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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 12, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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shot multiple times. he managed to crawl to a neighbor's home for safety. >> that ster trying to break up a domestic dispute. police charged a convicted bank robber with his death now but the details are sketchy. >> the family of this young man, we pray for him his family and for the department. >> he had only been with the department for 13 months. his wife is four months pregnant. >> five nato troops are dead five more injured in a helicopter crash in kabul. a military chopper hit the cable of an observational balloon before it crash landed near nato headquarters. that's where they are training
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forces. not releasing who it killed but two on board were royal air forcematters. an attempted abduction in connecticut. remember this teenaged girl jumping out of the suspect's car narrowly escaping charges. tawana randall is behind bars on a 1,000 dollars bond. she offered her a ride to school and assaulted her in the cash. >> more frustration and massive delays. they are warning people to arrive two hours early and print boarding passes out after a technical glitch delays hundreds of flights across the country. thousands, they waited for handwritten tickets after failed communication for airline passengers on which forms would be accepted at the gate. >> i had a family emergency and i was trying to get to connecticut as soon as possible.
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sn no one was able to help me for an hour in the express lane. >> wasn't moved in the last 30 minutes. >> the airline not saying what cas caused it or when it will be fixed but there's no indication hackers got inside the system. we will check back on the delays in a live report in just a few men's. >> the case continues about case utley's slide which left the other player with a broken leg. he is suspended for 3 and 4 of the national league series. we are here with the appeals that will be here today. >> looking at that is painful. all of it is rolling around. take a look at this again it's the bottom of the inning. they are trailing the new york mets he makes a hard slide into second base topping tejada fracturing his fibula ending his season.
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the mets never recover of losing a short stop. the dodgers go on to win the game 5-2. joe torre reviews the hard slide and suspends utley for games 3 and will. >> it is based on the fact that he slid very late and appeared to me he hit tejada and the ground at the same time mortar getting the player. he certainly didn't want to hurt him. just trying to break up a double play. i thought it was a little bit much. >> let me add to that again tory concludes utley made a rolling block away from the base to keep tejada from making the double play. utley who is known for his tough playing style is appealing the suspension. his agent releasing the statement a two-game suspension for a baseball play is outrageous and chase did what all players are told to do in
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this situation. the dodger's manager talks about his slide. >> if nobody had been hurt nobody would have talked about this. it would have been a hard slide. >> utley facing increasing criticism for his slide dug the mets. >> it was late. it was a late slide. where he hit rubin on the field, certainly is something that needs to be addressed. >> the mets and the dodgers will face each other in new york tonight for game three if utley is allowed to play he could face retaliation. mets fans say the best revenge in all of this is to win the series. an ainsley? >> i am sure they think that. thank you so much. kelly wright here in the studio. is it fair punishment or does you tell redeserve more? you can send your thoughts to us by e-mail. we look forward to reading those or you can send those to twitter
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as well. >> the wait for house speaker is heating up as paul ryan takes time to think about running. the chairman of the house freedom caucus jim jordan said he hopes ryan will run. >> i think he would be a great messenger. he will come in front of our group and talk to us. i think our group would be favorable towards him. we are not there yet. >> somebody's got to do it. i would hope paul ryan would do it. he said repeatedly he won't. they have endorsed daniel we webst webster. vote scheduled for september 29th. the pressure builds for paul ryan to run for speaker of the house. charlie dent and newt gingrich worry i could face the same issues as speaker boehner. >> paul ryan should become
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speaker. he hope he does. he will have to make acome tations and collaborate with democrats. if he does those things he will have his legs taken out by some members. if we choose to go the status quo the house will be mired and this institution will be weaker. >> i think paul should be very cautious. he is the most prestigious member of the house. he is still very young. it is easier to get 218 in the first vote then you get open to a continuing resolution. if you are not careful by christmas he resembles john boehner. >> he says he has no plans to return to capitol hill despite rumblings he could become speaker again. >> meantime the commander-in-chief gets grilled. president obama sitting down for an interview on cbs's 60 minutes over everything from syria to hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. kristin fisher joins us live
