwa rka li of relaugh. b leaf. over 90% of the state in extreme and exceptional drought and that is ongoing.over 90% of the state and exceptional drought and that is ongoing. for now los angeles very warm. tuesday and wednesday, a little more back to average. but still 80 degree heat. across the west in terms of radar, we do have a cold front movinging a cross the northwest. we won't get any of that into the rest of the west and we have high fire danger for a parts of the northwest and northern plains with high heat, low humidity and the winds, as well. your highs across the west remain above average for most. across the south, as well. houston, 89. over the great lakes, mid-atlantic, feeling like fall with temperatures in the 60 degree range. and the other big story of course is the return much more moisture across south carolina.
11:34 am
they are not holooking forward the rain in the forecast, but after today, the rain will subside and drier conditions will prevail. back to you. >> can't come soon enough for those folks in south carolina. thanks so much. it's home grown horror that can turn it invisible just when it becomes more dangerous. we're talking about the online recruitment of young americans enticed to join the ranks of isis and other terror groups overseas. >> they send two messages. first, come to the caliphate and participate in the final battle between good and evil on god's side. and find meaning in your life. second, if you can't travel, kill where you are. kill anyone. but especially if you could kill people in military uniform or law enforcement uniform and video it, that would be best of all.
11:35 am
>> james comey describing young recruits. but finding and stopping them gets complicated when communications go dark. the obama administration has decided not to seek legislation requiring data companies to decrypt the data. steven pomeran ittz says this i another example of the obama administration being weak. james comey says that we're able to track some of the refugees coming into the united states a little bit better. but he's also saying that the isis members are saying anywhere you can carry out an attack, you don't have to come over to syria or other places. anywhere you can carry out an attack. >> right. first this is a very powerful message. we don't really realize this our culture how powerful will call and this message is.
11:36 am
these people many of them come from places that where abject poverty, lack of freedom, lack of opportunity has been the norm literally for centuries. and they look around and they try to find a reason for this. and now they're given one. the reason for this is that we have turned away from our great past, away from the idea of jihad, away from the idea of the caliphate. we've been up faithful to our religion. if we get back to that if we get back to when we were for you po well again be proud and strong. it's a very powerful message. and of course you connect that to the internet, the at to spread that message in such a dramatically better way than ever before,at to spread that message in such a dramatically better way than ever before, and it spells danger are all over the world help. >> so how do you prevent this message from spreading like wildfire at the fingertips of
11:37 am
young people who perhaps are misguided? >> the truth is you probably complaint stop it from spreading. the technology is just such and the message has become so powerful. what you have to do is counter it. one way is to he present an alternative message. at the end of the day, they have to be willing to accept that message. the problem is not -- we talk about what can we do. there are limits to what we can do. in the end they have to change their pattern of behavior and their belief system. >> but the white house can be more proactive and we've seen them go back and forth about when you cross the line and n. violating privacy of people. and this week they made the decision they will not make it a law that companies have to decode messages for law enforcement. instead they used the word persuade. not very convincing. >> no, this is really a step back. the fbi director and other
11:38 am
leaders in law enforcement have been vocal needing the ability to lawfully carry out their responsibilities. we're talking about once people cross that line, once they become active in carrying out these organizational imperatives and goals that they have. so we have to be able to protect them. the technology is such that that has become very difficult to do. messages now, communications now are subject to encryption and the modern encryption is nearly impossible for law enforcement to being able to break that. we have to have the cooperation of the providers. into t not to expand its authority, but simply carry out its lawful responsibilities. we have to have the cooperation of the companies to provide us a way to do what we're lawfully charged to do and they're refusing do that. >> why would they help? >> to assist law enforcement, to
11:39 am
assist in keeping the public safe and secure. and we're not asking them do something they're not able to do and not lawfully empowered to do. they're simply resisting. the fbi director call it is going dark. we're going dark, unable to carry out our responsibilities. we need this statutory authority. the administration says let's talk about it. and we've been talking to years and we've made no progress. this is not a good development in terms of the security of the american people. >> we'll stay on the story. thank you so much to joining us. over the week, it was a once in a millennium storm that called massive flooding in south carolina. we'll talk to one flood victim who like so many is now trying to rebuild after the devastation. >> scrambling getting stuff and trying to put it in high spots
11:40 am
where we knew it was going to be safe and then turned out some of it wasn't safe because it was 3, 4 feet high. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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over the weekend, floods forced hundreds from their home mis-south carolina. one of those was cb williams and his family. he and his wife have three drunk young children and fourth on the way. everything on the first floor was destroyed. they have turneded to a local church to help. jane duffy is a pastor at the new springs church helping cb. shame is in the iheart my church shirt. cb, take us what is happening right now. we know you're the only one in
11:45 am
the neighborhood who is there? me and another neighbor across the street. >> and are you staying to guard the neighborhood or just look after it, try to keep cleaning it up? tell me what is going on on the ground. >> well, it gives me if i'm at my house whenever i wake up being i can start back working. just a little more time management. now that we have power, we can work into the night and so forth. >> and tell me, shane, how many folks are there like cb that you all are trying to help, how many folks in south carolina who need help? >> there are literally thousands of homes that have been destroyed, thousands of people, thousands of families. so we're trying with our initiative to simply connect with as many of those families, as many of those people as we possibly can. we're not a disaster relief organization. we're just a church. but we wanted to get involved as
11:46 am
quickly as we could knowing that we couldn't do everything for everybody. but we knew we could do some things for some people like cb here and his family. so we have over 1,000 volunteers signed up through that website to be a part of what we're doing. and we're just getting out as quick as we can doing as much as we can to help people get their lives back together. >> you talk about putting lives back together and even times when we see these aim thiimages hard to comprehend behind. did you have flood insurance or are you just relying on the good folks willing to help? >> out on my own relying on these warriors here coming in and out of the neighborhood. we're on our own. i mean every is wanting to help. it really restores faith in the people. people are really awesome. new spring is awesome. they have been here since day one. they called me and my neighbors. people come in the neighborhood,
11:47 am
don't even know who you are and they want to help. it's really inspiring. and i'll be honest, i don't know how -- we'd have made it, but we wouldn't have made it as good as we have now. >> we have pictures of you and i think some of the volunteers from the church working inside your house, ripped down to the studs. i can just imagine what your family is going through. we appreciate you being here, sir. wish you you the best of luck not only with the house, but with the new baby on the way. congratulations. and pastor duffy, thanks obviously for being here and all you're doing for these fine folks. good luck, gentlemen. coming up, millions of migrants taking a perilous journey and washing up on the showers of sicily. we'll take a look at the italian's standing on the front lines. dloo and plus man's best friend joins the new ranks of new york's finest. we'll have that store coming up. i said you better sign it...
