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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 11, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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episode. >> we are done here. that was a great show. thank you brett stevens dave smith, joanne, katherine, gabrielle bloom. the liberal panel. i am greg gutfeld. i love you america... ferrara. tonight. the president is getting ready to visit roseburg, but not everybody here is going to welcome him with open arms. so, what really happened behind closed doors when the president met with the shooting victims and families today in oregon? we'll have a special report. mainstream media just sunk to a new low, going after ben carson. "gq" magazine launched a profanity-laced headline, some consider a racist attack. and it's true, a magazine has viciously attacked dr. carson from the left. is it racism? also ahead, why sanctuary cities are hurting all americans. and a brand-new segment called "barney's villains."
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>> the villainy in keeping that money out of america. >> you are about to enter the no-spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama's visit to the killing ground in oregon, that is the subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. the president's journey to roseburg shrouded in secrecy this afternoon. families and victims alerted to the last minute that they were invited to roseburg high school to see the president. press denied access to the event, shut out. strange and unusual. cell phones confiscated by the secret service. and the visit was generally constructed to be hard to cover, but why? why? the nation would like to see how their leader's consoling those
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wounded and the families of the dead. what's wrong with seeing that? perhaps the white house is sensitive to those who opposed mr. obama's visit. >> i think it's terrible. i think he's using it for his own agenda. sure, it's nice for him to come and sympathize with the victims, but most of the victims don't want him here. roseburg doesn't want him here. oregon doesn't want him here. and i think he should just stay away and keep in his ten-mile square area in washington, d.c., and leave us alone. >> but keep in mind that no one forced the families and victims to meet with the president. they all went voluntarily. as "talking points" has stated, all americans should respect the office of the presidency, no matter who's in it. if the leader of america wants to console the citizenry, that should happen without rancor. but mr. obama made a major mistake in this story in using the oregon massacre to push his antigun agenda. that upset some folks in
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roseburg and all around the country, and their feelings are valid. the president has also been selective in his compassion. an illegal alien used the gun that killed kate steinle. no call from mr. obama to the steinle family. thousands of guns on the streets of chicago, hundreds of murders taking place in the minority precincts there. the president largely ignores the carnage. if he were to visit those victimized in the windy city, he'd be there every day. fair-minded americans want good public safety laws, and most will support common-sense regulations on the sale of guns, but to deny americans the protection that comes with the second amendment is foolish policy. president obama believes his vision is best for america. he should sit down with me and other members of the media and answer some questions. so far, he's acting on emotion, not the facts in the gun control debate. only a few hundred demonstratored showed up to greet the president, not thousands. fox producers report the crowd was evenly divided between those who opposed the visit and those who support it. the president himself spoke
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about the high school meeting for about two minutes, didn't say very much, just the usual consolation and promise to help. now, i wish all americans were law-abiding and both physically and mentally healthy. i really wish that. but it's a dream. reality is much more brutal, and leaving its citizenry without self-protection is simply irresponsible. now for the top story of the night. joining us from roseburg, kendra gooden, who was in the school when the shooting took place, and survived. david jakes, publisher of the newspaper there. so, this is very strange today, mr. jakes. and as a journalist, i think you would acknowledge that. when did the victims and their families first even learn they were invited to this soiree? >> well, it was very unusual, indeed. the press had no access to the event whatsoever. and i think, bill, as you speculated, i think some of that could have had to do with they're not sure what kind of reaction they're going to get. and i think a lot of it had to
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do with maybe an anemic response, because we know a number of families declined to see the president. >> all right. and kendra, you know one of the victims. first of all, tell us her story and your story, where you were when the shooting broke out at the community college, and tell us your friend's story, and then we'll pick it up. >> the first shots fired around 10:35, and we, kim dietz, one of the victims, left the classroom to check on the other class to see what was happening. no one had thought that it could be a gun. we just thought something blew off in the science lab. and she came back and she had bullet wounds. and that's when we knew something was bad. >> all right, so, she -- >> we went under our desks. >> -- she was your friend, she came back in the classroom. she was bleeding from bullet wounds. she died right in front of you? >> yes.
