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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 13, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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let's go to mars and bring back that american spirit that anything is possible and that's my off-the-record comment tonight thank you for being wit
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. i appreciate you giving me an explanation why i am not on the show. i will read it now. as you know, monday was columbus day. or was it? more and more places are finally setting aside their
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privilege and recognizing instead of recognizing colonialism we should study the native american people who were the victims of the native conquest. they are replacing columbus day in many states. it is in solidarity with them i have taken today off. i honor the hardships and sacrifices inflicted upon a great and noble people. it is a shame you didn't do the same, tom, but i appreciate you giving me this time to explain myself. as i said i am now off to a rally and can't be there tonight. god bless. taxi. city field, please. have to get to city field. >> i guess there is a big rally going on. are you with andy on this one? do you think we have to ditch columbus day? >> that is like an isis hostage video. >> and he was trebling and saying something about imperial ism.
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>> he was showing the value of the teleprompter. >> yeah, he looked like his eyes were -- i thought it was like a seizure. no, i am not on this one. i am pro genocide. >> finally. i want the world to know. we see this for -- with people on stadiums. everyone was [bleep] to be honest. there was a point in which you have to cut people a certain amount of slack and say, you know, columbus probably not a good guy which is historically accurate. he was not a great guy. but you know, by what standards? >> by what standards. we are doing it by a 2015 standard? i don't know. bly the -- by the way the native people's day has been
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going on. berkly started it -- berkeley started it. it is an old thing. not a new thing. >> if you will blame columbus for coming to the new world, don't you blame the people who crossed the frozen tundra? >> now that you gave me the idea, maybe. colonialism brought death and destruction and land grab. i worked in local news so have to be serious for two seconds and i also went to berkeley. what a shocker that berkeley has been doing this since 1992. i say evolve. i get what you are saying. you cut people slack because that's the way it was, but people are tieing to evolve. indigenous people's day doesn't have a good ring. they need a better ring. >> why not have a better name? >> columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1742. >> i will follow his half an hour special and what i am
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saying -- >> suddenly there is no -- >> giving them the casinos was enough, you know what i mean? you have a couple of casinos. be happy. that's all i'm saying is to be happy. you change the name of columbus day or the redskins. you pick one of the two. that's all i'm saying. >> well, that's going to be a never ending controversy as well. bonnie, you are batting clean up. >> you have to have a day, right? >> half of the day should be columbus day. then we have ab ridge -- ab -- ab bore ridge thee afternoon. a lot of people think of it as columbus day and i think of it as canadian thanksgiving. if we start giving the native americans this holiday, the next one they are gonna want is thanksgiving.
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>> you're right. bonnie did you learn about columbus in grade school? >> of course. of course we did. he discovered canada. >> that was your columbus, wasn't he? la salle going down the river? >> don't bring up la salle unless you have something specific to say about him. >> in school when i was a kid and the teacher said sit indian style i would get a bottle of whiskey and lay on the curb. >> no, richard, no. >> next story. there will be no ghouls in the schools. in a truly scary move, a school district in connecticut is banning all halloween festivities. a mom got a letter from her kid's principal saying the decision was made because of, quote, numerous incidents of children being excluded from activities due to religion, cultural beliefs, et cetera. not only are the school parades being canceled, but students and teachers are being told they cannot wear costumeses and that activities will have to be fall themed
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and not halloween. the residents have signed a petition with one saying everything has gotten so pc that kids are not allowed to have fun anymore. liz, is this political amuckness gone too far? >> i see nothing funnier than a leaf costumes. what religion doesn't like dressing as freddy kruger with a machete? me in fourth grade i was i dream of genie and my brother was major healy, but what's wrong with these people? let's sl some fun. don't all religions dress up? jews have porom. >> yes, i built my own house. >> rich, is it true that all people -- who would be offended by halloween?
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>> you know who is offended. >> who? >> and the way they dress looks like a costumes. what i'm saying is -- >> richard. >> leave it there. >> i'm leaving it out for your imagination. what's next? arbor day? where do you stop? where do you stop with this? >> is it a slippery slope? >> i knew you were talking in the green room but it is the greatest thing in the news story the first line is we need to get rid of the holiday to be more inclusive. it is incredibly stupid. all of these things are responses to nothing, by the way, no one is complaining about this. it is a guilty white person who teaches in the sociology department and who is creating these things. did anyone come to them and say it is not inclusive?
