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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 11, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i'm sexy and you know it. >> you've been dying to say that the entire show. this has been a great show. thank you. thank you so much. thanks for watching. >> see you next week. as paul ryan spent the weekend under increased pressure to throw his hat into the ring to replace house speaker john bane, boehner, a former speaker of the houses had a warning for him today. >> first vote and then you get to keeping the government open to a continuing resolution and then the debt ceiling and if you're not careful, by christmas, you resemble john boehner. >> we'll talk it a member of the freedom caucus, mel brooks, about what he believes the next speaker needs to do to get the endorsement of conservative republicans. >> a controversial new development in the case of sergeant bowe bergdahl. his attorneys say an army officer is recommending no jail time despite military prosecutors charging bergdahl
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with crimes that could earn him life in prison. general jack keen joins us to break it down. >> my sit-down with ann romney who has opinions about campaign 2015. >> also i'm concerned about the dialogue and about the decency and respect we must have for everyone and the tone. >> welcome to "america's news headquarters" from washington. i'm shannon breen. >> nice to be with you. i'm leland vittert. one can imagine this is not a relaxing holiday weekend for paul ryan. the wisconsin congressman is under intense pressure to run for speaker of the house. the question remains though, would the hard-line republicans that helped push john boehner aside and were unhappy with kevin mccarthy's candidacy be willing to support ryan?
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kristen fisher has been following the story and counting the votes. joins us now with more. hi, kristen. >> so the answer to that question is maybe. conservative hard-liners are members of the house freedom caucus. their chairman was on fox news sunday. listen to what he said when asked if he would support congressman paul ryan for speaker. >> we have endorsed daniel webster. paul ryan is a good man, good communicator, the kind of messenger our party needs. if he gets in the race, i think our group would look favorably on him. >> paul ryan is spending the weekend far away from washington. today he's in wisconsin watching football with his wife and three young children. his family is a big part of the reason he said he does not want the job of speaker of the house. though privately he's said to be reconsidering. it is the political scars that would come with being speaker that makes the job perhaps less appealing. it is something former speaker of the house newt gingrich warned him about on fox news sunday. >> i think paul should be very
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cautious. he's the most prestigious member of the house on the republican side. he has the best future. he's still very young. it is easy to get to 218 on first vote and then keeping the government open through a continuing resolution and then the debt ceiling. if not careful, by christmas, you reemibsemble john boehner. >> there is talk of bringing in an outsider. but today, gingrich says that's inplausible and he has no plans to return to capitol hill. part of the reason speaker boehner resigned is because he didn't want to deal with the issues, so the thinking now is if anyone can unite the more moderate house republicans and the conservative freedom caucus, it is likely paul ryan. >> if only he will say yes. >> i know. >> think the weekend changes his mind? >> depends what happens with the packers. kristen fisher, thanks so much.
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congressman mel brooks is part of the freedom caucus which holds key 40 votes in the house speaker's race. he joins us now. thank you for your time. >> thank you, shannon. i appreciate being here. >> so your caucus has said they will endorse congressman dan webster. we know him well. he's been on this program many times before. there are other names that have since bubbled up. would you change your vote if you thought somebody more plausible would come forward and how do you feel about paul ryan? is he conservative enough for you? >> let me first back up to your initial comment about where the house freedom caucus was or has been. it is true the house freedom caucus endorsed daniel webster, former speaker of the house, as a florida house of representatives, we had house freedom caucus members, some already committed to kevin mccarthy, some committed to vote for jason chaffetz out of utah and some who were committed to voting for daniel webster out of florida. so we were not operating as a block, which seems to be what the media is projecting, but
