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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 12, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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baseball. he shouldn't be fined at all. and scott tweets he should watch out for retaliation pitch every time he comes up to bat. thank you for writing and, yes, i'd watch out if your last name is utley. here's shep. >> what is joe biden going to do? the vice-president met with family and tries to decide whether to jump into the race. ahead the impact he could have on hillary clinton and bernie sanders, and what to expect in tomorrow residents first democratic debate. a new poll shows movement in the republican race as the candidates try to win over key votersful also, why your government benefits may not go up at all next year. and we're not talking just social security. let's get to it. good monday from the fox news deck. hillary clinton is on top of the democratic pack still, with or without the vice-president in the race. that's the finding from a new cbs news survey. one day before the first democratic debate scheduled for
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tomorrow night. this poll has hillary clinton leading nationally. this isn't state by state but nationally with 46% of democratic voters. bernie sanders, 27, joe biden, 16%, the number doesn't mean much since nobody is campaigning against the vice-president that said if biden stays out of the race secretary clintonisms to 56%. the vice-president spent the woke win with family. cnn will host the debate tomorrow night, and it's report it has a poetum reserved for him just in case me make as last-minute decision to run. their advertisers are hope hopeful. we have a new republican poll and details and one candidate's big jump to first place. first ed henry is live in las vegas. nobody i guess knows for sure whether he'll run or nobody we know about knows for sure, but the clinton camp is ready for it? >> reporter: they're ready. what we learned last week, which
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is that while hillary clinton has been saying very nice, positive thing about volunteer joe biden and the tragic death of his son, which has framed this entire conversation about whether he is going to get into the race, keep the family legacy alive, his son saying hon his death bed he wanted him to run. there's only being positive things from the clinton camp but last week they started putting together opposition research, what attacked that may have. then the clinton camp offer met an interview with a congresswoman who was saying great things why hillary clinton will do a great job. when i asked her about joe biden she said something that sounded con desend -- con desending. >> i dough the he hill, i love hill. i think he ought to end his career on a high note like being ambassador to paris or something. >> in a clinton administration. >> exactly.
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>> you can see they're saying don't run for president. we'll have a job for you in the clinton administration as the ambassador to france. i'm not sure the sitting vice-president would see that as a promotion. >> bernie sanders made his rosewall directly taking on secretary clinton. what is going to happen tomorrow night if that changes? >> well, it's interesting. i just spoke to one of bernie sanders' key adviser on the ground. he was saying they're plan is to continue plowing forward with what has worked and that sticking to the issues, talking about the economy, the middle class with a leftward tilt he has been leading hillary clinton this democratic front-runner some iowa polls and also has handy double-digit lead in new hampshire. that critical first in the nation primary state. and so what they're telling us is that it's worked for him to stick to the issues-point out hillary clinton's flip-flops,
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she came out against the president's pacific trade deal. well, bernie sanders has been against that since day one. so what about can expect from bernie sanders is sticking to the issues, not talking about the e-mails, the clinton foundationing are other problems for the front-runner. hillary clinton has not debated anybody in some seven or eight years, when she did a lot of them against senator barack obama. chev may by rusty but she has been tested. bernie sanders, martin o'mall yeah have never been on a stage as big. >> over to the republicans now, the same cbs news poll shows donald trump still hold can on to his him but the numbers are different. a six-point advantage over dr. ben carson, they are the only contenders poll neglect double digits. for the first time the polls shows senator ted cruz in third place. look at jeb bush. he is the one with all the money and the big family name. the first tier candidate, and he may be again.
