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  Hannity  FOX News  October 12, 2015 7:01pm-7:19pm PDT

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right now. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight donald trump continues to soar in the polls. in first place with 27% of the vote. dr. ben carson in second place with 21% and they are followed by ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, carly fiorina who are all in the single digits. trump is shaking up the political establishment with his dominance in the polls, but president obama doesn't seem too impressed with the gop front-runner. here he is last night when asked about trump and his candidacy on "60 minutes." take a look. >> he knows how to get attention. he's the classic reality tv character. and at this early stage, it's not surprising that he's gotten a lot of attention. >> do you think he's running out of steam? do you think he'll disappear? >> i'll leave it up to the pundits to make that determination. i don't think he'll end up being president of the united states. >> here with reaction, donald trump. why do i guess you really don't
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care what president obama says, but i want to give you a chance to react to what he said. >> well, he's got to say that. he's not going to say, gee, whiz, i think he's going to win, he's going to beat the democrats. he's an intelligent guy. he had a bad night on "60 minutes." he looked terrible in what he was saying, absolutely terrible. it was a bad night for him. everybody said the same thing. he has so many problems, he's caused so many problems. when they asked the question about me, he's obviously not going to say, gee whiz, i think he's going to win, so that's all he can say. i can't discredit him for that. >> let me ask you two more questions, one on the economy and one on foreign policy. we've accumulated more debt under president obama, more than any other president combined. he's put millions on food stamps, more americans in poverty, 95 million americans out of the workplace, median income down nearly $5,000 a
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family and a 40% increase in health care. what has he done economically if you can think of anything that's made the country better? >> nothing. and obamacare is a disaster. you forgot to mention that. obamacare is going to really kick in in '16 when you'll have a new president. and i have to tell you, it is a disaster. what's going on -- you know, for the next president, that president had better be really competent because obamacare is one of the big killers coming up. you know that, you reported it. people's premiums are going up 55%, 45%, 50%, like constantly. deductibles are through the roof. obamacare just mark my words, it's going to be catastrophic for the country. >> i watch him on foreign policy. it took three days after vladimir putin, you know, targeted u.s.-trained, u.s.-armed anti-assad rebels in syria where he said he's going to leave now because vladimir
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putin engaged there. then look all over the middle east. it's just one piece of the pie, and then this iranian deal. can you name any foreign policy success of obama? >> well, if you look at the iranian deal, it may be the worst contract i've ever seen drawn. that includes real estate deals. that includes every kind of a deal. and that's all die i do is contracts. it's catastrophic. in addition to which we're giving them $150 billion, they're going to be brutal because of us. it will be worse than anybody knows. they will have nuclear weapons and they are keeping our prisoners, by the way. this whole deal is catastrophic. you look at every single thing he's done, now, putin leaves new york, he leaves the united states, he makes his thing at the united nations, his statement at the unioted nation, he sees obama and two days later
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he's doing something he never told president obama about. he's got no respect. i guess obama doesn't like him very much either. but putin has absolutely no respect for our country or for our president. >> he pulled the u.s. troops supporting the syrian rebels that we've been arming and training, he now pulled out two days after they were targeted by vladimir putin. you know, there's two comments you made this weekend that i think reflect why you're being successful. i want to tell you what they were. one, you said hillary should be in jail. now we just learned from trey gowdy on the benghazi committee that she did, in fact, forward a classified e-mail with the name of an undercover operative in libya, which means if her server was hacked, that individual would die. you said something that very few are willing to say, that you think she shouldn't even be a candidate, that she should be worried about going to jail. explain. >> well, she shouldn't be a candidate. what she's done is very serious and everybody else who has done it has either gone to jail or had certain problems like you
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wouldn't believe like as an example, general petraeus. he's a respected man, wonderful general even though, the whole thing over there was also catastrophic, but he was still a wonderful man, a wonderful general. he did something and, you know what they did with him, with two years probation and everything else. i mean, they destroyed his life. and what he did is 5% of what she's done. so look, she's being protected by the democrats. in my opinion they won't do anything with her. it's very unfair to everybody else that suffered greatly for far worse than what she's done and she'll probably be a candidate. with that being said, i'd love to run against her because she's so flawed, she's got so many problems, she did subpoena a bad job as secretary of state, i think she's very beatable, but she shouldn't even be allowed to run. >> the other comment that you made that i thought really stood out is you said we are absolutely foolish to take in syrian refugees especially because our intelligence
