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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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erstand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. an army officer recommending no jail time for sergeant bergdahl. instead, the officer says he should face a lower level court-martial that could possibly allow him to walk free. bergdahl was charged with desertion and miss behavior before the enemy. he was captured by the taliban after leaving his post on june 30th, 2009 and returned to the u.s. last year following a controversial prisoner swap. meanwhile, there are new concerns in south carolina as
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the floodwaters move east to the coast. welcome to this new hour. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm julie baneras. left reeling from last week's devastating floods, more than 260 roads are closed statewide. that includes a long stretch of i-95. another were major concern, all that water has to go somewhere. and it is putting, well, right now moving towards the ocean, putting people in coastal areas at risk as the waters rise. we have fox team coverage for you. we begin with william. he joins us now live. hey there, william. >> reporter: julie, forecasters expect two inches of rain today mostly in areas where the rivers and creeks have already crested. should it should not cause additional flooding. however, it doesn't help. and of course it postpones the cleanup. the river is still rising.
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it is is expected to crest on monday. she is urging folks to evacuate as a precaution. they have preached 25 feet after last week's storms. it could remain above flood stage next week. emergency crews from eight states continue to go up and down the rivers looking for victims who need evacuation. denver and carolyn case have been homeless for nearly a week. >> we've lost everything. since monday night, we slept in the car the first night. and then we stayed in a trailer in due pries and it started flooding. so we left there and we were homeless again. >> there is some did news. no damage reported to oil or natural gas pipelines. freshwater supply, that's okay. airports and most railways are
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fine. haley says the recovery efforts are well under way. >> the assessment teams are out there, whether it's infrastructure assessment, fema assessment teams. amazingly, dot to work on the 95 stretch, the rain is not stopping anybody from working. >> some numbers, about 500 residents, are living in shelters. relief agencies served over 500,000 meals. 30,000 so far have applied. we go to senior meteorologist janice dean with more details about this. january dismiss. >> hi, kelly. unfortunately more rain. not great news. it is a quick-moving system and weak. we are not going to see the 12, 20 inches we saw last weekend. a couple inches will cause problems as the water is trying to reside and any more water will cause issues. there's the last 36 hours. a cold front with a weak low
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pressure center moving across the southeast, including north carolina and south carolina. we have already received anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half of rainfall the last 48 hours. an initial inch or two is possible as we head into sunday. there's the system as it heads offshore. but kind of lingers. coastal areas, still going to watch for the potential of showery activity heading into monday. but then a drying out period. flood advisories remain posted for the vulnerable areas. flash flood warnings posted for much of south carolina and a portion of north carolina. there is one model predicting anywhere across the northeast portion of south carolina could get anywhere from two to four inches of additional rainfall. wouldn't be a big situation if we didn't have the historic rainfall we saw last weekend. the drying out period sunday, monday. and then a chance for showers,
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thunderstorm tuesday. but relatively dry forecast as we head into the new workweek. a quick look at your highs today. we have a trough across the northeast. and the west dealing with above average temperatures. in some cases 16 to 20 degrees above average. we have heat advisories in and around the l.a. area. kelly and julie, back to you. >> janice dean, thank you. >> you got it. >> congressman paul ryan spending this weekend trying to decide whether or not to take up a call to run for the house speaker. he is apparently facing a whole lot of pressure to run from fellow house republicans who are scramble to go find a replacement. ever since kevin mccarthy abruptly pulled his name out of the race earlier this week. kristin fisher is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the congressman has
