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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 12, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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#asksean. that is all the time we have left this eveningful we hope you'll set your dvr. we take attendance and it hurts our feelings. we hope you'll join us tonight "on the record" senator marco rubio is here to go "on the record." the 2016 republican can dalton for president making a strong push as the top tier of candidates. but, first, the fight in syria. also triggering feuds between the united states and russia and in contentious tv interview president obama pushed back against claims that russia is now the dominant leader in the middle east. >> you said a year ago that the united states -- america leads. we are the indispensable nation. mr. putin seems to be challenging that leadership. >> in what way? >> let's think about this. >> he has moved troops into syria for one. >> yeah. >> he has got people on the ground. >> right. >> two, the russians are conducting military operations in the middle east for the first time
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since world war ii. >> so that's -- >> -- the people that we are supporting. >> so that's leading, steve? >> he is challenging your leadership, mr. president. he is challenging your leadership. >> steve, i have got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally, is leadership, then we have got a different definition. leadership. my definition of leadership would be leading on climate change and international accord potential in paris. is mine is mobilizing the entire world community to make sure iran doesn't get nuclear weapon. >> marco rubio is here to go "on the record." >> good evening. hello, greta. >> what is going on between the united states and russia and president putin and president obama and what's happening on the ground to all those syrians. >> yeah. first of all, watching just
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that portion of the interview, it's sad. it really is is i feel sad for the country to have a president who is in complete denial of what is happening in the middle east. so one has a doubt that the russian economy isn't the size and scope of the measure economy. what's happening is were straightforward. going into the middle east and know america under barack obama is unreliable. you can't count on them. you can can count on us. we are going to show you how firm and resolute we are. we take action. we don't just talk. within a matter of weeks position not just air assets but ground assets in syria. other nations are noticing because he is making in treatings with the saudis. under barack obama america is unreliable but you can count on russia. we may not have an economy as big as america's but we are willing to put action behind our words. he is directly challenging barack obama. and as a result, undermining america's influence in the middle east and in the broader world. the rest of the world is watching this too. >> i think it's probably deeply disturbing to a lot of americans to find out a
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year ago when $500 million was authorized to equip and train opposition rebels in syria that three days ago that the president scrapped it as being abject failure only four or five trained and equipped. we hear last night on "60 minutes" the president had been accident technical from the get-go about that program. what is sour strategy and how much of that 500 million have we spent and the president apparently thought it was a stupid idea to begin with. >> those are all good questions. the truth is he did it too late. it's important to realize the uprising against assad was not started by isis it was started by syrians themselves. including army defectors. that was the time to equip those folks. i warned. this was three and a half years ago. i warned if we didn't do that these people would be wiped out or run out and radical gentlemen haddists would fill that open space. that's exactly what happened. by the time he came around to doing anything about
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syria, there was not that many people left to work with on the ground. even the effort to arm and equip them has been slow, unsteady, unreliable. many of the people who joined our effort quite frankly out of abandonment. when you had a president who didn't believe in it to begin with that tells you one of the reasons why it didn't work. >> the problem is beings andedded. we have the situation in turkey with the suicide bombing. 100 people dead over of the weekend. two suicide bombs. turkey are our nato allies. what about the kurds who are sitting there in syria and in turkey. >> right. and so that's the other country we are worried about. the next nation to be destabilized could be turkey, lebanon is already destabilized to get further in that direction. isis is already in libya. isis has o. is already threatening to do something in jordan and eventually saudi arabia. and already joining a presence in afghanistan. it's not too late to put together a coalition of sunnies and kurds working with the turks, the saudis,