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with more. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, heather. one of the most surprising moments in the interview came when president obama asked if he knew his russian counterpart putin had been planning to mobilize troops in syria. >> we have pretty good intelligence. we watch. >> you knew he was planning something? >> we knew he was planning to provide -- the side was meeting because they were nervous about a potential eminent collapse of the regime. >> so the president saying he knew what putin was planning in syria as they stood side by side two weeks ago. when asked about leadership specifically if he thought putin was challenging his leadership president obama fought back when he looked at the definition of leadership. >> if you think running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in
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order to prop up your only ally is leadership. my definition would be leading on climate change and international accord we mow tensionally will get in paris. >> on his former secretary of state's e-mails he thought hillary clinton did make a mistake but did not endanger national security in his opinion. >> it is important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public and they can make their own judgment. i can tell you this is not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. >> the president said he did not think his private server was an attempt to hide something or squirrel away information. >> did the president weigh in on the 2016 racesome did he say anything about joe biden? >> he did. he believes joe biden will go down as one of the best vice presidents in history. he said you can't sit next to
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the president in every single meeting day in and day out and not think about eventually uning yourself especially when you have run in the past. he did not say anything concrete about whether or not joe biden will actually run. we have the democratic debate tomorrow night. >> it is coming up. kristin fisher live for us. thank you, kristin. >> candidates donald trump and ben carson dominating the republican president sal race. in a news poll trump leads 27 percent followed by carson at 21 percent. all over gop candidates finished with single tig gets. hillary clinton continues to lead the democratic race with sanders in second and joe biden. >> telling trump to quit dreaming. ♪ >> love that song.
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aerosmith front man steven tyler wants trump to stop playing dream on at his rallies. tyler said he never got permission to use the song. it's not really about an endorsement. it's more of a copy right issue. >> it was a wild sunday in the nfl. pick it up with the giants. it was a spectacular catch with only 21 seconds left that gave new york a last minute 30-27 victory over the 49ers. eli manning the most winningest quarterback in team history. they bounce back on the deficit to beat the sea talks 27 to 24 in over time. >> the wow five times in the first quarter the patriots were able to keep it cool and blowout dallas 30-6.
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what a great day for football? . >> former president and big time astros fan throwing the first pitch out to the royals game. first lady barbara bush standing right beside him. sporting a neck brace following a fall back in july. >> she is wearing her pearls with the jersey. >> of course. >> it is a windy start to the week in some parts of the country. >> others could see rain. maria molina is here with what we can expect. >> some of the major weather lines are strong winds in parts of the plains. we have warnings across the dakotas and minnesota. a lot of people dealing with the back moving area of low pressure already bringing in showers across parts of north dakota. it will be racing eastward. not a lot of moisture with it. we won't expect to see a lot of
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heavy rain but there will be showers threw the midwest and into the northeast as we head into tomorrow. tomorrow we should be tapping into warm moist tour across the eastern u.s. you will needed umbrella daws across the northeast. across southern california temperatures really heating up out here. 94 for the high temperature in l.a. upper 90's in phoenix. still feeling like summer out there. it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. stranded at sea for five days. >> an apology fromm olive garde. the surprising reason the restaurant chain had to say i am sorry to a cop. >> christmas count down with just six weeks to go before black friday the big savings that shoppers can expect. >> save your money.
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>> systems were shut down stranding passengers in line as long as a mile. robin murdock is live at the detroit metropolitan airport. good morning, robin. >> i just ran inside the airport to try to see how crowded it was. around the southwest terminal there is quite the line growing. there are several hundred people packed in there as a result of this southwest airlines computer glitch. southwest is telling the travelers to arrive at least two hours early and to printout their boarding passes if they can before they get here to try to minimize any delays.
