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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 12, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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she sent her breakfast back to the chef four times on the set of a commercial. first, her poached egg was too runny, then her english must have inwas cold, then her eggs were cold. then she decided she wanted a fried egg instead. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. today is monday, october 12th. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. >> this is a fox news alert. a young police officer ambushed, shot dead on his way to work. wait until you hear what we just learned about his killer. america no longer leading the fight against isis. for the first time, president obama does some explaining why. >> my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change. >> what? >> is that really earning us more respect around the world? we'll play some of the stuff he said last night. >> take a breath.
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>> i will. live from new york it's "fox and friends." you know that the speaker doesn't actually have to be a member of congress? it can be anybody. folks have thrown out names like mitt romney and newt gingrich. >> i don't know about him. that's the man who stole christmas. >> look, i've been saying all along. >> actually, live from new york, it's monday. this is "fox and friends." i don't know how you feel. i just wanted to watch. i was in heaven. i was in a sports bar and i'm watching the u.s. national team try to win. the mets try to hold up the dodgers. i was enjoying the moment and i happened to look at my iphone and i realize something had happened on another channel. hmm. >> so were you with your wife on saturday night? >> i was with my son.
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we were hanging out. >> couple of guys? >> we're sitting there at a place called tully's. it was named after a producer here. i looked at them and they were mocking us on "saturday night live." >> it's great publicity. we'll show you some of the clips in a little while. look at this. we're joined by guilfoyle on columbus day. >> what kind of day do you have? you have to go to the 5:00 right. >> did a bunch of push-ups, now i'm on the couch. we're long until 5:00. >> the 6:00 a.m. eastern time. we start with heather childers and a fox news alert. >> good morning to you and everyone at home. we start with this fox news alert for you. a memphis police officer gunned down in his car on his way to work. investigators say that 31-year-old terrence 'ol ridge was shot multiple times and later died at the hospital. a blue lives matter group claims he was trying to break up a
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domestic dispute. police charged the convicted bank robber with his killing. only joined the force 13 months ago. he leaves behind a fiance who is four months pregnant. another fox news alert. iran state tv says that jason has been convicted of espionage. the american journalist has been held for more than 15 months. he was detained with his wife and two other journalists. the other three have been released. he and his lawyer can appeal the vix within 20 days. more massive delays this morning. southwest airlines warning people you should arrive at least two hours early and print your boarding passes ahead of time if you can. this is after a technical glitch delays hundreds of flights across the country. thousands forced to wait yesterday and handwritten tickets after failed communication between the airline and the passengers on
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which forms would be accepted at the gate. >> i'm trying to get back to connecticut as soon as possible. no one was able to help me because the computers are down. >> in the express line. so it hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes. could be a long day. >> she's still smiling. i don't know how. the airline not saying what caused the problem or when it will be fixed. they claim there's absolutely, "no indication that hackers got inside the system." finally, controversy on and off the diamond continues. chase utley now suspended for games 3 and 4. ouch. after that. the national league division series doing that for the infielder slide which left mets shortstop ruben tejada with a broken leg. utley is appealing the suspension. he's apologized saying he didn't mean to hurt tejada. those are a look at your
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headlines. >> you're going to hit him, you have no idea. you're not going to help him. >> no, you're not. >> they're appealing. even though it's a two-game suspension, right away it doesn't matter. they're going to appeal it. unless they get something done today, he might be on the field tonight. >> the problem is that sometimes sorry -- he should know better. come on. >> that's a serious injury. >> he wasn't getting out of the way. >> he ended up -- staying in the game and the out was overturned by replay. >> the president of the united states is still in the game even though he can see the end of it over the horizon. he was on 60 minutes last night. did you see this? got a little testy. syria is a big mess. vladimir putin seems to be winning in the world stage because he's actually doing something. you may not agree about his tactics, but he's doing something. then steve croft questioned the president about putin and somehow it turned around into climate change. watch this head scratcher. >> he's challenging your
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leadership, mr. president. he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in, in order to prop up your only ally, is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord the potential will get in paris. >> do you think the world is a safer place? >> america is a safer place. i think that there are places like syria than when i came into office. in terms of us protecting ourselves against terrorism and making sure that we are strengthening our alliance, in terms of our reputation around the world, absolutely we're stronger. >> he just can't make this up. when i was watching this, my mouth fell open. here's the leader of the free world saying the biggest threat
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to this country is climate change. >> that's the definition of leadership. there's no way, if he had a chance to talk to his fbi director who said and is also director of national intelligence, the fbi director saying we've gone dark on a lot of the isis people here. what i walked away from that interview was the president honestly believes he's doing well. internationally we're doing better. i give him a salute, he cares about the troops. he says what do you want 100,000 to 200,000 troops there. that has nothing to do with it. there's a syrian civil war here. the other part is isis. they're an enemy of america fighting against america trying to mobilize and radical eyes americans. at that point, we're losing big time at the tune of thousands per year since he took office. mr. president, you've had a 37-nation coalition. what the heck have you done? russia has done more in two weeks than you did in over a year? >> a lot of us feel that way.
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the president doesn't however because he's protecting his legacy. hillary clinton's legacy is that according to president obama, she made a mistake by having a private e-mail server, but don't blame her. blame the press. >> i don't think it poses a national security problem. i think it was a mistake she's acknowledged and as a general proposition, when we're in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and stay as far away from the line as possible when it comes to how we handle information, how we handle our own personal data. this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate. but the fact that for the last three months this is all that's been spoken about is an indication that we're in presidential political season. >> it's sad because he's dismissing it. this is a serious issue involving national security. >> destruction of property. >> destruction of property and potentially evidence with a
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number of hearings going on and committees looking into it. but the president carried the day for her a little bit. he also said, well, it's also a legitimate issue but said it's basically it's political pandering. >> i know you had the same question. i would have this -- cindy blumenthal is somebody you're not a fan of. he was influencing policy with your secretary of state that ultimately pushed you into a conflict with libya which is now in utter chaos. how do you feel about this statement, mr. president? this was sinned any blumenthal sent to hillary clinton. here's six or seven times here in which she's flat-out lied through the investigation. the last point about this would be, is hillary clinton the reason why this is going on? she's not come clean about what she had on that server and do you feel as though that she was disloyal to you in doing so? >> he also, steve croft, asked him about donald trump.
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he said he will not be president of the united states. that was his prediction. we'll ask the donald about that in about a half an hour, actually 50 minutes from now. >> he's going to answer it. i'm sure a lot more. you don't want to miss that. >> he's still leading in all the polls. >> by i big margin. wisconsin congressman paul ryan is taking some time to consider throwing his hat into the ring. he's got some congressional support. fox news correspondent kristen fisher is live with who is behind him and who else wants him to run as well. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. congressman paul ryan spent the weekend with his family in wisconsin reportedly reconsidering whether or not he'd run for speaker. his wife and three children are a huge part of the reason why he wouldn't want a job as demanding as speaker of the house. ryan is widely considered to be one who stands a chance of appealing to moderates and the same conservatives who pushed
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the outgoing speaker into an early retirement. for those conservatives, members of the house freedom caucus will play a huge part in selecting the next speaker, which is why what was said yesterday by the caucus's kmarm is so important. on fox news sunday, jordan said the members of his caucus have endorsed daniel webster but would consider paul ryan if he decides to run. >> he's a good communicator, the kind of message our party needs. if he gets in the race, our group would look favorably on him. >> outgoing speaker boehner will stay until his successor has been selected but no one knows when that will be. back to you. >> thank you very much. the speaker job with paul ryan, that's a job he's never publicly aspired to. >> no. >> someday i want to be speaker. he's never said that. >> it's a call of duty almost at this point. he's generated a lot of broad
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base support and he's capable of -- lawmaker and good oversight. >> it's a call to action on your facebook page. go to "fox and friends".com, tell us what you think is going on in washington, who you like for the speaker job. also, like the page and share it with others as well. >> here's the other scenario, which would be a nightmare for republicans. he takes it and doesn't get it. >> he has to make sure that it's for sure. this is someone with presidential aspirations. you don't want to go for this and not get it. >> he's a young guy. future ahead of him. >> 12 minutes after the hour. an army -- congressman and veteran adam kings linger says bergdahl should be punished to the full extent of the law. he joins us next. bought a lotto ticket lately? the whole game may be rigged. the lottery workers. live from here. you're watching "fox and friends."
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the commanders in charge -- is here to weigh in with what you think about this. as a veteran, still ak ticctive. what do you think? >> if it goes to no jail time, it will be egregious. for someone who deserted in a time of war, it can go up to death. i don't think anybody is advocating death at this point. five years in prison, you take into account that these young men and women left their post toss find this guy, there's discussion about casualties or injuries happening as a result of this. and look, i have sympathy for anybody going through anything mentally in afghanistan and iraq, but there are a lot of people who had struggles that didn't leave their base. >> you have expertise in foreign affairs as well as fighting directly. i want to go to this. the president speaking for a great deal of time, croft said a lot. here's what he said about the
3:18 am
rebel training program. it's failed miserably and the president says don't blame me, i was never in it to begin with. >> look, there's no doubt that it did not work. you'll have people insist that all you have to do is send in a few truck loads full of arms and people are ready to fight. then when you start training the program and it doesn't work, then people say, well, why didn't it work or if it had just started three months earlier, it would have worked. >> you said yourself, you never believed in this. >> steve, what i have also said is that surprisingly enough, it turns out that in a situation that is as volatile, with as many players as there are inside of syria, there aren't any silver bullets. gave him $500 million to train them, we got five guys and 50 defectors. what's your reaction to that? >> it's utterly ludicrous for the president to say, there are some people we send in a few
3:19 am
truckloads of arms. nobody has said that. it's these false statements he puts out. we put $500 -- our government said you can't fight assad, only isis. we won't provide you air cover and the men were being wiped out. this president can't take responsibility for any time he fails at anything. >> last topic. we could have spent four hours on that one. >> paul ryan closer to do it than not doing speit, becoming speaker of house. >> i don't think he necessarily wants to. if he does it, his heart will be in it. if he doesn't do it, we'll have to have a family discussion. the reality is there's a group of people trying to hold the speakership hostage. there's a group of us saying it's not going to happen. we need to bring the party together. >> he makes a deal with the freedom caucus, you have a huge problem with it? >> i don't think he'll make a
3:20 am
deal with anybody -- there's 247 members: the freedom caucus is less than 40. we have to come together as a family of 247 and represent us all. >> we'll see what happens. going to be a crazy week. >> i'll talk to you on the radio in a little while. thousands marching for equal rights. message from the stage sounds hateful. >> down, down usa. down down usa. >> up next, the niece of martin luther king, jr. she'll give her reaction to what you just heard. say goodbye to this logo in one state where the term redskins is officially banned.