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that's not in fact in accord with what has transpired. on to paul ryan, i have some reservations about paul and particularly with respect to amnesty for illegal aliens. he's been a staunch proponent of this amnesty program that was in the gang of eight senate bill, that over a ten-year period of time would have legalized or brought into america anywhere from 44 million to 57 million foreigners. if our economy was booming, that would be one situation. but our economy is rather anemic and i'm not going to support economic policies, immigration policies, that will deprive americans of jobs or suppress their wages. so paul will have to change his position a little bit. but paul is a charismatic v individual, he knows how to raise the money and communicate. he's got strings too. but the immigration stance that he's taken in the past, he would have to assure people like myself that those are not going to be forced through the house of representatives if he becomes
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speaker of the house. >> all right, so where do we go from here? we're going to wait and see if over the weekend he decides to get in. we have a couple of others who have thrown in their hats into the ring. are there additional candidates that you would like to see, jim jordan, obviously, leading the freedom caucus is somebody whose name keeps surfacing. there are others out there. it is interesting to me that jason chaffetz has said, you know, he basically -- he would vote for paul ryan. it seems like we're all over the place now. what is the road map moving forward? >> well, there are dozens of people who are in the house of representatives, who happen to be republicans, that would make very good speakers of the house. for instance, tom price out of georgia, marcia black burn out of tennessee, jim hensarling out of texas, steve scalise, the majority whip out of louisiana, rob bishop out of utah is looking at it. you mentioned jim jordan. and the people who have already declared. jason chaffetz out of utah and daniel webster out of florida. we have a lot of talent and it will be interesting to see who actually jumps into the ring and
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offers himself to serve in what is a very difficult position and often a short-term position. if you look over the last couple of decades, how many speakers have lasted as much as four or five years? not very many. >> a lot of people don't seem excited about doing the job. one of the main issues is a lot of folks talking about the return to regular order, the house is operating from continuing resolutions to funding governments, that sets up the issues with funding planned parenthood for people who object to that. how important is it to you to find a candidate you think can actually return the house to regular order? >> well, if we're going to operate as a republican is supposed to operate, we need to have regular order. what is the difference between regular order and what we have had over the last eight to ten years? it is a matter of whether you have five or ten people at the very top, the speaker and the house leadership, democrat side or republican side, that orders their party to vote a certain way and if they don't, there is
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spirit of retaliation that other members of that party are able to get. and so what daniel webster in particular is focus ing is bottoms up, all 445 congressman are empowered to bring their ideas to committee, to the house floor and if they can cobble together majority of the votes, their ideas can become law and influence america with respect to the very significant challenges that we face whether it be with defense spending, deficits and debt, free enterprise versus socialism, moral issues or what have you. >> thank you for making time for us on this sunday. >> thank you, shannon. >> all the best. >> turkey says it will appoint a panel to investigate suicide bombings that killed almost 100 people yesterday in ankara. twin bombs exploded within seconds of each other at a peace rally outside the main train station. no group so far is claiming responsibility. you see the explosions there. turkey's prime minister says kurdish rebels or islamic state militants are the most likely culprit. today, thousands came to the
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site to remember those killed and injured, some scuffles broke out as police tried to keep some pro kurdish mourners away saying they're still working on investigating that site. iran appears to have a new weapon in its arsenal. state tv in iran is reporting a new long range ballistic missile has been test fired. you see the video they provided there on the screen. the country's defense minister says it is for deterrents and it is the first long range rocket that can be precision guided all the way until it reaches its target. experts say if true, that is a major leap forward for iran in terms of accuracy. this is the first such missile test since iran and world powers reached that historic nuclear deal. the taliban claiming responsibility for an explosion targeting a nato convoy in the afghan capital of kabul today. authorities say at least three afghan civilians were wounded in that attack. the blast hit two armored vehicles belonging to foreign forces attached to the nato support mission.