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the jordanians, the egyptians and others in the region not just to counter isis but to bring some sort of balance to all that's going on now including a safe haven within the borders of syria, near the border with turkey, from which an alternative to assad could organize in safety, a place where refugees could also go and ultimately a place where there would be anti-isis fighting force on the ground but albeit it's gotten harder now that there are russian come bat missions being flown in the region. >> news that jason- >> -- i don't agree with the swap. i agree it's a heart breaking situation. here is why you can't do the other swaps because it will send a message to the world, again, these terrorists saw that we swapped five tall badge prisoner for an american deserter. they saw what happened in cuba. all of these are cases for
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example allen groce in cuba a heart breaking case. when do you that you are putting in danger the lives of other americans. adversaries know if they can get their hands on american it exchange creates incentive for other countries to do that let there be no doubt that's what iran is doing. there should have never been a deal for iran including the long range missile they tested yesterday and nuke laura larr ambitions. one of the reasons there shouldn't have been a deal because of jason and others they are holding illegally as hot tages. these guys are playing us at every turn. >> including our u.s. marine amir hekmati. >> that's right. >> tomorrow night the democratic debate. will you be watching and what are you looking for? >> i doubt i will be watching i have got a busy day ahead of me. i'm sure i will see the clips and the highlights. i think it's a race to the left. all the candidates will see which one can add liberal another. the guy leading in the polls bernie sanders a devout
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socialist. and hillary clinton has moved to the left to appease the radical left. a race to the left to be more out of touch. they want to do everything barack obama is doing but even more of it expand the obama agenda. that's what they will argue about tont tomorrow night. that's what the whole primary is about. who is the most liberal and most to the left. who going to take the aobama agenda that's deny disaster russ for america. >> without hesitation steve croft asked if he could run a third term if the constitution allowed it he said yes. >> i don't think that's true. this election is going to be an election of the obama. a number of polls say we are headed in the wrong direction. you don't believe you are headed in the wrong direction if you are happy with the person in the white house. this country is on the verge of being the first generation to leave the next generation worse off and it's because political leaders in both parties are
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out of touch in washington but none more so than this president as evidenced by that answer that he gave. >> senator rubio, nice to see you. hope you will come back soon, sir. >> we'll, thank you. >> the house benghazi committee is used to attacks of democrats and secretary of state hillary clinton that's the outside. but now the committee is under fire from the inside. a former benghazi committee staff now accusing the party of attacks on secretary clinton. that staff claims he was fired for not going after secretary clinton. my interest of the republican leadership who focus their on secretary clinton and her aides. south carolina representative and chairman of the house benghazi select committee trey gowdy goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you? >> very well. for starters this staff, have you ever met him? >> he says we met twice but it left so little impression upon me i don't recall it. >> all right. have you heard his complaints. he said that the committee is partisan. that he got fired because he
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wouldn't be partisan. and you respond how? >> well, let me say two things, first of all, the most interesting thing happened this afternoon, greta. i got a letter from his lawyers that they don't want to discuss this publicly anymore. they were happy to discuss it friday, saturday, and sunday when they were making these incendiary allegations. but as soon as some facts started trickling out, now they don't want to talk about it they want it to be confidential. let me tell it your viewers. this he left in june of this year. he has no idea what our committee has done since june. i will be happy to tell him had. we have done 50 witness interviews since the email story broke. 50. precisely one of them has been exclusively related to her email and that was brian pga. as you recall, greta, that was a really short interview because he invoked his fifth amendment privilege. we have done 14 dod and intel witnesses which, of course, would have nothing to do with secretary clinton. so, out of 50 one has been
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exclusively related to her. i'm bad with math but i think that's 2%. >> all right. he said also that there was retaliation because he wanted to go on active duty and a there was some push back from the committee last spring. >> well, greta, i can tell you this his leave was approved every time he wanted to go. my stop lawyer was the top lawyer for the united states army. he is a three star general whose reputation honor and integrity is unassailable. he is the top lawyer for the army. a three star general. so if anyone would understand the rights of reservoirists it would be my chief counsel. i don't care what the democrats say about me, greta, i have been in the courtroom for 16 years. i have heard it before. but i have got women and men downstairs who are professional. they are character-driven. they are former federal prosecutors. former house ethics attorneys. a former three star united
