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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 13, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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burning building collapses in kansas city. >> kelly wright has the details. >> this is a very tragic loss for the kansas city fire department as well as the people of that area. it is devastating for the family members of the two firefighters. the two rescuers courageously risked their lives to save two people trapped inside the second floor of this apartment building fully engulfed thin flames. the firefighters did what they were trained to do going back into the burning building to put the fire out. as they were clearing an area the roof collapsed on them. >> my heart out to the family, goes to the peers who are grieving, but also their family members. >> kansas city mayor james posted his comments about the tragic loss stating this. oo tonight's tragic loss is a reminder that kansas city firefighters put their lives on
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the line every day. our condolences go out to the loved ones of those who made the ultimate sacrifice today and we pray for recovery of the injured. two others who survived that building collapse, two other firefighters are being treated and observed at the hospital tonight. the firefighters are expected to release the killed firefighter's names at 8:00 this morning. >> thank you kelly wright live for us in the studio. a worker electrocuted at an hgtv dream home. a worker is elect cuted at the hgtv he fell into the indian river after being shocked on a boat dock. he was renovating the home for this year's give away. millions enter the contest hoping to win a beautiful redesigned house. hgtv releasing a statement offering condolences to the victim's family.
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a college honor student facing charges after a chilling on-line threat. ever are you university sophomore allege he had employing on the anonymous messaging service nicyik back. it said this. i am shooting up the school tomorrow the ones on quads will go first. students gave screen shots to police. she said it was just a joke. she is facing a charge for felony threats. a man is on his way to work today. lorenzo clark faces charges in the death of an officer, officer terrance olridge. they were neighbors, both opening fire. his fiancee is expecting their first child. >> signs of recovery after the catastrophic recovery. the lanes of interstate 95 set
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to reopen today. southbound lanes reopened yesterday. more than a dozen bridges on the highway were damaged. a dramatic rescue caught on camera just released from the flood. you can see a car stuck in the raging waters. there's a man stuck inside. the national guard rushed him to safety. >> the first face off. democrats in the race for president staking the stage in las vegas for the first democratic debate. there's a place for joe biden just in case. john roberts with what we can expect to see tonight. >> ainsley, good morning to you. we don't know if she is going after her democratic opponents but she wasted no time upon her arrival going after donald trump, the union that is trying to organize in his hotel staged a rally coinciding with the rally. rilly cl -- hillary clinton is the only
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one that showed up. she has the e-mail and benghazi can sdal. she decided to make union organizing the cause . and she slammed donald trump. >> that means saying no to donald trump. now you know, some people think mr. trump is entertaining, but i don't think it is entertaining when somebody insulting immigrants, insults women. that is just unacceptable behavior. >> in a show of solidarity of mr. trump they said the union workers must be relieved the private jet got there in time to panneder to th-- panneder to hi. she narrowly leads sanders in iowa.
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a ri a>> you have got to raise that minimum wage to a living wage, and i believe over the next several years in cities like los angeles, seattle have begun to do you have to raise it to 15 bucks. that person should not be living in poverty. there's a 6th podium just in case he will come to the debate. sources tell ed henry it looks like he is going to jump into the race. ainsley and heather it looks like he will run. thank you, john. thank you for waking up so early for us, john. >> what can we expect as the
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democrats get ready to press their luck in vegas. >> steve haste says there are two things we can bet on. >> how much of an issue either benghazi or the e-mails will be. not because of those poseed by the moderators but what the other candidates do with this. you have the scam that has consumed her pain for the better part of six months and opponents step gingerly around the issues. the other wig question is how does bernie dand sers do in the big debut on the national stage. how does he play in a bigger arena and standing next to secretary clinton. >> as democrats prepare to go head to head tonight gop candidates are hitting the campaign trail in key states. new hampshire and iowa. kristin fisher live from washington, d.c. with more from there for us. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, heather.