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one of the vehicles was damaged at this point. there is confusion over whether the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber or a roadside bomb. a fox news alert now as we have a big development in the case of army sergeant bowe bergdahl. bergdahl's attorney announced that an army officer is now recommending no jail time for his client. military prosecutors charged bergdahl in march with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for leaving his post while serving in afghanistan. those charges could have sent bergdahl to prison for the rest of his life, a move many say would be fitting considering the controversial prisoner trade needed to get bergdahl back from the taliban. joining us now, fox news military analyst general jack keen. general, take us first through what actually this army officer that bergdahl's defense attorneys ruling he leaked out, what does this mean? >> first of all, what has taken place is a pretrial hearing that
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an officer is in charge of, the defense can present evidence and the prosecution. and at the conclusion of that, then he maybes recommendations based on the charges that we know exist, desertion, misbehaving before the enemy, is there sufficient evidence to warrant trial. that is the essence of his recommendation. it is unusual that a hearing officer would ever make a sentence recommendation because that's the province of a judge and a jury as a result of a trial. so the defense here is gaming, i think, the convening authority who is general abrams, the commander of forces command, who will receive this recommendation and make a judgment about what to do. and he has lots of discretion. he can do administrative action, bad combat discharge for bergdahl and strip him of his benefits and all of his rank, or he puts him into one of the available levels of court-martial that the army has. and one of them would bring him under the scrutiny of maximum
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penalty, life sentence, another court-martial, maximum penalty, one year sentence. >> how do you think the politics of this are playing in? is this a case of the white house putting a little pressure on the army here, saying, look, this didn't go the way we thought it would in terms of the prisoner trade, maybe politically it would just be better for this to go away, wouldn't that be more helpful? >> i think the white house certainly attempted to politicize this event for their own public relations game when bergdahl was released. >> the video of the president announcing his release. >> you can see on the screen, he brought bergdahl's parents to the white house ceremony. and that is certainly made this a very political event. i think charged a lot of people who were around this event that knew the facts. but i think in terms of the process itself, i think the american people can take some confidence in the process the army is using. it is the army process that brought us to the decision that bergdahl should be charged with desertion and misbehavior.
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and i don't believe there was any political impact on that process. now we're going to the second phase of that process, does the evidence warrant a trial? and that general abrams will make that decision, i'm convinced he will not be involved in any of this political nonsense that we saw in washington. >> from your vast experience and your time in the army, how often is it that general abrams in his position would so overrule and change the recommendation from the hearing officer thatard has? >> well, we don't know what the hearing officer's recommendation -- >> we know what his lawyer says it is. >> we all -- yeah, bergdahl, we do know the officer in charge of the investigation, a different officer, two-star general, who brought forward all the evidence did -- he was the one that obviously recommended the charges, he also -- as a result of that investigation, he did testify at the prehearing, his name is general doll, he said in his judgment, he believed the
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five years of harsh detention and captivity that bergdahl suffered should be considered that he not receive a prison sentence. but he should receive a dishonorable discharge. that was presented at the hearing. >> so bottom line here, this leak that we're hearing from bergdahl's attorney could mean a lot, it could mean absolutely nothing. >> i think for general abrams perspective, it means nothing. and he'll look at this thing based on is this sufficient evidence to support the charges. >> got it. and we'll see what the general decides coming up, appreciate your insight. good to have you, sir. russia's defensive in support of syria's embattled president appears to be working much to the displeasure of the white house that wants president bashar al assad in syria gone. russian warplanes are pounding anti-assad rebels and helping government troops advance, that's been happening over the weekend as well as today in syria. activists and officials there
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say there is intense fighting on several fronts. syrian military officer says his troops have reclaimed a village in a central province. meanwhile, president vladimir putin of russia is defending the air strikes. president putin says he's trying to stabilize the syrian government and create conditions for a political compriomise. we'll have more on this story. rick rennel will join us. new developments overnight in a controversial police shooting in cleveland last year. we'll have a report on the latest in the tamir rice case. the torrential rains may be over, but the devastation will linger for a long time. the latest on cleanup efforts under way now in south carolina. plus, just as the house committee investigating 20912 benghazi attack gets ready to hear from hillary clinton very soon, a former staffer who was recently fired now levels
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. a former investigator for the house select committee investigating the benghazi
