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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 10, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> oh, my god. fantastic. a republican is next! >> i don't know about that, but i -- i have been for ten years an evangelical. came to faith last ten years, a wonderful journey. looking forward to that. >> god bless you. hello, everyone. welcome to brand new inside "america's news hq." >> top now, a rally for peace turns to terror. [ chanting ] [ explosion ] >> as you saw two powerful bombs go off in turkey's capital, and that blast killed nearly 100 people. the victims, marchers turned out to oppose the very violence that so tragically claimed so many lives. will he or won't he? congressman paul ryan with a lot to think about this weekend as
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the republican party works mightily to draft him for speaker. and have you looked as your credit card lately? is might vat new tool they're using to try and confront fraud. new rules we all need to know about. first start with a fox news alert. president obama speak wig ting p prime minister in turkey, rocked by a bomb blast. killing nearly 100 people. [ chanting ] [ explosion ] >> the explosions ripping through the crowd near the main rail station in the turkish capital of ankara. turkey's prime minister says it appears to be a suicide attack. at least 95 people killed. nearly 250 hurt. the demonstrators had gathered to protest new violence between kurdish militants and government forces. in a phone call, president obama
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offered his sympathies to turkish prime minister arwan, we stand together in solidarity with the turkish people and reaformer our effort to work with turkey combating terrorism. benjamin hall has the latest from our london boouf buureau. >> reporter: a peaceful demonstration aimed at bringing together the kurds and turks long at odds. any hope of that, now dashed. the bombs targeted a peace rally, which sought to bring together both interests, hoping to unite them after years of fighting, but the divide is now greater than ever. the u.s. is very much involved in this issue, and it is backing both the kurds and the turks in the fight against isis. but at the same time, the kirks are bombing kurdish separatists, creating a vast conflict of interest. nobody has yet claimed responsibility, but both sides
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are already blaming each other, dealing yet another blow to unity and ultimate to u.s. policy in the region. at around 10:00 a.m. local time, two suicide bombers walked into the middle of the peace rally in the turkish capital of ankara and detonated their vests, leaving 86 dead, and at least 190 wounded. the tactics seemed to suggest radical extremists seeking to disrupt the protest. the region's politicians, every side a blaming one another. the peace protest between the turkish government and kurds have now all but collapsed leaving the country and the u.s. policy in turmoil. the turkish government is now effectively waging an all-out war against the kurds in the southeast part of the country, dealing a disastrous blow to u.s. policy as it seeks to counter isis, assad in that
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region. and you know as an effective saturday for paul rhine, mulling over one of the different decisions of his life. republicans calling for the wisconsin congressman to make a bid for house speaker. that after majority leader kevin mccarnally stun pd everyone by taking him out of the race. despite being considered the front run irks but ryan, though, has exactly not been jumping at the chance to succeed boehner. live in washington we have the latest on will he, or won't he? >> reporter: eric what a two weeks it's been. first speaker boehner abruptly "seins, heir apparent pulls out and house republicans say they could rally behind says he doesn't want the job of speaker of the house. it appears privately, at least thashs congressman paul ryan may be reconsidering. publicly he said repeatedly he doesn't want it. in fact, just yesterday a spokesman for the house ways and
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means committee ryan chairs says "chairman ryan appreciates the support from colleagues but still not run are for speaker." he's under enormous pressure to run. lobbying him to take the job. he's widely regarded as the closest thing to a consensus kwnd. the best person to bridge the divide tweend moderate republicans and the freedom caucus. his desire to fix signature issues like entitle reforms will help convince him to run. >> if somebody else will fix the problem, then a paul ryan can move his legislation, and if we don't fix the problem, then his legislation isn't going to move. the success of the republican house is based and getting somebody to be speaker who understands that the earth underneath the house of representatives has moved over the last two elections. >> right now the house is on a week-long recess, but when they come back, in addition to figuring out thousand fill this
