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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  October 12, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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politics atop the news this hour. it is decision time. we're told paul ryan of wisconsin is taking a long holiday weekend to consider one of the biggest decisions of his career. our producer on capitol hill with an inside scoop has been telling us that ryan hopped a flight friday to be home with his family and watch the packers' game this weekend. and for those watching and wondering, what is the big deal about filling the speaker of the house job, quite simply, without a speaker the lower chamber of congress is not allowed to conduct any official business. this is a live look at capitol hill right now. this is a sticky proposition.
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with fights over the deficit ceiling, a government shut down looming. john boehner quit a few weeks ago. the man who many thought would be nominated for the job quit last week, another shocker. and now a third congressman who seems to have a majority of house members behind him says he's just not sure. or maybe he knows and we just don't know it yet. drama. we've learned everyone from friends of the house to former presidential candidate mitt romney have reached out to congressman ryan. but not everyone thinks it's a no-brainer for ryan to jump at being the house speaker. newt gingrich said ryan has a lot at stake if he runs for this position. watch. >> paul should be very cautious. he's the most prestigious member, he has the best future. he's still very young. it's easy to get 218 on the first vote and then you get to keeping the government open
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through a continuing resolution and then you get to the debt ceiling and if you're not careful, by christmas he resembles john boehner. >> i said it was a lot of drama. any new indications of what paul ryan is going to do? >> congressman ryan has been very quiet this weekend. he hasn't said anything over the weekend. he's home in wisconsin watching football with his family but it was the talk of all the sunday shows. will he or won't he? he's under enormous pressure to run. he is one of the few who actually stands a chance of uniting republicans. so those conservative members of the house freedom caucus will play a huge part in selecting the next speaker which is why what was said today by the caucus's chairman was so important. >> we have endorsed daniel webster. paul ryan is a good man and a great communicator and certainly if he gets in the race, our
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group would look favorably on him but we're much more concerned about reforming the institution. it's not about who the speakers but who is going to change the business as usual attitude around there and that's what we're foe kised on. >> we still don't know if he actually wants the job. it would mean less time with his family and more time to get in trouble politically especially if he wants to run for higher office. >> a lot of people talked about that after running for vice president, what would his aspirations be? in this whole process because i know there's a break for the house right now. what happens next? he comes back and we all find out what goes on? >> nobody really knows. that's the big question here. right now the house is on a week-long recess so he has a little bit of time. the next two months are just packed with raising the debt ceiling and passing another spending bill to avoid a government shut down. speaker boehner says he will stay until his successor has
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been selected but no one knows when that will be. >> thank you very much. a former staffer on the committee looking into the benghazi terror attack is accusing the group of shifting its focus to go after hillary clinton. now the committee is hitting back. a former staffer claims the committee changed its focus from our four americans who were murdered to hillary clinton's e-mail server scandal. he said resources were moved away from investigating the murders in libya to investigating former secretary of stay hillary clinton. he is alleging he lost his job because he resisted the pressure to focus on clinton. but it is said, no way. that staffer was fired for cause. he released a rare statement reading until his friday conversations with the media, this staffer has never mentioned secretary clinton as a cause of his termination and he did not cite clinton's name in a legally
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mandated mediation. meanwhile, new details in a possible game changer in the be beau burg dahl case. burgd is charged with december sergs and maximum penalty is life in prison. he spent the following four years in taliban captivity in until our government negotiated hez release last year. it is worth mentioning that recommendations usually are followed. the question, will bergd get a break? >> an article 32 hearing is held to determine probably cause. an army officer is suggesting that beau bergdahl should be
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spared. it's no more severe than a bad conduct mischarge. bergdahl was charged with desertions. it's a charge that could carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. >> he went to the enemy. he gave the and comfort. he was tortured and held for five years but it was because he walked away, presented himself to the enemy. soldiers were hurt, harmed and killed in the process of missions to find him that we would not have been doing. he needs to be held fully accountable for it. >> that release drew criticism from both republicans and also some democrats. some military officials say regardless of this recommendation, bergdahl deserted comrades.
