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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 12, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> thank you, congressman. that's going to do it for us. we're going to stay right here for the online version of us, outnumbered, click on that overtime tab. we're back here tomorrow noon eastern with more "outnumbered" on television. for now, "happening now." nomination? >> i don't think he recognizes the affect of what putin is doing in the middle east. >> the commander in chief takes aim at the russia leader's
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latest power play. and looking to eliminate threat in the sky. ':jp-it is all "ha but we begin with a big summit in the early voting state of new hampshire. leaders from politics, business and entertainment set to address voters in the no labels problem solver's convention. welcome, i am jon scott. >> quite a title. >> it is. >> i am jenna le. governor chris christie is preparing to take the stage, take the microphone. i know he would love to take the state. but we are a ways from that. molly line has more from new hampshire. molly, what makes the day's event unique?
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>> reporter: jenna, you mentioned eight candidates will be here today speaking and they are both republicans and democrats joined together in one event. it is a no labels convention and there are 2000 people here. this group, no label system made up of republicans, and democrats and independents dedicated to make the government work again. former senator joe leiberman is a co-chair and the former governor of utah joe huntson. they are bringing together both sides with an eye on the solution. >> it is getting people, running for president focused on how to pursue the shared goals for americans and start fixing. >> there is a lot of independents in the crowd. and independent thinkers are here. they can hear from donald trump
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and bernie sanders all in the same day. jenna. >> what do we see or hear so far? >> reporter: thus far, the democratic governor martin o'malley. and chris christy and donald trump took the stage. >> as a businessman i get along with democrats and along with hillary and bill and i got along with everybody. as a businessman you have to do that. and as a politician you do that, too. when you are in office, you have to lead. president the president has not led. >> why are we here today. >> reporter: as you mentioned governor chris christie will take the stage and bernie sanders and governor george pataki and ending up with governor john ka sich.
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>> and that candidate donald trump is a polling powerhouse. new numbers from cbs news show him leading with 27 percent of the republican voters and dr. ben carson at 21. and everybody else is single digits. add those two up. 42 percent. and carly fiorina fifth place and in a two- way tie with jeb bush. we have political reporterer from the daily beast. two guys never held political office before, betsy. some people thought that the fascination with outsider ares would wane. >> the case in fact is opposite. further from washington you are and less experience you have better you will do in the election. data polling backs it up.
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only eight percent respondent said the number one issue was picking a nominee who had the experience to be necessary. and honesty, trump is familiarous for bluntness and being a strong leader. people see trump as bambastic and a muscula rfigure. >> and the question, michael, can it last? >> yeah, we'll have to see. several months before we get to the the first contest of the primary season which is february 1st iowa caucus. and anybody who said, of course, trump is fading and carson is not going anywhere would have to months and look at who got out of the race early. first two people out of the republican race was rick perry and scott walker. they were successful and long-
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serving governors and the type of people to be expected to do they are not doing it. the further you are from power, that seems to be closer to where the republican primary voters want to go. ben carson in particular, has limitations in his candidacy as we have seen from the comments, that may or may not be true about gun control. not what you want to say if you are running for president. you see the limitations and over the next several months you will have more opportunities to stumble like that and more traditional candidates will jump in and seize the opening. they have to seize it. >> the more seasoned and republican candidates have issues with favorability. that is part of if you can get yourself elected president. look at the numbers of the cbs
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news poll. favorability area trump is at 53 percent. and back in august '47%. marco up from 46. and look at jeb bush's numbers. 32 percent now. and 43 percent back in august. betsy, if you are the bush campaign, are you worried or is it early in the process? >> you are worried and confused and stressed. the poll showed in a head-to-head against hillary in iowa wabush is winning. he is in a challenging place. bush confidentants said his goal was to lose the primary to win the general. the i cup you have to win the primary and his numbers, suggest that is dicey. it is not going to be easy for him to do. on top of that. the numbers are higher than
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trump in the poll is an issue. trump is seen as someone too controversial to be the nominee. but the poll that indicated that bush could be more controversial. his team has to push hard on numbers that show him being competitive against hillary. and possibly that could change. but right now, yeah, it is not pretty for them. >> it is obvious that everybody wants to be president and no one wants to be the speaker of the house right now. congress headed out of town friday with a long weekend with no decisions on elections or anything else and that left a lot of questions about paul ryan, the ways and means committee chairman. his spokesman tweeted something. before you ask, nothing has changed and i don't anticipate any news this week. ryan said time and time again,
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he's not interested in being speaker of the house and doesn't want the job. but michael, is the pressure on him to accept the movement >> the pressure has been building since thursday when kevin mccarthy made that surprise announcement. the republicans scrambled and grabbed on to the stable mass they could which is paul ryan. i think that pressure is brewing. and leadership is putting pressure on him and making the no news this week. we are perhaps in for news next week. and this week off when congress is in recess, paul ryan will be thinking long and hard about it and hearing from colleagues and leadership as we expect that he has to make a decision whether it is good for him
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personally or political ambitions. we'll have to see if he can be convinced. but the effort is out there and they are really, really trying. >> as we said before, you don't have to be a member of the house to be a speaker of the house. if you put your name forward and want to be elected. >> i can't hear you, anymore. >> i wonder why? >> thanks. >> and new information about the mission to degrade and destroy isis. senior defense officials said the united states is dropping 50 tons of strong arms fighting the terror group. it was meant for the u.s. military training mission. it is now part of the new strategy to take the fight to isis. here's more with what we know about this. >> what is the new game plan, peter? >> it is not trained and equip.
