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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 12, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jenna: we'll see you back here in an hour. jon: we'll get you some hot tea and lemon for your cold. [laughter] "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smithed. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, host of kennedy op our sister network, fox business, kennedy. today's #oneluckyguy illinois congressman and air force veteran adam kin sungar, and welcome back to the couch. >> thanks, great to be back. >> you got a little bit of -- >> i'm still an air force reservist, and they made fun of the way i sat last time. >> why? >> i sat too far back. >> you're man spreading, that's what you're doing. [laughter] >> i've got to, like, lean forward and be more engaged.
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in fact, now literally every time the show's on, the they take pictures of the guys that are on and say you need to take sitting lessons. [laughter] >> you bring it no matter how you sit, my friend. >> and you sound even better. all right, we are one day away from the first debate among the democrats who want to be president. and we're getting an idea of where current front runner hillary clinton stands with voters. brand new polling shows her unfavorability rating is at 53%. that's the highest ever for hillary since cbs news started asking about her back in 1992. 6 1% of all voters say the former secretary of state is not honest or trustworthy. 30% of democrats feel that way too. does any of this surprise you, sir? >> no, no. i mean, she's been around for a very long time. people have opinions made up of her. she's not a new candidate on the scene like marco rubio's reallitively unknown. people have their opinions, and this is something, i think,
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should frankly worry her. we learn this in polling when you get your polling back from your district or race, your unfavorables are the most important because those are the people that are not open to voting for you. unless they maybe think somebody else is even more unfavorable. >> how hard is it to turn that around? >> it's difficult. you never want to be -- it's called upside down. >> like being underwater in a mortgage. >> kind of like, yeah. so it's difficult at that point. and especially, again, somebody as well known as hillary, it's not like she had a bad story. she's had a bad couple stories and, frankly, she's not new. >> so based on your experience with campaigns, andrea, i'm going to challenge you a little bit. >> yeah. >> instead of asking can she turn it around, what would you do? if she called you up and said, hey, i'm going to employ you, what could she do to come back in the polls? >> well, i think it's a little too late to offer advice especially on the e-mail server. i would have told her to come out, give all the e-mails, you know, to the authorities, give a press conference, be transparent
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from the start. but she has really given us a couple different responses. i mean, she's, as rush limbaugh said, run this emotional gamut of being sorry and not sorry. she's been all over the place. i agree with the congressman, it's very tough to turn those unfavorables around. she's been around for decades, so she's really relying on new voters and independents, and i don't think that she's helped herself. we saw a headline last night, she's dropped ten points in just five days. >> yeah. >> she's best when she is he's, and when she is herself, being herself, she's very tough. and she does not joke around. and that is the hillary clinton when she gave her speech on iran that i thought was the best, because it actually was hillary. it was more fierce. it wasn't these canned jokes. she should stick to that. >> to andrea's point, harris, is it too late? >> it's hard to coach somebody to be themselves. that's like coaching somebody to be comfortable in their own skin. we don't know which hillary
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we're going to get on different days. so i would imagine someone who would advise her would have a difficult time. i thought two things, one was that her team must have seen this trend which is why we kept seeing new rollouts. they've been drilling down on these numbers probably in a different way because they're paid to do it than the rest of us. up close having her in front of them saying can we fix this on a day by day basis. the other thing that i thought was interesting, if joe biden gets into the race -- >> changes things a lot. >> -- it really changes things a lot, and bernie sanders actually benefits. sanders is viewed more positively than negatively -- actually, all three of them are -- among democratic primary voters. however, while fewer people see sanders favorably, only one-third or so have not made up their minds. so he still has a lot of ground to win people over. she doesn't have that. >> no. and some of the dynamic of what you're seeing in the republican primary right now which is sanders is running to her left. we have an open socialist that's