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>> can you tell us at that moment how that affected you? >> it's been very difficult. at the time, i truly did not know what was going on. i just thought that somebody had brought a gun to school. it didn't make sense to me. so, i did what everyone else was doing. i hid under my desk, and i called my loved ones and told them that i loved them and i hope to see them again. >> now, another friend of yours -- and correct me if i'm wrong about this, there's a lot of stuff swirling around -- was invited to see the president today, correct? >> yes. >> but she didn't go? >> i don't believe she went, no. she had prepared a speech, actually, for him about gun control and how she didn't want
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her name to be spun into something that she did not believe. she didn't want to be involved in something that he did not believe. >> the bottom line is that the whole town is still so upset about this whole thing, and that's why a lot of people aren't talking, is that correct? >> absolutely. no, people are very upset that something so horrific has to be spun into something for political reasons. >> right. >> people died here, and it's not -- we can't make laws to bring these people back. >> we understand a political component in the emotion of it. david, i want you to wrap things up for us by just giving us -- do you expect to talk to people later on about what happened, or are you just going to let the story go? >> no, we intend, bill, to follow up as best we can. but i would say this, that today, particularly sad note to this is, while the president was
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on the ground, there were two funerals held today as loved ones buried someone very dear to them that they lost, and this underscores the whole trouble with this visit from the very beginning, bill. and i think it was just the inappropriate nature, the inappropriate timing. and i think that a lot of people, and i'm one of them, questioned the president's sincerity. i believe that his next campaign stop today is a fund-raiser. i think this will be fodder to help raise money. >> yeah. well, we'll see. all right, we appreciate you both coming on. thank you very much. next on "the rundown," sex, lies and congressional chaos. we'll have the true story of the turbulence in washington. and later, a brand-new segment starring stuart varney
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"impact segment" tonight. while most americans don't
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follow congressional politics, which is why the house and senate get away with doing so little, there is a major situation unfolding that you should know about. speaker of house john boehner has quit. it was expected that congressman kevin mccarthy from california would take his place, but yesterday mccarthy said no amidst lurid tabloid reports, totally unsubstantiated, and bitter party politics. joining us now from washington, mike emanuel, who covers the house for us. i'm not going to get into this tabloid garbage, but that -- you don't think that had anything to do with mccarthy pulling out of there, do you? >> bill, my sense from talking to people close to kevin mccarthy was that they felt like he was in an impossible situation. his allies who were supporting him to be the next speaker of the house said they were getting hammered at home by people who did not want their member of congress voting for john boehner 2.0. and so, he went to meet with this group of conservatives known as the house freedom caucus, talked to them about what they wanted for supporting him. and basically, they asked for a
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lot more power. and in the end of the conversation, they said to him, by the way, if we don't like what you're doing, we're going to try to get rid of you, kill you, get you out of power. and so, he realized he was in an impossible situation. >> all right. >> it might end his career. >> now, these 30 or 40 ultra conservative congress people have a club they call the freedom caucus. but they seem to be exerting a tremendous amount of influence, but it's a very small number. is that the case? >> absolutely correct. and their numbers are actually dwindling a bit, but there's about 40 of them who said they would support this other guy, daniel webster from florida that nobody really has ever heard of. but basically, it was saying to mccarthy, you're not going to have enough numbers to win on the house floor. and so, they are exerting a lot of influence, and there's great frustration in the house republican conference because there are about 200 or so republicans who support john boehner and support kevin mccarthy, but they feel like the 40 or so are running the show, consistently getting in their way. >> yeah, i mean, it's amazing.