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agencies have told us isis and al qaeda will infiltrate the refugee population. if you are president and they are here, will you send them back? >> first of all, the answer is yes. and i'm the first one that said it. i said it loud and strong. we owe $19 trillion. they figure that over a ten-year period this is going to cost us billion of dollars. but on a humane basis, i want to do something. except here's the problem. i look at the migration. they're men. there's so many men, they're strong, they're young. first thing i said why aren't they fighting for their country? then this could be the ultimate trojan horse. i've been talking about this with a lot of people and you. this could be the great trojan horse. we'll take in 200,000. when i heard 3,000, i said maybe, then i heard 5,000 to 10,000. do we have to do it? can't somebody else finally do it? now they're talking about 200,000 people. you have to look at this migration. these are strong, young men. now, we're going to put hundreds
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of thousands of people? i'm telling you, it's probably not a trojan horse, but the word probably is not acceptable. why should we be taking chances? our country's a mess. we have to rebuild our country. we have to rebuild our military. we have to take care of our vets, sean, we have all these things to do now we're going to take in 200,000 people. and by the way, zero documentation. nobody tells you where they're from. there's no paperwork. we have no idea who these people are. we have to be crazy or insane to even think about it. so hopefully that doesn't happen. and i said the other day, you heard me, i said if it happens and if obama takes them in, they're going out if i win, they're going back. >> another thing that came up, i noticed that you spoke at the no labels event. i think it was in new hampshire. and a woman said, i don't think you're a friend of women. i've been to trump towers, i've spent time with your wife and a lot of time with your daughter.
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i've seen her every time i've been over there. i know she loves her dad. i look around your massive offices and i see men and women and people young and old, a lot of people are working there. thousands, i would guess, total. and i wanted to give you a chance to respond considering that seems to be a line of attack the left wants to use against you. >> well, seldom, this is one person -- it was actually a tremendous event. but one woman did ask about that. look, nobody respects women more than i do. my mother was the ultimate person to me, the greatest. there was nobody like my mother. my wife, my daughter ivanka, my wife melania will be out campaigning very soon. and they already have actually done some, but they'll be out heavi heavily. and they know how much i respect women. they say you have to talk about women because you totally respect women, you cherish women. and i used that word. hillary said you shouldn't use the word. i have to use the word. i cherish women, i respect women. and i'll do more for women than
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anybody else. i will say this, sean -- >> i don't mean to interrupt you. hillary is running on she's the great supporter of women. i look at the silence. she didn't say a word with all the issues with her husband and women. is that fair game in the political world? should it be? >> well, that's a tough one. that's pretty tough to be talking about, but i will say this, i don't think she has the steam to get in there and do what she has to do. i can tell you this, jeb bush, rubio, all these guys, they don't have the steam. this is a very serious problem. and women really remember last week a couple of weeks ago with jeb bush on women's health issues. he said he's not going to fund them. i said, why aren't you going to fund them? ultimately he recanted and he took it back. but when you make that statement, that's a bad statement. and rubio feels the same way. so many others. i will be the best thing that could happen to women. pi have great respect and admiration for women. i've had women long before in
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the construction industry building this building many years ago, i had a woman in charge. nobody else had that. so i'm very proud of my record with women. >> we'll take a break. one more segment with donald trump right after this. also coming up tonight -- >> the is a republic15 republic who are left all of whom are trying to out-trump donald trump by saying let's kick immigrants out of this country. >> debbie wasserman schultz stoops to a new low. donald trump will respond to her outrageous remarks. new trouble for hillary clinton ahead of tomorrow's democratic debate. the latest numbers reveal she's dropped a whopping ten points in a single week. is never easy. doing your own thing, making your own way can be pretty, well, bold. rickie fowler is redefining what it means to be a golfer.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good evening. police charging a man in connection with the death of an off-duty memphis police officer. he was preparing to go to work on sunday when he got into an argument with his neighbor. it escalated into a shoot-out. lorenzo clark is charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. ulrich is the second police officer killed in a shooting in less than three months. his fiancee is pregnant with the couple's first child. a gunman kill eed three peoe and wounded nine others, people came waving flags that say ucc strong. the actual building where the shooting took place remains closed. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity ".
