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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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let's go to mars and bring back that american spirit that anything is possible and that's my off-the-record comment tonight thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> if you were skeptical to the program identified, train and equip modern syrians why did you go through the program? >> well, because part of what we have to do here, steve, is to try different things. >> those different things cost the american taxpayer $500 million and failed dismally but president obama has no remorse. tonight charles krauthammer willize his "60 minutes" interview. >> why is that t. that people try so hard to get rid of god. >> he can separate conjoined twins but not fact from fiction. >> now the far left is going after dr. ben carson's faith but why in the presidential candidate will be here tonight. >> when columbus discovered america where did he land?
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>> florida. >> georgia? >> it was. >> new york. >> what? >> watters world the columbus day edition. just when you thought it could not get any worse, it does. >> where did columbus land when he got here? >> -- >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. pomple revealing himself. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo if you did not see "60 minutes" last night it's worth watching the interview you with barack obama. it's instructive because the president honestly feels he is he doing an excellent job. no doubt at all economy and the chaos overseas have anything to do with him. amazing to watch this but all americans should.
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we begin with isis. >> somebody has to take memo them on. what's going on right now is not working? i mean, they are still occupying big churches of iraq. they are still occupying a good chunk of syria. >> right. >> who is going to get rid of them? >> over time the community of nations will all get rid of them and we will be leading getting rid of them but, we are not going to be able to get rid of them unless there is an environment inside of syria and in portions of iraq in which local populations, local sunni hop populations are working in a concerted way with us to get rid of them. >> so the president is telling the world and americans that sunni muslims meth must defeat a group that has pledged to deliver death and destruction to america. sunnies, people who live in
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hobbles in a desert they have to defeat them. brutal dictator asat. >> if you were skeptical of the program identified train and equip modern syrians why did you go through the program? >> part of what we have to do here, steve, is to try different things because we also have partners on the ground that are invested to see a solution to this problem. >> try different things. sounds like a chinese buffet restaurant. just incredible. >> third sound bite. the collapse of mr. obama's foreign policy. >> there is a perception in the middle east among our adversaries certainly and even among some of our allies that the united states is in retreat. that we have pulled our troops out of iraq and isis
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has moved in and taken over much of that territory. the situation in afghanistan is very precarious and the taliban is on the march then ice sis controls a large part of syria i guarantee you factions inside the middle east and factions inside the republican party who think that we should send endless numbers of troops into the middle east. that the only measure of strength is us sending back several hundred thousands troops. >> so according to president obama, there is no solution, no solution to radical islamic terror other than sending several hundred thousand u.s. troops into dangerous areas. he is averse to using any ground troops he does little. the middle east are glaring. talking points no president wants to admit failure ever.
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recent lit the carter administration almost wrecked the country. mr. carter lost big to ronald reagan but never admitted he had had fouled things up. throughout history that's the been the case. herbert hoover wouldn't cop to the great depression. so as president obama enters his final year the nation is struggling but in his eyes, he has done a fine job. and believes he would win re-election again. he really believes it reaction, joining us from washington, charles krauthammer. did you pick up anything else in that "60 minutes" interview, charles? >> well, just the stuff you showed is almost clinical. he mean, we really are in a pretty dangerous pot when our president after seven years is delusional about what is happening in the world. it's hard to know where to start but we said who is going to take on isis? he said the community of nation also take it on. the community of nations
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doesn't exist what is he talking about? the u.n.? what what is he talking about, the nobel peace prize committee? or maybe he means the international olympic committee. they will send in a team against isis. this is an adolescent columbia undergraduate fantasy of the community of nations. >> he has mentioned many times 60 nation coalition. he did mention it to croft last night the 60 nation coalition nonexistent. yeah i will sign up to get isis and don't send anybody or do anything. there is no coordinated 60 nation offensive against isis. >> imagine that you are one of the free training. in camps in jordan out there who are being absolutely wiped out by russian air
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power right now and as they die their consolation to think as obama said after all the russians only have two allies here. iran and hezbollah. and he is going to die knowing that belgium is with him this is a president living on a different planet. people are getting killed. it's a civil war it would happen without us. the people getting killed now by russian arms are people who trusted us, were trained by us and depended on us and the message to the entire middle east to the saudis, to the israelis, to the jordanians and egyptians who have depended on us to have their back for now 50 years, they look at a president who is delusional about what's happening and thinks that he is actually winning in this region. >> now, you use the word clinical. there is no doubt in my mind
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and i think you concur that president obama believes every word he says that's a win for him. even though afghanistan topples, which it will three or four years from now just like south vietnam did. even if isis beheads '3,000 people. well, we will get around to it. we will finally do it he believes is he a genius. what is that. >> theory of -- i hate to elevate it to such' terms. he repeats the line from martin luther king the arc of history is long but it tends towards justice. he has said this in many of the u.n. speeches. that control of territory really doesn't matter in the 21st century.