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no. it is an invention of somebody in a teacher's lounge. >> probably no one complained. they were doing a cya situation. >> you know what is ironic? i said this exact same thing in the green room to michael right before the show, and now he is -- >> he took your answer? >> yes. helagiarized my -- >> i don't even know why i have a green room. >> i recorded it on my iphone and will put it on there later. >> new question for bonnie. you have a child. >> save your questions. i will answer what i want to answer. >> whoa! and i have to wake up to that. >> whoa! time for a lecture. maybe i should get into bed and you stand at the end. what did i do wrong today? okay. >> we'll get to you in a minute. i think the problem is that
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halloween has gotten too soft. the other day i am driving and i see these cute little ghosts on somebody's lawn and i'm thinking this is exactly what is wrong with halloween. it should be scary. kids will come in contact with the real ghosts. they will not be afraid. they will go with them and let them do what they want. >> what should they have besides ghosts? >> it should be severed heads, bloody, gore tee and it should should -- gory and it should scare the living daylights out of children. that's what halloween is about. >> celebrate halloween in the middle east and you will have that. >> richard. >> no, but here is the thing, you say pome who are complaining and don't want this -- you say people who are complaining and don't want this, what religious group? it is so vague and politically correct we won't say what group -- >> it is two people that
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complain. it is one or two people. it is a left or whatever and you give into it. what happens to majority rules? remember that? >> i don't recall that. in my lifetime it seems like it hasn't happened. >> is democracy involved in that? on friday night, thousands of would be vampires descended on a hotspot to recreate the scene from the classic comic book "blade." it is up there with "casablanca." they were sprayed down as they danced their imaginary cares away. according to one writer there were a ton of nerds making out before, during and after the attendees were showered with a synthetic blood. liz, i assume you went to this. >> i love the selfie stick shooting the blood out. did you see that? >> how long does it take to
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get fake blood out? >> can you imagine? >> i know how long it takes to get real blood out. >> is it more or less? >> it's a long process. >> why do people find vampires sexy? >> because they are empty inside and they have a hole. >> rich, come on. >> they are! >> it is a family show. >> what happens to the good old days when you saw a cover doors band and now there is blood and costumes. no one liked them in school and this is where they could all get together and have something in common. they were just nerds -- i don't want to say nerds because they are returning the business now. they were freaks. >> remember when you could make fun of nerds? >> they said this place was full of nerds, but it was the cool and hot people, wasn't it?
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why does people claim to be a nerd when they are not anymore? >> i get the hugh beaumont impression of the kids these days with the fake blood. i don't think this is very common which is maybe why it was a news story. they are doing a party based on the first wesley snipes movie. i have never seen this movie. >> it was part of a comic-con. >> those guys are huge nerds. i said that on the show and have gotten so many tweets and letters, registered letters. i thought you were going to get what i said. >> he makes you pay attention. it is like when you have a dream and you were in it. >> i went to comic-con and they are nerdy, but they are awesome. where else can you walk around and these people, the grown 39-year-olds are walking around saying are you malakite?
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there is shadow. what is with the posturing? this is good, clean fun. i wrote stuff down. this is cultural an throw polling -- anthropology101. it is like being a huge sports fan. i consider myself a nerd because i was a "star wars" guy. but i don't know all of the -- blade is a comic book, but what is the all time best comic book that's been turned into a cultural phenomenon? >> i am a girl so i am backing out of the conversation. >> i went to see rocky horror picture shows, but -- >> oh he's old. >> rocky horror pick tour show? >> rear window. >> we dress up like jimmy stewart. >> can i just say when i saw the pictures of the blood
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splattering thing i just -- no offense, but i thought this is a great place to kill your husband. coming up, are people living double lives on-line? find out after the break.
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an article in today's new york post reveals the contrast between our lives. they look pintrest perfect. a woman named jasmine accumulated $2400 in credit card debt to maintain her shiny life. i have a side of my apartment
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i photograph and it is perfect. the other side is always a mess, she wrote. she consider itself important to have a frige full of la qua and coconut water for pictures. she said writing this makes me realize how insane it is. it is not just the money. people's experiences are taking a backseat to how it will play on the internet. do a google search forego pro proposal and not only will you find go pro, but thousands of other entries. people are hiring professional crews to hire their question popping. you will be in debt before the engagement. all to get clicks and likes. we are living double lives. one is a prince and one is a pauper. sadly, never the twain shall meet. michael, what if this is you?