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reluctantly found himself at the center of this is spending the weekend with his children. his wife and three young children are a big part why he wouldn't want a job as demanding as speaker of the house. it is the deep divisions in the republican party that perhaps make the job even less appealing. the next will have the task of uniting the more moderate republicans and freedom caucus. many in congress believe in anyone can do it, it is paul ryan he is now facing enormous pressure to run even from current, and former candidates for the same job. >> if paul ryan gets in the race, i'm a huge fan of paul ryan. i would support paul ryan. i would hope that he would do it. >> he has the respect of all of us. even ones that won't vote for him. he's a reasonable person. the rational thinking will cause him to be a candidate. if he will run, he can help
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bring us together. >> he has to decide on his own. >> publicly, ryan continues to say he is not running. but a spokesman for the house weighs and means committee said chairman ryan appreciates the support he's getting from his colleagues, but is still not running for speaker. he may be reconsidering. >> thank you very much. from america's election headquarters, joe biden taking way small step towards a possible white house bid. meeting earlier this week with dnc officials. one to appear on primary ballots. we have more on this from washington. >> reporter: joe biden hasn't decided whether or not he is going to reason. he is at least taking steps in that direction. the vice president is home with his family in delaware this
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weekend. earlier this week, a group of his representatives met with staffers from the democratic national committee to go over detailed rules. biden needs to understand if he decides to run, such as filing deadlines and the selection process for delegates. it is considered an important step for any potential candidate. it does indicate that biden is starting to put together a team in case he goes for it. this past month, his schedule has certainly looked a lot like that of a presidential candidate and his speeches sound like it too. >> we're counting on you. we need your help. we need your suggestions. we need your muscle. we need to move. and if i don't move i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something. that's a joke. that's a joke. >> the white house has been saying go, joe, go. he's been flying all over the united states on air force two
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speaking to african-american groups, gay groups, union groups with the backing and blessing of the white house. >> in the latest real clear politics average, hillary clinton still has a commanding lead over other democrats. but that lead appears to be waning. bernie sanders now leads clinton to 39% to her 29%, followed by joe biden at 14%. the first democratic debate is tuesday. but between now and then, it's the unannounced candidate that everyone will be watching. kelly. >> thanks very much, garrett tinney in washington. how much could a biden run shake up this race? all right. you know, some people have said joe biden has waited too long. why is he waiting so long? we know he's not going to take part in the democratic debate,
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which is unfortunate if he were to run. this is now the time people need to hear what he has to offer. tammy, is it too late, and what is he waiting for? >> no, i don't think it is too late. it comes up late when you are dealing with primary dynamics for alabama, arkansas, texas. that's november 9th and 10th. that's what he has to worry about. this strategy, if it is going to work, is different than getting votes and convincing people. i think this is a hail mary from the democrat party. he will only take votes really away from hillary clinton. and i think that they want him to be there if she were to drop out. at that stage you are looking at all of her supporters would effectively go to joe biden, putting bernie sand issers in a lower spot. he could join him as a running mate or elizabeth warren. this is him being a man in waiting in what they seem to think is inevitable in the wake of hillary clinton. >> who do you think he would most hurt if biden threw his hat
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in the ring? bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> well, polling shows it takes a chunk right out of hillary clinton. bernie supporters are steadfast. they are not going anywhere. they are committed to it. when you add him into the polling processes, his numbers stay where they are. and hillary clinton's numbers go down. when we look at this and we look through the eyes of the voter, we are looking who will be there in case she crumbles. he loves to run. he's been doing politics for a long time. so never count out old joe. >> despite polls, i would think this would be damaging to bernie sanders, tammy. bernie sanders is the anti-hillary clinton. all those who want a democrat in the white house who are anti hillary they have no choice but to go to bernie sanders. now with joe biden, don't you think that bernie sanders actually stands to lose a lot?
