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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 12, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> okay. >> shoutout to all the nice people i met at notre dame. new jersey girl. i never been to big midwestern football game. >> converted? >> wonderful people. fantastic time. i want to thank them. >> we've been waiting for you. >> sorry it took me so long. bye, everybody. ♪ jenna: president obama calling hillary clinton's use of private email server a mistake but commander-in-chief doesn't think it endangered national security. that is one of the headlines we're starting with you. i hope you're off to a good one. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. of course the president sat down for an interview with "60 minutes" and said his former secretary of state could have handled the decision to use private email server better. and the president also accuses
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of republicans turning the investigation into a political attack in an effort to keep hillary clinton from becoming president. take a listen. >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. i think it was a mistake that she's acknowledged and you know, as a general proposition, when we're in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and stay as far away from the line as possible when it comes to how we handle information, how we handle our own personal data. and you know, she made a mistake. she acknowledged it. i do think that the way it has been ginned up is in part because of politics. jon: joining us now, bret baier, the anchor of "special report." i suppose there are many in washington who see it differently. that this investigation of the clinton email situation which came about because of benghazi committee, a lot of people see that as about much more than politics, bret? >> jon, good morning.
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raised some eyebrows, that answer, because, one, the president said he didn't know about the private email server. two, he said it is not a national security problem. well, there is an fbi investigation ongoing on that very question. jon: that was my question. >> and they're suggesting by all reports there have been attempts at hacking hillary clinton's email server. and we've seen how there has been classified information found on that server. we don't know the extent to which it has been on there. and you look at the other instances where this administration has prosecuted people for their handling of classified information. general david petraeus, who had a notebook that was locked in a desk that he shared with his mistress. she allegedly has been transferring and going back and forth with classified information on an unsecure
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server that also was in a cloud. so, it is interesting that that answer, he has previously said he never wants to get involved in prejudging investigations in his own administration. he may have done that. jon: i had the same thought, when he said that, when he answered the question that way. how does know? the investigation is still underway. as you point out the fbi is still looking into those hacks from several other countries? >> that's right. we don't know the extent of that yet and that investigation is continuing and expanding. for all of the talk about you know, the politics and the political nature of the benghazi committee and what kevin mccarthy said and new allegation about the person who left that committee, there is still substance here of new emails that have been just handed over to that committee dealing with benghazi, dealing with libya, just within the past week 1/2.
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these are, more than 1,000 emails that are new, that were never turned over before. so you know, we have the substance of the issue. then we have the politics. clearly politics plays into everything that goes on here in washington. jon: on that score i want to bring up the results of a new "cbs news poll." it finds that 71% of registered voters, not just republicans, but registered voters overall think it was not appropriate for hillary clinton to use her personal email address and server to conduct her business as secretary of state. now the president says this thing is all political but obviously when you get that kind of unanimity among the american people, 71% think it was flat-out wrong for her to be doing that and that says something and maybe the president ought to pay attention to those numbers. >> i think he is trying to tamp everything down as far as the problems for his party when it comes to this. if that is in fact the nominee
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of the democratic party. i think more troubling in that poll, the new "cbs poll," is the honest and trustworthy number for hillary clinton which is down to 35%. that is extremely low. joe biden is up above 60% in honest and trustworthy numbers. and i think that those numbers suggested that hillary clinton is going to have some challenge tomorrow night at the democratic debate on a lot of these issues. jon: let's talk about the democratic debate. democrats will square for for the debate tomorrow, their first one. a new poll shows hillary clinton well ahead of the pack. the "cbs news poll" gives her 46% support from democratic primary voters. senator bernie sanders pulse in 27%. vice president biden takes in 16% before he ever announced he is running. still very good numbers for:clip