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>> i actually do have an instagram account and a low number of followers. these picture are of my daughter. it is actually locked because i don't want people watching this show looking at pictures of my daughter. >> you have the offensive problem. dodo you understand the motivation that people want should show their best side and it is causing stress? >> it is a bigger version of making somebody photograph frut right side. you want to look your best. the woman talking there is -- we used to call it mental illness. you are spending thousands of dollars -- is she taking pictures with the refrigerator open? i need to have the right piece for the photograph? is it her in front of the refrigerator? >> you have the accounts,
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right? >> my instagram is private and twitter is public. >> you divide it. it is for marketing. do you have a place for friends? >> just instagram. but for those doing what you outlined it is ridiculous and slightly pathetic. if you have to talk about what a great life you are living, are you really living that life? >> yes, i am. how dare you? >> why you do you wait to talk? >> the minute my voice happens he says wait. let me get something in. >> i'm sorry if i cut you off. >> it is something i noticed. have a look at it. >> thank you, doctor -- dr. tom. >> look, bonnie, do you think that people -- why don't they
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take -- why not upgrade your life to live up to your on-line presence? >> one time i was depressed for months and never got out of bed and no one noticed. i realized that my real life is not that great. no one notices when i am depressed. >> being a comedian you have to get on to the social net, works and tell them -- the social networks and tell them what is going on. >> for me the social network thing is not as important as i'm a mother. that's where the real judgment comes in. i need a cleanliness to my home. i put a certain juice in my daughter's lunch. it is all very i hope no one notices that i am not -- you know, i am just barely treading water. >> in this article there is no one more stressed than the moms. >> the moms. you go out to the bus and everybody is checking you
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out. i don't let them know i am about to go right back to bed. ii have a full day and i am ready to go to the gym. >> is it because women are more judgmental than men? >> maybe i should have cut her off before that. she is out of her mind when it comes to like cleaning the house and having everything -- no one comes over. no one comes over. >> it could happen! >> maybe the fed ex guy. you wanna come in? i just cleaned. anyone that puts all of this crap on instagram, no one cares. i am not praying for your kitten. i blame andy warhol. >> what you have are these people streaming their engagements and things like that. oh look at me in boca raton where my boyfriend gave me a five ckarat ring that my boyfriend gave me in chocolate.
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five days later you show up in a suitcase. >> do you remember somebody named dane cook? >> yes. >> it seemed we could keep to ourselves and then we became marketing devices. >> this is what is driving me nuts. i have to ask a comic and a guy of my status, ledge end, genius genius -- >> they just put comedian under your name and it is supposed to say legend. >> now i am a promoter too. >> would a regular comedian wear this hat? no. >> i grew a beard and thought i was on cnbc. >> some people don't even know what that means. >> it is one of the liberal shows. >> he's taken, ladies. >> they are asking me a
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question. >> wonder woman had a good one. stupid bulletproof vest dress. what i'm saying is i want to do comedy. i am not a promoter. now we have to go from being a comic to promoters. >> it does add a level of stress, but it is a new world and you have to keep up. >> thank you, dad. coming up, the long wait is over. hot tub hammock, get ready.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. iran's parliament approving a nuclear deal struck with powers. it is in exchange for limits on the nuclear program. the bill allows iran to withdrawal from agreement if they don't lift sanctions or if they impose new ones. it still feeds to be ratified by iran's guardian council who could refer the bill back to parliament for more discussion. south carolina is moving forward after torrential rain swamped the state earlier this month. hospitals and clinics are reopening. a stretch of interstate 95 south is back up and running. governor nick rehayley is vowing to rebuild the damaged
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communities. she says there are still plenty of work to do. >> going from a massive response situation to a massive recovery situation. a lot of work to be done. if we thought we worked last week we are working double time this week. >> 19 people are killed in the floods. >> california governor jerry brown is signing legislation banning the name redskins from the public schools ports teams. the new law goes into affect in 2014. american indians say the term is offensive. the nfl's washington redskins have come under fire and they refuse to change it. and halloween is back after a short hiatus at public schools in connecticut. the district canceled halloween activities and replacing them with a generic celebration for kids who may not participate because of religious reasons.
