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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 12, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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yelling a toast to the royal wedding that started the whole thing, 205 years ago. sing along, everyone. four more seconds to enjoy. and then cavuto. >> negative last night on "60 minutes." don't have victories anymore. don't have the victory, we have a president that honestly i thought was not good last night on "60 minutes." >> here's a the big reason why donald trump was not a fan of the president's performance on six six last night. the president smithing the trumpman's presidential ambitiouses. take a listen use, you think he is running out of steam? going to disappear? >> i'll leave it up to the pundits to make that determines. i don't think he'll be profit the united states. >> well, we don't know what the future bricks but four months since his presidential announcement or thereabouts, donald trump continues to top every major poll out there.
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so you can dismiss him as people have each and every step of the way. the fact of the matter is donald trump is on top with poll numbers that show him very much a contender when pitted against either hillary clinton or joe biden. tomorrow we'll hear from donald trump himself, a special guest on the show. but in the meantime to political prospects on the train that won't stop. what too you make of the president's quick dismisssive view of trump and this candidacy. >> it's very arrogant and shows the president doesn't understand why donald trump is succeeding. donald trump is succeeding because 80% of the country is tired of the political system. that is a large group of people. and the president dismissed trump residents support as profiting off of the anti-immigrant attitude which is completely false. donald trump is profiting because he is not a politician and the president's failure to understand that was very clear on "60 minutes." >> polls can change and they
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likely do. people rise, people fall, four years ago rick santorum wasn't given a chance of winning iowa and the did. rick santorum will be joining us later to spell out his tax plan. what we learn from that is polls can change. what is remarkable about mr. trump's poll numbers is throughout this nearly four-month-long odd dizzy they have not changed. >> polls have not changed. if you look at both parties and see people leading in the polls, ben carson, and donald trump and on the democratic site, a pinning pong between bernie sanners deers and hillary clinton. the people climbing are people outside of washington, dc. there's a very strong contingency that does not trust hillary clinton or the politicians0. donald trump being on top is not surprising given the wave.
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>> a wave with a sort of a limited patience level. by patience level i should say. in this manchester, new hampshire, gather offering the no labels group, jon houstonsman, and joe lieberman, demanding specific answers to specific problems on the part of presidential candidates. donald trump included. he was booed when he didn't spell out exactly what he would do to spur job growth and all. he later recovered but i'm beginning to wonder whether despite his tax plan, he is going to need to do more of that. >> there's no doubt about that and that booing i telling. getting closer to election day the american public will demand specifics. and donald trump has them. you see some of his policy positions iran. they're very thought out but they want answers they've want to know how. it's not enough to say what you want to hear. they want it laid out. that will be imperative for donald trump to spell that out for the american people. >> okay, kelly, thank you very
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much. a reminder, donald trump will be our special guest on this show tomorrow. we aim to have all the major candidates-his response not only to some of the support he has been receiving but the sort of dismissive reaction from the president of the united statesful donald trump tomorrow on this show. in the meantime, the story of a "washington post" reporter who was convicted but we still don't know of what. in iran. all we do know is that jason rezaian has been convicted of something apparently dealing we espionage the "washington post" said it's nonsense weapon don't know what punishment will be meted out. what we do know is he will still sit and stew in a jail and we're at a loss as to how to correct that. to peter doocy at the pentagon. >> other big knaus out iran. folks at the state department are keeping an eye on a ballistic missile launch test. it looks dramatic but it may not
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javi lited the big iran nuclear deal, and that's because it may have just been a conventional weapons launch, not covered, apparently birk by the agreement between tehran and six world powers. there are u.n. security council resolutions the lawn may have violated, and if that that's case the plan is to let the u.n. handle any punishment. any addition to the missile test in iran, the parliament yesterday okayed the language in that nuke deal and as you just mentioned, secretive court convicted a dual iranian-american citizen who is also a wind wind reporter, jason rezaian, for something. we don't know which of the four charges, which included accusations of espionage. he was convict of and that's because the iranians will not say. there's talk he could face up to 20 years in an iranian prison if this verdict came down, and he has already been in jail for 447 days so the stakes are very high. a few months back, this summer,