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close to a front runner in the democratic party right now, and she has to kind of navigate that kind of leftward trend of the democratic party, and, you know, marry that to the fact that she's actually pretty moderate on foreign policy. i think she's having a hard time doing it. >> instead of saying this is where i stand -- >> defending it. >> yeah. she's already triangulating, but in the worst possible way. i have a feeling that this boomerang is going to come back, and i don't know if it's going to chop the head off her candidacy, but it's very problematic. you talk about that headline from yesterday that she shed ten points in a week, and that's after ellen, jimmy fallon, "saturday night live," that's after all the stuff that was supposed to rebrand her. and instead of, you know, rebranding yourself and going further to the left, why don't you be honest about who you are? and if you're a tough person, it works for angela merkel. >> it underestimates women because we see -- >> she's shedding their support. >> the yoga pose toes and the
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crying, he heard her debate strategist on the train saying maybe we should think about crying. i mean, she's doing everything because that tapped, untapped resource of single women, unmarried women, if she can get them, she thinks they'll put her in the white house. >> i also think it's interesting, you talk about the drip-drip of this e-mail scandal and more keep coming out, even though there were some mistakes made on the republican side -- recently, kevin mccarthy with what he said -- it just keeps the story out there. no matter what the story is, it just kind of sits there. and that's part of her narrative. >> be yourself whenever running for election, be yourself and be bold. >> that's good advice. whether you're running for election or not -- >> he tied it in a bow for us. >> president obama telling 9:00 9:00 -- "60 minutes" that it was a mistake but that our national secrets were always safe. >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. i think it was a mistake that she's acknowledged.
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and, you know, as a general proposition when we're in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and stay as far away from the line as possible when it comes to how we handle information, how we handle our own personal data. and, you know, she made a mistake. she's ang knowledged it. acknowledged it. i do think the way it's been ginned up is in part because of politics. >> in the meantime, the house select benghazi committee that uncovered her server scandal facing new backlash over its scrutiny of hillary clinton from a former staffer. investigator and air force reserve officer bradley padlisks claims he was unlawfully fired for not focusing on mrs. clinton and committee leaders retaliated against him for taking leave to go on active duty. committee chairman trey gowdy firing back saying he'd never met the ex-staffer, that he was warned about his own efforts to discredit hillary clinton and that he ran to the media after
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he was fired when he demanded money. quite the mess here. okay, congressman, this committee is trying to be discredited by democrats -- >> yeah. >> -- repeatedly. it was "the new york times" though, if i recall, that actually broke the story about the server. not exactly a conservative outlet or member -- >> this is the left-wing playbook, right? this is kind of the hillary clinton playbook, attack, discredit, try to cast doubt. i know trey gowdy. trey god city a -- gowdy is a man of honor, and if you think about this disgruntled staffer, let's just logically think through. he was fired because he wasn't focusing enough on hillary. that's lewd crouse -- ludicrous. nobody would be fired for that. i think this is just part of the democratic effort to discredit this. we need to get to the bottom of these americans that died unfortunately and find out how we can make this safer and who's at fault. >> kennedy, weigh in on the president last night on "60 minutes." whatever happened to him saying he doesn't comment on active
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investigations? remember that little ditty he used many times? >> exactly. we're talking about a criminal investigation by the fbi. you know, let them do their work. is he saying read every e-mail, that he has been so fully and handsomely briefed on all the contents of every single server that the fbi has in its possession in so, i think it's wildly inappropriate for him to be commenting at this time. he doesn't know if national security could have been compromised, especially in regards to chris stevens and his whereabouts. >> and, sandra, it goes back to my theory that the white house is covering for hillary clinton on the server issues. >> two words he used is "i think." i think that she didn't jeopardize national security. to kennedy's point, how is he in a place to say that? if he's going to comment onion going, active investigation -- on an ongoing investigation, use facts. so if you're starting the sentence with "i think," you
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clearly have not been privy to all the information available and on the table. and either she used a private e-mail server or she didn't, she sent or received classified e-mails or she didn't. >> and he said he wasn't aware of any server which, harris, i'm just not buying. >> all right. so -- >> nobody's buying. >> where was the follow-up question of, mr. president, did you know there was possibly more than one server? [laughter] are you equally as sure about each server that they're now finding? and two words that hit me, sandra, were "ginned up." >> right. >> does he mean gathered in evidence by the fbi? is that what ginned up means? he's giving her cover, yeah. i didn't potentially know about it -- personally know about it, but i think it's okay. >> no harm done. >> and then he's downplaying it. >> you know, the media ginned this up, but actually the fbi is doing its job. >> that's right. >> did they gin up anything on general petraeus? >> that's exactly the point. >> that's the follow-up that he should have went for, but he