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another decision will be made as to whether military officials accept these recommendations. >> thank you. now to the fight against the islamic based savages and news that broke hours ago that their leader was taken out does not look to be accurate at this point although the world is waiting on dna results. here is what we do know. the iraqi air force hit a convoy. there have been conflicting reports tlou s throughout the d it looks like he was not among those killed in that strike. as you may know, the so-called religious face of the terror group and his death would be a huge blow to the network. iraq has claimed to have taken him out several times in the past. we will see what happens with this. and this news, nato is announcing that five people were killed after a coalition helicopter crashed at a base in kabul.
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it is described as non-hostile according to an afghan security guard. officials have not identified the nationalties of those killed. we will bring you more on the story as it breaks. the cleveland police officer who shot and killed a 12-year-old little boy holding a pellet gun was justified in using deadly force, that's according to two outside reviews requested by the prosecutor who is investigating the case. the incident inflamed racial tensions in cleveland last year. the police officer was white and the victim is african-american. and to take you back now, it was november the 2 of last year. officers responded to a 911 call about somebody waving a gun outside of a recreational center. the caller said the suspect was probably a juvenile but that the gun was probably fake but that information was not passed on to the police officers.
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surveillance footage shows them pulling up to the scene and opening fire. now in light of the new reports, family is expressing concern that a jury may never get to decide the case. ryan, first of all you've got these two outside reviews. let's start there. what can you tell us? >> both were done, one by a denver prosecutor and another by a retired fbi agent who looked at all of the evidence and independently decided that the officer who shot and killed the 12-year-old, officer timothy loman acted reasonably. one report opponented out that the officer fired two shots within two seconds of leaving his police car because tamir rice was within four to seven feet of him. there can be no doubt that his death was tragic and when one considers his age, heartbreaking. but the belief that rice posed the threat of serious physical harm or death was objectively reasonable as was his response
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to that perceived threat. the retired fbi agent wrote the only fact that determined if the officer acted reasonably are those he had at the time. the officer had no information to suggest that the weapon was anything but a real handgun. and the speed with which the confrontation progressed would not give the officer time to focus on the weapon. the county prosecutor's office says they released this information in the spirit of transparency. >> it's hard to imagine that that critical information wouldn't have gotten passed on. what happens now with the family and their attorneys. >> they have seen these reports and the release of the expert reports prove the prosecutor's office does not want accountability. the officer should have assessed the situation before rushing up to tamir with their car. any representation without the prosecutor advocating for tamir
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is a charade to get experts to participate in the white wash when the world has the video of what happened is all the more alarming. the prosecutor's office says they are not reaching conclusions based on these decisions. >> interesting. and i wonder legally how their information will play in this case. i mean, you know, if they're saying they're not going to use what came out of these reviews, what will happen as it goes forward with that information. brian, thank you very much. >> thank you. right now one suspect is in custody after someone shot and killed an off-duty memphis police officer. it began when officials say they got a call about a shooting in a home. that's apparently where they found the police officer, terrance aldridge, 31 years old, not far to the hospital but he died on the way. a suspect is in custody but officials did not say if he has
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been charged. this is the fourth memphis police officer to be fatally shot in just four years. most recently shawn bolton was killed in august. tough for that department. check your department. do you have chips on all of your credit cards? companies working to boost security with those new chips. and not everyone has gotten their new card in the mail and some places don't have the technology to read them. what happens when you get to the store and you can't use your card? plus the shark attack that ended up saving this dude's life. >> i'm very thankful and gracious for this incident, for this shark, for this nudging. i had already had my yearly physical so i wouldn't have been going to the doctor otherwise. i was otherwise healthy
