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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  October 11, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> meantime the ship's owner said al faro sanction or was near where the last known position was. that's from the fox affiliate in jacksonville, florida. >> nelson is on the commerce committee that has jurisdiction. he said investigators hold him how the captain sounded before the ship's sinking. >> the voice was very calm. it was not alarmed even though he lost power. >> he is serious by the issues.
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nelson told us he was able to get a look at the sister ship. that according to ntsb. >> reporting from the fox affiliate in jacksonville, florida. >> american actor randy quaid in custody after police say he and his wife tried to cross the border from canada to the united states. quaid appeared in movies like inside day and national
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lampoon's vacation. cyber criminals wreaking havoc around the world and keeping their identity secret. they shine a light on the dark web. a surfer fighting for his life after a gruesome shark attack. >> i was holding his head and trying to keep him focused on me. his eyes were rolling back and it looked like he was going. he lost his leg. woman: my mom and i have the same hands.
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>> rushed to the hospital after being in critical condition after a shark bite in hawaii. the attack came from underneath him. he managed to get away and yelled for help. he was in such bad shape when they helped him out of the water here at the beach. >> i thought it was red board shorts, but it was a lot of blood he lost. he was not walking. all his buddies surrounding him and helping him out of the water. he was limping. >> he was hospitalized with wounds to the left leg and cuts on his hands. from his fight with the shark, beachgoers are warned to stay out of the water for now. >> now to the growing problem of
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cyber attacks. they government the global economy $445 billion a year. now that company is giving us an up close known as a dark web. i hope you can shine a light on this one. >> i will do my best. that's the amoninous internet. people can chat and no one can trace it. they are made up of a random 16 digits. everyone can enter, but you have to have the know how to use it. passports, drugs, counterfeit money is bought here, but it's where cyber criminals organize and launch cyber attacks. >> you can get passports and id cards. >> this is one of 6500 researcher who is make up the x force, a group operating deep under cover in anonymous dark
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web forums and discussion boards where cyber attacks are born. >> it's what criminals are talking about and what they are discussing and who they are planning to attack and how they are planning to do it. >> they said the anonymity allow them to strategize openly from how to hack into a car. this is the vp of ibm securities and said corporations need to share information to combat these attacks. >> that's not what happened. >> that's why the company launched this database. that keeps track of the attacks
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see the bad thing about it and an attacker can know when they have been detected and not. >> the clinic in germany today may affect a large bank in missouri tomorrow. >> according to the united nations, 80% of cyber attacks form and prosper on the dark web. >> is there a way to protect ourselves? >> don't hit the spam. they come in the e-mail. each one will let you open at work and home. >> don't open an e-mail if you don't know the sender? >> don't do it. they come through the e-mails. >> i got an e-mail the other day. next time i will send it to my quarantine box.
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>> congressman paul ryan under pressure to run for speaker of the house after saying he does not want the job. will he or won't he? plus -- >> we have the biggest crowds, bigger than sanders by far. including where we are running against in people like florida, we are running against a sitting senator. senator. >> confidence in donald trump. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow!
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this is the fox report. this is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. at least 90 people are dead and 200 wounded after a pair of bombings. the explosion happening seconds apart at a peace rally. the sergeant bo bern bergdahl is charged with diversion and misbehavior. the pentagon said they will seek to make condolence payments after a u.s. air strike hit a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. 22 people died in the bombings. republicans
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then growing pressure for congressman paul ryan to step up to the plate. he said in the past he doesn't want to job. kristin, where do things stand with paul ryan? i know he has donald trump's blessing. >> reporter: right now paul ryan is at home. with his wife and family. has the other family the republicans. yesterday a spokesman which ryan chairs said he appreciates the support from the colleagues and still not running from speaker. but ryan is under enormous pressure even with the former and current candidates for the job. >> i am a huge fan of paul ryan and i would hope he would do it.