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attacks is leveling explosive charges against the republican led panel. air force reserve major bradley patliska says he was fired for trying to conduct a comprehensive probe into the deadly embassy attack instead of focusing on hillary clinton. he told the new york times that the committee didn't initially set up the investigation to target clinton, but that the probe's focus changed over time. he also noted in a tv interview that he is a republican and would not vote for clinton in 2016. >> i'm trying to be objective about this. as i stated, hillary clinton had a lot of explaining to do. we, however, did not have to shift resources to hyper focus on hillary clinton. we did not need to de-emphasize and in some cases drop the investigation on some other individuals. >> in a statement leased today, trey gowdy says he was never told to focus on clinton, and never mentioned the former
10:21 am
secretary of state as a cause for his termination. committee member jim jordan said the investigation has never been partisan. >> this committee has always been about getting to the truth american people deserve the truth. and the four that gave their lives that night, those families want to know the truth. that's what we're focused on. >> the attorney says he plans to file a formal complaint against the committee next month. late breaking development last night in the tamir rice case in cleveland. prosecutors investigating the fatal shooting of the 12-year-old by a white police officer had requested two independent reviews. they are now in. brian yannes is here with the results. >> the prosecutor's office in ohio released two independent outside reports on friday, both
10:22 am
showing the officer who shot tamir rice acted reasonably. he was shot and killed by timothy loman on november 22nd of last year after a 911 caller said there was a guy in the park with a pistol, pointing at people. four minutes late, officer loman and his partner jumped the curb in front of rice. loehmann got out of the car and fired his gun twice within seven feet of rice, killing the boy. the gun turned out to be a pellet gun. the shooting resulting in protests around the country. now the prosecutor's office has released two expert testimonies, they say in the interest of being transparent, one expert calling rice's death tragic and heart breaking. but writing, officer loehmann's believe that rice posed a threat of serious physical harm or death was objectively reasonable as was his response to that perceived threat. the other expert, a retired fbi agent saying the only facts that matter in determining if the
10:23 am
officer acted reasonably are those he had at the time. saying officer loehmann had no information to suggest the weapon was anything but a real handgun, and the speed with which the confrontation progressed would not give the officer time to focus on the weapon. rice's lawyers say the release of the reports prove the prosecutor's office does not want accountability. they say any presentation to a grand jury without the prosecutor advocating for tamir is a charade. to get so-called experts to assist in the whitewash when the world has the video of what happened is all the more alarming. the prosecutor's office says they are not reaching any conclusions based on expert opinions, a grand jury will ultimately decide whether or not officer loman will be charged. shannon. >> brian, thank you very much for the update. still ahead on the program, as the democratic presidential candidates are getting ready for their big debate on tuesday, all
10:24 am
eyes are focused on vice president joe biden. he'll be sitting on the sidelines. and reportedly still deciding whether he'll jump into the race. so will he put his hat in? our political panel weighs in coming up. an army of volunteers are flooding into south carolina to help residents recover from last week's record-breaking storms. a story of hope coming up next. >> we are literally gutting debris removal, like this particular house we have taken -- we helped them take everything out and we have gutted it all the way down to the stove. through usaa, i know a fair price.
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. back to the people in south carolina, they're starting with what is likely to be a very long recovery from last week's devastating storms. neighbors in columbia say they're banding together this weekend to assess the damage and clean up the debris. charity organizations are rounding up volunteers helping residents remove ruined possessions from their flooded out homes. two disaster recovery centers are open in the columbia area. state officials say they're to help flood survivors who need money for paying rent and other essential home repairs. south carolina didn't get any help from mother nature this weekend. more rain returned to the region yesterday. but there is relief in sight as the storm slowly weakens and moves off the coast. >> we saw rainfall totals historic across south carolina, over two feet of rain across a widespread region of the carolinas last weekend. we're watching a weak system off shore now. in some cases we saw a couple of inches across south carolina.
10:30 am
and, again, this area very vulnerable. we still have flood advisories for a lot of these streams and creeks at or above flood level. that will continue to subside over the next coming days. we don't have big rain in the forecast as we head into the new workweek. quick look at your temperatures, cooler than average across the northeast. the mid-atlantic very warm over the central u.s. we have a cold front that is moving through portions of the west in towards the northern plains. that will bring a few showers and thunderstorms, but across california, way above average. we have temperatures soaring into the 90 degree range. it is going to feel well over 100 degrees, so heat advisories are posted for a lot of these big cities across southern california and that is going to continue well into tomorrow and into the new workweek. so summertime heat across california, people are urged to stay indoors, certainly where it is air conditioned. back to you, shannon. >> janice, thank you very much.