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>> no, look. i think bernie sanders has a core group of people who like him. he is kind of on the fringe. i think democrats want something that's already existing. the majority of them. maybe most of whom haven't even chimed in yet. that is what joe biden represents. biden has no ground game. no fund-raising dynamic. he really isn't ready for a classic campaign. and i think what they're hoping is that if he comes in, it could even be the last straw for hillary. even if circumstances don't push her out, this might. and i think that tells you that president obama wants hillary out. and the environment is pushing her out as well. >> it sounded interesting to hear he might get demoted to secretary. that was a bit of a dig. some wonder if his heart is in it. and hillary lives and breathe this stuff. there was a campaign event in
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georgia today. the first official trip to the state for trump. while he leads in the polls, they are not exactly as high as they were. recently trump made comments to a number of media outlets saying he is working on an exit strategy. you first, tammy. he said he will drop out if the star fades. do you think he has peaked? you always said he's not going to get the nomination. is this the beginning of the prediction? >> this is what i pointed out. his numbers have been static. they haven't been going up. other candidates have been going up. but aside from that, the thing that makes him most appealing, he's not a politician, is the thing that could make them leave the race. >> he will go back to his day job. >> he doesn't want to be vice president. he's running to win. he doesn't want to be a cabinet
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member. he noted if it appears i'm going down, he would leave. i think his supporters have to understand that that is his nature. it is why they like him. and i think why, in fact, he's not really capable of dealing with the long haul of the ups and downs of a race. and he effectively admitted he has not. >> he admitted he is not a politician. he's either going to win or go back to his job. other politicians they don't have to win because they will be doing this for the rest of their lives. he is a nonpolitician. so is ben carson. ben carson does happen to give him a run for his money. because he has been a bit more vocal, not as much as trump, making comments about comparing the jews versus the nazis saying if the jews had guns they would have eliminated the number of or at least decreased the number of jews killed. and the oregon shooting. he believes teachers in the classroom should be armed.
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he made comments that certainly generated a lot of chatter. >> it's an outsider's race. both of them have operated as outsiders. that's why you see such a rise in the poll. donald trump, i think he talks about an exit strategy. i'll tell you one thing, as a political consult can ant, if he even gives a hint that this is going down, you will see ted cruz. there is a huge following behind donald trump. if he backs out, that would be the biggest campaign news you will ever have is seen. this is going to be the year of the outsider. >> seeing ted cruz sort of turn his back on him speaks volumes. he has been basically toe to toe. he has been following him and supporting him. he was afraid to offend him. he said i don't think he's going to get nominated. >> ted cruz has been supportive of mr. trump. he doesn't expect him to get the nomination is an attack. there is a reality that if you do want mr. trump to win, even for his supporters, talking honestly about the polls and the future of what we're facing is
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important. it will be up to mr. trump. i think he can do whatever he wants. >> well, he has the money. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. be sure to catch must see interview on tomorrow for a one-on-one interview with the donald. this is why he doesn't have to spend much money. he's on tv all the time. that's 11:00 a.m. on fox news channel. meantime, nearly 100 people killed in turkey after a pair of bombs explode. the latest on the bloodshed and who turkish officials believe are behind the attacks. >> plus, he's known for his characters on the big screen. but denzel washington plays other roles off the camera. how the actor is giving back in a big way. >> it's not just what you have but it's what you do with what you have. who are you lifting up? who are you making better? what if there was a bank that didn't just ask members to save; but also helped them to save? that allowed families to keep more of their money;
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a deadly shoot issing at a college in arizona charged with murder and aggravated assault. police say 18-year-old steven jones, a freshman at northern arizona university is responsible for the gunfire that left one student dead and three others hurt. jones is being held on $2 million bond.
1:21 pm
he claims he fired in self-defense. but prosecutors say there is no evidence of that. just a mention of his name, denzel, and most people know who you're talking about. denzel washington. the popular hollywood stars loved by many fans worldwide. he played so many different roles, earning a tony for his work on broadway, oscars for his work in hollywood. one of the greatest roles he's played and continues to is at the national spokesperson and mentor for millions of kids at the boys and girls club of america. and for that he gets an award of helping so many children live their best lives beyond the dream. >> dreams without goals are just dreams. and ultimately they fuel disappointment. so, yes, it's great to dream. but you have to be active. you have to start somewhere. >> for denzel washington, the
1:22 pm
start the a great future began at the boys and girls club in his hometown of mt. vernon, new york. his mentors challenged him to pursue an education is and to live a life of excellence. their advice and his hard work paying off, making him a very successful story of how the boys and girls club helps kids become champions. >> the club is not the be all, end all solution to everything. you still have to leave the safety of the doors in the night or afternoon. you have to still deal with the real world. but at least, as i recall, we were taught right from wrong. >> principles and values that you can live by. denzel is passing those same life elements that he learned as a club kid on to the mill lessenal generation. he enjoys the experience of working with other notable alumni of the boys and girls club.
