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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 11, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot, we hope to see you here next week. . and hello, i'm eric sean. welcome to america's news head quarters. >> topping the news, top republicans putting a full press on congressman paul ryan to convince him he should be the next speaker of the house. >> paul ryan is a good man. he's a great communiqe he's a great communi communicat >> the voice is in for the american reporter charged with spying in iran but many remain tight lipped what that ruling is. >> the investigation into a
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police shooting that left this 12-year-old boy dead finds the use of deadly force was justified. first this afternoon, we start with a house speaker shake jup. republican leaders taken to the air wave to turn up the heat on congressman paul ryan. he's under pressure to step up for that role despite saying in the past he does not want to be speaker of the house. congressman ryan we understand is spending the long holiday weekend with his family in wisconsin and considering we're told whether or not he will make a bid for the third most senior political position in the country as house speaker, a job he previously designed to seek. will he change his mind now? christian fisher is live with the latest on the bid to try to get ryan to run. hi, kristin. >> he says he's not running but privately several members say paul ryan is reconsidering.
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he's under enormous pressure to run. he's considered to be one of the few people that stands a chance of reuniting house republicans between moderates and conservatives that pushed john boehner into an early retirement. those conservatives will play a huge part in selecting the next speaker, which is why what was said today by the caucus's chairman is important. congressman jim jordan said they endorsed daniel webster but would consider paul ryan if he decides to run. >> we've endorsed daniel webster, but paul ryan is a good man. he's a great communicatcommunio. our group would look favorably on him. this is not just about who the next speaker is, it's about what is going to change. the business business as usual attitude, changing is on our minds. >> the big question, though, is
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would paul ryan want the job? he's mulling it over with his family in wisconsin. they are one of the big reasons he does not want the job but also the political scars that accompany any speaker ship that make the jobless appealing. something newt gingrich warned him about. >> i think paul should be very cautious. he's the most prestigious member with the best future. he's still very young. it's easy to get 218 on the first vote and then you get to keeping the government open through a continuing resolution and then you get to the debt ceiling and if you're not careful by christmas you resemble john boehner. >> now, there had been some talk about newt gingrich himself possibly being brought in to fill the leadership vacuum but today gingrich called it quote totally i'm plausible. >> we all wait for the congressman's decision. thank you. >> eric, members of the house select committee on benghazi are speaking out following
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allegations that a former investigator was fired for not focussing on hillary clinton and the state department. committee chairman trey gouty is calling it nothing more than a money grab saying quote, he demanled money from the committee. the comity refused to pay him and he's run to the press with his allegations about secretary clinton and another high-profile committee down playing the claim claims. >> the families of the four individuals that gave their life that night, those families want to know the truth. that's what we're focused on. >> and all of this ahead of hillary clinton's long-awaited testimony before the benghazi committee later this month. earlier today the iraqi military announced it attacked
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and struck a convoy. the iraqis are collecting evidence from the scene including dna. that have been conflicting reports throughout the day who may have been killed in the attack and the situation remains fluid. however, a well-placed u.s. military source tells fox news at this point it looks like the isis leader was not among those killed in the iraqi air strike. meanwhile, the taliban claiming responsibility for an explosion targeting a nato convoy in the afghan capital of kabul. damaging one of the convey's vehicles and not clear yet if the explosion was a suicide bomber or road side bomb. this is just one of several recent attacks in kabul. we have new developments in the bowe bergdahl case. the army officer in charge of the article 32 hearing want the sergeant spared from prison.