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it is just equip. that's the way it was explained to us this morning and talking about the 112 paulets of guns and grannades given to the syrian arabs this weekend. the successful air drop provided ammunition whose leaders were vetted by the you said and fighting to remove isil from northern syria. last night president obama explained why it is so hard to help fight isis. >> my goal is to try to test the proposition, can we be able to train and equip a moderate opposition to fight isil. as long as assad remains in power, it is very difficult to get those folks to focus their attention on isil.
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>> reporter: but assad is getting a big boost from the russian as putin's forces are continuing to attack and target the groups that pose a threat to assad. >> we'll talk about that with the general keen in a moment. what about the reaction to the iranian missile test. joishgs from the iranian perspective said the missile would be the most accurate in their arsenal is for defensive purposes. officials say if it turns out they are testing a ballistic missile that carries a nuke they will seek to punish iran through the united nation. we haven't heard push back that thekob nuclear deal that is no finalized is in any kind of danger, >> thank you. >> russia is intensifying air
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strikes. president obama is defending th are we doing enough in syria? students in oregon trying to get back to normal. >> this is a part of who i am now. someone who talks to loud or a car door. or plane or helicopter. it is like i relive it all over again. >> students head back to class since the the shooting that killed nine people.
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>> classes are resuming since the deadly mass shooting in umpqua college. it was where a gunman took the lives of nine people before taking his own life. they can retrieve their
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belongingsígt and talk to counsellors. >> the iranian -- american in iran jailed. jason rezaian will have 20 days to appeal the decision. the employer calls it an outrageous miscarriage of justice. greg is live in london with more. >> reporter: jon, it is hitting all of us hard. a lot of questions surrounding the verdict. we are talking about the 39-year-old citizen, jason rezaian. he was found guilty of espionage. he could be sentenced for 20 years in prison. the last 15 months he's been kept in the notorious political
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prison. and he's kept in solitary confinement and ill and been treated for sickness. he was working for the washington post since 2012. he and his iranian wife was arrested. his wife and two others were released but he is still in jail. the washington post denies wrongdoing at all. and this is what the foreign editor had to say about this man. >> all we can conclude, he is a victim and caught up in the collision of forces that are at odds with each other about the nuclear. it is a tragedy an a the credited journalist and good person is become a victim. >> reporter: when that deal was struck by the obama administration, with the
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government, iranian government rouhani the release of the presonners should be included. they are trying for the release anymore. that release would be cheered by the american's mother. she's been fighting for his release for's long time. there is talk of an appeal and pardon and granting of bail and a prisoner swap for this man and other americans that remain inside of the jail and their fate, john, still very much uncertain, back to you. >> very sad and mysterious. y a famed line will not face a crime. the war in syria putting president obama and president putin in a face off.
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what president obama had to say about the involvement in the middle east.