1:23 pm
together all of them are making an impact on america's future by showing up to show they truly care. >> it takes a village to raise a child. for me the village was the boys and girls club. >> to use your celebrity as a platform to help so many people, what motivates you to do what you do? >> the proof is in the pudding. when they asked me to be an international spokesperson, i can easily talk about it. i lived it. i'm part of. >> at a gala in washington, d.c., denzel announced the winner of the national youth of the year, whitney stork. academics, leadership, and service to their communities. whitney credits the clubs for helping her overcome adversity to realize her dream of going to college. she is a woman who believes in aiming high. >> right now i am studying at the university of pennsylvania.
1:24 pm
i am planning on double majoring in political science and economics. after graduating, i'm going to go to law school. and past that i plan to pursue a career in law and eventually politics. my biggest aspiration is to be the president of the united states one day. >> what's your dream for america? >> my dream for america is basically to have is a country that enables all people, no matter what their background or circumstance -- life circumstances are. just to be able to find their own path, have access to education and really pursue their dreams with vigor. >> it's not just what you have. but it's what you do with what you have. who are you lifting up? who are you making better? you know, i don't want to say we live in a society where we tear people down. but negativity sells,
1:25 pm
unfortunately. but i'm -- we are sitting here with living proof that positivity works. there are a lot of great stories to tell. there are a lot of good things and positive young people doing wonderful things. i just think we need to focus that more. >> that's what we are doing with fox news and beyond the dream, focusing on the positives. thank you, denzel, whitney. whitney will be the next president some day. >> president obama and donald trump, speaking of running for president, in a war of words over immigration. their sharp exchange as this controversial issue heats up. >> and a terror attack at a peace rally in turkey that left dozens of people dead. brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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a massacre in the middle of a peace rally in turkey.
1:30 pm
twin bombs designating in the capital city of ankara, killing at least 95 people and wounding nearly 250 others. today's attack considered one of the deadliest attacks in turkey in years. that video is so hard to watch, benjamin. >> reporter: i know. this was aimed at bringing unity to the much divided country. the only chances of unity seem a long way off. and the death toll continues to rise. the peace rally is supposed to bring together kurdish and turkish interests, hoping to unite them after years of fighting. the divide is now greater than others. the u.s. is very much involved in this issue as it is bagging both the kurds and the turks in the fight against isis. but at the same time the turks
1:31 pm
are bombing kurdish separatists. both sides already blame each other. dealing yet another blow to unity and ultimately to u.s. policy in the region. 10:00 a.m. local time, two suicide bombers walked through the middle of the peace rally in ankara and detonated their vests within seconds of each other, leaving 95 dead and at least 246 wounded. the tactic seemed to suggest radical extremists seeking to disrupt the peaceful process between the turks and the kurds. each side continued to blame the other. the peace process has now all that collapse. the turkish government has been waging an all-out war in the southeast of the country. this has disastrous affects for the u.s.
1:32 pm
julie. >> thank you so much. i love mexico. and i love the mexican people. but their leaders are too smart for our leaders. we don't know what we're doing. and every time i say we're going to build a wall, everybody loves it. i say mexico is going to pay for it. and our stupid politicians say that's not possible. >> that was front-runner donald trump speaking out against his critics at a rally in georgia earlier today. his comments coming after president obama slammed the billionaire businessman for some of his immigration policies, including his idea for a wall along the u.s./mexico border. the president describing republican comments on immigration as "depressing and not matching up with the truth." my next guest is dr. joseph castleberry. he has a new book entitled "the new pilgrims."