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didn't. >> slum. >> we'll keep an eye on this and iran proving once again it's a very bad actor. after testing a new long-range missile that can reportedly reach israel and may have violated the nuclear deal. what impact could this have on that nuke agreement? and more image problems for the nfl after a newly-uncovered rap video emerges featuring greg hardy shortly after legal troubles with domestic violence. it features strippers and drug imagery. what should the league do about players like him? and right after after the show join us for outnumbered overtime by logging on to click that ot tab. watch harris wish us a happy monday, and we all roll our eyes collectively. tweet your questions, comments, we'll log on right now. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> iran's military just test fired a new long-range-guided missile, one that reportedly can reach israel with better
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precision than ever. we're hearing this may violate the iran nuclear deal. by the way, iran's government has now approved that a deal in an outline form. then to make things worse, our americans in captivity, washington post reporter just convicted by an iranian court, although i understand you really don't get a defense attorney, do you in there? it's not clear exactly what he's been found guilty of, but he had been accused of espionage. he has now spent more time in prison than the american hostages did in the 1979 crisis. wow, just hearing that alone and the fact that they were not part of this deal -- >> yeah. >> -- takes me back to july 2015 and the fight that was going on inside congress. >> well, remember what the president said, how dare you conflate these two issues, the hostages. these are two separate issues, and we bring it up every day. obviously, you didn't bring it up strong enough because they're now convicting this guy.
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>> do you think there's a -- i certainly when i look at this, i don't believe believe in coincidences. i think there's always interesting timing. >> yeah. >> so you're going to test fire something, you're going to show your military bravado, and then you're going to stick it to an american. those are some really strong messages. >> you know what that strong message in the middle east has an impact. people respond to strength in the middle east which is why president obama's weakness has been so detrimental. and if you think about it, this nuclear deal, the reason it's so bad -- i mean, there's a hundred reasons it's bad, but one of them is if we actually engage the so-called snapback sanctions which a violation like this should trigger, what actually happens is it immediately releases iran from their requirements under this nuclear deal. so the second we initiate snapback, they're free which means if they're within a month or two of marrying a nuclear warhead to an intercontinental ballistic missile, they can do that in a month. if you initiate snapback, they can automatically go to being a
9:18 am
nuclear state. >> do we get the money back? that doesn't snap back into my wallet. >> they haven't gotten the money yet. >> no, not yet. >> no, they haven't gotten the money yet, but what is the enforcement? is it only snapback? >> yeah. >> it's only that we go back to sanctions? i mean, it's so curious. and i think the point that the four americans held captive, i think that's a huge source of embarrassment for the president, i really do. and i think that all his administration can do whether it's him or secretary kerry is try and deflect and talk about something else. it just goes to, you know, this thing hasn't even been fully ratified, and here we are already in a state of crisis. >> congressman, i know that you've got your ear to the ground every day talking to people. where are the american people on this? for so long this was just happening over there, right in and people didn't, people weren't reacting here at home. what are you hearing? >> they are unbelievably opposed to this. this is a bipartisan opposition to this deal and to the fear of iran and the fear of american decline around the world.
9:19 am
i mean, this is -- i talk to democratic friends that say the same thing, they're worried. so i mean they're angry, they're upset. but for some reason the president and the democratic leaders were able to really hold their party together to get this deal done. if you think about it, when the president announced it, america was basically split 50/50 on the deal according to polls. today it's two or three to one in opposition because the more they learn about it, the more they realize it's bad. >> and when you contrast with the headlines we saw over the weekend, bowe bergdahl, the deserter, is likely going to make and we traded, the deal, the bad deal when we traded five taliban terrorists for a deserter that we learned other the weekend will likely not do any prison time, and then you see this reporter who is going to likely be in prison, i don't know how this helps the president's legacy, and shame on the u.s. media. because there was a lack of coverage about jason, and it's been this way for months.