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the army officers recommending bergdahl face a lower level court marshall that could possibly allow him to walk free. the taliban captured him in june of 2009 after he left his post. he was freed last year and returned for a controversial prisoner swap that involved five high-level leaders. elizabeth prann has more. >> the guidelines are not necessarily what will transpired. an army officers is suggesting bowe bergdahl be spared saying he should face no jail time and a special court marshall rather than a general court marshal. soldiers that face special court marshals cannot be sentenced for more than a year. military prosecutors charged bergdahl in march before the enemy while leaving his most and endangering the lives of troops that searched for him. that's a charge that could carry a maximum penalty of life
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imprisonment. >> this guy defected. he went to the enemy and gave them aid and comfort and yes, he was tortured and held for five years but it was because he walked away, presented himself to the enemy. >> soldiers were hurt, harmed and killed in the process of missions to find him that we otherwise would not have been doing. he needs to be held fully accountable for it. >> that controversial release drew criticism from republicans and some democrats. some military officials say rega regardless of the recommendation, bergdahl deserted his conrads. whether or not military officials accept these recommendations. eric, backs to you. >> thank you. eric, iranian judges reaching a verdict for a washington post reporter charged with espionage but officials not publicly saying what that decision is. a judiciary speaks man confirming the verdict for jason
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rezaian. he didn't say what the court decided. "the washington post" reporter was detained in july of 2014 with his wife and two other photo journalists, all were later released except for rezaian. turkey declaring three tours of mourning after a pair of suicide bombers yesterday killed 95 people. that blast occurring at a peace rally in the country's capital. hundreds were injured. according to the turkish government, 65 victims still in critical condition. meanwhile, thousands gathering to pay respects to the victims but that did not go off peacefully, either. a scuffle broke out as police prevented mourners from laying flowers. turkey pointing a panel to investigate the horrible attack. new details about the shooting death of 12-year-old tamir rice. you may remember the young boy was killed by a police officer last november in cleveland.
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rice was waving a toy gun at the time. well, now investigators are saying the officer's actions were reasonable given the circumstances. brian has been following the story and joins us from the newsroom with the details. brian? >> the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office released two independent outside expert reports saturday both finding the officer who shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice acted reasonably. rice was shot and killed by cleveland officer on november 22nd of last year after a 911 caller said there was a guy in the park with a pistol pointing it at people. four minutes later, the officer and his partner jumped the curb and within two seconds fired his gun twice killing the boy. the gun turned out to be a pellet gun. the shooting resulted in protest. the sheriff's office released two expert testimony they say in
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the interest of being transparent. one expert calling rice's death tragic and heartbreaking but officer's was objectbly reasonable. the other expert a retired fbi agent saying the only facts that matter in determining if the officer acted reasonable are those he had at the time. officer loehmann had no other information to suggest it was nothing but a real handgun. now rice's lawyers say the release of these expert reports proves the prosecutor's office does not want accountability. they released a statement saying any presentation to a grand jury without the prosecutor advocating for tamir is a charade and to get experts to
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assist in the whitewash when the world has the video of what happened is more alarming. the prosecutors office says they are not reaching conclusions and a grand jury will ultimately decide whether or not the officer will be charged. >> brian, thanks. >> no problem. rain. >> like they need more heading toward the carolina coast. forecasters don't expect much but any rain is not welcome now. the cleanup started in south carolina where historic floods caused 19 deaths, road closures and some evacuations. two disaster centers remain open to try to help residents recover. janice dean is live in the fox extreme weather center on what to expect. >> we do have the potential for more rain in the forforecast, n the 24 inches of rain but you can see we've got one to three inches in areas that don't need to see any more rain. we're just starting to see those
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rivers crest and reseed. most of the rainfall right now offshore as this weak area of low pressure exits the coastline but as we head into the new workweek, we have a cold front to enter the picture and bring the potential for more rain. we have flood advisories for many cities as we watch the rivers come down and it is really nice to see the communities getting together to hope those who need it. forecast radar over the next 24 hours shows that low moving offshore and again, we have a new cold front that will enter the picture on tuesday and wednesday bringing the potential for, again, an inch, inch and a half of rain. they don't need to see it but for the most part, it's going to be try and without rain and the temperatures are going to be warm. across the rest of the country, warmth invading the central u.s. and a cold front across portions of the northern planes. cooler across the eastern third of the country. now it's not the case if you live in southern california
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where temperatures are soaring into the 90 degree range with heat advisories it will feel well over 100 degrees not only today but tomorrow and into tuesday so those heat advisories are going to remain posted. there is a look at los angeles monday and tuesday still very warm back to normal wednesday and thursday. still feeling like summertime across california. back to you, eric. >> janice, glad they aren't getting a lot of rain down there. >> yeah, they need a break. >> man, oh, man, do they? he said he didn't want the job but republicans are keeping the pressure on paul ryan to take over as house speaker. the latest in the scramble to fill john boehner's seat. and iran signed a nuclear deal and then pushing the button that lunched a ballistic missile. is this really anyway to act to the agreement? plus some aggressive base running results in a broken leg.