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the wind "washington post" petitions the united u.n. for hp getting him out of jail. a deal was made, jason stayed in jail, and now he has apparently been convicted. >> thank you very much. to kt mcfarland on what we greatout of that deal and why this reporter wasn't part of that deal. in other words, to free him before we signed on to thing. obviously in retrospect that is was not the case. what happens now? between the missile test and then what has been happening in this wind wind wind reporter -- >> last week, iran -- russia announced an alliance with iran. iran is going to send ground forces, russia is going to provide the air cover to fight in sierra. this is a triple slap in the
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face. it's designed to humiliate the president. and between the missile test, which may be a violation of the nuke deal, between the iran-russian alliance -- the whole reason for this nuke deal is well may not be the perfect deal but what the friendship of iran and iran is going to cooperate with us on other issues in the middle east. this is a slap in the face. they're not going to cooperate with us. they now joined forces with the russians. >> now, this missile launch today, is that within the program at thes of the deal, what you know of it? what can you tell us? >> well, the missile testing was never part of -- the missing testing for conventional weapons was never part of the deal. the iranian testing a missile that might be capable of carrying nuclear weapons was part of the sanctions that were put on by the united nations. when the obama administration says we're not sure if this is in violation and will rev to it
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at the u.n., we're going to basically look the other way, whether it is a or is not a violation. what i would add to this is that every agreement that i've ever seen the united states be party to, where we reached out and had an agreement with an adversary, whether it was ending ending the vietnam war with the paris according, the opening to china, reagan's arms reduction agreements with the soviet union, they've always been accompanied by goodwill jess gestures the fact that iran is not releasing this one journalist and the other three hostages they have, is a direct slap in the face to obama, i think. >> do you get any sense from the president was saying the was talking about, whether responding to the question whether obviously iran has the upper hand or -- vladimir putin -- i'm sire -- has the hunter hand he says he is just working in one country with one ally, when in fact he is working with iran, he is working ironically with some parts in
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iraq, and obviously china is more sympathetic and working with vladimir putin than it is with us. so you could argue that putin is building a modern axis of power here while we're struggling to maintain credible with our allies. >> you're absolutely correct. it's not only important for our interests in the middle east and what happens in syria what happens with refugees, this is an oil flay. why? because russia is an exporter or recall. iran, iraq, escorters, saudi arainy, exporter of oil but more of our ally. we just walked airplane from the saudis. they've gone to moscow and know we're leaving the middle east and they know they're on their own. i think what this does is puts putin in a position where if he can get the price of oil high enough that his economy -- >> going the opposite way today. obviously trading was light because of the holiday here but oil did trade and did go down, and i'm beginning to wonder
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whether the fear factor, anxious site factor, or put put-light switch has gone off. >> you mean that putin is -- you buy the presidents saying putin is doing this out of an act of desperation. >> and it's not paying off. >> this is early days. who knows where this goes. >> you're right. >> what pressure do the saudis feel when they feel they have been agooned by the united states. when obama says the long, a of history this will be a quagmire, this i something who lost every single game he has gone in and says at the end we're a building team, don't worry. they'll lose in the super bowl. really? they'll be fine. certainly nobody in the middle east. >> well put. i hadn't seen those three other events in perspective here bus talk about being hat-tricked. thank you very much. i. where were you a 15 years ago today? the first big terrorist attack
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that set up 9/11. think it can't happen again? what if i told you this past yankee weekend it did. [explosion]
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awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks.