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some new men and women on the team. 12 officers and their k-9 partners graduated from the police academy in albany this week. the dogs completed, get this, 20 weeks of rough training receiving instruction in explosive detection and fugitive tracking, among some other specialized skills. the k-9s have been donated by breeder as well as some private individuals and have been named in honor of officers who have been killed in the line of duty. >> can't really go wrong with those stories. i absolutely love seeing that. and those dogs, those german shepherds are brilliant. they are very smart dogs. >> and what's amazing, also, in terms of what lengths the officers go to protect these dogs. they all have -- a lot of them have bulletproof vests sometimes and now they're having dog cams. they have body cams for officers and doggy cams for the dogs. it's great. >> very cool. moving on, hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing violence in the middle east and africa have been making their way across the mediterranean to europe. many have ended up in the
11:53 am
italian city of sicily, where officials are scrambling to deal with those rescued at sea and those who didn't make it. senior news foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg has the story. >> reporter: this is not an emergency nor something unforeseen. it is something we will have to confront in the coming years and decades. the mayor of ka tanya, sicily, is on the front lines. sicily is a major entry point for migrants rescued at sea. over 100,000 have come to katania in the last several years. this city has buried many, too, and has taken pains to give them dignity in death. >> the mayor of katania is very proud of this part of the se cemete cemetery. it's a monument to the 17 of more than 100 migrants who arrived in the city already dead. the journey for the survivors from here is a hard one, too. they are battered. many get beaten along the land
11:54 am
route before they set sail by gangs and traffickers. many of the women get raped. >> i'm humbled by these young men and women that come here, because they do this trip and there's just that hope, the hope of a new life. >> reporter: in the meantime, there are many italian hands on deck, trying to help the newcomers get on their feet. this temporary shelter in rome is completely run on volunteers and the mayor of katania is proud of his people. >> translator: who have been extraordinary have been the volunteers who day and night mobilize to find a meal to welcome those. i am proud of this city, of sicily, and i would like people abroad not to think of sicily as a man, but of great generosity. still ahead, we asked, you answered. who should be the next speaker of the house of representatives. your tweets are coming up. plus, is the final blowout
11:55 am
of the world's biggest hot air balloon festival. and wow, is it a sight to behold. i think we sped that video up just a little bit. we'll take a trip into the clouds coming up after the break.
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all right. we asked you on twitter, who do you think should be the next
11:59 am
speaker of the house? and we got a lot of responses. can't read them all, but here are some. daniel webster. according to one viewer, he says he's a great choice for speaker. he has the experience herding elephants a it hs the florida speaker. another viewer, tom mcclinton, the purest yet most balanced republican in the house. and joe says, jason chaffetz. the house needs to come together and remember they work for we the people not their own agendas. and we leave you with this. hundreds of hot air balloons flying high at the 44th annual albuquerque international balloon fiesta. say that three times over. thousands of spectators have come out to watch the bright balloons soar through the skies. it's one of the most photographed events in the world. if you want to see it, you've got one last chance. the nine-day celebration wraps up tomorrow. that is so cool. >> we should get on a plane to albuquerque. and they do, sometimes at night, they do the evening balloon
12:00 pm
glow. you can see everything light up against the sky, it's gorgeous out there. that's all for us here in washington. "america's news headquarters" continues. we'll see you tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. [ chanting ] [ explosion ] >> a fox news alert. a peace rally turns into a scene of terror and death after two massive bomb blasts killing nearly a hundred people in turkey. hello and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> and i'm eric shawn. >> the bombs ripped through an area near the main central railroad station in the turkish capital of ankhra. government officials say the terrorist attack could be the deadliest in modern history. more than 80 people have been killed. nearly 200


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