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donald trump is used to speaking in front of large friendly crowds. in new hampshire he received a different kind of reception. this conference is about replacing partisan gridlock with real problem solving. for someone as divisive as donald trump it meant he got grilled by the moderate voters in the audience demanding results. >> i want to get paid the same as a man. i think you understand that. if you come president will the women make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body. >> you get to work the way you do and i happen to be pro-life. >> i understand. when it becomes a different kind of a situation, you will see i am going to be much less divisive. >> democratic candidates up for the debate look for the
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republican field in iowa and new hampshire. marco rubio said he doubts he will watch the debate. >> if they want to do everything pa barack obama is doing, they want to expand it. that's what it is about who is the most liberal, who is the most to the left. >> jeb bush will be laying out his plan to repeal and replace obamacare. according to the polls he pretty much flat lined. he had a 7 point job since august. trump still at top with 27 percent. >> kristin fisher live for us in dc. >> the defense department walking a fine line sending 50 tons of ammo and grenades to the fighters battling isis there. the air drop signaling washington's ship from the training program to now arming them. the pentagon denying the weapons were meant for syrian kurds
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despite the project. >> turkey's prime minister now blaming isis for the deadly attack at a peace rally. >> saturday's bombing killed nearly 100 people. no terrorist group has claimed responsibility. the two bombers were isis fighters. many now fear the threat of more violence to hurt relations which are set for next month. >> it's the middle of october. parts of the country could have the first winter blast. >> it is really warm here. maria molina is tracking the cold front. i don't know if i am ready for snow already. >> it haeb has been 60's here. there are rumbles we could see snow in the northeast. that's not really unusual this time of year. start to see the cooler air
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filtering in. temperatures have been well above average across parts of the northeast. we are looking at a first in a series of fronts. here comes the first front that will cool some things down. we will see a number of these in the area. we already see parts of pennsylvania down in the southwest. we will see storms embedded through out the day today. eventually you will be seeing the showers spreading through other areas of the north east. it won't be a big rain event out there. nonetheless you could see the umbrellas across parts of pennsylvania and up state new york. eventually that system gets out of here and wednesday you are looking at quieter weather through the northeast. we have been above average. that gets warmer as we head further south. houston already in the 70's. 45-minute am police and here's a look at the high temperatures
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across the nation. nothing too far from what is typical this time of year. in the 60's in chicago. in cleveland 59 degrees for the high temperature in minneapolis. heather and ainsley? >> thank you, maria. mets fans no the giving a warm welcome to chase utley last night. one holding a sign that says chase los isis. >> number 26 chase utley. >> the bitterness comes after he sled into second base breaking the short stop rubin tejada's leg. mlb suspended him but he is now appealing so he was there at the game last night. they went on to win the series 2-1. >> a record setting night in chicago. the cubs hitting six home runs to surpass the record for two
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season homers. they out slugged the cardinals for an 8-6 win. the cubs lead that series 2-1. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. here comes the bride to the rescue. why this newlywed ended up at the scene of an accident in her wedding dress. >> randy clay in court. her strange new look and why it will cost him big to get out of jail. >> playboy covering up. a major move just announced by the magazine. >> everybody gear up for the democratic debate tomorrow night in las vegas. cnn announced the candidates at the polling. hillary clinton was polling first in the middle. bernie sanders martino malley ex in to hillary and jim and lis dau are on the end. there's a chance joe biden may show up. if he does they are going to put
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>> welcome back. a tennessee bride walks down the aisle and jumps into action as a paramedic. that is sara ray holding up her dress on the side of the highway moments after she said i do. she and her paramedic husband were checking on his father and grandparents who had gotten into a car wreck on the way to the redemption. >> i am sure we were a sight on the side of the road. >> the good news is no one was seriously injured in the crash. >> alaska airlines one of them catches ire on the middle of the flight. they noticed the lithium battery was on fire so they extinguished
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it. terrifying moments in the hot air balloon when 20 people in the basket crash landed. the wind died down and they had to come down unexpectedly. the balloon landed a few hundred feet from the street and homes. no one was hurt in that situation, too. >> good news there. what may have caused southwest nationwide system outage stranding thousands and forcing airlines to handwrite tickets. the company says outdated technology crash and they emphasized hackers are not to blame. experts say airlines old systems are being forced to do too much and need to be updated. southwest said the computers are back up and running normally this morning. >> it is time now to brew on this. the twin daughters of an air force veteran they are not allowed to wear the jackets to the air force logo on at school.