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active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. welcome back. where were you 15 years ago today? the uss cole is attacked by al qaeda terrorists, two guys in a dingy, really, who set themself fire while blowing a gashing hole in the hull of the ship. 17 u.s. sailors were killed. more than three dozen injured. the commander of the vessel with us now. very good to have you, i'm sorry on this anniversary. but i always think when we have talked about this many times, that set the stage for 9/11. we forget a year ahead of time put there had been many
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fireworks prior, hadn't there? that was the big one. did we ever get to the bottom of it, command center. >> we still haven't. before 9/11, there was 10,/12 and the bottom i there's no justice to families even thoughing we are holding one in guantanamo bay. there's been no movement by the administration or the dep or tho hold people accountable for that attack on my ship that killed 17 of my sailors. >> tell me again what happened commander, it was a refueling opinion for you. right before you sail on. >> it was. we had pulled in the morning of october 12th to refuel the ship, taking on a quarter million gallons that morning. supposed to be through circumstance to eight hours, three garbage barges contracted to come out. two aim out. they left. a third boat was a suicide --water-born explosive improvide device. two suicides debt nailedded alongside the same so the the
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garbage barges has been. thanks to the heroism of my crew they did a phenomenal job in keeping the ship afleet to come back to the united states, be rebuilt and is back out there defending freedom today. >> now, there's disputing reports but that the two suicide bombers, behind the atalks, eluded the ship right before they blew themselves up. is that true. >> they didn't salute the shape. they waved as they got long side. they did masquerade as a garbage barge. the only thing is untoward one sailor whose would topside to make sure we didn't have any fuel spills thought, that garbage barge looks clean, and then the two guys were long side and next thing he got a faceful of heat from the blast, knocked him on his back. there was nothing out of the ordinary that morning and then the approach of that boat until it detonated. >> but there was an investigation that ensued and
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then president clinton at the time in this final few months in office had this to say. >> if as it now appears this was an act of terrorism, it was a dispeckable and cowardly act. we will fine out who was responsible and hold them accountable. if their intention was to deter us from our mission of promoting peace and security in the middle east, they will fail. >> i know a number of yemenee terrorists were arrested in sued dannys case where we thought this originatedded from. we unfoes $13 million in sudanese assets and divide emt them among the family of those killed but wed deget to the bottom of the culprit misdemeanor? >> the bottom line cull pictures yes. took a face shot and he is no in bide bag at the bottom of the indian ocean when we took out osama bin laden bin but the guy that mutt this together was a guy named al-nashiri, currently
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in u.s. cuffed in guantanamo bay which should stay open and in fact we're waiting to move forward with justice but you continue to have a defense team that is more interested in the mechanics of the legal process rather than seeing justice for the families who lost loved ones and till deserve to see accountable for their loved ones being killed. >> but still happens. this weekend nearly 100 people killed in turkey and what look like a direct isis related attack according to the prime minister of the country. and this in a peace rally no less. never stops. >> well, what you're seeing is just a continuation of this radical islamic terrorism ideology that advocates they can till people with impunity and not be held accountable. what went on in turkey is unforgivable. it's the innocent people. it's one thing to be a warship out there it's another thing when you're going after the innocents and children that
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suffer in an take like that in turkey. >> commander, thank you very minute. i love having you on if don't like to be reminded of these anniversaries but it's very good to listen to your words of warning. well, neil, thank you. you truly honor my crew and the 17 that were killed by allowing me to come on, on a day lie today and mark their passing. >> the honor is mine, my friend. thank you very much for your service and your men's service as a very difficult time. if only we knew then what was about to face us 11 months later. talk about being a chief at that time. amazing. a lot more, including a way to get the fair share a whole new meaning. why rick sapper santorum's plans the antitrump plan. that's next.
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rick santorum, the latest presidential candidate with a plan a lot of people are saying is the antitrump plan. he says it will not explode the deficit as some numbers crunchers allege that mr. trump's tax plan will. do calls for 20% flat tax, keeping charitable deductions. why don't i have the author explain. good to have you, senator. >> thank you. good to be on your show. this is a plan that doesn't say you're fired. it says you're hired. a plan that will actually grow the economy and not grow the deficit. that -- >> oh due know it's not going to grow the deficit. 20% is pretty low. >> but it's the 20% tax on individuals, 20% on corporations, 20% on capital gains. so, dividends, interest, all