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states general. i will be damned if i am goods going to let anybody besmirch their reputation. you can say anything you want about me i have signed up for it. do not to the lives of four fellow americans. >> was he fired by the way and if so what was the reason? >> you know, i'm unclear and i want to be respectful of the process. i have heard terminated and i have heard resigned and i have heard it was for a multitude of reasons. i can just tell you. this the very first time anyone ever heard an allegation about secretary clinton was friday. this past friday. never once before. >> had he been -- i he know he has filed a lawsuit. first of all, has he asked for anything specific about money? >> he hasn't asked me but i haven't been part of the mediation process. i haven't been part of any of that it was brought to my attention thursday as a reservist claim and then friday, saturday, and sunday he was happy to litigate this matter publicly with any national media outlet
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that would listen. but when some facts started trickling out, for instance, the fact that he has been gone since june. the fact that out of 50 interviews only one has been related exclusively to her email, then i get a letter from his lawyer saying you know what maybe we don't want to talk about this publicly anymore? >> has he been deposed in connection with with this? and if he has been deposed, did he bring up the business about the partisanship with secretary clinton? >> i don't believe he has been deposed because it's not in litigation. and the very first time anyone on our side heard any allegations about secretary clinton. the very first time was friday. >> i guess that the committee will go forward that you are goings -- going to continue it. i understand that you have ambassador stevens emails that those have been released to you. where did those come from? >> they came from the state department, greta, i think that is so important for
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your viewers and ambassador steefnsz for the a committee in congress bothered to ask for all of his emails so. when you hear my house democrat colleagues talk about the seven previous congressional committees. not a single one of them bothered to ask for the emails of our former ambassador as you know, greta, those would be important for all three trawnches in libya, before, during and possibly even the construction of the talking points in terms of what led to the attacks if he had sent an email that evening. >> did they fail to ask for them or is someone holding these emails back? >> well, they either didn't ask for them or they didn't press. and you know part of the allegations against my committee is that we are taking too long. one of the reasons we are taking too long, greta, is i'm not going to stop this simply because the state department will not give me what i am entitled to you would never pursue this investigation without every single one of chris stevens emails. you would never do that so
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why in the world would i do that? even among the allegations it's too slow and too costly. i just heard marco say $500 million for five isis fighters, i think $4 million if that's the figure is just right for four dead americans. i'm going to spend more than that if necessary to get all the documents. >> what are the odds you are going to run for speaker? >> zero. i don't know if you believe in negative numbers or not. but if there were a negative percentage, i would give you that. there is a gentleman from wisconsin that i think is uniquely well qualified and i'm from south carolina. >> congressman, thank you for joining us, sir. >> yemen, thank you. >> iran firing a new test missile. new because it allows iran to completely control the missile right up until the moment of impact. and another historic and controversial deal with president obama iran agreed not to launch any missiles that could carry nuclear weapons but iranian
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officials claim these new missiles are for defense purposes only. and very grim news tonight for every american. jason rezian an innocent american held in iran's most violent prison has been convicted by iranian judge. he has been held in evin prison for more than 14 months awaiting trial on bogus espionage charges. executive editor slamming the judge's decision calling it outrageous injustice. jason's brother is here i always hope i'm going to see you on very different conditions. >> i hope so too soon. >> how did you hear your brother had been convicted. >> i actually got an email from somebody in iran telling me that they had heard about it. >> all these hearings he has had, all closed to the public, right? >> every single one. the only person who is not part of the iranian government that's been in there is his lawyer.