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leadership vacuum they say several other major challenges including a battle of raising the debt ceiling and the threat of another government shutdown and whoever becomes the next speaker will have to handle it. eric? >> kristen, always put his family first. we'll see what his decision will be. thank you. eric, an army officer recommending that sergeant bowe bergdahl face no jailtime. this according to his lawyer. insaid the officer decided bergdahl should face a lower level court-martial that could possibly allow him to walk free. sergeant bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he was captured by the taliban after leaving his post in afghanistan back in june of 2009, and returned to the u.s. last year following a controversial prison swap. and north korea's flexing its military muscle in celebration, and as a warning to the rest of the world. supreme leader kim jong un taking part in a lavish parade
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to mark the 70th anniversary of the country's ruling party. the working party of korea. in his speech the supreme leader said his army is ready to respond to any kind of war. that's a quote against the u.s. experts say today's elaborate event was meant to bolster the leader's image. and back here at home, new signs tonight that vice president joe biden may be moving closer to a bid for the white house. members of the vice president's team met with democratic national committee officials this past week discussing various deadlines we're told and those arcane but critical rules he in a presidential campaign would need to follow if he does indeed decide to run. we have more on all of this from washington. >> reporter: joe biden still isn't saying whether or not he's going to run, but he is at least taking steps in that direction. the vice president is home with his family in delaware this weekend but earlier this week a group of his representatives met with staffers from the
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democratic national committee to go over detailed rules biden would freed to understand if he decides to run. such as filing deadlines and the selection process for delegates. the meeting is considered an important step for any potential candidate and while it doesn't necessarily mean she is going t run, admits he's at least starting to put together a team in case he goes for it. this past month his schedule has looked a lot like that of a presidential candidate. his speeches sound like it, too. >> we're counting on you. 's we need your help. we need your suggestions. we need your muscle. we need to move. and if i i don't move, i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. that's a joke. nats a joke. that's is a joke. >> the white house has been saying, go, joe, go. he's been flying all over the united states on air force two speaking to african-american group, gay groups. union groups.
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with the backing and blessing of the white house. >> in the latest real clear politics average, hillary clinton still has a commanding lead over other democrats, but that lead appears to be waning. in new hampshire, bernie sanders now leads clinton with 39% to her 29%. followed by joe biden at 14%. the first democratic debate is tuesday, but between now and then, it's the unannounced candidate that everyone will be watching. eric? >> garrett, thanks so much. and joe biden won't be there. well, there are new flooding concerns in south carolina today as even more rain returns to the forecast. the waterlogged state is working to recover from last week's devastating floods and the death toll is rising with at least 19 people confirmed dead. now the dangerous coastal flooding as all that extra water moves towards communities near the atlantic ocean. governor nikki haley urging everyone to be prepared.
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>> -- heart and soul looks like through her people and so i want to remind all of you that as we are going through this and as the days have gotten long, we will get through this. >> joining us now with the latest in los angeles. hi, william. >> reporter: south carolina has two problems now as you said. all that rain that fell at higher elevations last week is moving like a bubble on its way to the atlantic, raising water levels as it inches downstream. secondly, just when officials thought most of the riv, and creeks crested, more rain today. up to two inches. several counties still under a flash flood watch. 100 victims rescued yesterday. likely more today as emergency crews motor down the waterways looking for more evacuees. the new rain stopped residents from beginning to clean up. denver and karen case lost their home last week.