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they are not saying what caused the problem, what started it or when it will be resolved. they are hoping to get it resolved as quickly aztec. pack your patience, get here about two hours early and printout that boarding pass so you don't have to worry about the delays. the chilling # 11 call from the deadly shooting at northern arizona university just released. >> there is a guy outside shooting people. >> where are you located. >> arizona university. there's people on the ground. >> a mesh man is accused of opening fire on four fellow students after a fight friday morning killing one of them. he fac
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>> at olive garden he was told to leave for carrying his gun. olive garden's president has called the officer to personally apologize. >> a denver high school trading touchdowns for tiaras crowning a girl with complications as their queen. >> it touched my heart. i wanted to cry. >> i think there are so few times when you can feel an immediate impact. >> the team met the toddler when they gave her a backyard as a make-over as part of the community service project. they decided their deed wasn't going to stop there. >> precious child. 18 minutes after the hour. the football fight. the off field infection that
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could have a giant's player off. >> why you will still be feeling the flu.
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>> 800 students and teachers are sick from a norovirus outbreak. they temporarily shut down for a deep cleaning. every desk. every chair. all of the counters disinfected. over 5,000 leggo pieces in the school district scrubbed clean. one school remains closed today.
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>> new york giant's player could lose his foot due to a mrsa infection. he is in intensive care after being in the hospital more than a week. he has had five surgeries so far. they are fighting to save his foot which could face ampcation given the infection. >> a voter's candidacy for five days is rescued off the coast of hawaii. dramatic video showing the coast guard approaching the cat kata ma ran. the marner drifted too far off land to call for help. the voter thank goodness was not injured. >> now to extreme weather. a scary site for dozens of drivers in highways in florida. the water spout turning into a tornado damaging a male truck-- truck in his path. it forced it off the ground two times. many waited for the skies to
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clear up. the weather only lasting a couple of minutes. thankfully nobody is hurt there either. to a fox business alert. millions of americans can expect to know increase from social security next year. >> cheryl casone from fox business is here telling us what is causing this change. >> good morning ladies. many social security recipients disabled vets and retirees will get noen crease -- no increase year. the culprit may surprise you, low gas prices. the annual cost is based on inflation which is being dragged lowerer pump prices. 70 million americans will likely be aaffected. the surprise flop for the new movie "pan" blames "the martian" the matt damon flick. it brought in $37 million with pan only 15 million.
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hotel trance vation is second with 20 million. southwest airlines had a rough weekend with technology also making headlines for the new economy seat the airline unveiled. the new design called meridian seat is wider. the arm rest appears to be a lot thinner. hope you don't mind the person next to you. and the airline added new drinks to jazz up your flight margarita and jack daniels hot chocolate. hot dog lovers listen up. ballpark, the largest seller of hot dogs introducing beef jerky this week. for those who prefer a diet protein it will be available near you. >> but is it low in sodium. thanks. it is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. another benghazi bombshell. >> i was fired for trying to conduct an objective, nonpartisan thorough investigation. >> a former benghazi
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investigator ripping the committee looking into that attack. why trey gowdy says he has it all wrong. >> how does unlimited vacation sound? we are going to tell you about the major company making that a mandate. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet?
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>> travel nightmare. thousands of travelers stranded coast to coast. it is not over yet. the warning from southwest this morning. >> the count down. the door buster deals and the big black friday savings all shoppers can expect.
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"fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. 5:29 on the east coast. a uniform police officer gunned down in his car outside of his memphis home. terrance olridge was headed to work with he was shot pull in tim times. he managed to crawl to a house for safety but later died. >> the officer was reportedly trying to break up a domestic dispute. they have charged a convicted bank robber with his death. they say the details are very sketchy. >> pray for the family of this young man. >> his fiancee four months pregnant with their first child.