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dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz stooped to a new low in attacking the gop. watch this. >> any one of those candidates is in dramatic contrast to any of the republican circus candidates that -- circus performers that are on the other side. the 15 republican candidates who are left all of whom are trying to outtrump donald trump by saying let's kick women -- let's kick immigrants out of this country, take health care away from women, let's increase taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy, let's end medicare as we know it. >> joining us for more reaction, 2016 presidential candidate donald trump. if you become the nominee, it's a guarantee that they'll try to pigeonhole you as being racist, as being sexist, as wanting to throw granny over the cliff, wanting to poison the air and water. that's democratic playbook 101.
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how are you prepared to respond to those attacks? you always say you respond when people attack you first. >> well, they're not going to be able to do that with me because my issues -- if you look at any one of the things you just said, the african-american population. i'm going to bring jobs back. we had a poll recently where i had 25%. the highest ever in a republican primary. always been 9%, 7%. somebody said if you get 25% of the african-american vote, the election's over, you win. and i have a great relationship there. i will have and do have -- because you see the polls -- a great relationship with women. the women are -- i mean, i do great with them. great with evangelicals, tea party. i mean, frankly, with liberals, democrats, conservatives straight across the woboard. you probably saw i have 32 and number two is 13. i have this massive lead over number two. it just came out. part of the reason -- and when you look at that poll, it's
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women, it's african-americans, it's everything, straight across the board. i'm very happy about that. i think we're going to do great. >> we call this the year of the insurgent candidate, outsider candidate. you take 60% of the votes, you're all outsiders. bernie sanders, an outsider. boehner is out, mccarthy didn't get it, they're pushing for paul ryan. i made a statement to a "usa today" reporter, i don't think paul ryan's the guy and for a lot of different reasons. the nicest guy in the world, not the guy that will fight and lead. who do you think will be a good speaker? >> well, i'm a little concerned about, you know, paul because, if you look at his thing on illegal immigration, it's very weak. his stance on illegal immigration, amnesty is in his opinion like a very strong situation, i don't see it. i don't see it. we have to have a border, we have to have a wall, we have to
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have people come in but they have to come in legally, and he's very weak on that issue and that bothers me. i like him a lot. i think he's a terrific guy. but he's very weak on illegal immigration. we do have three or four people -- well, we do and i have a few names but i don't want to use them now because i don't think these people are interested or if they are they're certainly not putting their names forward. we need someone very tough and very, very smart. it has to be a combination. it can't be one without the other. i know plenty of tough guys that aren't smart. and i know the other two, and i don't think that works either in this case. we need tough and we need smart. if we don't get that, it's problems. >> my suggestion is bring back newt gingrich. you haven't had a more successful speaker in 50 years. good idea, bad idea? >> newt has been so nice to me. he said such great things about me. so nice to hear the other day. he said things i refused to even talk about him because he'll say like i'm an egomaniac. what he said about me was incredible. i like newt.
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he's a really smart guy. he really showed it last time not only in the debates in the way he ran. i've heard that suggestion, a lot of people like that idea. >> all right. mr. trump good to see you. always good to have you back on the program. and thanks for being