1:33 pm
how immigrants are renewing america's faith and values. thank you for sharing your perspective with us. let's begin on the latest on this immigration issue. president obama slamming donald trump on immigration. donald trump retaliating, defending himself. the president stating greatness doesn't come from building walls. it comes from opportunity. what's your response to this latest dust up between these two men? >> well, this is typical political football. obama kicks it to trump, trump kicks it back to him. that's one of the biggest problems we have now. we have a situation with immigration where the rule of law is threatened. not so much by those that cross the border but by our own government's failure to draft a code of law for immigration that will allow for orlandoly situation on the border that would allow us to do this well and be a blessing on the whole country and immigrants in a sense. >> let's talk about playing
1:34 pm
football. but the title of your book is "the new pilgrims, how immigrants are renewing america's faith and values". your premise is totally different than what we are hearing on the campaign trail. you believe immigrants are the very people who can help america grow stronger as a nation. much of the rhetoric we are hearing is hispanic latinos immigrants, thugs, drug dealers and killers. >> immigrants have always come to america looking for opportunity. they tend to come with a strong religious faith. they tend to be moral people who work hard, have great values. they come here because they want to be american. they have this renewing role. and the new pilgrims really focus on the many ways immigrants are giving america new hope restoring our most precious values. >> i was reading your book.
1:35 pm
every stone you uncover and your explanation for why people actually come to the u.s. illegally. i find it revealing and fascinating. you write many law-abiding immigrants actually come to this country because they have a great love for the rule of law. that sounds a bit ironic, doesn't it? >> it is. it is a great paradox. they come here under the rule of law. in order to get under the protection of law they have to violate it by crossing the border. we can come up with a better legal code than that. we need a legal code that allows people to come to america and join our system and bless our country and contribute to our success. >> so let me get this straight then. let me get this straight. you are stating some of the illegal immigrants you have spoken to are undocumented immigrants as they call it. they come to this country knowing they are violating the law. they are willing to do it here pause they know they will be treated fairly here as opposed
1:36 pm
to another country where they might be killed, incarcerated or worse. >> right. they know our immigration laws are broken. they are facing with the question of what's legal on the one hand. on the other hand, they have to ask is what's right. they believe coming here is the right thing to do not for themselves and their own families, but they know there are jobs for them. they know there are agricultural jobs that won't get done if they don't come to do them. it looks like the right thing to do in their calculus. >> let me get a final question here. you say the immigration issue is really about the soul is of america. it must be viewed from a biblical perspective. how can the bible help american political leaders come up with a plan for successful immigration reform. >> well, the bible has a great deal to say about migration. it starts in genesis and goes all the way to the end. migrants are a huge part of the biblical characters that we encounter there.
1:37 pm
and the bible has a very pro position on migration all the way through. the ancient israelites had been slaves in egypt and migrated to the canaans. you have to be kind to the stranger because you yourselves were once strangers in egypt. most people came here as immigrants. our families came as immigrants. and we have a responsibility to our ancestors and to our own future to continue to be a place that is welcoming for those seekers of freedom who come to us. ronald reagan loved them all. he thought america was the ideal home for freedom seekers. >> ronald reagan, the bible and "the new pilgrims, how immigrants are renewing the soul of america." doctor, thank you for joining us
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headlines. here's author and journalist liz trotta's weekly commentary. the core belief of feminist theology insists women and men are equal in every respect. when it comes to gender equality, there is no bridge too far. our groveling generals at the pentagon can't find a foxhole big enough to hide in. open all combat positions to women by january 1. in response, the armed services commissioned dozens of studies. most controversial, a year-long analysis by the marine corps. of its infantry officer course. all male teams out performed mix teams, males females, by 69%. and women fell seriously short in infantry and artillery that
1:44 pm
matter, grenade launchers, dragging a wounded comrade to safety. worst of all, the ladies couldn't shoot straight. even this damning evidence wasn't enough, secretary of the navy said he would not grant the marines an exemption from obama's edict. that is not politically correct. and secretary of defense ash carter, a man more comfortable hanging with his fellow science geeks in silicon valley, said he will consider the facts. right. we all know what the results will be in this kabuki dance, deploying the sisters into the heat of the battle is less precious, too important to fail. they will enter infantry units, despite critical facts indicating a serious risk to