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>> do you know what he is convicted of? >>. no and neither does he right now. >> do they give you any hint when they are going to tell you what he has been convicted of? >> no. they tell us he needed official translator so they couldn't give the conviction yesterday. and that they would call us when they have an official translator and the lawyer could go in. >> can't the lawyer speak -- county lawyer speak english? or your mother is there, right? >> my mom is there. >> can she at least read it to see what he is convicted of? >> nor my mom or sister-in-law would be able to go in when they pass down the verdict. only his lawyer doesn't k. go in there. she doesn't speak >> we can find out what it is. has the state department said anything to you? >> we have been in touch with them on and off. what we know is they are still talking with the iranians. i think both governments have said they are in discussion about citizens but we don't know much more about that. >> i spoke to secretary kerry about two weeks ago and i actually asked him
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about swapping. he said he wasn't going to tell me the strategy and i understand that but for some reason i got the idea that at least they were working on something. >> you know, two weeks ago when the iranian president came to the u.n. general assembly it was outrageous. he walls saying if we gave up some iranians then maybe jason would get justice. he is innocent he should be released. maybe the that's the direction to go. jason just needs to get out. it's been over a year he has been held. he didn't do anything wrong. evidence should come home. >> do you know anything about this judge? >> he is one of the toughest judges in iran. he is pretty well known. he has got u.n. sanctions against him. he can't go to europe because of some of the trials he has run. >> do you know what he is he sentenced our u.s. marine to before he was reversed. >> i believe he was sentenced to death. >> the higher court reversed it? >> correct. >> do you know anything about the conditions your brother something held in? >> we still know he is by
11:18 pm
himself with one person who he can't speak with because they don't share a language. most of the time by himself is. the interrogators don't even come to talk to him. he just is waiting. he doesn't know what is coming next. >> alli, thank you. we have pass tore abedini and u.s. marine bob hekmati and bob levinson we don't know where he is and iran has been very uncooperative to put it lightly. thank you. hope next time it's a very different interview we have. >> thanks for having me. army sergeant bowe bergdahl news he fafses life in prison, new word he might get no prison time. one of america's most popular restaurant in hot water. a police officer booted from
11:19 pm
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>> president obama swapping accused army deserter bowe bergdahl for five taliban held in gitmo. tonight there is news that sergeant bowe bergdahl may not get time behind bars. the army officer in charge of bergdahl's case recommending no jail time and this coming despite the fact that bergdahl's charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison. what do you think? should bergdahl go to jail or not? vote yes or no using #greta. major general bob scales goes "on the record." nice to see you sir. >> hi, greta. >> what's the process we are that bergdahl will get jail time. >> i think it's virtually zero. it's very difficult. a special court martial is like a misdemeanor court. >> he has been knocked down from the possibility of a general down to a special. >> now, the unlike a grand jury, this is a recommendation not an indictment. so it goes up to the man in
11:23 pm
charge four star general, general abrams. that's very rare in the military court system. it's very likely that he bumps it from a general down to a special. i think he is going to walk. >> whats justification or the reasoning behind the special, the recommendation for special? >> first of all let me say, i have mined this thing down to the third decimal point. this is not political. this was something that was done within the army system. my view is u after readings the 15-6, article 32. grand jury, there was enormous amount of sympathy for bergdahl on the part of the jurors. >> thats would be the military? >> they are all military that would be that bergdahl has suffered enough at the hands of the taliban, there is no reason to put him in jail even though we stipulate the fact that he is a deserter and he misbehaved before the enemy in a combat zone which as you know are very, very serious charges. >> i must be surprised at this. if in this were in a civilian court i would understand that because the military is so vastly
11:24 pm
different. >> absolutely. >> needing to send a message to everybody in the military. >> absolutely. >> the last thing you want to do is, quote, reward a desert iser even if he got treated. >> for those of us that served in combat. the most sacred thing a soldier holds dear is never to let his buddies down. it's it the idea of the band of brothers effect that you are willing to die not so much for your country but more or less to keep your buddies alive. here is a guy that not only walked away from his buddies but then put his buddies through a 45-day period of hell as they went all over afghanistan trying to find him. and after all that, he gets a misdemeanor. a misdemeanor in the military court is something that you charge someone for shoplifting. >> is this one person making this recommendation or is this a group? there that's a great question. a major general named kenneth dole who conducted the initial recommendation. 15-6. he is the one who started this movement down the path from going to a general to a
11:25 pm