2:31 am
he is the 4th memphis officer shot and killed in as many years. >> five nato troops are dead and five injured in a helicopter crash in kabul. an after can security officer says the military chopper hit the tabcable of a balloon befort hit ground. they are not releasing who was killed. officials say two on board were royal air force members. the head of the benghazi committee shutting down claims of a republican from south carolina. he claims the investigation into the attacks is taking sides. >> this has become a part shan investigation. i do not know the reason for the hyper focus on hillary clinton. i am going to vote for the republican nominee in 2016. trey gowdy claiming the claims have no basis. the former staffer was the one
2:32 am
making the investigation part of him. >> soldiers who once served with bowe bergdahl furious he may not face any jail time for deserting his platoon in 2009. many say he should be get life in prison and be held responsible for the death of his soldiers. we will talk with jordan vaughn a former platoon mate of bergdahl. >> the commander-in-chief sitting down for an interview on cbs's 60 minutes talking about everything from syria to hillary clinton's e-mail can sda-- scan. this interview covered a lot of topics from syria in russia to the 2016 race. on the topic of former secretary of state e-mails he thought hillary clinton did make a mistake but did not endanger national security.
2:33 am
>> she made a mistake. she is acknowledged it. i do think that the way it has been begined up is in part because of politics and i think she would be the fest irst to acknowledge maybe she could have handled the original decision better and the disclosures more quickly. >> president obama was asked if he knew his russian counterpart vladmir putin machine planning to bring troops in when they met in the general assembly. >> we have good intelligence. >> you knew he was planning to do it. >> we knew he was planning to provide the military assistance that he was needing because they were nervous about a potential eminent collapse of the regime. >> and when asked about his vice president possibly running in 2016 president obama said he's going to let joe biden make that decision.
2:34 am
but he did say this. >> i think joe will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history and one of the more consequential. he has done great work. there's no politician at a national level that hasn't thought about being the president. >> the first democratic debate is tomorrow night. it is looking highly unlikely he will be there. >> did he weigh in at all on the republican field? anything on donald trump? >> he did talk about it. pretty much the president dismissed him as a classic tv character that knows who you to get attention. he said flat out he doesn't think he will win the whitous. >> we have to see. he's the favorite right now. >> travmlers facing massive
2:35 am
delays, warning people to arrive two hours early. print your boarding pass out ahead of time if you can. thousands forced to wait for handwritten tickets. can you image that after failed communications between the airline and passengers on which forms will be accepted at the gate. >> i have a family emergency and i am trying to get back to connecticut as soon as possible and absolutely no one is able to help me because the computers are down. >> spent ant hour in the express lane. hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes. >> she is still smiling. the airline not saying what caused the problem or when it will be fixed. there is no indication that hackers got inside the system. >> they picked happy people. i am sure not everyone was. terrifying moment when a engine burst into flames. >> no problems here. we were just getting ready for it. we are just going to sit here for a second. >> a fire igniting on the
2:36 am
runway. passengers heard a boom and the plane skidded to a halt. crews were brought in to hose it down. travelers were bussed to another flight to fresno. >> the debate continues about chase utley's slide. took out rubin tejada with a broken leg. the outfielder now suspended for games 3 and 4 of the national league division series. kelly wright is here with the appeal that will be heard add. >> when you look at that it makes you wins. chase utley is a baseball player who plays really tough. some say he played too tough in the battle against the mets. he makes a hard slide. his actions lead to mets short stop rubin tejada suffering a
2:37 am
broken legending his season. joe torre reviews the hard side and suspend him for games 3 and 4. utley who is known for his tough playing style is appealing the suspension. joe wolf saying it is outrageous and completely unacceptable. chase did what all players are taught to do in this situation. when the two teams face off tonight there are concerns mets could be looking to retaliate. but the metsg ticher harvey is focusing on winning. >> as far as sticking up for your teammates i think being out there and doing what is right is exactly what i am going to do. >> hopefully it will be multiple events but that's up to their side. if they deem it necessary, so be it. >> you have the two starting
2:38 am
pitchers the mets and dodgers face off in game 3. it could be very electric if utley is allowed to play he could face retaliation. mets fans say the best revenge is to win the series. ladies, ainsley? >> kelly wright live for us in the studio. thank you, kelly. it is beginning to feel a lot like fall. we have a look at what's ahead for the weekend. >> i want to point out you mentioned windy conditions. wind gusts up to 10 miles per hour. we have high wind warnings across here in minnesota and dakotas. it is associated with a fast moving storm system. not a lot of moisture with it. the impact you are looking at is strong winds. eventually it will swing through the great lakes today. it will maybe produce an isolated shower or two. it will pick up more moisture as we head into tomorrow and bring
2:39 am
scattered showers across parts of the northeast. temperature wise there's another big story. we are very warm across the plains. you are looking at temperatures well into the 70's in places like dallas and kansas city. in dallas high temperature 94 degrees 94 houston. we have red flag warnings as you head further north because of the windy conditions and low humidity in place. meanwhile phoenix and la closer to the 90's today. very much feeling like summer out there in parts of the southwest. let's head over to you. >> thanks, maria. 20 minutes to the top of the hour. freeing violent inmates to fight firefighters. they could soon be battling wildfires. >> they are now scanning your
2:40 am
face with security. >> turns out anne hathaway isn't just a drama queen in the movies. the diva demands that will have you stunned.