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who knows. it's early. at this moment he has 6% of the vote. carl cameron is in washington. more. the g.o.p. contenders are in a forum in new hampshire. >> that's right and a couple of democrats. at no labels, an organization that has been around for 16, you're it's bipartisan in an effort to find solutions rather than partisan gridlock, and for the last decade and a half, the problem has been proving bigger than they are. in concord, new hampshire no labels got eight presidential candidates to show up when miss america's outstanding teen asked donald trump to main how he would retire the national debt, the crowd demanded that trump answer with specifics, not vague rhetoric. listen. >> we're going to stop our deficits. we're going to stop our deficits. we're going to do it very quickly. >> how? >> how? are you ready? number one, we have tremendous cutting to do. in addition to that, i'm going to bring millions of jobs back
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into this country. okay, daryl? thank you. >> trump got a mixed reception. clearly some skeptics but he got applause, too. no labels was clearly thrilled he basically showed up. >> i would have loved to hear where the cuts are going to come from. this no labels bunch are kind of moved rat. dot that anger the base at all? >> sure. no labels is bipartisan. they want to find solutions and get away from partisanship so that does make it risky for conservatives and generally the rule in primaries you win by being the most right on the roster, but in thank you. independents can vote in both party primaries so candidates need to discuss compromise, lindsey graham promised to meet democrats in the middle and suggested it's time for a president to be flexible. >> the next president needs to get democrats and republicans to make tradeoffs on ideology that would be good for the country. >> tradeoffs on ideaol.
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angered conservatives by working with democrats to reform image, entitlements and fight climate change. graham, chris christie and john kashich, a few others, arguing that both sides have to bend or the gridlock will continue. >> carl cameron in washington, thank you. are you flying southwest today? plan ahead. a technical glitch caused delays yesterday. i'm with ryan at his bat. you weren't going too fast across the country. >> not at all. this is the scene at southwest counters from coast-to-coast. folks were in lines hundreds deep. the problem they couldn't check inch kiosks were not working, the mobile app was down so was the web site. the airline blamed a failed software application. they say that's fixed now. we don't have details what happened except they don't think they were hacked. but you can see the lines are crazy out the door in a lot of
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places. southwest advised people when they realized the problem, get to the airport two hours early. print your boarding passes at home if you can. a lot of folks said they got to the airport two hours early but didn't make a difference because they were on line for more than that. the still missed flights. to give you an idea how extensive is in was, southwest had more than 3300 flights on a calendar yesterday. 836 of them delayed. the airline opinions out that 75% on time but if you're flying -- a quart are of the flights are late. the latest stats that is what southwest has been averaging this year. the airline saves things are back to normal. don't have to get to the airport two hours early but still print out the boarding pass to avoid long lines inch a statement they wrote in part we have some additional work to do to get bags delivered and some delayed or displaced customers into open seats today, and customers with
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a capital c. >> an iranian court convicting an american reporter on charges including espionage. this is the one we have been covering forever now. jason -- now the country's military is testing a long range missile that could hit israel. not that israel is so far away. did the test violate the terms of the deal. if so then what? that's coming up. stay tuned. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active.
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aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. the "washington post" is blasting iran or or the reported conviction of one of its journalists. iran's government-run television reports now that a court found journalis jayce son rezaian guilty but it's sketchy. the channel is not reporting what the conviction is for. it's not reporting whether he has been sentenced and there's nothing from the government of iran at all. that country accused the reporter of being a spy. he has been locked up for more than a year during this secretive closed door trial. the "washington post" reports he could face up to 20 years in prison. iranian officials have in the past floated the possibility of prisoner swap which makes us wonder why there are no specifics. the u.s. pressed for jason's release along with two 00 americans during the
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negotiations for the iran nuclear deal. that agreement went through anyway. iran has successfully tested a long-range missile less than these amongst after it agreed to curb its nuclear program. those are two different things. the reuters news agency reports the new weapon is iran's first precision guided missile that can reach some u.s. military bases overseas, and israel. the islamic run's sworn enemy. this is iran's first long-range missile test that we november of. as part of the agreement the united nations banned iran from test bag miss stick missiles. "the wall street journal" reports the new missile can carry a nuclear warhead but iranian official says the test did not violate the nuclear agreement. let's get to peter doesy at the pentagon. they barely waited for the ink to dry on this deal.