9:20 am
our own greta van susteren has done excellent reporting, the fox news channel have stayed on it, but largely the media -- >> crickets. just to the point of the money, kennedy's right, i haven't read anything that would hold this violation to stop this deal. so when they do get that catch if they're doing it before they have it, what will it be like then? >> that's exactly right. >> will he or won't he? congressman paul ryan weighing whether he'll run for house speaker. he's had a weekend. you know, he watched the packers, he was thinking about it, we're told. a lot of support from members of the house, but someone who already had that job is urging him to be very cautious about it. so what should paul ryan do? new polling showing donald trump still leading the republican field nationally, but he's hurting in one area that could be important if he's going to win. what it means for donald trump and what the other candidates have to do to catch up with him. stay with us. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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♪ ♪ >> well, after a dramatic week on capitol hill, we're waiting for a possible announcement, i should say, from house ways and means committee chairman paul ryan. the wisconsin republican is weighing whether or not to run for house speaker, and so far he's said that he's not running, but members are putting major pressure on him to reconsider that choice. now, if he decides to go for it, he's got broad-based sport except possibly from some freedom caucus members. in the meantime, former house speaker newt gingrich is warning ryan to think twice about running. >> paul should be very cautious. he is the most prestigious member of the house on the republican side, he has the best future. he's still very young. it's easy to get 218 on the first vote, and then you get to keeping the government open through a continuing resolution, and then you get to the debt ceiling, and if you're not
9:26 am
careful, by christmas you resemble john boehner. >> and he -- >> ouch. [laughter] >> -- would know because he used to have the job, congressman. so what's happening behind the scenes? as i understand it, ryan's been fishing and hunting all weekend, and they've been staking out his house, begging him, and the media's been all over him. is he going to do it? >> look, my prediction is probably leans yes. not because he necessarily wants to. i think, you know, he's got young kids. this is a tough -- i would never take this job. but he's a patriot, and i think he realizes he is the only guy that can unite an, unfortunately, pretty fractured caucus right now. >> do you think it's short term? they're trying to finagle something where it would only be maybe a one-year deal. >> maybe, but i think if he does it, in it to win it, so to speak, and to stay. i feel bad for him -- >> you feel bad for him? >> i do. >> why? >> he's got young kids, he's got a lot of consideration, and he has this burden, it's like the
9:27 am
biblical burden of the time. >> is he daniel or abraham? >> i don't know if i'd put it as daniel or abraham, but he knows that he's got an opportunity and a unique capability to lead. but i'm not sure -- but if he gets in it, he'll be all in it. >> i guess the confusing thing for me is when you look at this, you look at what's coming up, so you've got to push that lifting the debt ceiling through by november 5th. you have some things that are on the landscape that if he ever would want to run for president, they make some divots for him. maybe he sits out until some of those decisions are made by john boehner and it doesn't hurt him as much. >> he said, you know, look, i'm going to do what is right. i'm only going to do what is right. i'm not worried about my political future, and i believe that my political future -- if i want to have one -- will come together if i do what's right. i try to live my life that way. >> yeah. >> and so, look, on the debt limit it's an unfortunate thing. we still have the fastest decline of the federal deficit in american history right now,
9:28 am
but the reality is the debt limit says are you going to pay your credit card bills? >> all right, but here's the problem i see for paul ryan is he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. he looks disloyal if he doesn't run for speaker, and his party could turn on him if he wants their support when he runs for president in four years. and, you know, that's ultimately, you have to think for a guy like this who's already been a vice presidential nominee, he's looking long term. he's looking at those national ambitions. and, you know, you have a lot of people in the freedom caucus, they look at t.a.r.p., they look at medicare part d, they look at no child left behind, they look at immigration and some of these things if they exploit that now, they could tarnish his reputation, especially if he loses. >> and the minute he gets in, they're going to start firing at him. he knows that. >> but to kennedy's point, they could fire at him even if he doesn't get in. >> it'll be worse if he does get in. >> what happens if he does get
9:29 am
in? >> unfortunately, there's a strain in the party that only accepts perfect and not good, and this is among some in the freedom caucus, to be very honest. they have to say what are they willing to accept, and we have to realize, they have to realize there's 247 members of the republican party, not just 30. >> why don't they run someone else from the caucus and not just daniel webster who's going to be redistricted out of his job? i mean, he's not going to have a job after a while. >> and i they they will, and they should. i encourage them to run somebody from the caucus. the problem is if that person loses, we all have to go out united, and that's where they've said for the first time in history -- >> and then you saw just today representative jim jordan who's the head of that freedom caucus kind of backing away from whether or not they're going to -- >> right. if you can't accept paul ryan, i don't know how we get through this. >> all right. new polling, we're going to take a look at some new numbers on the packed republican presidential race. donald trump still atop with 27% according to a new cbs poll.