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income is taxed as 20%, and we get -- >> for everybody, for everybody. the same rate for everybody. >> same rate for everybody, doesn't matter the source. the way you take your income, whether it's through capital gabes or whatever, all taxed ale 20% be. red of the special interest tax providesessed that lower the rate, on the corporate side. everything is gone but you can expense everything. a very powerful incentive, particularly for cap -- capital intensive -- >> everybody pays, the rap against donald trump's plan is 75 million additional household wood not pay. he comes back and i'll get his sense of this tomorrow when i talk to him put he comes back and says, we need a progressive tax system. those a little higher up the food chain in terms of income should pay more. >> if say, everyone just like we have a standard deduction now, we change that standard deduction and get rid of that
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for individuals and turn it into a tax credit per individual. and it doesn't phase out. so $2,750 per person. a family of four is $11,000. just to give an idea. $50,000 income and a family of four you won't pay income taxes above that rate, depthing whether you have charitable deduction or home interest. you'll pay a 20% tax on every other dollar before that. so there's a carveout for lower income people not have tolling pay income taxes. but we treat everybody the same after that. 20%. >> but you do kind of pare back the mortgage interest deduction -- >> $25,000 cap. >> the housing industry will come on you like a ton of you know what. are you ready for that? >> we also get rid of the deduct ability of state and local taxes. you don't want to subsidize high
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tax states and on the housing side, $25,000 cap covers the vast, vast, vast majority of home owners in meter. so millionaires and billionaires who won't get the mortgage deduction but it's not going to have an appreciatable effect on the housing market. >> do you think tax plans should be revenue neutral? ran paul says, no, the idea is to shrink government. >> mine is revenue neutral under a dynamic scoring model because we repeal all the obamacare taxes taxes and obamacare. if you done. >> dynamic means the revenue that you're going to generate off of the cut. >> that's correct. according to tax foundation, if we throw in the repeal of obamas could and all of it subsidies this is a $600 billion increase in revenue if you will because of some of the government cuts. i it's a trillion dollars more
1:27 pm
in tax reductions than -- other might be a few tax increases but we're looking at a very progrowth plan, a plan that gets rid of a lot of -- all of the corporate welfare and focused on creating jobs. this ill increase growth by one percent a year over ten years, 3 million net new jobs. we're going to explode the code. the old tax code is gone. this is a very simple code that on corporate, on individual, on capital gains. talking bat half page to fill out a tax form. very simple. very effective, and very progrowth. >> we'll look it and crunch it. thank you senator, good seeing you again. >> my pleasure. >> we'll get the read from that from the former virginia governor, doug wilder, but ahead of that. the school than banned halloween because it wasn't inclusive enough, and then, unlimited
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and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. i know what you're thinking. why woulda vat to -- would cavuto being showing hot babes on beach. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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to save; but also helped that them to save?sk members that allowed families to keep more of their money; letting them use any atm nationwide for free. and, because every dollar matters, didn't nickel-and-dime its members with monthly fees. saving them more than three-hundred forty-five million dollars in one year. that would be a different kind of bank. that would be usaa bank. go online to find out more about our free usaa secure checking account today. ed henry, need i say more. vegas. >> good to see you, very interesting. this is going to be the first democratic debate, primetime, tomorrow night. hillary clinton going face-to-face against her democratic foes. martin o'malley, jim webb. they're not high in the polls
1:33 pm
butber my sanders is. sanders has shied away from any sort of negative permanent attack, won't talk about clinton's e-mail issues or the clinton foundation in a predebate poll cbs news found fd 71% of register voters think it was not appropriate for hillary clinton to have her own personal e-mail account and personal server conducting business. what the sanders campaign is talking about is about how they're trying to start a revolution with all this outside washington. while the clinton campaigning telling me they have maybe a little bit of a surprise, a little shot at vice-president joe biden. >> doing it by a grassroots campaign with a very strong message about taking on the establishment. >> i thing ought to just end his career on a high note like being ambassador to paris or something. >> in a clinton administration.
1:34 pm
>> exactly. >> that's congresswoman deanna titus. a long congresswoman here in vegas and saying the sitting vice-president should accept being maybe the ambassador to france in a clinton administration. i'm not sure the sitting vice-president would settle for that. he is still mulling it. still no financial decision. cnn says they've got a podium ready if the vice-president makes a decision to get in here. >> all right, thank you, ed henry. if my next guest is right, he is a democratic, no huge fan of vice-president biden. the former democratic virginia governor, jim wilder. he has a book out. what i look about the book he just dumps dirt on everybody, no, he doesn't. a class act. >> good to be in your prepares. >> vice-president biden, you had problems with four years ago when he made the famous comment, i think i want to get it right,
