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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 11, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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"media buzz." i'm howard kurtz. thanks for joining us. check out our facebook page. give us a like. we post a lot of original content there. we're back here next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. the pressure is on paul ryan as house colleagues launch a full-court press urging the wisconsin congressman to enter the race to succeed outgoing speaker john boehner. >> congress and ryan understandd to spend time with his family. at home in janesville, wisconsin. while soul searching over whether to launch that bid for the third most powerful seat in american politics an opportunity he has turned down in the past citing family concerns. meantime, three days after kevin
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mccarthy's sudden exit from the speaker's race, the chairman of one key caucus is saying his group is willing to consider ryan for the job. >> paul ryan is a good man, a great communicator, the kind of messenger i think our party needs. certainly if he gets in the race i think our group would look favorably on him. >> will ryan run? krist kristen fisher is live with the latest. >> so much of this is centered around what will the freedom caucus do? those are the very conservative house republicans largely responsible for the outgoing speaker's early retirement. the caucus' chairman jim jordan says they've already endorsed daniel bebber but they would consider paul ryan if he decides to run. >> we're much more concerned about reforming the institution. this is not just about who the next speaker is. it's about what's going to change the business as usual attitude around there, changing that is foremost on our minds that's what we're focused on. >> meantime congressman paul ryan is spending the weekend far
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from the chaos on capital hill. he's home watch willing football with his wife and three children, spend gd time with his family is a big part of the reason ryan said he doesn't want the job, though privately he's said to be reconsidering. it's the political sars that would inevitably come from being speaker that makes the job perhaps less appealing, something newt gingrich warned him about today on "fox news sunday." >> i think paul should be very cautious. he is the most prestigious member of the house on the republican side. he has the best future. he's still very young. it's easy to get 218 on the first vote. then you get to keeping the government open through a continuing resolution. then you get to the debt ceiling f. you're not careful, by christmas you resemble john boehner. >> there's also been a lot of talk about possibly bringing in an outsider like newt gingrich to fill that leadership vacuum in the house but today gingrich said that is, quote, totally implausible. he said he has no plans to
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return to capitol hill. >> chris tcontinue thanks so much. you can catch more of what jim jordan the chairman of the caucus says. he is on fox news sunday along with house speaker newt gingrich both talking about ryan p potentially become being the next speaker of the house. that's about two hours from now at 2:00 p.m. and repeated at 6:00 p.m. tonight. a fox news alert. turkey declaring three days of mourning after a pair of suicide bombings yesterday killed 95 people at a peace rally in the country's capital. hundreds more were injured according to the turkish government. 160 people are still in the hospital. 65 of them in critical condition. meanwhile, thousands gathering in aunk ra to pay respects to the victims but it did not go off peacefully. a scuffle breaking out as police prevented mourners from laying
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flowers at the site of the bombings. turkey is appointing a panel to investigate the attacks. on this sunday, russian forces on the move in syria gaining more ground in the north we're told as president obama claims vladimir putin is dealing he says from weakness not strength. while putin claims his foreign policy is in his words peaceful. this as iran has announced it has fired a new long range prexigs decided missile that can potentially hit our allies in the region. tehran it can travel 1,000 miles, far enough for iran to potentially hit tel-aviv, jer use lem, and ennven istanbul. john bolton is with us. ambassador, first, dismissal. why wasn't it banned under the iranian nuclear deal? >> i think it was a fundmental
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flaw to the entire approach of the negotiations by the obama administration not to consider issues like iran's ballistic my il program as part of the problem. this program is not designed to launch weather communication satellites. it's designed to be a delivery system for nuclear warheads. so this announcement today and i have to say, of course, i take everything that iran says with a big grain of salt, it's not particularly new in terms of its range. they have missiles that are capable of reaching the range that you just described. the big breakthrough may be, if it's true, its guidance system because the more accurate the missile is obviously the greater the devastation it can cause. and then as their thrust capabilities and rocket sophistication grow, they can project the warhead further and further an the earth. and with that guidance system make it a danger worldwide. >> let's look at the map. you talk about the important advance. you know about this.
