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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 12, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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what would i ask hillary at tuesday's debate tomorrow? first, if racism is truly america's original sin as you just tweeted, why are so many black and brown people risking their lives to come here? can you explain how, even at our worst, we are still the best? and do you ever worry that pandering to factions already divides an already fractured
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country? also, please tell us, as a grandmother, the impact planned parenthood didn't have on you. given the massive hacking of government employees that hurt millions, what is the biggest threat to our national security? and feel free to name yourself. is it nuts to put a secretary of state in charge who exposed classified info in names of cia operatives on personal e-mail in an era of cyber espionage? that's like hiring megan mccain to guard your liquor cabinet. now with the weaponry used to attack america by on-stage actors, how do you fight this threat? as global systems expand, what's your solution for cyber attackers focusing on zero day vulnerabilities? >> it is a magical laugh. anyway, you also said that women have a right to be believed. why not prove it and hire monica, a woman you yourself
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called a looney tune when people were doubting her facts. and speaking of facts, who pushed the damn video? please, can't you answer that question just once honestly? it's been three years. who pushed the video? well, i figured. all right, let's go around the horn here, megan. if you were a moderator and you had hillary up there, what would you want to ask her or expand upon? >> i would want to know why are you treating women like a special interest group? and i would ask her, have you seen the planned parenthood videos in their entirety, because i don't believe she has, because i don't believe any woman who has seen those videos in their entirety would feel wait she feels about them. >> i think she's in denial. she doesn't have to judge if she doesn't look at them. i think that's the way it is. >> she's definitely not seen it. >> eric, your hair looks great, by the way. >> you think so? they told you to say that.
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>> no. >> it's like a little james dean. >> no, it is james dean. >> right? >> yes, it is. >> nailed it. >> what would you ask the democrat candidates at the debate tomorrow night? >> i have three. first one, do all lives matter? number two, explain how a free id card to vote is onerous but a gun license, expanded, expansive gun licenses are not required, and three, would you honor the constitution above any religious book you ascribe to? >> i think those are three very good questions. you should be moderating this debate. >> i would ask how soon she could get on a plane to the middle east and jump in on syria and iraq and do one of her sl k
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shrieking laughs to make the eyes and ears of libya bleed out. she is our own weapon of destruction, and why aren't we using her? >> the buildings just stay. it's incredible. >> and the docockroaches. they'll live. then i would ask her about sidney blumenthal and if she would give the names to cia operatives. >> she gave the names to sidney blumenthal because she's actually advising her. >> i think it's kind of -- i don't get it. >> do you have some questions you would like to ask? >> and about her medical condition and her health and whether or not she would be able to serve as commander in chief. >> that's interesting, that's like the question no one is asking. for whatever reason, it's taboo and off the table.
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>> it's seen as kind of mean if you ask about their health. >> or sexist. >> it's important and one that should be considered. they asked senator mccain when he was running and there were questions about his health, about his longevity and if he would be able to serve if it became an issue. if you were going to ask that of senator mccain, it should be asked of secretary of state hillary clinton. >> and bernie. >> we'll have to ask about split ends. >> i'm just going to join in the company here and ask tough questions, and the toughest question, i think, would have to do with the fact that she's flip-flopped recently on tpp, on the trans-pacific partnership deal. where she said it was, yeah, definitely going to open up markets to the u.s., it's going to counter china influence in asia. that's a big flip, and i think bernie sanders is going to mention this, too. but the biggest question i would have for her comes to an issue that for me is so central.