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quick headlines. you may be paying less at the pump these days but it's affecting millions on social security. next year, no increase in 70 million people's benefits because the annual cost of living adjustment is based on inflation whisk dragged by the low gas prices. hungry? why don't you grab beef jer ki. i love it. this week, ballpark, the nation's largest hot dog seller set to launch new line of beef and pork jerky. the company has been working on the product for three years in an effort to keep up with consumers watching protein packed snacks to go. >> could you imagine going for three years, every day working on jerky? honey i'll be back at five when i'm done working on jerky. >> it's a job. thousands marched on washington demanding equal
3:25 am
rights. the calls for justice quickly turned into chants against america and the police. >> we've come together today on 10/10/15 because we're sick and tired of being sick and tired of scrolling down our timeline on on facebook or twitter and every other day, we see a young black male being murdered by the blue clucks klan. >> jesus was a palestinian. >> it still alive so we say down, down usa. down down usa. >> did the extremists just hijack the million man march saturday in washington? >> here to way in is a fox news contributor, the niece of dr. martin luther king, jr. dr. king, welcome back. >> good morning everyone. >> good morning. >> how do you gauge? how important was this weekend's recongregation of the million man march? >> this march was a wake-up call to me personally in america.
3:26 am
the greatest nation in the world. we do have some problems. but fix what's broken. i live in america. i don't want america to go down. i do believe there are solutions that can heal our nation. yes, there are problems. racism is still in existence, poverty. the educational system needs to be overhauled. there are things that need to happen. the lives of everybody from conception until natural death. all of that is very important. but we must now build up america, not tear down america. >> yeah. you say don't tear down america after we heard that woman saying down down usa, down down usa or something like that. >> right. >> what about the message where one of the other speakers was talking and we know there's a black lives matter movement. but the woman who referred to the blue clux klan. what do you make of that? >> the blue klux klan.
3:27 am
you know, i don't quite get that. ku klux klan, yeah, they still exist. >> he's referring to the police. >> oh, the blue klux -- all police officers are not racist, not pigs. there are many police officers who still care about america and our citizens. of course, many of the police officers need sensitivity training. they need to rehumanize the people they're sworn to protect. if you can get a cup of coffee that says black lives matter and you don't know what's in the cup, i'm not justifying anything that the police officers are doing that they should not be doing. but still, we should encourage and teach them to protect, yes. >> what would your uncle say, dr. king, if he was alive today to witness a march like that and some of the rhetoric that we're hearing spewed against police officers, against this country? >> well, my uncle said we must
3:28 am
all learn together as brothers and sisters or perish as fools. he would encourage us to resist the violent attacks against each other and work together so that our nation can remain strong. i'm sure he would remind us of that. let's talk about what happened to your family on friday. your mother was carjacked and she has since written a letter to the people who did it and beat her up and forgiven. >> i'm going to read a quote. from naomi king. i love god, myself, family neighbors and especially babies friends and you. when you struck me violently in the face twice, you did not scare me. you frustrated me. my prayer for you is that you will find your place and purpose in in complex world nonviolently. >> why did your mom write that? >> well, my mother is the
3:29 am
co-founder of the king foundation and i've worked with the foundation. i'm director of african-american outreach but i work closely with my mother. here you are a young man, you should be at school being well-educated. somebody should be loving and teaching you. why are you trying to take my property? >> that ties in with the million man march theme. it used to be about better living, better community and so my mother, in keeping with the whole king legacy. that's what we all say. we can do these things nonviolently and care about our young people. >> better person than me. i don't know if i could have responded like that. dr. he will vita king. i'm sorry your no, ma'am went through that. >> important message. remember this video of a kidnapping victim jumping out of a moving car. we've got a big update on the case. it's just ahead. >> live from new york, it's "fox and friends"? >> now that representative kevin
3:30 am
mccarthy has withdrawn from the race for house speaker, the position is wide open. >> i don't know why they don't let them all speak. >> "saturday night live" takes on "fox and friends." what did we think of that performance. my hair is not like that. i'm just saying that. >> brian, uncanny resemblance. >> you're in trouble. >> more like this man. hugh jackman, he's 47 today. >> i love it.
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♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ been a while. >> i can't stay up until 11:35. thanks to tivo and twitter, you are able to watch the people who work right across the street from us at "saturday night
3:34 am
live." they had the folks at "fox and friends" open their program on saturday night. if you missed it, here's the first 1:29 of it. >> you're watching "fox and friends." [ applause ] >> welcome back to "fox and friends." i'm steve doocy. with me is elisabeth hasselbeck and brian. >> good morning. >> congress is having a few problems. >> what else is new? >> that's true. now that representative kevin mccarthy has withdrawn from race for house speaker, the position is wide open. >> i don't know why they don't let them all speak. >> now here's something interesting, actually. you know that the speaker doesn't actually have to be a member of congress. it can be anybody. folks have thrown out names like mitt romney and newt gingrich. >> i don't know about him.
3:35 am
that's the man who stole christmas. >> joining us now is a woman who has been shamefully defunding planned parenthood, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. >> hi steve, elisabeth, brian. it's a pleasure to not be there in person. >> are you defending an organization that sells babies the way that kfc sells chicken? >> elisabetelisabeth, you know not true. let me ask you, elisabeth, do you want to get into a legal battle with a woman named debbie wasserman schultz. my name sounds like a law firm. >> debbie, there's no need -- >> debbie wasserman schultz kind of down, don't they? >> i think it's very funny, guys. you got to admit, it's very funny. >> flattering. >> it's very funny if you're not me. >> very funny. >> here's my problem. my problem is, i am not that
3:36 am
fat. if you want to see -- >> that's your problem? >> i actually am getting fatter in the last two years. if you can see a side by side, this is a couple years ago and i was better depicted a couple years ago. i'm gaining weight. >> brian, if i was going to be upset that bobby monahan was playing me. he plays snooki and rosie o'donnell. >> that's the bad part. >> to be on "saturday night live" and portrayed is a thrill. to be portrayed as fat and stupid is not as -- they got you guys down i'm told. that hurts my feelings a little bit. >> i always have a -- brian, you're upset that they don't have brad pitt play you. >> that's right. >> the guy who plays me, though, i've met him. he's a very nice guy. i saw him at the anchorman
3:37 am
premiere. i think he was worried i was upset. i said congratulations. this is why i'm flattered. he's 32 years old. >> okay. >> say all right. elisabeth also has a reason to be flattered. she came off as a hard hitting journalist, asking tough questions about what's happening on planned parenthood. >> and then there's me. >> go to facebook. what do you think about the portrayal of the "fox and friends" on "saturday night live"? also share it and you can like it as well. >> somebody who is outraged the way i was portrayed is heather childres childress. >> the highest form of flattery. they made all three of you larger than you are. truth be told. >> does that make you feel better? >> somebody should see you in person. now we'll take a look at headlines that we've been following this morning. we start with a terrifying one. an arrest. in this attempted abduction
3:38 am
caught on camera in connecticut. remember this teenage girl jumping out of the suspect's moving car. narrowly escaping the passersby and now 38-year-old randall is behind bars on a $100,000 bond. police say that she offered the girl a ride to school and then assaulted her in the car. a former lottery security officer convicted of rigging an iowa jackpot back in 2010 now charged with manipulating two more games. this one in colorado and wisconsin. edward tipton is accused of fixing lotto drawings in 2005 and 2007 to help his brother and to help a friend rake in more than $1.3 million in winnings. tipton allegedly bought winning tickets and gave them to others to claim the prizes. investigators don't know how many people were involved. to california, the first state to ban schools from using the name redskins. the new law will force four high schools to officially change their mascots. the national congress of
3:39 am
american indians calling the law a "shining example that other states should follow." and those are a look at your headlines. back to you. >> heather, thank you very much. meanwhile, he's been entertaining audiences for 70 years? ♪ as lucky can be ♪ >> and at nearly 90 years old, dick van dyke is showing no signs of slowing down. >> he sure isn't. let's go to the fox senior vp of marketing. michael tam ma who sat down with the hollywood legend. he's going to be 90 in december. >> hard to believe. seven decades. i caught up with the hollywood legend at his malibu home to talk about his career and new book. >> he gives the term mover and shaker a whole new meaning. a true showman, dick van dyke has been lighting up the stage
3:40 am
and screen for nearly seven decades. singing and dancing his way to five emmys, a tony and a grammy. at 89, he's solidified his icon status. for him, showbiz was never the plan. >> i was a clown. i was the school idiot. my parents would -- my brother and i have often said we didn't have any idea we were poor. my parents were great in that they were able to laugh at themselves and their situation. >> when did that switch, that you wanted to be in show business? >> i was working as a local radio station in my hometown as an announcer at 17. i became an announcer. a buddy of mine said let's go out to california and do an act. i said well, why not? i never got out of the business. one thing led to another. i was so lucky. as a businessman, i would have stars. >> mary poppins, chitty, chitty bang bang, the dick van dyke show, he's made a permanent mark
3:41 am
in history. >> your wife is here. she's gone to night school. >> studying to become a knight, huh? >> now, dick van dyke has a new mission. a new book titled keep moving. >> what do you hope people take away from this book? >> keeping moving, of course. and have some interests. get up in the morning and have nothing to do, you can't do that. you can be 90 years old -- >> there's a part in the book towards the end that i love. your commentary on history. would you read a little bit of that. >> every year of history, the years i've witnessed have been filled with all kinds of violence, prejudice and stupidity. yet every day someone is born who will -- invent a new technology, write a song, find a peaceful way to battle injustice, conquer ignorance and make a decision to keep us human beings moving forward. how do i know? i've seen it happen. >> that's great. >> what a thrill. when he says keep moving, he does.