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>> reporter: that's right. the iranians don't seem too concerned about how all of this looks because the iranians say they're just testing ballistic missiles going to help them defend themselves, and the defense minister in iran is very defiantly now stating that, quote, we don't ask anyone's permission to enhance our defense pour or missile capability and will filmily pursue our defense plan, particularly in the field of missiles. so, there's that. and there are also big questions about the timing of this test. since just yesterday the iranian parliament okayed the terms of the rainan nuclear deal. but officials here in d.c. are pointing out to us the fine print of that deal and telling us that if this was just a conventional weapons test, then it does not violate the agreement. there are separate u.n. resolutions that say iran can't testifies ballistic missiles like that. if that's the case officially after an investigation is done, the u.s. says they're just going to let the u.n. handle
12:15 pm
punishment. >> peter, we're also learning more about the situation in russia and worry's involvement there. a -- russia's involvement. a senior defense official says that the united states has airdropped 50 tons of ammunition and grenades to rebel fighters battling the islamic state in northern syria. hear that? we dropped these to rebel fighters who are battling the islamic state. and u.s. officials say more weapons are on the way but the "washington post" reports the american antitake missiles have helped rebel fighters weaken the syrian pick tater assad's military. that's not the united states goal here. we want the fight to be against isis. the paper reports that setting up a kind of proxy war between the united states and russia. us fighting against russia and its people and russia and its people fighting against the rebels and us. go back to peter doocy in washington. this is exactly what the
12:16 pm
president said he didn't want to have, and you wonder if the new weapons deliveries relate to u.s. strategy in syria at all. >> looks like a completely new strategy. this weekend the pentagon basically took 112 pallets full of ammo and grenades purchased for trae train and equip program and they basically just dropped them out of several large trains because train and equip is now just equip. someone who is not impressed, vladimir putin, who bragged to russian state-rub media, quote, they waisted $500 million. they should have given that money to us. we could use it more effectively in fighting international terrorism, no doubt about it. and putin continues to say that he is leading the fight against isis, even though every indication that we get here at the pentagon is that he is only targeting enemies of his pal, president bashar al-assad to try to keep assad in power for as long as possible. she.
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>> peter duesy, live in washington, thank you. >> palestinian stabbed israeli police officers and civilians and a soldier in four separate attacks today in jerusalem. cops say two palestinian seriously wounded two young israeli men before officers, israeli officers, opened fire and kill one attacker and injured another. police say they shot and killed or wounded all the other attackers. they say the victims included two police officers who were not seriously hurt. no word on how the soldier is doing. violent protests have broken out in the west bank and along the gaza border, in some cases the demonstrations have turned deadly. leaders on both sides called for an end to the violence. u.s. officials say secretary of state john kerry as spoken with benjamin netanyahu, and the palestinian president, abbas, who expressed concern. some palestinians see this as the guy ago of the third uprising. >> the future or warfare is
12:18 pm
here. dozen countries fighting a cyber war and it could be a bigger problem for the future of the world than nuclear weapons. an update on the case of the father accused of living his kid in a hot car down south to die while sending sex fueled text messages to undergauge girl. s. the dad was in court today. details ahead. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. [meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks] [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a group of former u.s. service men, all one-time prisoners of war, return to japan to revisit some places where their captors held them so many decades ago. some images to show you this afternoon. some american heroes who were thankfully still with us today. these from the commonwealth war graves in yokohama near tokyo. the men all in their 90s,
12:22 pm
began their tour with a memorial service for their fellow soldiers who died during the war theirself year marks 70 years since the end of world war ii. this is george rogers with his sun in 1942. japanese forces made him work in a steel plant. when that was over he weighed by 85-pounds when he return home. doctors said he would not live past 40, today in grown, he ills 96 years old. japanese soldiers forced tens of thousands of american and filipino troops to march more than 60-miles to prison camps that became known at the battan death march japanese soldiered beat them and starved them. in addition to the veterans' relatives-current u.s. servicemen were on hand. you can see a couple of them helping the 97-year-old man offer flowers. for some veterans this is the first time they'd been back to japan since world war ii. japan's foreign ministry invited
12:23 pm
them, part of a program focusing on wreck -- wreck kole sillation, 132,000 soldiers for the allies were held aspirinners in asia, nearly a third died in captivity. forget nukes. the new arms race is all about cybertakes according to a report in "the wall street journal." the newspaper reports military officials from dozens of countries are stockpiling cyber weapons on an unprecedented scale. this program reportedly range from in-le e-mails to software cape earlable of wipe ought entire networks. "the wall street journal" reports large military are not set up for this kind of new warfare which could level the playing field among world powers and smaller countries, john bussees with us. the new nukes. >> it's a cheap way of getting into the war, isn't it? and we're in a cyber war.