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this following an on-line petition signed by angry parents. the halloween parade is on the school calendar set for october throughy 1st. that's a look at news. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." dismie -- the three words every man and woman want to hear, hot tub hammock. it is the warming elegance combined with the lizy -- lazy relaxation. behold the hydro hammock. >> this is the hydro hammock. >> it gives us the hot tub and supportive hammock. >> for my family and the whole world, i want to make this a thriving success on the market everywhere. we owe it to ourselves to do what it takes to increase our time and appreciation in
12:34 am
nature and to honor water. >> now you can see what the hammock can do. just about everyone who has tried it is soaked and wants one for themselves. >> i believe it sounds like the perfect drunk activity. >> please don't hammock drunk or don't do anything drunk for that matter. >> oh well. i think i can manage to restrict to the silver hour. the heating pump is an additional 1400. how can this company be selling the item for such a cheap price? >> so cheap. google hammock and injuries. you know what comes up? hammock injury lawyers. you can major in this at columbia law. this is a massive and epic
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fail. you are talking about the backyard hammocks that are flat, right? >> like the skipper in gill -- gilligan's island. >> it is full of boiling water. >> i can't imagine what could possibly go in a huge fondu set too. >> is it fondu and strawberries? >> because that's what rich people do obviously. all of these other uses? no. it is people doing different things. he looked at it weird too. >> people are stoked by it. >> you love a hot tub, don't you? >> i am a little disappointed. i have been working on the hot tub kayak for a longtime. >> does it go in the water?
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>> you are having a hot tub in the water. it actually comes with a fondu pot inside. if you want to buy the hammock you may want to wait. >> you can piggyback on this invention. >> i always want to mix electricity and water together. that's a good turnout. >> they must have solved that problem. >> you didn't keep playing until the end. >> again, google, hammock and injuries. >> i slept in a hammock for years in college. >> a what? >> i don't believe you went to college. i don't believe it was a hammock. >> i replaced my bed with a hammock. descry they called --
12:37 am
>> they called me cocoon boy. >> and never got laid once in college. >> i could take it anywhere so when i go away i would take it with me. >> are you like, it is not going to happen. that's incredible. >> it is a comfortable sleeping experience. it is cumbersome to carry the generator around with you. >> when i was not going to college i had a girlfriend. i could sleep with her everywhere. >> i am not the first guy who lived in a hammock. >> you are the first guy to admit it. we have to take a break. before we do, andy has been posting on instagram. let's see how the rally is going. oh, that is a strange place for an indigenous person's
12:38 am
rally. city field. we'll be right back.
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as married comedians they have issues with each other every day, so we thought we would get their take on the issues of the day. what's all the fuss a boot? remember when scott walker suggested the u.s. build a
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wall on the northern border? canadians are big fans of the idea to keep out americans. the hosers write walt demonstrated usefulness from ming dynasty to the game the thrones. time to build a wall, the higher the better. a canuck said if guns can keep bad habits out of canada, i'm for it. bonnie, should canada build a wall to keep americans out. >> i didn't know "game"game of thrones"" was not -- >> they said the wall helped in that story. fictional or not. >> well it did you and -- well it did and didn't. i think we need a wall and it would be nice to get -- for america they would like to see some of the illegal immigrants going to canada to build it. i think that may be a nice rerouting of things.
12:43 am
>> wouldn't it melt on the border? it is not always that cold on the border of the united states. >> this is what we hate about americans. you are so negative. >> i thought it was logical. rich, would a wall have stopped you from entering canada to find a wife and bring her back here. >> if i would have known i would have help build the wall. >> i would have tunneled through it to meet you, rich. you are never getting away from me. >> these whole wall things in mexico now they don't have crossfit anymore. they have wall training. you start off at four feet and six feet and then you work its way up. not every joke is good. >> what does it mean sph. >> it means you are learning how to climb a wall, stupid. >> me and apparently everyone
12:44 am
else who haired that statement. >> he got it. >> you were just -- this is the way guys are. i get it and then later he goes i didn't know what the hell he was talking about. >> i was waiting for him to finish, but it seems like they are getting fit so they can emigrate to this country. >> yes, bonnie and thank you, tom. if you are not doing anything tonight i'm free. maybe you and i know how to connect like two guys should because we are americans. >> canadianss have a great sense of humor. so many great comics have come out of canada. >> three. norm mcdonald, her, who else? >> jim carrey. >> does he do stand up? >> he did and he was fantastic. >> he was a boat act. there are good comics from everywhere. >> when they do the list of the hundred best comics and they put jonathon winters and
12:45 am
carol burnett. they weren't stand up. >> weren't they the greatest in his -- history and why exclude improve. >> i agree with husband. >> next story yoga pants have done in denim. teens are no longer buying it. companies are taking a significant hit in sales while lulu mon andathletic. >> what is that? >> they make yoga pants. >> isn't it lulu lemon? >> is it lulu lemon. i thought they had it on the back. >> if it was on the back of someone's butt it would mean something. >> i have used it for years i read it as lululom.