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i mean, look, we don't have any beef against the freedom caucus, but if they're going to hold the whole thing up. but again, i'll go back to this tabloid thing about mccarthy, nothing about that, right? that didn't influence anything? >> what i'm told by people close to him, it had nothing to do with it. >> okay. >> that he's going to continue to serve in congress. >> okay. now, i said late yesterday that paul ryan should be the new speaker, and i understand after the congressman heard that, he said, you know, i'll think about it. is that what's going on? >> that's right. we understand that he's going to give it a closer look -- >> good. >> -- after saying no many, many times. he's gotten calls from john boehner, a call from mitt romney, lots of folks saying your country needs you, the house needs you, you're the only guy who could run the place. and so, he's got a young family. he's worried about the travel, the constant fund-raising he has to do as speaker of the house. but the latest ide talking abou possibility of what if you get him just to basically be a holdover guy to run the house through the next election, until
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january 2017? could he do 15 months on the job and look like a hero for rescuing the house of representatives? >> yes, that's for sure. well, we need some stability. the country needs stability there. okay, now, last night we told the nation that kate's law will not be a stand-alone situation in the senate, in the house. where is it? >> well, in the house of representatives, they say they have basically voted on some other measures that are similar to kate's law, not exactly the same. in the senate, they're saying that they're concerned about getting 60 votes. we've seen the constant frustration about the senate brings up things, they cannot get 60 votes because there are 54 republicans and the rest democrat -- >> yeah, and i think that's foolish, because i don't think democrats en masse are going to vote against kate's law. it's too dangerous to do that for their political careers. now, if you couple it with defunding sanctuary cities, like the senate did, then you got it, they're not going to, they won't get the 60. but just kate's law? you're going to vote against not
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giving aggravated felons jail time when they defy deportation? you really want to vote against that? i mean, that's the way to put the democratic party on the defensive. but i mean, it's a mess in both chambers. can't get anything done. if you can't get kate's law passed, you can't get anything passed. last word, mike. >> well some senate leadership sources say their concern is that some of the libertarian types don't like minimum sentencing, but -- >> oh, that's bull. i talked to them all, mike. it's just a lie. i talked to every single libertarian, and they told me they'd support kate's law. i've got to go. thanks a lot. we appreciate it. directly ahead, how sanctuary cities are hurting you. also, two brand-new "factor" segments. "varney's villains" and "bullying versus geraldo. "bullying versus geraldo. the
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"unresolved problems" segment tonight, new immigration report from homeland security says the list of sanctuary cities and counties in america is growing, now 340, and they shield an average of 1,000 illegal aliens from deportation every month. top ten offenders are santa clara, california, los angeles, santa rita, outside of san francisco, dade county, florida, northern san diego, contra costa county in california, cook county, illinois, san francisco county, fresno county, and denver, colorado. joining us from boston, jessica vaughn, director of policy studies for the center for immigration studies. so, with the senate soon to vote on sanctuary city defunding, will this study make any difference? >> well, it should. i mean, it should be a reminder to lawmakers that every week that goes by without them taking action against these jurisdictions that hundreds of
8:21 pm
criminal alien offenders that i.c.e. is trying to deport are going to be sent back to our streets instead. it also should be a reminder that the obama administration has no intention of doing anything about it, that claims that they're helping -- >> all right, we're not talking chamber maids or gardners or painters here. we're talking felons in prison who i.c.e. wants held so they can get them and deport them, and these sanctuary cities let them out. do you have a couple of examples? >> sure. one of the most horrific recently was this guy who had originally been arrested in san luis obispo county in california, had a long history of drug felonies. the sheriffs let him out. and later on -- i mean, he was arrested recently for brutally beating the 2-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, you know, broke her arms and her leg. there are other very serious cases of serial sex offenders who have been released, even
8:22 pm
though i.c.e. wants to deport them, and they go back, and it shouldn't be a surprise that they reoffend. often violently. >> all right, so -- >> and this is happening regularly. >> this isn't just kate steinle, san francisco. this is all over the country. now we have 340 municipalities who are defying federal law. as you rightly stated, president obama doesn't care. now, do you think kate's law would be voted down in the senate? i mean, it seems to me hard to believe that a politician could get away with that, because most people in democratic and republican circles want the law. it's just common sense. >> well, i think people are starting to realize that, you know, that we have so many people who are coming back after they've been deported once that something needs to be done to address that. what we have to remember, too, is that unless the sanctuary problem is addressed, that you know, i.c.e. can't impose mandatory minimums or prosecute people for re-entry after deportation if they can't get custody of them to begin with. >> oh, that's true.