12:24 pm
doesn't cost nearly as much to get into this battle as it would to get nuclear capability. now, cyber weapons are number -- aren't nuclear weapons but can do an enormous amount of damage and can frustrate your opponents. that's what the -- this story is a fascinating step back to give anybody a good primmer what is happening globally. >> a lot to realize how many different nations are involved. >> reporter goes into detail on this. 29 countries now have established sort of organizations within their military just focused on cyber war. 50 countries have bought off the shelf capability. it's for sale. you can go to a number on vendors and get cyberespionage capability. and the concern of the -- the u.s. is adding additional mission teams to its cyber commandment 16 people permission team. add four to the nine they have.
12:25 pm
so you can see how this escalates. you get a capable, you're able to crack my code, i find a way to keep you out and crack yours. >> if you believe the rhetoric they can get into our power grids and water systems and i don't know who they is. a lot of they's now. >> it's everybody. countries adding to the capability, range from denmark and the neglect learneds to ethiopia and sudan and it's not just blunt force, going in and damaging files like north korea allegedly did with sonny corporation-sony corp or iran with aramco where they destroyed 25% of the computing indicatable. the chinese now are going in, extracting the data, and then patching and repairing the damage that they did getting into your system so you can't see that they actually were there. >> a lot to learn. reporting at itself will make you think twice. >> it does.
12:26 pm
>> john, thank you. >> pleasure. >> seems like julian assange is more determined to stay out of jail than the cops are to put him there. the founder of wiki leak is still held up in the ecuadorian embassy in london. he has been there three years, trying to avoid going to sweden on sex charges. he says he is innocence and is worried the swedes will send him to the united states to face charges. the police say it no longer makes sense for cops to be permanent lookout buzz london police will make every effort to arrest assange if he tries to leave the embassy. >> tens of millions of americanes get cost of live living increeks but negligence year they may not rise a singling penny. the reason for that ahead. also, imprisoned for stabbing somebody or robbing a back?
12:27 pm
the california forestry department may want you. ahead, the new proposal to let violent criminals leave prison to fight fires. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration.
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the fox report more headlines from the fox news deck. police say a suspect is now facing charges after he shot and killed an off-duty police officer. this happened in memphis. investigators say the cop was on his way to work when he got into a heated argument with a suspect, his neighbor. the argument turned into a shoot you officials say the police officer was engaged. his fiancee is four months pregnant. remember that dentist from minnesota who admitted to killing one of the most famous lons in all of africa? he will not face charges in zimbabwe. a government official size he had all the necessary paperwork for the hunt. a flight forced to make an emergency landing after a fire broke out. a local official says a credit card reader ignited in the trash
12:30 pm
can. the flying was headed from seattle to newark and landed in puff low, new york, instead and no one was hurt. the news continues right after this.
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. if you're one of the more than 60 million americans who receive social security benefits, you shouldn't expect an increase next year. that's a word from analysts who predict ill will be the third year without an increase in four decade. chris has more details in bat five. cost of living not going up much. >> exactly. 64.2 million americans receive social security benefits, a fifth of the entire u.s. population, half of those recipients are women. breaking it down, retired workers make up 67% of the pie. followed by disabled workers also 15%, children at 7%, wisdom doze, widowers and parents at 7%, and spouses at 4%. the average increase had been about 4% per year since 1975, that's when congress enacted
12:33 pm
automatic increases based on the cost of living adjustment but again, analysts say it's not going to happen this year and they say aside from the social security by-riz four million disabled velocitied will not see an increase as well as two million federal retirees and survivors, and eight million supplement jute resippants. >> there's recent for this. deidre is her. she hosts risk and reward with -- >> poof, here i am. >> a lot of this is oil. >> it's awful about gas prices. if you look at what you were paying for your road trip this year, 2.31 a gallon. a year ago, 3.20. so you do have the price at the pump coming down and this is how these costs of living adjustments are calculated. it's all about fuel, about health care and housing. but a lot of older people are saying, this isn't fair. there was one 65-year-old dealer in a casino saying, i don't drive as much anymore but i pay
12:34 pm
more for my health care and i do pay more for housing. so lower gas prices for older people are a lot lessigant. this should be calculated differently was his point of view. >> you wonder what broader immix caping this has for the economy. >> it's bad news for people who are going to foot the bill. that's the tag line. there's 30% of the medicare beneficiaries who are going to pay either $54 more per month or higher if their higher earners, to compensate for the price. we'll get the final numbers thursday. that's when we fine out. and if there is no increase, it would be only the third time in 40 years. so, this is big. this is big. >> look for you this afternoon at 5:00 eastern. violent inmates in california, violent ones, may get out of prison so they can help fight wildfires. but a state firefighting union president says he is worried about the risks.