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but not the kind of numbers she enjoyed a few months back, bret? >> that's right. she has taken a bit of a slide. interesting to see biden down to 16%. he is obviously in this race yet. the going bet in washington he is probably leaning to get in but not before tomorrow night's debate. cnn has a podium for him if he jumps in but he will not do that. in next coupling days we'll hear an answer from biden and that will change the dynamic of this race. the national polls it is interesting, include places like california and new york and big states that are not going to play in the primary process but hillary clinton probably polls well in those places. when you look at iowa and new hampshire, she's trailing bernie sanders in those places. jon: it is interesting to me in this poll, when they added joe biden to the mix, hillary clinton's lead over bernie sanders actually widens. so it appears biden would pull
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more support from, from the vermont senator bernie sanders than from hillary clinton. maybe the portion of democratic voters who want anybody but hillary clinton in this to be their nominee? >> again, one poll. it is worth putting caveat out there. and also that biden is not a candidate yet. jon: right. >> if he got in i would think he would see different dynamic in some of these questions and how people answer them on the democratic primary side. jon: those favorability numbers he enjoys you talked about earlier something he and his supporters will look at strongly whether they consider to jump in. >> i would say coming days. there is a lot of talk about money people and support here in washington and that he is leaning to do it but he has not pulled the trigger. it is interesting it has taken this long. jon: bret baier, anchor of "special report," see you on the air at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> thanks, jon. jon: we want to hear from you as well. president obama calls hillary
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clinton handling of her private email server a mistake but says the gop is politicizing the controversy? do you agree? our live chat is up and running. and join in the conversation. jenna: president obama ripping into vladmir putin during the same interview on "60 minutes" getting so much attention today. obama disputing putin's claims is challenging world leadership saying that he is essentially running russia into the ground. kevin corke is live from wash. >> reporter: he talked about it before. we heard josh earnest press secretary say the president's view is simple. that vladmir putin is desperate to maintain relationship with assad regime and maintain a foothold in syria they will do anything even if it hurts their own economy. president consistently said they're operating out of fear and weakness. no matter how many sorties they fly or sabre-rattling we see,
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what they're afraid of precipitous disorganized fall of assad regime. they don't want that. they want the successor whoever it is will turn to moscow, not washington. they're propping up a guy despite hurting their own economy. >> challenging your leadership, mr. president. he is challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be, leading on climate change and international accord that potentially we'll get in paris. >> reporter: so the long view is simple. assad will go eventually but who will have a happened in picking his successor? that is what moscow wants. the president says they're simply willing to run their economy into the ground to get that done.
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critics would argue, jenna, the more moscow flexes muscle in the region more countries may line up behind moscow. that could weaken washington's influence and power in the region. the soviets say they operated some, conducted 50 sorties over the weekend and hit just about all their targets. that is the russians giving us that information. meanwhile the pentagon said the u.s. dropped 50 tons of munitions and arms to support the opposition in the region. things getting very heated in syria even today, jenna. >> we'll talk a lot about this with general keane later on in the program. kevin, thanks for the roundup. a lot of news to get to regarding that. 15 years ago today a terror attack rocked american destroyer in yemen, killing 17 sailors injuring dozens more on board the uss cole as the ship was docked in the port of aden with a fuel stop. a small boat carrying explosives blew a big gash in the ship and
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took many lives. al qaeda took responsibility for the suicide bombing. it was deadliest attack against a u.s. naval vessel since 1987. jon: we talked to bret baier about new polls showing vice president biden doing well even though he hasn't announced plans. new clues surface about his political future. mike emanuel live in biden's hometown of wilmington, delaware. what do you have, mike? >> reporter: good morning, jon. most seem to believe vice president biden is closer to decision after family time this columbus day weekend. vice president enjoying normal family events and going to cross-country race, cheering on a relative and at a flag football game with one of his grandsons and playing a little golf. one spokesman is a says there is room for vice president biden for the debate or going out on the campaign trail.