10:31 am
>> of course. >> leland? we are now just two days away from the first democratic presidential debate. front-runner hillary clinton will slug it out with a surging bernie sanders on the national stage. the same time many of the headlines are about someone who won't be in the room on tuesday, vice president joe biden who is still reportedly mulling a presidential bid. let's break it down with our political panel, brad blakeman, adviser to george w. bush, and emily tisch susman. ladies first, to you, hillary clinton's poll numbers have continue lower than anyone thought was possible. hit rock bottom and started to dig. the question is, is this debate make it or break it for her? >> she has been and will continue to be the front-runner in the democratic primary. i think what this does is gives
10:32 am
her a good opportunity to try to refocus the conversation. she's had a strong week this past week, doing "snl," our "today" show interview and addressed issues head on. sanders had only up to go. he was starting from nowhere. he's an unknown nationally and he's trying to pull from her left. he's moving in that direction. it is difficult for her to breakthrough on issues. this gives her an opportunity to do so. >> you think this conversation, because it is only democrats on the stage, is only going to be about quote/unquote issues, benghazi, e-mail gate, all that stuff, may not even come up? >> well if it doesn't come up, i don't know how anybody wins this debate. if you're an o'malley, bernie sanders, you're looking to hurt hillary. she's -- >> they haven't been hitting her on that so far. >> that's why this debate is so important. hillary, all she needs to do is get by. as you pointed out in the intro, the biggest guy hasn't shown up yet and that's joe biden. once he get in the race, it
10:33 am
dramatically changes the race. >> you just said once he gets in the race, interesting question for you, we don't know whether he'll get in or not. let's assume for the moment that he will get in. is sitting out this debate the right thing to do? >> i think that if he was going to get in, absolutely he should be in this race. very high name i.d. which would be the thing you worry about most getting into a race early. people know who he is. but he will have to define himself as separate from the obama presidency. he needs every opportunity he can to do that, so if he was going to, getting in this race would be an opportunity to do that. >> you were advising him, would you say sit this debate out or go in? >> sit it out. you're in the cat bird seat. you get to watch the debate, you get to be part of the debate, even though you're not there. you're a winner just by not showing up. >> that's not a bad position to be in. interestingly enough, bernie sanders is starting to get some tougher questions now that he's surging in the polls. take a listen to him earlier on "meet the press."
10:34 am
>> when one of your republican colleagues gets on the show, you say are you a capitalist? have you ever referred to them? >> are you a capitalist? >> no, i'm a democratic socialist. what i mean is i've been elected as an independent throughout my political career. >> forget for a moment what a democratic socialist actually means, i'm not sure anyone is clear. perhaps senator sanders is. the question is, can you win the democratic nomination pulling from such a hard left position? very hard to win the south that way. >> i think it would be hard to win all over that way. he's defining a ground for himself, but what is his path forward? what is his national path? even if he ends up winning new hampshire, the only possible is that his next neighboring home state, it is -- what is a democratic socialist. that's the question here. >> google it. >> never the questions that get you in trouble, only the answers. >> he'll have to answer it.