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>> today air strikes on syria as government troops try to expand their control of the essential province. president obama slamming russian vladimar putin. >> he's challenging your leadership. >> steve, i got to tell you if you think that running your economy in to the ground and sending troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership we have a different definition. >> general jack keen is with us. i am curious your thoughts on
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leadership and what real leadership locks like. it is measured and;ac standing for your friends and allies and standing up for each other. this is what we have here. the president doesn't have it more run. >> putin is standing up for assad and the fact that assad was in a precarious position. and i am willing to take risk and russia has not conducted an outof region deployment since 1938 afghanistan. and we have done ten of them. he knows the base is vowelenerable and isolated in syria and he's taking that pause he is standing up for the ally. the region sees united states abandoning barak in egypt and iraq and yemen. and united states retreating
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from liddia and supporting the measage that the region is getting about the united states leadership by comparison boy putin. >> we have different ideas other than what the president believes he is doing. governor chris christie was on a presidential candidate and this is what he said he would do. >> you set up a no-fly zone and call putin. we are enforcing a new fly zone and that includes and so don't test me. >> and then you take him down. >> what do you think about that, general king? >> if we had done that years ago when many were advocating that to include us on fox. there is no air base in syria the momentum would have went
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against assad's military. that is what we should be doing. the reality establish free zones and shut down air power and put the refugees and moderate rebels to protect them on the ground, you start to change the moment sxum give sprl support because you began to take the migration refugee pressure off. listen, to not support our moderate opposition forces whom we have trained and armed is unconskionable. putin is conduct a proxy war against them. >> the president is in denial. >> the president said you hear it often from folks who have a similar position. there is a haunting feeling about our past actions in the middle east. people think that the only
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solution is putting hundred thousand troops to be police and governors. that's not what we are going to do. that fear of what we have been in the past is dictating what we are doing now. one of the things you g4cpsay. aggression unanswered leads to more aggression. how do we mitigate and learn and do better but not hold us back this time if we need to be more involved. >> i understand the paralysis that the president has pause of the wars in the middle east and not to get involved in another one. but no one is advocating for large ground combat formations and leading to protract bombing. putin has the right calculation and the president almost admits. it putin knows that the
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president fears escalation and confrontation. if we continue to wring our hands and absorbedñ-8 by our o fear can unwilling to instill fear in our adversaries. russian aggression will increase in the middle east and baltics and eastern europe with to force the collapse of nato. that's where we are heading with unanswered aggression and history is on our side. >> we'll listen to our comments and reflect on them in the next several weeks and months ahead. >> good talking to you, jenna. >> an army officer recommends no prison time for bergdahl. our legal panel weighs in. >> a major increase in earthquakes in oklahoma and add a couple of big one on the list
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>> it issa i game changeener the bergdahl case. an army officer recommending a lower level court martial.
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he is charged for leaving his post in afghanistan. the criminal defense attorney, and a fet ran prosecutor and attorney. and this is the big news over the weekend. this is the game changer and he will not go to prison. what do you read from this recommendation. because that is what it is at this point? >> even if you want to give bergdahl the benefit of the doubt and he had no intention of deserting his post. he is getting a complete pass. that testimonies other people. if they want the 15 minutes of fame and attention of higher ups. make the same excuse and not get a slap on the wrist. >> wendy, you say it speak tots burden of proof? >> one of the articles is
10:34 am
exactly that. the burden of proof. you want the punishment to fit the crime. what exactly was the crime? this case is unique for a couple oferancy one of which, it is hard to ignore what happened in the interim. the kriep was terrible. and can we prove what is charged? but it is hard to ignore he spent five years in captivity and that is not something that is given value that defense attorneys would like. but it is hard to discount that completely. >> interesting. do you think that that is a factor? >> we give him a pass because he was in the taliban five years? no. he put his command at risk for a dumb reason. if we believe him and apparently does. he is not be rewarded essentially for doing that and
10:35 am
being a prisoner of the taliban for five years. >> we have seen the team mates of bergdahl come forward and many of them no longer serving and we heard their storys about him. that is in the press and not in the justice system if you will. but this sort of a recommendation makes anyone watching this play out think that their thoughts on their teammate who risked their lives don't count for anything? >> right. that is why i am saying this make its a, delicate balance. it is taking place in the military court system. and these are the equities weighed by the authorities that decide what bergdahl will receive. we have enormous amount of emotion. we watched the testimony of the
10:36 am
young men who talked about what happened in the time of june 20th where are nine when he deserted. we want justice. but the point i am trying to make, in the military court they have to go by the evidence that is admissible against bergdahl in deciding the ultimate puniaìc% we want to see where it goes from here. great to have you both. >> breaking now, the american dentist who killed an iconic black mane. he killed the lion after the big cat was lured by illegal means. the death sparked outrage and calls for the prosecution. zimbabwe officials say it will not happen.