special court martial. the guy that ran the article 32 is a lieutenant colonel is extremely unlikely he is going to go against the recommendations of the general. we will see what happens. we have one more shot to get this right when it goes to the four star general, general robert abrahams who can correct this injustice and give this guy a general court martial. >> general scales, nice to see you, sir. >> you too, greta. >> player of gunned down in the at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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tonight another police officer shot and killed. this time in memphis, tennessee. 31-year-old author terrence al ridge killed in his driveway on his way to work. this latest incident highlighting the wave of violence against police. also all ridge is the fourth police officer to be shot fatalfully four years. griff jenkins is live "on the record." griff? >> greta that wave of violence may be more of a crisis here in memphis for the second time in just the last 72 days an officer is shot and killed. here is what happened yesterday. officer terrence al ridge is getting ready to go to work shortly before 1:00 p.m. he gets into an argument with a neighbor loren zoe clark which results in alridge being shot and killed can. clark tonight in custody charged with a felony possession of firearms, more charges expected to come, alridge leaves behind a fiancee four months pregnant. we spoke to. so local
11:30 pm
officers here like tennessee f.o.p. president who is very concerned. here is what he had to say. >> well, it's just yet another in many that we have had throughout the united states this year it seems to be a wave that is progressing across the country and it's tragic. >> what can be done about this? memphis has now two officers shot within 72 days of each other. >> yes, sir. that's something that we as the fop feel that it's the duty of the officers to respond to crimes. we're on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. unlike the normal person who can go to work and get off duty and go home. if we see a crime committed, we have to respond whether we are working or not. and oftentimes that goes home and to our neighbors and it follows along with us. so the officers need to be safe. >> were memphis is getting a bad wrap. the second most dangerous city in america. are you concerned that this violence against officers here in memphis is here to
11:31 pm
stay? >> i'm concerned not only in memphis but across the united states because it seems to be that we're seeing an increase of people that are going against authority. and when someone puts on a badge and gun they are authority figure and he i believe it's going to increase not only in tennessee but across the united states. >> so what's being done about it? we reached out to mayor a.c. warden here in memphis. he chose not to speak to us. ironically the communication director sent a letter to the mayor saying you you have nothing to gain to comment on something you have no control over. that's unfortunate, greta, because memphis now ranks as the second most dangerous city in america according to fbi stats. greta? >> griff, thank you. and unlimited salad and bread sticks don't bring your gun even if you are a police officer in uniform. kansas city olive garden under fire for booting a cop. the olive garden, if when you
11:32 pm
are here, you are family. >> they are here only at olive garden. >> one police officer celebrating his dinner at the olive garden wasn't welcome at all. a restaurant employee ordering a uniform police officer to leave the restaurant because he was armed. >> seems silly to me a police officer who is sworn to do his duty and i mean that's what he uses to protect the people in the restaurant when he is doing his duty. >> but now the president of olive garden apologizing to the officer and kansas city police chief saying i spoke with one of the officers at olive garden she was very concerned and assured that police officers are welcome there facts are being gathered. >> the president of the kansas city fraternal order of police goes "on the record" this evening. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> the officer who went in to the olive garden just to clarify. he was in uniform and had a weapon issues by the the police department? >> yes. he was in uniform and on
11:33 pm
full duty. had a short break between the two assignments and because it was his birthday he chose to try to grab a bite to eat with some family members and while he was waiting for them to get there, one of the employees asked him to leave. >> and what did he say? what did the officer say? >> well, you know, like anything else he first thought it was a joke. once he realized it wasn't he then asked her if she was serious and she said yes. he goes i guess i should leave and he says yes, you should. and, you know, officers aren't programmed to begin disturbances, our job is to end those disturbances, so he just chose to leave and embarrassingly called his family and told them to meet him somewhere else. >> where was the manager at this place? did any customers say anything at all or speak up? >> you know, i have read one where a lady said she saw him come in and sit and waited and then all of a sudden he got up and left
11:34 pm
she didn't see why. i spoke to the management about it. it was one individual that had a problem with police officers and took it upon herself to ask the officer to leave. >> interestingly enough that you say that because we do have a note from olive garr continue they have issued a statement and said this in part. officer haulsworth experience was unacceptable and inconsistent with how we treat law enforcement. police officers are always welcome at olive garden. brad, i assume that the apology was accepted by the officer? >> it was. you know, the one thing ha we want to do is try to get through the fact that any person doing this is unacceptable but the fact -- we don't believe it was a corporate issue by any mean of it is that this has become the narrative in america. >> we just did something at
11:35 pm
dunkin' donuts it could become a corporate matter if corporation from the top send a message down. may not send a message down to police to thank them. i look at it a little differently. time for them to speak up. >> it is. and then we agree also is that it is time for the corporate america to reach out and say that, you know, discrimination by any means is not okay. >> thank you, sir, very much for joining us. i hope this doesn't happen again. thank you, sir. and. >> thank you very much for having me. >> today four separate stabbings. we're live in jerusalem next. plus. that's coming up.