3:42 am
he literally caulks around the house singing and dancing. if i try that at home, maybe that will work for me. >> keep moving. >> you can pick up keep moving tomorrow. it has something for everyone young and old. check it out to see a very special surprise i shared with dick van dyke and for more behind scenes and celebrity photos follow me on twitter and instagram. >> he looks unbelievable. great job. >> you know what else, i bet what plays into it, the fact that he's a dancer. his whole life stretching and staying in shape. that's why i think he looks like that. >> what's the name of the book? keep moving. turns 90 in december. he's going to celebrate where else, at disneyland, rumor has it. >> he's got great energy. wonderful energy. >> he's worried about living out or living way past his life insurance policy, which expires at 95. >> we should all have that problem. >> he co-wrote chitty chitty bang bang. going to get a new revenue stream for him.
3:43 am
coming up, bo deed will is used to taking down criminals. his latest battle has him facing ford motor company in a court of law. why the former detective is going after the automaker. >> bo knows cars. kanye west is just like you. he hates in-app purchases. how can parents avoid the app trap? kurt the cyber guy to kanye's rescue.
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check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. we know bo dietl as a former new york police officer detective. and davis was an attorney who worked as counsel for the clinton administration. they may be on polar opposite sides politically, but they put
3:47 am
politics aside to fight one of detroit's big three. deet will says foreign motors slandered his company accusing his detectives of using strong arm tactics in interviewing witnesses of an investigation against the company. he's since hired lan any davis and has filed a lawsuit against ford. both men join us live. lanny in pittsburgh and bo is here in the stewudiostudio. bo, what are you saying that ford did to your company? >> we were hired by a company that has a software that ford motor uses the last 15 years. we started to investigate some of the contractors that were n non-ford contractors. we started to develop that ford infringed on it. all of a sudden there was a
3:48 am
court thing, a court order saying my detectives were using forceful tactics, including pushing their way into people's apartments. i use former fbi, former highly regarded detectives and this never happened. but they put this into a court order. when they wanted to try to stop our investigation. all we want to do is get the truth out. ford thinks they're too big for anybody to deal with them. they can put anything they lied in the court affidavits. i hired the best. if lanny is good enough for the clinto clintons. >> we're asking for a public hearing where we can prove that ford lied or involved in lies and they seem to be willing to do anything. we allege they stole -- an intermittent windshield wiper. we say the decorated former law enforcement officials, including my friend bo dietl who is wrong
3:49 am
about politics but right about this, and i'm representing him to ask the federal judge in michigan, give us a hearing to cross-examine the ford lawyers and the people who swore under oath that these decorated former law enforcement officials committed violations of the law, trespassed when those are false accusations. we're asking for the record to be stricken and for ford to apologize and that includes someone named ford who is in the corporate suite running this program or on a committee running the program and she needs to apologize to bo dietl. >> here's what ford has issued a statement, ford motor company. the court has addressed the investigations on two occasions resolving the matter in ford's favor. once again, we'll provide the factual and legal basis for our position in forthcoming court actions. >> actually, that's another example of an intentionally false statement. they deprived us of the ability
3:50 am
to get the truth out by thwarting this investigation. we've never had a hearing about the false accusations against bo dietl and decorated former law enforcement officials. so i challenge those lawyers today and i challenge the lady in the corporate suite running the software program as part of a committee to give us a court hearing, get on the witness stand and then repeat that statement under i will cross-examine her. >> and bo, before you go, flat out, your eyes did nothing wrong, right? >> this is what i want, i want my day in court. you can't put lies into complaints and ford is not too big against bo dietl. i got lanny and we're coming after you, ford. you lied and stop lying about what occurred. >> we have to end it there. bo dietl, lanny davis, thank you for join us today. still ahead, kanye west is just like you, he hates games
3:51 am
within app purchases because his daughter keeps wracking up the bill. kurt the cyber guy is here with how parents can avoid the app trap. come on in, kurt, you're next on "fox & friends." ♪ there is always something there to remind me ♪ nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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3:54 am
rapper kanye west depose on a rant about a topic parents may be all too familiar with. check out this twitter tirade. we give the ipad to our child, and every five minutes there's a new purchase. if a game is made for a 2-year-old, just allow them to have fun and give the parents a break for christ sake. how can parents avoid this? this is a problem too many people have had, i've had it, too. kurt the cyber guy is here for more on the story.
3:55 am
so many parents have this problem. i know that i do and my son has the itunes password, a big problem because they can buy the apps and a lot of them they have extra fees associated, buying coins. huge problem. >> it is a huge problem. it's so ironic that kanye west of all people is the one ranting on twitter and thank goodness we didn't show the four-letter words he had on there. this guy with kim kardashian by his side is complaining about her 2-year-old north, and all of a sudden ironically kim kardashian's own app is making a ton of money on in-app purchases. let me take to you some ftd things you can do as a parent because they sneak up on you and this is what you want to do with your phone, your ipad or an ipod is go to right here settings on it, and you scroll down to general and then you go to a thing called restrictions and then you enter a passcode that you don't tell your kids so pick
3:56 am
a passcode and we're not going to tell anyone. you're in control of which one of these things you want turned on or off and for in-app purchases i'll turn that off. you see it at the bottom of the list and boom, it's done. there's another thing you could do which we'll show you online. >> they have to do it on all of them, iphone, ipad. >> yes and what we'll do also, there is a way to turn sort of all the devices and put it into a family umbrella and when you are the leader of your family, you then can control what your child does and doesn't do on their device which is wonderful, because then you have permission that you get to give, and your kids get to use an ask to buy feature which is hey mom, dad, can i have this? can i make this purchase? the kids feel empowered with the freedom of choice and the parents feel like they've won back the freedom of their wallet. >> this sounds fantastic, a great opportunity.
3:57 am
do a few more chores around the house, you can earn it. you get to be the head of the family, the umbrella. >> bingo! go to or fox& and we'll lead you there. and the donald coming up next.
3:58 am
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redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. good morning. today is monday, october 12th and i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck and this say fox news alert. a rookie police officer gunned down in his driveway. what we are learning about his accused killer this morning. what does president obama think of donald trump's white house dreams? >> do you think it's going to disappear? >> you know, i'll leave it up to the pundits to make that determination. i don't think he'll end up being president of the united states. >> the donald trump himself here live to react seconds from now. >> yes and forget maids and nannies. one family has hired a navy s.e.a.l. to help with their kids. the story of this live-in hero
4:01 am
just ahead. live from new york, it's "fox & friends"! ♪ beer for breakfast the hangover fix ♪ ♪ the only remedy that's guaranteed to do the trick ♪ ♪ you know the whiskey is way too risky and you probably just get sick ♪ ♪ down here in texas -- >> everybody's familiar with beer pong. this is something new, called vert pong. the new trend is vert pong and we'll try it out on the plaza today, as you can see you can even mount it on the wall. >> steve that's why you brought your schlitz today? >> nothing like a good diet beer. >> schlitz is your only answer. >> live from new york it's "fox & friends." thanks for joique us. joining us on this monday morning as he used to back in
4:02 am
the day, donald trump. good morning to you. >> good to be with you, very nice. >> you were up watching 60 minutes. we're going to play a snippet of the president of the united states looking back over his administration looking to the future. will donald trump be president? here's what barack obama had to say about that. >> well, i think that he is a great publicity seeker, and you know, at a time when the republican party hasn't really figured out what it's for as opposed to what it's against, i think that he has tapped into something that exists in the republican party that's real. i think there is genuine anti-immigrant sentiment in large portion of at least republican primary voters. >> do you think he's running out of steam? do you think it's going to disappear? >> i'll leave it up to the
4:03 am
pundits to make that determination. i don't think he'll end up being president of the united states. >> there you go, what do you think? >> well i watched his performance last night and i thought it was terrible. i thought it was sad because everything's negative. there's nothing positive. it's not how come we're not doing so well here. we have a trade deal that's a disaster and even hillary clinton finally got smart even though she supported it, she probably heard my stance are it's a horrible trade deal, a disgusting trade deal. i watched him last night. he can't say "i think he's going to make it" in all fairness to him. i think's agetting to be the next president, in all fairness, right, but i thought it was a little bit sad because there's so much negativity, and he goes "what else you got" like he's doing great and he wasn't doing great, he was doing poorly and you know, i just i don't get it, what's going on in our country, it can be fixed. it many cases very easily, but we have somebody that's more
4:04 am
worried about climate change than he is about all of the problems that we have. >> well he said leadership is not taking action in syria, putting 100,000 troops there. leadership change is this. >> my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord that gets to us paris, mobilizing the entire world community to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. >> in one of the worst deals in deal-making i think the deal with iran is maybe the worst i've seen, that includes real estate deals that went astray, that includes hundreds of other -- i mean that's what i do is deals. i think it's one of the dumbest deals i've ever seen. he talks about that and is talking about climate change and climate change you know what? we have much bigger problems that we have isis, we have much bigger problems than climate change including the fact that
4:05 am
we have 100 million people that want to be, that are out of the workforce, okay? but all he talks about is climate change and that is not our problem, folks. >> i was going to say he seems to be completely out of touch with the american people, his viewpoints, his priorities are so skewed to say that climate change is one of the biggest threats to the country, where we have all the problems in the middle east, syria burning, everyplace else and the man is focused on his own political ideology and i guess he wants to be like the climate change czar or something. >> first of all, hello, kimberly. i love kimberly. she is always defending me on the five and i just love her. she's great. so when i heard she was on the program that was wonderful, but she's fantastic. >> thank you. >> yes, i found it to be very negative and i was on "60 minutes" last week. i had putin and trump, which i thought was interesting. peggy noonan did a big thing on it. >> she did.