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he said power ultimately dissipates. he is right that in 100 years assad will be gone he doesn't have to do anything russians are gone and incurring a lot of costs. in the meantime a few generations a lot of people will die and american influence are erode and russians and jihadis are going to be in control of swaths of the world and other kinds of calamities. he has a theory in the end in the 21st century somehow when the calendar change in january 2000, the world altered itself and after thousands of years of countries determining their future by power and whether they were strong enough to defend themselves, that no longer applies in the community of nations now is going to take on the likes of isis. he seems to believe this i can imagine what they are thinking in the capitals of the world.
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county president on the strongest power on earth truly have this adolescent view of the world. this ultimate idealism. totally detached from reality that it really doesn't matter. ukraine was invaded by the russians. what did obama say? his policy was to offer putin a safe facing off ramp calamity. imagine go in crimea it has to end badly. it doesn't. >> you know what's worse than one individual even though he is a president, his whole party, the whole democratic party and maybe 50% of the country they don't care. charles, thank you. and dr. krauthammer will be back tomorrow on the factor with a preview of the big democratic debate. next on the rundown, the far left attacking dr. ben carson's faith. but why? the doctor will be here. later, no english, please. 20% of those living in america use no glish in
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available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. impact segment tone, attacking ben carson. a cbs poll rye leased yesterday has dr. carson 21% second place g.o.p. sweepstakes beyond donald trump who has 27%. maybe that's why the far left continues to hammer the doctor. >> why would someone running for president yes, sadly it's ben carson, lay the blame on those young people out in oregon who were just killed by a mass murderer. it's pathetic. >> he can separate can joined twins but can't separate fact from fiction. >> i personally believe this theory that darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary. >> the devil. >> ben carson really thinks that he could rally people against a mass shooter. i you think he is overestimating how inspiring
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his presence might be. >> joining us now from bolton beach, florida is dr. carson. >>there is something about you. i mean, trump the far left feels is a showman. supercilious about him. arrogant about him. is he is just not worthy. but you, there is something about you that really annoys the secular progressives. what is that? >> well, i think it's the fact that i you simply won't submit to their nonsense. and and do things the way that they think they should be done. and i will not talk the way that they think i should talk and embrace the ideals that they think should be embraced. how dare someone like me actually think for themselves. and yesterday i was at a book signing in tennessee and we were having a little press conference. one of the people said are
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the controversial things that you are saying hurting you? and i said well, first of all, they are only controversial to you, left-wing media because you take them out of con texas and try to reinterpret them. do you think they are controversial -- look around you. i said they are 2,000 people here coming to have their book signed. do you think it's controversial to them? obviously not. people are very enthusiastic. it's interesting that everybody comes up to me everywhere i go and say please don't submit to those media people. do not do it. you have to stand up for us. >> do you think there is a color thing in play here at all? >> in the sense that the left wick does have does have standard practice for black people and you are not supposed to wander away from that or you are an uncle tom or traitor or all kinds of
5:17 pm
names they call you. i find it rather amusing. i think a lot of americans find it amusing too. they know they are going to do this. they will come after you with everything they possibly can. they will be digging through everything. they will try to reinterpret everything. they are like a fly that's been sprayed by raid, you know, and they are on their back spinning around and they are desperate. okay because we are going to keep on with the truth. >> they don't like conservative black men and women because you are betraying left that you guys need help. you have a debt to african-americans and all of that and you preach self-reliance. the other thing is your faith. are you really a creationist? do you subscribe to adam and eve and the garden of eden and that's where we came from? >> well, i certainly belief that god is our creator. and interestingly enough, if you look at our founding
5:18 pm
document, the declaration of independence, it talks about certain inalienable rights given to us by our creator. >> that could be intelligent design and intelligent design leads to evolution. but there are some people fundamentalists religious people who look adam and eve were there and that's what it says in genesis and that's what happened. where are you on that? >> i think people are certainly aloyed to the private beliefs. i know the earth is 6,000 years old they have no basis for saying that. i don't know how old the earth is it says in the beginning god created the heaven and earth and there is a period there. you don't know how much time elapsed other thing is people don't realize he is god. if he wanted to create an earth that was billions of years old he could do it. they can't do it. how come they are always trying to put themselves in the same category as god. >> they are trying to diminish your intellect. that's what they try to do. final question. you have a book out.