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it is hot in california. triple digit temperatures in so cal. 108 degrees in many cam rio. 105 long beach. in burr bank, 104. so william, these records are not heat indexes. this is actual temperature. >> yeah. it's a little warm out there. and the beach is pretty hot, too. we'll get to that. this is the single hottest year on record in los angeles. in this weekend, we saw
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consecutive days above normal. 15 million californians could not escape the heat. many here don't have air-conditioning. >> i don't have care conditioning. in venice, you don't really need it. just whacky heat wave days that you're like maybe i'll reconsider. >> we hit 98 degrees outside in the shade. >> none of this is helping the drought. agriculture loss is 1.8 billion as officials are diverting water to save fish. some farmers had no crop at all this season. this is also peak fire season. multiple power outages like this block who had no pourer two nights in a row. >> power is critical. i don't know what i'm going to
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to do right now. it's going to be a tough week. >> orange county officials shut down a parade when 60 people suffered heat exhaustion. the good news is temperatures are expected to back off monday and it should be normal by next week. >> william, thank you very much. in florida, weather of a different kind a water spout flipped a truck over. this is tampa. the force of nature touching down on a bridge and dishing out heavy damage to a semi truck. look at that. the driver inside the whole time reportedly unharmed. thank the good lord for that. >> republican leaders are making a full court press trying to convince congressman paul ryan to run as the next speaker of the house. >> certainly had tremendous status, a very smart guy. he has to decide whether or not it's worth it for him to make the sacrifice. it's an important sacrifice. >> congressman ryan has said in
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the past that he does not want this job. but maybe he's reconsidering. that's a lot of peer pressure. will he or won't he? the political insiders are all three in new york. they will be with me. we love it when you chime in when you tune in. tell us what you think. should he or shouldn't he? we're talking about ryan possiblily tossing his hat into the ring.
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if you are just popping in to watch, these developments of an iranians official in the case of jason rezainan. he was detained more than a year ago and charged with espionage. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. and flights delayed today. the problem affected its website, mobile app, reservation centers and airlines. in other words, everything they do. and nearly 20 cars hitting the streets of paris.
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that's the only french i speak. the parade includes cars from dr. no in 1962 to this year's aston martin. and it's all ahead of the release of the latest 007. top republicans putting the je squeeze on congressman paul ryan. they're trying to convince him to make a bid for house speaker. he's even getting a nod from would be competition. watch. >> somebody's got to do it. you know, i would hope that paul ryan would do it. he said repeatedly that he won't. i do think there are other people better qualified but i do think i bridge that gap and that's the case that i'm making. if there's somebody better that can unite us, i'll support them. >> that's resounding. somebody's got to do it. the fox news political insiders are here. you can join the conversation online. they will put our little handles
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down at the bottom of the screen. john in the 007 movie. pat in the middle and doug shown, former pollster and contributor as well. i'll start with twitter. should he or shouldn't he in terms of paul ryan. go with the family decision. why is it so difficult to get a republican to step up and take this job. >> can i take your humor? this james bond thing? before we get to ryan, something very disturbing has happened in the last couple of weeks. he is a chairman of the government of oversight committee. and out of nowhere he's investigating the secret service which needs to be overseen. >> they have had a lot of problems. >> they go out and leak stuff about them to denigrate him terrible. >> you want me to keep notes? i got it. >> and then last week on thursday out of nowhere we read,