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>> we've lost everything. since monday night, we had -- we slept in the car the first night, and then we stayed in a trailer, and it started flooding. so we had to leave there and were homeless again. >> reporter: 19 dead, thousands evacuated when waters got as high as a street light. it could take another week before rivers fall below flood stage, deputies warning lookie lues to stay out of the damaged neighborhoods. 20 dams failed. 129 more monitored. governor haley says, however, the worst is over. >> we have no issues with any of our pipelines. no issues with any of our airports. we have no issues with the port. so get the good news out with the other news, because that's something that we can all -- have a sigh of relief on. >> also, the railroad's
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undamaged. that will help getting in new materials. 500 residents are living in shelters. about a half a million meals were served to victims, arthel. 30,000 applied for financial help. south carolina is expecting dry weather tomorrow, for several days, so the recovery can begin, but many roads and bridges remain out. travel is a huge hassle. back to you a. long process. thank you, william, so much. senior meteorologist janice dean is monitoring a storm stham could bring more rain to the state later. joining us from the fox news center. the worst could be over according to governor haley. when will they completely be out of the woods, janice? >> definitely tomorrow, william mentioned. we to get rift thid system that continues to linger across the southeast. some of the hard-hit areas last weekend we were talking about over two feet of rainfall and even an inch, an inch and a half is not good news for this waterlogged state. past 36 hours, cold system moving through the carolinas up
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towards virginia, and, again, not a lot of rain, normally this wouldn't be an issue, wouldn't be a weather story, but because we saw historic rain across the carolinas last weekend, this is going to be a concern. yeah, certainly anywhere from one to two inches. most of it is off the coast which is great news. and we'll continue to monitor the forecast radar over the next 12 to 24 hours as we have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. sunday a better day. certainly monday things clear out, but flood advisories remain posted as rivers remain high, and will be completely out of the woods by early next week, but a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast again on wednesday. eric? >> i hope those thunderstorms aren't really big thunderstorms. so we'll see. >> obviously not as historic as last week. >> what a weekend. thank you. >> okay. the secret service agent credited with saving president ronald range's life on the day he was shot has passed away. here's how that shocking moment unfolded back in 1981.
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[ gunshots ] >> oh, my god is! >> oh, my god. >> oh -- >> gunshots from john hinckley jr. ringing out as president reagan left a speech at the washington hilton. agent jerry parr pushed the president into his limousine and jumped on top of him. when parr saw blood on the president's mouth and mr. reagan complained of chest pain, parr realized he was struck ordered the limb seen to the hospital where mr. reagan underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to the chest. he died yesterday of congestive heart failure at the age 85. we thank and salute him and all the agents who followed. and coming up, the white house starting talks with russia about the intensifying military conflict syria. but can the two countries share the skies safely as they operate
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in the same war zone? and congressman paul ryan. you know he hasn't wanted to step up to the house speakership before. he's put family first. now with kevin mccarthy out, it could be different. coming up, more on will he, or won't he? next. plus a surfer waiting for a wave is attacked by a shark and authorities say fellow surfers are the only reason he survived. >> being pulled out of a lot of -- guy with the surfboard here. i grabbed the board from him and laid it down right here as he was pulling off, his leash off.
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. pentagon now saying that it will seek to make condolence payments to the families of the victims of u.s. air strike on that doctors without borders hospital in kunduz, afghanistan. we reported this story, unfortunate turn of events that killed at least 22 people's in a statement the administration is saying it will work with those affecteded to determine the appropriate payments. so we don't know the number, the dollar sign at this point, and if necessary, and appropriate, the administration will seek additional authorities from congress to do so. now the pentagon is saying that it will steek make condolence payments to the families of the
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victims on that air strike on the hospital there with doctors without borders in kunduz, afghanistan. if paul ryan runs clearly he would be somebody that i would support. i think paul ryan's the right person to do this. >> i think paul ryan right now has the clout, the stature, he could overcome a lot and bring the two sides together. >> in the search for the next speaker of the house, focusing on that prominent person, so far ruled out. many turning to congressman paul ryan. appealing to moderates and conservatives. rhine said he does not want the job, resisted moving up in the house but now we're told he is taking this long weekend at home in janesville, wisconsin with his family to mull it over and is privately thinking about making a bid. will he? a star writer with "the weekly standard" joins us now. what do you think is going on right now in the congressman's
3:21 pm
mind as he's home with his family and with all of this pressure? >> for one thing, thinking about his family. is this something with three young kids and a wife back in wisconsin he wants to take on? he likes to go home on the weekends to wisconsin to spend time whip those kids, that element, and trying to think whether or not this is a job he really wants. paul ryan is a numbers guy, ideas guy, the kind of congressman he's been his career and speakership, administrative stuff. meeting with various delegations and the architect of the capitol, scheduling votes, things paul ryan isn't interested in. can he unite the various members of the house republican conference, they've got to be all swimming around in his head as he tries to make a decision. >> certainly the freedom caucus on his mind. those 40 or 50 very conservative member whose pushed out boehner basically and kevin mccarthy.