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how a controversial collision affected this play-off game.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. some delays for those flying southwest airlines. technology hiccups forcing
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workers to issue handwritten tickets to passengers. remember those? >> that's always painful. an nfl player is in intensive care with mrsa, a dangerous bacteria resistant to antibiotics. donald trump can dream on, the front man steven tie lor saying he can't use the song. >> so there. wisconsin congressman paul ryan facing mounting pressure from fellow house republicans to launch a bid to succeed out going house speaker john boehner. one key conservative caucus seems to be warming to the idea of ryan entering the race. >> i think he should come and meet with us. >> here is the thing about paul ryan. he doesn't want the job, so why would he want to convince you of
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something he doesn't want, a job he doesn't want? >> sometimes you just need to do it. the country needs you. the party needs you and if he decides he wants to do it, that's great. if he doesn't, that's fine. >> let's talk about this with senior correspondent for the washington examer. david, first up, does paul ryan need to go hat and hand to the freedom caucus. ryan doesn't even necessarily want the job. >> paul ryan doesn't need to go hat and hand to anybody. if he wants the job he won't have significant opposition and get the votes and win. the key is for paul ryan to figure out whether or not he wants to take a job in which there is no upside for him. this is a move by him if he decides to do something he's never wanted to do and that's be speaker. >> of course, the freedom caucus supports daniel webster of florida, right, to become the new speaker. if webster were to get enough votes, that means the 40-member coalition of hard line
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conservatives would rule the house. how would that ease gridlock in congress plus bridge the divide? >> it will never happen. let's understand something, daniel webster is a fine man and good congressman but less conservative than kevin mccarthy if you look at the voting record. the freedom caucus and others are supporting him because they want something to put against whoever everybody else wants because it gives them leverage and that's understandable when you play politics. one of the things going on here is the freedom caucus mainly wants certain rules, changes to devalve authority from the speaker from the majority leader and most -- >> because he was on. congressman jim jordan told chris wallace the primary goal of caucus is to reform and institutionalize and decentralize power from the party leadership. is this a good goal for governing?
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>> let's ask whether it's realistic. there is nothing wrong with trying to empower members to give them more of a say. after all, they were elected by people. let's talk about whether or not there were requests are politically feasible and i don't think they are because you would get 200 or so members of the house, at least a strong majority that would oppose most of what the freedom caucus is looking for in terms of deval devolving and the caucus is looking for a better chance for a committees and none of that is going to happen because most of the members are not going to support that, everyone though there are plenty of members who don't want rules changes and i'm not saying nothing can happen. >> because i imagine some people say the idea of having too many people in their pockets, in the congressman pockets is not a good thing. >> look, everybody says they don't like money in politics but here is the thing, if you want
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to get your message out, i don't care if the american public swallows your agenda, they will not hear about it if you don't have money and they won't beat back the opposition and their money with the blocking and tackling of politics even if everyone in america supports what you do. that's never going to be the case in our country. i don't think the party will say don't worry about raising money, it's not a big deal. i think there are process reforms a lot of members may want and pass. >> what for instance? >> well, i think that some members feel as though leader ship and committee chairman have too much say over whether a bill can go to the floor. they have too much say over whether or not amendments get a vote and so you might find a scenario under which some rules changes are adopted to make it easier for members to get amendment votes and get some bills to the floor. but there is a broad push here to take power away from the majority leader and the speaker
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and the committee chairman -- >> is that a good idea. >> i don't think that's going to happen. >> is it a good idea to try for that, to take away power from the speaker and the chairman? >> look, i'm going to answer you this way because people have different opinions on this and who knows. one of the biggest criticisms of john boehner's speaker ship is he went too easy on members that weren't doing their part for the party. one of the biggest problems is you have 280 members who feel like they are carrying the water while 35 to 40 members coal planing aren't doing their part. am i saying this is true? no. what i'm saying is the perception among most members is john boehner wasn't a strong enough leader, didn't crack the whip enough. i don't see how you solve the problem of house republicans by taking more power away from the leadership. >> let's see how this plays out. fascinating to watch.