10:37 am
here's why? paul? >> reporter: jon, this is a u-turn for the zimbabwe government and undoubtedly a huge relief for the minnesota dentist that killed cecil the lion. zimbabwe government said throughout the investigation they discovered palmer's papers were in order and he had the correct permit to kill cecil with a bow and arrow. environmentalist all over the world expressed outrage when the hunter killed the lion which was a pride of the zimbabwe national park. they were calling for palmer to be extradited from the u.s. to stand trial. palmer had to go under cover and his dentist practice was forced to close as tsunami of hate mess amgs flooded in.
10:38 am
when he reopened his surgery. he said he was innocent and he would not have killed cecil if he had known he was a celebrated lion. the hunters who helped palmer, charges against them were not dropped. they were accused of luring the lion illegally. their lawyers will go to court to argue that the charges should be dropped. we tried to reach the doctor for comment and all of the numbers were unanswered. >> paul, thank you. series of earthquakes in oklahoma. two in the northern part of the state triggering nine aftershocks. the geological survey said sen hundred strong earthquakes had hit oak be -- oklahoma this
10:39 am
year. however, jd what is the perspective. >> have you experienced an earthquake? >> yes, in san francisco. >> right, it is skiry and looks like an uptick in earthquakes in the oklahoma city area. past ten days from the usgs we have seen dozen earthquakes magnitude three or higher. and a 4.5 around curbing and medford area. and worldwide frequency of the earthquakes to see a 3.0 or 5.0 is not out of the ordinary. look at the largest in oklahoma history. that was in 2011. and look at five. 4.5. and we had a 4.5 magnitude over the weekend.
10:40 am
look at this map. really last 30 years. average of 1.6 earthquakes and look at what happens as we go out in time. 2013, 14, 15. and up to 700 plus earthquakes magnitude three and higher. and the injection waste water for enhanced oil and gas exploweration. studies are showing they could be manmade related. >> a magnitude of 4 or 5 is enough to wake you up in the night. >> absolutely. jt, thank you. >> the faa is backing up proposed international ban that could help with fires on airlines. cargo it would eliminate from passenger flights. and beverly hills attracting
10:41 am
more royalty. but the lifestyle of the rich and famous being land some of them behind bars.
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>> hi, everyone. big decision bay for joe biden. as he huddles with his family, is he close tore declaring a run? >> a woman survived the violent attack by the father of her child and gets jailed. should the female judge understand domestic violence better? can a bad economy be good for your health? we'll bring you the real story. >> and the faa is proposed a ban of lithium batteries on passenger flights. this upcoming this month. research shows those batteries
10:45 am
can cause explosions on flights including this ups plan in 2006. we'll talk to the international commercial airline pilot. there are other episodes. a ups, 47 crash in dubai and experts believe it was caused boy a fire in the cargo hold caused boy lithium ion batteries, right? >> absolutely. it is glad to be back with you. that was a bad tragedy and frankenstein said fire bad and it is bad in the planes. i applaud the move. >> isn't it a case that the faa banned large shipments aboard u.s. domestic airliner ares? >> from what i understand, yes. they have been trying to avoid
10:46 am
having them in the cargo holds of commercial passenger aircraft. i applaud that. and to me, this might add credence to the thor that i had from the malaysian 370. there was 440 pounds of batteries in the cargo hold. >> the lithium iron batteries are fairly unstable. they put out a lot of power, but if something goes wrong with the battery cells and they arc and spark and it creates's fire like a cutting torch? >> absolutely, jon. statistics show 13- 17 minutes once a fire burns out. you need to get on the ground and evacuate. fire within an airplane has to be be dealt with quickly. >> the faa got into a macob
10:47 am
prediction role said there will be six cargo plane crashes between 210 -- i am sorry 2013 and 2021. and four of those caused by the lithium iron batteries. if it is such a problem why not ban the ship ams? >> that is a good question especially for my brother asks sisters pilots for the carriers, that is disconcerting, is that tombstone regulation. will that come because of crashes have happen or enough of my fellow pilots have perished. that is important to keep in mind. >> there is international regulations involved also. thank you for being with us. >> you are welcome, jon. >> well, he messed with the
10:48 am
wrong woman. >> he was on the floor and calling 911. >> if he behaved in a slightly different matter he would not got out alive. she fought off the intruder with skill and big sword. she joins us next. she has it with her. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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means striking a the right balancesco between economic growth, housing we can afford, and our quality of life. aaron peskin has been a champion for the middle class, fighting bad growth and income inequality. and mayor ed lee has transformed san francisco into the nation's most thriving city. vote peskin/lee. san francisco needs them both. aaron peskin for supervisor and ed lee for mayor -- the perfect balance for a better san francisco.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. praise for her courage in the face of danger. karen dolly didn't hesitate when she woke up to find an intruder in her home. >> i can see the guy standing right about here and i just came at him and just started punching like this, get out, goat out, get out. >> she fought off the suspect pulling out a hollywood version of a japanese combat sort which she was trained to use.