3:22 pm
look at this family, obviously front and center. his wife janna ryan, three kids, liza, charlie, sam. liza's, what, 14 years old now? goes back home every weekend and always said they come first. one of the reasons is his father. he was 15 when he found his alcoholic father dead of an apparent heart attack in bed. that seared him. what he told the associated press about moving up to the speakership. no "one of the reasons i've always passed up elected leadership positions in the house, you know, speaker, leader, all the things people ask you to run for, is because it takes you away from your family even more. i've made career decisions based on family balance and part of that is because of my own upbringing and my own childhood e." will he reconcile, how can he, will he, work and duty? >> everybody has to make that balance, family and kids,
3:23 pm
between career, job and family. the word you mentioned, duty, something that is really coming up in these discussions. i heard from a lot of members yesterday on capitol hill who were, i think, unnerved by what happened thursday with mccarthy dropping out. a lot calmer, sort of coming around to the idea of maybe we can really coalesce around this guy. i think that's having a big impact on his decision. before he was saying, i'm not doing it, not doing it. reports say he's considering it. his colleagues sort of appealing to the need, to sort of rise to the occasion has to be a part of that, and i don't know how he makes that decision. that's between him and his family, but i think that's certainly a big part of why we're all of a sudden about possibly him coming to a decision to run. >> do you think he'll do it? >> i have no idea. you know, i thought after several hours of hearing republican congressman begging him that maybe he really would do it.
3:24 pm
starting to get a little pathetic. you never know. he did take the nomination for vice president. you don't turn a job like that down and he may look at this job ultimately in the same way. it's really hard to say and between him and his family. >> finally, if he does do it what would a paul ryan speakership look like? >> that may be another reason why he decides not to do it. i think a lot of republicans are thinking, well, he's the guy we can rally around, but you know, he looks, looks great and nice now, before he runs. a speakership with paul ryan may end up being really contentious, like it would have been under kevin mccarthy and was under john boehner. underlying issues within this republican conference that eastern someone like paul ryan may not be able to address. i'd be interested to see what other republicans are out there who might be thinking about it in this week of recess that the house is facing, and think, maybe i'm the guy to step up? i'm not sure paul ryan is necessarily the guy with some
3:25 pm
controversial votes on tarp and immigration to really unite a conference that's totally broken and divided. >> a lot of thought for reflection by congressman ryan, his family, as well as the others. a great point. see what happens. if they spend a week back in their districts and sort it all out and we get a decision. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thanks, eric. american and russian defense officials, would go together over videoconference, anyway, trying to ensure safety with so many warplanes now crowding the skies over syria while american options on syria diminish. and if you're taking a peek inside your wallet, credit cards, new fancy gizmo, do that with the machines. just don't swipe it any more. twlubl you go to the store? i have. tell me to put it in the thing and it doesn't work. can't take it out. do that in europe. now we have it. whether you like it or not. what this means, what you can do, and how we're going to deal with this, coming up. at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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officials from the pentagon and from russia getting together over a videoconference call today to discuss the crowded skies over syria. with russia, now launching air strikes and u.s. warplanes targeting isis, the two nations are trying to hash out a plan for working together to avoid collisions as well as other problems. now, this after the u.s. dropped plans to train a new rebel army against syria. now with russia calling more of the shots, options are shrinking. rick grinnell served as advisor to four american ambassadors to the united nations and a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> you, too. >> i want to start via conference call and on behalf of the american people i have to ask, can we trust anything that russia says at this point? >> no. we can't trust. they'll agree to a whole bunch,
3:31 pm
but they have different plans. look, we have a huge problem in that the russian policy is that assad should stay and they want to prop him up. president assad in syria. the u.s. policy, president assad in syria should go. the russians want to keep him. we want to remove him. we're both going to be bombing inside syria. how is this going to go well? this is unbelievable. it's going to be an exercise in futility. look, people are trying to pretend like we could be on the same page. the russians are saying, well, we want to beat back isis, and the americans want to beat back isis, but we both have ulterior motives here, and the fact of the matter is we shouldn't paper this over. it's dangerous for our men and women to be inside syria when the russians have an absolutely different goal, and what's going to happen if a russian airplane comes to an american fighter
3:32 pm