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>> sure is. >> thank you so much. >> any time, thank you. >> meanwhile, the buzz of the sports world, will someone tell chase utley, he's not boxing, not playing hockey, not playing mma. he's the dodger infield he took out mets short strap ruben tejada injuring him on the play. that was a crucial moment. tejada had to be carted off the field. he suffered a broken leg because of that. the series is tied at one game each. man, oh, man, are mets' fans fired up. shame, shame. i'm not going to work with you next week. i'm not going to have a voice. i'm going to be screaming tomorrow at chase utley for that. >> i love your excitement for the game. >> wrong, wrong, wrong. thank you. >> all i care about is the saints. sorry. we move on. as iran moves to implement a
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controversial nuclear deal, the country also test launching a new missile that could possibly put american allies in the cross hairs. >> some scary moments behind the wheel, a dangerous force of nature, look at that, starts recking havoc among a bridge. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? iran with a troubling announcement saying it successfully tested a long-range missile with assisted guidance. with the missile that iran claims can reach american allies within 1,000 miles, what does this ominous development mean? let's bring in director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation. always good to see you. what gets me is they sign the deal and a few weeks later push the button with this missile. what's the message?
1:30 pm
can you hear me? can you hear me? >> i don't think so. >> i don't think he can hear me. >> we'll come back to him. we'll get back to nile in a moment. >> meanwhile, we'll talk about this, the mercury is rising through the roof in southern california. i mean, the area is grappling with triple digit temperatures, 100 plus in the middle of a heat wave and that's shattering records left and right. william is reporting live from our west coast newsroom. william, what is happening in socal? >> you know that feeling, brutal heat, in wind, no escape, you feel like a spent battery. from san diego to venture turve that's what some 15 million are feeling. 102 in suburbs. 108 in cam rio. temperatures 20 degrees above
1:31 pm
normal. in l.a. the hot's year on record and a lot of people don't have air conditioning so they suffer through it, go to a movie, restaurant or beach. >> venice you don't need air conditioning. it's wacky heat wave days that make you reconsider. >> we came out of a wet winter in new zealand. we had rain for 30 days solid. we thought this was normal for l.a. until we saw the news and they said it was record heat. so it's fantastic. we're lucky. >> lucky he says. none of this is helping the drought. agriculture lost 1.8 billion as officials had to divert water. many farmers had no crop at all. our wildfire season, that's another thing affected that runs through november. so far we've been lucky. two soakers that we had last month raised the moisture levels of the fuels, but we still have
1:32 pm
six weeks to go for the fire season up north, however, a new report put losses of the september fires $2.4 billion and in orange county yesterday, they had to cancel a parade and treat 60 for heat exhaustion. 20 were hospitalized, power outages on friday and saturday and a few today. the good news the weather breaks tomorrow and will slowly decline until next sunday it should be normal. back to you. >> that is good news. let's pray for some rain out there. i was checking out in your package how you said, i thought about it, you're right, people in socal, many people, not everybody but there's not been a need for a.c. all these years, so a lot of people don't have it and they have to make due, right? >> people in arizona are laughing when it's like 100 and going really? it's 115 in phoenix. not right now but we don't have the a.c. and they have it on all the time. back to you. >> thank you very much. good to see you william. a moment ago we were talking
1:33 pm
to nile gardener about the situation with iran and the ballistic missile they fired in the wake of the iranian nuclear deal. the audio for now, now seems to be working. let me get to you. my question was, they push the button, signed the deal, push a button, have a new nuclear, not nuclear, ballistic missile critics think could carry a nuclear weapon. what's the message in the fact they proudly announced the new missile? >> it's very clear that iran has no intention of frankly of abiding by this new iran nuclear deal. this is an agreement frankly that will not restrain iran's nuclear ambitions and this latest missile that the iranians are testing are precision guided missile poses not only a direct threat to israel, america's closest ally but they every intention to reach western
1:34 pm
europe and to the united states itself, and iran ultimately would like to have ballistic missiles armed with nuclear war heads and so we should be under in illusions with regard to the intentions of the iranian regime. this is a staggeringly naive agreement that's been signed by the obama administration with the regime in tehran. there simply will not stop iran from obtaining nuclear weapons capability. >> well, as you know, the president says that the agreement will stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb. iran, the leaders claim they don't want a nuclear bomb and could we take out a ballistic missile on the launch pad if they had one before it could come this way? >> well, certainly, i think that we need to have that capability in the region, unfortunately, with the obama administration there are significant cuts to america's defensive capability. we need to send a strong signal across the world particularly