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>> they told students to take their jackets off when they got to class. the reason, the logo was too big. >> he yelled at me and said it violated the dress code. i had to take it off and put it in my locker. >> district rules prevent teachers from making exceptions. >> we want to know what you think about this. should the girls be allowed to wear their new jackets? send your comments on facebook, twitter or send an e-mail at it is 18 after the top of the hour. standing down after three years, who is not watching wikileaks founder julianne he assange an? hero alexscar lkarlatos icing h face after a dance? gotta take a sick day tomorrow.
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>> police turning down the heat against julian assange. he is wanted for questioning in a sexual assault case. officers have been staking out that building 24-hours a day ready to arrest him if he does leave. london metro police are now ending the patrol because they say it is too expensive. >> actor randy quaid behind bars on a 5,000 dollar bail after he and his wife tried sneaking over the canadian border into the u.s. you recognize him there? kind of unrecognizable. they have been on the run after squatting in a will ka cal home they once claimed to own.
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they face vandalism charges. the one time oscar nominee will wait until thursday to find out about his extradition to face those charges. uncle eddy in "the vacation m e move" movies. >> from tlc to svu. >> confirming law and order special victims unit will base an episode on the duggar family. premiering november 4th they are taking on the molestation scandal that plagued the duggars for years. the episode is called pat moanial burden a large tv reality family as their 13-year-old daughter becomes pregnant. >> american hero alex skarlatos danced himself into a broken nose. the army national guards man dancing the stars partner accidentally hit nim in the face
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during rehearsal. airman spencer stone was stabbed outside of a california bar. >> if you like to shop facebook made it easier. >> cheryl casone from fox business is here with the new feature. good morning, cheryl. >> facebook has a shopping section along with the traditional news feed. a minutes of products and companies will be available to be a single place for people to shop, share and purchase all of those products. facebook says it is what consumers want. a survey only half of people come to facebook to look for products. pepsico with an troyed, smart phones and china. the pepsi t 1 is a budget price phone that will retail for $100. pepsico denied it will be getting into the phone manufacturing business. they are partnering up with an
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outside manufacturer from china. >> you have probably heard the phrase i only read playboy for the articles? that may soon be true. the men's magazine announced it is planning to drop fully nude female photographs from the pages. it will be relee signed next march. playboy chief executive says full nudity is pass say at this juncture. how would you like your very own soft driving hybrid sportscar? . it will be unveiled at the electronic show in january as a concept car. it won't be manufactured but you may find yourself to traditional cars the drone that will deliver flowers for the driver ahead of his or her arrival. back to you. nice. thank you, cheryl. >> 25 minutes after the top of the hour. a strong message, the sky high
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sign that veterans want the va to see. >> thousands march in columbus day parade but what do americans are willy know about the explorer? is >> what jeer did kl-- what year columbus discover america? >> i don't know. >> it is a watters' world pop quiz you will not believe.