4:06 am
>> which was very nice of her, a talented person. >> she talked about how the two of you are both strong leaders. we want to get your reaction to this. military officer has recommended against bowe bergdahl serving any jail time further. didn't you say bowe bergdahl for what he did should be executed? >> in the old days when we were strong and smart and had a country that really was respected all over the world, you would execute a person like that. he's a traitor. he left, six people were killed looking for him. six people went out there trying to downplay that now. six people went out looking for him, trying to find him, they were killed, all killed. young, beautiful, incredible people, they were killed looking for this guy and now not only will he not be what they used to do, now he's going to probably get off scott free. it is inconceivable what's going on with our country. >> donald, the big picture looking at the cbs poll and has
4:07 am
you up by six, leading in all the polls including the national poll. ben carson is number two. he seems to be relatively hot and last week he was blistered. do you think most media outlets are going after the front-runner? first it was jeb. >> on the republican side. >> then it was you and now that it's him, do you think they see somebody that could be a real challenge and almost a complicity there? >> i think the media is very dishonest, of course you people not included. when i talk about the media, i say 70% of the media is really dishonest. they'll say things that have no relation to fact and they are despicable people but 70% -- 30% are fine and there's a percentage of the 30 that are outstanding people, outstanding >> are you just saying does the media tick you off when they are critical of you? >> i'll give you an example i'm leading in every poll by a lot. the cbs poll i'm at 27. one in new hampshire that came
4:08 am
out 32-13 is number two and the media says do you think trump will ever leave the race? really, leave the race? you know, will i leave the race? and i was on "meet the press" and asked that question by chuck todd and i said yes if i did poorly. i'm leading every poll. so they said oh, he might leave the race. these people are so dishonest and disgusting it's incredible. >> the "new york times," steve is saying this from donald trump hints of a campaign exit strategy. >> a young woman named ashley called up the office, wanted an interview. sh story prior to the interview and what happened, "meet the press'" ratings were the highest in four years, last week they had me on the show, i was there in person and they had the highest ratings than four years. this week george stephanopolous, he had massive ratings last week. chris' show did poorly last
4:09 am
week, i wasn't on his show. in fact i think i owe him one. the fact is and then you say is trump fading? my ratings are the highest they've been. they are dishonest people. >> you know what, donald trump, if jeb bush were leaving right now by your margin a lot of people would say it's over. >> they said that. >> is there a double standard? >> yes, that's establishment. they said if jeb bush had my poll numbers, everybody would leave the race and that it would be over right now. look, i'm going to new hampshire in a little while and i love it. i love the people up there, iowa, south carolina, we're leading everything, but then you have to read, well, is he thinking about leaving the race? am i thinking about it? i'll tell you what, it's zero. how about zero? but it's so dishonest it's incredible. almost as dishonest as brian's portrayal, okay, on "saturday night live." >> are you coming out in support
4:10 am
of me? >> i have to. i love lorne michaels, i've hosted the show in the past. he's phenomenal but i don't believe that you -- that's going to give brian a complex. if i really looked like that, i have problems. >> 1:30 in the morning, i started jogging. >> brian it's not only the look, it's the act. the whole deal. i think they don't like brian, what do you think? i'm not saying you're perfect either and elisabeth is definitely not perfect but boy did they miss on brian. >> it's historical. i have to go to you for how to handle that. before you go, we were talking about the big ratings for chuck todd and the other shows you appeared on. what about the democratic debates coming up on another network. there is no donald trump in that debate. do you have a forecast of their ratings? >> i don't think they'll do great. i think people will turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. i don't want to say this in a
4:11 am
bragodocious way. person said we have to put donald trump in this debate or we'll die with it. i don't think they'll do badly but i don't think they'll do great and i think a lot of people will turn off after a while. >> there's pressure on hillary not to drop the poll, what do you think if you're hillary clinton are you nervous today? >> well i think she's nervous about her whole future. she has a lot of problems beyond the debate i think she's got a lot of problems. i think she'll probably do fine. she wasn't been a great debater in past but i think she has to hold. i can't imagine bernie sanders will beat her. i can't imagine she'll be allowed to run based on the e-mail scandal, she probably will because the democrat also take care of her. >> joe biden may get in as well. >> he's looking bad in numbers. it's interesting his numbers are pretty low. i know a lot of people aren't going to vote for him because they don't know he's going in,
4:12 am
but his numbers aren't that good. if anything he may not do it although he's going around all over the place shaking everybody's hand. every time i look on television eight a different event. that would indicate he is doing it. when i look at the poll numbers i don't see him doing very well even though it's early. >> he got hammered twice before and i don't know what changed. donald trump weighing in on joe biden, bergdahl and "saturday night live." >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you very much. it feels like old times. >> you're cheered up now. >> unlike you, who just can't stop laughing. meanwhile speaking of hillary clinton, she struggled in debates before. >> what we shouldn't be spending time doing is tearing each other down. >> we're missing whole passages from someone else's speeches is not change you can believe in, it's change you can xerox. >> would she fare any better
4:13 am
tomorrow night? that was a good line. >> see if she can show up like that. plus it's a t-shirt honoring our fallen heroes and got this 8-year-old suspended from school. the story that will have you outraged. ♪ we're an american band, we're an american band ♪ you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents? of course, they say...
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4:17 am
what can you say to the voters of new hampshire on this stage tonight who see a resume and like it, but are hesitating on the likability issue, where they seem to like barack obama more? >> well that hurts my feelings. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likeable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> likeable enough. as hillary clinton learned from his mistakes during the 2008 debates before she takes the stage tomorrow night? lisa booth has helped candidates prepare for debates and is the vice president of political polling and public affairs research at wpa research. good morning to you. >> hi, steve, good morning. >> the expectation is that hillary clinton who has been trying to drive the hillary clinton campaignmobile down the middle is going to veer
4:18 am
significantly to the left tomorrow. >> right, well i think that is the expectation. i see that with someone like bernie sanders on the stage, we've seen this shift in her political viewpoints or this evolution on so many issues as of late and i do think that the likability problem is one of hillary clinton's biggest problems. in some respects her biggest problem is herself. this is her lack of authenticity and something that david axelrod criticized and recently her own speechwriter. >> it's interesting to see she has intense debates with barack obama but it seems so long ago and now this opponent is so different. with bernie sanders he is getting big crowds. what the reason for the big crowds and how does hillary make the most of this opportunity to stop this momentum? >> well i think it goes back to the lack of authenticity. with someone like bernie sanders, he says i'm a self-aviewed socialist, so he owns the policies that he supports and you know, we haven't seen as many evolutions
4:19 am
with his policy viewpoints as we have with hillary clinton. there is a little bit more of trust with voters and bernie sanders and they believe in what he's saying, whereas with someone like hillary clinton, she's flip-flopped so much that voters are kind of trying to figure out what exactly does she truly believe. >> here is a little of sanders back in 1998 when he was running for congress, kind of an interesting style thing. >> when you talk about the fact that jobs are leaving the state, you just told us a few minutes ago that the economy is booming and now you're telling us the economy in the state of vermont is not doing well for middle class and working families and you're absolutely right. at least i fought to raise the minimum raise against your friend mr. gingrich so the people have a minimum standard of living. >> hmm. >> your reaction? pretty much stayed the same guy. still doesn't have a comb. >> right, exactly. there's been some criticism that bernie sanders can get a little
4:20 am
angry during debates. will be interesting to see the dynamic between him and hillary clinton and also kind of see does bernie sanders go for some swipes? does he play it tough, does he go after hillary clinton on her e-mail scandal or evolution on some of the viewpoints. it's interesting to watch and hopefully we'll learn a lot. >> i hope they tangle a little bit. i think what people are going to come away with is they love clinton debating. bill clinton. hillary, not so much. >> exactly, and this goes back to that likability factor and this is hillary clinton's biggest problem. 53% of americans have an unfavorable viewpoint of her and bill clinton really was, even if you disagree with his policies he is so likeable. >> he came out of nowhere to win the nomination and will be the sitting president thanks to ross perot. lisa booth thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> you have to watch one thing to see if hillary clinton drops the ball. >> according to donald trump people are going to tune in for
4:21 am
two minutes and we're done. meanwhile chaos at the airport. southwest airlines warning customers to expect delay this is morning after major computer problems. we have a live report straight ahead. stick around. >> don't miss a minute. listen to steve. of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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4:24 am
we're back with two fox news alerts. memphis police officer is gunned down in his car on his way to work. investigators say 31-year-old terence olridge was shot several time. convicted bank robber is charged with his killing. and a "washington post" reporter jason rezaian has been convicted of espionage in iran. recyan and his lawyer can appeal the conviction within 20 days.