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i don't know if it's true, but the department of homeland security alters the wikipedia beige of the majority leader alleging something went on between them. we don't know what happened. the point being what is going on when the executive branch is investigating and leaking against members of the legislative branch? >> there is a larger issue here, which john is raising here which gets to your question. there is complete dysfunction alty if not worse in washington. the citizenry not only republicans, understands that, and what paul ryan is reticent about is yes, there are family concerns but he understands this is an insoluble problem. in the past has spoken of the break down of the republican party. he is speak to that very well. we have complete dysfuncti dysfunctionality in the republican party. >> before we move on, the worst
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of that scenario that you're talking about is what john outlined and that can happen to either party. when you have people willing to go after other people which is what you're talking about, that's bipartisan. that's a human thing. and that's dangerous. >> what it is is the institutions will not protect themselves. this is -- let me tell you, if george bush or george h. bush had done this, the media would be going crazy. but the bob woodward led washington post, which is in the tan tank, and nbc which stands for nobody but clinton. what we have is nixon on steroids. it is their with held documents. they have covered up stuff at the irs. l louis learner. we have a government and administration and a rule of law
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that's disappearing. we have chaos here. and i had said before, at least for a year, and particularly since last december, that the republican party was on the verge of coming apart at the seams. the revolt has reached the halls in capital hill. the government, highest ever is corrupt and no one will speak about it. >> people sitting at home are wondering, we elected these people. what the heck is going on and how can i affect it? but they can't. >> when they elect them and they don't do what they said they would do. they don't repeal bobama care o try to repeal it. >> we object. >> that is why trump is doing well. >> that's what i was going to say. >> and why he will continue to do well. the more there's mayhem like we're talking about in the
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speaker's race. the big beneficiary is trump. >> and carson and -- >> all three of them. >> it was a piece in the "new york times" business section today, a section i don't usually reference here but it quoted a truck driver from south carolina who said i voted for the establishment. they failed. i voted for the tea party. they failed. now i'm voting for trump or fiorina or carson because we have got to get those that are in out. the system isn't working. that's what's going on. >> i want to talk with you a little bit about the 40 or so members inside the republican-led house. the freedom caucus. and today reports that they might be able to get behind paul ryan. remember their guy is representative dan webster. and he was somebody that they endorsed early on. even before kevin immediately quit. so my question for you is what kind of power do they wield? and if they don't get behind a guy like paul ryan, what happens
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next? >> they wield enough power to ruin -- >> or get in. >> what we need and what everyone's hoping for is to find one person who can get both sides at least to support them enough going forward to function. >> but they could block the republicans from electing a speaker without democratic control. >> they seem to want to do that. they are talking about diminishing the role of the speaker, which makes no sense. look, the bigger picture is this. they don't know what they want to do. they do not know -- >> how do they not know? >> they haven't known for a while. the tea party group with which i have great sympathy with the anger they have, but where i have been critical on this show with them is take your anger and tell us what you want to do about these problems. what is your solution to obama care and immigration taxes. >> can i ask a really simple question, though? you're talking about come forth with what you want but how are they treated inside? >> they are treated like dirt.
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>> capitol hill. if you feel like you're not respected, maybe that's your first battle what is it pat? >> they are treated like sheep. they might as well not show up. they don't get to offer amendments. >> why is that? >> the establishment. >> the establishment has been clutching more and more power just as harry reed destroyed the senate now we see this in the speaker's office and they're demanding some kind of voice. i don't blame them. >> to this point, i'm not even angry any more. i'm just scared. >> we should be scared because our government is totally dysfunctional. we see in syria, russians basically wrecking havoc, isis on the move, our economy is weak. paris, we are a country which is rudderless. >> and at the center of that is our tax dollars. sit tight. this speaker race, showing the push from political outsiders
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making it all the way to congress is already had a huge impact on the campaign trail. new polling shows a tightening on the republican side of the ticket. the insiders weighing in when we come back.