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oh oo it >> it is tuesday october 13th. two firefighters diaz flames rage out of control. the heroic thing they did moments before they died. >> i am going to be drunk all of the way home. all of the way home, people, i am going to be drunk. >> a dangerous driver for the
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world to see. what happened to this woman who recorded herself on the way home from the bar. >> place your bet. the stage is set for a debate. instead of hitting her party rivals hillary clinton takes on donald trump. >> if you are going to be president you should represent all of the people of the united states. >> we are live in vegas ahead of the sin city show down. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning and welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with a horrible fox news alert for you. a building goes up in flames and collapses in kansas city killing two heroic firefighters. >> kelly wright is here with the heartbreaking details. >> this is a tragic loss for the
2:31 am
kansas city fire department and for the family members of the firefighters. they were working to put out a fire in the apartment building when the roof collapsed on them killing them and injuring two others. >> it is difficult when you live with somebody for 24-hours a day and you are laughing and joking one minute and then something like this happens in the line of duty. and what is good for their families to remember is they did not die in vain. the they carried them out on ladders before the wall collapsed. >> james posted his comments about the tragic loss on twitter stating tonight's tragic loss is a reminder that kansas city firefighters put their lives on the line every day. our condolences go out to the loved ones of those who made the
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ultimate sacrifice today and we pray for recovery of the injured. meanwhile two others who survived the building collapse, two firefighters are also being treated and observed at the hospital overnight. they are expected to be released later. they are expected to release the killed firefighter's names at a news conference later this morning. >> tragedy this morning at a florida dream home. a worker is elect cuted at the hgtv dream home project on merit island. he fell into the indian river after being shocked on a boat dock. he was renovating it for the dream home give away. millions of people injured every year. hgtv issuing a statement offering condolences to the victim's family. a college honor student facing charges after a chilling on-line threat. emory university sophomore allegedly posting on an
2:33 am
anonymous messaging service, yik yak. i am shooting up the school tomorrow. stay in your room. the ones on quad are who will go first. the post was immediately delivered but students gave screen shots to police. she said it was just a joke. she is facing felony charges. the five democrats in the race for president will duke it out in the debate. there's a podium for joe biden just in case. we are lye of in las vegas with what we can expect tonight. >> good morning to you. the big challenge for hillary clinton is going to fend oh of the threat from the left. hillary clinton has a comfortable lead but she leads only narrowly in iowa and new hampshire sanders is leading her.
2:34 am
clinton has swung to the left on the trance pacific deal and the tax in health plans. she was the only candidate to drop by a rally of union workers who were trying to organize at donald trump's casino where she took the opportunity to slam not only democratic opponents but donald trump. >> we are here together in solidarity to organize. we also want to send a message to mr. trump, if you are going to run for president you should represent all the people of the united states. >> while clinton is new sanders has been there for decades hitting all of his favorite progressive themes including criminal justice report. >> the united states of america, i hope you all agree with me, should not be having more people in jail. 2.2 million people than any other country on earth.
2:35 am
we should be investing in jobs and education not just jails and incarcerations. >> it will be interesting to see if hillary clinton gets any tough questions on benghazi and the e-mail scandal. it will be also interesting to see if the host network cnn tries to pit the democratic candidates against each other with the line of questioning as it tried to do during the republican debate at the reagan library in semi valley. the democrats prepare to go head to head. kristin fisher is covering that angle for us laif. >> donald trump took some heat yesterday at a conference that is all about prioritizing problem solving over partisan gridlock. they wanted more substance and less divisive talk, the exact opposite of a normal trump stump
2:36 am
speech. they grilled him about his language, his tone lack of substance on policy and even his attitude towards women. >> maybe i am wrong. maybe you can prove me wrong. i don't think you are friend of woman. >> i knew have shouldn't have picked this up. let me give you that answer right now. i respect women incredibly. we are going to stop our deficit. we are going to do it very quickly. >> how? >> are you ready? number one we have tremendous cut to go do. in addition to that i am going to bring millions of jobs back into the country. >> look at that? the audience actually interrupting trump asking for some answers. many of his competitors will be campaigning today in iowa and new hampshire. jeb bush is one of them. he will be revealing his plan to repeal and replace obamacare. democratic candidates gear up for their debate. marco rubio did offer this
2:37 am