12:35 pm
california already had a pool of 3800 inmates who fight fires regularly. only minimum security inmates, no history of violence at all. a lot of those are drug offenders. but prison officials say they're looking for ways to boost the numbers because the fire season is so bad. california's department of creeks is proposing letting inmates who have been convicted of certain violent crimes, as long as they have some good years of good behavior under their belt, worth noting here an average of nine inmates escape the wildfire fighting camp every year. >> a detective revealed what is in some of the text messages a father sent on the day his one year son baked to death inside a hot car in june last year investigators in georgia say justin harris left his son locked inside an suv for several hours, while temperatures outside soared to around 90 degrees. harris claims he simply forgot and dropped his son off at daycare.
12:36 pm
investigators say while the boy was dieing in the car, justin harris, the father, was sexting underage girl at work. prosecutors argued the messages show the dad's motive for killing his son. according to the lead detective on the case the dad, the day that harris' son died, he wrote a message to a woman he met online that said, i love my son, and all but we both need escape. i love my son and all but we both need escape. i see now. prosecutors say he also sent a sexually explicit photo to an underage girl. his attorneys argue while his messages show he is a philanderer or adulterer they do not show he is a murderer elm to today the judge denied the defense's request to show out there ocharges related to the sexting with minors and schedule to trial for february. let's bring in evangeline gomez. the sexting is rafael because
12:37 pm
it -- reality because it goes to motive. >> the prosecution allergies i going to molttive because it shows his aphilanderrer and a pedestrian file because this is an underage recipient. the defense argues, wait, know, that's not the case here. we can care of these charges in a separate trial. the only reason you want to bring these charges is because you wouldn't to make my client look bad in front of the jury. you want to prejudice the jury. you want the jury to be confused and say this is a bad guy and deserves to go to jail. >> who would be in the middle of murdering a child -- murdering a child -- that's the accusation -- and at the same time be sexting people about it? that just seems like the dumbest thing on earth to do if you're in the middle of a murder. >> the morning of what was revealed today when the detective gave his testimony was he had responded to this whisper app, this anonymous message post about, i would like a break from my marriage, i'm not happy,
12:38 pm
et cetera. but again, there is no language that says he planned to kill his son you can be unhappy in your marriage, doesn't mean you're going to kill your son. >> further would the defense be saying his find is a million different places and he forth got. >> that is a perfecting point, shep. if i'm representing him, going to argue, he was just so disstreaked. that's why this is a tragic mistake and i would there is no intention here. >> we remember the case, the heat of the season, early summer so june, 90's in atlanta. this car got above 110. the little boy was in there forever, and then how they found out he was there was also weird. >> it was weird. they say he showed no emotion -- >> went back out to the parking lot -- >> we'll fine out more about this during the trial. importans that they had mentioned there was an allegation the was going
12:39 pm
those web site. we found out the posts he viewed were unrelated to a child-free lifestyle. >> if you're the defense attorney do you punt him on the stan or wait until later to decide. >> i want to hear the case that the prosecutor -- they have the burden. unless i hear something that says, you need to go loud and make your defense. >> for to you you just -- not at that time at all. >> the prosecutors are overprosecuting. >> exactly. >> overcharged. >> that would be the argument i would make, and also we have due process issues here. if you add the three other charges that are relate teed sexting with a minor, his right to a fair trial has been compromised. perfect grounds for appeal. >> you make the argument. thank you. >> you're. >> actor randy quaid behind bars on half a million dollars bail on vandalism charge. randy quaid. police -- there he is. hello. my, how times have changed. police in vermont say they arrested the actor and his wife friday night at a canadian border crossing they're tried
12:40 pm
too re-enter the united states. the couple took off to canada five years ago. they're accused -- that's more like it. they're accused of doing thousands of dollars worth of damage at the guest house of a home they used to own in southern california. in other words, they went there even tho they didn't own it anymore. the quaids claim they still own the ohm. official tase randy quaid requested refugee status in canada, claiming mobsters were threatening his life. the canadians turned him down. two american soldiers are among the coalition troops who died after a helicopter apparently crashed into a surveillance balloon. this happened at the nato base in kabul. this video shows the balloon drifting down after a crash. two british soldiers and a french contractor also died. a witness said it looked like the helicopter wag tries to land when i clipped one of the balloons' cables. did you see that crazy slide tack tell mets-torches game, that broke the shortstop's leg? now there's word chase utley,
12:41 pm
the one who did the sliding could actually take the field tonight here in new york. even though major league baseball suspended him for two gay games. why is that? and might fans responsible. not just fans. how might met fans respond?