jet? we are setting ourselves up for a disaster, in a one-on-one fight with the russians. that's just the fact. what needs to happen is john kerry and president obama need to sit down with the russians and hash this out. not through some phony talk and pretend press conference. >> how would they that shappen? they've been talking and talking and president putin, ukraine? nothing is happening there. crimea? and, no, we don't have forces in syria. what are you talking about? i mean, so -- >> right. and nato's a mess, the u.n. security council isn't doing much, exactly right. a press conference, sergey lavrov, foreign minister of russia and our secretary of state got together, and john kerry looked like a bobblehead. kept agreeing with everything lavrov was saying, pretending we were on the same page. they need to have a meeting, hash this out and either say, we, the united states, are going
3:33 pm
in and we're going to try to get assad out, and you better get out of the way and we're giving you a warning and then we need to do it because we mean it, because that's the u.s. policy and we're trying to implement u.s. policy and need to be credible. oh we need to just stop this charade, back out and let the russians just be in there. what i don't want to see is a pretend agreement from two politicians who are at a press conference pretending to agree and then sending in our men and women in fighter jets, and that there's going to be some sort of disagreement in the sky. that's a recipe for disaster. >> do you see it, which way do you see it? is russia in a position of weakness working from that stand point, or, maybe perhaps maintaining itself into a corner or is russia actually gaining power in that area? >> russia, look, they're on the offense. i spent the entire week, the u.n. week, inside the u.n., talking to diplomats, and, look,
3:34 pm
diplomats are realists. what they're saying -- the international community is saying, is, look, we've been waiting for the americans to do something for a very long time. the refugees have been sitting outside of the border in syria for four years in tents. i don't know about you, i couldn't be in a tent for a couple of days let alone four years. no wonder they're racing into hungry. what the international communities' patience lost means for us is, they are going to follow the country, the person, who stands up and has plan. the russians not only are against the u.s. policy, they actually put military hardware inside syria. >> so does that mean -- >> they actually have a plan they're implemented. >> does that mean the u.s. is losing influence in that part of the world? >> yes. there's no question about it. we've lost a lot of influence. the diplomats on the ground and in the region are going to follow the country that is developing their plan and implementing their plan. that's the russians. they're looking to the russians.
3:35 pm
they don't want to challenge the russians. they're giving lip service to the americans. >> hmm. so much more to talk about, but i have to leave it there, because we are out of time for now, but i'm sure we'll keep talking about about this. definitely a situation that keeps unfolding. rick, next time you bring yourself to new york, come talk to me. the agreement. >> or you come to california. >> i'm there. thanks a lot. good to see you. >> see ya. and staggering numbers coming in how cyber crime is taking its toll in the global economy. annual cost estimated at nearly half a trillion, trillion with a t, the key to making illegal activity work is what's called the dark web. that's where cyber criminals can collaborate to share information. without being detected. how does it work? what's being done to try and shut it down? in new york city, to our newsroom to describe the dark web. >> hi, eric. fake passports, drugs, credit card numbers for sale on the
3:36 pm
so-called dark web. so, too, are the tools and the people needed to launch cyber attacks. >> you can get passports. you can get i.d. cards. >> reporter: this is one of 6,5 hp researchers to make up ibm's x force, a group operating undercover where cyber attacks are born. >> my purpose in the dark web is to understand what krim nas are talking about what they're discussing, who they're planning to attack. how they're planning to do it. >> reporter: ibm says the anonymity allows cyber criminals to recruit hacker, sell malwear viruses and strategize about everything how to hack into a luxury car to how to launch an attack against banks. the vp of ibm security says corporations need to share information to combat these attacks. >> that's not what happens today. someone finds out about the attack, that information is held in a privaty security company. maybe it's shared with their
3:37 pm
customers. it's not shared on a global basis. >> reporter: that's why the company launched this online database, x force exchange, which keeps track of the 15 to 20 billion attack as day against their customers. one krieg cyber expert says data sharing is not without risk. >> the good thing about information sharing is everybody can learn from everyone else's mistakes. the bad thing about it is that sometimes an attacker can also know when they've been detected and when they have not been detected. >> reporter: allowing the criminal to alter their attack. we are all equally vulnerable. >> something affecting a small clinic in germany today may affect a very large bank in missouri tomorrow. >> reporter: according to the united nations, nearly 80% of all cyber attacks come from highly orange ehigh ly organized gangs forming right there on the dark web. >> 15 million attacks every day? >> yeah. spam and all of that stuff, that counts as an attack.