8:23 pm
but you have to try one first, and then i think if kate's law did pass -- and i think president obama would have to sign it. i mean, if he didn't sign it, that would put him in an untenable position where the whole world would know this guy doesn't even care about his own country and the laws of his own country. but if you do pass kate's law, then the defunding for sanctuary cities becomes easier. because now what the left is pedalling is you, jessica vaughn, and o'reilly, that mean guy, you want to deport house painters and chamber maids who have babies here, and you guys -- you know, they avoid the criminal aspect of this entirely. you know that. >> well, again, the bill that the senate is considering doesn't prohibit sanctuaries, it just makes it more costly -- >> takes money away. >> yeah. >> it takes money away from them. >> and it also supports more than 95% of sheriffs and police chiefs that want to help i.c.e. on a daily basis and will. and as you said, we're not talking about jaywalkers --
8:24 pm
>> i just want to say how it supports them. it would deny money to the 340 sanctuary places, and that money would then be given to, all right, the law-abiding places, so that if a sheriff or a police chief needed funds, they could apply, and the money taken from sanctuary goes to them. so, i mean, the whole thing should be passed like that, but the left in america is, they're just dug in on this, and they don't want to give it all, and they don't care how many kate steinles go down. last word. >> well, i think it's high time that the american people should have a chance to see which, exactly which lawmakers in congress are willing to take a vote to protect illegal alien criminals and prevent their deportation. >> that's right. i think so, too. that's why i want a stand-alone case law first and then a stand-alone sanctuary city defunding vote second. and right there you could destroy the democratic party, in my opinion. and because, as you said, everybody would know who's voting for what. but they want to pettyfog it and
8:25 pm
put it all in a big soup can, and it's just -- well, we're going to continue to go. thank you very much, ms. vaughn. we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. stuart varney fed up with villains and he begins a new segment tonight, telling us exactly who they are. also, eric bolling and geraldo rivera debate a vicious attack on dr. ben carson. is race involved?
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"factor follow-up" segment tonight. ground zero for kate's law and sanctuary city controversies is, of course, the southern border with mexico. the u.s. government still cannot seem to secure it. joining us now from san diego, governor mike huckabee. he's touring the border this weekend. just incredible the most powerful nation on earth can't stop border madness. both parties are at fault, in my opinion. what do you hope to achieve down there this weekend? >> one of the things, bill, we're going to do -- i'll be with former congressman duncan hunter. 20 years ago, they built a double-wall security fence along the tijuana/san diego corridor. and when they did that, in the 20 years, they have reduced illegal immigration by 95%. it's gone from 480,000 illegal immigrants coming across to 30,000. i mean, it has been a huge success. the fact is, we have to secure the border. and if i were president, i would deploy the director of homeland security to laredo, texas, and
8:30 pm
tell him he and his family would be living there and wouldn't get to leave until the fence was constructed. and bill, we could do it in less than a year, because we've built the road between british columbia and alaska 73 years ago. it was a 1,700-mile road, and it was done under arctic conditions. there is no way this country, if it wanted to -- >> oh, sure. >> -- doesn't have the capacity to -- >> everybody knows that. >> -- take care of this border. >> but it's all about will. when you were governor of arkansas, did you have sanctuary cities in your state? >> we did not. >> okay, so you didn't have to deal with them. >> we did not. >> as we just reported, 340 municipalities and cities now won't cooperate with the federal government, and the democratic party's invested in not enforcing federal immigration law. so, all of that is true, but i found in my quest for kate's law that the republicans like mitch mcconnell and other people, they're not, you know, on board with kate's law that much. they want to tie it into a whole bunch of other stuff, and they know that it's not going to pass
8:31 pm