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she now has the endorsement of the national education association and the afp, two big teachers unions. both of them are opposed to school reform efforts, and specifically when it comes to charter school vouchers and the like. and believe me, this is obama administration policies to promote charters schools. so does this mean that hillary clinton is opposing obama and opposing so much in terms of school reform efforts that i think are maybe the civil rights issue of our generation? that's where i would go. >> i like speaking of obama, he something to say about hillary -- i think it was "60 minutes" -- about the e-mail scam. >> i think it was a mistake that she's acknowledged, and as a general proposition, when we're in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and stay as far away from a line as possible when it comes to how we handle
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information. i do think that the way it's been jimmed up is in part because of politics. >> is he supposed to be commenting on investigations? can't he just say i can't comment on an ongoing investigations? or is he above that? >> he was probably given a pass on answer it iing it, and he cho answer it. he said, well, they're doing the investigation, and it's political but wouldn't be appropriate to do but he's unsure about it. i think he should stay away from it. >> did he help her or hurt her? >> i think he destroyed her, threw her right under the bus. when cross asked the question, she said, no, i didn't know. at first hillary clinton said they knew what was going on. he just said we didn't know what
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she did was wrong. she already apologized for it. later on he gets to, hey, but there's nothing to see here, but i will tell you i was shocked he went that forceful right off the bat at her. >> for people who love political theater, i love that he is so not covering for her at all. he's throwing her under the bus, saying, i worked with her, none of this is my problem. >> that helped biden, by the way, i think. >> right from the start the obama administration said, this is policy. a cabinet official is not supposed to have their own private e-mail account. that's been on the record. obama's top adviser said this about two weeks ago, same thing. >> she at one point said they knew about it, the obama administration knew about it. >> she said people realize and
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gets eventually -- >> i think it will help joe biden. >> that's the clue. maybe he knows something. >> that joe biden is getting into the race! >> i think given what he said about this is ginned up and all about politics, i think that's what hurts her. you may have heard something else from your perspective, but i think what democrats heard was this was a republican mugging. >> this is not how a president should talk about one of his closest advisers and secretary of state who worked for him for how long. i think most people see he's not throwing her under the bus. >> he just cleared the way for joe biden. >> i think he's being honest. >> the mistake was not intentional. what she did was intentional. if that was unintentional, so is the space program. >> nothing is unintentional. >> there's a ad, republicans
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made a new ad capitalizing on the e-mail scandal. let's roll that one. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone. >> the federal government has determined there was classified information. >> it did, in fact, contain classified information. >> total lack of accountability. it's like my problems have nothing to do with me, they have to do with the republicans. >> they're playing it up like a partisan witch hunt. >> eric, this is pretty straightforward. the american public, if they're not paying attention now, i think that's going to grab them. >> she named a cia operative. she named him, she outed him. i guess he's in libya? whatever, a hot spot with a civil war going on. that's clearly classified. she knew it was classified. the question is why did she spend the better part of two years saying she didn't know any classified material? what do we not know of the 30,000 e-mails she's already
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scrubbed? >> that's why her numbers are in the tank as to whether the american people think she's honest or trustworthy. she resoundingly is not. >> 30% of women she's dropped since july. i think the american public knows they can't trust her. i can see you rolling your eyes, juan. >> you're right, she has dropped those 10 points. you're right, a lot of women are becoming independent. >> 30%? >> we're talking about the latest yahoo poll. she's still up 10-plus on any other democrat. it's not like it's even close, she just doesn't have the substantial lead. >> people aren't crazy about hillary clinton right now, i think, is the real problem, and bernie sanders, as much as i think he looks like the crazy professor from the ivy league school, he does have a lot of
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followers. >> isn't it great, there are 15 candidates on the gop side? you have hillary who you can't trust and bernie sanders. >> don't forget chaffe. i think jim webb is the sleeper here, because he's the only one who is normal. correct? >> no. >> i mean on the democrats. look, he's a war hero, he's got the navy cross, senator, worked under reagan. >> you know what the problem is? you just don't like metrics. >> because chaffe is normal except for the metric thing. >> i'm talking about jim webb. >> that's what i'm saying, because you said nobody is normal except jim webb. >> maybe he che likes bringing the place. >> even better. coming up, while defending his lackluster strategy in
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syria, president obama reveals what his definition of leadership really is, next on "the five."
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leadership, president obama can't hide his disdain for people who compare him to russian president vladimir putin. on "60 minutes," he defended his strategy while also taking a swipe at putin. he also said what real leadership really is. >> if you think about having to send troops in in order to prop up, your only ally is leadership, then we have a different definition of leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord. >> this is a debacle. america is in big trouble if that's his idea of leadership. eric, you thought you heard wrong, but yes, it's a crying shame. >> they're going after him with what's going on in syria. first of all, putin looked like
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a dear in headlights. he couldn't defend his action, he couldn't defend his non-action. he didn't say, we couldn't get involved because there was no winning here. he didn't even say that. what he did say was the $500 million program, taxpayers paid 5$500 million to get five fighters to fight isis, he was circling the airport for 15 minutes with crop, and then he said real leadership is climate change. i don't think this is a good idea to do this interview right now, but that person should be fired because he looked terrible. during this interview i'm listening, and he's talking about how we need to take out assad, and i'm hearing how russia needs to keep assad in place. is this a proxy war? is that what's going on here? it's us against russia and we're going to find out who is the winner? >> it's just like afghanistan all over again n.