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>> he has respect of all of us. even though who don't vote for him. he is a reasonable person and rational thinking he could help bring us together. >> if he does it, he would be an amazing speaker. but he has to decide on his own. >> as for when that decision will be who knows. >> what happens if there is not a speaker. >> reporter: boehner will stay. congress is dealing with the debt ceiling. part of the reason speaker boehner resigned he didn't want to do those issues. >> all right thank you so: >> more on the house speaker drama with former speaker newt
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gingrich. be sure to check your local listings. senator bernie sanders stumping in colorado with three days to go until the first democratic presidential debate. he will give a preview and releasing a statement criticizing hillary clinton for her support of the iraq war. on the republican side, donald trump slammed hillary clinton. >> honestly if that were a republican it would be called jail time. >> clinton said using the private server was not the best idea, but she insists she did nothing wrong. north korea, scary words tonight. ready for war with the united states. that from the hermit kingdom's leader kim jong-un. in a parade with the communist
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party rule. this is our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. north korea, celebrating the ruling party's 70th anniversary with a lavic military parade. kim jong-un warned his army is ready to respond to the war against the united states. berlin. more than 100,000 people marching in protest of a trade deal between the united states and european union. demonstrators organized by german trade unions said it will lower food safety and labor. but the government argues that the deal boosts the global economy. >> china, a man saving a man. he fell over in front of a car. witnesses rush to help the car's
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driver and lift the car off of the man. he is expected to be okay because the bystanders jumped in to action quickly. >> india a leopard sparking panic when it went in neighborhood. police worked to capture the leopard safely. that is a wrap in 80 seconds. >> oldest military base. a historic golf showers. jon scott hits the links to explain. plus there is this. >> it is right. and you know, that little girl chose life. >> might be the youngest ever homecoming queen. why this football team found their hero in a three-year-old little girl.
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panera. food as it should be. >> one of the americans in the french train attack recovering. spencer stone now reportedly in fair condition as police search for two suspects in the incident. the american airmen is one of three americans who stopped a terrorist attack in the french train. this time he was trying to protect a woman when a fight broke out. the attack is not related to the incident in france. big developments in europe's refugee crisis. the greek's migrant processing center will open and allow for migrants to be flown to other
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countries in the european union. this comes as 120 african men and women and children were rescued attempting the voyage to italy. they are fleeing war and poverty. amy kellogg has the latest. >> this is not a emergency or unforeseen. >> reporter: we'll have to confront. >> reporter: they are a major entry point for migrants rescued overseas. this city has taken pains to give them dignity in death. the mayor is proud of the monument to 17 of the more than 100 refugee who arrived in the city already dead. tombstones are about the
2:41 am
loneliness of migration from sea. the journey is a hard one, too. many are battered and beaten before they set sail by gangs and traffickers and many women are raped. >> i am humbled by the young men and women who come here. they do the trip and there is just that hope. a hope of a new life. >> reporter: in the meantime there are italians on deck trying to help the new newcomers on their feet. this is run on volunteers and the mayor is proud of his people. >> they are extraordinary and the volunteers and who day and night mobilize to find a meal to welcome people with a spirit. and i am proud of the people siciowa ly. it is a place of great gens onitiy. >> reporter: that is amy kellog
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fox news. >> a traffic accident that shuts down the interstate. it is florida, crews responding to a roll over crash in miami finding what appeared to be a grenade in the vehicle. they shut down i- 95 so the bomb squad could vfkt. turns out it was a toy. authorities confirming there was no danger and reopening the interstate. washington d.c. world war ii planes flying over to honor. >> look at the memorials and the center of the free world and being able to fly and recognizing the disabled veterans over those icons is important. >> lucky veterans went along for
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the ride. and taking off and heading to the pentagon and over the potammac river and by the national mall. colorado a little girl battling multiple medical issues getting the royal treatment. the high school football team pitched in to help franz form the yard in to a grassy playground. she helps them in ways she will never know. >> when we saw her walk out on the lawn. it touched my heart. >> she impacted the team and they invited her to the homecoming game and crowned her the 2015 homecoming queen. [applause] >> and also in colorado, pumpkin chumpkin. silly name of serious feats of
2:44 am
engineering. facing off in aurora to so who can hurl the pumpkins the partest. >> thousands gather in washington for the anniversary of the million man march. >> and a girl finishes the track meet in to the arms of her father. this heart warming reunion. you don't want to miss it. >> my heart is beating out of my chest. i haven't seen her. if you have moderate to severe
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>> today it the 20th anniversary of the million man march. to mark the occasion black men from across our country gaerth ared in the national hall. calling for police reform and fix failing education system. it was held in 1995. more than 400000 peaceful protestors gathered in washington where they pledgeed to improve their lives and family. >> and anyone who loves golf can pursue that in a place that might surprise you. >> west point, george
2:49 am
washington's brain child and the oldest military academy. known for the stone architecture and cadet chapel. it is it the best of those who led american in wartime. grant, leeh, icen houser and petraeus and others. and now it is a place where america's wars are memorialized in one of america's favorite games. you got that, right. >> carved in the granite hills of west point's 16000 acre is the golf course. historic in its own right. it is the product of robert trent jones senior and built in the world war ii year.