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>> vice president biden has been going through gut-wrenching remorse no family should have to go through. we know he is carefully considering whether he wants to run for president of the united states. then of course in the democratic primary, we would always have room and welcome the sitting vice president. >> reporter: declared democratic candidates out selling their proposals they're starting to get questions about biden for president. >> i've known joe for many years. he is very decent guy. it is difficult decision he will make for himself. >> do you think it is good for the democratic primary if he gets in. >> it is more, i suppose you could argue more voices more ideas add to the debate. report or the so far those -- >> reporter: so far those seeking democratic nomination there is no reason to attack. >> if he gets in i will continue to speak postively about him because i feel that way. we've been friends a long time. but i will put forth my platform, what i want to do, to
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build on what president obama has done and then the democratic voters will make their decision. >> reporter: there are multiple reports out this morning suggesting that the vice president's decision should be later this week. one suggesting it may come the day after the democratic debate tomorrow night. bottom line we're here. if he wants to come out to make a decision we'll bring it to you live. jon? jon: those two challengers or competitors didn't sound entirely enthusiastic about the prospect of abiden run, did they, mike? >> reporter: certainly will make things a little more challenging for both of them. jon: certainly would. mike emanuel, thanks, mike. jenna: on the invitation i highly encourage the vice president to give the scoop to mike emanuel. jon: he probably will. walking over there right now. jenna: we'll wait and watch for that, keep a camera on just in case. tour bus catches on fire in the middle of a highway. what happened to the passengers on board and why did it happen?
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we'll show you video. southwest airlines says it fixed technical problems that caused hundred of delays but you still have to show up early today. we'll have latest on the southwest is can sasster.
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jenna: southwest says, just fix the technical glitch that sparked hundreds of flight delays over the weekend. airline is very hopeful, saying it expect as normal day of operations today. adam housley on the story. live from l.a. what a mess, adam? >> yeah. the word of the day for southwest is stablized, general general -- jenna. >> reporter: it sure wasn't the case yesterday as if you look at board in los angeles in fact, showing a lot of flights delayed ten minutes or some which is not too crazy. when you think about what happened yesterday, it was insane. many, many flights were delayed, depending where you were going, as long as two hours in some cases. people that weren't even flying yesterday got alerts saying southwest was having problems
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and come early to the airport. as early as two hours to get things going. basically this glitch caused problems all across the country for southwest and for many travelers. massive lines here in los angeles. when you talk to those trying to get on a plane yesterday on southwest, they weren't too happy about it. >> we were in a line for two hours. for them to tell us sit to the side, there is nothing they can do. >> handwritten boarding pass, first time ever. and i travel a lot. >> i'm hoping sometime before end of the night we're going to get home. >> reporter: at least 450 flights nationwide were delayed at points. there are 3600 they have nationwide. percentage wide not as big as it could have been. looking at lines in l.a., not good at all. southwest came out with couple statements most recent in the last hour, addressed in part, technical issues did not result,
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sorry, did results in approximately 500 flights delayed. employers worked around issues with primary systems and used backup procedures to get customers and luggage to the intended destinations. the work around was writing paper tickets. something you haven't seen in the airport a very long time. thankfully they had something in place for some of the flights. other flights and employees didn't know what to do. so many people were so upset yesterday when the computer goes down, basically everything went down at southwest. jenna: our hearts go out to the passengers that had to deal with it. we hope the woman got home last night because it was robly touch-and-go. reminder how much we rely on computers. other airlines watching this, wondering what they would do in the same situation? >> there hasn't been any public statements with other airlines. you know this happens with other airlines. there are things with advanced technology, get through lines faster, tickets on phones, don't
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have to print things out, those are great things. when it goes down, which doesn't happen very often, that is when we realize how dependent we're on technology. other airlines and people we've spoken to, of course they're looking at their systems. they're making sure there is no technical difficulty, if there is technical difficulty, they have handwritten way, set up to go help with passengers. from seeing lines in los angeles. i recognize some. gate agents which is sad. there were lines before they put in the new security process in los angeles. it used to look like that all the time. now it only happens when things go wrong. i guess it is positive. jenna: doesn't happen all the sometime but what a pain. >> abs absolutely. >> adam, thank you. jon: california is also enlisting the help of prisoners putting them to work fighting fires. we'll tell you about proposed changes to that existing program. verdict for an american reporter jailed in iran.