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now we're giving these guys muscles to perform airstrikes. if you have an eight-slice pizza, seven has to be terror, one climate. he's got it reversed. you should be thinking about terror. >> he really is unable to focus on it and he doesn't want to. he really is speaking about his idealogy, about where his focus is, and maybe he's going to have the obama climate initiative and he's going to run it like a czar when he's out. >> president obama makes jimmy carter look like napoleon bony apa -- bonaparte. in this interview president obama kept reassuring our enemies, you do something, we're not going to react. he talks about life like he's in
2:20 pm
a classroom someplace. >> that's the problem. i think this is the direction he's going to. it doesn't sound like he's going to focus anywhere in this area of national security, and what megan said is very true, because what you see now is just total disregard for going to the u.s. first on measures. we see people like netanyahu. where is he going? he's checking in with putin, not checking with obama or the u.s. first before people act. >> let me just say that i think it's not that the world is reacting to putin, i think the world reacted to keep russia from getting nuclear weapons. secondly, the thing to remember here is, all of you seem to think, oh, yeah, we should jump in here, we should be fighting. this is not a proxy of error.
2:21 pm
>> that's one thing. >> eric, we are there. we are a presence. we are a continued presence in afghanistan. we are a presence in iran. >> we got pushed out of syria. >> we are certainly a presence in terms of saying that we do not want assad to remain in power. it's clearly that putin is trying to prop up this one guy who is in terrible shape. >> we want assad out and putin is demanding assad stay. what happens if we shoot down a russian jet or america shoots down a russian jet? >> if they were to come close to an american facility and american soldier -- >> they have. >> -- i mean pack it up in some way. the united states is so much
2:22 pm
more powerful. the only way we're equal is with nuclear weapons. >> all i'm saying is when obama met with putin for 90 minutes and two days later a russian general knocked on our door and said, we're striking in syria, you can't do anything about it. is that them reacting? when i was little and growing up, i didn't think america would be the superpower that putin is catering to. >>. if he knew about that meeting two days prior to the attack, people are thinking, if you knew about it, why didn't you stop it? >> we have to figure out why kanye west is in san francisco when he should be dealing with this right now. >> he started to go in when people were opposed -- >> we were stunned when russia
2:23 pm
started dropping bombs in syria. john went to the podium with russian diplomats. >> you're missing the problem here. the problem is that the russians went after our forces, people we support, anti-assad forces. >> obama said he knew about that in that meeting. >> about what? >> this is where i want to be. i want to be a liberal idealist. putin is doing nothing, he's going to hang out with assad. it's going to be great. they're not against america at all, so i find that refreshing. >> putin has no hand to play with and he's still beating the pants off a nation that has a million hands, and he's being beaten by a guy with no hands. >> our enemy knows he has no strategy and he bent listen to
2:24 pm
it, ever. >> that was so brilliant, kimberly. >> four out of five ain't bad. >> could bergdahl get no jail time and skip town? we'll know in no time. ngry equa.