1:35 pm
arran that the united states is prepared to do whatever is necessary to halt the rise of a nuclear iran that involves potentially eliminating iran's ballistic missile capability, but so far, the message that has been sent by president obama to iran is a message of tremendous weakness. this is a surrenderer in many respects to iran's demands. this latest iran nuclear agreement does not in any way in the long run prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power and iran is becoming increasingly aggressive and every intention of arming itself with long-range intercontinental missiles eventually armed with missiles. they are sleepwalking towards disaster. >> supporters would say, the agreement would say it's not just this administration of criticisms but look, the other world power signed this, britain, germany, as well as other members of the security
1:36 pm
counsel. china and russia. all right. you have britain and france who are on board this agreement, also. >> yeah, it's very unfortunate that every major european power has signed on to this agreement and also of course, the agreement is driven very heavily by the russians closely aligned with the regime in tehran and also of course, supplying service to our missiles to iran and so we have on the international stage some fundamental mistakes with regard to iran's long-term capability and intentions. the united states has gone along with the wishes of the european nation's here. europe has for many, many years pursued a policy of constructive engagement with iran's regime. this policy of constructive engagement has not in any way under cut iran's military or nuclear capability. and this entire agreement i
1:37 pm
think poses a fundamental national security threat to the united states and to its allies on the international stage. >> of course, administration supports says it will stop iran from building a nuclear bomb for ten years but that's the debate as the iranian parliament they debated. always good to see you and thank you for your analysis of this missile they launched. president obama visiting in oregon rocked by a deadly college shooting. >> the president was sharing the grief with those who lost loved ones. this amid a new effort to address our country's mental health system. coming up, tim murphy who is a psychologist himself has a bill that would do something about this to deal with mental health and help those most in need. er group, they work all the time. sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other
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president obama taking a visit to roseburg the president offering co offering condolences where eight students and a teacher was killed and the gunman described as a depressed angry loaner with mental health issues. our next guest says our country needs to do more to addressing the crisis. tim murphy from pennsylvania, clinical psychologist that proposed legislation the helping
1:43 pm
families and mental health crisis act to try and reform how we deal with mental health in our country. congressman, welcome. we've long been an out spoken advocate for mental health. what are we doing wrong and what should we do? >> i outlined some of this on friday. and basically our mental health system in america despite having good programs is something of a disgrace. i believe it's anti patient, anti family and anti medicine and anti science. we have 112 agencies and the key agency supposed to be dealing with this takes an approach that is against what we should be doing and thinking more behavior wellness instead of severe mental illness as kin to saying we'll pay attention to early signs of cancer but won't really treat severe cancer and where this leaves us in the area of mental illness or 10 or 12
1:44 pm
million people go without treatment and increasing rates of suicide and drug abuse. my bill gets us back on track with evidence-based care and restructuring the federal agencies so they are focused on bringing care so we don't have more tragedies, not only shootings but suicides, as well. >> that's heartbreaking when you talk about that and the fact it's not being addressed even though we talk about it. $130 billion, you point out 112 programs plus and 132 co-sponsors trying this for a few years. what is the holdup? it seems any effort to address the mental health system would be a win win. >> well, eric, in someways i don't understand what the holdup is but we're driving forward in hoping the american people will call the congressman and say let's get going. we're 139 co-sponsors, 40 are democrats. so it's very bipartisan and people understand it does restructure how we do things. and the key is to educate
1:45 pm
members of congress and educate the nation. the old way of doing things is a failed system. bringing care to people and there are several things that need to happen. one is changing the hippa laws. we want to maintain confidentiality. you'll find that people say why didn't the parents do anything? why didn't they know? the laws prohibit doctors from contacting family members and discussing not only the severe illness to find out if they are on medication but quite frankly, many have other chronic illnesses like diabetes and doctors can't discuss those. we want to bring families back in the fold instead of shutting them out and make sure there is enough hospital beds and treatment centers. the care is there instead of waiting to what congress does, have a moment of silence but not a moment of action. >> a lot of times people don't talk about it.