9:30 am
holding strong in second is dr. ben carson at 31%. he's actually -- 21%. he's actually moved some up. how do you get lower than single digits? you do get an asterisk there. trump is having a bit of a problem with his unfavorability rating at 29%. while 53% of gop voters view trump favorably, among all voters that same number, 53%, say, yeah, we're not a fan. you know what's interesting? he and hillary clinton are kind of parallel on this. why do you think that is? >> identical numbers in this poll. it's really interesting because, you know, he is a force of nature. he has a huge personality. but the things that are important to republicans are different than things that are important to democrats. you know, democrats want honesty and trustworthiness, someone who's going to look into your eyes and buy you a volvo, pay for your college. >> i thought you were going to say vw. >> republicans leadership is more important where that's fourth down the list on the democratic tally.
9:31 am
so what happens is, you know, when you get into the general election, that's when these two big candidates have bigger problems. >> you know, i want to ask you, congressman, is it my imagination or does the establishment in the republican party not love donald trumpsome. trumpsome -- trump? >> i don't think, there's not a lot of people that really do, and i say this gently because he's at 27%. but i think the 73% of people are not like, yeah, i'm not voting for donald, but i really like him. you don't hear that. people have strong opinions. full disclosure, i'm a jeb bush guy -- >> people love him. >> he's a powerful personality. but i think as you start to see candidates drop out of the race, people are not going to switch to donald trump, they're going to switch to whether it's rubio, kasich, whoever. i hope it's jeb bush -- >> what's going on with jeb bush? you came out very early to support him. >> yeah. >> you mentioned it the last time you were on, but he is at the bottom of the heap. and i don't think a very compelling campaign message is when everybody else drops out,
9:32 am
we'll be the last man standing. >> well, no. you look at iowa and especially new hampshire, he's very strong. and i think, you know, once those early numbers come out as he's gotten on television and advertised, he's moved the numbers. look, there's no doubt he'd rather be on top in the polls right now, but i think he's in a good position to surge. at the end of the day -- >> you do? >> i do. >> you really do? >> yeah, i do. >> i mean -- >> people want -- >> he's at 6% in some polls. >> people want to be inspired. >> he hasn't been doing well in the base. >> he hasn't inspired people. [inaudible conversations] >> ah, congressman! i'm listening to you over here. you're saying once the crowd thins out, those votes are going to go other places, is your point. >> yeah, i think so. >> that being said, still for gop primary voters still their most important quality is honesty. and their perception of donald trump and being honest is still incredibly high, i guess due to him just being that straight shooter that we perceive him to be. >> but a bigger trait that people are going to look forward
9:33 am
to is who can win. and when you hear jeb bush or -- >> yeah, yeah, i don't think you associate his name with winning. >> i think you do. >> i think you do. >> you talk about america winning and you talk about the fact america -- >> well, i do, he's great. >> so is my neighbor pam. >> not no to make this all about jeb bush -- >> man! >> we're listening. >> he's the man with the money, you know? >> yeah. that's an important point. >> huge name recognition, maybe only commensurate with trump and clinton when you consider the entire field. >> strong track record. >> what is not resonating about jeb? >> people right now are responding to anger, and i think that there's two ways to really gain power. one is through anger and one is through vision. ronald reagan, 1979, did not continually reiterate how bad america was doing. he talked about a shining city on the hill and how good america could do. and i think when that breaks through, right now you have a thousand candidates, and it's hard to break a message through. [laughter] >> a thousand. >> when that breaks through, people are going to respond, i hope.