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that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. jon: california is considering tapping more prisoners to fight the fires taking a terrible toll on that state. california already uses non-violent prisoners to try to battle the flames but that unit is down by about 800 compared with previous years. the state is now looking to bring in some inmates with violent pasts, but only if their security classification levels have been reduced for good gave i don't remember. jenna: right now "the washington post" reporter charged with espionage in iran has been reportedly been convicted but no further details released. we'll get into that in just a moment. of the jason rezaian is held in
8:25 am
tehran since july 2014, longer than any other american, including those health for 444 days during iranian hostage crisis. rezaian is one of several americans missing there. we have one of the few journal istists working there, working for "the new york times." we hear there is conviction but we're not sure. why is that? >> we're seeing the pattern from iranian judicial authorities giving conflicting statements. the latest one, senior judiciary official has said a verdict has been issued but he has no details. iranian news agency has said, that this man has also said jason is convicted. this all doesn't matter because the senior official said mr. rezaian can appeal his sentence. if you're about to be released, i doubt that mr. rezaian would appeal to his sentence. clearly there has been some form of a conviction. we have to wait to see what
8:26 am
exactly it will be. jenna: so what comes with a conviction? what are some of the scenarios that could play out for jason? >> iranian state television channel, news channel, said mr. rezaian has been involved in sort of targeting iranians and other, international businesses that have allegedly helped the iranians bust the american sanctions. and, if that is the case, and, if mr. rezaian is convicting of spying he could get up to 10 years in prison which is not a small sentence. jenna: that one scenario. is there another scenario he could be convicted but released? >> i don't see that happening for now since mr. rezaian has been held for 478 days. and he clearly is in very bad
8:27 am
position. iranians are using him to highlight case of iranians hired by the united states for sanctions busting. until there is some sort of solution for those people allegedly held in the united states, i don't see mr. rezaian being freed soon. jenna: that is interesting. i want to point out to viewers, if you look on jason rezaian's twitter account you look at sense of stories he was writing on. a lot had to do with life-style issues in iran. most recent one that he published, before his arrest was about baseball. in iran. it wasn't directly about sanctions. a little bit of context for accusations against him. i was curious about the line in the "new york times" piece, you talked about a broader effort to get release of iranians detained in america. we know of names of americans detained in iran. do iranians know names of iranians detained in america?
8:28 am
who exactly are they talking about? >> actually we don't know who these people are. with what when he do know iran has employed people help pass sanctions that were imposed on them by the united states and europe. several of those people have been arrested in the united states and far away places in manila or kenya or across the world. upon the request of the united states. now both president rouhani and other officials come to the united states, united nations general assembly in september, hinted what they say is a prisoner swap. they want justice for their people and if the americans are so interested in mr. rezaian, they're willing to trade him in return. the big, get if you will in their story is they haven't made clear who these 19 people are. also the obama administration
8:29 am
has not been clear or has not confirmed that there are at least 19 or maybe even more or less people, arrested for sanction busting for iran. jenna: that is interesting. 19 is one number we're working with. very little information. obviously we don't know who these people are. story we continue to watch. big questions for what jason's fate means for americans also mentioned still in prison in iran. great to have you on the program as always. thanks so much. >> thanks, jenna. jon: it has happened again. a police officer shot and killed, this time while on his way to work. what happened and who police just arrested. from backstage to center stage, why bill clinton is taking a much more visible role in his wife's race for the white house. what it means for hillary's campaign. ♪song: "that's life"
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>> it is important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public. they can make their own judgment. i can tell you this is not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. jon: that's president obama weighing in on the hillary clinton email issue, saying he thinks his former secretary of state made a mistake in using a private server while also making it clear that national security was never at risk. joining us now, alan colmes, host of the of the alan colmes show, nationally syndicated by fox news radio and tammy bruce,
8:34 am
from the tammy bruce radio show and. >> happy italian day. jon: it is as well. the parade will roll by our building shortly. i talked about this with bret baier. president says national security was never compromised. how does he know? >> that is interesting unless he has seen every single email. we know there were 400 classified emails that wint out. we know sidney blumenthal sent an email revealed the name of a cia asset in the system. that was a cia asset in libya of all places. what we don't know did that have any repercussions? who was seeing that? was that preor post-september 11th, 2012? these are all kinds of issues. similar to when president obama, i can tell alan is agreeing with everything i'm saying, this is similar to him saying there wasn't a smidgen in the corruption in the irs situation.