when it's tied in. and i don't care -- i can't really figure that out. can you? >> not really, because the best way to handle it is a stand-alone, because it's always easy to say, gee, i was really for kate's law, but it was put in that big pile of stew, and therefore, i couldn't vote for it. and i really do think that the way to vote for it is to make it a stand-alone bill, let everybody stand up and be counted for it. i know there's some heartburn because the sentencing commission has estimated that it would increase the number of inmates in the systems by 60,000. that's a $2 billion-a-year hit, so there will be some fiscal concerns. but i also believe that -- >> well, how much -- >> -- when it's all said and done -- >> governor, governor, how much is kate steinle's life worth? >> that's the selling point. >> i'm just saying -- >> that's how you get it passed, right. >> we just heard a baby was beaten. and we saw in hidalgo county yesterday, the two men murdered -- i mean, look, $60 billion -- first of all, i don't believe that, all right? because it's aggravated felons that get the mandatory five,
8:32 pm
okay? and once the word gets out, you know what's going to happen, governor? there's going to be a few less aggravated felons coming back. once they know they can be popped right off the street, all right, just for standing here, there are going to be a few less of them. and then the drug gangs, who the cops know already that they have aggravated felons running them, and they've been deported, bang! they're all destroyed right on the spot. and you're telling me that we can't get a stand-alone vote in the senate and the house of representatives on this? see, this is corruption, in my opinion. >> well, we can, bill -- it is corruption. >> it is corrupt! >> it's all about donors, it's all about following the corporate class, the donor class, and that's why a lot of things don't happen. it's why americans are so frustrated. >> yeah! >> they're tired of seeing kate steinles being murdered on the streets as innocents. >> but what about the democratic party? what is wrong with this party? i don't understand it. i mean, are you telling me -- are you going to sit there and tell me that john f. kennedy would have voted against kate's
8:33 pm
law? i'm going to tell you you're out of your mind! that never would have happened 50, 60 years ago in the party. lyndon johnson would have voted against this? no way on earth! what has happened to that party? >> but the democratic party of today is a very different democratic party than when you had john kennedy, who believed in a very strong america and a visionary america. it's a very different, even from the democrats -- you had the southern bluedog democrats. they're all zone. every one of them have been voted out because there is no room in the democratic party for anyone other than a far left wing liberal. that's the only places that are left in the party. >> it's just amazing their constituencies still continue -- like tip o'neill. that's a very good example. tip o'neill's going to vote against kate's law? no, he's not. >> he wouldn't have. >> it's ridiculous! it's absurd. yet, they're all like lemmings. they just follow the pelosi/reid/clarion call to just, they don't care! and they pennyfog it and pennyfog it and oh, you want to
8:34 pm
get gardners. oh, no, you're after this one, when it's aggravated felons we're talking about, the worst of the worst! and they still can come back and you're not going to give them mandatory jail time? my god! last word, governor. >> well, bill, if you had the law, what would happen, people who thought that they might just sneak back in wouldn't do it for fear of a five-year prison sentence. it's as simple as that. a lot of times, the very thing that is the deterrent is the fear that if they get caught, there's going to be a mandatory time in prison, and it is not going to be pleasant. and i don't think many of the felons would say, let's just take the risk. right now they know what's going to happen, catch and release. that's got to stop. >> that's what's going to happen. >> there needs to be real penalties. >> governor, thanks very much. we appreciate it. when we come right back, two new "factor" segments, "varney's villains" and "bowling versus rivera." it could be intense, moments away. the kids are asleep. look what i got. oh my froot loops! [sniffs]
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. a "personal story" segment. a new segment, bowling versus rivera. over the years, i've been very impressed by the strong rapport geraldo and eric have developed. >> you're not suggesting we shot down the airliner on purpose -- >> i, of course -- why would you
8:39 pm