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there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. there are new developments in the bo bergdahl case and the officer says bergdahl should face a lower level court martial that could possibly allow him to walk free. two informant army officials are furious over that news. >> he needs to be held fully accountable for it, and frankly the administration needs to be held fully accountable for the trade that it made for sergeant bergdahl. those five taliban commanders that are now in cutter are
2:29 pm
recruiting, they're fundraising and they're rejoining the fight. >> this is criminal negligence, as far as i'm concerned. this guy defected. he went over to the enemy. he gave them aid and comfort. let me be painfully clear here. at least seven u.s. soldiers, three british soldiers died in the process of trying to recover him after his bad behavior. >> josh quarter, a former sergeant and platoon leader of bergdahl says he should face life in prison because he's responsible for several deaths that occurred after he deserted in 2009. k. g., life in prison? he could be actually executed for treason. >> it's unbelievable he's getting such a pass, but i think the fix was in. we saw it in the rose garden with the president and calling him a hero and the nonsense that went on there. meanwhile, no regard for u.s. lives that were lost because of this man. to say he left is disingenuous,
2:30 pm
because he wanted to report to a higher ranking. why did you write letters home, why did you send your things home? the prosecution kind of laid the case out saying he wasn't doing well mentally, this is someone very fragile, very weak, not able to understand about what he did, et cetera, et cetera. but come on, scot-free? is he going back to the marijuana fields back in cali? >> tony schafer points out people say five, seven, eight servicepeople who died looking for bergdahl. >> i'm just telling you, we just had an investigation. that's not true. again, we had an investigation by the united states military. the united states military found no evidence that anyone was killed. the real charge that comes from people who oppose this is those people were put in danger and other assignments they were on and then exposed them to possible death. but nobody says that anybody
2:31 pm
died. >> it could have been the possible cause, juan. >> i was sitting at this table and i heard you say, oh, yeah, people went out and got killed searching for bergdahl. never happened! >> i'm not sure anybody at the table said we simply said what schafer said. what signal does it send to other servicemen and women who may be thinking about doing the same thing? >> i don't think you can set a precedent here with these cases because there's no walking back. if you let this guy go, it's easier to let the next guy go. he should be punished slightly more than petraeus, i think, or maybe he would be perfect in the newly revamped nbc lineup. what happened the reality show called "the deserter" where every week he signs up for a new obligation, and he tries to leave and everyone has to go find him. >> do you know what this does, honestly? i'm the daughter of a p.o.w. for all the people who are captured in combat in
2:32 pm
justifiable ways, this guy left his post, went into enemy hands and we're supposed to feel sorry for you? i'm about two steps from letting the navy s.e.a.l.s handle it. >> donald trump doesn't mince words when expressing what he truly feels about bergdahl. here's donald trump on the campaign trail a couple days ago. >> we're tired of sergeant bergdahl who is a traitor, he's a traitor, a no-good traitor, who should have been executed. >> greg? >> you have to hand it to trump, he handles more red meat than sam the butcher. he's like the guy at the corner bar who was shouting at the tv, but that guy could be right. >> i don't want to live in such a politically correct time that we're not okay with giving the death penalty to someone who is a traitor and benedict arnold to all the men and women in the military. let's say that man was wrong about seven people dying.
2:33 pm
he put american lives at risk, he put american soldiers' lives at risk and that should be punishable no matter what. >> back in the day that was the definition of treason. >> i think what megan said is a fair point, he puts people at risk. what i'm saying is the united states military has put this man through not only this court martial, but he's been through several reviews of exactly what happened, everybody had the opportunity to testify, and they've come to a conclusion. i wouldn't rely on donald trump, because donaif donald trump is judge and talk radio is the judge, i guess he's a goner. >> i'm just telling you what the u.s. military found. >> kimberly, you say it was in the bag already. why would the military go soft? i can't understand why the politics are the way they are, because president obama had -- >> but we're behind the scenes here with "the wizard of oz."
2:34 pm
i don't find any of this surprising, i find it disheartening. >> who is "the wizard of oz"? >> never mind. i'm saying the administration had it out in the beginning to do the pr to make it a nice package, put him in the rose garden, call him an american hero, perception is reality. can you imagine the fallout if they're shamed by doing that, by parading this guy and sending five terrorists free to go. >> he doesn't understand our involvement in the wars, he can't -- >> sthrp under a republican presidency, liberal media would be losing their minds, and somehow president obama is getting away with it. he's a traitor and he should
2:35 pm
rots rot in hell. >> president obama is getting away with it. our general and commander in chief, who i think are terrific, are accused of condemning. >> don't put words in my mouth. >> i hmy brother needed to be deployed three times before i fully understood. he abandoned his american post, he put lives in danger. he should have more consequences. >> you know why it won't happen? in the past three or four decades, we have elevated resistance to folk hero levels. we used to think patriotism was this amazing, amazing value. now we've lived this life and we're questioning all american values and whether it's good to be patriotic, good to be anything. >> we love the military in this country. >> on that note, let's keep it right there. up next, the dnc chair makes
2:36 pm
some wild claims on the dnc candidates and the so-called war on women. crazy thoughts, dcoming up next.