8:35 am
he is partisan hack but we already know that. jon: alan, your response. >> nobody cares. they can beat the drum of about hillary's emails to kingdom come. average person is worried about getting up in the morning, going to work. >> which they're not doing. >> don't care about hillary clinton emails. the president knows as president of the united states whether or not anything damaging happened to the country as a result of whatever is in the emails. jon: when asked about how they felt about her wisdom setting up her e nail system, 71%, said bad idea, don't approve. >> it was a bad idea. it was a mistake. president is also correct, she still has to answer some questions about her thinking about this ultimately i don't believe this makes or breaks the election. >> she might disagree. she went down 10 points within a 10-day period of time, reuters poll just came out. americans are responding to something. i believe it is that. but the overall dynamic, that created that kind of situation, when you talk about national
8:36 am
security though, that entire obama team is responsible. the world is on fire at this point. benghazi, libya, the middle east. russia taking over the middle east. iraq cozying up to russia. turkey is under attack. nato is getting involved. >> all obama's fault, right? >> you know, american strength kept this kind of thing from happening for about 50 years. >> this is ridiculous. it is balderdash. you have diplomatic, agreement with iran about reducing their nuclear capability. obama has, obama pointed out last night that putin is desperate because of his economic implosion. only ally in the area is assad he is trying to prop up. he has big problems. >> you know what already happened today? oil is going up. >> that is obama's fault too? >> that is because putin is in the region. it helps iran, russia and helps china. >> price of oil has nothing to do with the president. >> it has everything to do with the last 50 years what is going
8:37 am
on in the world, somehow this only happened in last -- >> he never gets kudos by the way. jon: the president suggested that the benghazi committee is too political and all about embarrassing hillary clinton. first of all, what do you, what is your take on that. >> obviously the height of irony, isn't it? committee looking at hillary clinton and dynamic where they blamed, fabricated out of whole cloth a youtube video, that was planned terrorist attack by our enemy resulting in murder of four of our people. boehner resisted convening committee until the white house would not release them. if they were going after hillary they could have done quite some time ago. they put it off. jon: it was result of the work of this committee we learned
8:38 am
about secret emails. private email server. >> besides mccarthy admitting on the show it was about hillary and a major fired because he wouldn't do a partisan investigation. they haven't had one meeting since january. they're timing this in order to hurt hillary clinton. they haven't met all year. clearly this is partisan. that is not even matter of debate. it's a sham this committee. should be ashamed of themselves. >> let national security be partisan issue. some of us want national security. some of -- >> shame fully using four dead bodies of people in benghazi to whack chem over the head. >> tail wagging the dog here. tail wagging the dog here. major was fired because he is partisan for hillary and was impeding the investigative process. >> exactly the opposite. he doesn't want a partisan investigation. jon: let's talk about somebody who is trying to help hillary clinton that would be her husband, bill clinton. all of sudden he is headlining
8:39 am
fund-raisers. he is going on late-night tv shows. the guy who was president is a splendid campaigner himself, seems to be coming out of the chateaus to hold a more prominent role in his wife's campaign. good thing or bad thing, alan? >> always a good thing. one of the most popular politicians in the country. before he was talking about hillary clinton, they were going, where's bill, where's bill? something must be wrong with bill. she must be desperate. bill is coming out. whatever he does is somehow negative to the clinton derangement syndrome. jon: quickly, tammy. >> she said repeatedly not running for bill clinton's third term. this is statement she can't hand whale is happening. they're desperate. this is unwith of the things they're having to reach for. it is clear she is in trouble. jon: we'll see what happens. thank you both. >> thank you. jon: alan and tammy. jenna. jenna: neighbor charged in the smoothing death of a memphis police officer. according to police, 31-year-old
8:40 am
officer terrance olridge was on his way to work when he got into a dispute with his neighbor lorenzo clark. the men exchanged gunfire. olridge was hit. he later died from his injuries. 36-year-old clark surrendered to the police. he is charged with having a handgun as convicted felon. olridge is the fourth police officer shot in four years. we'll keep viewers updated as we learn more about the story. iran testing a long-range missile over the weekend. did the country violate terms of nuclear agreement with the united states? what that means. our next guest says iran is always working toward building a strategic weapon that is just as dangerous as nukes. we'll get into it next.