1:45 pm
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the hour a major development in the sergeant bowe bergdahl case. no jail time is recommended forring the sergeant. the officer says bergdahl should have or at least face a lower level court martial that could possibly allow him to walk free. bergdahl was charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he was captured by the taliban after leaving his post in afghanistan in 2009. so the federal government expected to release new dietary guidelines at the end of the year and one of the issues literally on the table is milk. so now after health officials
1:51 pm
have been spending decades urging americans towards low-fat versions whole milk could be making a come back which one is wondering is it the healthier option? let's bring in senior managing editor of fox news i've worried about staying away from whole milk opinion i get skim milk. i do it to fight calories. >> it should never have left. let's talk about the panel real quick. this is a panel of 15 people appointed by federal bureaucrats, doctors and scientists and every five years they come up with guidelines. guidelines that started back in the '80s. even since those guidelines started back in the '80s there hasn't been a dents in the diabetes rates. i don't know what the guidelines are doing. however, back five years ago when they came out with the guidelines, 2,000 comments were written to washington giving them ideas. we're up to 25,000 comments. and industry leader and every
1:52 pm
scientist is saying wait a minute. this is not really based on all the science. you guys aren't looking at all the science. this is a political process you're coming with these recommendations. the usual suspects are there, the vegetables, the fruits, the whole grains, the legumes, low processed meat. when it came to dairy, scientists say fat is not that bad for you. saturated fats the ones you find in olive oil. milk gives you protein. on the age category of the individual, in your teens or 20s, 30s or 40s and in good health milk is very good. studies have shown with these low carb milk you crave more calorie, you don't feel as fuel. you'll add more sugars to your
1:53 pm
diet. whole milk if you balance it out could be part of a daily diet. >> i like to look back at our diets. when i was a wild we were eating more red meats, drinking whole milk at the table. then scientists and doctors said you need to cut this and that out. more foods are made with chemicals and preservatives. >> every scientist really, good scientists are looking at natural foods all over again and saying look if you keep it balanced, keep the calories in control n-core import control, incorporate daily activities you can go to whole milk. if you look at the chemical toxicity we're having it's out of control. >> if i have whole milk tomorrow morning will i notice a difference on my cravings. >> it depends on your sugar.
1:54 pm
you're adding mayo to the ham sandwich. >> i like an oreo cookie. >> those are the things people get confused. whole glass of milk with cheerios or with fruit that's good. >> it taste as lot better. also very good for our kids to give them whole milk. >> i think so. i gave my kids whole milk until they were late teens and they liked it. again, remember the low-fat milk is a product of, yes, the obesity epidemic but at the same time the health issues when it came to heart disease and cholesterol. >> i remember hearing regulations, guidelines don't give them too many milk bottles because they will end up being overweight -- >> a little butter, couple of eggs, glass of milk, exercise, catch your calories and you'll
1:55 pm
be okay. >> good to see you. thanks for coming in on a saturday. >> milk does a body good. hey, got extra pumpkins? let's add that to the mix. we'll explain one way to get rid of them. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. technology empowers us it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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oscar nominee randy quaid expected in court monday in vermont on charge of being a
1:59 pm
fugitive from justice. he and his wife were arrested after trying to cross into the united states from canada. the couple ran off to canada five years ago to avoid federal vandalism charges stemming from a 2010 incident where quaid and his wife were discovered squatting in the guest house of their former home. quaid's family have worried about his mental health since he claimed to be the target of an assassination plot. this is one way to do away with your unused pumpkins. and there they go. 18th annual numbpumpkin chunkin. hurling pumpkins into taxpayer at 3 miles per hour. there's seven rounds of chunking. the winner will be named
2:00 pm
tomorrow. >> just can't make that up. >> where do they come up with this idea. i want to hurl a number opinion 300 miles per hour. i would like to watch it splatter on the ground. >> i'll watch her tonight at 7:00 because she's just that good. >> i'll see you at 7:00 on "the fox reporter." >> hello everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> hours after the shooting in oregon last weekend before we even knew the details about what happened president obama called it routine. and said this. >> what's also routine is that somebody somewhere will comment and say obama politicized this issue. well this is something we should politicize. it is


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