2:50 am
using the german prisoners of war transported from the battlefields of europe to the post. i play a round with general frost. 83. he was a freshman and now he has served all over the world in bosnia and afghanistan. he is now chief of public affairs and his concern is how the american civilians and military personnel relate to one another. >> we have a divide. less than one percent of the population served in the military. and so as we are cresting off of the last 14 years of warfare, although there is a lot of concern and danger in the world and forces that are deployed around the world, we do want to insure that the civilian society and military society come
2:51 am
together and this is a great place to do that. >> one of his west point classmate and fellow soccer team member is dan rice. >> i wouldn't bet he would be in the position. and rice fulfilled the army commitment and went to the business world and reenlisted in the iraq war. back in the states and back in business. rice and fellow graduates saw one opportunity right in the west point gates. the hotel, owned by the u.s. government and managed as well as the federal budget. >> it was struggling and after 9/11, and a group of graduates took over the management of the hotel and revived the hotel. and we have corporate strategy meetings here and we have over 100 weddings and it is a great place and part of america's history and owned by the
2:52 am
american public. which brings us back to the golf course. it was in need of spit shining. and so the markers on the course commemorating the major wars. number one american revolution and a war won by the man who gave birth to this place. golfers are reminded of the military battles that shaped our nation. war of 1812 and civil war, our nation's bloodiest in which armies were led on both sides. >> whether they are loyal to the union or south. for a lot of cadets it took their individual states to succeed before they went with the south. >> that is brother on brother. and freedom and how close you know each other here, it is incredible. you have the north and south and
2:53 am
confederacy and union. but close personal friends and understand the habits and weaknesses. it is significant. >> through korea and the cold war, golfers arrived in the 13th hole vietnam. it was controversial and led by general westmooreland who graduated from west point but served as superintendant. >> a lot of people would like to forget vietnam. but it is important for west point to remember. >> they stayed with it and bore the next couple -- leaders you see in afghanistan and iraq. the course is on west point property but open to the public p. the cost goes in to recreation for cadets.
2:54 am
>> it is the kind of story we never get tired of. a lieutenant surprising his 7th grade daughter in a track meet south of atlanta. take a look. you can see she nearly fell over with excitement. they hadn't seen each other for months. but this reunion was worth with the wait. it was excited and nervous and balled up in one feeling at. >> it was one of the best days of my life. >> and she said she was feeling tired that day and didn't want to go to the meet and of course, now, she is certainly really glad she went. >> and earlier we asked you to chime in on one of our stories on the report. will vice-president biden run for president. and whose campaign would he hurt
2:55 am
more. and should he be be in the tuesday debate. >> it would make bernie irrelevant. joe biden will get the democrats race and should be in the debate. and if so, game over for hillary clinton. tweet me at julie banderas. i accept i'm not 22. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. that really mattered to me. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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♪ ♪ >> we searched far and wide to find a song to suit the story. thank you, producers for spending time on this. it was worth it. fresh grouch canine officers heading to the streets. the ceremony for the 12 newest graduates. they went through a 20 week training program including obedience and agility and explosive and narcotics detection. they will serve with the new york state police and warren county sheriff's office. that is encounsellor. ability. do they have a program for husbands? i think shea should. will v, joe biden run for president. would it hurt sander ares or
2:58 am
hillary clinton. >> no only declared candidates. he would hurt bernie and the hillary zealots can't be swayed. hillary would break out in hives. it will hurt bernie's campaign more. and no question, hillaries. keep the question going. the conversation doesn't stop here. it continues after the break. and that's how fox reports this saturday. october 10th. i am julie banderas. thanks for watching. stay right there. stoszle
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hi, friends. good morning. today is sunday, the 11th of october, 2015. i'm anna kooiman and this is a fox news alert. a big break for bowe bergdahl. an army officer says the man who deserted his post in afghanistan and was traded for the taliban five terrorists should avoid prison time. what this means for his case, ahead. and thousands marched on washington yesterday demanding equal rights. but the message from the stand, some of it was pure hate. >> every other day we see a young black male being murdered by the blue club clan. >> down, down, usa. down, down usa! >> i don't know if you caught


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