1:46 pm
a book was written called "common struggle." let's listen to what he said about the fact people don't want to talk about this. just listen. >> all of the previous tragedies including this basically have the same denominator. no one said a word. sure, people talked but they didn't do anything. they were afraid. they didn't know what to do. it's striking that we know these are physical illnesses, but we still ascribe shame to them. >> how do we open this up as americans? >> we don't really address them as the problems they are. a lot of the shame is there are places for people and quite frankly, too many times it's approach with the police. our prisons are filled with people who have mental illness and homeless shelters are and unfortunately our morgues are. we need to address it directly and that means understanding severe mental illness is a brain disease as is al timers and
1:47 pm
dementia. what this means congress has to shift its thinking away from a 1970s style of thinking it's caused by trama and only were nice to people, everything would be fine. these are people crying out for care and eric, when we get to them early, it makes a huge difference. people can and do get better. with a shortage of hospitals and doctors and shortage of peer support program and the list goes on and on. my bill, instead of just continuing the way we're doing it with 112 programs, restructure to get the job done. that's the compassion et thing to do instead of hearing more tragedies. >> congressman tim murphy of pennsylvania, your bill is the helping families and mental health crisis act up again on the floor of the house or should be going to the floor of the house. thank you for explaining it and thank you for your caring for our country. very nice. i want to remind you to stay tuned because at the top of the hour, donald trump tells howie how he really feels about bill o
1:48 pm
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>> is the new menu actually helping the fast foot chain's bottom line. brenda is here with our senior business corporate and anchor of other bulls and bears." so, high brenda. how are you? >> i am wonderful. you have brought treats and we will get to that. talk to us more, brenda, about what mcdonald's did this and is it good business? >> people love their egg mcmuffin. customers have been begging for you. done done should be listening to the customers because necessity had hard times profits down 9 percent and revenue down for the first time in three decades of the question is, will this boost
1:53 pm
the sales? the new c.e.o. said it should boost sales 2.5 percent. we have seen estimates up to 4 percent. but it could be so successful. egg mcmuffin does not put so much profit into the store as premium burger. profits could actually go down. second, the wait time could be longer which is not good for a fast food chain. the sales people will have to juggle lunch and breakfast and be trained fore that. >> but that is a good point. and the franchise owners if you own a chain do you have to refit the operation? >> you have to buy new griddles and, in fact, one problem also is that it is a limited menu. there are 24 items on the whole mcdonald's break fast menu and after 10:30 in could be only four. maybe pancakes, egg mcmuffin
1:54 pm
but the franchise owners have to buy new friday -- more griddles. i know so much about mcdonald's food. i am full of information about this. however, it is expected she could get $31,000 more a year. again, it depends on the cost of training. >> bottom line, it is all about the mcth dollars. >> i am such a nerdy business reporter i usually only do research with a calculator but i got to go to mcdonald's on wednesday. so i have pancakes for you. i have egg mcmuffin and i bought them at 3:00 in the afternoon. eric! eric! >> here we go.
1:55 pm
whoa. touchdown. >> and they had hash browns a lot of item on the menu but it took me 20 minutes to get them. this was in times square. >> times square, okay. >> how often? >> thank you. >> eric, how is it? >> brenda every saturday morning. >> pancakes. >> right here. >> trying to watch brenda... >> you never lived until you had a big mac for breakfast. >> the hottest cars ever driven by the greatest spy taking the city of lights by storm. that is next.
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2:00 pm
craig. i like him. >> i flash on sean connery. >> media buzz is up next. >> on the buzz beater donald trump in a wide ranging interview unloads on the mainstream media. >> they don't want to cover me accurately. i see such dishonesty. they have a couple of sites like "politico", totally dishonest saying things that are unbelievably wrong, purposefully. >> he talks of the republican rivals. >> marco rubio has tremendous problems with the credit card. i am saying he has not handled his financial affairs very well. >> and key campaign issues. "new york times" says he is wearing out his welcome with the media. is that true? >> two days until the first democratic debate and hillary clinton and bernie sanders insist they will not attack


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