9:34 am
i hate to think that our candidate came to power through anger. >> wow. >> you have such a positive attitude. >> i try to. >> all right. and this is not positive. and pretty unbelievable, actually. the domestic violence issue is not going away for the nfl. bad boy greg hardy is stirring up more controversy with bizarre comments and a newly-uncovered music video in which he's featured. plus, an epic rant by terry bradshaw. he sat in that seat. >> uh-huh. >> players who hit women. he's not having it. we'll show you and we'll hash it out, next. ♪ ♪ 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done,
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♪ ♪ >> a showdown in dallas, the undefeated patriots routing the cowboys, but the real drama all about the cowboys' greg hardy, back on the field after a suspension for domestic violence. he was convicted of beating his girlfriend and throwing her onto
9:39 am
a bed covered with assault weapons. that conviction overturned on appeal when the alleged victim refused to testify, but this week hardy made some bizarre comments about tom brady's supermodel wife giselle bundchen and said he was going to come out, quote, guns blazing. and a music video hardy made after his conviction last year. what a talent. now surfacing, it features strippers, marijuana imagery, gunfire and hardy rapping about not getting played by women. nfl analyst terry bradshaw fed up with all of it. >> anybody, in my opinion, that lays a hand on a woman, i don't care who you are, my friend, you never come back in this league. this is wrong. we have no place for this, and i actually am tired of talking about the hardies of the world, and i really, really seriously hope that eventually we never have a place in the nfl for people that touch a woman, strike a woman. >> the nfl released a statement condemning hardy's comments and saying the league is working
9:40 am
hard to educate players on domestic violence. so is terry bradshaw, right, congressman? >> oh, my goodness, yeah, absolutely. i mean, this is ridiculous. not only, obviously, what he did, the domestic violence, terrible, unacceptable, but then to basically have zero humility about it afterwards and not, you know, beg for forgiveness, but to make a rap video saying i'm not going to be played again, this level of arrogance, he should not be playing for the nfl, in my mind, because this is completely 100% unacceptable. and we have to take a stand. as terry said, we have to say violence really against anybody, but especially violence against women has no place in professional sports. >> boy, that's tough because all they do is hit each over on the field. and i watched this last night, the whole thing, we just had a little clip. i encourage people to go and watch terry bradshaw. he really lays it out. and it makes a huge question mark in my mind, where are those voices like terry's inside nfl to push this through?
9:41 am
the other guys looked like they were in stunned silence. but where is the rally behind terry bradshaw today? i hope we see it because he's right. but i'm guessing money's going to drive this because it has so far. >> and the owners are going to drive it. he called jerry jones are an enabler, right? if you're not getting anywhere targeting the players and those who have done wrong, go after the owner -- >> he's right about jerry jones. >> yeah. and terry bradshaw, here's a guy, i mean, a historic piece of history as far as american football is concerned, and he's being forced to talk about, as he put it, the hardys of the world. this guy loves football, he wants to talk about football so we can enjoy our games. >> you're absolutely right. but it's not the only league that's got violation. look what chase utley did the other day, he broke a shortstop's leg in a playoff game. you have the captain from the chicago blackhawks who is accused of domestic violence.