5:19 pm
do you want to mention the title of the book here? >> "a more perfect union." most americans know we have a constitution and they don't know what's in it and what's behind it it's there to protect their liberties and limit the government. >> your book is pretty much explaining some history for the u.s.a. how you interpret the founding document. do i have it? i haven't read it yet. i will get to it but i have got 15 books. >> you will love it it's the kind of thing you write about. >> carson and i think a like in a lot of different ways when you mentioned that you would have rushed the gunman. didn't they do that on 9/11 and the plane that crashed in pennsylvania? yes, they did. when you mentioned that, the nazis seized guns, one of their first policies were to get guns off the street. that's exactly true. the warsaw ghetto showed that jews in warsaw who were armed could hold off the nazis and if everybody had that then the nazis would have had a lot more trouble doing what they did.
5:20 pm
there is a lot of things that you say that i understand and then i see a guy like chris matthews saying you are diminishing those people in oregon i know you would never do that guy is matthews. >> of course not. >> is he lying because he must know you enough to know you would never do that but is he grandstanding to his crew. >> of course he is. that's what they do. >> that's what they do. >> people know that. i don't worry about it. >> good luck with the book and you are welcome any time. >> thank you. >> 20% of u.s. residents now speak a foreign language in their own home. what are the implications of that hillary clinton website feature iting me, everyone. wait until you see this. that's not hillary clinton. that's bowling. up ahead.
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personal story segment tonight. at&t according to the u.s. cren sus more than five u.s. residents now speak another language other than english at home. that's more than 63 million folks. spanish 45 million. arabic 1.1 million. i'm tempted to say if you want to hear this lead n spanish press one but i won't. laura ingraham, juan williams both are fox news analysts. juan, what are the implications of 63 million non-english-speaking people. >> well, i think if you had 63 million who only spoke spanish or arabic at home and were living in ghettos like secluded segregated i think it would be bad. get in a like canada quebec. cessation movement away from the mainstream of canada and english speaking people you could have something here. there is a new national academy of sciences report, bill, it says that english proficiency among this much lancasterer group of
5:25 pm
immigrants than we is have seen before in american history. closing now to matching the height. actually learned english much more quickly than previous waves of immigrants. >> i think that has to do with the school system. laura, what say you? >> well, it's hard to say how it expands beyond speaking at home. i mean, immigrants in the early part of the 1900s, i mean, my mother's parents spoke polish at home but they also insisted that their children speak english at home. i don't know how much of that is going on, but we do know, bill, that there are jobs now that you apply for that i always hear about on my radio show that if you don't speak spanish in places like texas in certain job sectors you are at a real disadvantage. i hear this at least a couple of times a week from folks that call in my show. >> that's a skill set that never bothered me. if you are a retail person and you are down in south texas. >> are you in favor of
5:26 pm
people getting ballots in pattern spanish. >> they no. they can have classes where they tutor. >> in arlington, massachusetts, which is not a huge school district, but a few years ago a piece was written in massachusetts and 33 different languages and cultures and learning experiences are part of the learning process in arlington. that's not cheap. that costs money. that means the budgets are stretched tighter and tighter see bigger problems. >> we want that. we want people to assimilate. we want them to learn english. >> my point is a different one, juan. you are not following what i'm saying. >> in arlington school district is catering to what language do you speak. you can can speak that language in the school that's wrong.