say something stupid like that? >> that's not stupid! you said that to make me look stupid -- >> i don't like it. i don't like it. that's the book. >> when you talk about terrorists and you talk about why we -- >> that's an anti-intellectual -- >> you just -- did you not just bring up the accidental -- >> what, you can't bring up we shot down an iranian airliner, killing civilians? >> why bring it up? why do you think they're pissed off? >> was that the wrong tape? anyway, each week, they will genuinely discuss one high-profile topic on "the factor." on friday, a personal attack by "gq" magazine on ben carson, saying blank ben carson and proceeds to call him a dumb "s" word and runs him down in a variety of ways, all this over carson saying he would attack a gunman who attacked him. if carson were a liberal
8:40 pm
politician, cries of racism would fill the air, or am i wrong? now bowling and rivera. you say? >> i say i used far worse language when i met with eric bolling than they directed against dr. carson. i talked to dr. carson today. i think there is an aspect of his right-wingness and his wingnutness that really enrages the far left that we call -- >> but i have to stop you, though. i don't think dr. carson is a wingnut. >> when you suggest -- i back him when he says you have to be a hero when confronting a mass gunman. i backed him on that. >> and that's what we saw on one of the flights on 9/11. >> but to suggest that the 6 million would have been able to fight off the nazi army, i think it's extremely unrealistic. >> that's been long debated in historic circles, that the nazi party in germany in the '30s confiscated all guns from private citizens, and there was a reason for it. it's not a wingnut statement. you may disagree -- >> i believe that it is second amendment, hard-core aficionados
8:41 pm
who believe that, because they use it as they cling to their weapons at hand, i do not believe it -- >> count me into that group, while you're at it. >> okay. now, if dr. carson had been a liberal politician and called "f" you, you're a dumb "s," wouldn't there be cries of racism all over the place? >> of course there would be cries of racism. if espn had a commentator say that about president obama. look, the liberal food chain at the very bottom are white males. you can say anything about white males. only below that level, at the very bottom, are black conservatives. you can take black conservatives to task without -- >> i don't understand. if you're a politician of color, all right, and then on the left, if you criticize a politician of color, then inevitably, you're going to get branded a racist. but if you're a conservative politician of color, you're not a race -- you can do it. i don't get it. >> i think that in dr. ben carson's case, the people are
8:42 pm
not reacting to him as a black man. i think that it doesn't matter. the reaction to dr. carson is because of ideas like the garden of eden is the literal place that existed long, long ago, that there is no such thing as evolution, you know. some of these notions that are quaint in modern life -- >> he believes in creationism. >> he believes it. but i mean, to run for president of the united states and believe in creationism, you know, it may be a stretch to believe in climate control or climate degradation or global warming, but to not believe in evolution -- >> you say because he believes in creationism -- >> i like the guy. >> -- you can go "f" you? >> no, i like you, too. i just disagree with you on some things. >> you always have a funny way of showing your affection. >> that's right. >> so, what do you think it is? this "gq" outfit is inconsequential. it's a small magazine, it doesn't reach many people, it's far left, it has an agenda, it's run by people who are detached
8:43 pm
from reality, all right? i think that's all absolutely true. but to take a guy and not to challenge his argument, but to attack him as they did with carson seems to me to have a racial element in it. >> i looked up the attacks on dr. carson, and it's not just "gq" using the "f" word. i saw seth rogen said the same thing -- >> in response to the "gq" article -- >> many, many of them. >> seth rogen? did the kardashians weigh in? i mean, come on. did the muppets say anything about it? >> they may -- >> seth rogen. go ahead. >> if you disagree, if you're white talking head on television and you disagree with president obama, you're branded a racist. >> absolutely. >> absolutely, right? >> absolutely, every time. >> so, now a liberal rag like "gq" says ben carson, leading in some polls, is stupid. >> but that's all right. >> where's the naacp, though? where are whoopi goldberg? >> that's a good question. that's a good question.