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democrats are ramping up the so-called war on women's strategy as the 2016 race looms closer. this tactic on the left is nothing new for democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. >> the republicans are putting forth some very radical and offensive positions when it comes to women's lives, women's reproductive health, women's employment, women's opportunities. >> extreme views about women? we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, but it's a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> but hillary is not alone. dnc chair debbie wasserman
2:41 pm
schultz took the war on women to a whole level of absurdity with this swipe on republicans yesterday. >> the republicans have been trying to out-rightwing one another. of the 15 candidates who are left, all who are trying to outtrump donald trump, let's take health care away from women, any one of our candidates will be chosen and eventually elected as the 47th president of the united states of america because of that contract. >> i hate her. i hate her. i hate her. i hate her. >> it's awful. i try to look down because i think -- >> how do you feel about her? just tell me. >> i don't know if you feel this way, kimberly, but i love the democrats treat women like we're a special interest group, and when i go into the voting booth, the only thing that clouds my
2:42 pm
vote is the fact i'm there. >> they're scare machines. they're trying to frighten women, they're trying to terrorize women, the republican party hates women and children. incorrect. who is standing up for lives of children and for babies? the republican party. to me i just feel it's very disconcerting they are trying to fabricate this war on women. they're doing women a disservice, they're fearmongers and they should be exposed. >> any of the gentlemen want to get in? >> i would agree with you, but the real war on women is telling them they can only think one way. pronouns are sexist, abortion is a gift, not just a right. motherhood is really just a sham because you should be doing something else with your life, and no matter where you are, you're oppressed.
2:43 pm
they're attacking "wedding singer" on tv just playing the same old songs and they're selling women down the socialist river. >> want to add to the war on women, juan? >> i was listening to my war on women warrior. >> it's just a political strategy. you need the women vote, you need the independent women vote. it's sliding for hillary clinton, it's sliding for the democrats, so they had to do something to continue to prop it up. it always looks weird when you cry fire and there's no fire. >> gee, nothing has come up about planned parenthood. i don't remember any republican candidate saying, gee, we spend all this money on women's health? why do we need to do that? >> we can still fund women's health services throughout the country without planned parenthood. >> you can try to make up -- let me just tell you, the polls are so clear on this, and the problem for the republican party is that not only do most
2:44 pm
americans think planned parenthood should continue to be funded, but so do most women of all parties. >> they don't want them butchered. that's why those videos are so important. >> if it were real videos without actors, without scripts -- >> all women are pro-choice, and when we go into the voting booth, we can't think of anything but respecting our rights. >> you can still be pro-choice and still fund the practices of planned parenthood. you can still fund services. you're not declaring war on roe v. wade. >> and planned parenthood can do a good job and follow the law and not butcher babies. how about that? provide quality health care and choices to women. >> most people don't want to hear it because they want to defund planned parenthood. they are a key group, and women have voted for democrats, i think, the last six elections.
2:45 pm
>> so if you shine a light on these practices, that vote will change. so the strategy among the left is to say they want to defund planned parenthood. no, we just don't want babies butchered. that's all we're asking for. >> we just don't want fetal parts trafficked. ahead a major car company takes a shot at america's piecemeal culture. kia and the pc culture is next.
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should every kid get a trophy? no thanks, says car maker kia in this must-see sunday football ad. it targets the pc culture. check it out. >> let me see that. participation trophy. but we won every game. why did we get the same trophy as all those teams we beat? are we going to start ending games with hugs instead of handshakes? no. no, no, no, no, no. no. no. no. >> here you go, champ. >> thanks. >> greg, i just thought that was -- you like it, too.