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11:40 pm
jerusalem. conor? >> yeah, greta. tensions have been on the rise for weeks. started this summer and each new day seems to bring new reports of violence and blood shed not only here in jerusalem but around the region and the last month auto lone five israelis have been killed in a series of what police have called individual lone wolf attacks. most have been stabbings, though two israelis were killed in a gun attack why an alleged hamas cell about a week or so ago. more than two dozen palestinians have also been killed including several attackers. hundreds more palestinians have been injured clashes with israeli security forces. israeli settlers have launched a reprisal attack against palestinians as well. the spark for all of this recent violence is really a fight over access to the compound. a holy site for both jews and muslims. the mosque sits on the site of the second jewish temple. right wing extremists in israel pray there under
11:41 pm
international agreement. jews are allowed to visit the site but they are not allowed to pray there and some members of netanyahu's cabinet here and other extremist groups are pushing to it change that. they want to be able to pray there. there is also additional frustration on the part of palestinian about the growth of settlements in west banks in recent years. all of this has added to a tinderbox of violence that we are seeing here. this is, of course, on top also of last summer's bloody gaza war as well. we are really seeing sort of a collection of anger on the part of palestinians and insecurity on the part of israelis who sort of fear about what this might turn into. there is a lot of talk, greta, about whether there will be a third into fat that. security officials are saying it's not yet but there is a lot of concern that this will continue to spiral out of control, greta. >> conor, thank you. and get ready to speed read other news tonight. check out this dramatic
11:42 pm
escape caught on camera. under arrest and charged after a teenage girl jumped from her moving car. the 17-year-old girl was on her way to school in connect cut you when randal lured her into the car and sawlted her. the teenager managed to escape' the car and was not injured. randal who has a long criminal rap sheet is due in court tomorrow. 11-year-old girl now in critical condition and five others injured after being caught in strong rip current in california. her father and four people saw it all rushed in to help but they were also caught in the rip current. finally rescuers were finally able to save all of them. and it's the slide heard around the world. what kind of impact does it have in tonight's baseball playoffs. we it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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we don't know. he is not in the starting lineup tonight for the los angeles dodgers. which is interesting. conventional wisdom says he probably shouldn't be if he isn't legally allowed to play because the suspension appeal has not been heard. he has a lifetime average fantastic against the mets starting punisher harvey. home run while the guy is ho
11:48 pm
is starting in his place is just one for six live time against him. anybody, you don't have to be a major league manage tore know it's not a great matchup for the dodgers they have chosen not to start chase utley at second base. >> tell me what happened here. we look at the video but where is the horrible violation at what point? >> because almost enough football terms, you never want' to hit a defenseless receiver. and i think it's the same here that as a defender in football you have to be going for the ball and if it is shown that you are going to hit a receiver before you are going for the ball, it is the same here. and as we see chase utley and we look there but utley was going wide of second base. now, did he intend to injure this person? i highly doubt that but he knew what he was doing gainsmanship was awarded second base. i think it's gone a little bit too far. it's the difference between
11:49 pm
what's right and maybe a little bit too much. >> what has tahada said? >> he hasn't said all that much about this. he has pretty much kept quiet regard thsmght the new york mets obviously are not happy about it they did like the suspension they thought it was correct. mets manager terry collins has made it clear he has instructed his starting pitcher matt harvey you do not try to retaliation throwing the baseball at somebody. does that mean somebody on the dodgers is not going to be get plunked with the pitch tonight by no means we have seen it happen many times before i didn't see anything. nobody wants to do it. greta from a legal standpoint i won der about this. we see this in hockey before where a player could use his stick to injure somebody and then they can get arrested and some players have not been allowed back into the u.s.s. or canada for this. >> if there is intent to injure. >> we will see what happens here. big game, jarrett. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, president obama getting very testy
11:50 pm