12:46 am
>> you see how you feel that it is how you wake up. i wake up wrong and i go to bed wrong. she is funny, but she is a lady. >> you are a comic, but you sleep wrong. >> oh my goodness. >> rich, to be fair, i think i got the name wrong. it is lulu lemon. >> send me pairs are to correcting you. >> they are fantastic. can you see why they are putting jeans out of business? >> the world is evolving and if you look now and this article is bang on. you will see no one wearing denim anymore. look out there. it is not around. i am being facetious. >> you can't argue with the numbers. these companies that sell jeans, they are not selling as many.
12:47 am
>> the couples marketing team. >> when you and i are young, the women would wear baggy jeans and then it got tighter and tighter and now they are yoga pants. who is benefiting? >> what would you know? you were sleeping in a hammock. those tight pants. it is insane when you see these girls walking down the street. >> you always do this. you say look at her. i can't stop staring at how gross that is. you are always looking at them and pointing at them and i would never want to see that. it is>> why do you do that? >> why? so i can keep looking. i get her to say i agree, but deep down inside i had that vision in my mind and so when
12:48 am
we go home on night and do what we have to do i can think about it. >> you knew rich long before he got married. why does he have to try to lie to you. >> i am not going to cry. >> he pretends he is not attracted to the women in the yoga pants. >> i wish he was attracted to women. that would make things better in our marriage. >> i will step over them to play golf, you know what i'm saying? that's four hours ofen. -- of e. this is just through the wire. kanye west is fed up with in app purchases on kids' games. his daughter, north, ran up the bill calling the tweet "bleep [ any company that puts the in april -- in app purchase on games. every five minutes there is a new purchase.
12:49 am
if the game is made for a 2-year-old, allow them to have fun and give the parents a break for christ's sake. what monster would wut in app purchases in a games? >> i was n -- i wasn't aware we could swear. >> so wait. blowing my mind here. there is huh possible kris see in the -- there is hypocrisy in the kardashian family? >> maybe he doesn't know what kind of business his wife is making. >> she is [bleep] and her kids are [bleep]. we are allowed to swear. you heard hame do it first. >> no, we are not. i was reading a quote. >> just ruin my last segment. >> he took off his hat so people don't think he is
12:50 am
bald. >> did you know north was a daughter? i thought north was their son. >> how long can the kid three be in why does the kid have a phone at that age and where is kanye going to get the money to pay for these apps. who cares enough with this family. i hope him and the phone and the apps and all of them fall sov the face of the -- fall off the face of the earth. >> he is trying to seem like a regular man of the people. we will close things out with a bedtime story. that was good.
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now the latest news from -- the popular kiss cam has been suspended after men were groping women as they waited to appear on the big screen. a handful of men were targeting the female tourists waiting to be on the kiss cam. waiting for groups to gather together before striking. and in fact they arrested four men in the past month. it was for that crime specifically. i think more than four men
12:55 am
overall. it is not sure when the kiss cam will return. of course guys had to ruin a good thing. >> why did they think it was a good idea to begin with? hey guys, you can kiss some ladies as soon as the camera goes on. >> people want to be on the screen. >> didn't somebody say at that point, i don't know if this is going to be a good idea. >> kiss cams -- most of them are under attack because people say they are not equal and they are gender specific. >> i didn't know you had to point out that the kiss has to be ken sensual. people say i can just grab them and tackle them. yoing -- i think the guys that are doing that will do it with or without a big tv screen. they are probably rapists. >> you say they will grope wherever they want to. >> like it happens on the
12:56 am
subway. >> if they are not doing the molesting on the screen they are gat writing close together so they are no the on the screen and go in for the grope. >> you noah lot about it. >> you wait until two pretty girls -- >> i get. it take 6th avenue and you don't have to worry about it. >> it is hard to get a kiss. when i pull up with the van and the couch and the fake cat. >> and the curtain on the window . >> things like this used to be acceptable because people would behave themselves. it was less of a course culture. >> i think guys are creeps no matter what in front of a cam. a guy will have sex with a girl with one eye in the center of her head and then
12:57 am
call his friends and say, no, she was focused. guys will take advantage by anything. >> i understand that. bonnie mcfarland and rich voss. tom shillue. see you next time.
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president obama said he never did like his own plan to train rebels in syria and cites climate change as an example of his global leadership. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president obama insists that russia is making what he calls unforced errors in the poker game over syria and the middle east. the president says vladimir putin is overplaying an already bad hand while the u.s. stands pat, focusing on the president's leadership in areas such as climate change than the iran nuclear deal.


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