8:41 am
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8:43 am
jenna: right now some new questions whether iran has already violated the terms of the nuclear agreement. officials test-fired a new long-range ballistic missile yesterday which is different from iran's previous missiles
8:44 am
because it apparently can be guided more accurately towards its target. "new york times" says this, quote. this may go against the terms of the agreement. experts have been debating interpretation of a united nations security council resolution adopted a few days after the accord was agreed upon that bars iran from developing missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads. joining me now fox news middle east analyst, walid phares. there are bigger questions what this means about iran's strength and aggression in the region and we'll get to both. let me get to the question about the potential u.n. violation. apparently iran was not supposed to fire off missiles of that capability at least for the next eight years. is this a clear violation of the agreement as it stands? >> depend on how the discussion will take place within the security council. how the five permanent members will raise issue. will the russians and chinese say it is violation? no. will three western allies,
8:45 am
including united states, obama administration and go after iran in the security council, less likely at this point in time f you don't have a party that says this is violation there will be no discussion. besides if you read the text, it is in fact about interpretation. when you go into the realm of interpretation it will be very difficult to determine. jenna: there are concerns about the nuclear deal and interpretation into that. what do you make of this the testing of this particular missile but also timing of it, walid? >> we're talking about a new missile, which is more accurate as you just mentioned. but can equip it with anything they want. from the conventional explosives to the chemical, biological and also nuclear. even nuclear you could have large nuclear weapon and also the tactical nuclear weapon. what is important about this missile, it's a message by the iranian regime against all the potential enemies in the region. not just israel, saudis, u.a.e., kuwait, jordan and even think of
8:46 am
our task forces in the gulf or mediterranean. jenna: scary to think about. you've been talking about a long time. we've been hyper focused on nuclear issue. you don't need a nuclear weapon to kill a lot of people. >> first of all you don't need to a super nuclear weapon to engage in this. what the iranian regime is trying to do last eight years, i published an article then, to create a dome. first they obtain the missiles, way faster than nukes. second they buy from the russians and they are going to be buying anti-aircraft missiles to protect those missiles. by the time they have this force, we don't have capacity or they are deterring us from destroying their fleet of missiles. very smart strategy. jenna: that is interesting. i can't help but think of timing of coincidence of our two big news stories coming from the middle east, being conviction, reported conviction of the american journalist held in iran. that was the big announcement
8:47 am
yesterday, along with the missile testing. i'm not suggesting they're directly related, walid. it seems to be a wild coincidence both those news items happened on same day. what do you think about that. >> iranian regime is sophisticated in political messaging. on one hand they do the test. send actual message to the actual parties receiving that threat. on the other hand they know how our news cycles work. we have been talking about of course gentlemen who has been indicted in iran. our public focusing on this issue while iranians developing long-range missiles against enemies in the region. jenna: we haven't had response from the white house. we'll wait to see if the white house has more official statement to say about missile testing. so far statements are working with the partners that we have in the region. what do you think the white house should be doing about the missile tests but also about our americans that remain in prison? >> both are headaches because
8:48 am
the critics have been mentioning to the administration you have not even included those americans hostages or detainees in iran. what can the administration tell the iranian regime after having signed agreement and billions of dollars are heading towards iran? with regard to missiles there may be mild statement we advise against developing such missiles. we're stuck in syria let alone handling iran will be too long of a task. jenna: i have to run but you say we've been out maneuvered so far. how do we get back into the game. >> we have to first of all unify forces here. congress and the administration are not seeing eye-to-eye. unify strategy with the europeans. security council taking more stronger actions at this point in time. talk with the arabs. arab countries that we have abandoned them. so is turkey. so is israel. a lot of architecture needs to be redone before we move forward. jenna: interesting. strong statements out of europe on russia.