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>> if i wasn't number one, i would never mention it. >> i love his bravado, right? donald trump's going to like the latest round of polling. a new cbs polling shows trump with 27% of the vote. his lead is shrinking. dr. ben carson just six points behind. everybody else single didn'ts. the insiders are back. you are nodding. >> those guys have been stronger in their positions. trump, yeah he did the tax thing, he did the thing on
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sending the refugees back. ben carson, the statement that the establishment didn't like when he said i don't think a muslim who believes in sharia law should be president. republicans agree with that. the stronger they are and the more anti-politically correct they are, the more primary voters like them. >> why is this so difficult for everybody else to grab on to? >> because we have an establishment in this country that is self-perpetuating. put another way, everybody who's a so-called independent media analyst believes it's only a matter of time, harris, before the incumbent office holders assert themselves. >> what we're seeing in this poll and every other poll is that trump and carson in the lead, to the lesser extent, fiorina, getting 50% of the vote. there is no support for the
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establishment. people like jeb bush are singeing. it is a direct reflection of what we were talking about before. >> they seem to have a hard time in the new age of just speak your mind. >> because they have never been trained to do that. everything has been let us fool the people. what do i say? they get their pollsters out and this is not to denigrate because doug and i have been pollsters. >> 90 years combined. >> 90 years combined. what misleading thing can we say or political speak that will quiet them? how do we tell them what we're going to do when we plan not to do it? they do not know how to speak with a straight tongue to quote our native american friends. they only know how to speak with a forked tongue. the business of washington is corruption and the currency of washington is lies. and that is -- that's why they do this. and i want to say look, if you can throw cruz in the numbers, it's over 60%. and by the way, we have the socialists runningwide in the
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democratic party. >> he is running wild. he's doing better. >> he's not -- unlike -- he's doing his thing. we'll get to him. but on the republicans, part of their appeal is they trash the media and the media trashes them. you want to do well meng republican primaries, have abc, "new york times," washington post, have them trash you and you go up. >> what is the tipping point? when do we get to that point before the primary season really kicks in where you go you know what? you can't stop this particular individual, whomever that's going to be. >> we're getting close. >> you think we're there already? >> i think we're there. i'll throw an idea out for you. what would happen on the eve of the iowa caucus if trump announced that carson is his running mate? can you imagine what that would do? it would be it.
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>> off the wall. >> it would be -- >> oh wait you think the nomination would be over? >> i think donald trump with ben carson together -- >> i know you don't have an opinion on this. >> but john is making a point. at some point the establishment claims are going to get together. first of all we can take the 14 candidates and take the bottom seven and move them out now. they've had their chance. they're gone. >> you don't think there's enough time for somebody like a jeb bush. >> leave bush and kay sitin there, but the problem is they have no narrative. and i still argue that a fiorina or someone else can make the case strong enough or a narrative that's not there. but right now it's headed and if they did what you said, because they seem to be yin and yang in the outsider movement. >> trump has a little edge to him that some people like and carson's nicer than trump.
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>> carson has the highest favorability. >> he may be nicer but he is not backing down. >> so you put them together. >> i have a basic question for you. i'm looking at not my business which is a funny handle on twitter. there is no doubt that not one of them, meaning establishment in washington, that is not bought and paid for. is money a big issue? >> that is the point. trump is only using his money. carson is raising small donations. none of them have the big institutional money that all the establishment candidates have. it's a big issue. it's a big issue on the democratic side forhillry. one of the reasons why bernie sanders is doing as well as he is is again, he's been financed by small dollar contributions. >> it's also liberating as a candidate to not be ownedu bung. you can do whatever you want.
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>> hillary clinton, senator bernie standers set to face off in the first democratic presidential debate. what can we expect from the front runners and the other three candidates hoping for a breakthrough. the
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the democratic presidential candidates get their chance to debate on tuesday. bernie sanders already stepping up his criticism of hillary clinton who will be center stage. we have the line-up of how everybody's going to be standing. around her former governors o'mally, jill webb as well as sanders. the political insiders are back. let's play a little game. whom and what would you coach that person to do for tuesday
1:52 am
night? pick your candidate. >> i'll pick hillary. >> you would. >> i'm for hillary. >> she's got a comfortable lead but she is in jeopardy. there are questions about flip-flopping, there are questions about authenticity, questions about accessibleability and questions about her idealogical ability. she's got to come across as in touch, consistent in her world view and for the middle class. she needs to pivot against the republicans and use her anger against them rather than get into a fight. >> does she have to look accessible? >> she has to look accessible and warm. maybe not as likable as one some would want her to be but not stand offish and cold. >> can she do it? >> i tnk she can and will and we will see it on tuesday. >> you are a friend. i'm sure she will invite you to tinner. >> i will take the two minor candidates, webb and o'mally.