8:44 pm
>> i don't care if one person challenges a black conservative -- i'm sorry, a black liberal. >> if they say that carson's ideas are stupid, that's okay. if they say he's stupid -- he's a neurologist -- >> right. >> -- who comes from nothing and has become one of the most prestigious medical minds -- >> he has a wonderful back story. that's why i admire him. >> so, that's a personal racial attack. >> but bill, when you propose, and this is fresh off the blood not even dry, nine people slaughtered in this college, and when you propose something that seems as if you're blaming the victims for that -- >> it didn't seem like that to me. >> nor to me, because i thought it was necessary -- >> did it seem like that to you? we've got three people. we've got bowling, rivera and o'reilly all heard it and none of us think that insinuated anything about the poor victims in oregon. so, that's fallacious. you have to contrive that, and they did. but i'll come back to the point. they didn't attack the garden of
8:45 pm
eden. they didn't attack the issue of nazis confiscating guns. they attacked ben carson as a person. and if we had done that to any liberal, black politician -- >> racist. >> -- there would have been hell to pay. last word, bolling. >> last word is what it does prove is they're nervous. they're scared. they're worried that ben carson's numbers are ralrallyin. the other thing is, he's going to raise a lot of money off of this. they've blown it. they're going through this and they got -- >> carson himself does not run a racial campaign. >> carson is not going to get a meaningfully larger segment of the black vote -- >> he gets a lot of attention. >> he's going to get a lot of money. he'll raise money off that. >> but he won't get any free clothes from "gq." gentlemen, thank you. they'll be back every friday, if they're not in prison. "varney's villains" on deck, another brand-new segment. then, the "tip of the day." some folks already attacking "killing reagan." wait until you hear this. we'll be right back.
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"back of the book" segment tonight, another new friday factor segment called "varney's villains." every week, stuart varney, who has emerged as a star on the fox business network in the morning, will select two villains and pound them into pudding. what will it take? all right, varney, this is your first appearance in "varney's villains" on "the factor." this could be the highlight of your life, right? >> i think so. villainy is among them. >> yeah, i picked you because i know that you get t'd off about villains. >> i do. >> the first stuart is analyzed for is media matters, which is an outrageous propaganda website, a hate site, and they have been for years. and they're tax-exempt. how can that possibly happen? >> okay, they are a propaganda
8:50 pm
machine. >> right. >> that's all they do. >> far left propaganda machine. >> that's it. they're a hate-filled propaganda machine. >> right. >> they are, technically, a 5 501c-3 corporation, meaning they get a tax break. they're not supposed to engage overtly in poll dicks all the time, but that's exactly what they do. they're supposed to get a tax break and they do get a tax break, but they're allowed to propaganda, they're allowed to put out propaganda, but it must be insubstantial -- >> okay, that's all they do is propaganda. >> i'm telling you. >> and the guy who runs it also runs an elect hillary clinton outfit. >> he does. >> so, there's no way that the irs can't know that this is a political unit, all right, that voted to harming conservatives and traditional americans. >> yes. >> now, what kind of a tax break do they get? >> well, if you donate money to media matters, it is a tax deduction to you, because it's
8:51 pm
like you're giving money to that charity. >> it's outrageous. >> they don't pay money. they don't pay tax on the money that comes to them -- >> federal income tax. >> so, it's free money on both sides. >> so, this is a con, and this is -- obviously, this is not a group that deserves this tax-free status. what can someone d to make the irs revoke it? >> okay, an individual could file one of these forms with the irs. it's form 13909. it's the tax-exempt organization complaint referral form. simple form. fill it out, complain, say what your beef is with media matters, and you can complain. that's how you do it. >> can you formally sue them? >> i presume you could. >> so, say another group, because there are a lot of conservative, traditional groups, they could sue the irs and say this is against the law? >> i don't know about suing the irs. i think they could complain to the irs and say why -- >> but what if they don't do anything about it? because you know how politicized
8:52 pm
the irs is. >> it is. it is, indeed. i don't know what you could do if they won't do anything about it. >> i think there could be legal action taken, but we'll look into it. where can you get that form to make a complaint? >> you get it from the irs, form 13909. simple form, one page, that's it. >> all right, the second villain could be apple. >> nope, no. stuart is right away defending. $181 billion apple has stashed overseas. >> right. >> and you say? >> the villain here is the tax code, which keeps that money overseas. apple's not the villain. it's the tax code that is, because if any of that money comes back to the united states, it's taxed at a 35% rate, the highest rate in the world. >> is that on top of what they paid to the foreign countries in which they made the money? >> well, they paid to foreign countries will be deductible from that. >> from that, okay. >> but nonetheless, everything else that comes back 35%. >> so, that's why apple keeps
8:53 pm
$181 billion overseas when they could bring it back. >> can you imagine? can you imagine? if you drop that tax rate. >> well, that's what trump wants to do. >> it's over $2 trillion. >> that would come back in here. >> not all of it, but $200 billion? >> you'd get more than that. >> you would, indeed, but that's a nice piece of change. >> "varney's villains" every friday, everybody. there he is. i guess he'll be here until he runs out of villains. back to the tip of the day. attacking killing reagan. wow, wait until you hear this. the tip moments away. the tip moments away.