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is the precision part of this. what can they hit? how well can they do it? or do you think it's all bluster? >> again, i don't believe anything the ayatollahs say without further investigation, but you can look at the map there and obviously it puts israel, the oil producing monarchies of the arabian peninsula within range and american-deployed forces in kwain and qatar the united emirates and bahrain. this is something if they have really made a significant advance in the capabilities of their guidance system it puts close friends of ours ond our own troops at much greater risk. >> this is all happening with the russian war planes flying over syria. their president is on "60 minutes" tonight. let's take a look at what he said. >> he's chael evening your leadership, mr. president. >> steve, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops
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in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leader 147. >> he said it is putin who's weak. >> well, it's very dangerous for the united states when a president becomes delusional. let's take the two point pz the president made that russia has a weak economy. well, number one, nothing new there. russia didn't have a strong economy during the cold war. it just put its resources towards nuclear weapons ballistic missiles and conventional armaments which made it a threat. that's what putin is increasingly doing here even with low international oil prices. and in terms of the move into syria, it's certainly the case dh that assad was under pressure. but what muten is doing is taking advantage of the weakness he sees in america under obama. he will shore up the assad regime and he will demonstrate both to our friends in the region and our adversaries that russia is a dependable ally as
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opposed to washington and that they're prepared to do what's necessary to protect their friends, as opposed to washington. and i think that's a significant opportunity for putin that he's going to continue to exploit until he sees some american pushback. >> at the same time, finally, what can we do about this humanitarian crisis? can we bomb the helicopters to stop the barrel bombing or is that too late because of the russian war plane snz can we establish safe zone corridors for the refugees. >> i think that's very difficult to do at this point. i think honestly the real answer is for the president, our president, to do what he said he was going do which is degrade and ultimately destroy isis. the way to put the lie to putin's claim that he's trying to stabilize the middle east is to do instead what we need to do and prevent isis from establishing a stable state in the region and threatening us and western europe with terrorist attacks. >> ambassador, that's not happening yet.
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thank you, as always, for joining us. >> thank you. an army official now recommending that sergeant bowe bergdahl face no jail time according to his attorney. instead, the officer has decided bergdahl should face a lower level court-martial that could possibly allow him to walk free. sergeant bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he captured by the taliban after laefing his post in june 2009 and returned to the u.s. last year following a controversial prisoner swap. elizabeth prann is live in washington with the details. >> this the result of an article 32 hearing what would be a preliminary hearing in civilian court. the guidelines suggested are not necessarily what will trance fire. an army officer is suggesting that bowe bergdahl be spared sa iing he should face no jail time. a special court-martial rather than a general court-martial.
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they cannot be sentenced it more than a year. it's no more severe than a bad conduct charge. as you remember, military prosecutors charged bergdahl in march with desertion for leaving his post and endangering the lives of troops who searched for him, a charge which could carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. >> this guy defected. he went over to the enemy. he gave them aid and comfort and yes, he was tortured. he was held for five years. but it was because he walked away, presented himself to the enemy, and let me be painfully clear here. at least seven u.s. soldiers, three british soldiers died in the process of trying to recover him after his bad behavior. it's not over yet. >> the controversial release for five taliban commanders drew criticism not only from republicans but also some democrats. military officials say regardless of this course recommendation, bergdahl deserted his come raradecomrade. another decision will be made as
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to whether or not mill tear officials even accept these recommendations. >> thanks, elizabeth. we have a fox news alert for you. iran yawn judges reaching a verdict, officials not publicly saying what the decision is u. but a judiciary spokesman confirming the verdict for jason rezaian. not saying what the verdict is but that it can be appealed within 20 days. everyone at the "post" and hit family anxiously awaiting. rezaian was detained. all were released except for him. our thoughts are with him and his family as we all wait to see what the iranian court has decided. >> hopefully this means freedom for him. >> absolutely. it's been almost a year since a 12-year-old boy in cleveland was shot and killed by a police officer. now investigators releasing some new findings into the death of tamir rice.