5:27 pm
that's got to be english. >> that's not the point. the point is they should be able to learn english and they have to start english second language. esl. they have to start that opener language. >> it's got to be a discipline where english has to be. >> it isn't. i was born in panama. my mom and dad spoke spanish. my mom said you have got to learn english to be a success in america you must learn to speak. >> univision. did you have univision catering to keeping you speaking just spanish. >> no. absolutely not. >> bill, juan, let me finish. today there are a lot of people making money keeping people speak their own language. we have to talk about the limited resources we have to take care of the indigent people here. native born. poor people. working class people seen their jobs eroded. immigration is great but it has to work for the people who are here. >> i have got to go.
5:28 pm
it's a very interesting problem but in the public sector with the taxpayer funding it's all got to be english. >> yeah, i would agree. >> laura and juan thank you. bizarre story the clinton campaign website featuring me talking about benghazi but wait until you see what they did. and later, watters world, the columbus edition. >> what was columbus looking for when he came here? >> was he looking for spain? >> no. he sailed from spain. >> we hope you stay tune to those reports. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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hume zone segment tonight. i was a bit perplexed when i found out hillary clinton for president website was featuring me. >> if you don't think the benghazi thing is political, of course it's political. if you think those guys, those republicans on that panel don't want to bring down hillary clinton, you are 6 years old because they do. so, it is political. >> now, that was on the hillary clinton website with a little tag and told you so or whatever. but that's not exactly what i said on the five. the dlint people used a little slight of hand. they edited my sound bite. here's the whole thing. >> if you don't think the benghazi thing is political, of course it's political. but that doesn't mean we shouldn't know what exactly happened and why the secretary of state was ignorant about the security problems in benghazi, libya. but, if you think those guys, those republicans on that panel don't want to
5:33 pm
bring down hillary clinton, you are 6 years old. because they do. so, it is political. >> ah-ha. joining us now from washington brit hume. pretty sneaky to cut out all that stuff in the middle of that, isn't it? >> the first thing that needs to be said about about this is that nearly every investigation ever conducted in congress is political. it's political because it's a political institution. investigation is being conducted by politicians who have an axe to grind on both signs. that applies to this investigation as much as anything else. the gore find watergate investigation was s. political. all those inquiries are to some extent. the way they edited your quote and i would call it a political edit to come to think about it it. the impression that the only purpose and effect of that investigation was to get hillary clinton, which isn't what you said and isn't true. >> it is political on the other side as well because
5:34 pm
the democratic members of the committee looking into benghazi don't want any revelations that might damage mrs. clinton. so, it's political on their side as well as the other side. now, we call the clinton website people, brian fallen, irish guy, press secretary for hillary clinton. all right, he said is, quote: the rest of bill's comments didn't change the meaning or the impact of his acknowledgment the committee's action are fundamentally political. do you agree with that? >> you didn't say fundamentally political. so that's as are representation. i would note something here which is maybe of some interest which is that watergate committee investigation was run by democrats against a republican president. the democrats were in the majority at the time. but the republicans at that time were interested in getting to the bottom of watergate as well and they sort of joined the possie. and it made for an investigation that had at least the patena of
5:35 pm
bipartisanship. you cannot get the minority party in this congress to participate in that way in an investigation. >> that's for sure. >> unless it's the investigation of a plane crash where there is no real political impact of it. >> as something as something like that is and you can't. >> you are investigating a sitting president or someone who has just left office and can cat for president, it's just no way that's going to happen anymore. >> i have got a minute left. there is a little thing come across the wire tonight. president obama gave an interview with the new york review of books where he says that fox news, that's you and me, hume, in the beginning made him out to be scary i guess halloween reference. >> we have been living in his head sort of repent free for quite a long time. haven't we? he complains about fox news a lot. he thinks this we are being unfair to him. he will say it in a guesting way but i think it's pretty clear that he doesn't mean it and we are under his
5:36 pm
skin. more critical of him than any other network although i have to say myself i was very fair to barack obama when he was running for president i think you were too. >> we are trying. we are not going to fail to point out the things that aren't working just as did you in your segment earlier with charles. >> that wouldn't be honest. we would be parts san if we do that. brit hume, everybody. legendary reporter bob woodward of watergate fame of the clinton campaign and new book he has about richard nixon's paranoia and watters taking to the streets to honor columbus. moments away.