3:38 pm
>> unbelievable. ryan, thanks so much. >> no problem. all right, guys. joe biden hasn't even decided if he's going to run for president, but news that the vice president's team met with the dnc has renewed speculation, and supporters are already lining up. how would a biden campaign change the playing field for democrats? >> get out of my way. will ya? ched. ready for the knockout? you don't know "aarp." he's staying in shape by keeping his brain healthy and focused with aarp's staying sharp. with engaging online games developed by the top minds in brain science, and exercise and stress reduction tips that can help impact brain health, so he's ready for the real possibilities ahead. if you don't think top of my game when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at
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news that members of vice president biden's staff met with the dnc this week, well, it's
3:43 pm
stirring up more speculation about a possible white house run, giving hillary clinton sagging poll numbers. what kind of an impact could a biden bid have on the race? joining me now, professor of law and political science at usc and a fox news contributor. always good to see you, susan. >> good to see you. i love that color, by the way. >> thank you very much. so let's -- >> you look great today. >> ah, thank you, susan. what's the upside for vice president biden, if he throws his hat in the ring? >> you know, he wanted to be president. he wanted to be president enough to try for it twice. he's been a loyal number two for eight years. it's now or never. we used to joke in massachusetts that every alderman sees a president when he shaves in the morning. you know? had he looks in the morning, that's the president. almost every member of the senate, i think, in my experience, dreams of being president, and joe biden has been around washington a long
3:44 pm
time. i'm sure he would love to be president. my fear is that, you know, right now he's beloved in this country, and a bruising, difficult, hard campaign in which he'll be attacked a lot for obama's policies, may leave joe biden not only not president but frankly in worse shape in the eyes of the american people than he is right now. >> and that's what i was -- >> when he is much loved. >> that's my point. what's the up side? so many possible down sides. let's go on and continue our conversation. how does it change the race for the democrats, and could a biden run splinter the votes for all of the candidates that's weakening chances for the dems to keep the keys to the white house? >> well, i don't know if it will weakth the chance to keep the keys to the white house. what's happened and significance of the dnc meeting, hillary has been the nominee-apparent. it usually means the democratic
3:45 pm
national committee will work hand in hand with the nominee, as it were, to make sure that they're raising money, and hillary clinton's had a deal with the dnc to help raise money, which would be used in the general election. so what i imagine biden's people went in and said, because i used to work at the dnc many years ago, they went in and said, we expect you to be neutral. if joe biden runs, it's not like bernie sanders running, who's an insurgent, not expecting dnc support. they're going to go to the dnc and say, we expect you to be neutral. it doesn't mean biden is running, but it certainly means the people around biden, all of whom i think want him to run, are taking the necessary steps in case he decides to do it. >> so let's go here. what if vice president biden decides not to run, susan? how will hillary clinton and bill sanders alter their strategy? right now pivoting, waiting to see if joe biden's going to get in the race? >> hillary will be very happy.