1:53 am
either one of them. look you cannot do this debate in the position that they are without raising real issues and they are critical. she is, the author with obama of the hugest mess in foreign policy in history in what's going on in syria. you don't have to be harsh about it but you can raise it. the elephant in the room, pardon the pun for a democratic debate, is her character. even with democrats, which is the question of the flip-flopping. >> do you think they overstated the case? >> no. i think the question is since the moderators, i doubt anyone at cnn will have the guts -- i wanted to say another word -- so the other candidates have got to raise these. >> your candidate. >> i will predict. i think bernie sanders is the hottest figure in the democratic party, obviously drawing huge crowds. he is going to do very well in a debate by just doing what he does. he never dumps on anybody else. he dutches on the 1%.
1:54 am
he talks what we talk about, that the system isn't working. there he is, the american dream is dying. he does it in his own way. but he has a positive message and he comes off as a very nice likable guy. he's going to go up after this debate. i promise you. >> and the republican, any of them that you would consider? >> never. >> the more people see him the more will like. >> i want to get to twitter. why shouldn't joe biden, in quotes, leak that he's going to run the day of the debate? >> i think he will wait to see what happens, harris, in the debate. pat has been saying i think now increasekly correctly, that biden is likely to run. but i think biden wants to see what happens in the debate. he's coming up against a couple of filing deadlines i believe in early november for key primary states. and i think he also wants to get through october 22, which is the date of the benghazi hearing. >> and i want to ask about that,
1:55 am
pat, your thoughts. that date that's coming up. >> i think it's a big day. kevin mccarthy and as you said last week, john, gave hillary clinton her only good day in a year. and now this other guy, whatever this is, and the democrats are going crazy screaming about this. they're not screaming about the cover up of documents or the lies. so the question is for biden, that he needs to see this. if i were him -- >> is he getting in, pat? >> uh-huh. >> you think he is. >> new hampshire is going down. i'm not sure this exposure is going to be good for him. >> so you're saying biden gets in. >> i will leave asking this question. until all of them on capitol hill do their jobs effectively, can we get some of our tax money back? that's never going to happen. final thoughts with the insiders and a little something that's coming up when we come back.
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a little programming fort. next week i will be off as i pound the pavement to crush breast cancer, the avon 39. it's 39.3 miles across two days. saturday and sunday, october 17th and 18th. you see my walk partner, maria donovan. now she's leading our new venture at fox, fox news 24/7
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sirius xm. i want to say thank you to members of our fox family who have been supporting us through donation and power thoughts including the political insiders. you were one of the first to give a do nation. >> my donation was based on the support and affection and respect we all have for you. >> god bless you. thank you. >> it was out of real love and affection. >> it's for a great cause. the statistics are really daunting. one in eight women in america will have invasive breast cancer sometime in their lifetime. it's an important cause. >> we'll be with you. >> i can't wait to see you guys on the flip side of this weekend. that's it for the fox report. >> it is monday october 12ththmeoctober 12th, fox news alert. a police officer shot dead on his way to work.
1:59 am
what will we know about the pma who pulled the triggered. >> passengers forced to get handwritten boarding passes. >> foul play. dodgers ugly took out the short stop. >> as far as sticking up for your teammate being out there and doing what's right is what i am going to do. >> is a two-game suspension enough for a broken leg. "fox & friends firs "fox & friends first"now. >> good morning to you and your family you are watching "fox & friends first". it is monday morning. >> hope you had a great weaned. thank you for starting your day with us. a uniform police officer gunned down in his car outside of his home. 31-year-old terrance all rich was headed to work when he was
2:00 am
shot multiple times. he managed to crawl to a neighbor's home for safety. >> that ster trying to break up a domestic dispute. police charged a convicted bank robber with his death now but the details are sketchy. >> the family of this young man, we pray for him his family and for the department. >> he had only been with the department for 13 months. his wife is four months pregnant. >> five nato troops are dead five more injured in a helicopter crash in kabul. a military chopper hit the cable of an observational balloon before it crash landed near nato headquarters. that's where they are train


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