prediction. >> they want to do everything barack obama is doing and even more of it. they want to expand the oba agenda ch that's what the primary is about for the democrats who is the most liberal, who is most to the left. >> donald trump predicted a lot of people won't watch the debate because in his words he beliefs it will -- believes it will be so boring. donald trump will be watching and knowing him he will be live tweeting it. >> kristin fisher life for us in dc. a college football shocker to tell you about. long time south carolina head coach steve spurrier is retiring and he won't own make the decision. he made yesterday the last day on the job. an interim coach will be called today. he is the all time winningest coach. last seen was pretty weak and the team could end with a winning record last year. >> that's really surprised a lot
2:38 am
of folks. >> my sister as well. >> your sister went there, too. monday night football ends with a last minute stunner. >> he fights to the goal line. he's in for the touchdown. the steelers win. >> the pittsburgh steelers down by 3 with five seconds to go. now that is a game against the san diego charger. bell manages to push the ball into the end zone steeling the victory. mike tomlin calling for that gutsy call instead of a field goal which would have tied the game. they won 24-20. a blast of winter is on the way. >> maria molina is tracking a cold front that could bring snow. >> not ready for that. >> hi heather and ainsley. that will be happening as we
2:39 am
head into the latter half of the weekend as we see the colder air moving into the northeast. first we have a cold front we are tracking before that cold front. that one is moving into parts of the eastern u.s. today with showers and storms forecast across parts of northeastern area of the nation. you can see some showers if you head further south across parts of the south he's. we could see the storms continuing to move eastward and new ones firing up ahead of the boundaries. we will keep a close eye on it. for today above average especially in parts of the southern plains. out there you can see temperatures in the 70's. in places like houston in 60's in places like dallas. they will be climbing into the 90's so very summer lime. across the northeast today not bad at all. 70 degrees high temperature in new york city and 60's as far north as care beau, mai -- car
2:40 am
maine. >> shark activity is at its peak. humans are 30 times more likely to be struck by lightning than bitten by a shark. for the 5th time this year a bald eagle is recovering at the humane society after being hit by a car. the eagle slammed into his car and rolled into a ditch. he helped take the bird to the rap tore group. veterans are helping the eagle nurse a broken leg and a possible internal injuries. >> vets not veterans. >> the time is now 20 minutes to the top of the hour. >> the fight over the confederate flag reading to charges. >> the school district did an about face after trying to ban halloween. >> i think that we should order
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♪ ♪
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♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ >> the fight ore the confederate flag has more than a dozen people facing terror charges. 15 em ins of the group respect the flag were just indicted in the state of georgia. they were flying the confederate flags on trucks in july when they got in a fight outside of a child's birthday party. they a >> strong words outside of a phoenix hospital. brandon coleman taking a lead
2:45 am
with his group. va is lying is the group. they are looking for accountability from the va and the phoenix hospital which has been at the center of the secret scan l scandal last year. they have put the billboards up nationwide. >> a school district in connecticut tried to cancel a halloween costume parade. they will now be allowed to dress up for the party on friday. it was originally canceled so students who can't participate because of religious beliefs would not be excluded prompting a huge out cry from the community. >> i think a lot of pressure is put on these kids at an early age and there's a lot of learning going on, so one day of fun is not going to really hurt it. >> don't miss the mother who led the fight against the school district live on fox and friends at 7:30. >> looking forward to that. >> buyers be haware this holida season. they are rolling out price tricks.
2:46 am
adam shapiro with what you need to know. >> stores use a wide variety of pricing gimmicks or prices that end in 9 or 95. >> homes selling for 299,000 dollars sell faster than those priced at 300,000 dollars. a rutgers business school says women's clothing spent $0.01 cheaper sold better than that with one sent more. side dishes with on the dollar side sell more than those with the dollar signs. you can get 5 for 5 if you like. customer limits create a false sense of scarcity. nothing is free. by one get one free gets us to buy stuff we would not usually buy. >> nothing is free. words to live by. >> to find the fox business
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network log on to fox business to the co -- >> it is 46 minutes to the top of the hour. the sky is the limit for impressing a first date. >> happy hour plans tonight order wine. the brand new health benefit in your glass. >> first here is steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." good morning. >> good morning to you, ladies. we are live with the first presidential debate facts. the speaker of the house and his wife calista is here to talk about news and politics. wh what if you got in really big trouble? there is a navy seal guide to survival. we will have one of the guys behind that with us. the breakfast mistakes you might be making this morning before y. before you make breakfast we will show you how to fix up your first meal of the day.