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it gets pretty stuffy. when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows,
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passenger's face and match it to the image on the passport with a # 9.7 success rate. >> it pays to work at linked in. they are adopting a holiday policy where employees will get unlimited vacation time and on top of that 17 paid holidays. executives say the po will see puts responsibility back on to the employees to manage their work and their funds. the model isn't an unoriginal idea it is strange to see a company as big as linked in wit 8700 employees. >> the count down is on. count town to christmas with stores already decked out in decorations, you have probably seen them, many are making their shopping list now. we are here with the preview of the best bargains this year. >> we are 7 weeks from black friday and here we go. get ready for 4 kuht, ultra high definition television. they think electronics will
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catch a major part of our holiday spending. even with the discount it will cost you a lot of money. they said 60 or 65 inch set from a major brand costs about 1500 bucks. p on black friday that discount will drop to around $1,000. lesser known brands may sell for as low as 800 bucks. the best deals will be on 60 to 65 inch 1080 p television sets. a smaller set you may be able to get it for 100 bucks. price matching will be on your side this year. consumer reports say more retailers will match on-line and in store pricing. target announced it is adding 24 competitors including warehouse clubs to the list of price matches. wal-mart is matching 30 on-line competitors and best buy says it will continue to price match on-line giants like it has to be an ex pact match
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and it has to be in stock for the price match to kick in. another thing is facebook, twitter pinterest and instagram feeds will fill up with offers on deals with various stores. market track says 85 percent of us will research prices on-line. then we will go to the store to purchase our gifts. most people actually start their research at that helped narrow the price between what you pay at a brick and mortar store and what you pay on-line. >> to find adam go to flasch channel finder. >> we have 15 minutes to the top of the hour. there's nothing royal about it. the peace of princess diana memorabilia that is up for sale has people furious. >> foul play. dodgers chase utley gets suspended for the fly that took out the mets short stop. >> we are live with how the league is now reacting. >> first brian kilmeade with what's coming up on "fox &
2:47 am
friends." >> i think they broke his leg. i think it was a bad call, bad play. it was way too aggressive. he should have been out. i don't know if we have time to tease the rest of the show. i will tell you what's coming up. president obama gets drilled about the land elling of the situation in syria. climate change, we will discuss it. what should happen to bowe bergdahl? army lawyers say no jail time. adam ken singer will be here to react on the couch. plus donald trump here leading for the gop. talking about what he and his fiancee got awarded. cooking with doctor oz and the better half of mr. oz, mrs. oz and the return to "saturday night live". i got badder and stupider.