4:25 am
in other news, inspired by tragedy, a 7-year-old boy making it his mission to thank every single police officer in the new york city police department. why? because he says they are his superheroes and joining us now is zachary basera and his mom, rosa ortiz. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> look at that, you're on tv right now. how cool is that? rosa, you took your son so a memorial for ramos and liu, two police officers gunned down in their car in new york city. tell us about the conversation you had with your son after that. >> well he started to cry. he got very emotional and i had to take him back home and he couldn't understand why someone would do that and i had to sit down and explain to him there's good people and bad people and sometimes bad things happen. >> and then what happened? then what he decide to do? >> he said i want to do something and i just didn't know what to do until i saw a friend
4:26 am
of mine posted a video on facebook and it was like card for cops and the idea came and i brought it up to him and it's been a goal of his since then. >> zachary, as we see the pictures with you, what did you decide to do, zachary, tell me? >> i want to thank them for their hard work. >> thank them for their hard work. >> how do you thank them for their hard work? what do you do? >> i go to every precinct every day. >> there are a lot of -- you go to every precinct in new york city. there are so many of them, that's an awfully big job. are you sure you want to do that? why? >> yes. because i want to become the police commissioner. >> you want to become police commissioner when you grow up. >> that's the best way to get it. i think they'll all spear yuppo. how do you feel when you see the officers, meet them in person and thank them? >>happy. >> and you put a big smile on their face, right? >> do you know why they're
4:27 am
smiling because you're there and number two you give them something? what do you give them? >> cards. >> what kind of cards? >> thank you cards. >> superheroes because you feel the police officers in new york are superheroes, right, and they love you because i understand when you have shown up, they rolled out the red carpet. i think we have a picture of you on one of the police boats in one of the rivers >> no way. >> out in new york harbor. >> we did the harbor unit and they took us out. it was great. >> when you give one of the police officers a superhero card, what do you say to them? >> my name and i thank them for their hard work. >> what do they say to you after you thad them for their hard work? >> they say thank you. >> i bet they do. >> do you let them know one day you'll be police commissioner? >> yes. >> i bet the kids in your class think it's cool you get to meet all the officers and do this, right? good stuff. >> very nice. you're going to visit every
4:28 am
precinct. how many have you been to? >> 53 so far. >> how many more? >> i have 24 more to go. >> you can tell me what the interaction is like when you walk in? do they know what' going on? >> normally i call the community affairs unit and each precinct during the week and let them know that we would like to show up on a saturday and they would be expecting us so when we go, they're already welcoming us and he gets patches and different things that they give him. >> that's great. they are meeting their future boss. they better be. >> he lets them know i'm going to be your boss when i grow up. >> rosa, thank you very much. >> nice to meet you. >> future commissioner, thank you very much for joining us live. >> setting such a good example as well. >> stay here for another second, all right? >> all right. >> that's a very nice thing to do. thank you very much for joining us on your day off, columbus day. >> and i love the vest. >> isn't it great? he's dressed like the commish
4:29 am
already. >> already got a clothing deal. let me come up and tell you what's straight ahead. one family hired a navy s.e.a.l. to help with their kids. the story of the live-in hero ahead. >> i said take out the trash! >> exactly. a major car company takes a shot at america's pc culture. >> let me see that. >> participation drove in but we won every game. >> oh, boy. >> why do we get the same trophies as all the kids we beat? >> this is the ad you'll be talking about all day. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting
4:30 am
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about the best foods to eat. i'm already looking and feeling better and i'm on atkins to lose and keep off this last ten pounds. let's do this together. get started on it's free and we'll share each other's progress. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? she's escorting her husband and the 1st president of the united states, george bush and
4:33 am
there you have it with this afternoon's ceremonial first pitch. >> wow, that's unbelievable, the baseball star still out there. big time houston astros fan george h.w. bush throwing out the first pitch in the game. the astros went on to win the game. >> that was a great shot. i can't get enough of the two of them, fantastic human beings. barbara bush and her husband there, very nice. >> final score 2-0 and the royals had their backs up against the wall. if you're flying southwest technical glitches shutting down the company's computer systems nationwide. >> and the airline now warning passengers to get to the airport at least two hours early, maybe even more actually and print your boarding passes at home, people. >> because there's trouble at the airport. nicole dantonio is live at san francisco airport with the latest. it's dark there now and i understand nicole people are
4:34 am
puzzled what's going to happen today. >> yes, good morning. it is dark but i got to tell you the traffic has been constant throughout the morning. already southwest says more than 400 flights have been delayed because of some of these technical glitches and this morning those problems still have not been resolved. this weekend across the country airports were jammed as passengers used kiosks to print boarding passes. the glitch impacting the airlines' mobile app, website and reservation centers. this is not the first time a computer issue impacted the travel industry. last month a glitch at american airlines prevented passengers from checking in and in july hundreds of airlines flights were grounded because of issues. passengers traveling say the experience has been frustrating. >> not a sign, there's not a person telling you anything. that's the problem. >> i'm going back and forth
4:35 am
between them telling me to call the number and go to the desk. they don't have any options. >> it hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes so it's going to be a long day. >> reporter: the cause of the glitch has not been determined yet but i got to tell you leaders at the airline saying if you have a flight, if if you are flying with southwest, remember to show up at least two hours early and remember to print those boarding passes. guys? >> good advice. all right, thank you very much for the live shot from kansas city. >> it's frustrating, you have no control in something like that. i don't care how important you are, how much you paid for a ticket, you sit. >> for a long time. >> and unfortunately it's happening to a lot of the airlines. it's 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather childress joins us on the columbus day with headlines. >> good morning to you and good morning everyone at home. we begin with a fox news alert at this hour, three people behind bars for a new set of phoenix freeway shootings. someone in a black sedan who was seen by two different drivers shooting a handgun out of the sedan window on a stretch of
4:36 am
i-10, bullets hit at least two cars but no one was injured. cops followed the car to an apartment complex where too people were arrested, a third arrested an hour later. police say the cases are not linked to the recent string of shootings. a portland eighth grader is suspended from school for, get this, wearing a shirt in support of his brother, a former marine. alan holmes was sent home after he refused to change out of his shirt that read this, "standing for those who stood for us" and it had a picture of a gun. >> nervous, and kind of heartbroken because i feel like i should be able to support the troops that have died for us. >> the school will not comment on specific student issues but says weapons on a shirt are not appropriate in a school setting. >> a veteran in texas fighting back in response to a note he found on his car from someone who doesn't think that he looked disabled. the first note was an attempt to confront the vet for using a
4:37 am
handicapped spot without a placard. the vet said the placard is not necessary since he has a disabled veteran license plate. and finally, kudos to kia for the slap-down of the pc participation trophies. >> let me see that. participation trophy, but we won every game. why do we get the same trophy as all these teams we beat? are we going to start ending games with hugs instead of handshakes? >> what do you think about that? social media going wild for this commercial showing the dad pulling off the placard on his son's trophy and writes "champs" instead. those are a look at your headlines. let's go outside for a check on the weather, and our weather champion always, maria molina good morning. >> reporter: thank you. participating with your weather forecast we're looking at conditions across the nation and it looks pretty quiet as you
4:38 am
look at the radar this morning. we have showers across parts of minnesota, north dakota, associated with a cold front that's moving eastward and we have very gusty winds with that system, so we're seeing wind gusts over 30 miles per hour across many areas in the plains and because of such dry conditions with that front really not seeing much in the way of precipitation. we do have the concern for an elevated fire danger out there so red flag warnings are in effect but if you look at the future radar, more moisture gets picked up by the system as we head into tomorrow and showers are forecast across parts of the northeast. temperature wise quite chilly, fall-like in the northeast. temperature this is morning in the 40s and 50s but across the plains, the southern plains that is, temperatures on the hot side, 90 in dallas and del rio and farther west across the southwest and l.a. and phoenix temperatures well into the 90s, feeling like summer out there. now let's head over to steve, kimberly and brian. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. >> very excited right now. >> so am i, because you got to say good-bye to beer pong.
4:39 am
we have the next big thing. >> no more quarters. mike paliaro the inventor of vert pong, the steve jobs of drinking. what is your dream and how did you fulfill it? >> to have a faster beer pong where the winner actually is the one who ends up drinking. >> okay. so in your version of vert pong there are ten glasses and you got to clear your side and you become the winner. here is the thing though. if you drink ten glasses of beer, don't you just get drunk faster? >> well actually that's the point. >> the winner then -- >> it's not full glasses. it's a little bit in each cup. >> we should see a demo behind you. >> we have a couple friends playing over here. these two guys on the team, these two ladies on another team. right now they're working together. >> one side, the side that loses all the cups, after you get it in the cup goes down.
4:40 am
>> yes. they're going to take turns shooting. >> they're down to three on the red team. this is good. how has had been received so far? >> so well. every time we have one set up at a tailgate it draws a huge crowd. we have them on >> how do we play here? >> ted, we'll have our own game, all right? >> brian get over here if you're man enough. >> i want to be on your team. team up. >> stand over here. we're going to work together. >> okay. if you're on her team you'll stand right over here. >> mike, you're working with kimberly. >> are we close enough? >> that's fine. stand over here. if he misses you want to throw the ball back to him. >> oh first time! nothing but net. >> now i'm going to shoot and you stand over here. so now it's just a rely. i made it --
4:41 am
>> you're like soccer. try kicking the ball. my goodness. >> almost, almost. okay you go. >> take mine down. >> don't the balls get dirty? >> oh until you make it. >> all right, all right. ready? >> that's a cheater. oh, i got another one. i just need to keep going. >> if people would like this game for their own backwards, are they available somewhere? >>, amazon, ebay. if you use the code "fox news" you get a discount $29. $29.95. >> fantastic. >> we would suggest this time of day use orange juice. >> orange juice is okay. >> you don't have to use the bud light. >> right, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> did we beat them? we did, we beat you. >> i feel like we were at the birth place like the people who
4:42 am
witnessed edison with the light bulb. this is life changing this is going to be. >> the light bulb? >> a convicted criminal on parole sues the police for shooting him after a crash but that man was drunk, high and fleeing by the way. does he have any shot at winning the case? we'll debate that next. from the e.r. to the kitchen, dr. oz is cooking up a fall favorite for us just ahead with his wife, lisa. first the trivia question on this day. >> born on this day in 1992, this actor plays the role of peeta in "the hunger games" movies. who is he? e-mail us at friends@wbt with the correct answer. stay with us.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
quick headlines now a new bill in california gives illegals a vote. listen to this, governor jerry brown signing the new motor voter act which automatically registers anyone with a california drivers license into the voting system. isn't that what everyone feared? millions of illegals who can already get licenses in the state can head to the polls. i believe that's unconstitutional. and forget about the maids and nannies. one new york city family hired a live-in navy s.e.a.l. in his new book "living with a s.e.a.l." jesse itzler describes his decision to hire a military man as a personal fitness trainer for one month. the s.e.a.l. lived along itzler, his wife, baby and $30 million home. kind of cool. a convicted killer out on parole gets behind the wheel of a car while high and drunk, fleeing the police, jumping curbs and smashing into cars. an officer shoots him in the
4:47 am
shoulder to stop him. he's suing the cop for excessive force. could he have a case? attorneys david schwartz and elliott felix thank you for joining me. >> good morning. good morning. >> this sounds ridiculous. >> but when you look at the facts of the case and the law of excessive force, all these horrible things happened before the excessive force so the car crashes into the fire hydrant, there's police surrounding the car and now the officer shoots the motorist in the shoulder. i know you hate the motorist, he's a convicted criminal but there is a case here for excessive force when you look at the law of excessive force in and of itself. >> elliott, how do we justify this kind of case? where did the police go wrong? >> i guess crime really does pay or at least the lawyers hope so. this is completely frivolous and great example of why so many people hate lawyers. under these facts the officer reasonably believed his rife was in danger and reasonably
4:48 am
believed the lives of other pedestrians and motorists were in danger. when you have a reasonable belief lives are in danger you're justified in using force, even deadly force to defend yourself. this ace ought to be tossed. >> the whole point is when does it topple in the favor of it being excessive force for him to bring a claim. take a look at this. more than two dozen arrests on this guy's rap sheet dating back to age 13. criminal possession of stolen property on parole at the time of the incident as well. >> it doesn't change my answer, kimberly. the law is the law because it's the law. everything elliott said would have been fine if they were trying to stop this vehicle. the vehicle was already stopped and i have to tell you, the only check and balance against excessive force is not going to the civilian complaint review board it's by bringing lawsuits and i'll make a bet here that this lawsuit gets settled. >> love the monday morning quarterbacking with the lawyers trying to tell the cops with the method of hindsight how they should do their job.
4:49 am
this guy did the community of favor. he was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, rammed a fire hydrant and police car. ka are is a deadly weapon. >> just because he's a criminal you can't shoot him when he's stopped. >> gentlemen, thank you. and next on "the rundown" he's trading in a scalpel for a spatula. dr. oz and his wife are cooking up a fall favorite just for us, numb u yum yummy. ♪ how sweet it is to be
4:50 am
nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life.