10:35 am
you have to be selected by the party before you're elected by the people. if the democrats select this guy, it is the best thing to happen to republicans because i believe as a democratic socialist the american people reject that in a general election. >> we're in the general election if they do -- the primary election. we'll leave it there. appreciate both of you being here. emily, brad, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> all right. >> moving on, to a superpower showdown, russia has ramped up its military offensive in syria. critics are slamming president obama for dithering on the sidelines while vladimir putin makes the power play in the middle east. we'll break that down coming up next. >> putin has gone in to defend assad and defend the syrian regime. he is dealing himself in to whatever outcome it comes out of the middle east and he's pursuing the agenda he's had for some time. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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military offensive in the middle east this week. moscow launching air strikes not only against isis, but also against anti-assad rebels. vladimir putin's bold moves are testing president obama's diplomatic skills as the white house weighs in on how to respond. so what should the u.s. strategy be in syria? joining us now, rick rennel. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to show you an interview we're going to see more of later. president obama on "60 minutes" talk ing about vladimir putin and his challenges to president obama. take a quick listen. >> and in ukraine -- >> he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground, and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we got a different definition of
10:41 am
leadership. >> well, rick, others would point to the fact that putin seems unintimidated by red lines, any pronouncements. what do you make of it? >> it may not be leadership we can squabble about whether or not this is leadership. president obama seems to be focus ed on that word. it is clearly winning. russia is winning. they grabbed crimea. there were no consequences. what we heard when the russians grabbed crimea back then from president obama was, this is not something that is very good for them in the long run. he seems to make this argument that, you know, they're going to see that being on the offense is not good in the long run. and i think that's really dangerous for our president to say, because it looks like he's acquiescing to them. it looks like he's allowing the russians to go on offense and you look what is going on in syria, now we got the syrian army really beginning to take
10:42 am
more ground in the western part of syria, reuters is reporting they're working with hezbollah, and with the russian air strikes, the syrian army and hezbollah are beginning to take hold of syria again. that's dangerous. that is something that the president of the united states should fear. >> okay, we're also getting reports on the wires today about meetings and discussions between russian shorts, saudi arabian authorities, foreign ministers talking about the fact they're on the same page, they have common goals with respect to syria. now, saudi arabia's foreign minister is saying he has some concerns about what russia is currently doing in syria, but they're united in the fact they don't want to caliphate to be established in syria. what should we make of one of our closest allies now seeming to be more cozy with russia. >> i think it is an important point that you need to put into context. and what is happening is that all of our allies, all of the regional players, the international community, is
10:43 am
responding to russia actually acting. so the russians, remember, are saying on paper and saying in press conferences, where john kerry agrees and nods his head that we want to defeat isis and that's why we're doing this and that we're all kind of on the same page for the goal. russia will say anything. what we have to remember is that allies like saudi arabia are going to have to agree with that on paper. they're going to be very skeptical when we see the actual implementation on the ground. so there is a difference between the diplomatic speak of, yes, we agree with each other on the stated goals, but that doesn't mean that they just are excited to follow russia. they're following russia because they have to, you can't stand up against them without causing a war. >> i want to very quickly ask you, a quick minute for a comment here, state tv out of iran reporting they successfully tested a new long range ballistic missile.
10:44 am
your reaction to that word this morning. >> look, it is very concerning for a country that is trying to convince the world that they have peaceful nuclear weapons -- peaceful nuclear programs that it is not a weapons program, that is troublesome. even if it is fake, which we know they manipulated and faked pictures in the past, it is just not something that you do when you're supposed to be convincing the world you're implementing this groundbreaking iran deal. >> rick, great to see you. thank you. >> see you, shannon. >> leland? >> coming up, she was the woman behind mitt romney during his failed presidential bid. we'll tell you how ann romney persevered over her personal trials of her own and is helping others now to do the same. >> a lot of women that are diagnosed with ms, they still have small children, i don't know how they did it, because i could barely take care of myself.