obama getting very testy during 60 mince interview when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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president obama defense the president grilled hard during a tough "60 minutes" interview as he clashed with steve croft. you said this would degrade and destroy isis. >> over time. >> over time? >> yeah. >> it's been a year. i didn't say it was going to be done in a year. >> no okay. there is a question he in here somewhere. >> >> somebody some place along the line made some sort of a serious miscalculation. >> steve, let me just say this. >> it's embarrassment. >> look, there is no doubt that it did not work. >> i feel like i'm being filibustered, mr. president. >> no, no, no, no. >> america leads. we're the indispensable nation. >> um. >>um mr. putin seems to be challenging that leadership
11:55 pm
the russians are conducting military operations in the middle east for the first time since world war ii. arming the people that we are supporting. >> so that's leading, steve? they say you are projecting weakness and not strength. >> you are saying they but you are not citing too many folks. >> i would say the saudis, the israelis, i would say a lot of our friends in the middle east. i would say everybody in the republican party. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to leave it to hillary when she has an interview with you to address all these questions. >> the political panel is here for the "washington times" steven diamond and kevin. that's the president with edit so it seems a lot faster than probably the discussion was. the president didn't seem to enjoy that would you interview. >> no, he did not.
11:56 pm
i think that actually we are going to be hearing a lot more about this interview tomorrow night at the first democratic presidential debate. because while hillary clinton, the former secretary of state has moved to the left on some economic issues, she is really clung to the president's foreign policy and so no question that vladimir putin is making inroads and very much tied to that legacy. the word that comes to mind in that interview is tired. the president seems tired. he setter of acknowledges in the interview that the country is tired of him. it's about time that somebody else gets in there. it looks like he is just sort of fed up with dealing with the press, dealing with a lot of you, he is facing facing. basically waiting out the next year. he said he didn't say it is going to be easy. >> you get tired when you feel like it's not going well. if it's really successful enormous amount of energy.
11:57 pm
i know from my own job when things are going great, you know, i will stay up all night working. >> i think that's true. the other comparison you can make is you can probably take this interview and find a very similar one with george w. bush at this point in his presidency. that comparison is probably telling. i'm not sure if this was in the aired part or part he put online asked about two terms is he ready to go. >> basically compares himself to george washington if it was good enough for george washington two terms. >> by the way i would win a third one. >> i don't have any sympathy with all that's going on in the world that each one of these people who wants to be president asks for it it if you can't do the job at the very end whine like i'm tired it's somebody else's turn it. you asked for the job you asked for four years and asked for four more. >> you asked for all of the money from all the people. they knew what they were signed up for. the biggest take away no question when you look overseas what's happening
11:58 pm
with isis and look at what's happening in syria to have that type of rhetoric coming from the president of the united states raises questions about the tone that is going to be set. that the administration has set. it raises questions for hillary clinton maybe perhaps vice president joe biden if he gets in the race. >> kevin, steven, thank you both very much. >> thank you. let's all go off-the-record. this is one of the most aspiring moments in history. >> i believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man to the moon and returning him safely to theeth. >> the moon seemed way out of reach but the then american attitude is why not? let's beat the russians we can do it and we did. well then fast forward 51 years. >> by the end of my second
11:59 pm
term would will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be american. >> sneaker newt gingrich was ridiculed no longer the attitude of why not instead it became we can't. >> a moon base? your solution to be accused of grandiosity is give me 8 years and i will have a [bleep] moon base. >> the moon is our future and it has everything we need. humanity is saved and i shall lead them i'm newt gingrich and i approve this crazy ass fantasy. >> that snarkiness among many reporters so now fast forward three more years to right now and the big news. nasa announcing it is planning a colony way beyond the moon on mars. so two things. speaker gingrich gets a big i told you so for trying to inspire with the possible
12:00 am
and second why not? let's go to mars and bring back that american spirit that anything is possible and that's my off-the-record comment tonight thank you for being wit


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