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plus this. >> well, joe's not having anything with the report ez. we want to ask him, is he going to run? no decision yet. they say he may be closer to a decision. we'll have the latest on whether mr. biden will make the bid for the white house. plus, can your sex life improve your overall health? we'll tell you more when the doctors are in for "sunday housecall." ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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we have some new details to tell you about in the shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. you may remember the young boy was killed by a police officer last november in cleveland. rice was waving a toy gun at the time. now investigators are saying that the officers' actions in that shooting were reasonable given the circumstances they say. brian ennis is following this very controversial story. >> well, the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office in ohio
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released two independent outside expert reports who both found the officer who shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice acted reasonably. he was shot and killed by timothy loehmann on november 22nd of last year after a 911 caller said there was a guy in the park with a pistol pointing it at people. the officers who responded were not told the caller also said that it was probably a juvenile and that the gun was fake. loehmann got out of the car and within two seconds fired his gun twice within seven feet of rice, killing the 12-year-old. after police realized that the gun was a pellet gun, the shooting resulted in protests around the country. now the prosecutor's office has released two expert testimonies they say in the interest of being transparent. one expert said in his report, there can be no doubt that rice's death was tragic and indeed when one considers his age heartbreaking. however, officer loehmann's belief that rice posed a threat of serious physical harm or
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death was objectively reasonable as was his response to that perceived threat. the other expert a retired fbi agent saying, the only facts that matter in determining if the officer acted reasonably are those he had at the time. saying, officer loehmann had no information to suggest the weapon was anything but a real handgun and the speed with which the confrontation progressed would not give the officer time to focus on the weapon. rice's lawyers say the release of these expert reports prove the prosecutor's office does not want accountability, saying, any presentation to a grand jury without the prosecutor advocating for tamir is a charade. to get so-called experts to assist in the whitewash when the world has the video of what happened is all the more alarming. the prosecutor's office says they are not reaching anys base opinions. a grand jury will ultimately decide whether or not officer loehmann will be charged. >> brian, we'll see what the
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grand jury does. thank you. we're going to get more on our top story now. house republicans launching an all-out effort to draft a reluctant congressman paul ryan to succeed retiring house speaker john boehner and with a conference starkly divided along ideological lines at a number of crucial deadlines in the near future, the big question is will ryan take the plunge? let's bring in david directioner, senior correspondent for the washington examiner. david, good to see you this morning. >> good to see you. >> let's start with this. taking his political aspirations into consideration, he was already on the romney/ryan ticket, does ryan take the job as speaker? he could go down in history as t savior or as a speaker weak on political leadership. which is it going to be? >> really good question. i think the way to look at this is to think about paul ryan's career as he as as planned it out for himself, not whether he
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has presidential aspirations in the future. he could have run this time and chose not to. he's the chairman of the house ways and means committee. that's been his dream job since he entered congress and he has it. he's also had no desire to do the political work that a speaker has to do in terms of herding calves on capitol hill and basically traveling 24/7 to raise money for the party. he understands how to do the political work. i think he'd be very good at the political work. but he hasn't wanted to do that. part ever that is he has a young family, has young kids. he spends every weekend home in wisconsin. will he change his mind for the god and country argument sna that's why he's reconsidering now. they've prevailed on him given mccarthy's exit to reconsider. >> is that a simple yes that you think he will run? >> what i can tell you especially given how unpredictable things have done is i have really good sources house republicans telling me they think he's leaning toward changing his mind. on the other hand, i have just
9:21 am