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4:52 am
the answer to the trivia question of the day is josh hut hutcherson. spin the animation, it's time for "cooking with friends"
4:53 am
and the season for everything pumpkin. it's october. one of our favorite couples is here to show us how to make the classic fall favorite, pumpkin pie, that will have everybody asking for seconds. >> it's all in their brand new book that just came out, the oz family kitchen. joining us is lisa oz and playing her husband, dr. oz himself. welcome back, guys. together. >> for the first time i believe. we've had the entire family on now. >> pretty much. >> daphne is an intern and big time success. >> back in the days. >> so many people look to you for advice regarding healthy living. every recipe in here, lisa, you have to figure is good for you. >> we have some desserts, we have them all here right now. >> wow. >> they're all whole some ingredients, nothing processed, made from scratch, easy to make. anyone at home can make them, themselves. >> let's make a pumpkin pie. >> are you going to help? you want to help? >> sure. >> you'll chop up this for me. you don't have to make the pie crust but it's simple, this is a
4:54 am
cookie pie crust, not a flaky pie crust so just butter and flour. >> can you use the roll-out one from the store? >> of course. trying to make something quick. if you have a little extra time we want to make it on the weekends, throw it in the freezer you can do that. you have your pie crust. this is a pumpkin. >> use real pumpkin? >> i love to use it from the inside of jack-o'-lanterns. we have so much meat. what do you do? >> perfect time. >> this is a sugar pumpkin, you can cut these up, does someone want to hut, mehmet do you want to cut? >> i'm worried about brian. >> do it like this. looks fairly decorative. we cut up the pumpkin and going to cook this, boil it for about 20 minutes and then when it gets nice and soft you drain it and
4:55 am
press all the water out and of course you can use canned pumpkin if you want to, to cut corners. i love fresh pumpkin or butternut squash or sweet potato with condensed milk, vanilla, some eggs and here we've got our seasonings that gives pumpkin pie its distinctive flavor. cinnamon, ginger, cardum is one of my favorites and all spice. >> the complete recipe is on fox& >> it has 100 delicious family recipes for healthing eating. >> i don't even boil water at home, so she has put 30 years of good food in my belly, fed all the kids. i'm proud of her. >> whose idea was it to do the book? finally ready? >> it was. i spent all my time in the kitch be, i'm obsessed with food. >> her fifth child was born this week. >> a lot of people say they cook a lot and i hate writing it down. was it hard putting it down?
4:56 am
>> it was hard because i do wing a lot of it and change every time i do something a little bit different but it was great to have it all written down. >> this is something that dr. oz and i share, his favorite birthday cake is german chocolate cake and my wife kathy makes that every october. doctor are you excited about season seven? >> i'm excited, going great and such an impact dealing with the happy mind, the passion that makes you happy. you know what i love the most? there's so much good news and help these days and it's been a big battle but from the biggest companies making their foods healthier to the advances we're making, we have to show you can put a balloon in your stomach underance teesh in a with a middle scope that fills your stomach up. for six months you don't eat. so you could eat this food, still lose weight or put the balloon in your stomach, they both work. >> that's why people watch "the dr. oz show" and the brand new
4:57 am
cookbook "the oz family kitchen"it looks beautiful. >> congratulations and thank you for being here. coming up, president obama says his definition of leadership is him leading on climate change that really making us safer. >> that's brett baier. >> i know, look at him. ...yet up to... 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, bone health support with calcium and vitamin d. ...and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins. you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be. good morning. it's october 12th, 2015 and i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth hasselbeck. ambushed a young police officer shot dead in his own driveway. what we just learned about his accused killer. president owe bama explaini why we're not making advances in the fight against isis. >> my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change. >> he's more concerned about ice caps than isis. is that really the way to earn respect around the world? brett baier here to react in 30 seconds. and live from new york it's "fox & friends," kinda.
5:01 am
you know that the speaker doesn't actually have to be a member of congress. it can be anybody. folks have thrown out names like mitt romney and newt gingrich. >> i don't know about him. that's the man who stole christmas. >> good job, brian. >> spot on. >> how do we feel about the spoof? kimberly thinks it's spot on. mornings are still better with friends, real friends. and live from studio "e" today kimberly guilfoyle in for elisabeth taking columbus day off. >> you only have eight more hours. >> i'm just getting waur warmed it on. >> she'll be on at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. eastern time is brett baier who joins us from our nation's capit capitol. >> good morning. >> i'm sure you were watching "60 minutes" last night, the
5:02 am
president in the legacy phase of his administration. steve cross brought up the pesky syria thing and said essentially mr. president, vladimir putin is kicking wyour butt. watch the reaction and then get your reaction. >> he's challenging your leadership, mr. president. he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop uppier o ieyour o is leadership we have a different definition of leadership. my definition is leading on chai mat change and international accord in paris. my definition of leadership is mobilizing the entire world community to make sure iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. >> how is that going to resonate? >> well, listen, he sees russia in syria as weakness because they're trying to shore up a client state. the rest of the world arguably and many intelligence and
5:03 am
military experts really see it as a move to fill the vacuum in the middle east for leadership that the u.s. has the not been there. the president said he was never in to backing the syrian rebels trained and equipped by the u.s. he wasn't really into it. hewas going to work. yet this $500 million program we spent 50 plus on some five guys on the ground, and now it's come to an end, it's a dismal failure. >> he has to understand leadership making sure if in the military you keep doing it until it works and make adjustments until it works. you don't say i was never into it with $500 million in taxpayer money. the other thing is, do you know who vladimir putin the weak one with the bad economy was meeting with over the weekend? the defense minister of saudi arabia who is somewhat over to leave assad in power as he had meetings with almost every other
5:04 am
in the region. how is vladimir putin losing in this scenario? >> listen, nothing says russia is the center of the geopolitical universe than benjamin netanyahu traveling to moscow first before he comes to the u.s. it has shifted. russia is now taking on more of a leadership role in the middle east, whether you like the leadership or not, it is clearly more powerful there and influential there than it has been. they hadn't been on the ground since 1973. and the fact that iran is sending troops that russia is working with, along with bashar al assad in syria suggests that there is really no strategy that's working on the u.s. side. >> well, in addition to talking about all that stuff, the president was also asked about donald trump. he said "i don't think he'll wind up being president of the united states." we just had donald trump on an hour ago and of course he disagrees. >> he didn't agree? >> didn't agree. >> shocking.
5:05 am
>> and here he is talking about president obama's leadership thus far. listen. donald trump. >> worst deals i've ever seen in the history of deal making. i think the deal they made with iran is maybe the worst i've ever seen. so he's talking about that and he's talking about climate change, and climate change you know what? we have much bigger problems. we have isis. we have much bigger problems than climate change, including the fact that we have 100 million people that want to be, that are out of the workforce, okay? but all he talks about is climate change and that is not our problem, folks. >> barack obama had said of trump "he's a classic reality tv character" and not surprised he's gotten a lot of attention because he tapped into something on the republican side. >> we talk about that a lot. i mean he has tapped into something, and all of this stuff about he's disappearing in the polls, he's not. he's going up in a lot of polls. is that sustainable for the long-term before the voting in
5:06 am
february, february 1st in iowa? i don't know. but he's clearly hanging tough and donald trump is around. >> he's very much on the record saying that he's in this for the long haul, that he wants to be president, that he has no exit strategy, so he said that was just dishonest some of the members of the press trying to put that idea forward including in the "new york times." paul ryan, the speaker race is heating up as he takes this weekend to consider whether or not he's going to taic that position and former speaker newt gingrich says paul ryan should be cautious in his decision. let's take a will listen and ger reaction. >> i think paul should be very cautious. he is the most prestigious member of the house on the republican side, he has the best future. he's still very, it's easy to get 218 on the first vote and get to keeping the government open through the continuing resolution and debt ceiling. if you're not careful by christmas he'll resemble john
5:07 am
bain per >> what is your reaction? >> that's true. the easiest vote is probably the speaker vote because he has cracked the code with the freedom caucus. he has some supporters in there and can get to the 218 magic number but the big controversial issues that come down the pike that the speaker has to shepherd through those are the real challenges. i think the going bet here in washington is that paul ryan takes the job. >> interesting. >> second of all if he has any recitation there's a possible hybrid that he takes just the jobs at the end of the congress and comes in as the hero, shepherds this thick and leaves and goes back to house ways and means committee chairman because that's where he really wants to be to formulate tax policy. >> a big rumor that's going to be a diminished position, they want to take the power away from the speaker and stop letting him have control of who gets the chairmanship and other things. do you see that happening? >> no. listen, the house has worked
5:08 am
this way forever, democrat and republican. the 40 members, 45 members of the house freedom caucus while they have a lot of power now they don't have the power of the rest of the 247 republicans. i don't think that's going to change. >> let's see what happens whether or not paul ryan gets in, whether or not joe biden gets in, a lot of stuff you'll talk about on "special report." >> you got it, have a good day. >> what do you have for us, heather, some more headlines. >> more headlines, stories we've been following for you all morning. memphis police officer shot dead in his car as he was leaving for work. 31-year-old terence olridge was shot as many as 15 times outside his home yesterday afternoon making him the fourth memphis police officer murdered in the past four years. cops have a suspect in custody but they admit that the details are sketchy. olridge's fiance was inside
5:09 am
their home when the shots rang out and she's four months pregnant. to another fox news alert, iran state tv says "washington post" reporter jason rezaian has been convicted of espionage. the american journalist has been held in iran for more than 15 months convicted after a two-month closed door trial. "the washington post" calls the situation a "outrageous miscarriage of justice" and insisting that rezaian is innocent. the paper and his lawyer planning apeel. a rock 'n' roll legend donald trump to quit dreaming. ♪ dre ♪ >> love that song. steven tyler who is a republican wants trump to stop playing "dream on" at his rallies. while he doesn't want to give the impression the band endorses trump it isn't for "personal or
5:10 am
political issues" instead based on copyright and they did not get permission. that's a look at the headlines. back to you. >> thank you very much. happened last night 11:35 saturday night about 11:35 p.m., we see it come up in a cold open like we open up our show and then this is "snl's" version of their show. >> you're watching "fox & friends". >> welcome back to "fox & friends," i'm steve doocy and with me as usual elisabeth hasselbeck and brett kilmeade. >> hi there. >> good morning. >> well congress is having a few problems. >> what else is new? >> that's so true. now that representative kevin mccarthy is withdrawn from the race for house speaker the position is wide open. >> i don't know why they don't let them all speak.