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you'll remember her from the campaign trail as the woman who stood by her man when he ran for president not once, but twice. and terre husbaher husband says
10:49 am
real force in the family and his closest adviser. ann romney raised five boys, beat breast cancer and daily battles with multiple sclerosis. in her new book, romney shares how her ms diagnosis altered her outlook on life. i asked her about why she chose to write the book now. >> i've been intending to write it for a long time because people along the campaign trail were always there for me. and i said i'll be there for you. and now i am. and not only with the book, but also with the center, the ann romney center for neurologic disease to know that we're doing research to find treatments and hopefully to find cures. the nih is a huge benefit for all of the research that i'm talking about, which is multiple sclerosis, alzheimer's, als, parkinson's and brain tumors. we couldn't do it without the nih funding. the difference is why rs are important, when we want to do
10:50 am
experimental research, that is not funded by nih. that's where we need the philanthropic dollars. >> you talk about raising five boys, the struggles of that, how exhausting that must have been a and there's a funny story where you talk about punching tags. you got to your limit. i can't imagine with what you faced as health challenges now looking in retrospect at how exhausting that was and how people manage. >> fortunately i was not diagnosed -- by the way, that was not my proudest parenting moment. i put it in there, too, because this is what happens. it's not like i was the perfect mom. i was 49 when i was diagnosed. and it was really hard for me. i had one son at home that was a senior at high school who was my buddy at that point and a help to me. there are moments where people that have jobs, they are supposed to be there and it's really tough if you are dealing
10:51 am
with this enormous fatigue and that's why it is so important that we figure out not only how to treat the disease but how to make your life as your dealing with it as full and rich and as much potential as possible. >> i also read a story in your book that i never heard you talk about before was your mother telling you at one point she had a very young child and found out she was pregnant with you and felt overwhelmed by that and at one point considered she might not go forward with the pregnancy and i wonder what it was like for you to hear that story and if it influenced your views on the issue of abortion throughout your life. >> it was one of those what moments. i was in my 20s and had two little boys when my mother burst into tears in the kitchen and i was look iing at her and she to me the story she nearly aborted
10:52 am
me. i'm an irish twin. my older brother is 11 months older than i am. she was so grateful for my life and joy she had given me and the joy obviously with me now with my life and i think it was one of those moments that really had obviously impact on my feelings about life. obviously one of the hot topics on the 2016 trail. i have to ask you what it's like to watch and not being dragged around and exhausted and part of a campaign but to watch it play out as a spectator. >> mitt and i are on the sidelines. we know there are lots of ups and downs in a campaign. it's still early. it is -- i have to say every day mitt and i say aren't we glad we're not doing this. we gave it a 22nd thought in january and decided not to. we're very glad that we made that decision. >> no one could have scripted what we're seeing now especially
10:53 am
on the gop side. no way that anybody would have seen several nonpoliticians get in and be doing so well and kind of this force that donald trump has become in this whole conversation. >> i look at it as a mood that's happening in the country that there is this mood that voters feel disenfranchised and are angry at what's going on in washington. they are upset that economic recovery hasn't really included the middle class at all, that people are still worried about their jobs. at the end of the day voters will coalesce around someone that they trust will be able to manage all of this and be a leader and be a clear voice and have compassion for everyone. it's early. >> on the other side of it to get some would say it's late for the vice president thinking about getting in. we should know within days what his decision is. what do you make of that potential entry? >> he would have a huge impact were he to decide to get in and
10:54 am
if i were a betting person i would bet that he would so there's turmoil happening on both sides of the aisle. it's a reflection of americans frustration that washington isn't working for them and that the system is broken. i think someone want to come in with a wrecking ball and fix it. >> that's not going to be this mitt romney this time ori ann romney because you would be well versed as well. >> i'm not a politician greate l gratefully. i love politics but so glad to never be a candidate. >> all proceeds will go to research for multiple.
10:55 am
>> get ready to go out of your ground with a major pumpkin chucking competition. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of these feet...e pain, ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and my biggest reason to walk... ...calls me grandpa. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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>> this is not iran's latest weapon. pumpkins fly across the sky. eight teams in colorado are going out for the annual punken chunken contest. as you look at this, we're told it costs thousands of dollars and hundreds of man dollars to build these. a champion will be crowned later this afternoon. in wisconsin people took a more traditional approach to the change of season. getting out enjoying the warm weekend doing leaf peeping, enjoying these vibrant fall colors. right now it's the peak of fall foliage season. >> you need a drone for this story. >> you could do that and find the best leaves. fall is the best. >> football. >> good food. >> gorgeous leaves.
11:00 am
>> it makes everything better. >> if you say so. not around here in washington. be careful. not too close to the white house. >> "fox news washington" is up next. we'll see you. i'm chris wallace. the house in turmoil, as the gop searches for a leader to unite a divided party. ♪ trying to work together. i know a lot of speculation about who should run. >> we need to find somebody that our whole body can unite behind. we'll speak with congressman jim jordan, chairman of the freedom caucus, that is demanding changes on the hill. >> and newt gingrich, who says he would consider returning to the post he left in 1999. russia escalates its offensive in syria and the u.s. ends its program to train the rebels.


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