12:42 pm
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to learn more about precision cancer treatment, advanced procedures and the experienced physicians who deliver them, go to lung cancer is a very deadly disease. we can make the most impact when it's in its earlier stages. the evolution of cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. tide you see this on saturday? los angeles dodgers second baseman chase utley could be hope to field in tonight's game against netness front of tens of happy toes of most likely quite angry fans at citi field in queens. the word from the dodgers organization. comes despite the fact that major league baseball suspended him for a slide that broke the leg of the mets shortstop. here's the play. that is the slide. now watch here. he is out of the baseline. he is trying to break up the double play. that's what he said.
12:45 pm
utley was running towards second base limp slammed into ruben tie had da -- tejada. the um buyer ruled it legal and the mlb later spunked him for two games, especially joe torre. utley feels terrible but is appealing the suspension and the league will not hold a hearing on the appeal before tonight reside game. they were trying to schedule something for today but didn't get it done. meantime, the dodge issues could start chase lotly. ruben tejada will not play. his season is now over. trace gallagher live with this from dodger land, suppose. might at well be at chavez ravine. you might be biased. >> the rule back saying the runner is a allowed to go after the pivot man trying to make the double-play as long as the run iris trying to reach the base and doesn't go outside the baseline. now, the league's chief baseball
12:46 pm
officer, joe torre, says that because indicate utley did not standard his slide until after he got to second base, he violated the rule, which considers the slide was deliberate, unwarranted, and unsportsmanlike. chase utley's agent called the suspension outrageous, that saying breaking up a double play is all port of baseball. this is joe torre responding. >> i can't worry about what happened in the paste. i just based it on what i saw and the fact that we're trying to have rules that are going to keep these players on the field. >> not surprising the dodgers oppose the suspension. the mets agree with it. and critics don't believe there would have been a sung if tejada had not broken his leg. >> you make a good point. if wonder if he will start in queens. in citi. >> because right now the players ' union wantmore time to prepare the defense so that could declay the process. the factors involved here. but you have to remember that
12:47 pm
chase utley did not start at second base for the dodgers in the first two games. how howie kendrick did. the only reason utley might play, he has a good average against the start are. documenters manager says he loves how aggressively chase utley place, and mattingly is ready for any retaliation by the mets and considering that chase utley turns his fair share of double plays at second base you can belt the mets will aggressively try to break up to the those, not to mention maybe throwing a few pitches in his direction, and then there's the fans. >> when you said break up, hope that done happen. we'll see. i about the number is will be good. more people will be watching to see what happens. like i -- >> the numbers are good. >> i would normally watch mets and -- wouldn't normally watch melts melts and dodgers but i we tonight. good to see you. police say a suspect is
12:48 pm
facing charges after he shot a man during a fight at a tail gaye party of the cowboys game. happened yesterday in the stadium parking lot in arlington, texas, where the cowboys just lost in a resounding way to the patriots from new england. police say the victim is in hospital with life-threatening injuries. they say the suspect is also in the hospital after he apparently fell while trying to run away. hello, karma. no ward on what started the fight in the first plies. >> our teachers taught to us sit up straight. now a new study claims slouching may be good. a psychologist claims college kid are so needy and so emotional that some professors are now afraid to give low grades. so we'll talk to kennedy because we can.