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on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the second personal story segment tonight. the new book called the lapse of the president's men written by bob woodward about richard nixon white house as seen through his eyes. mr. woodward joins us now. before you get to the book. have you been watching the hillary clinton campaign. she will be debating tomorrow night. is her campaign in trouble. >> sure. because there are lots of unanswered questions, particularly on the email but as you read your book about reagan, which is a full excavation of his biography and everything in his life, every stage we
5:41 pm
need to do that with hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton were sitting here instead of me, a lot of people would be disappointed but what would you ask her. >> what really happened? >> you got that down though. i didn't know, and i you convenience. >> she keeps saying it was permitted that's quite debatable. i think she seems agitated and not really happy campaigning and all of this stuff. >> i know seen her a number of incarnations. she is more intense she is more engaged. at the same time, the lesson for all of us, be impier call. get the facts, do not
5:42 pm
politicize it. >> do you think she has a sense of entitlement that the presidency should be hers? >> no. she can't now. >> i don't think in her mind though she said he i deserve this? sanders and biden getting in and all of that you don't think she is -- >> independently you can look at her background and all that she has done and seen and argue president and i'm sure that's why she is running. the question is does she have -- and reagan i was struck by this notion that reagan can be cool. he can kind of say hey look, you have to have perspective on things. >> hillary clinton and richard nixon. your book is about richard nixon both so awkward with
5:43 pm
people. nixon was so awkward he didn't know what to say. she doesn't connect with the folks. >> not yet and you are absolutely right. but we are going to find out we are going to talk about this months ago. >> network all the new organizations and everyone is going to do a 20,000 word, 30,000 word biography of every stage of her life. >> hold line of your book? >> in many ways the other side of watergate for nixon. evidence committed all of the crimes for watergate for the purpose of being reelected and now memos surface showing this is all
5:44 pm
new that nixon was managing the vietnam war not really to win the war i'm sure he wanted to win the war but the focus was being reelected. >> it's interesting. >> and to write memo after you bombed 3 million tops of bombs dropped on vietnam and then to tell dan rathervery effective and then on a top secret memo write to henry kissinger zip. we have achieved zilch with the the bombing? >> i i have read the book. the last of the president's men you are a political junk junky you will want to read it. woodward and i are tied for number one non-best fiction sellers in the world. you and i have 12 each. if this book hits number
5:45 pm
one. killing reagan hit number one. you will go ahead. you have 13 and i will have 12. i'm still rooting for you because that's the kind of guy i am. >> thank you. the lesson of all of this, particularly with nixon, it's not -- it is about nixon but it's also a warning we need to know who these people are. >> absolutely. >> and if we don't,. >> we're going to pay for it a are the of people say we are paying big time now. >> bob woodward, everybody. watters world on deck. columbus day edition. how much do the folks know? don't even ask. right back.
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5:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight. waters world today.
5:49 pm
almost 40,000 people marched in the new york city columbus day parade. but in other cities they replaced it with indigenous american day or something. controversy is about columbus mistreating the indians during his voyages to the new world. we sent waters down to florida to find out what the folks know about old chris columbus. ♪ >> tell me about columbus. >> well, i know that he founded many lands. >> then you know all about it. >> christopher? you don't want to hear what i have to say. >> did columbus do something to offend you? >> yeah, genocide. >> why is columbus famous? because he sailed over to puerto rico and we have a lot of puerto ricans here. >> what? >> i know. >> he was a guy credited uncorrectly with discovering the
5:50 pm
united states, and he didn't. fiddle sticks, rubbish. >> no! >> do you know columbus' nationality? >> indian. i don't know what he was. >> he was -- portuguese. >> french. >> what was columbus' nationality? >> from england. >> i don't know, pilgrim. >> he was american? >> i believe he was -- ahh -- >> what are you thinking about? >> italian. >> what year did columbus discover america? >> 19 -- i don't know. >> 1800s, around there. >> you're off by a couple hundred years. when did columbus discover america? >> 1776.