5:11 am
>> now here's something interesting, actually. you know that the speaker doesn't actually have to be a member of congress? it can be anybody. folks have thrown out names like mitt romney and newt gingrich. >> oh, i don't know about him. that's the man who stole christmas. >> joining us now is a woman who's been shamefully defunding planned parenthood, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. >> it's a pleasure to not be there in person. >> debbie, are you really defending an organization that sells babies the way that kfc sells chicken? >> elisabeth you know that's not true. let me ask you, elisabeth, do you want to get into a legal bat well a woman named keb idebbie wasserman schultz? my name sounds like a law firm. >> debbie there, is no need -- >> they really got debbie wasserman schultz down cold. >> i know. i can't get enough of it. i think it's so funny and brian
5:12 am
is such a good sport this morning. >> well i didn't really have a choice. i think the worst thing to happen is bobby moynihan is putting on more weight. this is a couple years ago when he began playing me, it was tough to deal with. now he's put on more weight and got my eyes wider open and i look even more vacuous, not a good combination of fat and stupid. >> but it's a comedy show, satire. making us all look fun. >> your guy looks pretty handsome. let's be honest. >> i don't look bad. >> elisabeth a hard-hitting journalist? >> you look like if we put a pin in you, you'd pop. oh my gosh this is fun. i'd be brutal, trust me. >> what do you think about, you know that guy had it right, i always have a pen here. what do you think of the "saturday night live" portrayal
5:13 am
of "fox & friends"? please go to our facebook page or e-mail us. >> if you feel you're a billionaire and feel you're being misportrayed e-mail us. one of the most important stories in news today coming up, planned parenthood says it helps women but its customers think overwise. the shocking online reviews. you got to hear this. and these four buildings are supposed to come down together. see how this one ends. not quite the way they planned. ♪ it's all blown away ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
5:14 am
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[laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. . in an effort to fight its neverending bad press planned parenthood is asking patients on twitter who the organization means to them but not asking for reviews like this one "the place is dirty and the people there don't seem to care about the people who come in." "federalist" senior editor molly hemingway looked through the reviews and joins me with what she found. generally speaking these reviews were not good. >> planned parenthood spends so
5:18 am
much money on public relations in an effort to keep the $500 million in taxpayer funding rolling in year after year. what gets lost are the stories are women who have gone to the columnics. i looked at customer reviews from a dozen of the 700 clinics and shocked, "filthy clinics, medical professionals that didn't practice basic high gen, rude, unprofessional, revealing private sensitive medical information" and many said they were forced into unnecessary repeats what they thought was a medical billing scam. >> this is a yelp review from washington, d.c., "i wish this place could close asap because they are not dealing with patients respectfully. it's one thing to be pro-choice, it's another to be treated like a dog." here's another one, yelp review from silver spring "i had always supported planned parenthood and was upset about budget cuts but after this experience i wonder if budget cuts were necessary.
5:19 am
i'm pro choice. perhaps the funding should go to family planning organizations that do effective work." your reaction? >> many of the women said something similar to that, they emphasized they were pro choice but the care they received was beyond substandard. and what's interesting about that last review is that that's what the bill in congress would do. it would take money from this highly partisan scandal plagued organization and sent it to community health is it,that take care of women's health. cecile richards the president was forced to admit because she was under oath planned parent hood does not provide a single mammogram at any of its clinics. community health centers do and it would be better to use the resources there. >> definitely a bright light being shown on planned parenthood these days and evidence to suggest it's more about profit than family planning. so molly thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. coming up, caught on camera, extreme weather, a tornado goes straight into a postal truck,
5:20 am
the status of that driver ahead. and it's been a long road for devin still and his daughter, leah, after she was diagnosed with cancer. now she is cancer free. devin and his fiance will join us live with another major announcement, yet. ♪ going to the chapel and gonna get married ♪ ♪ going to the chapel and we're gonna get married ♪
5:21 am
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together, we're building a better california. time for your news by the numbers. four, how many times anne ha hathaway sent back her breakfast. the poached egg was too runny, her english muffin too cold, her eggs were flat out cold. finally she decided she wanted a
5:24 am
fried egg instead. can you say mcmuffin next time. $37 million how much "the martian" brought in over the weekend. took the top spot again in the box office. good break for matt damon. and 11:17 a.m. on monday, the time people tend to feel the unhappiest according to a new survey. don't worry, we tend to cheer back up around 2:30 in the afternoon. >> so you have bad news and you have good news. all right, devin stills story captured america's attention, the bengals player took time off from ace football player to take care of his daughter leah when she was diagnosed to stage four cancer. >> that led him and leah receiving the coveted jimmy v. perseverance award. >> leah is now cancer free, thanks be to god. the stills are planning the long awaiting waiting of devin and his fiance and join us now on
5:25 am
the couch. >> thank you for having us. >> let's take you back to the big awards show and you rather than just talking about sports you actually started talking about her. and what was the thrust of what you said? >> she was pretty much my backbone through our whole ordeal last year. if i was out cincinnati i don't know if i could have made it through my daughter battling cancer but she was there every step of the way so i wanted to give her, her credit. >> and you said that you were going to give her what? >> her dream wedding. >> so you said you were going to give you, your dream wedding. that's what you wanted to hear. >> yes. >> you're not the only one listening. who else was listening? >> after my speech at the espys, they'd like to throw a dream wedding for us and we were super excited because like i said, asha deserves it for everything she's done for me and leah. >> is that dream wedding like your dream wedding?
5:26 am
>> yes. >> what do they have for you? >> we're going to the details now. i see a whole bunch of ideas this weekend so we have a lot in store. >> it's pretty exciting like a dream come true and so nice he wanted to give you this princess fairytale wedding. you're a great team and battling through something like that with an illness of your daughter, coming out on top like that a wonderful story. >> you're a romantic guy. you have to talked about anything at the espys, instead you talk about your girl. >> when you're with a girl like her it brings the romantic side out of you. this is our second year doing the new york fashion week as my daughter continues to do it you see more confidence walking down the runway. >> how is she doing and feeling? what is she excited about? >> she's doing better. she's made a full 180 from where we was last year but goes through maintenance therapy. we have four more months and hopefully she can get back to being a normal child.
5:27 am
>> a year ago she was fine and then had a relapse. you thought she might have a sinus infection. >> she wasn't feeling too well the day of the recital. we thought it was an ear infection and got worse news. >> you are giving back to pediatric cancer. can you tell us about the charitable aspect to this? >> it's a charity registry, so we have four charities, sorry, on there that you can go on to and donate to the charities on there. >> i also understand when people go through pediatric cancer you worry about your daughter and look around and see other kids and not a ton of money going to pediatric cancer because adults are helping adults. there's not enough focus on kids. >> that's what i'm trying to use my platform to let everybody know about that. only 4% of the money goes to pediatric cancer research and if our children are our future we have to step up and do more for our kids. >> you're doing so much right now and now thinking about the dream wedding.
5:28 am
can you make the announcement when it's going to be? >> may 2016. >> very good. all right. well you've got our address, you know where to send the invitation. it turns out the date is open on my. calendar. >> many blessings and good health going forward. >> nfl, devin, you got to be working this year. you tried out for the colts. are you ready? >> i'm waiting on the phone call and i'll be ready. >> he's available. not working this sunday. >> dream wedding, dream player, put him in, coach. thank you. congratulations and the best to your daughter. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, a shocking development in the bowe bergdahl case an army officer recommends no jail time for the man who deserted his unit. we speak to a former platoon mate ahead. plus slide heard around the world. chase utley's slide broke a mets' player's leg. he's supposed to be suspended
5:29 am
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♪ there's one and they will not get the double play. the ball behind second base -- >> chase utley success spebed for two games for that controversial slide. the decision coming after utley left met short stop ruben tejada with a broken leg. >> carry drew is live at major league baseball headquarters in new york city where the second baseman is planning to appeal. right, carrie? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, brian, kimberly and steve and good morning everyone at home. chase utley is expected to
5:33 am
appeal that two-game suspension here at major league baseball headquarters in manhattan. it issued its ruling over the weekend with that suspension. we'll show you the play one more time. as you watch at home decide for yourself was this a clean play or a dirty slide? take a look. this was during the seventh inning of saturday night's game between the dodgers and the mets. l.a. dodgers second baseman chase utley slide into new york mets short stop ruben tejada, who suffered a broken leg completely ending his season. utley says he was trying to break up the double play with that slide but the league saw it very differently suspending utley for games three and four against the new york mets. here's major league baseball's chief baseball officer joe torre explaining the league's decision. >> it's really based on the fact that he slid, you know, very late and it appeared to me that he hit tejada in the ground about the same time, and then you know, was more targeting the
5:34 am
player. he certainly didn't want to hurt him. he was trying to break up a double play but i thought it was a little bit much. >> and chase utley's agent released a statement calling the suspension "outrageous and completely unacceptable." utley's camp plans to bring dozens of videos showing similar slides that did not result in suspension. major league baseball hopes to expedite this appeals hearing and have a decision before tonight's game. that's the latest from here. brian, kimberly and steve, back to you. >> kerry, thank you very much. the ball is in major league baseball's court. >> it's amazing, too, because it wasn't just one play and as bad as that was not only did you lose your short stop the game changer, 2-1. >> let's see if they rally or become victims. >> we'll see what happens. it is 26 minutes before the top of the hour. heather childress joins us in the studio with some headlines and a fox news alert.