12:49 pm
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not the other way around. nine minutes until the top of the hour. slouching may help kids do better at math according to a new study out japan. shows the muscles we use to sit up straight were less active when fourth graders work on math problems than when they start -- they're at a computer screen. the kid may have paidless less attention to their posture to focus on math. put they also say the position of the computer as the children's math skills may have affected students' posture. today's college students or needy and emotional that schools have enough had to double their counseling services over the last five years. that's the word from boston college professor. he says millenials are having emotional crises for everyday life. for instance, he says, he saw examples of students going to counseling after an argument with a roommate or getting a bad
12:53 pm
grade or seeing a mouse. that psychologist recently wrote an article, called "declining student resilience," serious college problem. he says faculty members are now afraid to give out low grades because students are too emotionally fragile to handle it. kennedy is here. poster child for emotional fragility. she hosts "kennedy." she is the least emotionally fragile person i know. the poor children. >> oh, the children. can you hear that -- helicopter parents. what helicopter parents in my estimation have been doing for a generation, they've been compensating for the failed parenting they had as kids but unfortunately as with every successive generation they create a whole new string of problems, so these kids aren't going to college as young adults. they're going as children and they're incapable of handling
12:54 pm
the real world. >> and that is partly the parents' fault. >> partly, yeah, absolutely. also the culture, and students being subjected to school systems where there's so much power concentrated in the school system, put also where you get participation trophies and you don't have to try that hard and these people would fail miserably as peasants. i think they have to do back to the land. they have to go back and encounter problems that our ancestors faced pause they're so tar from whatever that hypothetical state of nature is, that puts some gird in your loins. >> okay. >> some steel in your backbone, people have totally lost touch with that. >> the raising of the drinking age two decades ago did it, too. >> that did it. there's no responsibility for anything anymore. you can stay on your parent' insurance policy until your 26. i have often thought that you shouldn't waste that precious four years after the grad wait
12:55 pm
from high school, if you're not mature enough to happen iter wasting time racking up student debt and you have no sense who you are and how to soothe yourself. >> what i should have done at 18. >> gone to europe, made some mistakes, tried in interesting jobs and then when you found out what you really wanted to do, that's when you go back to college or trade school and get a specific skill set, and that is your foundation for the best part of your life. >> that's more of a european model. kids over there do that. >> people think i'm the european model. i have to remind them, i'm an american civilian. >> it's that sign you wear. so, anything else? bruins? >> speaking of college football, they're trying this at the university of oregon. the football program has been famous for not using any tough love on their students, and now they're having a lackluster season and i think part is this. everyone is worried about hand-holding and feelings and offending millenials and it's like, everybody once in a while you have to hold people accountable when they're making mistakes. >> you can take a performance
12:56 pm
enhancing drug and get tossed for the rest of the season. >> thank you, florida. you -- bruins are playing stafford thursday night. if they win the country is finally back on track. >> sage wisdom. thank you. we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
on this day in 1810, oktoberfest got a start when the city of munich hosted a wedding. everybody in up to gotten a invite, celebrating the marriage among bavarian royalty. officials later decided to keep throwing the party every year because of beer. nearly a decade after the royal wedding the first beer stands started popping up. the stand gaveway to the giant tents you see today. every year people throw back more than a million gallons of beer at oktoberfest. often wearing lederhosen and dancing on tables. might even here hear them
1:00 pm
yelling a toast to the royal wedding that started the whole thing, 205 years ago. sing along, everyone. four more seconds to enjoy. and then cavuto. >> negative last night on "60 minutes." don't have victories anymore. don't have the victory, we have a president that honestly i thought was not good last night on "60 minutes." >> here's a the big reason why donald trump was not a fan of the president's performance on six six last night. the president smithing the trumpman's presidential ambitiouses. take a listen use, you think he is running out of steam? going to disappear? >> i'll leave it up to the pundits to make that determines. i don't think he'll be profit the united states. >> well, we don't know what the future bricks but four months since his presidential announcement or thereabouts, donald trump continues to top every major poll out


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