5:51 pm
>> 1860? >> 1805? >> 1492. in yo face! ♪ >> that's better. now, where did columbus land when he got here? >> rockaway, all day. >> why couldn't i think of something lake that? >> florida. >> georgia. >> plymouth rock. >> it wasn't the mainland, i don't think. it was some island. >> it was in the caribbean. >> the caribbean. >> what was columbus looking for when he came here? >> wasn't he looking to like cross across the world? >> that was magellan. what was columbus here looking for? >> freedom. >> he was looking for gold. >> no. >> he thought he was where when
5:52 pm
he landed? >> africa? >> he was in india. >> was he looking for spain? >> no, he sailed from spain. do you remember the names of the ships columbus came over in? >> the anna maria. >> mayfield. >> mayflower. >> santa maria, pinta, kinta? >> kinta? >> i know one is in spanish. >> they're all in spanish. do you think columbus was a good or bad guy? >> i think he was good. >> why was he bad? >> because he was looking for women. ♪ what is love >> columbus, good guy or bad guy? >> think, just think! >> are you going to take columbus day off on monday? >> yes.
5:53 pm
>> this is for o'reilly right here. >> i've got some things to say to you, bill. i'm talking to you. >> are you talking to me? >> i like her. let's get her on. i just got a glimpse of those shorts. were they pink this >> no, they were patriotic. they were chubbies. >> i'm glad you didn't shoot them. it's not unusual that you would do that. >> don't look at my shorts. >> poor columbus, 1492 -- >> sailed the ocean blue. simple. >> he'll be back on thursday. why, i don't know. factor tip of the day, banning halloween. the tip moments away. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain...
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my website, you'll get a free copy of the constitution. the mail now -- >> of course i see the connection, dale. the system is not working. but compromise is needed sometimes in needing things to get done and the caucus may have a problem. >> he still has time to do the right thing, joan. we hope he does. >> keep trying. worth the aggravation.
5:57 pm
>> ben carson was essentially correct when he cited the nazi policy of seizing firearms to consolidate their power. and the warsaw action is a great example of what armed resistance can do. >> no, it's not, francis. i'm a journalist. i sign up for lots of stuff in order to accumulate information. come on! >> because some folks have
5:58 pm
emotion invested in certain people, debbie. jesus and ronald reagan evoke very strong emotions. so if the reader sees something that doesn't square with their predesigned image, they get a little agitated. >> well, she's a patriot, gary. and happy birthday to gloria in lynn, massachusetts. gloria is 100 years old today. finally tonight, the "factor tip of the day," offending the urchins. they decided to ban halloween activities at the town's elementary schools. apparently some religious groups don't subscribe to halloween because it's held on the eve of all saints day. the folks around milford got upset with the halloween ban.
5:59 pm
now the school district has caved. halloween is back, almost. the district will not allow halloween candy if the principals don't want it, because of its effect on the young ones. "factor tip of the day," political correct madness has infected america, and all of us must fight it. leave halloween alone. boo. that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website, and spout off about "the factor" from anywhere in the world. o'reilly @ word of the day, do not be sophistic when writing to "the factor." now, tomorrow, democratic debate. we'll be on right before it. krauthammer will be here. we have a lineup of people and we'll be saying bernie sanders is going to go crazy. what's going to happen?
6:00 pm
we hope you check it out. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. as the fallout continues from a hard-hitting interview about the president's policy in the middle east, there are new questions about whether this picture of america in retreat is the outcome the white house wanted all along. welcome to "the kelly file," everybody. i'm shannon brean in for kelly. in the 24 hours since cbs aired that interview, it's become one of the top stories in the country. he repeatedly made the case in the 12 months since he last pressed middle ea eed mr. obaman has gotten worse. the exchanges raised


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