as good of sources telling me they don't think at the end of the day he'll do it. so you tell me. >> i don't think he's going to do it. but it's not my place to say. i just did anyway. let's move on to another political story that's in headlines. i want to show you a poll, latest poll, showing a ten-point drop in five days for hillary clinton's poll numbers. you've got bernie sanders up four points in the same period as well as vice president joe biden who is not an official candidate at this point. i want to talk to you about this, david. how much is hillary clinton's decreasing poll numbers due to the amount of media coverage of her e-mail crisis? how much is due to hillary's handling of that crisis? and then how much is a natural sluffing off of poll numbers when you start as the presumptive front-runner? >> so yes yes and yes. you've got an e-mail and server scandal that has just really torn her down. the fact that she hasn't been able to deal with it properly has made it even worse. and as you state, whenever you
9:22 am
start high there's nowhere to go but down. that's just a problem. so you look at this and i say, if vice president joe biden gets in the race it will be another slew of bad headlines, weak hillary, front-runner no longer the front uner, the vice president felt this became a race worth him getting in. i would say this, though. i think long term the vice president running could actually be good for hillary clinton because she's still in a better position to win the nomination than the vice president. then it goes from hillary barely escapes bernie sanders challenge to hillary defeats sitting vice president. a much better headline for her. so you've got to look at this with all of its flexties and say that you still expect her to be the nominee and the vice president running actually makes her look better long term potentially than worse. >> speaking of the vice prison, could mr. biden be waiting to see how the polls shake out following the first democratic debate that's coming up this week to determine if it's worth the political possible political carnage that goes with running
9:23 am
for president? >> well, it's very possible that he's looking to see how this debate goes, but i really think for somebody like joe biden in the position he's personally in and professionally and the fact we're mid-october. he's either going to run or not. it's not good to have anything to do with how the first debate goes. and i wouldn't be surprised if he actually doesn't know yet. a lot of times -- we're conditioned as political reporters to think that we look at all the data points and think the fix is in one way or the other. but these are human beings. sometimes they really don't know what they're doing until the minute before they do it. i'm not sure if joe biden has actually made up his mind yet. >> we will see. i'm not going to ask you to call that one. it's definitely a tough call. david drucker, always good to see you. >> thank you. we've got a bit of good news for the rain-soaked folks in south carolina. officials in georgetown say the black river has crested that means the water level has now dropped by five inches.
9:24 am
that devastating record rainfall last weekend threatened the coastal towns as rivers swelled over the top. meanwhile, we're told the two recovery centers in columbia are offering to help with rent and home repairs. as you can see, the cleanup efforts are under way across the state as people try to salvage whatever they can. >> managed to get the canoe and got up to the house and floated up my wife and daughter, and our dog. and our baggage. >> we are literally gutting debris removal, like this particular house we've taken -- we helped them take everything out and we've gutted it down to the studs. >> janice dean is live in the fox weather center. janice, 67 and cloudy in columbia. that must be the best news they can get. >> it is great news. now, we have rain in the area. it's not good to be like the record amounts they received a week ago this past weekend, but any rain is not a good thing as we try to get the rivers down.
9:25 am
>> looking at the past 36 hours, a weak area of low pressure moving offshore and the worst of the rainfall has left the region, which is great news. but we've seen a couple of inches of rain across vulnerable areas, areas that have seen over 2 feet of rain. we're going to look for the potential of showers along the coast and then a front is going to move through on tuesday. again, we're not going to see the rainfall amounts that we saw last weekend, but again any more rainfall is not welcome news. i just want to make sure people are aware. a quick look at your charleston forecast, cloudy skies today but again on wednesday that's when the front moves through. we'll see the potential for showers and thunderstorms but all in all, a good forecast. it's nice to see people coming together to help those in need in south carolina. back to you. >> that is for sure. in the clear finally. janice, thanks. well, americans spending more on health care than any other industrialized nation. but are we necessarily getting better care? the answer just might surprise
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