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>> if you do so, get any one of my books, free of we'll tal moment. if you buy it, you also get a free copy of the constitution. wow. premium members get big discounts on all our stuff. they also get the daily spin newscast, the podcast where you can listen to it anywhere in the world, the fabulous message boards. we hope you check that out. bill, i was stunned when you said they wouldn't talk to you about facebook, that we have to get involved in pressuring them. when did the tables turned that we have to beg our leadership to do the right thing? that's an excellent question, and i don't know the precise answer. what i do know is i'll take you through the process step by step. if kate's law does not pass, you will know exactly who is at fault. for now, i urge everyone to call senator feinstein's office because she does not respond to
8:57 pm
e-mails. and e-mail or call senator mcconnell's office. sun city california, here's what i wrote. dear senator feinstein, i strongly urge you to support kate's law and do everything in your power to get a stand-alone vote in the senate. put partisan politics aside for the good of the country. terrific letter. bill, you have given much of yourself to get kate's law passed, but i believe congress sees you as an outside meddler and wants to put you in your place. dana perino was uneasy because you called out both democrats and republicans for playing politics with kate's law. fred of bloomfield, colorado. o'reilly, every now and then, you do a good interview like the one last night. i love the every now and then stuff. joe, imperial beach, california.
8:58 pm
bill, i'm selling my tickets after seeing you cower before cair. shame. you'll have plenty of buyers. more than 4,000 tickets have been sold. we'll see everybody in south florida and chicago coming up. go to billo' gary fisher, bill, i was surprised to hear you indorse the aarp. no endorsement from me, gary. some of their positions are good, some not so good. i just steered you to a good interview about killing reagan on the aarp website. >> marie, arizona, killing reagan, wow. who knew? great read. finally, the factor tip of the day on the subject of killing reagan. published reports say a group of reagan loyalaliists are organiz to attack the book. they threatened me and martin
8:59 pm
even before we put the book out. well, as president reagan used to say, martin duguard and i are ready for you. nothing new. we're all attacked by zealots and jealous people, and their garbage didn't work. killing reagan is a book that tells the truth. it accurately portrayed ronald reagan's journey from a flawed, shallow man to a kecourageous m. why anyone would want to denigrate that is a mystery. and that is it us for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from billo' word of the day, do not be a p rapscalli rapscallion. i know more than a few rapscallions.
9:00 pm
thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. have a great weekend, and always remember the spin stops right here. fighting for. i'm john stossel. thanks for watching. right now on "justice" -- >> i'm not going anywhere. i'm leading in every single poll. >> he's still on top. in moments, donald trump joins me live. we'll talk about the race, the issues, and this man. the u.s. army recommends no jail time for bowe bergdahl. so what happens next for the alleged military deserter? tonight, the donald on bergdahl, the race for president, and the secrets to his success. >> honestly? it's my looks. hello and


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