3:46 pm
i don't know about bernie sanders. he'd probably be happy, too. face it. there's a debate next tuesday night. seeing hillary debating bernie sanders and my friend martin o'malley is not near as interesting, shall we say, or hot, as if we had joe biden in there. if we had donald trump even more fun, but joe biden would make the debate more interesting and i think would give people a -- let me not get into too much trouble, but a credible alternative to hillary. somebody who is obviously qualified, and is a credible alternative, which i'm not sure bernie sanders -- sorry bernie -- really is. >> yes or no. will vice president biden run? >> i keep saying no, because i like him as a person. i respect him as an individual, and i know how grueling and horrible presidential politics can be, and i don't think he can win. that's the problem. so i hate to see him get hurt. so i'll say, no. >> okay. by the way, i think i called
3:47 pm
senator sanders bill. i just said hillary and the word that comes next to hillary is bill. there you go. >> hillary without a bill. >> right. with a bill, hello. all right. >> hello. >> women rule. okay, susan. got to run. you and i could jet on forever. don't forget, read susan's syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. >> that's true. bill and hillary and hillary and bill. next time you put something on plastic you may not have to swipe it. news cards rolling out. got one yet? a fancy high-tech chip on them replacing the stripe. man, oh, man, are people having trouble. how it works and why they say it is good for us. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation,
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direction, but they come with new rules in effect and some folks are having trouble with them. the founder of help save my doctors will help save all of this. i go to the store and now i want to swipe, but it doesn't work. you have to wait and you have to sit there and wait. they do it twice. it is going to take getting used to, but think of it going into a store. it's putting your card into an atm instead of swiping. the goal is to cut down on credit card fraud. they will try to go into stores pretending they are you, but what they try to do is every time the card is used, it's a specific and unique number that talks to the computer and validates the card and lets them know it is you and makes it tough for them to make fake credit cards.
3:53 pm
>> they once bought $500 worth of furniture in italy. can they do it with this chip some i imagine it's harder to manufacture a chip like this. >> it's much more difficult. the thing to know is this doesn't apply to online purchases where a lot of us do our shopping. the concerns for the new transition was supposed to take effect october 1st. they will switch to targeting people online. this really forces people online. >> a lot of people show certain people have not received them. if you haven't received them, call your credit card company and say when will i get one and ultimately what is the new technology. largely the new rules suggest that whoever is using the card,
3:54 pm
whether it's the retailer and changing the machine or the credit card issuer. they will be responsible, not the consumer. >> like the storeowner? >> they have to change the device within the store to accept the card. >> if they don't? >> then they are financially responsible. >> she was explaining about that and the customer was there and explaining she got a new card with a different number. she couldn't use the card. aren't you supposed to have the same card with the same number and give you the new with the chip? >> it has the chip and when you go to the store, it will take getting used to in terms of dipping the card instead of swiping as you are used to. this is to protect the consumers. >> only liable for up to $50 or so? >> traditionally, the federal rules and if you report it quickly enough, for debit cards
3:55 pm
it's higher at $500. start using credit cards instead of debit cards because the protections are better. >> i tried to do that at sam's club. whatever new stuff they add on to prevent fraud is a good thing. >> you need to be careful online because fraudsters will transition to targeting people online. check your passwords and credit card statements more than normal to keep an eye out. >> that is the best advice. i started online and your bank and credit cards. look and see what the merchants are. i do that every few days thankfully. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> i have the chip and when i used to tease without the chip, before i had it they would look at me like you backwards american. when we come back, an unusual fall tradition in colorado.
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. >> the winner will be named ma nana. >> that does it for us. julie is up next. >> tomorrow at 12:00 and 4:00 here on the fox news channel. thanks for watching. >> a terror attack on a nato ally, double explosions killing more than 90 people in an antiwar rally in turkey's capital. i'm julie banderas. the attack called the leadliest in turkey's modern history and the dramatic history captures the black. >> the two explosions happening seconds apart. you can see the chaos unfolding as people run for their lives. the prime minister said they are strong indications that they were suicide bombings. so far no


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