5:35 am
>> good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. we start with this fox news alert, five nato troops including two americans are dead this morning, five others injured after a military chopper crash in kabul, afghanistan. an afghan security officer says the pumamk-2 chopper hit the cable of an observational balloon before it crash landed near nato headquarters, where u.s. troops are training afghan security forces. the three other coalition members killed, two british air force members and a french civilian. frustrated travelers facing massive delays this morning, as a major glitch delayed southwest airlines flights across the country. the airline warning its customers to arrive at least two hours early for their boarding passes, if you can, print those out ahead of time. the situation yesterday much worse when computers crashed. agents were forced to issue handwritten tickets. >> nobody's telling you anything. that's the problem. not a sign, not a person here
5:36 am
telling you anything. >> i'm going back and forth between calling the number and go to the desk, they don't have any options. >> this hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes so it's going to be a long day. >> still miling though. now the airline not saying what caused the problem or when it will be fixed but they say there's "absolutely no indication that hackers got inside the system." talk about an epic fail, six iconic buildings blasted to the ground, in front of a crowd of spectators in scotland but when the smoke cleared the buildings are still partially standing. they were built in the '60s to solve scotland's housing problem. known as the tallest buildings in europe and still half way up. finally, kudos to kia for this this epic those pc participation trophies. watch. >> let me see that. participation trophy. but we won every game. why do we get the same trophy as
5:37 am
all those teams we beat? are we going to start ending games with hugs instead of handshakes? >> social media going wild for this commercial showing one dad pulling that "participant" placard off his son's trophy and writing instead "champs" in its place. [ applause ] steve, kimberly, brian, you have a lot of responses. >> we do, after all the kid won. they were the champs. >> it says it was too much winning among kids sports. >> your comments they're pouring in over this one as they should be. melissa said love it. if kids get rewarded for even looking it doesn't teach them to push harder. >> steve says winning a trophy for not win something mo ronnic. quit turning children into entitled brats and teach them to become adults we can be proud of. >> jackie says if you win every game i do believe that makes you the champs. >> a lot of people say there's too much emphasis on winning. let the kids go out and play. >> too much emphasis just on
5:38 am
participating and then you get a trophy. you show up, you get a trophy. >> right. >> that's the problem. >> i think the one time the most, the oddest thing for us, we were in a flag football league with my son i think he was 6 and trophies they gave us cheerleaders for participant cheerleader icon on the top of that. >> i thought he said they gave him cheerleader. >> hello. >> thanks for that, brian. >> cheerleader statue. >> sure, ific it now. >> nice recovery. to extreme weather a scary sight for dozens of drivers on a florida highway as a waterspout turns into a tornado damaging a mail truck in its path. the driver saying the force lifted his truck off the ground twice. many pulled to the side of the road, waiting for the skies to clear. the weather wonder lasted only a couple of minutes, and thank goodness. >> we've been on that road in
5:39 am
tampa bay. maria looks at the weather across the country. >> reporter: good morning, that video was incredible. it's my understanding nobody was injured but that happened yesterday morning across the tampa area. really a rare sight to see that waterspout coming on land and producing some damage. as far as the weather goes for today we are expecting to see some strong winds across parts of the plains. that's going to keep that wildfire danger elevated so we have some red flag warnings in effect across parts of the plains, like in oklahoma, and as we head farther north in the northern plains like minnesota and the dakotas looking at the potential for wind gust there is up to 60 miles per hour, not a lot of moisture with that front though, that moisture doesn't reach areas until tomorrow across parts of the northeastern u.s. with some showers, that's what's in the forecastmperature mild this morning across parts of the southern plains. 75 is your current temperature in the city of dallas, and take a look at your high temperature, you should make it into the 90s, very widespread across texas. by the way into southwestern
5:40 am
u.s. kind of unusual, 94 degrees for the high temperature in l.a., and still hot across other areas like in phoenix, feeling like summer out there. back inside. >> almost toward the century mark in phoenix. maria, thank you very much. >> thanks, maria. coming up next, outrage after an army lawyer recommends no jail time for beowe bergdahl. and "saturday night live" takes aim at gun control. >> i want to be allowed to bring my firearm to school. >> you own a gun? >> yes, sir. >> but did the parody go too far?
5:41 am
>> fallout from the gop shakeup, boehner's surprised resignation and mccarthy's surprise exit from the candidates. all today on "the real story" at 2:00. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic
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a wild week in the nfl to give you an idea of what you missed last night. the giants win the game with 21 seconds left. the giants beat the 49ers 30-27. eli manning's 102 wins for the giants. the bengals lead their comeback against the seattle seahawks, 17 points did not stop them. the quick feet, 27-24 in overtime, seahawks lose. browns tight end gary barnage, a come from behind win victory over the baltimore ravens. they were shocked. now to more serious stuff. bowe bergdahl off the hook.
5:45 am
military officer recommending no jail time for the sergeant who abandoned his post and the men in afghanistan and his men in afghanistan. presidential candidate donald trump now weighing in on what the prosecutor's recommending. >> well in the old days when we were strong and we were smart and we had a country that really was, you know, respected all over the world, you would execute a person like that. he's a traitor. six people went out looking for him, trying to find him, they were killed, all killed, young, beautiful, incredible people, they were killed looking for this guy and now not only will he not be, you know, what they used to do now he's going to probably get off scott free. it is inconceivable what's going on with our country. >> so one of bergdahl's former platoon mates how do they feel? retired u.s. army sergeant jordan vaughn who served in the same company. thanks so much for joining us. are you shocked by this? >> no, i'm not terribly shocked.
5:46 am
this is kind of what we'd been expecting for a long time. >> why? >> it's not terribly surprising. . >> why were you expecting that? >> an inconvenient issue for a lot of people. the army revealed in the trial that bowe bergdahl had previously washed out of the coast guard and the army let him in, knowing that information. that looks terrible on them. this became a politicized issue really quickly so this isn't a surprising end. >> and the fact that i know his lawyers said he was going 90 miles away to report problems within his unit, he was going to be a whistleblower, that was something they were trying to i guess give him a rationale for doing what he did. do you buy that? >> no, not even remotely. i mean it was revealed in the trial and i already knew this platoon was going to that same base the next morning. they were leaving at like 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning to drive there, so saying that you're going to run there in the middle of the night and leave your weapon and your night vision
5:47 am
goggles and everything else behind, no, it's a ridiculous story. >> for the men and women who serve, let alone served with him, what is the message you get from this? >> that's a good question. i would just say in general, i think everyone was hoping for a dishonorable discharge, so i don't know the justice system needs to run its course, so. we'll wait this one out. >> i guess we'll wait it out. we're about to find out i mablg shortly. would people sometimes write in to us and say hasn't he suffered enough? he was brutalized where he was being held captive, what do you say about that theory? >> i don't feel that he needs to go to jail or deal with anything too far additionally beyond this, but i did feel there needs to be a guilty verdict to kind of justify all the searching and vindicate the people that were involved. >> what would you say to him if you saw him, jordan? >> i wouldn't say anything. just disappointment.
5:48 am
>> thanks for your time and thanks for joining us throughout this entire process. >> absolutely. >> it's really you guys that were affected the most while we're on the outside. >> absolutely. >> jordan vaughn, former platoon mate of bowe bergdahl. thank you. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. "snl" under fire forever its controversial skit on gun control. >> i want to be allowed to bring my firearm to school. >> you own a gun? >> yes, sir, a butch. i'm very pro -- >> did it go too far? you decide or was it just comedy. bill hemler has a marvelous sense of humor in his own right. >> depends on the day. congratulations on the book by the way. thank you for my copy. >> all right, a few weeks thanks. >> well done man.
5:49 am
breaking news on an american trial in tehran. brand new polling on the republican race. president obama talks hillary clinton. chris christie is live to talk about all of that with us today and newt gingrich has a warning for paul ryan, what do you think that's ball? a lot to cover on this monday when martha and i see new ten minutes, top of the hour.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
i wanna be allowed to bring my firearm to school. >> you own a gun? >> yes, sir, a butch. i'm very pro-life. >> there's a gun for every man, woman and child in this country. what are we preparing for, a rap beef? >> i agree we don't need that many guns but this country is obsessed with things we don't need, okay? we don't need a baconator.
5:53 am
>> maybe we do. "saturday night live" took aim at the gun control debate over the weekend on saturday night. did the mockery go a little too far over the line? >> or too far to one side? joining me political editor and fox news contributor guy benson. it's a comedy show which seems to have a view on the gun issue. >> surprise "snl" tend to lean to the left, so does amy schumer who was the guest host. i don't really have a problem with it. i'm a supporter of the second amendment, i'm a bigger supporter of the first amendment which protects the essence of who we are as a free society. if we want to use their satire and platform to advance an agenda, it doesn't bother me that much. the thing that bothers me more is really a lot of it wasn't very funny, which is at least ostensibly the point of the show. >> the skit they did on us was much funnier than the other
5:54 am
stuff. it shouldn't shock us that amy schumer, who is chuck schumer's cousin, would take this particular tact. we've heard from her in the past where she is very clear she would like more laws regarding gun usage. >> again, not a big surprise here. i'll just say it is such a pleasure to be talking to the real steven brian as opposed to the fake ones that were portrayed somewhat amusingly. the best thing about that sketch by the way was they ridiculed and skewered debbie wasserman schultz a little bit but talking about the planned parenthood issue and the videois with most americans haven't heard of or seen. >> that's right. >> maybe some viewers were like what is that about and googled it and got to learn something about that issue. >> as a fan of the show, i do notice that the weekend for the last two or three years since the pairing got together is a point of view and less about humor, and happens just about every week but their rating for young people are very high. it got a 3.9 so that's the message that the young people are getting because they feel as
5:55 am
though perhaps that's what they want to hear. >> there was another sketch, did one of those fake satirical ads where it was basically portraying gun owners generally as a bunch of fetishists and nuts and crazy people. that's of course not reflective of tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners who want to establish and sort of practice their second amendment rights and they want to hunt, and protect their family answer that sort of thing. >> guy, you're a young fellow. you probably don't remember johnny carson. when johnny carson was on in late night he took shots at both sides, pot shots at both sides, unlike now it seems like the late night guys all veer to the left and half the country is thinking are they making phfun me? >> generally comedians as a whole tend to lean a little bit to the left and we've seen that across the dial and look, if there are conservatives who want to watch these shows and get
5:56 am
super offended because they don't agree with the point of view of the comedy that's their right. they can ignore the shows all together. i think it's wiser for conservatives to engage in culture and do their best across the spectrum to try to counteract it, not by being angry but by having a sense of humor about ourselves and making our points. >> great point indeed. guy benson joining from us, guy, thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. >> very philosophical this morning, right? reflective. >> there you go. more "fox & friends" two minutes away. still fallout from the gop shakeup. boehner's surprise resignation and mccarthy's surprise exit from the speaker race. so how is it impacting the candidates? we we veal all in our presidential power index today on "the real story." healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
5:57 am
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bill: thank you, guys. good mornings. everybody on a monday, we have new polls showing donald trump still on top of the republican field. like breakfast all day at mcdonald's he is loving it. listen. >> i'm not going anywhere. i'm leading in every single poll. i'm leading in every single state. i love it, we're leading. i'm all the way. just so you understand, all the way. 100%. bill: from over the weekend. hope you had a good weekend. bill hemmer as we kick off brand new week here. martha: good morn, bill. good morn, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. let's look at new cbs polls. holding on to the lead. ben carson at 21%. the rest of the field stuck


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