2:50 pm
it's about time, huh? >> i think every dad in the world is clapping for kia. >> they're angry, though. it's a big trophy. the whole participation trophy thing was created to sell more trophies. imagine if you only had trophies winners but then you thought, oh, we could get trophies for losers, you double the demand. the whole participation trophy was a scam by trophy shops. >> i didn't think of that. >> you were a professional athlete, correct? you gained as much, i assume, from losing games as winning. >> yeah, the disappointment of losing that you feel so bad you don't want to do it again is priceless. >> do you think your children that are playing sports right now, it actually hurts them if they don't know the difference? >> i think it depends on the parents. if you're going to teach a kid that you can't lose or everyone has to be equal and then they do get thrown into a situation
2:51 pm
where they lose, like in the business world, they're completely blinded. >> i agree, but i have to tell you something. like with my kids, especially my youngest, he was, like, a really good player, right? and boy, the parents get so serious. they become obsessed. they start to live out their dreams through their kids, and you start to think, this dad, he was not a winner on the course, but he's now pushing pressure on the kid, kimberly. >> that's a little bit different than the trophy situation. i mean, look, i think that if you win, you win. get the champ thing, get the first place, get the ribbon, et cetera. it's good to have motivation, and don't be sitting there like it's treating kids that life is going to be awesome and every day you're going to get a trophy or a promotion or the girl or the car. >> do you think it wouldn't actually get young people to participate? >> no! >> what is your name, young man?
2:52 pm
>> i'm sorry. >> you don't get a trophy today, not you. >> i don't think you should be rewarded for simply participating, and so many great leaders say they have learned just so much from their success as failures, as have many former athletes. i worry about a culture we live in where everyone is rewarded for everything and you don't understand you have to work for that. >> there is no measure of value. you just depreciated the value out of it, so it has no meaning. >> do you know what's a bigger lie than this? fairy tales. every fairy tale ends with "and they lived happily ever after." that's not how it works. we don't live happily ever after. >> greg has two good points. troe the trophy business, that was something else. >> "one more thing," up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. one more thing, eric. >> the most controversial thing that happened the last few days, watch what happens. watch. >> up the middle by murphy. the ball behind second base, he was going to turn that way and make a throw. >> so chase utley takes out rubien tejada. rubien broke his leg on the play. chase utley was originally going to be suspended. let me tell you something about this. this is what you're taught to do
2:57 pm
from the college level on up. you're taught to take out the shortstop or second baseman, no matter where he is, take him out and take him out hard. i played shortstop. this is a cleat. i have three holes in my leg from a guy sliding high, three feet over the bag. >> did you hear what kimberly said? >> by the way, that was the [ bleep ] [ bleep ] slide i've ever seen. it wasn't even a good one. >> i believe if you go to erbit dictionary, "dirty slide" means something else. megan? >> mine is a 94-year-old president, george h.w. bush, was at the houston astros game with his wife barbara bush. it's so good to see him out and i know he's been a fan of
2:58 pm
baseball for a long time. this warms my heart. >> is >> so a little bit of an update on our national hero that saved date in europe. alex scarleto made a trip to visit his friend. if you'll remember, he was stabbed repeatedly, outnumbered. he was trying to defend a woman helper who was being beaten by her boyfriend and then she left in the car with him. they're trying to find out who the girl is. >> that's terrible that they would do that. it's good to see that he's well. this guy is tough. >> it's unbelievable, right? >> juan? >> you know, it's sunday and i really just wanted to sit in front of the tv and watch football, but i have grandkids, so off i went pumpkin picking. there i am with pepper out in gaithersburg, maryland. there they are getting their
2:59 pm
picture taken. here they are with rer girlfriend, morgan. they got face painting out there, they had mazes. that's the wife and i coming down a chute. you go over the top and way down a chute on a burlap sack. this was so much fun. >> you couldn't get it on video? >> it was on video but we didn't have time for that. >> i think we had time for video. i might be the only american who thinks face painting is evil. it makes children look scary. as you know, three weeks away. i finally decided to go with a meercat. here i am shopping for pumpkins. >> while you're eating. >> i always try them and my wife was also dressed as a meerkat. we got inside and i got stuck and was later arrested for doing something vile. i can't help myself.
3:00 pm
anyway, remember, dress safely on halloween. dvrs -- whatever. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. >> a real show. president obama said he never did like his own plan to train rebels in syria and cites climate change as an example of his global leadership. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama insists that russia is making what he calls unforced errors in the poker game over syria and the middle east. the president says vladimir putin is overplaying an already bad hand while the u.s. stands pat, focusing on the president's leadership in areas such as climate change than the iran nuclear deal. kevin


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