8:49 am
perhaps there is opportunity for that. we'll see about the timing of it all. walid, always great to have you on the program. thank you. >> thank you. jon: major influx of cash to colorado from marijuana sales. we'll tell you hough green they are making with sales of pot. millions of americans will not see increases next year. why prices at pump could be to blame. the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. harris what is coming up. >> jon, good to see you. not the best timing for this update. new poll shows hillary clinton her party's frontrunner but her unfavorability among would-be voters is at all-time high.
8:53 am
we're on the eve of a the first presidential debate. can she turn it around. just hours before they approve the nuclear deal that may bar such actions. how worried should we be? nfl bad boy back on the field after domestic violence suspension, brag, a newly uncovered rap video that he will never get played by a woman again. should he be playing on the field. our #oneluckyguy, at the top of the hour. "outnumbered." looking forward to it. jon: thank you, harris. jenna: third in 40 years, social security recipients are not expected to get an increase as experts say low prices at the pump driving down cost of living adjustments which is based on government level of inflation. 1/5 of americans, including disabled vets and retires will
8:54 am
not see increases despite their every day expenses going up. jon: pot sales are flying high in colorado with monthly marijuana sales passing $100 million mark for the first time, according to the state's department of revenue. alicia acuna has that story live from denver. alicia? >> reporter: hi, jon, yes, if you look at the trend, marijuana sales are only increasings. according to the colorado department of revenue, recreational and melodies pens is aries brought in combined $100.6 million in the month of august, a record since recreational pot became legal here. for comparison, the first month of sales in january 2014, tally ad little less than $50 million. to grasp what all this means, consider this. in the fiscal year, running from july 1st, 2014, to end of june, 2015, colorado became the first state in history to bring more revenue tax revenue in than
8:55 am
alcohol by a wide margin. >> people thinking that is not that big after deal. source of income to be had for various reasons. >> reporter: meanwhile colorado is grappling with illegal cultivation operations that have moved in. in september and october, federal, state and local law enforcement arrested 32 people for illicit growing and seized nearly 20,000 plants. >> people come in from out-of-state thinking that because marijuana is legal under state law in colorado, that well, maybe their marijuana operation won't be noticed because people say, just another marijuana operation. part of what we're doing with these takedowns is to send a clear message that that's not the case. >> reporter: recreational pot sales became legal in the state of oregon at the start of this month. that state is now seeing medical marijuana business drop as a result. oregon cannabis business council says there is market saturation. there is an effort, jon, to
8:56 am
allow those purchasing medical marijuana to get tax-exempt status on those purchases. jon? jon: all right. what a story. alicia acuna in denver. thank you. jenna: this just in. new video after major zare for tour bus passengers in california. their bus stalls and caught on fire on los angeles freeway. all were okay with the 40 passengers making it off the bus safely before lining up against the center divider. west wound section of the roadway was shut down so passengers could cross to the shoulder to wait for another bus. no word what sparked the fire. they had a story a tell. jon: that had to be scary. new items in the next hour of "happening now." russia hammering syria with more airstrikes. we're learning though that the u.s. has been dropping tons of weapons and supplies on that country as well. what those could be used for. political outsiders surging in the polls with big leads over the competition but their favorability numbers are taking
8:57 am
a hit. what does that mean for the presidential race? [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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that's right for you. jenna: we'll see you back here in an hour. jon: we'll get you some hot tea and lemon for your cold. [laughter] "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smithed. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, host of kennedy op our sister network, fox business, kennedy. today's #oneluckyguy illinois congressman and air force veteran adam kin sungar, and welcome back to the couch. >> thanks, great to be back. >> you got a little bit of -- >> i'm still an air force reservist, and they made fun of the way i sat last time. >> why? >> i sat too far back. >> you're man spreading, that's what you're doing. [laughter] >> i've got to, like, lean forward and be more engaged.


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