9:42 am
it's not the only league. i don't think it's necessarily the rules of the game, but i do think it's something about this entitled culture. i do think -- >> that's part of it, but you're also asking these guys to go out and, remember, this is the same team that put out the locker room video of guys fighting each other. imagine what we'll do to you. how do you stop that mentality, andrea, of we w57b you to go out and hit them as hard as you can, and by the way, when you go home, don't hit anybody else. these guys need help, not coddling. >> no, but i think you've got to hit them in their wallet, suspend them or kick them out of the league. sandra's right, this comes back to the teams because we know the nf isn't going to do anything. they brought in that female consultant, they're going to have more seminars. unless these guys know there will be consequences, and legal ones, like ray rice did not see any legal ramifications, they're going to continue to do it over and over again. culturally, it's not something the nfl cares about fixing, and
9:43 am
that is very sad. most passionate, die january hard fans, cowboys fans. they're given the players they want. >> i think maybe they need to bring some of the guys that do this right together to talk to these people, to have kind of a, you know, a session where we sit down and we talk about keeping violence on the field and not off of the field. my good friend john runyon used to be a member of congress, played for the eagles. tough player. but one of the gentlest people i knew, one of the nicest guys i know and really cared about people. so have a guy like him maybe go to these new people that get hired by the league, you know, 21, 22 years old and talk about how to compartmentalize -- >> they have that in the nba, in the nfl -- >> tony dungy does it. >> yeah. and they tell these guys don't have unprotected sex, don't trust your family members with your money, you're going to meet financial advisers who are going
9:44 am
to fleece you, and you have a very short time in the league, it's a very short window for success. but i think -- >> and the video had guns in it. the white house doesn't like guns. this is a -- president obama loves to meddle in this kind of thing. >> well, and that's my question, are we going to see washington get involved in this? i mean, the women are silent. the reason this case didn't go forward is because the victim didn't want to testify. >> but that happens all the time in domestic violence. >> that's where we a. they feel like they're not empowered, so they need help. >> yeah. all right. well, imagine going in to work every single day, and there's no boss, nobody to order you around, criticize your work or assign you tasks. sounds crazy, right? but it is happening at one big company right now where i got my shoes, but is it a good idea? we will discuss. ♪ ♪
9:45 am
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment, but first to jon scott with what's coming up in hour two of "happening now." jon: donald trump speaking at a big event in new hampshire. it is billed as a nonpartisan organization, but trump attacked president obama. trump leads a new national cbs
9:49 am
poll. we have analysis coming up. also hillary clinton leads in those same new cbs polls as she gears up for the first democratic debate tomorrow night. we've got ed henry live in the coming hour. and zimbabwe says that country is no longer pressing for the extra dition of james walter palmer, the american dentist who became infamous for killing a beloved lion named cecil. we'll have a live report on that next hour, "happening now." >> we'll see you then. >> well, imagine a world without bosses. well, what's exactly -- that's exactly what one online shoe retailer is experimenting with in its new bossless work environment. this spring the company abolished managers, eliminating job titles and denounced its own organizational hire lawyer key. it im-- hire ary. it implemented a new system of self-governance. employees come together to propose their own job descriptions and decide what
9:50 am
projects their group should undertake, but some problems have emerged like how to evaluate people's performance and how to stop people from trying to exercise the power they once had. kennedy, i can imagine this is a huge issue for a company that's doing away with bosses. all of a sudden people feel very empowered. >> yeah. but i've always thought of tony shea, a genius. he's got this incredible vision for his company. he's trying to transform downtown vegas. he's had some success there. but i also get the sense he's a guy that feels a little bit guilty for coming into so much money with his great idea, so he's trying to be very egalitarian. now because he wants to be the cool boss that everybody likes and he has people go on these tours of his apartment in downtown vegas. it's kind of creepy but kind of cool at the same time. this is one of those wait and see ones for me because if i didn't know what my tasks were, if i weren't given some sort of a command, i would be very distracted, and i would probably be napping in my office and not
9:51 am
working. >> well, all very good points, kennedy. but, congressman, could you imagine an environment where there was nobody dedicated to being in charge of any group of people? sounds like the house of representatives now. [laughter] >> i was going to say, it sounds like congress. [laughter] i should have jumped in. >> softball. >> you get credit for that one. no, it's going to be pun to watch. i mean, can you set your own salary? that'd be great -- >> well, that's one of the problems that they're running into, actually, is the self-evaluation system. >> i'm doing great! [laughter] >> i am one of the better employees here. >> i need a raise. there are definitely some problems emerging. but, harris, it is interesting in a world where we have an entitlement culture where people don't like to be told what to do, sounds like a good place to work. >> so you know how much i love shoes, so obviously, i'm a fan. you kind of had me up until the point where he invites people to his apartment. he sounds lonely. [laughter] just lonely. but with this idea i'm also just curious about accountability
9:52 am
when things go wrong. because, you know, a boss holds you accountable. so if things start to go badly in this company, who's going to take the fall, the blame for that? i mean, are people going to be fired? it almost sounds like big government where there's not going to be accountability because there's so many soldiers, nobody wants to really be in charge. >> the soldier reference is an interesting one, andrea are, because the atlantic actually made that comparison. i'm sure people are thinking of not just politics, but they're thinking of the military as well. pockets of the military have been slowly taking decisions out of the hands of high-ranking commanders and entrusting them to a team of soldiers. sort of the same concept. >> i don't know. i defer to this one to you, sandra, how is their stock going to do? i guess it depends on the personality. i don't need a lot of direction can. some people are self-starters, i think harris should be the new ceo. >> during the commercial break we were talking about zappos, we're familiar with it because they have excellent customer service.