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busy three hours kicks off 12 minutes and 15 seconds from right here right now on the channel you trust for your news.
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welcome back to "fox and friends first." busted behind the wheel. police arrest a woman for driving drunk and live streaming the whole reckless trip online. >> i feel like i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home people. i'm going to be drunk. >> what idiot. the 23-year-old whitney bale used periscope to broadcast herself. people watching online called 9-1-1 after seeing her slurring her speech. officers tracked her down based on landmarks in that video. she was driving with a flat tire and is now charged with dui.
2:52 am
people will do crazy things for love, won't they? it includes stealing an airplane. 30-year-old nathan henley put this small plane without permission, then crashed it all reportedly to impress a date. it ran out of fuel and he and his date were not injured. but he does face charges. many americans headed back to work after the columbus day holiday. how much do people know about christopher columbus. we went to florida to find out. >> reporter: tell me about columbus. >> i know that he founded many lands. >> then you know all about it. >> you don't want to hear what i have to say. >> did columbus do anything to offend you? >> yeah. genocide. >> we have a lot of puerto
2:53 am
ricans here. >> he was a jolly credited incorrectly with discovering the united states and he didn't. >> fiddle sticks. rubbish. >> you know columbus's nationality? >> indian. i don't know what he was. >> he was portuguese. >> french. >> pilgrim. >> american. >> what year did columbus discover america? >> i don't know. >> 18 -- >> where did columbus land when he got here? >> rock away all day. >> florida. >> georgia. >> plymouth rock. >> do you remember the names of the ships columbus came over in? >> anna maria. mayfield. >> mayflower. the mayflower. they'll need help. go back to school. seven minutes before the top of the hour. airports violating a school dress code. should there be an exception for patriotism.
2:54 am
your e-mails next. >> taylor swift's boyfriend, the legal action he's threatening over break-up rumors.
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before the leave the house, the man suspected of killing a memphis police officer is due in court. lorenzo clark, a convicted felon faces weapons charges in connection to the death of the officer. final report released about what brought down malaysian
2:58 am
airlines last july. the report will not say who was responsible. democratic candidates facing off tonight for their first debate in las vegas. let's keep talking about this. which issues should the candidates stay focused on tonight in the debate? log on to our friends and first facebook page on #keep talking. up first, the good. brand new benefits in your glass of red wine. it can help type two diabetes patients. those who drank half a cup of red wine had healthier fat levels and better blood sugar control. the bad. taylor swift's boyfriend fires back at break-up rumors. ♪ >> calvin harris threatening to sue a celebrity news site about swift dumping him because he was caught leaving a massage parlor. finally the ugly. the grade lets you rate your dates on a variety of factors.
2:59 am
the creator of the app says it's a way to weed out the creeps and keep online dating accountable. time now for your brew on this responses. the daughters of two air force veterans aren't allowed to wear jackets with the air force logo in school. the school is in texas. the school told them to take off their jackets because the logo was too big. should they be allowed to wear those jackets? >> evan on facebook says the girls should be allowed to wear them in school. there's nothing wrong with the size of logo. i hope they thank their dad for his service. >> jay says if the school has a dress code, you probably can't make exceptions based on nobility of the outfit's message, be it deceased loved ones, et cetera. >> i can understand a no hoodie rule. but the size of the print on the shirt is nonsensical to me, especially if it honors our military. the girls and their daughters -- the girls and their
3:00 am
daddy guess, will join "fox and friends" at 8:20 this morning. thank you to all of you who responded. we'll watch that. happy anniversary by the way. >> thank you. >> to you and to will if you're watching. >> thanks. "fox and friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning to you. it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. tonight the democrats get their turn on the debate stage and there's still room for joe biden. he's got an empty podium waiting for the last-minute announcement just in case. we are live in las vegas for you. >> meanwhile, a packed airplane forced to make an emergency landing when something in the cabin starts smoking. how a stewardess was responsible for that plane going down. and if you read emplplayboy the articles, good news. you'll be less distracted than ever. the magazine is covering up.


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