1:35 pm
talking to a number of african-american voters, that mitt romney would put y'all back in chains you've found that offensive. >> well, it would not be worthy of a presidential candidate, and i'm not going to lay into that because -- >> feel free. >> biden is biden -- >> do you then he is go from affair but once in a race far from good, he could suffer the same fate that hillary clinton did. >> the fact we're even discussing it at this level means that something has to happen before that need be serious considerationful right now don't think there need be serious consideration. >> wow. if you had to, do you think it would make a big difference. >> in what. >> the race, the presidential race. >> well, yes, bus if he did enter it, i think it would take some bernie sanders more so than it would take from hillary clinton. it would take something from hillary, but i think the pro labor vote would be more
1:36 pm
inclined to lee with biden than sanders if that were the case. >> the one thug noticed, governor, you probably caught or heard some of the interview president obama had on "60 minutes" in which he said if he were able to run for a third term, he'd win. you expressed disappointment with his governing style, quoting here, sir, that blessing the failure to get -- blaming the failure to get his economic proposals through congress on black whining and chas characterizing the members as if the they were childrenweight the aloof dismissal that is obama's style. ouch. >> i tried to lay out i ran as a democrat, elected as a democrat. this doesn't mean i'm beholing to always support everything that every democrat does. >> what about hi style don't you like? >> i don't think, had i been in that audience, when the president said what he said, that i could have either
1:37 pm
remained in the audience or would have had to have left it. because it's talking down to those people. and when you talk down to the representatives of those people, you're really talking down to the people. >> the white house says they kind of started it. >> it doesn't matter. they started it by electing him. you don't forget that people that put you where you are, and one of the concerns i do have, quite frankly and discuss it in the book, if you asked me when obama -- i was one of the first persons to support barack obama before the congressional black caucus, before oprah. >> before oprah? >> yes, i was. now, having said that -- >> i knew she was a -- >> i'd like to have got her money. this doesn't mean i can't say, mr. president, when you have two opportunities to appoint a supreme court justice of color,
1:38 pm
to the bench, and you didn't, that must have been a reason for it. the reason was maybe there was no one qualified. >> he appointed a latina. >> wait a minute, what loretta l. around or just come from the cabbage patch? >> holding to quotas. >> not quotas. this is what i'm saying. if there is not a single african-american in the country of merit to be put on the bench, how could she be qualified too be the attorney general of the united states? >> well, for the next 15, 16 months he is profit the ute and is in san diego in a campaign event now. you say too offer, referring the president, a president whose main gold seemed to not make anyone mad and as a result he achieved just the opposite. >> well, one of the things i pointed out when i was governor -- i never blamed
1:39 pm
anyone for the shortfall i was left if i was left broke mitch predecessor who was a democrat would have left me with in money. what he did say, i have 2.2 bill shortfall at a time for a democrat to inherit that, not raise taxes a dime and then have the virginia vote two years a row, and that was called -- me saying not reaching across the aisle because i never saw an aisle itch reached to the legislators and said, i need help. -- >> they have this labels thing going nonin new hampshire, trying to get both sides to talk to each. but good freaking luck there. >> you do it by inviting people to your office and say, let talk. this is what i'm gmo to talk to you about. tell me what you have in mind. i've always believed one thing that started me in government in the first place, of the people, for the people, by the people. which means that's the power
1:40 pm
should be in the people. all of the people. population of virginia is 85% nonafrican-american voting population. so, for me to be elected in virginia, obviously means i had to reach out to people. i never used ray race as a beyer nor a badge. >> when youyear elected you were ahead in the to polls but won in a speaker so people would be open to an african-american governor. but they lied. >> they told me to. you'd be surprised at the people i have met after that and said, doug, i want to say this to you, you did a tremendous job. i could have liked to have voted for you but u i just couldn't bring myself to do it. >> you criticize the president for doing too much for african-americans. he ran on the idea he won't be the african-american president. so why kowtow to a group.
1:41 pm
>> i didn't kowtow to a group when -- >> but you said he has thousand knot done enough for the african-american community. >> let me finish it. i recruited more minorities and african-americans in appointments to any for at that point. ills that the case today? bill clinton was the first black president, i'm not saying that barack obama is not motivated with good thoughts. the results are in the putting, -- pudding. so when he leaves office -- look the black unemployment rate. look at the horrible opportunities that exist for people to go to school, in colleges and get better education. look at the neighborhoods. look at the crime rate. have those -- >> a sign that all of the money we throw at this stuff doesn't do any good. sounded like you're getting to be a republican. >> always been sensible and that what politics do. >> pour going money after bad. >> no question.