10:52 am
the suspect was high and he stumbled on the wrong home and the wrong woman. karen joins us to tell us exactly what happened here. we have a lot of questions, karen. you go to bed thursday night. you just want a good night's sleep. how did you wake up? what happened? >> i woke up to a man's voice saying, call the police, and i tore out of bed, flipped on the light and saw who looked like jesse pinkerton from "breaking bad" standing in my hallway. instinct kicked in, and i rushed him, started punching him in the face saying get out, get out, get out. at t it was disturbing because he was saying call the police. i wasn't sure if he was getting my guard down and have somebody jump me or if there was someone after him. so i was pretty disturbed by having my left side open. but you have to get the target at hand. >> wait a minute. by the way, you have the sword
10:53 am
with you right now, right? can you show it to us. >> everybody wants to see the sword. >> the sword is part of it. how did you grab the sword in all of this? >> you know, i got him into the room that i usually sleep in, and i actually went for a firearm first but in the confusion i reached in the wrong drawer because i was a little distracted. and fumbled for a few seconds and couldn't find it. he's at this point like, call 911. i'm like, it's in the cards dude. don't worry. so i go and get my phone and start calling 911. when i get back to the room where he was, still wondering if there were people after him at this time, he's crouched behind my bed going, shh, turn off the light. i'm like, so i reached over him and got a backup weapon, which is the sword here, and drew it ayinde held it on his back. meanwhile, i'm on phone with
10:54 am
dispatch. i seriously -- that dispatch has got to be hysterical. >> the call, i've got this guy, i've got a sword. someone needs to come help me at this point. >> i said, i have him believe it or not at swordpoint. >> so karen, weren't you afraid during all thf? did you get a little nervous at any point? >> of course i did. of course i did. i mean, come on. at first it was all instinct. but there was part of me especially when i didn't think i was actually hitting him that hard but it was -- i found out later it was the adrenaline and everything that made me -- because i didn't feel -- i bruised myself here. i didn't even feel that. that's just from reaching into the drawer. adrenaline is a funky then. >> the big part thf story we're kind of missing is you actually have a little medieval combat training. >> yeah. >> that might have come in handy here. >> you know, the actual -- what i learned -- the physical moves of the combat really did not come into play as much because when someone is lying down in
10:55 am
front of you, it's -- i can tell you in three seconds what you o doyou just lean on the sword and it will go through them.word and but the important thing i learned from that, i fought against guys who were 6'2", some of them -- when i was 110 pounds soaking wet and i'm 5'6". one thing they taught me is i was pulling my blows because i was afraid i would hurt them which clearly i wasn't and, two, it doesn't matter how big someone is. you can take them. especially if you're sneaky like i am. >> apparently you did a pretty good job of it. just to bring this full circle, this guy was arrested. you say it was pretty obvious he was high on drugs. you hope that maybe this is a wake-up call perhaps a little embarrassment for him as well. >> i really -- man, this is going to be horrible for him. i really do hope that he figures
10:56 am
out -- he gets the help he needs. you don't tend to get that flying that often with his alleged record to -- something's broken with this guy. >> sure. >> hopefully he'll fix it. >> it's good to have that sentiment. we're glad no one got hurt, karen. it's nice to talk to somebody who fought back. give us a few tips on how to do so ourselves. no matter our size, we can take care of business if we need to. >> am i going to see you in skates? >> i'm not sure about iroller derby. >> i don't know if i could do it. i might start with the medieval combat training. i think my husband would like that. thank you, karen. we appreciate it. >> thanks. >> roller derby kwaen. >> can you imagine? i do like roller skates, john. a 92-year-old proves you are only as old as you feel with an
10:57 am
incredible skydive. the final 30 next.
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and places that matter.
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we'll have to bring you the skydiver story tomorrow, we promise. we have to run. >> thanks for joining us. bernie sanders set to take the stage in new hampshire right now as the democratic candidates prep for their first debate tomorrow night. plus, students returning after that shooting at an oregon college. they're back in school. how do we keep our schools safe? we'll talk to a teacher who survived the sandy hook school shooting. and forced to testify. remember the domestic violence victim? she's speaking out now from florida. will she ever call the cops again? i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. let's kick it off with an alert because the spotlight turning full force on the democrats this week as t


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