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california going to great lengths to fight raging wildfires by using violent criminals. there's a proposal to add inmates as firefighters. they will only be qualified if their reduced for good behavior. the largest and oldest inmate firefighting unit. only open to minimum security inmates so far. let's talk about this. is that a good idea or a dangerous decision? log on to "fox and friends first," our facebook page after the show for a live debate. it's #keep talking. portland 8th grader suspended from school for wearing a shirt in support of his brother, a former marine. he refused to change oupt of this shirt. standing for those who stood for us with a picture of a gun. >> i was nervous and kind of heartbroken. i feel like i can support the
2:52 am
troops that have died for us. >> the school will not comment on specific student issues. it says that weapons on a shirt are not appropriate in the school setting. an unusual piece of british history leaving folks uneasy. an amazon seller was offering this lock of princess diana's hair. it came with a photo of the princess and copy of her signature. the hair is essentially a body part and claims that it would probably make her sons uncomfortable. it's no longer available on amazon. chase utley now suspended for two games after the controversial slide which left mets shortstop rueben at the had a with a broken leg. ouch. we're live at mlb headquarters in manhattan with the latest this morning. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, heather. chase utley is expected to appeal that suspension today on
2:53 am
park avenue today. it's all because of the player you're about to see. be sure to ask yourself whether it's a clean play or a dirty slide. this happened in the seventh inning of saturday night's game between the mets and the dodgers. the second baseman, chase utley slid into rueben tejada. he suffered a broken leg ending his season. utley says he was trying to break up the double play with that slide but the league saw it differently. suspending him for games 3 and 4 against the mets. here's the mlb's chief baseball officer, joe torrey, explaining the suspicions. >> it was really based on the fact that he slid very late and it appeared to me he hit the player and the ground at about the same time. it was more targeting the player. he certainly didn't want to hurt him. he was trying to break up a double play. but i thought it was a little
2:54 am
bit much. >> and chase utley's agent called the ruling outrageous and completely unacceptable. at the appeal today, utley's camp plans to bring dozens of videos of similar slides that did not result in suspensions. the mlb hopes to expedite this appeals hearing and have a decision before the game tonight. heather and ainsley, back to you. >> kerry drew, live for us. we'll report on it as soon as we hear it. is this fair punishment or does he deserve it? >> allen says it's fair. >> george on facebook says foul. he wasn't even aiming at the base. plus, it was a late slide. >> joyce writes, it's been done since baseball started. it goes with the game. all players know that. linda says, he should be suspended for the rest of the post-season at minimum. the same amount of playing time that he deprived at the had a of. >> the show has been going back
2:55 am
quickly. travel nightmare impacting passengers from coast to coast. the warning from southwest airlines this morning. a leap of faith for veterans. the 92-year-old proving age is just a number. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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here's what's happening today. classes resume at community college in oregon for the first time since the deadly shooting nearly two weeks ago. the gunman shot nine people dead
2:59 am
before taking his own life. it's a travel nightmare for southwest passengers. a technical glitch leaving thousands stranded. the airline warning to arrive two hours early and print out your boarding passes at home if you can. the chairman of the house freedom caucus said the group would consider paul ryan as the speaker. this comes as ryan takes time to think about running. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. >> the good. a 92-year-old world war ii veteran taking his adventures to new heights. jumping 14,000 feet from the sky. he says that he has always wanted to go skydiving and is expecting -- is excited to cross one more thing off his bucket list. the bad. an oregon man arrested for stealing a car wearing a t-shirt that says warning, i do dumb things. he's now awaiting a grand jury investigation. finally. the ugly. anne hathaway, not just a drama queen in the movies.
3:00 am
she sent her breakfast back to the chef four times on the set of a commercial. first, her poached egg was too runny, then her english must have inwas cold, then her eggs were cold. then she decided she wanted a fried egg instead. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. today is monday, october 12th. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. >> this is a fox news alert. a young police officer ambushed, shot dead on his way to work. wait until you hear what we just learned about his killer. america no longer leading the fight against isis. for the first time, president obama does some explaining why. >> my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change. >> what? >> is that really earning us more respect around the world? we'll play some of the stuff he said last night. >> take a


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