9:53 am
>> yes. >> that's going to be the true measure as this goes forward, do they maintain that, that's what they're known for. recess used to mean running around and playing with your friends, but more and more schools are shelling out big money for recess consultants to teach kids the right way to play. is that really necessary? we're going to debate it. ♪ ♪
9:54 am
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>> quick correction, i mistakenly said it was jonathan taste of the blackhawks, it was not, it was patrick kane. school recess, it's supposed to be fun, unstructured play time, right? bell, the new york post -- well, "the new york post" is reporting new york city has shelled out more than $400,000 for recess consultants since 2011, and last week we learned the two elementary schools in minneapolis spent $30,000 tax dollars to bring in playground experts who administer structured activities. that sounds great. school officials say they're seen fewer trips to the principal, and the school nurse, but critics say kids need unstructured play time to develop creativity and a whole lot more. i will say this as a mother of public school kids, when teachers are asking for parents to come help clean classrooms -- [laughter] i don't think we need to be
9:58 am
spending tens of thousands of dollars on recess consultants. am i wrong here? >> you are absolutely not wrong. in fact, when this story, "fox & friends" started talking about, i think, last week, i was just dumbfounded that this was a real thing. look, you know, kids have to go through the socialization process. i'm not a parent so, okay, i'm just speaking as a nonexpert. but i think you have to go through a socialization process to learn how we're against bullying, and we need to stop it, but you have to learn how to interact as groups. if you're saying somebody be saying you can't play tag -- >> yeah, you're supposed to tickle someone's shoulder which i think can be problematic. >> you don't have to be an expert, you were a kid. if you didn't share your ball with the other kids, they eventually left and played by themselves. there's a certain amount you have to leave up to the kids on the playground to let them socialize, let them interact. don't hover over them because they've got to work stuff out for themselves. i find this to be a bit scary. i don't think there's anything
9:59 am
wrong with supervision to make sure people are safe, but we've got to let people, let kids grow up and be themselves. >> you know what i love about this topic, there are two things that make andrea's eyes roll, and it's -- >> only two? that's very generous of you. >> why are you rolling your eyes? >> because this is de blasio's new york. it's a progressive paradise where you are hyperfocused as helicopter teachers and parents. instead of parents i should say the government acts as the parent around the kids but not the criminal. no, the criminals can do whatever they want in de blasio's new york. they're wasting tax dollars, and this is one big, fat french kiss to the teachers' unions, and it is a complete waste. >> i can't tell you how you feel. you held back there. >> i need to work on coming out of my shell, i know, i've been told. >> congressman, so glad you were here. >> it was great, i had a good time. >> and when people think of your name, it's like a snack. >> like a zinger, kinzinger. >> and you sat beautifully. [laughter] >> the two sittings.
10:00 am
>> thank you, congressman. that's going to do it for us. we're going to stay right here for the online version of us, outnumbered, click on that overtime tab. we're back here tomorrow noon eastern with more "outnumbered" on television. for now, "happening now." nomination? >> i don't think he recognizes the affect of what putin is doing in the middle east. >> the commander in chief takes aim at the russia


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