1:42 pm
>> who intrigues you this election? >> i'm not intrigued by anybody. >> you think it should be a governor. >> i think the political system is dysfunctional in america today. >> would you pick your support anything republican candidate. >> i hope to be available so vote for the best qualified person for the job. >> donald trump? >> i think that donald trump has yesterday to lay out a -- yet to lay out a projected portfolio or want he wants to do. you can't just say, i want to do this. you have to put your program. outside throughout and make certain you have the money to do it -- >> he has the money -- >> snow, no. >> to. >> he has the money. the people's money. my point is, building a wall is one thing. how are you going to deal with the immigration problem? what are you going to do refer reps to crime and are you going to be that president, d were one the finest speeches that barack obama made was to the ute
1:43 pm
conference overarms when he pledged to do somethings to build and rebuild our infrastructure. has that happened in america today? look at our cities. >> not on this -- >> not his fault. what is the agenda? he said he -- >> do you feet guilty for bringing us barack obama? had it not -- >> no, i don't. >> we would not have had him. >> i don't feel guilty at all. i don't -- i do not feel -- >> i can't believe i did this. >> i do not feel guilty. i still believe in the high possibility of potential. he still has time left to do things that would justify the faith and confidence that people imposed in him, and i wish him the best. >> all right. you're still pushing this slavery museum in a being -- big thing. it's going to be fine. we're in discussions now with virginia commonwealth university, who owns the church that was my church, the first african-american baptist church. my grandfather work was a slave was as decree deacon and a
1:44 pm
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that's. they raised a bunch of money and build skateboards but when it come time to make money -- >> google has a lot of nontraditional perks and they're one of the hottest tech companies -- >> you can overdo it. kick starter hat this and then had to dial it back to 25-day cap. >> you should be able to easily spot people you depressant want working for you. >> the cream of the crop will rise to the top. >> the cream of the crop will rise to the top. that was good. >> i don't want to sound like a jerk because of time- >> they're not putting any emphasis on time off. >> making -- i want to hear working and making a difference with the company. >> and these tech companies hire the top notch people that are hard workers. so they're -- >> i don't have a specific amount of time off but if rich
1:50 pm
notices i'm not writing thing anything -- >> that guy is on permanent vacation. >> that's a problem. he nails to the columnize output matters more than if you're sitting in a desk in an office. because so many tims ypes of wo you can do from other places. >> i understand where it was touchy feely, but in the real world where people aren't there, most people won't -- >> would you hire either of them? >> absolutely. >> if they requested, i need more time off. >> you guys are stuck. >> when i was your age, i was a lot younger. >> did you hear what she said? they're graphic thinkers. that's oxym orkoxymoronic. i have someee bad news.
1:51 pm
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together, we're building a better california.
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daddy, look at my halloween costume. i can't wait to wear it to school. >> baby, i hate to break it to you, but your school canceled halloween this year. you can't wear the costume. [ crying ] >> relax. please tell her to stop. you're welcome, america. newport, connecticut just now canceled the cancel. the halloween parade is on, the costume contest is on, and halloween is still on. you're welcome, kids. we have some moms with their reaction to all of this,
1:55 pm
jennifer law kind of understood it. but we should explain that what they were saying was in order to bring clinclusiveness in, they d to do this. >> kids want to be kids. this is an american tradition. we've been doing this for generations. we're not saying to exclude anybody but we're all about freedom of expression. here's the thing, they could hanot have the parade but they could teach about halloween in the classroom. it's the same thing. >> i think a lot of schools, with the trend right now, it's to embrace diversity. >> how does halloween prohibit diversity? >> there are religious issues
1:56 pm
withissues. this was just in the school. it had nothing to do with the community at large. >> the reality is we're trying to teach our kids that they can still be kids in school. if we have to put a ban on foods because of food allergies, that's one thing, but we're talking about kids having some enjoyment, being able to express who they are, and we're not talking about -- >> who is feeling disjointed or not part of the -- >> certain religious groups that don't celebrate halloween. it's actually against their religion. >> what if there was someone who didn't like to celebrate christmas and we had to conduct a war to get that fixed. >> a lot of schools don't celebrate christmas for that reason. >> do you see where this is going? >> everyone is excluded. >> instead of lowering it, let's embrace and have other things, let's have other celebrations and let's learn about those other customs and traditions so we can have a more inclusive and tolerant. but now they can't even wear their costume. >> what are you wearing? >> hungry? >> no.
1:57 pm
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what would i ask hillary at tuesday's debate tomorrow? first, if racism is truly america's original sin as you just tweeted, why are so many black and brown people risking their lives to come here? can you explain how, even at our worst, we are still the best? and do you ever worry that pandering to factions already divides an already


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